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Thursday, January 18th

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Jason John attitude I have been ESPN has promised his name is timid man he covers the NBA for ESP NE joins us now I am what's the word man. We are doing when I'm well just. It's actually not. That great actually not go according to lied to you it's not good at Memphis you know I mean they're they're not losing enough. To get a top three pick and they're not winning enough to come close the playoffs that's kind of depressing. Yeah you guys are definitely spin if he's an NBA court it will. It's pretty critical here. Not gonna lie and you know I don't know what column is going to be back I don't know when they're going to let horse come back. Mom and him would you ask you know let's see how things developed looking assault they insist no way no how workers. Export more to form that contribute foolish not to. That's where I was going to bed nets seem absolutely foolish when it. Or why would they not look at it why why would you not you know that he's you know he's did not there an age you know that he may represented what. What could be picks you'll know. Art is that just the Warren Tim I guess is my question you'd do you think they've got to be doing the right at got to be at least look at. Mean. Or. An. They eat the Google Talk on. Europeans know movers that. There are contrary to that and you know it can't get sentimental thing camp. We shouldn't be. Now to go we'll play. Well and also keeping them a little people that way. Total you know him being so. We gonna pick and usually written Brian main stage peace in the middle about that that a lot of collateral. Call it could kite and will air. The owner here for. And Expedia or you vote for that that'll actually now behind the scenes that pay it took it. This is rebuilding of the new guys are about to go through a rebuilding process and that great great granite granite run. That's over. And I just think that they need to at least determine what the market is more of Saul I think you have to pull the trigger. But don't need to find out what the market is for a guy who's approaching mid thirties and who still piecing it it is considerably. Do you see anywhere that's an absolute fit form boats are mom and it is the absolute fit in Cleveland does he fix what's going on there Izzy Izzy is he good fit in Milwaukee when you look around. What do you think would be. Might be a good spot from potential but particularly with Cleveland what what do you do there could he help that. I ask you know a contract and Brian quick or trying to get me. And I Iberia a weekly podcast with a group collective audience. He's he's adamant that. Cleveland does not need to consider shopping and lose speak about it specifically that under tournament is exactly that. Six Cleveland beat incident in what you saw last. Ballplayers to bunch similar to. And so that's interest out of the wall. Are poking around. There is in a market that thing has been more focused on. Could be Andre Jordan to get hired an agent just short suit and wrapped adjacent he would certainly they're there in our players are goes. You can't Chris Wallace. I pick up the phone call recruit in Boston. So called little old but it up there obviously they're low that would create. And you know I could tell me. That red and it's good they are decrypt that because sole motivating can still be a Bluetooth critique of square and. And air. Then they need some help offensively that that's not execute it has had great success closing. Would carry taken over but it is not a great up and team. He told me and senator yeah would consult skill with his ability to. To distribute to. To stretch the floor is that that would significantly improve democracy that the. Beat great plains next cal portrait of him at right except in the medical perspective. We got a loaded in pick and young calendar that proper where it might be able to get your desktop rotating regional for. Chile. And the grizzlies have won their last two games first time that's happened since the season started in October. Tim do you think the grizzlies have committed to one direction or another whether it's trying to. Make this sort of magic coal unprecedented run to the eight seed. All or in Surrey top three pick do you think they've committed to one of those direct is that they have at why the hell haven't day. You know. How accurate that there record in this release is probably. Topped it on the group. Where the the odds are great I think we add in and we'll look at all. It all or who like all about. Equally they will come back. Is a law won't try it cocked. Coca Eric Kahn hired at what I had to change or. Outlook IQ good you know I'm ready to play. And like most of us take you time it pol like that yeah I don't see it as we support this meant that him. Elect your attitude out there and I'm not a. Are there thinking I'll go but you can't bill. Young players in particular. Don't compete right you can tank in the front office. You mighty military coaching although. If you KP Dicker staff why what true motivation do that absolutely. I mean JP look JP in a situation where he loose. Put him in a you know crappy situation right no doubt and he had aspirations to be full time being that coach. He is going to coach to win. And that is he understanding you wouldn't understand and got him. Beam back pictures of grizzlies coach or are pretty slow he can be part of any tank equal to compete but I do think when you put your. Cleared out Katrina. I'll stick to be part of it franchise for the future. You don't want goes is developing losing attitude you. Want him competing so. Tanking sounds good on paper it's great video games in equally out veto it that are you know there are issues that come along with that. So those I don't another part that sort of makes a full blown taking difficult is Tyreke Evans. We love him but he can Wear it we somebody's killed in the tank right on a one year deal you mentioned JB's try you know JB is playing you know coaching bred a future jobs Tyreke is is playing for a future contract you know and he's just. You know as long as he's out there he's gonna give it everything he's got in terms of in terms of Tyreke himself. What do you think of the seasons he he's had and do you think it's an inevitability that the grizzlies move off of them at the deadline. I mean after. They have apps you've got to get deeper you know. Like in handy you know aren't acting couple surgery it was the first trumpet could. We would be okay is it that the case that. Yeah that's heck with the little political office. Take a couple more secret contract and partly did Cooper. I think there's a lot of teams. And we're talking first round pick up ultimately helped those related. All right I think there's a lot of games that we look at the way it carried into the plate issues and amp we could use that kind of scored off the debt so. I would I would be surprised he's not loop with that. Did in while weight right to your mom and as you wrist injury at that you know at this point. And the other thing is it helps you to help solidify that if you're hold it back Cameron Mike you're going for the tech you help solidify the tank right by didn't. Is much as I'll I hate to say about getting retiree now he's been so great is what the boards and I say it but if you do it now and it makes all the sense the world to keep my another couple weeks you know who knows they're there have been their better than Phoenix you know that moved up. Umpire and in an away from a top three bid potential. You're you're assuming they all are on the table. That's true I think I I think especially. You know literally comes to many teams and they're clutching tight so to control these. Trial tactic but what are. You know the longer you wait. Or will cream store to. We coddle dot com and so there now I don't know that that that's my aspect that I avenue it was the first topic on the table right now. But don't be don't. That's who we are we're talking attending mag covers the NBA for. Was it clip capella or University of Memphis graduate charred black at the front door of the clippers block or this is very important to us who was. Well it didn't go up. Better look torque black and you can blame clip resources of that now guys. In the in their defense. The glimpse at a look at what happened what somebody was knocking on the door. And Doc Rivers assistant. A woman opens the door sees. Roughly six foot in the Houston rocket. And I had include door slammed the door in my man I'll ice home. Yes and she thought it was capella right but it would he ordered that it is he heard approved law is a K eight school year. So it wasn't on it to the hole like. That slogan it would be what happened. When apple was and look at it that back always seems like a strange Brett back there. You know equipment and whatnot and it's not some secret past it's not like accent. It was in the speak to struggle it is now up. Like back when apple was the reason was back in the hallway. He ears off river a lot of character gate you know it and that's what sport commodities group that if I read the. All he heard Austin rivers. Who loses. I'm told intentionally allowed not specifically called in now right so it's worked out there. And that's got to resolve political pork in their program follows you know. In CP three and James RAA you know look look look at the outbreak to outbreak has slipped yeah Andre Jordan. Go to great might end up on the rockets at some point here I. He it is I would CP three a little scary if you're peacemakers and you know you got all the as aware of it on that circuit on peace in. In terms. The whole won't be you know the other the whole some secret tunnel and diversionary to. Ducked out there and actionable there. You wrote that the rockets and we know while there are shocked and disappointed you wrote it that that that Blake didn't get a suspensions laws Alston. Did what did you think due to the brush was enough to do they could you know what he did his part and all the comedians to dejected. Did you think he did enough. To get. After the I didn't get behind it and that's rock out in. Port. And and. Sung all of. We'll look up to rivers there are quieter and they're they're about its strategy to Y adopt preparers. Alas too little scared all the equipment market yup what were suitably yup talking trash. And you know they're guys out on and then. You know. Felt they feel like he intentionally escalated it. Post game although you know who's to cook a asked what they want when they want when they're talking their own teammate and Arnold locker room is open and closed. In our public saint rule against dictator. Well I'll want to ending the Blake deal. They definitely felt like. The corner elbow. Or call the fact that he's a could be working. In Iraq War and you know it may be right back form. But he didn't look closely watched its. They felt like there there's precedent that the depressed and that it's OK take a shot you had an opposing coach and so. I think they were ports. That bleak indeed it was at least a but also. You know just just confused and disappointed. That about rivers got opt out. Well that would do well to your book I wonder if there's a president with Blake not assaults on the on your network on ESP and that he'd he'd had a run in with Mark Jackson before and Mark Jackson was even talking about it during the broadcast yeah. Not so well to your point first afforded an out and maybe even pointed at him before it kind of brushed himself some with either seem to be a little bit of history there that maybe you could. You could put it on based on that as well I'm with you. Yeah and and you know look at declining actually. Are I can't honestly recruit with a fighter contract really carefully. Or injure at least sitting. Some kind of crisis exactly this is not acceptable behavior and after yeah you know. You know that. This pothole does alcohol and magnitude seven point ulcers when he brought the purse yes I think pretty good for business so that's what that problem. I agree about the deal we are course architect commander covers NBA four years in you reported him the James Harden is set to return tonight. He was playing added MVP level before the injury obviously I think it's gonna come down to. LeBron James Harden disease are realistic chance of of taken home and no word you know barely halfway through the season but does he have a realistic chance of of taken on the VP this year. Yeah I mean. Record relax a couple laurel this. Has in his last year. Missing time that help but I see this seven game so the players of course of certainly think that's a big enough. Sample size of the guys could not it was 32 and 930 region. Operating that way and now they can get back when they didn't have not been playing well even before or down. Complicate appointed by sixteen C east certainly in that case I do not think we should dismiss. Golden State's best players. Yeah now active yet tool you know that complicates things. By the step Korea and Kim green and gold plated in BP leveled the war went seven games. In now I actors. Now which one it is is their top candidate they'd let's put them both I. I don't know bottle that. But I don't think we can have an MVP conversation and bondage. With with the war is a glad to rub they did not call fumbles when their fourteenth straight last night on the road there to show I think Tim I'm not mistaken of the NBA record for consecutive road wins. The national next road games that you mention the rockets that's their next road game. Saturday is the rockets went after that they've got the jazz. The thirtieth in the kings on February 2 do they win their next three on the road and break the record. What all the big question is did the rocket that it's a bit. Yeah that you know that that fit at all. On the James Harden won't be. Full strength in Tony's talking about you know somewhere between four or five minute arranged. Two and ninety I don't know how expect it to him up but it soccer and being a record lap 36 I would. Right obsolete probably not going to truthful. Were quoted James Harden but you know what it. Houston beat Golden State season opener on the road. Would would CP three drag in Italy and not a crippling crunch time so. I don't know a lot of people and you know this. My Mike is in Boston and the critics ticket money BC and. Tim it's always a pleasant right thank you for on time. This is Tim McMahon covers the NBA for years PR I'm glad to know that. Hard black bean Nat necessarily come back with with evil intentions I was a little weary you know because. Yeah you'd have a theory that you one day be the mayor of Memphis. Yeah hardly indicative of the measurement as we don't need you going back there and and and ambushed and the clippers. Maybe admit his move but we don't you know. We formed as a dignitary and we wanted to hire expert regular forget about the fact that he left here went for Kansas right because of the many great things he's done for the city because the way he still talks about this you're gonna forgive that you can got a variety and Annie was at the front door of the locker room when I don't forget that two to allow him to become mayor John. What's the what's the the thing if you assume that and got a hold that up if you love something you have to let it go Jason if it comes back to you it's yours forever. What that you talk about. Come back he got easier and more points right yes it came continues to do that target blank foundation here in Memphis. He's come you're making my point four but we can justify that can justify voting for me in the ambush. Another group of men and it just don't know he didn't go in the back door for was at the front door you gotta do it respectfully he set it up though he could they said it probably that's the point he did not do popping dark wanna go asking what they've been the National Civil Rights Museum he grew up there. It didn't grow up and at the right he's been at his mom worked their job for a couple of years he spent much of his childhood two years of a job. Growing up the national soul right away and I've read the story on the undefeated it'll you don't know what you're talking about it was an okay day. So it's possible he didn't wanna do that. It's eggs due to know the kind of person are black he has. He wanted to talk to about the civil rights museum and whether they'd seen it. And the sanitation strike. Hard you're not going to be you know and put more dirt on the anymore barrel TARP black isle we've come along we call on when he's not going to be mayor 'cause he was knocking at the front door locked room which it was about this in LA the community about stance on policy like he's got terribly you know that read we have in Munich re take your first job in some type of Dimon the early twenties. Alia break every day of good joys of 1225 we'll talk college basketball with him back in a minute Jason's and ready to benefit the SP.