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Tuesday, September 12th

Neal McCready of RebelGrove, Ole Miss team site for Yahoo/Rivals, and the Oxford Exxon Podcast, largest podcast in the Rivals/Yahoo network, joined the Geoff from Covington, Kentucky to discuss the proceedings at Ole Miss' hearing before the NCAA Committee of Infractions, They discussed developments in the hearing, the crux of the case, the outlook for Ole Miss, and more.


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Show joined now by yelling Freddie is of course publisher of rubble grove dot com host of the Oxford. Exxon podcast. To protect the podcast by the way I do urge you all to listen and and follow him on Twitter at. The only crede right. Now he is at the NCAA proceedings in Kentucky where all this. Is on to the bright hot dual layer of the of the lights Neil how are yet. Justices. Aren't true most exciting there's rear. Yesterday interviewed apparent. Stacy and today I'm standing in the rain. Padilla can't take Dotel to be more on standing in the rain looking across the river to great American ball orchids and batted talking to the great just called and I would say that. How light is as good as it's ever been. There is nothing quite like covering the proceedings where you're not allowed into the proceedings and people don't wanna talk about the proceedings but there you are covering the proceedings could. How do you like so what first of all. Like what they come and what's the scene they come walking out of there and you try to interval what's the C. No you're gonna try to interview go you know it's actually you come here because you. You do want to hate machine for your reader out through your subscriber. The people who are reach your work in an image. It is it is a comical scene really no other people's careers are on our. Alive but you use it if YouTube into one embassies which you have people into the law. And there's a ballroom sort of on the on the lobby. Or. It's just all ski area where people have for Justin and really have the hospitality hour and all of that stuff and this just a big ballroom and they go in the door or the couple spank but saying that giving them. Our minutes all the attorneys in the coaches in the compliance people they are forced to step and such. Are bad and they all go in and it is guarded by. Two armed. Security guards sheriff's department kind of people I'm not sure who they work with but they are all want to dig up the begun to bolster them and counsel culture while. And and there's no love. An NCAA guy who couldn't be nicer but you know he's very concerned about anybody taking that picture of you decide to go around but presents you know part of it is these sit. Kuo pitched as soon. Apart to see is assumed to you know that that is that if they want privacy is the guys even though everyone in the public domain no secret Bakley who isn't it. And exactly why they are in their eighties. It is battling it. I'm a critic of the NCAA different note this type at all tar ball or this case started up I think until. Change a wreath I reboot and changed. I'm all the kids keep you you know could this distance beat Chile bit but it it took. Two bit bizarre and hundred people come out because of course people appetite quakes people use the restrooms at such such and died during those breaks are. Some people attempt to I guess glean something from body language at all I don't because. It could just needed someone prickly at decode urinate in that it could be something as simple as that so much. You know and it's it's it's odd it's an odd scene and they go back in critical but Orlando Turkoglu four hours they'll take a lunch break. You know era and a couple hours and and never get back out at this afternoon and I think they're hoping to finish today they have tomorrow reserved in case but I think they would. They'd like to get done today in the end it Woolsey like this afternoon whether they could cut or not. So she freezes there are right you've seen you've risen. I have seen no argued freeze we had a very good very breach. Our conversation and but yes he this year. Other escort services up then conduct our that's unfair hence if that's on defense. And you can't read anything from his demeanor is that we are saying you couldn't telling. Governor Albuquerque for the conversation that we have Ellis Island and got he says he'd be passed Bobby on his daughter is way out of a restaurant. I was sitting at a I was sitting at a sugar and it says it. Colonial on us and I think you Howard puberty certain goods Gupta thank you press. The that was the extent of our conversation. Is that. Well he'll Lewis was here yesterday he would end and they're not Camby and he was the only person he gives his attorneys. Although I'm mad at myself because I saw one of the as a target yesterday install I actually got one of lewis' attorneys and I just didn't. And I was never able to panic and about its anyway. Lewis you're basically they stuck him in a back door ER showed up. Apparently. Nude mid morning yesterday it was in attendance for the rest of yesterday's proceedings that debate has already begun today about whether this year it's. Are for the record only that he is right I know there isn't it your oats store opens as he's not I don't know I don't know that it matters at this point. Jeff Weber Ichiro brought. You have an easier he was here yesterday he was questions but seal. How they abuses. His credibility out lately is testimony what we determined that the next. Eight to twelve weeks but he was a year based document a back door such amount about gore. No media saw him and then of course we don't stop and accept the proceedings ended. Pat forty which Yahoo! and chuckle counsel appealed spear each recruitment completely different sources that this so case. Parker post reported that Leo was loose standard and the spin game beginning both sides which is again one of the reasons that I think this opens each change its. Stride organization that most talk about transparency. Conductors or between John Duncan just a sport about transparency. Is is anything but tried Kyra so they have. They're like anything else they have friendly media won't opened up and then go to the coaches as well on this course built throughout this process. They all this folks a lot to ask Leo Lewis about what he got in this state. Eli is allowed to ask. Wheeled of those questions. That particular parties cannot really question one another every team goes through this realize when you walk into the room and told. Right in front but you're so so the thought. A panel it's kind of like oh reverse horseshoe. And it's like you and there's there's a paddle and spirit to pop and then once thought resolve. Compliance people and of calls from the compliance people it is beyond the university council. And then individual tables sort of in the side good for you if you will. Which is ironic which is Philippines should avoid. In inside there that they use is different tables put. That the coaches who are are no longer. A part of our Ole miss Chris Chris and his attorney. Usually uses attorneys except. I talk to Manila McGrady farm on Twitter at me on the Canadian course read his analyses and thoughts of it rebel growth. Dot com what what would be the twos ways to spin Leo Lou for example what would what would an NCAA at dove folks that say of all homeless folks. Well it's very simple and pure play people say they pay you by some details call. But he's got GB. The basics. Of the allegations down and then Ole miss opportunities and it's. And doubted you know help all percentage. And when the closure they didn't know which of the division of fourteen when he sent the text to already fairer and body did not get wicked. That was an extreme pull votes they lack of compliance. That was not just on parole or the that was cultural that was it there's a culture of football program and to some degree the culture of the institution. Old mrs. argument on the episode courses that. Will this is why they're Lewis is not credible that dilutes what Israelis. Recruit which is we're just hand out. People around him with their hands out. On. You know they audio exist over our growth is mother. Hawaii about the offers. All of that you Ole miss is argument is that. It it would provide a broad yachts did you didn't you think we shouldn't have done yes it was Peja no end. Let's take a look at where Nissan design with Mississippi State which it stretches the bounds of credulity that it's that easy. Turned down in this case allegedly thirteen to 151000 dollars or mr. solid Mississippi State party. I would argue that there's a lot of truth in all of those statements votes from the NCAA and boldness and it's yet another example of recent Arkin who's completely. Corrupt. You mentioned forty I think you reported that he doesn't expect an actual results here until after the egg bowl is that your understanding and well that crippling I mean obviously had a good news second bowl ban would be crippling but we just timing that doesn't help. No in terms of timing it is diluted that would create delicious sanction and of itself. Ran that possible as people yesterday's huge boost to them. I suspect that that will be a topic of conversation. When listing wraps up today. All of its one of the frustrations that little miss. All militias. They have been leaks of the oldest they could barely got started weeks due to abolish shot. To frankly this and that you reporters over and over and over all of. Dan basically dim all the passport. Yes you know from a Democrat doesn't handle your future job order sources well they're very clearly I mean we've we've you know they get fed by a mother get fed but we have but he suddenly get that back. So you're you're friendly to that in particular and dark and they're pretty currently petition collects. But didn't look at it that's true that was. And I have at this point no reason to doubt at forty as well as the source went as it pertains to him to order batters. He clearly has sources and high up in the suitable way to October. And yes that is accurate. That is very that is come to a little bit faster expensed in the next few weeks almost. The huge boost whatever it is whether it has achieved your goal they're wonderful they're. Massive crippling sanctions or survivable sanctions they'd be built onto. They needed Al they needed to concrete speech on race that variable. So that they can go conduct a coaching search in the month of November. Late November which bat out of the way the thought of that come down sometime the week after Thanksgiving. When there will be so many jobs around the country better at that moment frankly will be at least at the surface level more appealing to you know mr. It is of these is another sanctions. Still it would be stupid and unfair let's be honest it was stupid and unfair. 200. Yeah. Rich portrait it appears department Betis beat it pure. It is trying to be rational and I'll try to ration. Because people Q you beat your homered and could say they'll put people that you fatal best and the other people but better around that are in the 2% or whatever they sell your almost homer which is opened up. Anyway. If you're. If you kuril missed. At this point. Would be NCAA says. Hey we can't put those sanctions outpost for the act. Because via posters to caustic or actual yeah on a tip ball to the sanctions are going to thirty. And made to that which which makes you wonder pre determined. And in true. Give me a great. Granted immunity. To us star linebacker that everyone recruited and that sign with Mississippi State. Crew is made statements in this investigation. Some of which are good proven to be an accurate. That's being content. When you give that person. Limited immunity he admits that he took money from Mississippi State and you don't conduct an investigation into that program. No you're the reason being suitable in Europe who resent that and already ridiculously cost a rivalry. Is now toxic. Oh withholding exemptions until after. That game. Almost smacks of age we have the ability either to make it even worse but we're going to do. You guys we wouldn't try to get up and adopt it as quickly it remains the biggest untold story of this and I've told a political I don't know. How did this get so personal. But the question that I wish I could answer and so what are so I don't know. Well. This just five year investigation is where. At the end of it earlier we over five years into the boat people want peace to keep about. Darius Hill. On the NCAA sport. What is very clearly a a desire. To inflict. Not disputed punitive sanctions. Crippling. Are all terrain sanctions. You have to wonder why Q breezes is no longer the coach was long thought that they just wanted to get free Oakley has that gotten clearly they want more than that. Neil you but awfully gracious to join us enjoy the embassy suites thank you very much. Real liquor eighty filed on Twitter at Neil a Canadian. Listen to stuff over a media stuff over at rebel group that got.