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Friday, February 2nd

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Maybe 2:9 sales exceeding 8 am on the WM FS. It's. It's. Daryn back within 99 FM ESPN has promised to feel like it's been a while we're so happy to have you back name's Mike Wallace it's senior editor contributor and analyst for grand CD media. Good column on Twitter at my Mike check Rita stuff the grizzlies dot com at joins us now by the Mike how are you sir. Tim great military leaders to my first corporate Bradley backed by a particularly Matt I've been enjoying a rejoined to the music you guys have been brutal Inglett sweet job did how green and into tea Chaka Khan. Doctor Conroe and that's why they don't know nothing about that my way around a school we leave the yeah dictates that Jason I will give him credit for them it's got soul wouldn't let me ask you straighten us out so I might see that that's colleagues. He cracked he's fired up he's he's frustrated my man Brevin Knight the man we promised you the real he's frustrated these calls. That have gone. Against the grizzlies here lately or non calls all they haven't got our we are are we get shafted here the last few days Mark Wallace I know you keep it real. I amount Republican guerrilla mean that filed under our market there was talk about the Marcus all one at the end I mean that's all you need to talk about it now and at the end really and the fact of the matter is. You know mark uses an all star he's you know he's been to that level before you know he's he's been to the playoffs program note perennially. And for him not to get back on that situation is is is is is a travesty really. And you know it would go effective outcome of the game who knows I mean you know you gotta make you free those two gotta get stops and all that kind of stuff but. Yeah that was a shame I know that you know more business Tonga as much as possible even a little bit snapped at me. In the post game I was trying to ask him about it it was like look you try to give me fine alibi and I'm not trying to get your comment Paterno void you giving fried. So I have to craft mark question creatively. About the result got a laugh about it at the end but the the word in our capital was who who was Blake Griffin to be able to give Becker and respect where he clearly felt the wanted to get that call on the other in. It goes to a lot whenever he wants to go so there was some frustration about that short. I did obviously I think the other big storyline right now of the grizzlies Mike is that Tyreke Evans is going to be moved the only the only question is. When I did hear you on the game broadcast the other night you said that this was going to be resolved the next. 44 to 48 hours I think this would be the 48 hour. Yeah art it is it going to happen. Could happen today could it could go up to the deadline what's your sense of this. Argued the system is what happened sooner than later in economy out be dumping they were really on the verge of executing the deal. What was just two days ago now more than a half ago now when it when it happened. But in some other things happening you know I mean some of the things played out there to steal went to New Orleans and freed up some and guards. And Tony Allen and Jameer Nelson went the other way yes some other smaller deals that are being discussed it's a multi team deal. But I also opted impacting with Tyreke Evans does as well the problem is that is an easy thing to simply just moved REIT because a lot of teams that may want him. One instead of giving up a first round pick which is a commodity. They wanna unload some money that's already on their deal they want me already on their rosters so. And we don't make a lot of money so it was easy to take three million dollars and in. You know you detect a per million dollar players you wanna give back to twelve million dollar salary if he takes more teams to do within that so. I know that they're multiple teams as many as six. That have been to the table with the grizzlies were smiles some proposals from what I'm hearing you know independently from everything else. And then there was you know to look really emerged that that they're really aren't serious cement being struck assert that Mirotic deal. Sort of slows and things got the Tariq haven't used it not gonna play for the grizzlies that you and as long as you know there's a deal opted to be made how will be shocked if it doesn't come. You know within the next you like to sit back in my in my initial reporting was you know to between 48 hours. Opt in a couple of the deals happen and then being sort of change a little bit so optic it will be sort of rather than later I think he'll be traded. Before we give to us Sunday's game you know I think that's there's this expectation at this point don't wanna hold about a loan. Because there are scenes of the big deeply interested in them. And deal for him he wants to play you haven't received and you don't wanna go somewhere and be out of rhythm and and to get some conditioning just to get on the court after you know being helpful weeks talking it's gonna happen partially due later. Mike you're got to knows the leak inside and out having covered as long as you have where we're TU in your opinion where could he make the biggest difference where would where's the best fit. Bob always a bit from the beginning and I thought it seem like like Washington will be will be great form. Just because it would menace will be. Before John Wall you know wind down at mount a John Wall is down at a Washington won a couple games now without him and that always seemed happy to get a couple of emotional wins. When you rally around you guys go without you got. The the group is sort of the critical thought to in the back to back against two playoff caliber teams without Tyreke you know being one possession away from doing that but. Washington with a team that always go with the good fit. And another team quietly that I thought was a good fit what I think is a good citizen Minnesota I mean their economic and a lot of noise right now. Com web part I do think that for them to feel like okay we're in the top 45. You know pot field 345 in the west we really wanna be considered a team that can get to the conference finals and play. Golden State and they do meanwhile more punch off the bench so those were two changeup oh were you know would be I deal the Tariq and then. It was just a matter of student and you can you know get him in and have to give up as much. But the thing about the first tropic Israel you know you definitely want a first round but we're also knows that. Developer tropic happens between nineteen of those 28 saying well okay you have to just say. That's something that we need to consider as well because again the grizzlies don't have their own swami 191 round picks so. One way or another either need to restock the covers this year and next year. In any kind of deal that since Tyreke Evans out who's leading scorer and it is the best season he's had since his rookie rookie of the year campaign in Wellington. Mike and you have to say one way or another. Do you believe the grizzlies will get a first round pick whether it be this year or next year in return for Tyreke and that's open now happened. I think that's something now what happens do I do think you know it's it's amazing that the the Blake Griffin if there's always every year there's always one deal that triggers it you know about six to seven days before the deadline. It's image it's quiet and then there's a flurry of activity whether it's small or big it's a flurry of activity. Within the next thing you know within a day or two of betrayed their lives so. I do think at the end of debates seem to have Tom may noted they can sort of blocked their way to the negotiations. I've seen that happen year after year but yes I do think there were these good cute. Upper tropic workers this year or inaction of the Tyreke Evans a distinct. You know again the guys that are out there with you what would be the clippers really wanted to do you know do they really wanna see you patent appeals billionaire. And trying to keep that age deal whatever make the play also they clearly wanted to you know paired up in an instant PR Andre Jordan and you know Lou Williams out meant they can Lou Williams out. Also impacts the Tarik have a situation because. Dependent on the fit which rather have a catch and shoot guy quote doesn't dominate the ball as much as Luke and or which I would rather have a plate making facilitate and score like reeks of and it becomes another layer. Of issues here what does Orlando limited there was some of those guys here's the other thing too. There's enough people talk about the trade airlines but the march 1 released pit liners also. The second layer of trades too because I got you released entire on the sign with. Team that can make the playoffs front. So there's going to be a lot of got shake free at the march 1 deadline Joseph Johnson could you bought out the economy doesn't Japan Apollo. So mother bettering Garza can give you some scoring. Could become available as well potentially change the way that all of those things packed in fact. What happens with every but I still believe the way he's played he's going to be a valuable commodity was some teams and something could be shaken free in the next quarter so it would be for the grizzlies played. Ed if that happens and if they do indeed get a first round pick whatever it is first for Tyreke in return. This front office has taken some criticism and some of it deserved. Certainly but to turn Tyreke on a one year deal who hadn't put together a full season in years to turn him. Into a first round pick whether it's this year I mean that's about as savvy as it gets in this league is an MI. What it is it is him and Parker said before it and you know from opposition is one of those situations where you know you would you do wanna keep the room you would you do wanna you know. Would be did the real stories out there and everything and I know that the front office takes a lot of its and then they deserve it may deserve it you know some credit when things go right to so. It looked to things that I really think this team do well this offseason in this season. There's not one develop build and Brooks and number two sides are Rica Japan and multiples were secondary. You know it came also limit secondary faction that because you know you you or your primary freeagent. Was remarkable and that hasn't necessarily worked out had worked out yet. You offer him so you use you you. He's talking appearances on bin and then you end up in. You know hitting a home run because it's reached you know you can make trade up to use you know I've grabbed the draft and is doing Brooks who felt fortify. That turned out to be the got it impact your roster the most right now also ghosts and beings are the best things that the group head of commodities season and it's been led to difficulties and no question about it. Mike how would you assess the job that JB bicker staff has done I mean we see it on the floor third there in every game I mean right there in have an opportunity to win each one here lately the UN and how do you how would you assess the job is done and do you think he ultimately ends up getting the job full time. Her brother Nidal would you go it was last week and maybe a couple of weeks ago and he says that he would do you know I attributed job right now. I like back to school and announced that you right now. And change you can go ahead and start working the philosophy of developing guys and he knows that he can coach and comfort so to speak yes of knowing how to put the pieces together for next season. Postal revenue and that philosophy and outlook and the reason why it's because of this OK if you do open up a coaching search. What kind of candidates are you gonna bring back in gonna going to be more familiar with what your mindset basically economy and we don't know that. Into the stores all been out there about the by itself situation and ownership situation that could be. You know there could be some transition and it may not. But even in the midst of all of that. You talk about a guy that's gonna you know who's who's gonna come in and and already know which are structure resorting to which your guys are about already know. You know what Mike Crowley is going through Marcus all what is tendencies are those going to be players which are gonna continue to have moving forward. Complex these young guys that need to be because that is the right guy for what you gonna pay in that position you know I mean there are are you going to be willing to pay five million dollars a year and it. In oh veteran coach out there that's been around or or you're gonna keep the salary within. The first year coaching opportunities situation. Although there's a benefit right now and JP one thing that keeps amazing me man amazes me is that. The man is only thirty years old but he's considered a hot young property commodity when it comes to coaching. But he has the demeanor of the data has been around at least for twenty years economy and an and the temperament in the touched so. Support JP I do think the grizzlies. You don't wanna get through you know this season and and see what happens in April. With the initial draft situation and then you know the by itself and all those things in. That settled to some degree and start making some you know some major decisions when it comes to that but. According to JB's 23 year deal right now just given the chance to go into next season with an opportunity. 100% with you all the way let's talk about mark. And just the way he's playing not on look I know he's used to win a bigger. I know he's not used to this right now but I see a guy market you know I've been critical of him. I see a guy right now who's bought into the process I see a guy right now that's playing to develop the younger guys around and looks like heat. He's I don't know about enjoying it but he he's bought into it all in I think what what do you see how do you what do you think of the way marks and all office. I would say you're right in and out state tomorrow could come it'd be to totally opposite yeah. Yeah it is a good. Particular group markets are definitely right guys it's it's one of those situations where just in this kind of a week. In I've seen him you know get frustrated with the process and raucous and in the you know just not not wanna talk to anybody in just you know wanna feel like hey this this is not working in. You know and say hey I need to wait and sees if this is what's going to work for me. And cannot see them you know electric bill last night where he was in the locker room and after he got you know after you and I had a little exchange about whether a certain about 45 times. You know he's settled in and talked about you know the younger guys are playing the right way they're playing defense now they're they're they're making plays in the fourth quarter. That they didn't take two weeks ago you're saying the growth in though mark is gonna got escorted by in the bowl victories at all. And sit them in fact backed them another question massive. At this stage is it to be used Google to give the game into the fourth quarter and give yourself a chance to win in the final minutes is that which you know is that progress we've. And he says no you took full quarter I think it will probably missing you have to win those games of the bar's still powerful market under the competitive nature but if he's out there fighting. Doubt on the floor you know with a in an eighteen win season basically you. Eighteen of 32 whatever it is you battled the floor would would just seconds left in the game. To try to win a game being you know he's all committee's goal when it comes to his team topped. We are course I'm gonna Mike Wallace does great work covering the grizzlies for a grind city media got more things Mike there was a report as you know. It was last week about Chandler Parsons being approached. About retirement I think it's fair to say he swatted it down. Pretty much immediately afterward. Here it is is there any accuracy to that it is there an expectation that he's gonna be back in the fold next season. And healthy. Yes yes we're in compliance that's where does that the modern media so it takes a turn. You know for the worse suspect because I think that's sweet is considered a report now and if you if you're gonna weeded out to me I'm almost cool enough and I know we're we're referring to. My artillery and tweet there with the commercial appeal. But to me if you wanna put it your reporter and that's which you do that which you are. If you wanna put out sweet to that degree it should be a company would love story like there's no difference because people see you as somebody who has information right that they can rely on reliable information so. If you're gonna tweak something out of me what I tweet out is just as powerful images is accurate to me it's something that I would write. The only view how sweet it is because I want to do out faster than what the production standpoint. Would take to write a full story. Now I do think you could say hey this is what I'm hearing in this is what I'm chasing what this is what I think is coming out of tight. So let me let me put this out there right now so just in case it breaks before a follow up and confirm it. I'd have to tell you that show you that up on the right path and English Channel Parsons. Every day I see him he's giving out there trying to play economy I do know that he knows that there's been some knee issues. I don't believe in this is something that again in opposition sort of delicate because. I am involved. It inundated day obviously operations offices in size FedEx fall and I do it checks. The development is groupies jealousy does seem that the fact that I do have I did they do give me the autonomy. To work as a reporter and report being independently and they don't shoot down things about discover bring it to them say hi this is what I'm hearing outside. I need this confirmed or needed to not a whatever but anyway. Long story short channel Parsons is working to get back on the court he's headed to retirement or anything like that. That the knee soreness that he's been doing which is December 27 if something that is where the middle playoff run right now would the foresees trying to keep home court advantage. There's a chance he will be out there playing more so than that of not playing at all over the course of a month. So I don't believe he's headed to retirement I do believe he wants to give it one more shot. At least you know some time this season come back and see where he is in men going in the next season hopefully he's he can beat. Relatively injury free which you know there's always going to be some issues like that would challenge because those knees and everything is gone through but I don't think Bisping is headed towards retirement at this stage. We respect her Odyssey we reject her work absolutely you know that might have been dubbed the last thing. There we have I think we on this show certainly and some others have adopted though the mentality that listen. You maximize the draft pick that you have. This year and you turn that into Marvin Baguio or Michael Porter junior who ever happens to be and you bring mark backing to bring my back who obviously is coming off surgery. And hopefully Taylor's cell the end with the rotation guys that you are by the way establishing her didn't indices that are territories Wayne selvin and you can easily. Be relevant in the playoff conversation next season if all those things happen it is is that where you're that was that. Jeff I know that that's would be the ideal is that right field is OK Pete you know obviously this season is one where. You know you'd you know are you gonna be of a lottery at this point you know that you feel that you got 31 games or something like that left. And you wanna maximize your opportunity to to take one of the top spot players and then you add that. With Mike who's gonna come into the summer ready to go you know it is the recovery schedule goes according to plan and all indications are that they should. He's going to be back to the playoff version of Mike that we saw last season and that's what the goal is to get them back to. Mark you know he's going to be you know and look for use in two that five year contract you know he's going to be third his age 34 season next year. And you hope you can still get some top global production out of him. And then you look at the guys like dealing Brooke tactic he's a keeper I think he very well may be your starting small forward and I think that's what it's just streaming toward right now us. Tom white silk and it's gonna be one of the top reserves and then you would still have your mid level exception. To go get another guy and political development of the market dries up there because we saw mr. Markel greener free agency last year. It can he was gonna get to twelve million a year that he got eight million you know me so again. Are there a lot of teams out there that could pay it Tyreke Evans for instance Mort and eight point. Per year that you can give them. As a as a mid level exception. I don't think there's going to be a lot of scenes with that much cap space to do that so he may be. And I know that's what I want to park once in the B back to be the role that he was supposed to be given this year so that's the goal is to see how this thing moves forward. And in did you go from there so we'll see if he gets there you have to give the look of the ping pong balls to do that Apple's all about chasing their playoff spot. All the way up until I realized OK look you know that the world when January didn't work out the way you needed to you went six and seven in January as opposed to. You know you need to go some like Tenet three Ryder really give yourself a chance on them and it's like OK let's let's try to just take these steps now announced Mike surgery. You know traits are reached put yourself in position exact tomorrow to draft status and then resent it and make sure why you're developing the young guys and that's the goal right now. Mike you're the man we appreciate your business knowledge and every time at a prison he brings a dollar robe by the thank you. Hey no problem got to talk to Doug. My left on the dikes hello is Mike Wallace grants an immediate yeah always get a catch up with. Mr. Wallace as great job.