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Thursday, November 30th

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Did you ever NBA is that Robinson's name is Michael raab forties the hosts. Of the I am Rappaport podcaster got an iTunes did draw those various places and accomplished. Actor and author and he joins us now Mike what's up Matt bass the top is always. Of course the things I haven't had hey guys doing to go on the air. We were doing it a lot better about a month ago when it felt like the grizzlies were destined for the NBA finals that's when we were doing better it's not so hot now Mike. You have any idea what what what can make it did you know like I I like it bailed me out like the when he was the Miami. I love the black last year I love the kind of coached. You don't loves his players. Love this team you know I will what what's the what's the word luck would have. It was very that it. It's assault factor to do what you do like Bart saw the do you like Marc Gasol because that's what basically comes down to its market is basically came down that port. And you'll pick playwright usually. I mean not like Marcus thought don't see how they beat those guys can get a Walcott put. People you know like they're in that cup on the same cloth then. Yeah Smart guys that should have been able to figure it out and I wish you guys you know Mike I mean if it comes out a situation especially in the NBA where you know I mean they're so. And it's and it's a star driven league. Us fish in a small margin becomes down and a guy like marker our coats like you feel like you can replace a coach. Right I don't know if you can cost less than it was too early. They're some of us here might that are still if anything it was way too early to do it. Now the jarrah was very doable whatever there's a bunch of us torn on this mikes where were right about where you are a lot of us still don't treat to have figured out. Yeah I have a ticket really stuck on you know one of the things that I look about it I have to say is that I don't know what LeBron James. Eight talking about I still can't get these guys will replace typical for you brought it back I called my card risky go right and he actually he had no idea why this happened. Did you did I can't stay LeBron James. He did this same thing he did it. Today predicted David blatt act like you know why helical lot of dogs are sport key. You don't just work here he got eight in black fired he knows better than anybody. The way to do it it works and that that you know it does Starker relief to prohibit Chiming in on. But the until situation publicly packet that is duke but don't act like you don't know how and why these things happen and he got deep black chopped up. In the middle of the night like a bad episodes of Showtime's hold it. You don't forget TE ED eight BP sent them back you go to Israel like you know what that little. I don't know what LeBron James Chiming in like he had no like Q what happened and why would this happen in this that Munich that is being being. But like you open it still wind up somewhere. On you know it sucks for him. And Ed you know except for the team that is you know. You know historically would you who have coaxed this early in the season. You know things sort of unravel from there. The only team that ever sort of came back from it was. Did the lakers you know when they when they got ported Pat Riley. All but that's you know go way way way back you look at the Mets general literally years. Are so you know I it it's kind of like throw in the towel on the scene in which which sucks for you guys that instructs her to quickly prayer. Yeah it's it's it's a weird spot at a franchise sort of let across or is right now to try to figure out the best their way through isn't just while we're on the topic to LeBron I mean you mentioned David blatt. Haven't Mike Brown ready guys Mike Brown out in Cleveland and each ride to get there exposed to fired at the beginning of this week ten year you know the 412 titles LeBron. And it. He should be targeted already being an actor Michael Mike do you guys got east gate guards fired. And that act like you really can't crystal clean dot org or what he's talking about. On mom and actor got a opposite poles are paying. You Tory right go on I don't know what he's talking about guarding he would call me an Indy you'll get something to meet with the deck deck you know it's part of the social media. We're yard now did everybody had an opinion on any and it could be a double its good some expenses are. You know yanking you to just you know chill out look at what I'm not the same LeBron James who aren't follow. You don't Cleveland Cavaliers during that feed him and what he adapt. Our reporter it was like you'll wedded to a little he create and an entirely. It didn't get why they would ask that question so. You know it is critical front is some public speaking to be a little bit more like a man of mystery and stateless. Michael are you a believer in Alonso ball. I mean I'm AppleTV that it occurred player EE not the second coming you know he's a good backcourt player. And I think you'll wind up. Being you know a good player but he lady. He ain't even the rookie here he's already the top five rookie year wouldn't you think about accord would benefit him moan don't cheat off. And you know been saving. I think. EEE it is just as good. Already gave it local also I'm reacting the expectation that nobody would have been dealt to live up to that whatever it was LeBron KG Colby. Even Michael Jordan I don't think any player ever coming. With so much expectations. And it ate it it would demoralize my bias Auburn consequently the media yesterday he would be out until it. Obviously ridiculously overpriced. Pathetically ugly issue don't ESPN. Don't want to see that like you look at. Look up to the expectations. And they admit every single game you can't. You know that the way the mediated presenting it's like a lot Opel vs Donald a lot of global vs you know that courage you know and either 10 gut level. You know to meet up quite timely level you've got a lead like he didn't think oh he. Poor they've got. And I think that you know there's so many different story line that backed debt that are actually going on in the NBA so far. You're wrapping this thing being manufactured and stuff down all part girls can't you like lovable or not nor six. You're about the crap every single day every single can't eat all that you don't. Those opposed to look. There I'm not at all believer in India it would be presented him I think you'll want to be. The transcendent. Right you don't gain changing. You know I iconic basketball player. His legacy connects. Be bigger than anything ever does all the court. Connector no he's not flashy. And it executed either you can't cut NBA player that pit exit he he ain't gonna beat you. Go one on April vehicles are what are it'll tell me. We really grew you know I think you can go over the topic. And I think it picked up knocks it I think. Look look look mobile horrible factor Guttmacher I think the way you presented every bit obnoxious. It's it will be personal the other thing to talk about in the NBA archetype lovable every single day it is clear that the fans a troll call it that at a local. No question you'd end it and that's what you're doing your kid a disservice at this point when you say he's better than stuff because you put them out there you put the Exxon has backed why don't why not sit back and let him develop and see you know see what he can do I'm with you on a percent on that. Forcing as we have let me better than stepped curry he's our health still good it's ridiculous. Hoping differently I don't even though better than big Riley curry yeah. He didn't. It did you did you life flash before your eyes last I want forcing has rolled that ankle another X rays are negative so it's looking good luck at least look at more positive than negative but. You gotta like we knicks are at right now but at that that was a that was a scary moment last night when he rolled an ankle. Really guarantee perfect for a big guy like that who already had an injury it was scary. They gave pretty far it goes so hopefully you know it the whole the whole thing you'll think that the that's another story line that. You ever thought could stop porting the true boomer. Of him you know it is it is thirty years on. You know and and navigate talk about but nowhere nearly as much as it boggle boy he's played at New York speak. On the so yeah I'm glad. That excerpt. They're definitely looking you know like like a real fast ball yeah always they would like to have fought at Carriker. Army and an Emmy this guy that they happier. I think you understand what it would need to be a New York it's. In terms of playing in front of that crowd would with a all the media and pressure that Beckel all liquid you know playing in New York. We are of course talking a Michael raab forty's most of the I am Rappaport podcast you know also watch him on Netflix is a typical how. Do you balance that man like you do everything like I don't know if there's anything that you don't believe in how do you balance like your entire life. You know what I think I'm grateful sincerely grateful that atom bombs have all the opportunities. Two to return to acting in this show to do the podcast to talk and you guys. Com you know I I'm just you know I could turn don't want any internal monitoring in try to focus. You know what I'm not working McCain and in doubt in my life. Giving her the opportunity here meaning and names that I can't. Every single time I'm on the front of the camera are too much the only kind of wrap what's their real partner that is China. It'll go go quarter results I take it seriously injured although I don't pick myself fiercely but I take the opportunity very seriously. We were talking about some of things you've been in now before we had you mama co host here's a big fan of your work. I'm true romance and higher learning. What work were you most proud of though as you sort of look metal like what what you've done he's done so many things what what what are you most proud to be a part of. Your partner say one thing you know obviously look at it hardware. You know people love the look they got love all atypical that I look beyond it does show on showtime and outcome I got out now with. Call white painted. All you know it's hard to pick one thing Almonte is honestly sincerely happy to be toward my thing. And getting opportunities that I get. What's what when people come up to you and say all your bag got from is is it what was the care is it remain as it is that the guy forget who is it was the most. 8088 all over the place you know Britney definitely you don't want me break it is quick to harm yup from come through all of it. But you know some people literally will just know we come before episodes of current. That it. You don't come up to me talk we talk Copley and nor are higher alert or are a lot oh just come out we're talking about. In nowadays you'll be integrated video and the rant that I put up there at. You know that the does that the LeBron you Opel breaking at all that the so. It all all old and well I'm glad you don't do witty or Barack adored their people are on the big because. As I wouldn't do with the current owners opt into and that nobody had anything dating me are I would be I would be concerned. As it did have you ever played a coach in any of your roles because I think you could do a better job the one Mac and dues to have for the African giants right now what you say about that mess. He is a mess I've never played coach but I actually think that it plug in right now with some glimpses and I can finish out its ninth season with some integrity yeah. It's been a mess down there are. All. You know I was really disappointed the way it was handled we we know all while Eli Manning's decision to present he's been flawed as news coworkers. On. What he's our guy and an an existing debt. It could have been handled in a different way nominate a more organic way in a less shameful way. He did there better that he's not the one who. You don't didn't get the offensive line he's not going to be get a state running back. On you know there's been an up roar from the players. You know for the last few weeks. With the giants and have to keep it eats pork some Mac do I don't keep going to be coaching the team next year and the bomb and it. And and and so I don't know why you do when there's an and it just Culpepper perk for Eli picket you mean bill Webster took took it to New York Giants fans. So you think he's in Jacksonville and exceed their reuniting with Tom cough anything that's you makes next destination. You know that's what they're saying they'd be they'd be able to use these be an upgrade from click portal. You know he he's very even that you never know what that you're gonna get within a matter I think that Jacksonville defense is so good pick out later four net. They got good receivers. And I think you know is if they can protect he'd ox shall eat. He's you know we each get inconsistent but he could still cold all our secure would reach and we made him an act copycat. NFL at a particular vehicle weight to finish you know couple seasons for Eli. Might have a demo research on as does the list are submitting questions of pardon me if it's just off the rails but I'm supposed to ask you how you doing an hour Stearns as a football league has a gold where I. I have great champion right now I am in first place to be Howard Stern been nice. Beating beating them brutally brutally they got after weekends on the squad. Bulk god I got armed. I cannot I think right now this weekend I have can't do I got stabbed her start match staffs are about whether or debt. I have gronkowski. Mom. Out of the blue and I got a good record is going there you do I gotta picking your direct authority raiders. Noted noted that you've got this series like you know the league at very dear very competitive. All the and and I love my community hope all. And you know do you know it's competitive so you know I've I've Ahmet that's better than the lead of only had to walk I think that he's been. And you know we can never I need I want it for me. It will mean a thing if you wake up every so he's got to bring it back I need our championship ring any debt built. And then not and then I'll be quiet. Hey Mike Matt's always get a cats are good they say that the time. And you guys listed. I appreciate you coming all right you guys haven't haven't done that showed don't look we made it. Shot up to date with Tisdale so like there's still don't try to look meet guys look at I appreciate it. And you operable and any time and a good look at the creepy doll look that team. I have presented by the doctor sir I had man. Did I is Michael Rappaport you can listen to Oman the I am raft republicans' watch him on that men do does it off real. Watch him on the Netflix series atypical to get shelled a live virus is the biggest area is is it geared toward women. Men maybe a little bit but it's it's it's a. One for the whole fan anybody can watch it I don't have guys watch who would you girl about that are so it's not I try to watch thirteen reasons why. Becker and now this is where his way better than I mean announcing an entire learn. Yes I think I'll you have an email Johnson and I'm not really a movie buff. I'm ruling out like bill has your entire like yeah the 500 dvds and is that I'm Adam and I'll see big time movies in theaters in Dublin. You know the dvds our own Jurassic world got some on space jam. Rock dvds I don't know of having a reality phony Iraq beauty rest stop brow. I saw I had to let his man all right I don't need to re watching them panelists as an elite goes oh lead as we embark goodfellas dizzy and seen yet pathetic. Month John as to be your top five you know of all every any time all time one of the well OK so I'm I'm I'm (%expletive) some people lava best. But one of the most overrated films don't do this would have melted in one of the most ardent no about the Russell on these and other ways you don't really well last twenty years. The movie that it won lots of awards. Mad Max here you rode off show medicated to get. Should now and it now has been at his initiatives and not a putting men with younger I didn't feel like that movie is so stupid Charlize is an irony that watch list but they don't eyes I don't care I cannot well Charlie I do and I SOB I don't know what it gets through the whole thing it's pathetic I'll let you watch the old mad Max with Mel Gibson OK those are green with a huge Asian pride go watch those John in the end give it another watch. Well the road warrior one of the best movies of all time good mad Max or hero won like eight awards and I have no idea why. And I get the special effects were amazing it was shot beautifully but it that's your description of a movie to me. I don't want to see it it was oh what a great beauty is was just a great work of cinema go to hell but what I did a great job you are new rate movie. Milan. Great movie more kid I say. Except admittedly Joseph well he's things that all of that really violent rebellion mean that's what we're dealing with here Bennett. You've got to realize that it's guys you know this man you can't talk movies this man I've ethics Malan was. God's gift of movie making it was. Mad Max let me tell you some not because until the tee off they are one of public. He will never be. He will never mean to this country. What Arnold Schwarzenegger did in what he meant to this country in the eighties and early ninety's last may as as this. And this country's Jason big time movie your stinky row terminator. He's never come done any better the box never done it. Ever done anything close to debt. Jim and let me tell you Georgie. It's just some local and I don't I go to an alarm Jumbo chorus stop because I know it's triggers you hit the get to a break we can't get out and all right that's it's although Roger's going to be the president of the United States. And Arnold let us settle for governor. Yea that's right yeah he's our game president yes that's a difference I will come back.