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Wednesday, January 17th

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We don't presented by progressive insurance also own guests join us on the show pencil performance line and we could not be more delighted yes so welcome in. For the first time on the show as the once again head coach of the Oakland Raiders. Our how our buddy Jon Gruden coach how are you this morning. Say good morning man I love that letters Gator man thank you very much for that. Tom long called gimme three steps our name that's some that's the good stuff right there John as you well know. Yes it is say congratulations we're so happy for you that your back doing what you love John Glenn did you know. That you had to try it again because everybody at some point gets that itch to scratch and coaches send tend to do it a lot but when did you know hey man I gotta go back and I I gotta be a coach again. You know what your I think honestly it was we have the ring of honor of that tent camp on our part our money and -- broadcasts Atlanta against Tampa I got down on the field around the old players. And I really get choked up and I really miss being around the players being around the game. As a coach so I think that that really choked me up that really pushed me over the edge at night in. Here I am and I'm really excited to be back with the Oakland Raiders. That that is amazing you said that we're watching that me in my Wi-Fi on TV and after. That halftime finished my wife turned to me and she said. He's gone back to coaching you can just tell when you put advisor Ron that he wanted to be on the field against so I think a lot of people thought that is why also for those of us that will never be a head coach in the NFL or any other sport. When you went back into the big chair again. Tell us like one of the first things that you had to do. Well number one. He he can't do everything at once you have to take things one step at a time and I have -- the best coaching staff possible Mike before I do any thing I have to go out and interviews many people that are Harrison generators as possible I really feel great about the staff that we have put together here. Before you start talking about plays you're talking about the draft or personnel are drills are gonna Iran or how you're gonna run training camp you gotta hire. A great staff I think you win with people and we are really excited about the group we have assembled here and it's gonna give us a chance now to move into the next phase which is putting in our offense putting in our defense. Getting ready for the offseason program get ready for the draft put or off to a really good start. Well you certainly argue you've got maybe two of the most important positions filled ready your offensive in defense of coordinators. But your job whenever I talk to coaches and assistants somebody had to work with whether or a Jew or term or Eric Mangini when he was here. You when you're coach it's just it just becomes part of your DNA I mean what when I was working with Eric. He was talking how great it was inevitable lifestyle and he you know he was there to put his kids to bed at night. And then he said he went. To adopt coaching seminar somewhere and did some stuff they put the clicker in his hand. I basically felt like it was his missing finger that'd been gone from that hand for awhile can you explain to people what it is about once you become a coach. How much of how much it's part of your make up a little physical and mental make up all of a person. Well you know what I think there's a lot of teachers out there elementary teachers high school teachers college professors that you'll say what I think coaching is teaching coaching and and you know building relationship with your team help when your players. Be as good as they can possibly be my mom was a great elementary teacher sent our genes my dad was a coach he just like I am part of a football Kaymer part of an organization that's after one common cause and that's to win and I just feel urgency to try to give relative to attend the raiders they were the team they gave me my start and one do everything I can't help this football team and every individual player have a great experience and hopefully win a championship. And it come about theirs I mean in all honesty you're a little shock and surprise you and your your time ended in in Oakland correctly got traded to the Tampa Bay. The output to put it mildly Mike yeah I got a call 3 o'clock in the morning and illustrated and you know what to look in the Levi had four years here there were really exciting I was raised by the people in the black hole outraged by a lot of people in Oakland this so organization I think really fueled my passion to be a coach. We've got two years left to play in Oakland and it's going to be a very emotional time because the team is moving as you go to Las Vegas sendoff. I had my I had my third son here in Oakland and I want to do everything I can give these these fans here in this city something to remember. Little probes of there and drew from minus one more time to the 3 o'clock phone call is never good don't they know how to. And not let the phone rings at three it's usually never a good idea but and that's when you found out you are traded while so and then what about the actual raiders a black holed the raider family you know when you're you're introductory press coverage which was which was pretty darn cool. All the former players are the great Sarah and I said the raiders do such a great job. Of of bringing some of the former players back to work for the organization or. The family unit that they show and the camaraderie and the backing. Just you know for many here given up to the to the raider nation and raider family and what they've meant to be NFL. Well no doubt no doubt it starts without Davis who will also anymore he had a on. Incredible vision for this franchise. His son mark davis' is taking it. Taken over the torch and he just continued that was tremendous. I think value on the tradition of this organization and he continues to preach and I guess I believe it that the greatness of this franchises in the future but you know I wanna include these these legendary players these raider alumni want them to be a part of this organization our number one I was here before I called my dad after game Mike had stayed dead Jim want kid Ted Hendricks and Jack Qaeda more on our side like this is. Cliff branch just suck live bread kimbo Jackson would come in the meetings and I get the meat market sell Howie Long was here in Willie blew out Fred believe the call from my coaching staff if you don't. If you'll get excited about that you don't like football. Now I that's that's very cool and there are very few teams have the pantheon of legendary players that could match up. With the ones at the raiders could trot out their Jon Gruden whether as the new head coach a second time around with the Oakland Raiders. John most teams don't make a change in head coach and let's things didn't go well and clearly that was the case for the raiders this year after twelve and four season in 2016. Six in ten this year they miss the post season. So what needs to change right away what's the one thing that was the glaring weakness that you think needs to get better and 2018 for the raiders to get back into the post season chase. Well I think continuity and we have to have continuity that's just the normal once saying I'm trying to. Create here we'd we have had different coordinators offense we've had different coordinators on defense. I think on the tenth head coach in the last I don't know fifteen years. We have not had a lot of continuity we've had I think one winning season in the last fifteen seasons so. I think we've got to get a system of football. Common ground of operation here that our players. Can develop under. And our scalp skin draft in two. Just too much change on offense we've had different defensive coordinators different offensive coordinators different snap counts get. It's tough to develop any kind of success so I think Todd knew he's a number one thing I think with this coaching staff that we brought a near hopefully you'll allow us to do and build up. Our John gruden Oakland Raiders head coach former raiders head coach also former court to the Buccaneers won a suitable 2002. As far as that the current game and and the teams playing this week and one player in in particular because I saw a clip of you with him at your coaches camp. Which case Kia. Corey quarterback from Houston the college Houston when you had America. And I've loved the conversation you had with him all basically. Just always be ready. Always be ready you never know when your opportunities gonna come along I mean. That could've been more prophetic for what's happening to him and really in the larger picture for players overall one you're going to coach and once certainly case Kean and to make sure you put yourself in a position to be ready when you get the chance. I think it's a great lesson for all of us in on no different in case can them. You know I had a guy Mike called granite believed in me gave me a chance and who who would rather a backup quarterback at the University of Dayton whatever BA head coach in NFL. And someone. Down the road will believe it did and you're gonna get a chance and if you're ready you might be able to take advantage of it and that's what I loved about keen emanate through for 60000 your yards in college he was phenomenal and he was just undersized he had an injury and I think people look at him physically and I think guys he doesn't have the traits and measurable so we're looking for but you know Drew Brees Russell Olson there's a lot of quarterbacks in different sizes and shapes that are excelling at a high level I'm just had I'm really happy for this man he is a great kid and I'm informed. What you you finished up that clip when you said. I believe and you what did you see in his game that made you think hey despite the size in the injury and you know the spread offense all because of that he really could do what he's been doing. Well he's lucky he has a lot armed talent he has very good athleticism that's underrated. And he has a passion to play his dad was a coach this is all he wants to do he is standard and grounded off the field he's a very religious humble man he's got a leadership. And well when they can start single goal tell you there are some guys off the field that seems so pure so innocent so great but when they put that helmet on he becomes they may need a very mad raging pit bull. Keenan he loves to compete he loved the fight and loves to scratch and I really appreciate that about him. So John you've been head coach generators for about ten days now can you tell us the number of hours you've already had watching film. He had spent a lot you see us you can tell Marty Warren I wondered woke up in the middle of the night in my hotel order where I was. I'm still in a blur but we have a lot to do were very excited about the coaching staff now it's a matter what are we gonna call this formation what are we would call this protection. How're we gonna get the left tackle blocked down we got to go through every nuance of football from the very beginning and I am having a blast to. Let's just call everything spider too wide and very yeah. The it pull back and let it some I don't love it just like Omaha means every day -- men ever get a patent means everything -- you well and having spent time with John preparing for the draft nobody does film better than John John we appreciate you being with us. It was a delight to have you on the show today I really enjoyed our time together on the draft will mission on the draft this year but maybe we'll get your first satellite interview one of the three guys tell. Hope so and I together always welcome come amid the men. Shot we please take care back gasped.