Jason Smith Trying Out For The Memphis Hustle

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Wednesday, September 6th

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This was was emailed to me. But higher ups here so if you decline in this opportunity then I'd argue will likely be fired. Opens on a government which was then talk the Memphis hustler hosting open player tryouts. On September 23. Jason in the grizzlies want to know one thing I wanna know one thing. Would you like to try and Romney full run I'm Vince top forty which you. Yup Marty talk dot com that widget now this doesn't mean that genuine grizzlies asked about you. No they didn't yes they did did it take you remember I saw what they ask about. I mean the suggestion was because Jason Smith is. Mr. hustle men and what better bit about it there wasn't a direct the labels are you directly at Jason it was just part of the whole body of the email what I Santa John can try out there are Saint John to try out as well there you know we do know there's no it was an either or scenario it was not directly at voters are you don't I get fired two giant net I don't know this is what it says. The grizzlies asked if Jason wants to try out. Not me Jason do it DOS smoke. I think you need to stop. LaMont porn is that I could die just trying out all of this is the beginning and the life change this isn't the beginning of the life change do what what better way. To really embrace being a season ticket holder of the nervous as a bid to be on the team why would only be our wanna watch a once on the front row back and watch myself. Did this is this is the best thing that could have possibly happened for you. This is this is going to be great September let me give you that he tea quit so you're gonna be on an ABA team. Yeah I'm going to be on AG league team. Well here it's not a great. They're gonna try out I mean I don't know if you're going to be on it well what do I win because I've they're not US ally team you know now outside without just not my bridge on the team now. You cannot buy it and it lightly ID they're gonna make up a brother Jersey. With felt also Jersey have my name on the back that. There if you what I am I go try out if you that if you make the team yes you get it we do get a Jersey darted to trap with big drag it that way ball and my team. It delegates that have the dry out label all of on the team. What does that weigh about the middle of a lifer on sand unlike Alex Lomax I've got to have an elite talent around me. Okay like him at least you've got to have elite players revenue from me to Charlotte seventy and you aren't tired my brightest they hit you got a lot of things working for you man number one you're already financially invested in this organization. That just gives you upper hand secondly. You know the coach very well Glenn Cypriot. Yes we're close you guys have a good relationship from his time as a magazine about his university that was that was at and you've already got a body cost each other once before I accuse him of not being close with Jack Murphy. You accused him of not talking to his colleague. What a ridiculous. Eric wanna say that was but what are ridiculous report that was. What it is absolutely I still stand by it. Well boy did you talk about a staff turn on you did you have to apologize for what you did I was asked to give up we get to go to certain Apollo does yes it did apologize on Twitter as well not all we apologize excluded yet she did. I think I I went back and clarify my statement John. But I don't think I offered an apology to the people on Twitter this this was your first year on the Memphis basketball because of rough first year blame game which you thought you had to scoop of the century. I sobbed and watch him closely I sit sit Brin and Jack don't don't really talk a lot to each other. I didn't really matter of fact of the matter of fact they seem to have. Take effort. To stay and with some great distance between the two of them Oca and you surmise and I thought as mine mind by role as beat writer instead of report what I see you know what I from you know mom what I thought. An umbrella valued curse that all that tonight on the replay. Oprah anyway sip call me with Jack on the phone. Bet there were talk and are you won't supposed almost atop. That was just listens to keep him give him it and so what happened. I'm packer stuff. The record about sip your new coach who told me basically that he's close he's close of the jacked around and he's also the jostling was like union Jack over lateral issue goes back so. An album mostly you know. Before Osborne which is not case some I'm exaggerating obviously but that was kind of the gist of the conversation. Anywhere we've gone down a we've gone down a major rabbit hole John because obviously sit and I've recovered from an incident he is now mark coach. And friend of the show and friend who showed it on the season to get older he's my coach. Tom there were past that is a game but he can really be your coach that's the thing he can really be your coach. You can split the semi play basketball. With you. I'm like god that was like two years ago would been. What Gordon Brazil yeah woodland that's like two years ago Jack and I spent a couple spent a couple of years map and watch had a gallon of momentum African forty he's forty he was you forty then you're 38. Probably but you small black amounts. And that's a difficult thing to do win you play basketball there yet. It's hard to beat. So I don't. I mean I'm just telling you what they what the authorities here are are proposing but don't they want not seen them they want you to be a season ticket holder to so why would they have you tried as a way of recruiting you to be a seasons ago 'cause I'm I'm not. A season to go early on they only season ticket holder in Memphis that you're not. Yeah well I mean after the airline in south they don't hustle seasons ago I'm sure there are a lot of south David. Are you did try out our early on say now what is at its September toward. That gives me when is it best that our drug I don't it scheduled when is it bush this. Check my schedule. It's Saturday September 2 retired I give me more a little more two weeks to prepare you could you imagine cut back on the smoke a little bit could you imagine if you made then Sunday I listen to this if can you imagine if you make the Memphis hustle roster and then we here at media days that Monday and you get to hang out with your new teammates. Can you imagine that job. I don't great redemption story I'd be awesome it would be great redemption story for you guy goes from a security guard. You know an odd jobs man would total two way it would towed area. To. Commercial appeal newspaper preps writers and and Geoff Calkins emails titled you and me. But to. Radio guy. To begin to G league player. I mean what advice that is rap in my whole career of Robert got thirty so I forgot about that time humorous first face invoice in an Oscar winning documentary and you receive zero cents that. Forgot that by what a great. Hailed this Amir inspiring. This could be if you're if you're going to be 41 and October mom. Did this we get national headlines. You can really be big I think this to potentially enhancing my teammates the three being with respect to absolutely and Alston. Yes they would have to do you could come on the show yet the platform become on the shown bash and spill their dirty laundry men not on now I think I have a hundred dollar spent oh and that would break out of a a good point I bray write code and they would probably kick you off the team if you did that. You know I I think this can be big a big opportunity for gaga feel honored that they only ask me they only asked humane because they you're the hot you're the face of apostle about it it. Think about it. Ally of the us all about it and I'm gonna trial. Israel as his official visit thousands of lives and don't oh when I. John you know damn well I'd do it I set out that a by Garth Brooks tickets I bought them damn things. I says that a bar also season tickets because I want to see Austin and I'm Dana you're trying to. Why you laugh and so much you why is that so cigarettes why is it that funny because Jason always says. Like kill bill commit to do with over on the radio right. And he'll always tell me out there wanted to do that canal I have to do it there was something there it was opened last week I was about to ask in the regular election with the thought you said you grab the wrestlers. If it was fake. Now you can do that you did not hold your into the bargain I just walked in here and Amanda commands great respect he walked in here with a suit. He's telling us I wants to fix the world Brett. It wasn't the right time not try to with those two flowery that tag team that was in here wow gallows and Anderson. Are we try to we said where the elite Brothers they didn't they'd invite. Aha and I'm not solve a thing Rosenberg and barn and they within and wanna go corn ball like that. Cut now has nearly and always dude but I didn't know I thought. They didn't bite that morning how's the regular shot with him so that's the only thing that's the only deal you have not held up on your end. Is that when you used you said you're gonna tell the wrestler to their place that it was fake. You did not do that but you have held up you're in the Bari with the Garth Brooks tickets you. What was the other thing. Season tickets the basics of the house of so a year committing. You're gonna try out of it just think about what you're doing here. I mean you're gonna. What sort or I don't understand why it's that how do you think it's gonna like the fact that she did your daughter wife and in my panoply of like that it's funny. Well I guess that funny and I'm so hard to be able offended that Jeff loyalists I'll within it or yes I wanted to come and kidnapped on the feel like you're laughing gave had a and that data is an icon not having as you being disrespectful and feel like I've I've unfortunately roped you into something that you committed to do it it is in my what you guys gas up my plant are. I play or why don't you do it too and see who makes the part that there's a guy on how we just want him on maybe eighteen let me make the on the caveat to that are higher audio I've got the cut I've got to coach him up. From the sideline in a semi get to be their value waiting. You know his his performance. So what did a much dust off this. Where it left handed jumper. It's a bit a little drivers haven't used it we gotta give you some training. How do you think this is gonna works I mean if it's just an open trial for anyone I mean yeah is got to be a ton of people that are gonna come out and I try out that you have to pay. You pay for the trap attack on the compound and we got I think ninety nonsense you guys answer I ain't gonna spend I think you're well we sure yet you're way I'll be hey Ali she can expenses -- yeah but don't worry about that would take care of that statute so what day is best for you. Because they're done on on and on Sunday Jeff church says Sunday may now work now when you're on Sunday. But you'll try need Jesus after this tour you would do Saturday in real funny you wonder Saturday in our beds that is what this is what day in my making the team. That's what your app that's the question what day in my making the team not trying to out. To state it's on the eyes on the in the US campus. A parent you're very sick. Right Dempster and we know what it'll be a way to redeem myself of that moment I told you guys about that happened in US what my father was in the stands in a couple of the dog there. This is it coming oh this is comedy so full sauls a myriad did in store so there's this is what if I told you there was an old as an. There is there authority for Perry is being hurt himself do from a momentum that he had as a teenager I love it let down his entire area ancestry sponsored by Coca-Cola added that this is part of exactly we can get this sponsored the thirty for thirty the Jason Smith story sponsored by the Chicago Cubs cups and Coca-Cola and blackened mild. And the lack of a plot to. And I know we're quit and we're quick we're dropping by amounts that's going to be a chapter in the story but we're we're quitting is. We got to make sure you can get up and on the court right Brian you know that's Sherry I gotta get some good be rolled the smoking you black and mild so we can look that's the that's the sad little smoke right before I trust us and lazy like part of the black and white story yet we're glad to why they get PSA offends spoken like a mile. And what we quipped that in advance of the trying to now let me ask you this what are you confident about. Now that you've committed. How would you comment about. What are your holes woody dummy work in our power when I'm home mom comment about mom to lose a playmaker that's what I am told jumbled doubted that that deserves and expects to have elite talent. And shot makers around him I don't look to get mind. I look to get everybody else hitters OK I've got I think a lot I think that's the similar is there won't be a moment Bennett or I look to get mine because. I'm not gonna shoot you know it's just our body movement because there's going to be sell many guys there that did it they're future star exactly jacking up shot him do that you take the opposite approach a lot of guys you're going to dribble I'm going to look like a god knows my role. What is what. Which is distribute. Will you dribble yes you will take drip absolutely a what are you worried about. Now we're not paying just for those the smoke. Just your cardiovascular risk my health. Got you whether Iraq come through this without having a heart attack now we like how hard do I really after our and it's a three hour trying to. Now now don't you now know how won't be there three hours yet other fears a 150 dollars. If you register before September 13 20 yea if you register before. Some terrific it's carry it increased to 200. For registrations. After that AMBER Alert. Asset ISA we get expensive let me talk to higher ups and Intel are you get registration forms and payment options at grizzly dot com and if the postal union on a payment plan to have any issues. I am demonic is that I got to the you need some issues Archie are up my like he's a vote at the are the sorts of all of sports law again go to those of the black days yeah are dumb enough but he got them all right now okay. But they'll all like those metal look like who did you vote but it knows how to stop now but there intimidate our audio we're gonna have to do better than that white to suck no. I thought that their. But you have the option and that he does the bad however mom Mike Conley Sox down there with us again. Appropriate life I will will be their support Mahan tied gem in the US Canada am I going to be ought to wait contractor was. Quote my available tomorrow for one of the 22 way deal. They had don't have to fill the other one. Oca so as far as our house got one cubs got one the other ones open car so I think this is your chance man you can redeem yourself. Later this month. In the US from where it all began. Let the web less now. In my had to get a fight back up for this yank come back for this field no exercise as but he knows not to waste is an exercise those demons digit Smith I can't wait.