Jason & John Show, Wed., Dec. 6, 2017, Hour 3 (w/Gary Parrish in Seg 2 on Memphis hoops) Live from Toy Drive at Stash

Jason & John
Wednesday, December 6th

Seg 1:  Jason & John live from Stash Home for Toy Drive w/a discussion on "favorite toys"

Seg 2:  Gary Parrish talks about the Memphis Tigers

Seg 3:  more on Toy Drive and thanks


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Jason Gonzales live broadcast in from 1195 ridge where a road that stash home if you put that in your GO you little you know little Google Maps and that's gonna pull up stats on that's where we are. We're in the back when looking at the toy truck that is filling up as the day goes on we're collecting Toys for Tots now Lotta people have picked on me because I said earlier today we were collecting tops and we are not doing that because true. That is Augusta I. So we will not be collecting your Todd that would I believe that is punishable. Of enlightenment of crime life in prison series called child trafficking and we're like a joke about that that's a big deal in Europe none other countries and talk about it so we're collecting toys instead so bring him out. For the kids brew new unwrapped toys are looking at some right now we got a Paul patrolled strut I hope that goes in the truck and not your car for CJ. There's a basketball goals of the Ramona and and one is fake. Few sponsors that have helped make today to us please they departed concepts. Whoever very snazzy tent outside and I'm looking and I mean it is. It is hold up well it's a no it's heated in there is a very cool Ted. Sounds in my town movers who have provided the truck obviously United Rentals dorm pro and chuck cut and several way. We're collecting toys until the end of the show before we get to Gary that while we're on the subject of toys and if we are in the Christmas spirit I think there's you you got me and now. And that's not been easy today. Because you have been very you've been very cranky. Because of Tubby Smith on the right because the Memphis basketball yet our studies that I want you I want you to focus on now let's let's think back to when Jason Smith was a young. Biracial so I own one and what the 89 in LA just felt like I did earlier biracial unity DDR Jefferson City, Missouri. Yet there are durable and that's where you from. I was born and Jeff city do but I grew a beard I got the job at channel five and and early eighties and basically of you know yeah I was born and jet city Missouri but you've been in Memphis is the first grade are well as our model clearly now that's lower clearly your first members or Christmas would not terrible start the segment. Differently funny I need to Brock if you lived there are little jingle all triggered by America's basketball you won't go there and I don't mean. What was what what toy we would do you remember most from your childhood like which one was dead your favorite toy grown up fat everybody has the had a bold storm. And that was the you're familiar with bold charm Daryn as that is. That a transformer. If there wasn't it would then they transform me as they were like tigers they're like these cats OK and you could for the cats yes but this is not panic attacks that too low bar and underpants and I watched him that he was and I think what it had there were these these dogs cats where'd you column and you could form -- -- -- -- of -- -- you -- make -- trucks I remodel those and they're they're really yes very experienced and it is on they went painful and he does is the best toy ever people would always or borrow from him so no don't have mumbled frontal mama what's this tour costs as a lot it was like Power Rangers before Power Rangers -- yeah yeah and those didn't always back in those days one like toys they write they were real medals you can really move they were hideous hey you dropped him on your toe you would lose that hope I got those were the days of real always are your favorite toy grown it was a volatile tried the log villas a double Star Wars or -- I made a thousand to move through that had the logged in the well. And then move ahead today I had the adults I had that at acts you don't mean I had and I have all due at least I had the X wing Weiner broke. And a lot about I can still do you know I didn't are known it's weird. I sighed and is exciting. If I had last just feeding the beast right there at DC and he's fast paced and every every kind of you understand what's taken place this entire yard goodness that it has been beating the entire show until now when he's just Billy about a bunch of wings were and what he admitted it entailed until Jason brought up Star Wars that may have put the play down so fast he's he turned his vice. If the volume on the last night he turn it up immediately was like really you want it's. Awful awful saw if they get asked my favorite toy I don't think I have to I think it's not a pretty clear it's like a Disney toy center of star none. I don't know I don't know is until Islam is but a matter what I. But yet come and it was all about the Star Wars figures grown I'm shocked I can't believe and you know what as the volatile. They took you or something. I'm do you have there out there at the millennium falcon and yes Jason and mark what happened what would a Star Wars collection be without that senator and a whole room you while their in boxes and stuff I mean news and my main cave mainly has like. Posters and Bobble heads and memorabilia sports memorabilia stuff like that national wildlife management wave action figures if she was ashamed Indians errors by it we aren't there hey you guys know what Bennett sounds like when he's playing with his this is collection of Disney stuff is out like I. The place he found some room that was youth no because that I had no other area that's it every ethnic. Let's get there by as my and you didn't give that was the sound they Gary made when he was pretending to head. I'm really thought I was actually get a response is Gary has the play poker during your show and not react to it. So if that is exactly what bid sounds like putting like a -- like this this bit of that Perry is within me I want owners that are made to keep like alcohol illicit sees -- a place where candidates quote Mahan came out areas down there and it's a maid came about as the lights down lights are out flights are highlighted the lyzard boxes people Brad the lights are dimmed Donna Summer is like totally he's sort of mood hurry and he's got the start salary unheard of Star Wars new beginning or you hope trying to conceal try to get really well I knew Coby got the stars turn around and he's got Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in both paying on what I wanna have is. Think they're clashing what does it sounds. And it opens. Hyatt yeah as a relief that is but that's the artist I'm glad delusional relief had a everybody I'm funny and what was your favorite toy giant what is it that I'm I'm not at all thought about you know let. My favorite toy growing up was an I don't know this is cliche it was a like an action figure anything like that though I did collect I was glad to collect back to figured I'd wrestlers of course policy I had wrestler. Still I was a wrestling action began Hasbro I had you know you would like to titan Tron like you'd put their foot on the titans try a new play their music how you're young you remember that you know I don't do that I had like an old school Hasbro wrestling figures Fiat and an RBIs brown probably sound a lot like that when Ozzie Raza Janet. You guys out lots about it my favorite though growing up was the Nintendo 64. Isn't an. I think there's still you know on your play video games there's the in sixty for an account. I don't think you can count a video game system knows the game right not a toy it is a total of Christmas away. Is the commodore 64 back down I don't know yeah there's a little disdain. Yeah yeah come I come along and played those are fun. A play Pokemon snap on the Nintendo 64. Is when you rolled around you rolled around has been shipped and you took pictures of poker market. This is before the days a poll among sounds like a lot of looks like playing in them wings defeated guy and I'm not yeah. Didn't I don't know if than I don't really is and I don't want his new premium play need to go to a save and and I'm on rough if things got John Hepburn is now and I thought that they were clearly easily injury I asked don't know. Ellis looks an embolism and out of one flavor apparently John likes it because it's all worst he says it's all that's all of my mound it's all over my teeth but yeah I'd say that was probably my favorite toy grown up as a kid I think we've gotten everything except the Nintendo switched. Out here today I was I think we've got light we've got we've got Star Wars. Figures he'd gotten basketball is still I'm all around people but they're definitely is still time to come out. Because we're gonna be here until the end of the show 1195. Stash so right here on originate if you can't bring to toy. We'll take your cash. We will put it towards buying toys and go to the jargon to me don't give it to me orbit give it to Jason because he's trust Obama because they also want you out here you can inner when a 500 dollar shopping spree to stash. I've come back we're gonna talk to Gary pairs. About all things that are going on we may talk to him about Lorenzen Wright case he Memphis basketball fast laps there toward the his face. Care I'm afraid the answer Gary pairs will join us on the other side Jason Dunn an agenda Phineas. Eighth straight win don't you listen to 929 at NE SP and men like oh here come on Thursday Jared off quarterback in the ran ESPN NBA analyst Stephen Jackson isn't. Studio plus and I'm Shepard you've got yours as well. Today still lived in lingo weekday mornings from 5 AM till 9 AM emphasis flagship home of America's prisons this in any. ESPN. Houseful of guests and he needed on the First Lady need routine inspection and external systems into top shape for your agent harnesses on last. Land Argentine air conditioning has she ever would provide fast friendly and professional services on the town in guaranteed. In the south since 1970 instill family owned and operated we are and become for companies enjoy. Today 5551111. 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To a good slice a local Memphis at the blue monkey to come on out try to cross vision biscuits richest creamy with generous bits of crawfish tails perfectly. Furcal holiday meal and don't forget my personal favorite the crowd pleaser the people's champion the famous. Rolls I'm Sonia everywhere I go whether I'm in the streets where the grocery store on tour they always treated so we John Martin he's one of the best things I've ever tasted. I do not lie I penalized. Go get. Monkeys who. Monkey got two occasions when he told Madison avenue in midtown and 53 C south front street in downtown Memphis in there on the web and blue monkey Memphis dot com. Live team trivia every Wednesday at 8 PM in midtown bridge even Winston green. Live music at the blue Monday midtown this weekend Friday night because sets sets on Saturday the pistol and the queen. Hey it's John Martin from Jason and Jon in nineteen and it's been ESPN at nationwide there agents go above and beyond understand the protect what matters most even when you're dealing with the insurance companies this is very important their local nationwide aides are part of their member driven community we're serving members needs is their priority to call nationwide agent met Evelyn today at 901757. 2315 that's 9017572315. Nationwide mutual insurance company affiliates Columbus, Ohio subject to underwriting guidelines. In a club. Back to a very special Jason Jones show broadcast live from stash home town parking Ridgeway from the Marine Corps Toys for Tots drive from buy your toys and donations and say hello did you see pentagon. And today who lives on many to kind of turned ESPN. I waited days here's national. Come on filled with. Weird feeling. Still alive and some cold hard and I don't have assault. I'll just have a field with a filled with gratitude but I'm filled with the as the U humility. Just to see all of the people who have come around. You know donated toys in their time in some cases they're casting this amazing causes toy to Toys for Tots. For the mid south as it's been stumbling experience and I'm glad we were. Able to be out here forward really quickly before we get together pairs please. Don't stop yet don't stop will be here to 2 o'clock they'll be clicking for was all week we'll be here to do quote you do have to go homer fans with. It's on Jason's wife's birthday now that is and is so. He's got to get home things but come on come on out. Bring us the toys say hello get a picture one I think party concepts who have helped provided sort of the supplies tent which is amazing appreciate their. I hospitality my town movers who provided the the truck. United Reynolds door pro AMD officials sway of the toy truck drive Chuck Todd Chevrolet. So come on out say hello do a good thing a promise of a better about yourself Fred we have Gary. We do not have Gary we are getting Gary here momentarily. A airfares course tough cause basketball for CBS sports account you can hear every single day from four to six I did as scary if you come by. And do this hit live he declined. So I don't want to wow I don't want that to change the way that you think of him that day I know what you did in Cologne. Yeah I got a new set him up for failure there Johnson and I like that no it. Also warned that could change the way that that anybody here views here loves the kids PE PS3 of his album you know and I understand that. You know it's it takes it takes a village so I definitely understand. Why. He was unable of the year eleven five Ridgway erode stash home we are here brown guy Gary yet. Where is geared. To using Gary heard the sound. And oh he's gonna and that happened only come on now the LA I'm wondered if I'm a Texan has been he's a thin and if so please come on now. Because I mean you know how Gary can get man. FOIA. Let's say about. That win last night. We did he whom he reminded us on Twitter after Miami must proposal when it and it's going right to voice also I'll keep effort in which you guys that I carry on. Yeah I got here he reminded us. On Twitter in USA did he likes to do that every down and just how far the universe in Memphis basketball program and just follow. That ten years ago they were recruiting guys like Derrick Rose and crystals are. We Adam. Dad's death we have Gary pairs now Gary thank you so much for a turn the phone and and and being with us today. I knew there was golf and I I did notice that I was being called up my politics full responsibility. Thank god you execute your tap dancing man quote you know. Yes we reviewed and do our best we're going to be were well as you know Gary we are out here stash home collecting Toys for Tots. For the kids and we were talking we have a discussion about our favorite toys growing up. And so I think will will start there with you when your grown up Gary what was your favorite toy. LaToya that's probably pretty soon it's most of my childhood. Was the original Nintendo right. I mean you're eighty anybody who was my age like. That says that states something at that did not exist to win we will pour. But then it was clear and it really did change our lives it was like it is the first time we had. In looking back on it they don't seem so sophisticated they relative to what we're dealing with the island in game imply a yourself bubble like. Unlike anything you've ever seen heard or played and Mario games of course and then Dick RBIs baseball are still play it today I've got to in my office so it's an original Nintendo looked up to us to a screen. Though you know whatever. At certain friends of minor you're out guys around my age and we want to pretend that were eleven years old again. You will play RBI baseball also let the Nintendo I think. If we're calling that a boy it would be deported that I spent most of my childhood and of course it corset to the super Nintendo or Sega Genesis or whatever. But that original Nintendo was a complete game change. Yeah I think I think they I think he should be considered a toy because that I actually said the Nintendo 64 was the toy of my childhood. So I believed it should be considered toy it's a video game that's content that's a toll. And then beyond that I did it once. Well we're playing sports nonstop I mean you could it. It every day during the summer so what were out of school for the summer. Like we were outside from nine you know from 89 according. Until like our parents made its common side because it was dark you know weeks we play tennis ball which would basically we use real baseball bats but it's his ball. And we had a field where. You know what Saturday select my side yard. What we're home plate why did and there was a street where it's very little traffic and then that maple or cross the street had people with experience. Yeah actually had a bit scared to hit the ball over and we would keep you know up with a home run by. You might be leading this summer and almost look like 440. I mean big that we play all they won't play soccer only a complete football they want. And it looked more like three Nintendo. But in the Nintendo came and now that's all I wanna do is play that. I really think you can just sort of look I'm always struck by this. I almost never see kids playing in my neighborhood and there are kids who live in my neighborhood but I almost never see two kids outside. Throwing a baseball each other. What you just don't see I never seem to kick outside you kick a soccer ball to each other. You just do not see what you what you sometime this week it is. So two in the country right now you know outside with my three year old worker he's really into. Like baseball and soccer he likes to play sloppy pitching in an outsider playing catch them outside. It could what you sometime credit to his father like trying to do what is other U what do you call what don't put your father like hey let's sweet jetty at baseball with a key Jeddah. Had to kick a soccer ball with a teacher had a how to catch a baseball and then the kids don't provide a region eight. And they opted men are addicted to an iPhone or iPad or videogame age it's so they don't they're not outside anymore but it is remarkable to me how how few times I actually see kids outside playing. Because if you would have driven through my neighborhood when I was a kid. I thought you saw was kids outside playing but you know we have. Much else to do before the Nintendo came we have much else to do like if you look at a play. You'd be outside playing what your friends now. You know to locate I think would rather be inside alone playing some sort of video game on March. Give him sort of thing maybe you know who's the last. Tigers basketball beat writer to have it this bad but I say this bad I mean covering this bad team how far back. Do we have to go did you didn't did you get any this bad you know and his that you. Oh no no no I mean I was. I would I was brought it already for years I mean how how would the all time beat writer Michael college freshman year to rocky carnage senior year I think the first game I ever cover of people contact about what beat writer. Was meant bit over Syracuse. Carmelo Anthony at the garden. I don't like how Shaq couldn't get sick and I hyperbole. It's never been this bad in my lifetime I'm forty years old. You don't like eight ER I mean I like it can hasn't been this bad this the worst tiger basketball team of my life not. And so that's poll watching right now it it it's incredible you know to think about how I got to this point Turks don't understand why it's at this point. But no immediately you know there's been a lot of talk about what writers back we'll be ready became through cost you. Be damned war in there is that McMillan Hamas party run chicken like the course EX none album ever dealt with it and let this. Do you think. Airline alas you're going instinct here and covered so many of these do you think Toby won't make a significant change. Based on the way things going out and I don't know what that is whether it's a staff whatever. You know and residents are a lot of at this point or. That hill goad you know this thing he is stays the same stays the course. And then whatever happens happens in terms administration that decision there do you think he makes a change or if things keep going or whether going right now. Are you assuming he gets a thirty year. No I've changed on that GP. A change dom with you now with chaos in our third year to figures they give my thirty year old loser they don't lose everything. You screaming at you if they had a top ten recruiting class on top twenty recruiting class side are they had done back to back top 25 recruiting class that. The band at that'd be on the core product is right now you could point to something and and and say hey there's there's hope you let these. Talented young players get a little older Interpol are talented. You know class of 2018 prospects now are ready to go just give it time. There's nothing to give time to right now the other the player on the roster. They're not good enough. And the players he played Europe they have committed. He is not good enough he's got good these guys are good enough to change. The current state of things so. Listen it's not my money about the one it has to figure out how to do nine million dollar buyout. Column by. It is ultimately that's that's always worth pointing out but I don't there's no reason to think you're free will be anything quote too good enough. Took it to justify do we know you're three if you already know. And I think that you already know this like no matter what if your threes not good but it's time to make a change well it paktia that you're tube there's nothing to point to nothing change at all. Took just suggested that you're three going to be worked it. I don't understand why you would wait other than. Just don't have the money to do. Well I guess that's sort of the next question is you know I mean. Who they could easily lost Gary's Unita Mercer and Sanford like your Sanford and like that we could easily be done about a three informants or basketball team. With with you have three of their four losses are tough. Alabama. Without you know obviously. That was made their best player ranked second in Mercer Jefferson and we'd be talking about like a disaster and and they nearly avoided it so I guess. What what do you think the likelihood it is and it is it gonna take somebody with money a lot bill glory years somebody like that didn't sell old. You know offended by this state of the program and get so upset that they just say hey I change has to be made is that the only way it happens. Are said during the off season that I thought it would take a perfect storm of a lot of things. But everything that I described. As like what it would take is what's happening right now. I think they'd have to. Yet on the recruits. You have to you know they have to have nothing of substance to show promote Korean perspective well that happened. That there on the court product would have to be as bad as our try to tell people were going to be. Here we are. Be attended would have to sink too late historical. That's happening. And so. Yeah I I can tell you this from talking to people that administration I don't they have no they hat. Is that policies and no. No. Anxiousness. To maybe pull the trigger after two years it would mean even seriously consider. And yet I think if you're not seriously considering it now. Given the way things are obviously going to there's no evidence set to suggest to cultural. And your being responsible with what has historically been the most important. Branch of that university. For a long long time but there's nothing bigger at the University of Memphis students University of Memphis men's basketball. And to let it sink to this low is just whoa. But to continue to let it sink. It's they were attacked for 813 year I think would be. Rubio Billick is he should I don't know how you do I have and listen how much smarter people than me figure out how the money could then work. But here's the truth if it got in my million dollar buy out you can spread it over six years like to allow contractually it's. Credit nobody did you know for a fact that six years. That's what just sit you can spread Jeffords in the contract and he said that the fire out. You can spread it. Times two and a little bit this year yeah so Big Three years roughly nine million dollars you could spread the nine million dollars out over six. So you're paying one point five million dollars a year over the next six years. What I would do. It I would pay one point five million dollars over the next six years. And that I would offer a coach whomever did not let you guys figure that out one point five million dollars over five year contract or that you're kind. Repeat this and what you would have been paying tubby by the end. So you're actually spending about the same that you would be spending on a basketball coach anyway but you at least give the fans something to like. Be excited about I mean to let Iraq acute poverty anybody could. Well placed a B Schmitt and returned tiger basketball to where it ought to be. You know every coaching hire the gamble but I. I really don't think you could. Could hire anybody that I got particulate can guide you to hire whichever one you like at one point five million dollar and I don't think they would be as ineffective. This status has been and I use that word purposely. Yes and I think in when you're talking about these types have been ticketed to ease your conversation like. Scott Drew can't coach what extent that very subjective comet that's what can you. Just crashed or can't cope. What they you know I hear you like I understand this is good like I understand all that but like that's also very subjective thing. I'm not telling you Tubby Smith can't coach I'm not telling you to obviously it hasn't had an amazing coaching career. Well I'm telling you that appeasement to the steps have been completely ineffective those just dictate that they took over the universe amount of program and that's not a opinions. That's a fact is backed up by recruiting rankings by attended. By on court result by every play measures such things they have been completely ineffective and I honestly don't stage. That you could hire you know somebody who would be different for an effective because I don't I think it's doing a near impossible. To like. Not get higher level prospect that the University of Memphis. Then they're getting right now every culture in my lifetime to try to included has been able to recruit at a higher level of this staff has critics again not an opinion. That's a fact. And so. I can do you can buyout one point I made out here six years offer. Again I'll let you guys figured out of some other coach one point five million dollars or six years it's just been in the same amount of money on this basketball coaching. But your your move away from what has been today. An undeniable that extra. What would be the argument for bringing him back for years three legged like let's just say like. You know what I mean. Because obviously they have the money they kick it can't be about the money Kerry because they're paying tubby three million a year and as you just laid out it would be the same amount of money. And I think you can get a good enough coaching there. Or have million dollars so if we acknowledge that it's not necessarily about the money why bring him back for year three they're what would wallet. Flipping the argument I don't subscribe to it but if you try to make an argument here which you might. Payless and you're three. Can often be the breakthrough your coach its capital Port Orange right now and Ashley you're one what it could get to look good. You're Torre at least in early December that ranked in the top twenty shocked and no I you know this freshman class that they have right now is a terrible. Why they won't be soft Warsaw sports are typically better than juniors come. To get something done in the late period had a great traits are well into the mine is evident they're capable doing that the ball whatever to play along. And dump and you give a man who has an impeccable reputation. As a college basketball coach and gentlemen an opportunity to coach its way out of the accident you can get your three just can't happen. Then that's fine it will make that decision but what do we are not going to be that type of score doesn't get published may act as possible hole and birdie opportunity coach's way. At a let undeniably bad situation like if you try to argue with the way to argue that I guess I would just count or are you would let. I hear you if there's reason to believe. You're we can beat gutter like you he's freshman class Google or they got hot march got Arctic where it really came along. Now you bring these guys back at you let you know I recruiting class of with some substance attached to it now there may be you know some light at the end of the tunnel. I'm just saying that at this moment there's no evidence that there's going to be anything to suggest your three to the beach. If better than your two or at least could it not. It's you know at a good enough to just independent of your troops to make you think things are headed in the right direction that the that the problem the reaction it's not that this team saw. Is that there's no evidence that they mix your team's gonna not structured. Is she. If Tubby Smith. Is fired at Memphis. Would it wooded blemish his career would be the biggest blemish on his career record would you set. Polls show already taken every other school to the NCAA tournament. You know and that's what the bullet points people point out we're talking about congressmen want everywhere else that all out by air but it immediately. Correct the. Don't know about it comes asking that he but it that would not keep him out of the whole thing right. That's right no I don't think all of that you're not guaranteed to be involved I don't want to nitpick your career you can do that pretty usually like yeah wanna national championship like. You know that was. A lot of Rick pitino's team and at this since then they went down consistently I think they consistently good but clearly not act. But I'll throw the top programs to determine India one of just to me and you figure that's that's that's pretty up there and yeah adamantly oracle and aren't. I have an accomplished. Guilty and are quickly into it period and also this group they look around a lot was you know like like like. Jack cal Perry to take piped into the NCAA eternity just try to change culture I could blame the you know Rick Pitino could do it just wanted to coaches are different places and having the trumpet the best year of his career and I decided to quit the column that the establishment should be an apron or hoping or. Summit argued revisionist history where I am worried. It would continue to go the other thing that people like always say like guys you're. You or people never get to at least get a check Google they would hire. I can't find a column can be green Detrick in particular law and transferred. That was critical to restrict it didn't exist there aren't yet but nobody gave him a chance it just like it's not really what he's. Midway through the season last year president for the job he was doing coaching the team look they look better on the more than they had under Josh give me a break here. Free radio show I Don is available on the Internet somewhere every week is available to somewhere. Every column I've written is available somewhere did not gonna be able to find things that you're. Obviously. Critical of tubby Smith and his staff. Free the disaster at the end of last season when they lost six of their top eight players to transfer. Including eager contagion Baltimore can call. That when I became critical what was happening when they were looping couple hundred players and replacing them with Joseph let that ultimately that the yeah. Back when I became critical and guess what I talked about at all either. Sitting here what's gonna happen and here we -- exactly what I thought was going to be the case is now the case but this idea that. It'll start with the Toby got hired. Not true I was on record. I've not who I would hire if not what I would opponent. What I can imagine a scenario where work and I'm willing to keep an open mind about it's I get back. But then there's the token got rained straight into the courtroom after last season and they've done nothing took to pull it out of the ground and so here we are. But like. All that debt. It took time. Here's a very long career and the rest of the career. The very least hall of fame speaker or considering for the whole fact it took though I'll vote or if only because I wanna be consistent look column I wrote couple years ago. But if you wanted to pick them apart. Kind of could have been sweet sixteen and forever. Bump has. To be pushed out once school fired at another. It's probably gonna end up being fired at this one. And the culture who. Came before him Kentucky. Was obviously when you better at that job and the coach who's now at Kentucky obviously we'd better at that job took you wanted to nitpicking it could. Black. Show you know put it on a ballot equitable for all hope we're okay. It's meant as a football school hours as soon. Silly I heard guys talking about it on a book about a little bit later on this afternoon. Lifting they're Peter two different things but it is better football right now they did that basketball. That doesn't being that this is a football school it is important Florida. Is better act. Football at a basketball right now that it is football reportedly been reported basketball school because. It right one they've won titles more recently in four under and basketball and have a vote by wanna say. When you're trying to figure out who whether Europe discord that school I think the best waited 222. To get an answer to that. Is discuss what ensure high yes. Real wish Dick ceiling for your program in other words what. It's not acting crazy likely it will those feelings number one in the country like realistically what. Why it's good that you could expect it took a look at the basketball we know the top of everything. I mean you could go like. If you take peculiar old age of speaker. Oh removed out of the equation that that can lead the nation and in college basketball action. Can consistently be in the top ten costs can work crook at the highest level can win at the highest level. You know I think basically every tool at Memphis in my lifetime. I've coached a Memphis team that went to the top Kennedy a people you know Larry Page stated Dana Kirk did it. Or Jack cal Perry did it just actually did it. The video so what still realistic how do you feel from up to back off the captain Jean consistently. You can get top five recruiting class of calculus pretty good consistently. Can look at 181000. Seat arena consistently. So what's the realistic higher ceilings for purposeful all. I think just like here we are. You know I mean I guess you could they win a conference championship like DC up until Lou to see but still realistically didn't think it Memphis football. You you killer filling up your stadium got a bigger stadium problem more than they got to pay a problem but you know if you're top fifteen all lifting. You can look stating that your top 15 top 20 Pacific team thought of state your tucked way to keep gene he's told state. Toppling of the team clearly does not Phillips state. And it's not because detained apple does not because the coach it is also on it just doesn't it hasn't happened not consistently. And then there's the look appealing or you can go. Just based on league affiliation in basketball. Walk if you're one of the top seven leak in America ever cover it wanna go. Could realistically. Over you know a one seed in the in Tripoli turn that beat ranked number one in the country all of that stuff. It helped by the Apollo bought the look what Villanova Xavier do in the big keys were all Wichita State. And Cincinnati right now we're doing in the HA. In football you you can't get there you can probably to get a cup can no matter what certainty in the playoffs no matter what. So we can start evaluating the conversation based on. What are the realistic how you're feeling permit corporate basketball apple bought university campus. Undeniable that our highest ceiling. It is it over the basketball program not the football program in terms of the cheapest and everything else and the other thing I would say. You know let them back also bad right now that is also good right now. People don't get mad when that crystal ball back they don't get disappointed it doesn't even make them angry. When a lot of the stuff we're talking on the back on it because people care so deeply about people are mad right now where look at all of that is different about all of that whatever. But lament of basketball as bad it's that bad bad day and that I think also as they argue that that this despite what you watch last night it's still very much about. 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Back to a very special Jason and Jones show broadcast live from stash homes here or can Ridgway for the moon. Cord Toys for Tots drive and buy your toys and donations and sales loaded Jason and Jon. Until 2 PM today well. On May be to the NFL ME SP. Relatively warm place to be sitting. He's not here he's been doing all they don't you know we've had a long. Winter had been bad horse events and on the kids you know. Very professional today prototype. I think they days of the days it's gonna say that tonight. Maybe we wanna thank everybody that's helped make this. Closely raising success here's dash home. I just got to get out got back from. Being outside that saw the truck and. It's pretty full I mean don't we started his day job and we're all the way at the but the front of that truck basically Elena shot created video in the back yes and now it's it's basically full bid he couldn't stand in that same position right now so thank you to the folks that brought toys out and I knew Memphis Obama hearts when members is called upon. If this response every town every so somebody else's time we're going to be here for about five more minutes but they will continue to be here even. Long after we're gone on so come on out you can underwent. 500 dollar shopping spree from stats they're gonna select the one on Friday it's a lot of me caballos they've 500 dollars. So that is the movie as enterprises. One big party concepts. Wanna thank my town movers United Rentals dorm pro. And the official slave of the toy tow truck drive took and certainly won't think Brad. Brian thank you for contributing to the show we were. Well I don't know I don't know that was so low iron and I was all right. Advantage of their worst post ever I'm sorry I was just joking you come on me in my head I'm in the holiday spirit and honest people don't like Q. Didn't you hear this that's yeah no loyalty so will loyalty when you read and just ready for the Jason they show me you come off OK I just go yes it's. And he shot and this coming from a man you're in that exist here like you know what it goes into. The abuse that you take as a producer Maine and about should understand them and this how many months are you into the job calls. How many calls and I turned down that just wanted to cuss you out on my radio mean we have our winner and fox owner it's it's a pain in the ass. I'd say put a third how did this is a joke guys did god he has been subsequently there's so sensitive are they I'm sorry I'm done what are we so sensitive about. But yeah I was it's been it's been a very fulfilling day here. Honest on the show a nude couple people have come in and and that's always nice to honest habit but now names and faces a they're known at this we saw a met BJ for the first time Bobby Jackson Bobby Jackson I've refused within. He's playwright CRV small town principles and avid listener and it's always get that you know users are just standard to talk to people that you don't ever see you know every day and people just never Oreo let's come out here and check in Iran and put the toys that type gel and thank you listen really preached at say that enough tubby did not have a chance to get Barnard and C television but that's just you know that I don't worry about your schedule Friday. You know in come I we will bull wheel will leave it to be got till Friday. To come on Friday until 6 PM Friday until 6 PM so. I suspect he will come by the way did you dementia in the market saw what has been 5151000. Dollars for his post game comments when he said ethics. I think that's a little harsh. I'm a colonial are you monitoring what they're doing on the damn fox board studies Bryant as the worst TV deal in the league because they're not monitor and everything why do you K yeah but but but why do you care what market is also on fox sports southeast you know let's doubled to pay that. Now like we did for physically nobody. Have you got one and I was. 2000 that. Yet I mean you do they did I really don't think you just dries and it's inbred used to rise and it's not tire read your legs feeling you'll be amazed how much time they are forty million. He needs all the money and doing makes it okay I'll do not play again because going to try to reach in trouble alright this is false. All right I know what's fun and I don't appreciate their body coming down dug a part of very cool day out here as eleven and fiber throughout stash house. Thanks again everybody. Thanks to. My doorbell takes his sons I was very face of Deborah Marion thanks to Gary pairs. 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