Jason & John Show, Wed., Dec. 6, 2017, Hour 2 (w/SB Nation's Sean Salisbury in Seg 2 & Lorenzen Wright's mom in Seg 3) Live from Stash for Toy Drive

Jason & John
Wednesday, December 6th

Seg 1:  The Rundown w/J&J discussing Lorenzen Wright and more

Seg 2:  Sean Salisbury from SB Nation/Unfiltered TV live with Jason & John to discuss UT coaching search/AD, coaching carousel, and Giants/Manning/NFL

Seg 3:  Lorenzen Wright's mom joins Jason & John and the guys discuss the murder charge in Lorenzen Wright case 


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Man of the hour we're not we're not gonna stop what law now you're gonna stay above that somebody's gotta say about it on the show man. All right we all fall short. Quick downhill I'll I'll repair. You did during the break you but I mean I'm traders you're losing your Christian idea why I'm sorry I apologize I don't know I am I'm sorry I'm sorry I I'm the one who's supposed to like on a mud feels in between this town guys. I'm sense in UBI has I had tons. When you consider yourself you've you've tried to put in the work to consider you glad you caught them all man. Also where you are right so it I don't know if so what's the tale of the tape who won the Bruins now around fake news and in in bald face lie an old man who whose warmth. Now these aren't they found a way worse spot I think the city of Memphis wins here we're gonna be out of Toys for Tots we are not done to a match kids need to win today. Toys for Tots for the mid south. Right here it's dash home alone 95 ridge way Roca Mumbai will be here until our so wins at the 2 o'clock. Bring your new and unwrapped always drop them off in the truck it is filling out would you say Jason. It is it's still another really good right now it's can take more of those don't give them the idea that we can ask a little and other so those still so much room gonna fill this thing to the top look if you're if you're in the area there's a target right next door you have to go and extorting bring the money would ever to go and mayor get the toys will take you anywhere you wanna bring it again if you know if you don't have time to stop the target just brings in cash and it doesn't matter big amount small amount whenever all in all matters bags ladies and gentlemen I'm told that backpack as -- you Zambrano is 140 you don't know Nike bags and had ten schools a backpack that kind of thing you do that as well short game stuff like that yeah debt some will be here to 2 o'clock thanks to party concepts my town movers generals nor pro and so I couldn't. Civil laid back in a minute Jason and Jon and its united family espionage. Street lingo you listen to 929 FM ES TN and Michael here coming up Thursday Jared off quarterback of the rams ESPN NBA analyst Stephen Jackson isn't. Studio plus and shepherds too fast flowing as well. Go first day delay can wait no weekday mornings from 5 AM till 9 AM emphasis flagship home of the Memphis Grizzlies this it. You know you can millionaires and ESP. Sergio. We'll offensive emanates you. Investment for us hey John Maher and as you know the holiday season is here and we know. You're going to be having friends and family in town so what did you treat them. To a good slice a local Memphis at the blue monkey to come on I've tried the crawfish and biscuits racist creamy with generous bits of crawfish tails perfect. The first call holiday meal and don't forget my personal favorite the crowd pleaser the people's champion the famous. Roles and Shania everywhere I go whether I'm in the streets where the grocery store on tour they always treated so we John Martin. 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Because we don't do these live remotes Brad doesn't let us leave the studio more normally I was focus he he did today. And we're out at stashed home 1195 Ridgway road and we are doing. But toward draft. Toys for Tots right now we're collecting toys until 2 o'clock PM central time until our show ends probably they'll be doing it after you know for the for the rest today become Mumbai and all week and all week so. You have you have more than just today to come home Bob while we're here. Us you know obviously bring you're you're new in your unwrapped toys we'll take them all we're trying to fill that truck up so they still party concepts my town movers in general store probe and of course chuck and certainly for help and make. This possible every day around this time and the rundown let's get it the rundown visited by Americans went nationwide insurance. Today's stories from. Jason and Jon. On 99 as I am EST yeah. First story all right over at Arkansas that's right Wu picks that we want my favorite fan bases. In the entire country. Will take series. They have a coach whose name is not my doorbell ladies and gentlemen is Chad Morris Ted Morris from SMU will be the next coach. At Arkansas he is fourteen between two at SMU but. But look at what he did and his ties to its in his first season five and seven last year he was 75 this year. I think he's gonna be great. You know he's got to you said the Sheila if he's got a he's got a firecracker personality everything I hear no Arkansas fans are little disappointed that it's not Mike from Val and I understand I'd be upset too yeah. But I think they actually have had stumbled upon another really good candidate I've big time Morris. Could be sort of like what just in Puente was maybe not quite as good immediately is Justin was a Virginia Tech but. And he took over program minute emit an SMU which was. I mean there was nothing there. You know I mean it was it was it was buried right and he took it from two wins. Two years ago to it to seven and bowl eligibility. This season it and I look at that is sort of progress on I like their progress do that at a at a group of five school I think that that's a good sign I would say. Arkansas fans he's gonna make or million dollars a year. At Arkansas and then yeah I mean you know it's it's. I I've I gather that's. You know Arkansas fans are not exactly thrilled with the higher because I mean let's be honest he's he's forcing its way to let. You know and and that's not gonna inspire the most confident but like I said I think you look at what he did a year to year the trajectory was on the way evidence and you. You know they were competitive football teammate. You know they were they only lost by one touchdown lead to to mem it's easy to use the end and they played you know Memphis pretty competitively for for a little bit so. You know I think it's guys and given what was available out there at this juncture you know they wanted gusty day they were inches in my Kim. You know I don't think Chad is is a bad option whatsoever so Chad Morris is your coach at the University of Arkansas gonna call the halls. Loving. Earlier Sunday. Biggs soon be razorbacks. Have more says the coach at next story. All right this is the the big one and one I think we've we've mentioned have stopped this shuttle I don't know that any of us. Surely we we hope this day would come for the Lorenzen Wright family but I don't know how many of us actually thought it would but it did yesterday I had a room. I got an alert all of them the the mall again in the waters all my kid we didn't Christmas I excuse me Barbara veterans from a life. And it is over so they're happy birth defect from my lovely wife get that in there. And I give them an alert that the police have found and made an arrest of all of a suspect in the Lorenzen Wright Killen. And your life holds yep. This is one that many of us thought would go unsolved and yesterday. You get that word that it's a real and the first thing you feel. And John mutually decided to that the first thing that comes over your mind his. Main you have to for Denver Marriott junior you're hoping that you're hoping that it's that soon may be. She can get some justice and and this is important. The man's been charged obviously we're talking about 46 year old. Billy. Motorola make it clear he's not been convicted. So war when I talk about Debra and you know feeling finally being able to feel. Pops possibly optimistic about oldest member there's got to be a trial moment but I was happy for her happy for because that's the same thing when they found the guns on this thing and don't ever earned it and it's become her life's work yeah I'm Keith. Let me say that again it's become a woman's lights whereas she wakes up every morning it's become her life's work to find out who killed a song imagine what kind of like that it's. So to have any kind of glimmer of hope any kind of sliver of hope. That you're going to find the killer. Clearly that would do something for you would lift you and you could tell that it lifted her when when police announce that they found begun. And you could still in interviews yesterday with with local television. That she'd do it has found some sort of both of peace of comfort that she's getting close to her life's work to finally being done with their life's work. A Billy. It's been charged with first degree more murder and recorded doctrine memory for the commercial appeal. I use indicted Tuesday the multi agency gang unit's saw him leave the house and the 4700 block of waterfront oak drive. You into vehicle and travel Cairo express why that's where they got him to succeed on the video. Other consummate behind him he's there to register and very calmly they handcuff him he goes Albert coming without a fuss. And you you we see the mug shot ever Marion is also spoke with commercial appeal we're going to have our own arm. And she says I'm ecstatic pumped full of flame she told the commercial appeal later later adding we got the main player and obviously she's hopeful that this is it. From John do you believe from the little bit we know about Billy turner so far did these 46 years old. As a loan service unbelievable that we've been able to gather about him there do you believe that he did this himself. I guess is kind of where we are now and obviously we'll get this information come from police and from court to court records documents in the in the way that goes but right now. How shocked were you that that that it wasn't that it was. A lawn care guy you know that Lorenzen hitting on his lawn care guy exactly yeah and I was. Because I think. You know over the last seven years we've all sort of come of their own theories about what Lorenzen had gotten involved in and who could possibly be responsible I think. There was a there's a popular sentiment you know among them the incident followed the case and they knew obviously cared about it that this was a professional hit. You know and that that Lorenzen had gotten makes up with the wrong people and somebody flew in and loud and you know this was a professional kind of job. And you clearly it was. Mean clearly it was not you know I mean at least if if we're to believe the charges here and and and if indeed Billy art turner is guilty. Clearly it was not a professional hit that was ordered Bowden you know some. You know some some entities. So I think you know it was definitely you know you'd think that it's they're they're never they're never going to be able to find this first because. Of that alone. But yet it was just it was it was sort of stunning for me like you. You did the murder weapon bill that was big. You know finding it and in the lake where they found it like that was big. But you don't know. If that this is it like you don't know if that will lead to something it can be a bit in my drive you know how many times that went in could have possibly changed hands you don't know how well preserved it was. But Georgia so many unanswered questions that we had tried you know and the fact that bad daily barely even a month after they find it. In other make an arrest they get founded the Summers from now right right here she's right right beautifully edited because their hotel and he clearly the moment when they announced it. My suspicion is. People started saying you know once they once they found the weapon and you know he Bertuzzi together they started to kind of it's our front a little more information about. You know what could have happened to other in the right and for that have been from for the announcement and for the arrest to be made. You know within a month of each other I think that was the par for me it was just stunning you know because I thought you know you get and a two dozen Atlanta as well Tony thirteenth we've fourteen non changes come legally called them you know mind in you know how these things I mean. If it was cold for as long as it was cold. And it was a high profile cases it was there to be nothing coming out right in eyes is so sound so cynical about ever. You know come into the conclusion let's lay a salute every log for answers when we worked all stand on the fact that they stayed on and on mom too who must of just a moment and Helena. First month have been so yes every day pause and. You said something was Jeff that I think is very important when we talk about this story. And I'm glad you said it. It doesn't matter. What Lorenzen or if he was caught up in something illegal at the end you know whenever you said it would a lot of the suspect who has that kind of thing. No one deserves to be to die to be killed to be assassinated like he was clearly when we heard and I want one call and you. Please don't freak like a hard today and in paralyzed Lou Lou you know we're. You know we'd like to keep it light or whatever but but our effort you know people joking that Arafat having having it's too soon. At this pointed to very very be joking matter anything like that let's remember the good look you said his sharpest your debt owned. Was really good Lorenzen did in the city do Reverend Wright. I mean that he deserves that his mom deserves that is found it deserves that so. We you know whatever you know how whatever circumstances were surrounding what's gone what will obviously find out more about that more details and wall curious. Let's remember the good the Lorenzen did this and let's remember the great champion. That he wasn't that smile man that he always had on his face that you have made some kids had he was doing those things free camps guys doing for cancer and careers. That some guys you know still I don't have so it's. Oh we're gonna have a veterinarian on the show. At 1245 and will catch up with her about you know everything she's feeling you know when she got the call where they're going from here. She would join us. Twelfth without rally on wall more next story your Memphis Grizzlies are action tonight. And Madison Square Garden against the New York Knicks they would be no Tim Hardaway junior helping us licensing fee unfortunately is probable. For this game yet thank you for the ground Brad the grizzlies are a two point underdog that's according to mod my official website. They are a two point underdog right now against the New York mixed Jason can they keep it going can they keep the streak alive. Hum monsters but does mr. Wilson the eulogies for loans to tell you off the air men and the but secondly and answer your question. Oh with forcing us back I'm concerned you know he twisted his ankle against backward payless and almost look broken and he asked. I thought for sure he was out of this game and we had canceled a job yeah. The war and we circled it before the win over Minnesota as the one that you probably have. He's got a good chance to get particularly the fourth wasn't as a narrative it's anybody's game I think members Wentz. I think degrees when the night I think they'd like you just from a mode on the other well no I think they've been playing better like as I have they did they did play a batter you know you either think about it I mean they played dispersed twice the storage eighty Victor stashed in those cycles on with the marijuana decisions single one of those good the Cleveland institute yes that's admissible when they won and it's a big big big big competitive and have. More times than not against like crude continued what I'm my guys' minutes are not a really good thing I guess my concern would be John how how many how many more games and you hope it continues to happen but I'm more games are you gonna get a good innocent they could Harrison because I'm telling debate goes to. Have been key to this could play. Yes mark's been good yes Tyreke Evans of being good but. Andrew Harrison and James and as the last couple of games have been fan talent you have or do you I don't know how honestly have anointed injuring their asses I can come as doing their doors we know like you were going to ask you to be playing well the city had a role on this team that could actually be valuable I think James and his deserves supply. The companies aren't isolated that are in the season I know he kind of like a dip in production by I think he's a he's proven himself as a rotation players out he'd somehow gotten out of favor with busy looking at the minutes at a more clear about the -- -- general says I know it's weird right now all of a sudden it's a battle with all of them did they even worry even enter their sounds like you. In enemies and energy B Victor staff while told you about that they had that thing you know Andrew takes a look at just the shots is like what are you doing just pulls me along guy that I could trust him to not shoot the ball exactly. The reality is that they are two point underdog in Madison square. That game tips off at 630 since I've only come back. We are going to talk to Sean Salisbury sounds unfair course. October ESPN personality. Former USC quarterback we'll talk to him about all of the coaching carousel and he's got some strong opinions about that. 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OK last question to the need presumably knew could I learn more now at labs online dot com labs the authorized club car dealer. We all knew Tony seventies onward golf cart fan club. I'll back to a very special Jason and Jon show broadcast live from stash home you part of its way for the moon. Cord Toys for Tots drive for and buy your toys and donations and sales loaded Jason and Jon from eleven to 2 PM today who lives on the 829 FM ESPN. Imagine Jason John did you guys have been ESPN. Has promised his name sounds sounds very he is the host of this on sounds very show. On SB nation radio is one of my favorites he joins us now Sean how are you man. I'm doing great thanks so proud you know I sure appreciate it. Moved well absolutely it is it is our honor indeed all right let's start with the Tennessee coaching search did you two we did a lot about it I've seen your name come up as possible assistant coach at least. Some fans have have mentioned it. What have you made shine of the Tennessee coaching search. Well it's there and I'd never. I've got in my analyze it and lock it in all the years I played it in watching the coaching attack. This reminds me in this event a knock on the Sandburg person ball. If they have not all right guys do because the fan base and Tennessee and in our excellent particularly those who does volunteer fans are nothing short of spectacular and anybody would want a coach. Yet or be a part of that another USC trojans it does well but I appreciate great slam basis who have a passion and speak about it. Even if they disagree with yes and Tennessee Volunteers that so kudos to them they deserve better I think. There's this doesn't like elementary school stuff. And that was where there's not that the search and what went on in this guy in the boon or there's got to middle each risk there's gone will hire this guy who shall remain. And it's if you're saying we are good gracious. UK it its worst global. And so the fans deserve better America. They're coach Fulmer wouldn't let me I hate people who will stick to. But it needs to happen fast guys maybe they made the right move up in the proper ATM they're notes time. To take care this is good to have a professional because you don't wanna be look better and amateur route if you settle on your 27 best coach or your forties have a coach in line. Not that police said the coaches are good the name Serbia they're about. Although there's a lot of great ones I'm actually quite shocked the people who wouldn't want a closer immunized. Nitrate quarterback all over the country are got a job at a TV and reduces like I'm I'm I'm looking for a career put out. I want my passions coaches. Who wouldn't want to wake up and run down that tunnel in goksel on a Saturday get ready to play Alabama or Georgia and culture there. Who wouldn't who wouldn't want to be apart that I haven't been a lot of the pieces would the coach Joseph paper out of it and you know. The U that this failures of people clustered argue that happened all of us trust me. It happened USC where I learned about Serb regime people Pete Carroll got their Notre Dame gladly gone. So it's a chance of six pixel track you know a lot of repair itself but a lot like which just because he got the SEC are either he's different. You know until fast you have to do the way more to. And what one of them you know if you coach speak a press conferences although I think there's a lot of good candidates but somebody who at the SEC coaches screamed like. Nick Hogan frequently get back on offense. They didn't get quite a turnout that turnout form. Start at a loss because of the show want to build audio and the national vital it so that we don't go to Alabama is so I guess for being. I want this worked out if it's weird because I'm not like to pay them and you have to Eric and I electrical output but I don't know. The administrative officer Tennessee you don't it's cold or are saying quote I. It seems to be different this group so I don't know all that happened but I didn't need to happen urgently. And predicted it would happen would it. Don't necessarily have to be the biggest name but tobacco settlement and give them let's go because there's player Lleyton a lot of people out here understand that deserve the best. So what do you think it has been such a difficult time for for Tennessee to tell it to find a coach I mean you know you would think probably if you're just ranking jobs. Before this particular coaching search. That's a top fifteen top twenty job may be I mean it's one of the best in the country because of what they can pay why do you think it has been. Such a rough goal of finding somebody who would take the job. I think the trust factor. Not the trusses for the fans are that would probably Schiavo things started to go down there and not try to circumstance. And that's our lucky ticket take a win. The trust factor elbow or are we in line because in this. I'm Carissa now former what was going on it did we got to become a saint which does not only because matter but I talked to a a coach at a big school either guy no friend of mine. But it's a school where it's I guess would be a steppingstone there's still another bigger job boredom. And I said you know boy you have success that this is gonna happen they're visiting your name's going to be bad about and you know the name of I've brought it up and that I know. He said the which are you know why. I'm not I'm not ready to go anywhere right now. Is because the board of regents and the president that the athletic director. And the president of the school and I are all in alignment on everything we do. And and how they're just saying in the tough they're Smart they're bigger jobs and I think right now there are some out at this table are now go with coach over there and get this I think they can't be alive but I think the last couple weeks before like. And local color butch about this guy who's good and you don't know if guys if anybody would normally have about understand why that person little item of food joint. And or it was they have. They're they're they're asking every question they don't let their decision made he what do you have for their burger all I want this what Paul level back and here's everybody like they're. Open yourself to take the step to dispel out of our way they'd stay here but let's make a decision. They're the best people involved that looks good so I think what happened this so called to slow perhaps having him on the they trust me and other bring this guy and you know how this goes troopers and agents if this stuff go and so. I there's no question it's a top job there's no question. Now people look at those symbol look what's happened Walt sometimes a coaching change is certain get things going in. There's too many good players at Tennessee and in that region Internet conference. People have to say. Love Tennessee so I think it's gonna turn out fine but if good to beat these type hired by with the university your first of all I heard of all power house of electric power also one of those programs that people hold in such high regard and I'm one embolden our guard is so important. Former coach former in the group because that's how you set the tone. This guy this is where we'll go about waver on that. If you don't wanna go back for the local contract was shuttling mentally each of them out of school so I think right now for coach they're like well. I want the job but. But I can say this is that whoever gets that job I'd say we've got themselves a coal mine and a great program with the ability to reduce special thanks. So we loved the job Dan Mullen did at Mississippi State does he return photo back to greatness in the SEC effect. A lot out of it than a question I would've. I think there's more of those guys of all of the hires as the off see that I don't chip it's a lot of cloak at UCL AR five years from now I will not be shocked. It is stand moan about tiger all the guys it is signed by the scenes now. It's Seattle blew out Arkansas we're instead of their bit to do really recruit out of all the state wherever regularly order your job now but so many. I think is one of the five best minds offensively it's football. You've been around great head coaches that have meant toward him you guys know that he took from Mississippi State's senior Derrick Mississippi State. You don't want him out late term crowd static built big time player in college. They're able to recruit and that's hard to do. And look competitive for the porn or what sort of quietly he wouldn't play in my life I can understand it's not gonna disappear that bam all of convincing everybody that double cops are good oh and they're already saying and out of order so yeah the big hire a guy that's why. They're incredibly well and guys we'd like. And there are a lot of good in order to cool it or it doesn't matter Taggart the Florida State and hug your vote it's located at got a little we've got a cup that's evidence. Me as slightly that's why look at Richard you'll reach it Democrats are stone Kurtz. Well that's expect watching state I'm a big believer in leadership in developing players. Tribute restart into afford startled into five star turn in the pools or stock. I've we've seen that happen do you develop players it's graduate and they were able plus account. Any and all you look at both got coats & Associates have been just baby could cut and be a politician which no sense. I hired a coach speak politics it's it's gonna be nice to the fans go in and my kids. But it also like that without these two little bit different corralled. Ayala told Mike is that that there is a serious social article here it is probably already had a job we laughed about it well like this so different and so brilliant. What tiger intimidates people. All of my quads to do is win. Coach football and prove to the world that he can beat duke lesser talent. Imagine that the SEC talent that's why I would have gone after him or hate it monopoly could work here's period. And they still can't. They still can't. But my point is you've got to give the right guy when you do. Go with that there are some good candidates which you're right about Mullen I don't gamble on the best or hiding what part of the state of Florida and all the coaching changes this off season. Roddick ought to get the best yet with Dan Mullen. Yes I think there will also be would be true just go back third to Tennessee for a second shot your year USC guy. You know about that the job that tee Martin has done there he's obviously come up in the in the Tennessee search and with with his familiar with with Phil Fulmer and that fan base. Should T. Be the choice at Tennessee it's not the choice been beaten be given serious and real consideration for. I would always do well what was that success didn't break I don't know what good that'd help. Yeah that is acceptable way to not only at bat if the he's got a really good job anybody you know sort out receiver goats. It was well validate any and you have to compete against big current count every year and the pressure you play caller I was still people. Coaches although x.s and notes. But the pressure call plays without won't win every inning he doubts you know. Split second would make decisions you've got a really good job and he didn't learn from some good month not only when he was the player. But also the coach so you know yellow or what it was like when you have seen what Jack though you can available or the local. We don't want to connect it to see you interviewed Jack for your seat we don't want that former player. But you got. You gotta be able to guard delineate between former player we welcome you want a substantial. WRC. If the emotions got to be taken out of the that's a big part of it and it is elegiac what is what was being interviewed or reject it if their job within. They're quite don't gonna hold a job to go catch it. And Jack gonna comply with the raiders so so fans got to take the emotional when he hit the player look but he go to USC if you if you put that's a good job out here. Edition theater you can talk through that we incurred as you know coach former past hockey and so for me yes you won't be especially the bad guy who's on the success. You can't let that be the only track with a better recruiting is commitment and it would be ready all those same is that a great job also I'd like deep in the USC obviously. Politically because they're for the job duke expands. An administration you must take alumni emotion. The decision that we made by whose desk now put this program to do what is that all horrible. The last couple years we'll put Skelton who completely buried this program to be able to cute backward needs to be cannot. Five years from now well urgently Tennessean about a program the duke it should have a way. Pretty good football players to go to school to two critical and basically 90000 there that somebody is able to make quantum leaps. Urgently. I'm not inherit report panicked. So urgent quantum leaps because. What they've done they've taken a great program recently and it's been bitten locked into the ground a good coach and to accept because you. If I didn't forget political all courtesy of taking emotion out if team aren't about got to figure out how he got hired him. But it can't just be based on when he couldn't replicate some of our great manic. They wanted to duck it's gonna be based on is he ready. All the factors and it's not just with him with anybody you can't take the emotional emotional beyond that we all have that we want and don't want to do. What you want right now so we give it a chance hurt senate seat completely SE CNB a player. What is shown up and I just don't know if if he is ready at this point we're talking courses Sean Salisbury former NFL quarterback got attorney in the NFL and I'm just really curious your thoughts on the blog hit. That that that dirty play hundred ideas why that in a game and it's the bills. And then the other one Jim Kelly brought this up Sean and I hadn't thought about them that jump was surprised by the reaction of of the bills players that were around that they didn't really respond that they were just kind of pay refs look at what Ron just did instead of trying to come into his defense and up. Are maybe a more physical way and I should always look what did you think about they hit first of all what Brock was doing there and then. Should the bills should there been more of up and you're hit my guy should it should have come nosed defense more. That's a great question it was almost since those are all about protecting. The players item but we've taken mr. mortality and the beat I've got to want seeking more particular protection of your card with tickets I'm about out of logos are afraid to lose money or. There may be don't look at sorted it may not like editors got it I don't know in this case I don't doubt that bill locker room become the only answer this question prospective target best. And I'm not going well when we played about old school you magical miscues is supported raiders. Back vehicle people don't know that rivalry vehicle rader would have done with Jack Lambert's team make the middle linebacker Steelers. The next time he crosses safety particular form to grow. You want about even as far right play well now with what took a cheap shot for you to get. The players didn't wanna know what Sean and David are you okay you open your heart rate of course when they got to close. Who would tumble ones who was good at what I mean you know what they had to adapt career a lot of guys eat more picture stand out title. In your screen shot and you voted to shout and that was what used to be quite now you finally got Cooper you're making. In the locker room before the game so you can eat you can protect your players so yeah I'm a little shock. The people didn't come to the rescue. I don't care describes how you're Superman when that happens there's an open twelve Dallas on the grounds out into and quite frankly I don't incurred a big ball. That's how you protect your teenager quarterback to eclipse your doom that. That's once again I want him. On that as far as the quality of listen I like it my all my BS sports television show shameless quote 5 of 7 eastern every day on PB. All of your cable's out the shots operational but are well all right we'll wrap this show on every single day. And Michael the rap on me yes they could they be forced about one it seems to be announced I was chicken week. I wrap on myself yes there's been no one it was bad enough we give Florida got a unified on the field that are based in states where they can hit during the action. And make it one game at some none yet a guy who I am down nose down no protection. It is in order talk about defenseless player and a guy takes us can you are running start premeditated. And I'd let the guys had in order to give him one game. Part of this seriously cowardice of the air and hope they're great picked up the gronkowski and you're the Pittsburgh steeler game. I promise you and I played a ball or protect it well how about physical health other quarterbacks are to protect it. I think what we eat it young quarterback and blow and that's why Christian you can look to post go call penalties on any sense yet of which was a blatant cheap shot or try to put that in conscience support look over their notes just didn't 265. I didn't unload got a guy. Nobody comes into this sport given him one game. Are you getting so dark. I would slaughtered as a college football vehicle or fail low post football and cook but whoever this could be a dirty player the talker all that and so maybe that came into. The corporation can't suspend the guys from one game. Of course there were put economic died during the clay they're saying look guys who play was over and you can get even see you coming. I got hockey player take their pick up about it because there at the what does that say about your commodity is can't do that. And so I think this week I think he got off easy and it's very important players in their wallet. Or taken away what they love the duke playing. Work is rewarded their good car count its patent sport games. They'll they'll think twice about the next Time Warner. What it's about is this a cheap shot you got to let your opponent yet of what did not walk into this this new that they at all let's go back. That is and then lastly for let's go so we appreciate you join us as always. What was the point. Of bitching Eli Manning for big Mac you obviously cost him his job but I mean. He. You know how difficult it is to to have that three to have it snapped basically. For no reason I mean what was the point. I mean why are there was no point column I called the guy confessed he'd give it to sender of I confess it's somebody else's fault. They're back who have already going to be let go you know a life of America what how this moved back and Mac if I mean that their their support because I believe great. Quarterbacks in the in the middle and coaches who meters. They they believe people and they managed things I don't believe great leaders manage people in managed paths. The Mac it took me to believe that we can't run his own notes let alone run a football people great and he was decent exit broke as an assistant. But he lost steam along time ago and to go let's let's actually lie and then all the side effects and hurt. He knows that we don't you know what they're edited out bitching for Davis web so we wouldn't be a young guy. But the tickle your streak which the ability of Soviet life and the man Stanley in the NFL. I've been unbelievable we don't do their oil in the two bad things you know are portable that Eli got home. It was a weak job. It was of course a great job. It was look well Singaporean job and then back there ought to be ashamed of themselves for what he could not only just begun and I always thought about it that sprouts. Let's understand me that's in horrible. Also received the best player Beth Cooper there heard everywhere that you don't run the football they're what was it like banged up it's sort of political that would permit the heart and soul of this franchise. We're well fifteen years okay about what goes sits you down but insisting order restored you know they're. What kind of going to pay won't say patent. Well the pitcher got an idea of some sort shots Ellsbury really unthinkable happened. Talk about all of from the thousand paper the other house so great things here at Eli Manning Alipay were about. About it was we and then market while the two guys get fired but they're Mac doesn't deserve to be better coached. For the New York Giants he no longer news. Glass Lewis John Maine and we appreciate the time is always are sort of the best man they can bring it. It's not only does he decided to capacity and go vigorously go almost yeah somebody's gonna call me coach or quarterback. We'll find the best quarterback in the SEC a midterm is good or you're just I promise you saw all the talk these guys yeah. Love it they shouted parishioners aren't here British pounds does very volunteer match on unfilled third. You can list them from three to seven on SB nation ready I'm a fan of sound cellular both because he brings it man mom and I agree I adjusted. I mean you snack you snapped Eli Manning street just for the sake snapping it. You know to see geno Smith jarrah who we all know. I was not content to see it in the you know what a sad thing is they almost one video and they nearly beat the raiders I mean it was close. So yet outbid by go to one of Eli Manning was quarterback I'll be honest I like I like the united Jacksonville. Yeah I think its patent to Denver down really do they've got everything they're set up for the next few years of bad run game that defense. If you go there landfill that Coughlin down into your ideas he has perfect significant delegate they got a visible contender. I can we come back Lorenzen Wright's mother Debra Maier is gonna join us we will talk to her about we Saturday was like yesterday into the fruit dish what's next we are out here it's dash home. We're collecting Toys for Tots relied south. 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On the 82 million fans ESPN. I don't bat Jayson the John that is true nine FF ESPN. As you guys know it was a very dramatic day yesterday. When police made an arrest in the Lorenzen Wright murder his mother is here Debra are you. I'm wonderful today. To database they get into my whole life. So I guess kind of take me through what happened where where you when you got the call. Actually out there on my way to the doctors back located coach layer spoken I was going to a doctor immediately have sat. And our debt then of course appeal comedy first and pitch out to recall. In AF leave China painting have you heard their rhetoric ad good murder just filed acknowledge the crowd some manner so I call. He's big let me call you back and I waited about twenty mid fifty closes in the college decades say years Islamic Billy paradox. We erected on this one I want to achieve impartial but era about elected beat me to. Wow so they told you it was Billy turner I guess I don't know what what you know yet but. Had have been have you heard that name before today in net. Never in my life never. I know my will gladly. East along along the Kamal on basically mama catered animal brain lobotomy trash from the duty bound athlete council committee had to be as. Our landscape in theaters I was like oh we'll see this Sunday we knew when I got home that he had a landscape that these. What do yet there was there was a report now that he was Lauren in the race and long guy. Oh okay what's the best guess a conviction that we get a dollar Kurdish. That's the only connection that we know of right now what have police sort of told you in terms of details of what's coming next. I left and they've. It based auto create. That is not over yet he. Because they still there's still obviously a trial and and they're still they want more have them at they they want more details they probably still need calls right. Yes indeed yes and being so. Was today I mean because because when I obviously when I see the news my first thought is is you because you we will we talk to you before and we had John when they found the murder weapon and you know we won't we were we prayed for your peace and that some day. This day would come what was sort of the feeling. When you heard. But they admitted ISI. I just couldn't believe the carpet got act didn't work when he gets showed me it's going to be before Christmas but I never have started at each. The deal could be a. Right so he said it he said it you knew it was coming right. But I know I'll be right and did you think that wind. They found the murder weapon I mean there was a film like all right so this is finally it after so many years this is the first step. Ethel that's how the candidate they were somebody it would try to give me discard the copper hit only the guard but I got how wasn't gonna have on any indication so they got to get killed. Yeah solves itself as a god I want that back fast and I had to carry it no problem particularly Chatham. Exactly how many how many phone calls and text measures have you got I haven't even return and on and it caught my whole call. Loudon but it is it is it if you would is it is it he's like it I know there's still an entire trial that has to play out in any conviction and obviously and everything like that but. I mean after so many years of Nolan absolutely nothing it is it is it peace today. Our machine they get me all now won't go when you have art I have worked there I would never wanna get my actually it is now we had a special ops did not gonna give. But just I guess I guess just knowing something about who could be today and it must idiot sort of make you feel a little bit better about everything back. Well I tell you why ms. Deborah it is always been a pleasure and and we have we have been pullen for some breaks in this case and I hope that. You and your family get the justice in the closure that you guys so very well deserved. A year Serb I thank you for ahead of me now I want gridlock are like Abby and won't let it airs every year I want great. He. Well okay so we'll like I guess before we let you go what what would you what part of his story would you like Ted to share with the city of Memphis today right now. I won't work yeah that you know people have been no wind and somebody elected via their vote would be career. It was a more apt to listen more people that it will we get this picked up to get that he left out. I caused had this vision not this should never like at work out period yes but nobody can complain about double what a lot of our. Absolutely well we will allow we will catch up with you as more details come out miss Deborah thank you so much for the time as always. I'll write it thank you. Are we would talk to you later that is of course Deborah variant. The mother so Lorenzen Wright. Just so happy for her in the sense that this she's got something now that you can. Am black a better way of saying that she can hang around them some hope you know that this thing's coming to an end. You know talk about her. And and I had mentioned sent her in Marines it's certainly but the prince's father of her bright who. Had even been able talk about this and Don Winn brought it up or herbs and so much for the city for us and asked if he's counseled me to see these kids it's crazy right. Any treats every kid's league coaches. Unlike his son arm and I remember. Because I had an assignment from the commercial appeal. It'd been a year since Lorenzen had been it'd been some times that surrounds it have been murdered. And our charge at the commercial appeal her bright was coach and to teach him was to go to woman and ask him. You don't know where US with things you know how are you feeling right now you'd you know doping still don't have any closure with the with the bring them in what are you feelings. And her rhetoric in a wheelchair has been for a prolonged concert so I got down on a need to talk to a and he told me that Jason I hope we'll talk about my son's death a home but what I can tell you have been heard and and that's the thing about baggy from doing what we do news. We're we're sort of a vessel in some instances in the sense that you could you could if I could cut. Herb Wright's pain with a knife and they I could feel it all over me and so for that family today for Deborah. For some of the for them to be feeling some hope that this things aren't going to come to an end some closure. Really really happy for those folks in the emotional thing and I'm really happy for their family and hopefully again mrs. Still going to be a trial but hopefully they get to its enclosure that I think that's yeah that's that's that's who so. Appreciate never married for joining us. It nickname given us a few minutes to an unknown will what is a very crazy time. For her. All right we're gonna come back we're gonna talk to Gary Pearce at 125 over out here at stats lazy and dumb I don't know if you've heard. Does everybody heard the word stash them today they're they've heard and it comes out in favor. Thank you to the people with a formal. How necessary because it's always been that they thank you to the folks tomorrow someone's brought a basketball goal that they did so now they cannot doc it is a it is a played a basketball go. Yes so well we've got archive the toy I sign it and yet we are so excited other people have come by and and responded honestly think he'll eleven under five Ridgway road to be here you've about given.