Jason & John Show, Wed., Dec. 6, 2017, Hour 1 (w/Mike Norvell in Seg 2)

Jason & John
Wednesday, December 6th

Seg 1:  Jason & John discuss Mike Norvell and more LIVE FROM TOY TRUCK AT STASH

Seg 2:  Mike Norvell, Memphis Head Football Coach, joined Jason & John to discuss his new contract and the AutoZone Liberty Bowl

Seg 3:  Jason & John discuss Tiger basketball/Samford game/Tubby  (continued in Hour 2)


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As beautiful or ugly Christmas sweater I don't think it's ugly heads that hey I realized that I did an ugly sweater and I feel like that's. That's a gross mixed mischaracterization I think it's actually very nicely tell them why we're in the Christmas spirit today John well we are here at stash home. And we are collecting Toys for Tots now I had I. Before you slip on talk and so today I said we are collecting tax. That would be child trafficking that we are not collecting tots we're collecting toys for tight discipline fish it is is frowned upon apparently. To collect top soccer match so we will not be doing that they'll bring them into you know we're not babysitters although I will do it for a flat feet. We are collecting toys. Bring your new and unwrapped toys right here to stash some. They don't have time to pick up to Kuwait. Bring some cash we'll take that happily as well we will and we will by the toy for you we've we've already sort of blown up the truck it's. It's hackers are he we've we've seen soccer balls Barbie dolls pop patrol trucks. Star Wars toys. A little bit and try to take solace to I think indeed he did this though. But they are so many kids out there and emphasize the mid south you obviously need all the help he get they need exactly need to waste. So come on out on your lunch break whenever. And done destruction Toys 'R' Us say hello get a picture you'll feel a lot better about yourself a promise solid related if you don't will make you feel good about it and why you're here you're committed to win a 500. Dollar shopping expert. From staff so like there's so much incentive. I mean if you can't quantify. The war. Thank you gift with dropping off a toy for less fortunate child you can actually win a 500 target car right here it steps up we'll quickly. I Carson's studio. Yeah anticipated but Gloria they are you so much for that applause is now while we do this Brad but they cute. I really quickly one effect party concepts Martell movers generals. Door pro. And the official slate of the toy truck tried chuckle and several as well Amazon for everybody who helped make this possible are. Today on the show it show today. Mike Rabelo. Who is your University of Memphis football coach I wanna be sharp when it makes are not too loud because. You know we're remote and in 2000 CU it would I would be so loud he's screaming right now Obermeyer Novell's gonna join us now try to contain my excitement. When he joins us and we're all excited about all it's a great day it's a great dates that she's not a one you know him saying. She's got a one that's what Ali sap bought a house in Memphis might evolve on a house and that is you bought a house in Raleigh. Don't say I'm probably is an episode she's dropped choose any other does this subdivision of Memphis. My Novell certainly I was actually like this I was at a baby shower. A last Friday on his street. I heard a club I learned Monday getting close to being this far and not but I'll tell you that's those are some big house's stop at the and he'll be able to buy even bigger when you make that addition yeah no question about it with the new contracts will talk to my doorbell. At 1125. At all putting fiber to talk to silence I was there you know Sean Salisbury Foreman of a quarterback former ESPN personality now he does. A national radio show from three to seven on SB nation radio he's got some thoughts on the Tennessee coaching search which. I don't know may be coming to a close Sunday leaving open wheel. I think Christmas is the party's state right now but if 2023 months of feels like gasoline we'll talk to Sean Salisbury. That's what we thought about about that about a minute fell. Let's get to within the 1245 Deborah Marion is gonna join the show and Deborah Marion of course you might remember joined us. About a month ago he she is the mother of our Marines and right who obviously was murdered seven years ago and and yesterday if you pay attention. There's a big development in the case because Memphis police. And in the in the game unit arrested and restive Billy turner. In connection with Lorenzen Wright's murder so. Not sure I'd ever sought thought I'd see that day I'm totally with you it was. Got caught up in the united said its justice and it's not justice but I. I do think it at least is some some piece for Debra but I let her answer that. She would join us at 1245 that it went 35 or to talk to a man. Are we talked to every single Wednesday. Who is is giving in his generous with his time this is as anyone and that scared pairs who covers college basketball. For CBS sports as a big home to a bullets he does live in a big home but it's in Hernando. I was just not that. As impressive you rise the Memphis metro under I'm sorry it's just not without their taxes are high as ours yet been felt so I gotta tell you I'm less impressed with Abu we will talk to get repairs. At 125. So a big showed today again we're gonna be out at stash home. 1195 Ritalin out come on out sale of Jason. Tell how much eleven tell how great he is how old do how he's the best interviewer on the station how heated how you don't know how he deals with me on a daily basis like his command tellem all those things. All right so will be here a collecting toys until 2 PM. It's up big news yesterday might Novell signed the extension. And I I've brought to you a week ago are so I said I feel a little bit more optimistic about it. Then Arkansas does not get consumed Gus miles on him and they announced are known waiver little bit well we all do it. It didn't really need wavering because micro bill signed the extension yesterday posted on Twitter he broke his own news I can respect that like he put it on Twitter with Tom Bowen tumble was looking good man and it sucks when he had a taxi was he was dressed to the nines as they say I like the beer collectively look on songs I. I can't tell yet. Always unfair. Well it looks like he's kind of stressed out like it you know I don't kind of just let let yourself go a little bit a memo. I'm a fan of everything tumble is on the Volvo Saab when I see the unlike the you don't see a lot of athletic directors and beards and enemy. I'm a world to just over pages on our collective yeah so anyway it's our beard no beard they got a contract done Mike Nobel is gonna be University of Memphis football coach for the foreseeable future and just that's the difference on on on its own thing it's a great thing right it's it's it's a Memphis football coach and I know people are gonna say well there's this that the other that came up. It was Memphis football coach staving off the power five you just stay at Memphis spirit that's what happened to love a Memphis it says a lot a lot about mrs. Ability right now to be able do that look at him we talk about we'll talk about it over and over your head strap this. This athletic is that at the department is from a financial standpoint. And and it's just the nature of the thing we outside the power file so it's tougher it's tough for them as you've got to work harder you've got to be a dollar million dollar fifteen cents a alarmed I don't know that finally I really love that that's that's what road in what bowling those guys have been doing over there now for years yeah if you try your you're trying to keep up with the Jones's right but your plan. With a different deck of cards and so it's amazing that you're able to make him the highest paid coach outside the power box is a lot about Memphis right now you've got a bass while coast it's getting an average of three million. What are given free will widget that 3.2 50 the final three years of that do you have now you're paying your football coach the most outside the yeah I did it. A salute a gimmick because I've decided enough. To be donors and boosters who put that thing together and into the guys that are doing it mold and rodent all the the phone raises of their. It's amazing you're able to get this done you know Jack this amazing every time there's a toaster something now you know attempt to say write what. Dearly dearly. About Ronald this dude that loves and deleted a lot of blood libel suit say that this is it just seems like something that she would say he'll surround Iran. They're what they're all over people about that I'll realize they love their protecting their daily Dillard why do you think they've people of last on the delete an excellent yeah. It's kind of fun to say because the commercial daily daily. Yes Mike ravel is you are Memphis football coach and and and after that happened shortly after that. Extension was announced and I got a text message. From a division with a walk us all out but yet you guys are gonna bust a Muslim who said. It's the fifth but I think in the aids efforts up and different ones left. I got a text from a division one football coach you do you do not want the job but instead said. Memphis is a football school. And and people need to understand that. And that's been a popular thing the people of said on Twitter over the last two years. I think sarcastically. And I don't know I I almost all of business I don't know I don't like to entertain the conversation. But I feel like we have gotten so like we have jumped the shark so much in Memphis over the last two years because one program has like. Risen and one program has sunken. That I feel like we suggest this because I was always call can today and he asked me is meant as a football or basketball school. What do you think the answer is Jason LSU. Answers a basketball school. Is that your answer the answer is indeed a basketball school he's not available room and it cannot be affable school. Until that power by a conference pretty simple if Mitt this was in a power five conference. I think you can legitimately and in realistically in reasonably make a decision. I'm not that you have to make a decision I guess at that point right like you just get all the money I used to like thirty million dollars in India and you want to be you know people like global if not you know Rick Pitino wasn't. Go and in you know restaurant Booth and and and then paying players we don't you know that's it there they're both were a little basketball mobile football so it happens at tons of programs. Across the country. But because of it is and is not a power five like it does feel like sort of yet to choose one or the other I don't necessarily believe that but there are some who do. Well from what we we know what works from a financial standpoint we've seen what works yet exactly hopeful Balkan war look it's it's tough when you're outside of Arafat brave souls and look at the attendance they have this year and it's still tough it's that you're not making money so okay you're getting back making a killing with the weight and look at how successful use some power five schools don't make money off Obama. The reason it's about small schools because Memphis found the equation works here is basketball when it's rolling. If it it's a money count exactly. Like you can like you you used to basically have to give your first born wolf like they used to have they used to collect thoughts for season tickets. Let used to have to offer up your time. To get to get us you know to get season tickets for basketball when dark out very with the coach you know even in the beginning you know even if I guess the first have a Josh and you know late. And the reason why he's the reason why you know X school as a basketball or football school is because strictly financials. And and where the financial gain and we're in and where the ceiling is like I am just as happy about the success of and its football. Is anybody I'm just as happy as anybody else that Heidi happy to be a football school if we work we are not. Rightly that I like is the case with Alex looked looked like boom mic this football has been more successful the last two years and so like we'll put this thing it's a global Scoble that's recent C buys it's not correct it doesn't make it so now. Look what's been your best book coach you Barrymore and the book which is still do at this point looks look at it and what Memphis was able to raise the money for first. The deep basketball practice around exactly correct and listen in all fairness you update it if you're even all of it on that Memphis football side right now dealt and you look at what's happening with basketball OK there it let's that is before the contract extension but you look for you gotta get right to do that are limited -- really -- -- you guys book facility for for them to be Mercer by two to beat Stanford by to get that may not be the word because certainly you would understand the situation of frustration yeah I would get that anywhere where's our parts facility where the ones that roll and that's as that's the reacts to be able to pay like this into paying your assistance this shows. Do work with you two yet to my point six million dollars shows were with you more when they get Larry gets 200000 dollars more recesses are all about gonna have to build a higher attend the system so it won't be is that as an artist in Maine just right you know we go you know what we've been about a remarkable things hazard did you help did you notice that you I don't know. Strategist at freebies that's a tribute but I mean I bought some tickets on l'Alma with a Black Friday right. Now to have a guy who's a young and health at all well I was gonna say I have I have I was gonna say with the program every day out what are you don't know what your actual dollar jolly good Monday got I always knew when I was gonna run up I did up off our and we bought tickets for one day and I feel like I contributed just from my point where this is I don't think you can say enough because of where you are because you're outside the Arafat what you're doing the you cannot say thank you enough of big enough thank you do the donors the people are paying this money to do yeah like you like or not because you're riding on them right well you have backbone right now absolutely and that's another conversation that we'll have. No later this hour on the basketball obviously after after it wasn't win last I know I didn't feel like it but it wasn't win last night. Against Sanford that was without their best player it was it was I was nervous I was very nervous about that and Mercer was about as best player. He was it's effective that is their business and its big man but that was it as a leading scorer right without however I think Demetris was literally scored exercise and the governor about a sailor was missing when it cuts on motors to your point Sanford has lost to Jacksonville State about 31 John correct annals of death stroll yesterday informal talk about the evidently I I honestly like like Jeff said that global as a football school what's not are you crazy. Are you insane because global has had one really awesome quarterback come through the last two years they're Elvis than a football school. Oh they're basketball school who got lucky that no power by Thomson now they get power from mice they have makes competitive. Football program as well as a great battle on Jeff that's OK and national titles in basketball and don't be don't be ridiculous like Memphis is a basketball school because they can that they can achieve more. In basketball like as long as there in in the group of five like that is just gonna be the case. And serve inning and that's not a bad acting like I think that does it honestly I think what this does do. Is it brings to this football to a point where you can expect them to be bowl eligible. Or better basically. Every year exactly why not exactly you know. Pleasure blues chart that kind of bad news for in terms of a coach you've got one right now got a leg you got to think about like the future here because now I mean Mike will be here as long as Mike is here and we appreciate might be in here and you've you've got to feel good about that the recruiting is gonna say at a high level. But for the for the for the five years down the line continues down linemen hmm you don't think there's a high assistant coordinate us to coach her off it's according right now or maybe even a sitting head coach somewhere you know that looks at Memphis. It says oh my god they just paid might have a two point six million dollars they just may might over the highest paid coach in the five like the effect on that will be greater than anything else the two teams on the field in my opinion why do you think Tim Spencer. So itself from us on a ton of money right he's a pretty good situation in Texas Tech real cushion just by the tournament because the money in depth and that's as a lot now you're able to do than football. Exactly so it was it was honestly I mean and again another naysayers who have their reasons why people won't mention these unsubstantiated red flags. I'm waiting for the the the big Pete Hamel report on that in my thumb but it was a it was a terrific day for the University of Memphis and for that athletic department who lets be honest take some beating some of us of them some of them. Big administered by us because what's happened on the basketball side. But you cannot deny about that he can and you cannot deny the transformation that's taken place hustle over there that's who have absolute hostile deaths so. Was it was a very good day for the University of Memphis yesterday as they locked up Mike ravel. With the contradictions it's gonna pay him thirteen million dollars over the next five years go tigers play the drop dead away you're here. I'll do before you go back out tiger's impact your. Are we come back and talk to the man responsible for those who have various elements his name is Mike ravel. He will come on the show next we are here at stash 1195. Ridge way you Rhode bring some poise out. 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Get that old fashioned barber shop trade with today's bird deal alfalfa club cut in men's facial at roosters men's grooming senator get yours and get my birth dot com all right Kevin craft and we need is a vote. You have to give our parent don't talk. Simple don't really got nothing. Oh yeah. I don't. What's your I bookmark on your parents are able to. My old Buddy Holly yeah. It's important yeah I don't pull your team. Back to a very special Jason Jones show broadcast live from stats show. Art in Ridgeway for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots drive. Toys and donations this reloaded Jason and Jon from. And today lives on an 82 night event. I we're back Jason is done it's united and he. His name. My belly is the. Extension. University of Memphis is a busy man today the crowd got a little bit of time for us now coach how are you. And Dylan great to just. Out on the road recruiting trying to bring and become more tigers. Are you the happy is made in Memphis today. Tell you why and I can't stop marlin and down regular shift. It's an exciting time and though we we know the future it's pride it's it's just make the commitment from. And the university. You also support from the community. You everybody involved on our players are excited culture excited where we're looking forward to a it ought to kick off in the liberty all it does continue to progress here or a chore for the future. It's it. But everything I've read in the by having a hard it sounds like I mean this was just a pretty straightforward process you know between you and an athletic director Tom Bowen you know you guys know. You both you don't need each other and there's a good relationship there he was at a pretty. Upfront straightforward process just getting this deal done and remain with school. Stabilize and tell you we obviously moved to go public this year ship came you know Tom in week. He dealt with what the are represented as fact that I get throughout this negotiating process but. Well when the game was over with you know we had just quick trip scheduled to New York for the foundation better. Yes Tom Tom and media are diablo well look good on the plane itself. Uh oh Turkey night grand. I really think about everything and down on poker you all we got older I guess there. Take a call for a look at this deal done. Mike Mike what's this say coach about about what the university's investing in football army people have the conversation today and it's a fair conversation whether or not this is a football school whats this say about what they're investing. In football that athletic approach that prop department. You know I don't think it's a competition for what type of school we are I think I think it's a compliment to what kind athletic program we have. You know I've got a great basketball program I got a great football program that's a lot of the other direction. Been more supportive of every sport that we have you everybody's competing to try to achieve the highest level but to make the commitment that. That the universe is made your doctor wrote the board of trustees. Obviously what Tom's doing better in a leadership role of added that it's a great compliment to us to where we're going and tell you we know we have to compete at a high level. Everything we do we truly represented is this community and our at all or are you perceive a first class and average. They hit that's what that's what would wanna be international I think I think when you see what we were able to do in the championship game enrolled in an older. You excitement does the cold we receipt nationwide people seem to crusher or football program. URO of course by the numbers now the highest paid coach. In the group of five in in for anybody that's followed Memphis. For any length of time the idea that their coach of the highest paid group of five is. Pretty pretty amazing when you consider it. Is there any reason why Mitt this can't be the top job in the group of five annually now. That's actually one of the NFL we're gonna continue to push pitch or try to look. To accomplish and Dario are a lot of hard work that's going to it and I think I think we've been able to recruit at a high level. Proxies. I thought classes school district and our first few years ago this year we will go to the smaller class I don't know the. The rankings then and all those things but got nowhere I know we're we're competing against power plus schools are destroyed every kid that we're going after and so that's. That's what you that's what you wanna build a data continue to enhance that tell that you happen. Your guys we we played a lot of a lot of young guys within our program at 35 freshmen over the last two years. You know we were gonna return. 828 guys on defense seven guys on offense and our starters so. Always good elite you know we're gonna be losing some some great some great senior leaders we think the culture has been established and we're gonna continue to build off of us. Not excited I think you know the idea that you know your name your name came up. For many jobs at their power five jobs. And the idea that you know Memphis was able to retain your I think is is it is a tremendous day for for this university and if that athletic department we have not had a chance coast to talk to you since that the tidbits of day we were all Liasson. I was actually at the Liberty Bowl with the city of Memphis watching the game from the field it was amazing have you ever been apart of of a more emotional game than that one. Now and don't taking years off my life I think that was really the character from the ocean slightly less well I tell you those there are kids they unit battled and we do have a great challenge now that wonderful football team we're playing against let's say your guys are once again responded in every situation and yeah Alice's you know unfortunately came up you'll play short and you know which is. At the end of the day were ya think I think our guys went out there and did they left everything they had on the shields. You know look comments please see effort for getting the job done but done at all our football team he battled. Yeah I was curious might what you told your guys afterward I know that some of that's private but you've got. I imagine if it had to be emotional. There it was in our you know our guys DNA. And we will go on until the wind and say not swear that that we that we didn't quitting get the job done but I house Prada hall the older excited. You know yeah there's been a lot of work adage that has been put it to get this team. You we still have an opportunity to do something here in the bogey all in the no team's ever done here that's what eleven games. To be the first team ever present at Memphis you here at the Liberty Bowl you know to get one more opportunity at our home stadium it's it's pretty splash. Yet men obviously I know anti Miller was I believe of their New York which you her for several different awards as he was up four. Leaving it on the field is is a cliche that you hear a lot in not in football but I think in the case of anything like it it really did feel like in that title gains relief for his career. He left it in almost field. What is his legacy going to be at the university medicine and and how would you sort of remember. Everything he meant to take you know you're coaching career and in helping get it off the ground. Not many edit everything hazing is one of the greatest players ever. You've played a game at that university of all of this you know it's not just practice. Which you see on the field and so. It buying into the culture of of going to hurting every shaky this is the hardest I've ever better out there you played practices the way you train. I don't buy that that he can that he brings to the practice field. And making sure that we're maximizing preparation. It is eighty justified armor all young man and you know I could face thank you take did have a fountain of yet we try to do every day because. You know when you have here we want your best players that that are that approaches that respects the game so low bullet he does. It's pretty special and I do it's it's helping you help build a lot of our younger players I think it was an area where he grew. And here in his senior year just really taken time go to bring a little freshman and saw or so we had to show them how would each step. To get done and yeah he's gonna legally order for life. Now he and they he had those other scenes of got one more to coach while extremely excited about that the AutoZone liberty both how much you looking forward to this matter how tough a matchup is this coach without us they they played some of the big boys and knock them off. Well it did say it's a great match up you know you sit there and you look at success saint Patrick sees that yet ever. You know the sport that's so cheap coaches and coaching staff at country yet retain its that highly right that throughout the year yet they went to. Choke off I was able able to dot oh upset you know you don't you think. Each seat throughout the year. They also beat TCU on the date they they've done incredible things and so I couldn't take it gonna take or or or bad games stood to personal opposition to. To be successful but don't you were excited about the challenge. You lose one once things we talked about that that's a big number saying you're out on the road right now what's so what are the needs coach some of the needs generally just. We're traveling road looking for. You know we've we've been over addressed slaughter they necessarily you know it's huge as Turkey could have a lot actually you don't guys have been able to. To take to get sometime soon to be able to occur Luxembourg. So some quality minutes so what you really were looking for forgot to come it'll kill contagion immediate impact. Well Rick regardless of position and I etc. but the great thing to have that we where we are but. We are livid about amber of of scholarships so we do have available so. It's kinder country get tight on we'd be very selective but you know it's it's it's also an exciting time with the governor announced the extension that. You know candidate to have this thing message local recruits you know to. You know a shell for coaching staff you know we we believe police that they are that the university amount is is a great fit for us and what we're doing now we're we're top crash. That's what we're asking those those young men that we're going to rafter is a lot of them have books. I have offers from. From well you know great schools in and then try to programs and great traditions but it's always about the local always awkward topics which are shocked our position. Were you fit and you feel learn that you OP showcase at a high level. And that's that's what we're looking for the ocean but that are prepared look after the special opportunity aware at all about that same. No doubt you're didn't showcase their new guys are ABC late three times a year south you definitely didn't showcase of the university as a coach you know the nature this thing now that. You're gonna be back in the fold travelers are certainly turning their attention to next year you bring him back so many. Weapons offensively but you will obviously have to replace really good quarterback. In Riley Ferguson in terms of you know the surveying what's out there. How do you a valuation the quarterback position going into next season do you think the next quarterback is on the roster are you gonna add one more just for the nature that they know the sake of competition. How would you sort of sum up that position battle. You know we've got great guys here on campus and I don't get some guys that I didn't put down there were always were always look at all I tell us. Young young and all the time and they they're the one position we're always felt fine competition at. Be quarterback can't did we get we oversight and they're real resign but. You know we're we're always looking for the for the best. Is the best opportunity we delegates say it's a position that's got to be showcase that. Also some they've got a competent and earn that job that just like Riley did. Oh what AJ they had a couple of years ago what we that's good that's going to be dark jeans and try to teach the guys that we have here are the guys we bring you can't and so what we're we're excited about it. You don't those guys are looking forward to speak to the competition. Nevada battle coach congratulations. And thank you for make it Memphis home. Approved for further for the hall here we appreciate it we'll talk to save for the time coach. Who does appreciate them on a go tigers. He would lose my doorbell going to be around for a little while longer deserve so always good to catch up with your that this football coach. Mike Norville was that was an awesome day yesterday. That he get it done here long term. But the university has ever come back we have to talk about that. Win. It was a win wasn't. It was a win yes it was it was a women's athletics Mormaset possible comeback talk about that when we get back Jason Domenici and offend ESP. Is he has proud to announce we've been selected as the official radios and since I was taking the Autozone Liberty Bowl December 30 broadcast in new game on 99 of them and see thing. Near I 99 had been ESPN has no business home for the BCS national championship series. Casting and tell yourself away as Tennessee and north Mississippi on 688 am this year's Memphis in sports station 929 FM. ESPN. Dot. They're easier to help make your celebrations and racism traditional flavors. Favors those savor. It's truly special. Happy holidays from Kroger enjoy fresh dairy farm whole friars were 88 cents a pound and only crisper. A 170. Also tied traffic on the freeways or parking lot Syrians and you'll be late for work as a Staal car creates its. Poor guy time. You've got the protection Ajinomoto over the which I think he made to last all change right. Yes it is your car stalled in the middle rush don't know if you've done your part to lubricate jet engine in the cause the capitalism be proud Todd. A good thing and personal podcast now yes time you burn. Ajinomoto over the with a titanium is what we're made of this the Kendall Motorola dot com Newman. For all your good. 1800 no's win. Reynolds and. All but two of those special Jason Jones show broadcast live from stash home near bargain Ridgway for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots drive and buy your toys and donations and say hello Jason and Jon from eleven to 2 PM today lives on an 829 FO ME SPN here. Gurus located over 56 man and a number around that's where every day you can go get the best swings in town from daily Richmond. Miller returns the former tiger he's what type of basketball for John cal Perry. He's now sort of the best when the town with the best premium flavors yes you know mother on the dollar swatch of spicy taco. And that is dry heat is award winner honey suicidal when I get every time lets you look. He's got a new. Premium flavored John you got did you know that the disease and I'm I'm around the flavor. The battle worn and he's got some air force today we're gonna try more happier stash Romans who served from eleven to two poor collecting toys and Toys for Tots book of the midsouth. And really been kind enough to deliver some of those wings John it's got the not once labeled it a videotape says let you know that you guys right now can go to 56 earned on mount Mariah. Go get some of those best swings of town new location opening up and Bartlett very soon. I'll keep you posted on that right now plus for the tiger to my guide to the rich and Jason Spencer chief Billy thank you for the wings well. Thank you for the wings brother. I we have gone 42 minutes approximately. Again we are here I guess I guess we should just say this every time we come back. We are at stash home yes we should into do and a toy truck drive here partner with the Marine Corps and and we're collecting Toys for Tots. For the kids of the midsouth so. If you're in the area and if you're not bring bring a toy by unwrapped new. And let's pull up this truck so that we can make us so many Christmas is across the mid south. Because as we know they're somebody like kids that need really quickly wanna think party concepts. My town movers. United Reynolds nor pro and the officials slave of the toy truck drives Chuck Cook and several Al Assad aides did it Doyle. For everything he's done in coordinating whatever what a special event when it's been a great job and thank you guys I don't know about carriage drive and a phrase I don't know if I would prefer. Inside for a former special event last night however. The Memphis did standoff. The Sanford bulldogs. Who dropped to two point seven not Sanford now and that's it out of Stanford it's Stanford do two things Stanford. Is solid program a and B they are the Stanford Cardinal. And not there were some who confused. That game with with the Stanford Cardinal. I was downstairs card. It was the same for blows and there was a time where it looked as though the University of Memphis would lose the game now we have to say. They won Jason to make sure you say that is two straight games that felt like losses that were actually wins on the the people and I hope the information they hear that if they want in the conduct was just it's just that it's just the facts of the matter they won the game. On a on a game winning three point play. From freshman to bonds are eligible to follow him on an attitude when he committed and I'm not you did and we had we had him and his dad on and sound the same day. And we both came away very impressed with just two months yeah he's a broadcast journalism major you know that I did not know yet how about that that a little news on yeah. He's a broadcast journalism major at University of Memphis we gotta get him on then I was kind of gone now army might like to have some producing not a hit whoever get mark. I think it intern guys. He in turn when did like a day and a one and one day intern she's a 929. Jamal Johnson I'm pretty sure was Jamal yeah we have one of the players over here to do like a one days I was that was my part subpar call okay sorry big guy and I thought I'd get all the roster and these are soaring yet now it's okay Jamal zone much more important work anywhere landslide winning that game down by pulling victory from the jaws of defeat Arafat but it was over they were damn awful with just seconds left in the looked like. That Memphis had finally played with fire too long you know what I'm saying that audited by our last time you still feel like that's the case. On this team that amazingly enough. Has managed to fall behind very bad teams by double digits in the first half of what about five to six games I think New Orleans is the only game a deduction of some it's an amazing thing that they've been so consistent that it. On the and that Tubby Smith continues to roll out the same starting lineup doesn't look like there's been any Jesse nice talk explaining to change. He's talked about making change hasn't made yet they continue to get off to display same slow starts member of that with fizz yeah I yeah I was a similar they haven't been able to break out those slow start but what they have been able to do and here's the portion of the segment or we give them credit yet. They make adjustments in the second half they fight back like they're crazy and make a free can come back to win I thought that game was over tomorrow GR you know that the ball goes up tomorrow rivers shot goes off the backboard it's got to be tipped back even Davenport against the Jamal throw residents report play you when the game. Couldn't have been more improbable. But John I keep coming back to it shouldn't have come to the broad Jim digit Jeremiah marred by the way really quickly. I do want to confirm. For everybody that was confused I was not actually playing in the game last night what that sound I know it's a real nice when her well as I know plane. There was a moment in the game where David lotion who it is great to be graduating you're well on the call it does I assignments. We grew up all we shared it on that there was a moment when Jim Jeremiah Marin was helping bring the ball up the floor. And wallow I don't know why things up not that you like you have things the listener I don't know if he has or not but he said John Morton playing off the ball not even close to Jeremiah and you know what I tell I appreciated that it is because of you took his compliment that's a moment that I'll be able to tell my grand kids about this in a defining audio on your FaceBook yes put Obama face the demise of gravity and it was really got. I heard I thought I heard a lot has extended Julia yeah I did not do the exact same thing when my wife and I'll run up to the TV right before you texted me and said he said that massive and I'm whining as you were telomeres are herded to imitate art if you had been out there. East has got this thing. I promise you I wouldn't want it John is in the starting on a plane off the ball like lawless at last night east vacuum you I'll tell you have a chance injury problems have a chance that I was telling I'll tell you this I would be. Just the team would be if I was on the team it would be just as bad. They and infinitely more entertaining plea that I can that I can assure. Martin playing also. It was it was like it was you know that's that's I knew that we were in for strange nine amid. Look it is crazy but the outlook is disappointing that some of the song with a with a started with a 42 and you can order to digital games and the composite let's just keep building up the wins and not looking excuse me five into a not look at the writing on the wall. Or you can be concerned which I think we all are a but the one thing you can say John about the start that I had I've been to what it has been entertaining has it not play has been out and entertaining it's very bad to me I. I don't know if I would call entertain all it's been dramatic it is in its entertainment and these these winds have been dramatic like Jimmy Jeremiah Marten or John dependent on who you listen to. Threw the ball up at the into the game like this do about the cut down the nets at the final four any beat safer. Okay that and you know we talk so much about lowering the bar and what's happening at the university medicine. We when you throw the ball like you just won the national championship. You know that it's where we are Jones yeah over African different towns. A free and you know cardiac arrest win over Stanford and yeah like listen I think what to what becomes apparent. Is that this team is just not very good. And yes they are five and two principal credit goes to them for pulling out those wins but you know you now now I'm thinking about. Conference play. Yeah don't like dobbs tonight on you know it sure usually it now while it's competitive Jon men enjoy the basketball. Okay. Coble zoom out who is and enjoy the basketball while it's competitive as they are and what he's. James what lady's let's look at let's look if there's good what teams will they be a unique aren't involved is known as Erica what do passing lane okay they'll critically they should be tell you USF theory basically to line they will not sweet tour. He should TCU's fifth yeah okay both still there. Not fired her eyes tell they finally Mozee is he's he's coach I don't know if some general than you should sweep OK so. So today they will not be there we get swept by Cincinnati. Do you seventeens in the AC UCF and involved UCF will sweep Memphis that's a good chance of Tulsa police sweep. No you split warm solidly hopefully. But it's it's you did you could you could be a sweep it could be asleep but you'll say split. Two lane will you will use it to sweep you have to sweep as best we have to assume it will sweep you lose to temple. I think you're hosting it. No the only place unless I'm out for the better. They play UConn twice lose and you would like to say. That would be a split because UConn. There's not great and Kevin Ollie as we've talked about. And in that deuces split his checks was about as Napier because if you can have that national championship. That there was that you would not have a job right I'm a good point okay. But I will say split with UConn. There it could easily be a sweep it could easily be a sweet would you agree now. You know that you can be asleep yet they were you gone there will be sought a way of saying you know woman obviously it did your view of trying to fool yourself to try to be positive okay South Florida exit the talent on. Not it is going to be it's gonna be of its gonna be a rough go in conference South Florida as a win. Yes you can you can win one maybe two itself forward but like my the point is they're gonna lose a lot of gas conference they're going to lose a lot of games in conference and it's going to get worse look at. Last night. Let's be real here. That this thing was headed for disaster like I said they've been playing with fire you felt like that at last night they're gonna get burned and that bitch. That this was coming unglued. All right yeah and out of margin out of it's we when it happened to everybody wanted to get to that the minute jamario. Jeremiah they're going manager to Jamar Jamar Jamar has manager mark has not passed the ball is going to sound like what's wrong with this dude also I would never necessary to law just don't do the rest of the teams going nuts and I didn't text the entire time Terrmel all the bitch cats for error when they come out of game one of my point. This thing was about to come unglued with a lawsuit would have while they have these town right now John they are being held together with a straight. And that only string is bad is good wins bad wins. Over bad team they could be all right there could be three for a guy easily you can go you can say oh go win a good would a win is a good win any win is a good win right now so I just said let's stop. Sanford lost by 31 to Jacksonville State child in our right I'm Tony positive. I as a viewer because your TTP year there's trust the process that's still you still on that on the positive on the show you this tape. Man you know let them into. The OK so the one source of positively for me. Is really not about wins and losses this season or next season. It's about Jamal Johnson being possibly decent player your four I think nickel buries it is a good point I don't understand it tubby tubby played a wired up against northern Kentucky in the second half to win small yet nickel Berrian Johnson out there. And they were good. Nickel they're nickel there may very will be your best playmaker he's certainly the most natural playmaker for Jeremiah that's the list. He's still learning how to do that right he's not a natural point guard. Technical barriers so I don't understand why we haven't seen that lineup again that we saw gets on the Kentucky you keep rolled out the same starting lineup. Keep getting off to the same slow starts in these guys Jamal Johnson he's had to come off the bench and bail you out why not play I don't what she's Korean Bruton do. He's got these recent big Mac more territory for me what he does a lot of crime he does a lot of crime has a lot of elements whether it was weather was who. Excuse me whether it was joke or whether it was so. The director of basketball operations guys were coming off the bench when they were didn't pull they were pounding the coast revenue go to woman come on that and don't act out to explain what's all of us. What this all due may not a damn thing. He set up last night. He did. He did stand up so so so Bruins come cocaine in this it so brutal comes out again ready due 2000 out here because this is that this is what one of laboring over the because you reported. That Karine you heard from some items there between the same guy that I'm reading these text from right now exactly sitting and you don't have a mission behind there's a number but there's no contacts are can't tell you who the sources. And to you to either careened brood curse out Tubby Smith this is what you Jason Smith tweeted yeah and do you stand by that report as of 11:53 AM today men are triple checked him this morning my guy says yes I'm right there behind them on sit mind in the right behind the bench numbers again I'm reading mistakes and didn't play about play on the whole things even believe that's what it. Look I'm a little earlier Margie and I'll wait to Tubby Smith that's the game and ask them directly about it right what do you think of his pistol safety got her stuff. We'll say did the right I would I was I would imagine is that right now personality and what we're already there was Korean fruit and frustrated Korean group was frustrate you found out. Right he walks past Tobey he's cursing. An error that Giordano said that he was person at the rail for cursing about the ref whatever what we know is that he was cursing. Okay as he walks past Tubby Smith now you tell me how and anyway that's respectable you saw I walked and I went back and watch this OK because I went back and watch without a he walked past the entire bench right he sits down he's talking the entire term Saul Smith trust at all. Careen is still talking. It was a mess OK and that is what is factual it was a mess that he was cursing at you while Fast Eddie Smith now could mark got a triple down on this morning say. Yet duty when a person ritzy cars tubby. Okay could he could he'd been Carson the refs and my guy says as he was Burson tubby is there some. Some issue they're due yes what he saw was frustration he saw green brute Carson. And it's not a good look how they call if you go bald faced lie but he Tellme fake news last year he got I think I'm not worried about Tubby Smith a college a bald faced lie. I'm not whereabouts obviously many Tommy who was right last year. You were right last in I'm not as well yeah you were you so I don't want right there currently I don't wanna make this a personal thing because it's not I have I want Tubby Smith to succeed but when it but last year remember I've become all that story was a distraction that's part of the reason why we had such a bad season stopped it and they started planning on leaving it was factual okay. No one's trying to bring anyone down here what we see is a mess if I was just gonna sit here and cheerleader until everybody everything's okay. Well that the 1415 years of try to put into. But being a credible person on whether it's on sports whatever in this town down be thrown all that at the wind out the window ESP this is not a parcel tax. It's it's reporting on a mess and I will continue to do that why I appreciate that EE SPN is trying to make Memphis fans feel better because if you go to espn.com and look at the Mets tigers page they have the same for when his 64 to 32. That would have been really good that would have been you have noted in pop did you and obviously in that game offense was not clicking as well but. I mean you hold the team to thirty territories daddies that's topic at a conference defense outstanding portrayed as not actually what score was it was 6564. Taylor both spears doing the most coaching on the staff assault I think he's agonizing years alaskans get less charges and credit worth less today guys' ears and there during the game he's trying to coach Phillip hey remember he's not an assistant coach right there personnel got there are two options dysfunctional as Adam and his staff but there are two options. Catholic University of Memphis has actually this is embarrassing this is this these are the options one they can and they can they can go to tubby and say listen Bom we're moving on and and and they can reach a settlement agreement I'm sure or they can squeeze them. And they can say if you wanna continue to be the coach of the University of Memphis you got us unifier who you got to fire solve and you get a change of staff. And and and I think those are the two options don't you think. And you can there's no way that this is the staff when in the next season that that is the most maddening part of reforming John announced that it and I will say it again. You could it this thing could be successful. It and and forget you know bump them down. Who he's the lead to system we know how much we trust them. The guy you need to bond down there the right is on the wall is the one that screwed up the match Stanley thing that the kid you were recruited over and Arkansas the division two kids in that battle met that standard. She's been met Stanley the Saul Smith and a it's also what he's the dad had told you when you guys would use of commercial although it should be in the personnel rolled butch to mark tomorrow points should be in the NC state. You've got him handcuffed and personnel roll you could fix it with the guys you have. That's what's frustrated or at least fix it to a forward beat you get a lot better shape than you're right now yeah this is. What the quote was from Saul Smith from your unit which by the way. Has resonated with coaches throughout the country there aren't my father that averted averted averted brought up by it by coaches run the country. We're proving to me is the lifeblood of a program but the great thing about working for a guy like coach Smith is of a player is not considered kind of puts us inside. We don't even worry about it. We just move on the next kid he's moment lets players he's one great player selected strolls find out what he wants today we're like look yes dodge ball from will take you if you really wanna come. We're letting you know we get two or three other kids in mind. If they say coach and a waiter. I'm feeling that I might well it's been great let us know we can do something for you and signed the other kid woman Deb we don't have time for the millennium parade that was that their program ballots and with a tolerance. Maybe they let they let Alex Ramon forever right just wait wait wait wait that's why you're behind on tile and errors. That quote is a fire able offense I remember him telling me that anything that man we got a staff. What you thought that was a good quote the time. I thought that that was their approach I realized there's there's stories about how they are recruiting but when you hear him say Lar will move on the next guy were workers that's what it sounded like we read between the lines. That's saying we're workers. And apartments and it looked and looked about any other airlines like you don't know what job you're taken my point do. Again early on in this thing when they hired Tubby Smith. Yes you hear the stories about Toby in recruiting and that but you and I both know he's a will get a couple of top 100 guys we are very Hollins was out of Memphis what she thought was. We didn't spend enough time in Memphis and there's enough room recruits in Memphis that whether he concluded not to be able to just. Exit your office and yeah. And you get a few of them death. You think so it's been the exact opposite Jeremy have been able to do you have a nominate your kids look at these scores you know all that we're all our economy Sanford I mean that this is not going to be a there's not gonna be a boon for recruiting south. Now I think it don't wanna do this like Arnold Pomona bash them admitted that basket program right now but we all know it's kind of there's got to be a change is gonna. Made the weather guys are you on the and it's just the reality its like I mean we can pay to play pertain to wanna play for ten. Yeah out of it's it appeared pretend like things are going great you and it's it appeared to like the lowest I've. I've been to our support our pocket I think they should be back because that should be bashed me a bright there's one dude on their working his tail off. It should be back if they're five and two today we can steal my but they could they really you could argue they should be 34 with two of those lawsuits come and a are through those laws come to a like a a incredibly odd man morality damaging out of a warm former president of if you want to blunt I think it's rattled the lineup change Nike Nike said don't win a lineup that work in our show me so much from jacking it up yeah all right and and I think it maybe I can get behind this but I'm not seen any change or not seen any adjustments undersea and status quo and people in the lead the way they've been for years and years and years and medical. That's article here you gotta work at Memphis got to earn your money. Done with this stuff. All right we'll come back we will talk about the Lorenzen Wright development you know tired because you go tigers Jason's done with the men's basketball program he has been accused of being bald I'm a ball boys' lives fake news I've been doing this for fifteen years ass hole make a minute call me out these named arm.