Jason & John Hour 3 (2/12/18)

Jason & John
Monday, February 12th

Talking local hoops with Keelon Lawson plus some possible Penny Hardaway news in Hour 3 


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Oh while you're totally real wizard or something I don't know I really think our show would be to Tom better if we had a camera. Like if we had like you know Levitt's our show is all kind of you can watch it as well yeah. I think our show I think he would appreciate our show a lot more if they if they actually saw us see the interaction there. I that I didn't come across a show and as I said it if you guys can just see Bennett's face 75% of the time you could sue we deal with is mostly just grumpy. It's mostly very graphic. But yet some variants and things have an ending college basketball at the moment Ole miss going to be looking for a coach who won't and listen. Michael from Hernando called an and he brought up a very interesting name. That name. And attorney Penny Hardaway. If slap in the face appearing to go down there and told him Oxford take bad job. And there are I would I would ask you to reconsider whether based us here at the University of Memphis I would ask you to reconsider. The merits of that though because Jonah and Jordan who obviously covers the tigers or. Got tigers are 47 does a great job. Said he wouldn't be surprised. If Ole miss inquires. About Penny Hardaway as their coach now you wanna know what a disaster looks like Memphis news if you wanna know what. I mean just a cataclysmic apocalyptic. Just impacted it looks like. It's Penny Hardaway coaching the Ole miss rebels Marion. I didn't throw up and have it worse now. It's a head coaching job in the SEC. Do you think 38 current data begins offered. Come on dude it's a head coaching job in the SEE. It's a hard job but it created the Memphis job. We named this then you are angry and no thank you Ted thank you but no thank you. He probably use it may grateful for what to get money SA east Lama now. Leverage. With through Memphis saying you need to make a move as people want me. And I make us somewhere and cause an apocalyptic scene as you just pointed out. Thought they would be within I'd be devastating yes that would be up there with the title games it would it would be up there were. With Hasheem Thabeet you like I don't think any of us here screening like none of as a screen and he's been answered pennies a guy like golf or die battle between no but if he went all miss it would be. Dennis your I would hire penny. It allows Memphis and I would do it today. Well and hum bottom bottom line while I believe they know that you know I've heard many good things that will come out aren't any but I've always been our home. And about the concept as the entire top of it there's a hundred a hundred coaches out there. That could get this job done well case I would day I don't think penny is well saint eve like he has he's almighty my ticket inning so out of there are others out there that you get this job or agree with you on that yes. I don't. But I love Steve for a guy I love him I like Tom Green he's a stud Steve Forbes's stud obviously he's built East Tennessee State. If amid the job came open don't think it would go to him to doubt dumping big I don't I don't think this administration. Would hire Steve Forbes. That would be my guess I think it's misguided. But that's where that. I don't he wasn't a candidate last go around. I don't know how serious Kennedy would be this time. And you know there's still get a similar job comes open. But very uninteresting. Very inching development. There in Oxford with an opening an inward to discuss another rumor that's making its way around. When we get back Jason John and Jennifer and ESP. He says it can never once forced yeah WMS. 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But any candidate. Gary Parrish was the first report will be out at Ole miss he Aiken in omits a parting ways into the season. After a long time and all miss and erode simply think you would say say well here's the club is your. Have a tournament appearances to that I can help you determine appearances in twelve hours on this which is again. Pretty respectable in a pretty respectable. You know this. Two in twelve what would be a good clip on and I realize that look and it's all about football down there but. Two in twelve fellow OK so four out of twelve would have been better yeah. As we get out of the Marshall Henderson down there. In a EG he got guys at a men face before before this season. Which read others that have 500. I'm not looking very doable before the season in three straight twenty win seasons the first of those three straight was got to the round authority in the NCAA tournament. But it seems two and twelve off elect. After awhile on the back of opera this year in a year look where they they had higher hopes when the island of Marco Crawford got mad about what they article was pretty good back court. There are figure targeting and so obviously to be where they're at right now. It was time to review and look this over and CNC I think is right move. Both train at any been there won't counted so much more could you exactly I was ever absurd you know where stars are weighted down. That's the kind of job may Wear you down enough to the backs of it. You know you use there is a there is really truly a lesser just an amazing player getter there's a ceiling on my doubt you have pushed it off long enough to it. You said you even tees and stuff about pinning. Toronto and keep pushing off I want to about Ole miss basketball or more led maybe eroded the Penny Hardaway isn't what I'm getting that. Protect alone time to build up to it I'm not dumb building up any netted out bro well there are Jordan reported that he would not be shocked Ole miss inquired about an Harlan. Now you don't think he would listen. I meant it listening to use them as leverage for one decided in this union to make a move people want me. Obama going out but you don't think and actually this year don't think he would actually take the doubt now. I do not based on what Ole miss all that's two words Ole miss. You give it. Why didn't take effect are you slander and not so great and I'm I'm just telling you Penny Hardaway and take in the whole mess. Indicated he makes a two million dollars. Automotive listen and I ever been in and are paying a one is not hitting I mean that's that's alleged sets a hard place to win her let me tell you something miss a thing Romeo and offer more than that. Will cause of them I know some. Now let me go to Auburn absolutely I all the I think all these pipe dream though bonus mile offer pinning our way 500 pound now. Any game any game that like. I am working for her lettuce back aren't you don't want something I'd take five but what idiot would expect many are awaiting a 500000 dollar worth what what's was at forty million as if if I live threats made by a thousand in the ninety's. Okay. They got there they both think pinning onto for free pretty ugly that's insulting. When you get to you rumor well there's a rumor. Involving Penny Hardaway that is making its way around the city of Memphis you've heard it. I've heard it as Heidi and Obama live not today and I would not use that run 1000 homes he was excited to hear the release six I don't know that it does does and is out l.'s of that place but as soon as as soon as I say it you're not going to be excited that I said it's been able but there is a rumor and again and I must stress this is literally just something that's making its way around them but I if it. Seems that he could be rooted and enough sense to Wear out it can barely mentioning. But rumors making its way or the city of Memphis that Penny Hardaway. Could join John cal Perry a Kentucky as a. I am drop and Craig James wise and with him Danielle now. Kentucky may have one or to assist those jobs open it up. After this season Jill justice and or can you take any pay may get a heads at coaching job somewhere don't know done that and it com. But there may be assist in opening at Kentucky and there is there are at least sort of whispers. That that John cal Perry would would try and higher Penny Hardaway now whether he would do what I don't know that's an interesting question. I know he would not be an assist in Memphis we know that he will not be an is that Memphis but I Kentucky under cal you you know yet. He put seven are for conversation and your Penny Hardaway it's great story. Can pretty much use it as a launching pad pretty pretty immediately. But more so then you know at least read I mean just. It's just be not think these things about the continent. Just partial. A because they're going through transition in terms of what kind of schools are going to be another book though the numbers are down in terms of student hop over their numbers way down at east and you gotta you know you gotta TC here obviously announce Lomax leave and I just wonder whether. That thing's going to be what you know what it is right now next year many it. You know that pennies obviously you know disappointed with two doubles the way they've come after them all our boys James Wiseman. Last you're not allowed them to go play for the in the Dix. National tournament thus when a couple of for national trend so I sit in New York you also last week councils that. In one of his ideas on things to openings just toll pull away from the Digital's the way altogether this season. And just go play your national scheduled for did a state title we know your best in the state for fifty double us collect it betting which word as gold ball you know you that the UU wanna go get national title while you just pull away and with all of that. I just wonder if it's. If he would be back next year if there's enough still there for him to go back to your dad had a starts. That's starts OK where's is my dad isn't ready to move to college and if if there's no more east next year for him to coach or does he just sit back and and wait and run as a youth program has that all gonna work out but. To go back to what your your rumor is what we have the we've all heard. On the timing wise it would make sense or pinning. From Johns perspective he doesn't need any media players he's gonna get playable what he may need is a shake. Because right now I mean there's fans up there are disappointed. He's he's doing the same thing ever write every year right that you got the PGA Washington's. The Knox says they're all up there all the freshmen but they're under achievement this year in terms of forward their expectations for underachieving for tighter import he may look you know. He needs something right now and shaken up because people people are are are done getting excited about his liaison your five recruiting classes sop to recruit classes. Then you don't they bit and there haven't been let me on national championship they've come with the always been getting beaten by duke head up he's dude he's having to go on Twitter Intel fans how much they need them right now and how much he loves coaching this team. That's that's it's a little weird of their right now the point that I think they're get a little tired of the mess. I wanna seal more in terms of you know. In terms of winning when it comes the policies and winning more national champ just saw so to go back the F. You know hiring getting would shake some things up to get people excited but you don't you don't need him. In the Yunel. One obviously I mean he would need him in in the sense of James Wiseman. A guy gets it done that's those are up. I give Penny Hardaway is on staff at Kentucky State etiquette I agree that you don't hired just for James Wiseman. But like that's a that's where I was about to go yeah but but again like you bet is that you know like a once in a generational like he looks good. Number one prospect in the class but brag that but doubted the meaning he's the number one player in the country according ESPN. Nina and our audiences if these guys are assembling a fair point but you also get access to everybody else that well yarn in department are always glad to net. You know annual functional art awareness and it's like. You know OK it was almost like an ego thing for cap. Right take take the Memphis legend Penny Hardaway sure put him on staff at Kentucky. Did his career off the ground and then whatever pretty ornery if he's always under house sort of coaching tree. I always a part of it now in for penny. It would in theory be a way of okay. Whatever happens with the east. Maybe he's done everything that he knows how to do ladies and Lomax is gone they pretty much done everything they can't show them win the national right Lomax is gone. You know he's he's he's been there several years. Maybe he's in the it's to sort of advance his career and if the head coaching opportunity it's presenting itself. Which as of right now it has not at Memphis. Maybe he does take that year or two to learn the college game as a as a coach you know and and get its feet wet and then from there. Maybe get the Memphis dot I did say. Actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it. I would sit down to consider all the things if east. Whatever comes of beats right if they're no more there you know if the myth of job as a come open you don't want a penny has said he wants to be a college coach. You know he said that as he's done in the middle school think he's on the high school thing. And might just be targeted to move onto the next. And right commerce chairman penny has said that he wants to be a college coach what I don't know is if it's as if she wants to be the college system. Well and work for some how I realize that John right now how much you're gonna work any. But you're still going to work but let me ask you are still places you gotta be. At certain times of the day. And this dude is used to doing his thing his way in the NL on the golf course and and that's not saying I don't think either shouldn't be in someone's assistant I think is instead doing this thing about us well I think you already feels like he's qualified to do it and that would put a good staff in place in the areas that he's weak. I just don't see him quote saying you know what I need to learn for two years. You know and out and I'm gonna learn under cal for two years it's I'll pick and he's got it. Like he's got to do that but let me ask you this I don't know I'm not saying that that's the right answer yet so like you're pinning it to like it be great I think to get your feet wet part of hotels a master manipulator. You know like he can he can even if you don't believe you need something he can make you believe you need. Chair and that I is that I believe that and so. You look around the country how many coaches are there right now who are head coaches without a date. Of serving as assistant on anybody's bet how many out of pitchers say there are non. In in any capacity. I waited Patrick Ewing was insists that. You know there in the NBA you engineers you know like at some point you you don't just go Chris Mullin. Are you want. Was he assistant somewhere schedule want let me look at example one atom of how to let me look when we look when you look. Yeah. Yeah you're at bats he made but he was in front offices now he wasn't probably yeah Chris Mullin is the only example. That I can think of right now do you thirteen to thirteen I think done in his third year and I got a big took his lumps he took his thoughts I guess it could be but that's at Saint John stated. Different sort of job different situation no question so occasions although I did think it can be done. But it's very very very very very very extremely incredibly rare. I think that's just what that's the way out of just never got an impression openings will move. And to do that. Patient enough to. Okay and ends a product into ride because you got to be thousands of page at need to learn the ropes. They don't need to make sure I've got all this and so. Need to see what what Karen worked this is going to entail right I need to watch your head coach closely yet many that he would I thought I actually what I do I just don't. Maybe a year but if it's the off to her side is dancing and I can't any. Well you would miss Ali loves his time all of you would need in theory is another year. If you threw three years of television death and then you're coming to Memphis I mean like I'm just saying like candidate that is a very believable playing a very believable blueprint. It makes some sense of to your point fails can talk from people in the and I think it would benefit pending by the way. Like and not as a they Kentucky but like just to get a bit somewhere. I think that would benefit him for the long term and that's that's that's what I agree with that part is what I don't think he wants to have that's what you know the yeah I agree that they can also do anything other than. Take Oprah. But you're not Ole miss on this and good enough. I think of so he's gotten literally zero experience. As an assistant or head coach at the next level you're saying he's gonna turn his nose up at. Had a two million dollar a year it's easy job. They can't win that probably can we can win if he brings them wisely and you don't get James wasn't that Oxford. Don't know if that's a little bit tougher dealing given to Memphis without warning and act mean dollar practice or am I to Reno I'm assuming James wise is gonna vote anywhere ever email again then I'm he probably does have a couple Janzen spam so I don't know. That's that's thrown straight we're gonna ask you a loss about it. When we come back Jason John adage that if they have ESP it. Are not easy nines Jeffrey Wright Brad Carson are live at the grand opening of Dave and busters and the wolf chase or any wolf creek shopping area next to best buy. And the wolf chase moll Jeffrey is windy right now Jeffrey tell us what's going on out at Dave and busters this afternoon. Don't we are having an absolute flat out here worry chicken and waffles plotters were Jordan it called beverages were just flooded out right now. Edie to wall a wall the work order it about as good that you can ask or. 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Germantown or must I pleasant view right off from the fight this down fans they say I love you with pistols made in Memphis in enjoyed. By the whole world. The whole entire. Well every single Monday. We talked to the one and only Hugh Lawson and render that now it's here. Good Melancon good news team lost since nothing good that's inside the city of new business. 25 DO on the Jason Jones yeah. And then check now the main one thing feels like a player and I don't suppose a lot of what's the word. I'll doesn't look very good mood and outdoors very. You rest yeah you want down on his answer of the radio answer. On a rare but it worked out a leg cramps how does lose and coach. There are. Here earlier and are there let me ask your girls but did you ever think we'd see a day. And I know you have been positive about Tubby Smith it's not saying nothing but good things. Did you ever think we'd see a day where we were one and four in our last five of its UCF. Note for note for note we're. Well there. You know public figure they'll look to you what wo called Treo you prefer adults. On the rainbow had all the terror don't know respondents saying it to Rick Larry saddle up go America well they're okay we know it is just a cycle that good or through you know I've hated real live bait saying years. You know looking over your book and ordered 600 we've recovered for a week. You know critical role with group. Good in the barriers. Now are now last year if I remember correctly. When the team sort of started to fall apart late. The city of Memphis collectively decided to blame your sons and now that word now that the team is doing it again in your sons are in Lawrence Kansas how what what we get the blame it on this time. Mark Kirk. I don't think college is made conservatives still do that every could still apply carriers are. Taylor have a problem there's about the last thing you know like multiple abilities there we have a problem we know what we puke and have. So I have no problem is no well look good try there. Are now well well look at the proper grain we're proud of our dollar reward you thought that was the hooters. Based on the fact that very rare in your if you would review. To know a couple of brawl. Cocaine pain that you're who would perhaps there that they came they were still trying to you know we go extradition. Welcome to the type of program and it didn't work so good at the Braves are bad rap all there. Eight we could break we'll work with painter who going for gold prayer so there's not you know they're polite law at all what goes Burke. What else so you're rolling lower what else could be possibly worsen losing games what else have you been blamed for your life. Where will slow Biden. Called had the Pippen was slow growth home there was certainly won't you go oh. That's what you did did you did hear that last one certainly a lot of did you that your Kevin your sons out. Well but traders. If he could present about a couple validated beat you didn't do a bit earlier so that they can do industry is not letting him in prison if you're not coming back left. Him I don't know I am with that I agree with that on percent. So you know that wrote about what to know go go go right there though are active hate the spirit. You know. Did you get the recorder winners. You're about the content deploying some that we also earned respect your beard you know the clear PL Vera though. That you did not meet those standards so what that was critical. All what if they're used to happen. You know right and you're going to got straight to second guess we'll talk about Clinton and good. Not Opel got a very. You were we had joy on America's cup always go last week where you you kind of and you point listen to rush a look at the way last season and it. A final look at what's happened and now you can throw the UCF. Also on top of Wichita State and on top of VCU and coaches sure does look. A lot like last year when you win let me ask you this. Yeah we've we've heard a reporter nick the very end Jamal Johnson I didn't to a scrap in the pregame before and Teddy kind of asked about the sales. You know as kids of the playing days it's starts this play and then get serious and that that happens with everybody but when you when those kind of things do have been coached. Do you see that happen around teams that are going through what Smith is going through right now like last year where you these kind of things start to break out home just wondered if kind of what you if these are signs that though that the wheels might become an off fears with with that when you have a losing year. What goes into a player gets frustrating play bigger illustrators. Who would a lot of things could go either you know I'm not political bureau how true leader Annika is frustrated and then that you become the all. The bad road you know. From clear when they're in the probe where our initial electric powered milk. And they in effect that dramatic pick your good looks pretty like you know we knew we can't comment put your retainer Coco we've goaltenders. In the top. For so game you didn't practice what appeared to clear it sold its. Good you know that people are here we go I'll weeks later people trickle lobbying in great. You know your drink a lot of yes very good interviewed in doses people drinking at dinner that this place. Where people you know with a clear. Then you go with the spring is in the they get tutored some port between a lot of other bit it was such animosity that then you go between the crew. 130 console her quote clear both. It actually active. When their fighter career. If they're say no we of course we're going to try to keep you know could Cotto goes nowhere as possible book usually. Lou good Mitt out who started going boom boom boom yeah you do you know hundreds of what happened there. Very frustrated you know they're clear they're frustrated. And you get what you would have happened. You know. This copy a lot of feel awful close your role player so a lot of wrote control. You know. No player to pull in to fight even longer program closer role players know. We're back not gold little 03 and then got not the past won't remarkable. No. People weaker swoon but you just don't hear about it because the winning who's going Libyan. It's easier than boom boom you're down this way and there's a comment would clearly got the fire didn't like the ordered you know strippers don't if we would go whoa. We do better about their fired twelve the show. Don't pick a fight if Camilo could regain you know what are the go to nickel beer all the slow people prayers to all who have. Look at all my birth local. Why not let me ask you this coach you mentioned Ian today. It's Friday night you just got off from a long day at work what is comes loss and drink of choice. Are you know what Larry I'm back it's really because there will roll. On that dream Moscow moon. You are where you are you are classy man coach Lawson and you pay when things are going bad. When you on that staff I wanna how do straighten me out don't want down and Dallas thing to plan SMU. Somebody tell me back a day TB try to jump on an affront. Now known. Now when now from an outside team B team became mature locker room so my family. I noted there was there was nothing after that I know he didn't want any PC you have to Latin but did he come that you locker room coach laws don't play that. They're keeping your record oh CB looks looks frustrated. TB or some other clear. They've. You're hoping it very well spoken. They when he came back we did not put you wanted to coach is how he yacht owners. To be yet little camera. We know we sat there with very cold so there are your opinion and try to escalated. Until we're ready Gary you're very close same respect to view me. Before OK you're not we order you some neutral whereas the home will veto lol you know the couple who got what he called travel. Will roll. Little prayers so don't give Rick because now though. We know there's specific removal. TV was always bad dude who. When things are going right right. He he's he's like will Barton out there rebounds great Forsythe because or from audio from bunch of different levels but when you've got under his skin or he got frustrated. And I think the book got out only in an AA CU because there's got to try to get them you could rattle them and then just like it was some he never could grow out of. Who are arrived at TP win you know I think they're cheap he would retain a mere political Tressel. It would have been great 'cause cuddyer would returned to work out on those tickets to people don't know he beat history and there's grower yeah all I VE book about where basketball there what about our about. So look it I you know playing basketball. There. As a very. All day he came to give them together agreeing in the way he's going. No this is they're this good or where a couple of because the win itself real quick poll. You know if you would add them up with soldiers and yet it's sort of Google recruits who ought to call or go to beer. So even greater new united go to prep school programs and Coke so goes do so. Load up what the situation. If you would look at what are you yeah being rolled under that would let you know. QB would have been very well person you know you could bear about citizen newspaper content over the nuclear. Or somewhere up so to become an incredible sort of person who went to receive her degree. QB wasn't Smart to learn you did you wouldn't go people Smart and they're. Well integrated way you know they interviewed all the hundred you'll go cover. Person could. Being do without problem wit. We are of course I'm gonna coach Keeler lives and here on Jason and John Coates got more things I want did too with you. There's a rumor I don't know if you've heard it making its way around the city of Memphis. That Penny Hardaway who's currently the coach of these may be a candidate. To be an assistant coach John John cal Perry's staff. After the season ends have you heard any rumor like that. And I help him but I. Heard he's also being looked even you know what I banner here but they're not baker. He wouldn't even feel people looking over their record now. You know. Pergo floor and go out where you could well let. Fired up or to better Marin particularly at notre image ruler. So wait you've heard. So let me just back up here you've heard that Kenny may be leaving east this is what you've heard now says no we're not we're not trying to say that your saying this out of the cellar but you've heard. That Penny Hardaway it could be leaving east for the University of Memphis. Well there's thirty people could be evil and it all good if we talk they can relive it maybe being admitted. OK you guys are tubby is Todd is trying to kill the reception on us okay you're you're you're just put into it I gather you have you have heard that he he's he could be leaving east. In that your assumption would be. Like if you're gonna leave you got to the University of Memphis that's what you say literature are. There promo photo there. Because there's group. Uncertainties. That she's very very important thing is heading out to visit both important but there are viewed. We're. And rope like crap out. What sort. They are way. Or bear Butte and we're real longer go. You'd never know our group our belt. I woke. We're gonna need it can you do that can you tell what can you I mean I'm sir you have direct line to him can you find out for us. There are clear. He would Karachi little Rommel he won't be he would never take the Ole miss their coaching job would. Is that your face in the phone growth. Edwards goes Toby has killed the phone conversation. The other good. Are there you are okay all right up until the puts on you go. As we go let's go dollar this. That's another because we weave through what are living in those killed helping them with this one would keep would he take if you were offered would he go down Ole miss is that coach. As you can of these out there done that love you got that news put. Oh god I've got to use Google news wrote she's even though. It is to work will produce rear admiral Blair's throat I've got to beat Dugard now that Mark Kirk saying here that contribute to your new military crowd though. The local scout had been through their preference well we're. You know here. That there isn't going to go to court should know better. One of the schools groups old saying live and bearded old COLT out of reach out about little shell were about logo for all year. In about DJ. So Hillary could be. You know wouldn't want to know what the rules they've always be Kugel miracle worked it should be he would be your typical. An. Asset that's very instant cousin though we're we're gonna need you get on that let us know what you hear. On anybody look so I guess what is it did that come from your sons are just like from other people around the community about Vinny may be leaving them to try to get to the Genesis of. Faldo will look club there was fair country here wound me you know right there in your goal and an Olympic signal they're probably concur on their clarity got little bit wanna go though. No guards who you know I don't know if you're for the motivational. Much further stated. He looks feels quote clearly yeah. So look at all re what must forego art yeah they eat food without. We know we can do all fares low period of very good referred where your. And we know they're saying where it will hold out of the low. Far different tune cruel earnhardt's crew. Yeah exactly like bent down and William they have open not according from the card from a horse but he thought if it is no longer go to these this year where we don't want. Where's channel and down thing going where we go because we format to Hamilton will reprise two guys are still like thousand series that's operate full. You have to wonder how the off road what it is a bit about Bill Clinton over Barack beat your article very cold though. They're not that goes welfare put your finger that you could go grip on my real mixture of the console though there's a lot of knowing there's about a clear voter decay or my outlook integration or did it go so we want to make sure. You don't put not a lot that would do it would be you know devoted. You know. You'll almost all hooked. Not that much quote was all but grip 00 look at your anger you protest here though so. So I've got to make sure you're great you're great for the near future. They didn't know they're being there may be a popular well when each New Coke. The other tour would be cool local school we are very cold you welfare. Right exactly lots layout yeah there's not a good we'll coach we appreciate you let us know what you know and then we're going to be looking for that text tomorrow thank you coach. It's clear you're clear. I is coach Q and lost in with a little bit and move. Ozone year head there. What I tell anybody stools happened over there may have that is interesting secure Lawson who obviously has two sons right now at east high school says he's also heard. Big key they are we could be leading. And that only begs the question. For way. We'll find out. Stay tuned we'll come back revenue all of Jason Dunn and it's an event ESPN. Decent gallery terror ratio will talk to a good have you were part of some of the best times what's it been like watching this season unfold. I think they probably misread the city when they got here like this jobless like many other jobs like Minnesota like Texas that can buy they've misread the enthusiasm you know people are going to gain I think they're voting with Urlacher and that's. Jays 4 PM until 6 PM this afternoon Chris Wallace from the grizzlies in port 25 Geoff Calkins from Korea and. On six CDM this is 929 F. ESPN's. Everybody tonight is live at the grand opening of Dave and busters in the wolf creek shopping area next best buy mobile chase mall today Jeffrey Wright is out Dave and buster's Jeffrey tell me what's going on at Dave and busters this afternoon. You know we are live in large here they have bought you're again it didn't mention. It'd be any wolf creek shopping that are headed north on dirt now are quite beat Beckett about why. All right across street from wall Jake gallery he would beat you right now may need yacht. Walt Walt eat eat pork or passionate about it it'd be yet geared. It got an automatic spot here or did it it got. HE EB you've got protectors who got it all the doubt on the big game there will be just out any spot. And of course but the family friendly though he got the entire arcade which is forward. Your child like court Byron beat up the shot. All they got four here a yacht at all it media call or just pack can't scrape. Really early on but brute great featuring. Our. Always called you know everything from Chile being out from the pretty dark view about beating pierce blushed again. Thank you can check it out again David but or that now open. We gave it is from eleven to midnight and then on Friday and Saturday opened built to make you can check it out it David busters right here. In need wolf great shot there. On the breadwinner for my fan I realized last year that the job salary look great to me after high school wasn't sufficient for a family of Anita college degree and flexible schedule. 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All of these rumblings about Penny Hardaway being whether it's Ole miss or Kentucky or perhaps in their learning in Memphis of the job comes open if they sell them make a move itself arming of thing it sounds like. Penny is going to pursue something else now of course he got his Levys did not do anything I could mean he could just focus your own as they used our day couldn't we I don't get the sense that's what he wants to. The U. I've had since he wants to be their cozy indoors of lift and don't know the times in a matchup form. With if things are are are done it for mideast allow one you I don't know I'm wondering writing and I wonder if this is sort of you know. The kind of development that. Might give you a sense of urgency for the University of Memphis. You may very very very very very heavily look and that's. It's not that you have to look into it you wouldn't be doing your job response was you didn't know if you're the University of Memphis so there you have it could be inching few weeks here. For Memphis basketball what else is new. That's good to have for us today. Thanks San Antonio Anderson in Karbala favorite thanks Elizabeth Merrill. And thanks to Q a loss for joining us to say that's kind of throws Erica outside is up next for Jason. Suit Sunday MVP I'm John we're going to. So magnificent and he's doing the studio with us Memphis. Milton west Tennessee and east Arkansas never since. Station. Internet providers from the small businesses rely let's hear who really delivers more. Comcast business offers fast it's across our network. We offer more complete reliability with up to eight hours of four G wireless now. To keep your business connect. Not so much we offer 35 points features that businesses care about his solutions that grow with your business so you never miss the caught. 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