Jason & John Hour 3 (1/22/18)

Jason & John
Monday, January 22nd

Discussing who is the Tom Brady of every pop culture profession in Hour 3 


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Me there and tonight I saw as he does the photo a few minutes ago from the Barkley I don't get excited about seeing him anymore because it doesn't look good for native and hospital bed. You have to give me the air. And then it. HBO K the heartbreak kid Shawn Michaels. You'll get an HP get my little interest Michael's. That's a bet that's unbelievable. How about this Scott hall. Scott hollow used to wrestle with him on so you can swell razor Ramon John they're running all right Scott hall. Yeah are you on that at all don't look at the human ash give them an image. If we're gonna do this how bad is the first penalty is gone through Rivera you're really out like Ric Flair not quite as bad but it may be I mean. I don't know maybe worse Chris Jericho. Love of god love them what's. But it takes some backers Jericho. Real grapple Rebecca. There are down but you're I don't know that I notice you will put you in all kind of ground moved Chris Jericho one of the best wrestlers pure wrestlers out there what's his what's his finish and an expert angle what's his. I don't know what are you trying to prove I don't know Chris Jericho is gonna come on hey guys I too much here's what I'm very excited about the figure for the walls of Jericho. A Trish stratus. I didn't like a pioneer pay. The way for all these arrests. And absolutely I didn't pay more now because of her right I mean aspect you live with today at a mall for Trish stratus all Warren. Fresh water like the first blonde bombshell of the does Debbie felt that it affects as I'm very excited a big for this of big big big shift Burnett now she's Brunette that there's no longer an anniversary. Take giving us the window and then we love him always loved said for an additional notes said oh you are the best wrestling interview. One of them given that give a big bidding on and on and if they ought to do it. The godfather. Remember the haute frame. Yeah the hotel and what he's gone right. Though the godfather you like the pick it and I had no train oh yeah yeah. Yes yes flash in the pan am sounds like me they was they didn't if I wasn't a was a film with hose that's not cool they well that doesn't get a it did last alone could now. I'll watch wrestling while they make him a reverend. Enjoy L you don't make a very things that story line is also a member of the nation of domination he was at one time these scrubs you know you're the nation domination we were Farooq the rock. God father taken as a site summer acquitted. It is not going to be a wrong when he bit anniversary show if these guys are not members of it. Casey if they're gonna bring back HV case. They need to clear triple H in the ring with embraced all of excised out there that has really go on road dog they got you guys out all I got under way analog and yet they've got they've got excitement to tell other two plates on the we've got to have a DX moment. We're gonna have idea in a row and BS's. Yeah because they said. Raleigh will be worth watching tonight just just sort of tremendous all heads man yeah like to have all those guys back it will be worth it usually is not worth watching right powerfully hitting freely admit that. But tonight it will be some of the guys that you grew up. Watching and loving. That guy you. We're pretty will be on the call cell phone book fees and no matter if he will be represented I have my hawk or. Don't worry means you don't live being there every guy that's great passes for Wilson. I'm here for this man I'm excited how old must mean Jean beat we'll put this up and they had a it is let him from the fast he's good he's. What do you Alex Avila dice 75. He's up there is 75 million. The hall of Famer you're talking about that in the oldest of the woods Dick LeBeau. The amazing. Not even have all the Vick will close to his Farley divorce and regardless as well he's not being forced. Yes he has no combat related just like kick demanded occur about getting there's I do leveraging dominant Mike Brett that I know. I don't and today I have no use predict an eighty year old depends quarterfinal Oreo. That's what that's what he got to know goodbye. Yeah around I'm excited for you guys through 45 anniversary I felt like going to be quite a big in the future of their own. May think big if you're gonna ever tune in to wrestle up tonight yeah are you an idea ever get into the Lavar balls like that you do is tell me that Kevin Nash will be there. I don't see Kevin Nash on this list I think there's bad blood there there might be. Eric this all the ballots where the rest will you'll recall. We really got to be there ready bulldogs hit British bulldogs did. I'll and amonte who once they get her job whom I think it. I'm doing better system you are. The British Bulldog had passed away way I know my bad way of our winner blew that one there's no coming back they're not British acts on our payroll to review with the duty in life has been a long had a nice and in that and luck. That a great. How rarely that I'm sorry is he dead outside the same person is now you know who also will not be invited back is. If we can get music on my won't know outside their mind. Although it is not coming. Plus he's starting to burn he was on 99 well because he's a racist. Okay that's why I'm making intelligent with a dependable and well. Oh yes then if he doesn't even those words that's if that's why he had to sell his own merchandise on pro wrestling she's dot com. Because nobody thought because. We'll falls. This is a lesson what are called on the lips utter lives that I think. About what he was German rock. That a list. Yeah if you're racist. You can't do things they like he has yet that's right now goes at it if you are proud to be racist ever and ever go out in your life does not matter. But you can go to pro wrestling team dugout and are from a coach hope by his shirt for 51 couple many involved. Rob 45 tonight don't miss it brings will be through the roof really have your child a good attitude aired Jason I expect your viewership thanks for the full recap tomorrow. As you can and you can even. You'd even season Booker T I'm sure. Syria my favorite stuff. That's and all of Jason Smith about rose more wrestlers come together tonight the one time only event. It's got all but does that does Steve Nash. They've all been there yet. And they would all be there tonight I czar William we'll come back yeah I know you apart as the British bulldogs saw today at the bread good idea ansari all Walter Peyton moment. 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It's gonna be a competitive game so does then we understand it Williams who he played benefit the player John he has played in a so that you got that going port. Jason I do not it will be competitive and because one team both Tom Brady and the other boasts make falls right. And to me that is they hit at the disparity now doesn't Naples I have like one of the best records ever as far as the starting quarterback and an oil has got to be. It's got to be now for one this year it one really really good year the rest of the bat the rest of them in a has been a star so. It's too bad the 27 and two year to nearly seven does two interceptions exactly where one really really good year to the rest have been bad because you play for Jeff Fisher. Notes on the do Jeff Fisher ruins quarterbacks content. Yeah I I will not disagree with that but my point is I don't believe in in Nicole's. In this situation on this state. But but but. What you have to say for doing patriots as summaries which is eight a Super Bowl crises and what a career man. Some people just hope to go to one. You know you other other old got to know what he's talking about what is he to get it done year after year was a good again yesterday James for Tim Harris and there was in that's crazy he's. And the breaking back feel dealers and you don't wanna get a strip sacks like and the world let them do either it was a little bit loose with respect for it there in the way but the way to let the Erica. I can't I don't care I just. That part ageless. Continues to get a Dolan is Angel and he made a couple plays with earnings acts later that day never received as far as what to be in your tenure but in your backfield. Arm the patriots have had the easiest path to these liberal effort. In fact. About this of you go to property back console they wrote about. So before they even played a game Jason move given the way these games played out. They had a 69%. Chance of beggars who voted to refer PLO rates which is. And other than that I'm not intelligent enough to understand. I trust that they're 69 proposed of making the Super Bowl especially when you. Take into consideration the fact that. The titans upset the chiefs. And then the jaguars obviously a took Steelers at Heinz Field. And then you get you to play the Eagles without cars at its course and which is the quarterback in this game night I think tossup to be quite honest with. I do big overloaded if they got the course first bought cars which is bleak MVP. And I I think he's should be I think you should be still had sought as we won't be. But I think you can make it damn strong case for Carson went he did enough thirteen games that we saw at least from without in the Barbary right. I think you can make your case again he won't get somebody will get it because of you know the fact he's won his eight super ball. But I think he should. I don't think it'll be neat foale's or what he isn't. That's the reason Philly doesn't win the Super Bowl I think it will be the reason will be coming to you I don't I don't think you'll come out like gangbusters and and waited for them. But I don't think he'll be the reason they lose just bigger reason they lose will be because they cannot stop. Tom Brady when they've got to a Tom Brady that's going to be a little further fuel from this. This cut on his hand at twelve stitches a Tom Brady quite fed that that's gonna have gronkowski back which is that the biggest thing. Mean he didn't even have the middle field. They're like he's used to four. You know what three scorers wanted to go out a game we basically you of essentially three quarters they did had been still finds a way to come back from a ten point deaths in the fourth quarter and win this game. I think it's going to be Philadelphia. Not getting enough pressure that card and that's gonna cause I don't think it'll be anything that Nate does or doesn't do in terms of falls and he'll be far it would be there on stopping Brady I think that's that's what it always is always can you stop Tom can you take it from them. Can you take the belt from the chair. An out they'd I don't with the Eagles look if you go back and look at some other teams and in in NFL history who have had easy roads and the little ball. At two dozen or Eagles seem we talked about their second the second he's you sort whatever chord he's out as they play the vikings and the falcons. They had a 76%. Chance to beat the vikings and their first game and then 72%. To beat the falcons and their second game for the paper context the patriots this year. Had a 77%. Chance per this algorithm to beat the titans they did a 71% chance to beat jaguars. They did now I wasn't simply want to go out of game. It's an incredible comeback without Barack you know mr. Canada and they have a 55% chance of a miserable court in the Zagreb well which is an insane. Disability or you have to get with the guns out. I didn't see that. IG's affidavit of us are still looking at a Obama is an act of gardens out job like he's friction 25 years old. Basically come test me do I am the greatest question what I've got all right now question these old guns did you see him when router craft handed in the AFC champ he's basically threw it back at the present or that I don't want you wanna I wanna in his hay and beneath them. And then play for AFC titles in any basically through the trophy back out although Bill Belichick did look at me don't win that game yesterday. What he was when they when that final day like you looked very good uncharacteristic we have because they normally play are we won this game for the better a lot working against them yes they did say about why it was so much without without ground where he's you know. So emotional about that cat he would captor than he normally look I will say that. It always awkwardly hugging it did you see how awkwardly hugged his players is very weird. If you were if I thought about this accused players are scared of him. I think the look of the year. In an area so would he like there's the hugs are always like a weird it didn't go when he goes to hug a player it's like OK woody what's happening you have seen so awkward. And so you don't know what to do yeah bill's assault with a little tyrant you know. It's never full on connecting hug them and very leery of adding is very very operative seem hug from the players moral. Let's see the hug after they win this whole thing with him and Tom. There's a lot lightly because both of them think there are the reason for the success one of the things adjusted well as it was at it was at its it was a CU SA tournament here wasn't it. He went on hugged everybody and other media member of the charge. And I remember that memory back that was very awkward but I was one of those awkward votes. I think the most awkward was for him and Jeff together but I think he did Dana Devin touched chests and there's one guy from you'd have really wanted to hug. I remember that bit I don't know what his name was but like you really sought just out of Josh went around the media row and started hugging everybody I got I was sitting down when he came over to my side. I wanna get up at how we picked up. I was like it was argued would Josh told you well I mean what do you do say no. I mean yeah so that's got to stored right is this had to take those celebrates. I mean I was I had no eggs and how it honey Josh but there's a beat writer from Utah who was like waiting on Josh he had his arms out. To say what I saw a man. Called him did have another Warren Jeff. And Josh I wish I'd got a picture there are many hug after that hugs disappeared. Through the years but do by the end Josh wasn't looking for drugs you know I'd like that I'd like for I'd like for Bennett in for Dan Williams to be right for this to be. A great game. What we know is that that is. Arguably the greatest coach we've ever seen. And what's the other one arguably the best quarter and it's harder argument that the best quarterback we've ever seen you put all that on one side and Tony did an LA county brought to go with it yet. I just don't see Philly beat them on what the odd percent are we come back. Yeah laws and would those who taught to kill Lawson. About a number of things college basketball. Magistrate in the top 100 and includes zero. Memphis prospects we will talk about all that and more we get back days in Jenin Jennifer heaviest here. Ace Aircastle sent from the Memphis Grizzlies here to tell you about the best place to get free on vehicle in the entire midsouth and that is DeSoto auto sales you can visit upon. 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Hello literally and they. When. I ladies and gentlemen than normally on Mondays at this time we are joined by. Our net and got former met his best buses to coach the you lost them. We will not be joined by Hugh Lawson at this time today. Because why Jason Smith. He's an orientation John Martin remembered last that last week when we alimony told you it's gotten a parched jobs city parks and rec. He's an orientation for the job right now don't which would explain why you didn't you'd. One of those devotional is more if they are if this means that I am no longer going to get devotional I'm not in support I believe he discovers a dream job. Days and I think they did it needs AL and one of them jump I wanted to kill also watches parks and rec. Chocolate. Amy Poehler. My mother is a huge frame. Or just not happening is but I will last may be later this week are the center I gotta be joined by keywords. And president talking about Tom Brady all day long. Guess the thinking. Goes that Tom Brady of everything else who's that guy out of every other. You know the end media category. And we had some spirited arguments about. The bronze games and Michael Jordan who's the best of all time like Booker T and resting. Not really but I appreciate what your common you're all about inclusive in and and for that. I appreciate. You're always trying to get. Some some credit some some props and some love to the black man and thought I appreciate that you consistently that's your mission and I think you've achieved that in a short time. So we thought you know what. While we got an open segment why don't we go through and decide once and for crawled tentatively tell it to everybody pitched it up. The goats. In in a few categories. Kind of liked it here categories in a deadly categories you wanna submit will do on the plot. Music so best artist. Actors. At best of all time battlers. Go out Victoria's Secret models like that and finally. Bring it up the rear in the spirit of Monique. The cars burst from this weekend best of all time black female comedian on the idea stupid no. That's a real category on this list so are you ready to begin. We're gonna make some people asking audiences are missing and it should. Through hip thing. Spread you have a suggestion music actor actress Victoria secret and black female comedian it's a bit records is mid SEC that's a that's a little piece. From the ma and of John Martin. UCL wild and crazy that is. And when I talk about how tough it is the work what is not what category to wow man what category did we got apple like actors and marriage is that movie is that television at all forms. Including Broadway nobody we're gonna have a different way to categories almost it's horde. You. I investigated goats will miss the music could be wrapper it could be singer but you can actually is I don't usually do male female for music are actors and I just elaborate on it right we feel what that's the problem this country because we try to divide. All right how about rapper that best rapper let's throw that in there aren't so and so best artist. Best rapper. Best actor slash actress. Best Victoria's Secret model and best black female comedian. Instances I can assure that those work for you elaborate a bit like you cover the whole spectrum exactly everyone's represented. So bit if you'll get our award ceremony underway. Just mail like. We'll now there's no reason to do that tomorrow they don't know I can't even if Michael Rappaport a case are you ready out of the ordinary outlook or are you ready to do this I'm ready. I love this home and from a great show us the veto John he would know that now live myself. Let's start with best artists. It's easy to go. In music but Tom Brady it's Humber a musical articles musical artists that we need more. Wrapped in a singer suffered a brat that its own category the best the goat is no other there rested peace. The other in. I don't need to go to his discarded because I don't need to go through his award I don't need to go through everything he's accomplished. Including some posthumously. Michael Jackson. Is that growth in music that you're gonna say something like Cisco and that's funny and fine but it does not he does not compare. I'm Michael Jackson. Not at all. Musical artists. I got one word when it's not Michael Jackson's own. Keep in mind used the word artist we have touched on this before and we'll. We both got triggered I know are conceding the face amount obviously plans you this way. When you're talking about artists. Prints musical star he was that. Donna there's a sign. He turned his name into a sorry Amanda artist formerly known as Sprint's largest keyword brother. You realize that this man's in the Guinness book of world records are for the good things every freaking note on the piano where's Michael Katie do it. No. Michael Jackson now we'll give you the graced the greatest entertainer. That we have ever seen in that music industry young lady greatest entertainer gave me. But in terms of Munich. Musical artistry. Princes songs more our job. And his talent. More artistic now. First of all prince is the greatest brits could musical artist braves had a little bit more range. In his voice. Yeah I also play more instruments he was more musical. Than Michael Jackson. What have you got for that. I've got. Is blamed. Okay in his day it's. It's his his ability today it's taken aback that the attack so they're entertaining which is part of being an artist Jason good guys. He but knew what he believed people and the jazz he boarded ballot by god this man been so far. He was literally two inches off the ground while he maintained. His feet. It was amazing. I don't wanna hear about special effects it's meant as an artist that pops tapped pocket while audit that's what it jaded. When you want to go to CN Jake and you never were cheated out of the performance both locally and on the dance floor. Again much like dates the entertainer yes greatly entertaining. Musical artists. Asked to be for a downtown and it's a 100% for Bennett you gotta go. That sounds crazy the top. It doesn't even make sense that the three of these jam John it's Justin Timberlake. Now it is not just although you know what I will stick with the local aspect you know like supporting the the local guys summit goes king of rock and roll Elvis Presley and I that's you know that's that's definitely that's that's that's because can't argue it is cattle idea what you can't argue with also would have my index and you gotta go get the more ammo on his award. And everything he's won so just to spread that it's 43 fields 43 Guinness world records. He has forty billboard awards you may want what what it is Guinness world record that's how do I wanna princes thirteen grammys and on top of that 26 American music awards. Does not even compare I know of record sales fell for a single give America. And then if you add the award winning the most. Awards but many musical artists well it JPEG that would do he has the most ordered any musical artists now what do you think he has does. Now how to we just Tom Brady Jason about what. By awards by how many Super Bowl trophies he has been mad cat but that's a big part of it now Michael Jackson I just told you had the most somehow by any measures he's not they go bad move on and attend I would give you this but we did not you're going what is your miserable what is your favorite for itself. It'll mess and people love actually because it's not want the one of the traditional ones my fingerprints all his. Sometimes it stalls and hateful. Shows all of his range up and down he does at all. Is about here's how I look at this look at it sends me their fears they'll talk about here is how I look at Princeton and my hip was we use. Okay what would it be and that's fair that I guess that should be considered somewhere part of it but for me. Threats is that Kobe Bryant. Michael Jackson the Michael Jordan. That's how I look at a minute the strong announces I think that's I think they're both great they were both I mean amazing transcendent in their time. Right I think because of everything Michael Michael just in it he just encompasses all. Entertainment. Great music music was good handle it was as good at the end he had the look. I get about denying he had a lot of looks because it is changing. It was it was a user back yes I'm very well the entire time that even a little people black white if field. After many people if it also shot but as I have to give him the edge because he started as a child was on a milk cooking he was if it was beloved. From the very moment like I mean he was eight years old with that. And I'm not do this with the all day and it appeared to have about march toward don't know how many awards my points from the best artist friends is large spreads. Yeah let's stick to you category aren't so we can agree to disagree or we could ever that I know you've got funny people on your side I don't know we get Beverly we can definitely disagree okay. Let's do fast. Rapper greatest ever Eagles and you are you are definitely a Beatles type may have Kuwaiti dollar do an individual guys you do whatever you must. Who's the goat when it comes a wrapping. Jason. Notorious BIG. Nobody touches lyrics. I mean you can go back there were some great story tale story teller back in the day in the old days rap when rap was great right. Slick Rick. Was one of those guys on the if you're some of the best ever do it made me. You put it all together. I delivers it by gotta love to block loved his. You know the music the fashion message always had a message every song right. But you have stories like big is big stories we're better they were detailed all the Iraqis prior and it's unbelievable. To do was a hole. It was definitely a port easily easily easily Elizabeth multi. Can you dispute that you know I I don't know by can dispute that I won't tell you. That me personally I preferred. Through talks flow to big idea like I feel I'm in the fold them like they're both. To me that's the conversation Jay-Z and knives and ride him and all of a but to me into a visa for the kids they had the lyricist but he doesn't crappy album you know and maybe this or entitle eligible I think that should be considered. Magna cart holy Grail kingdom com Larry and you may put out some be put out some some straight garbage. I would just to be there probably go too far. I think his I think his music still today holds up incredible what he was still conscious. Do you feel a bit more conscious then big you know somebody else you should really be given a lot of good that does that and if you can't say it could you consider look like you root for the white he would Eminem but do. Eminem could. Rap kid save him dude. You talk about freestyle and bad dude could rap circles around to pop art if we're talking about freestyle and in just were you gotta go battle the battle. The words on your brain around that you can do it's can certainly look a ransom plot to bomb with a two bubbles are you know what that time. We look we wanna Holler about we have against rap. Your putt was like a dominate out of my wish Jeff the dude come on back. Anybody but he could also turn around and give you give you a song like change without notice saying he also did he was a very dear momma likes of his most commercially successful hits. We're very socially conscious. I'm gonna go to pot but I respect big I think those are the two great spots I don't I don't I don't think too but sometimes gets the respect he deserves as a rapper arm's gonna say that. All right arbitrage. So you know biggie I go to the we have not agreed on one yet. Greatest actor of all or accuracy of all time. Now this is hard. Mode. Example. Seriously. I mean they're there ended. When I don't think. Clinton's ill crying in glow. And I'm not talking about a bowl sized yard that's easy for actors and actresses do jar he made it flow from one. After being whipped. Okay. After being whip when I think of him in training day freeze the Baghdad Greenspan asked you remember that one yet. Abandoned son is a fantastic actor involved on this are that as evident there was so we obviously handed another dividend. Who's better than them though I think a lot of people over the Denzel I think Denzel has its top ten all time I think barely a Jamaican movie deal with Robert towns so much. And you say you that you are clearly. Your state with your brother there and I and I respect as an organizer when meg do. So it what I was debate offenses I did like his performance and fences he has won multiple Academy Awards remember the titans remember the titans and I loved him movies I know you do it is okay this is not even a debate. This is not even a debate this guy was Leonardo DiCaprio before Leonardo DiCaprio alpha chi is name's Jack Nicholson. Jack Nicholson is to go becomes actually why have you seen anybody that can perform. A range of roles that he does which is the Beasley. I mean he can be the shining. Right yes he can be in anything he can Jack Nicholson can do any role that amount want one flew over the cuckoo's enough delegates that's great work. So I think he also takes on difficult difficult role but I think his goals are buried under wolf. Yeah like I think he takes a live oral donor. I mean you really without a can't believe you don't know. I don't like Michelle Pfeiffer and out of it he's won three Oscars have been nominated twelve times as won six Golden Globes. He's right arm only three Oscars don't want to Georgia for I've got three on this on this look out for drunk so you leave easiest way at least three he's been up for twelve. He's got six Golden Globes went for bass though awards I think he's got I think he's the Al Pacino around here right up there on our list right. They're up there. Men agreed on and off so much are we got two more categories to conclude this award ceremony most aboard these are some of them and this is a very distinguished award ceremony here. Coach Victoria's Secret model who's the best but with the Tom Brady of Victoria's Secret models this season for me but it a bit at the visitors objective. Tyra Banks boom. I put a little bit he said. And that's who it is. She got to show walk overdo it they did like tot mom always yes very popular ones should not that she had that she had a talk show format that. And nobody turned it into what what she did was just so of Victoria's Secret model left left or she makes the pope's. But you can put her out there for Tyra Banks for my money and look at the effect. But these miles Victoria's Secret a lot of missiles. Any man is not alone food. Robert told is that it was cool to have. You know the voluptuous and speed I have three words for you. Outer banks who I've got three words here's the rewards that for you Google. Adriana Lima. Suffocate. And I rest my case. I rest my case. It normally my emotions are to talk about. So take it take a good hard long look. And she's got that dark look if you like. That Brazilian model and actress never she was married to them. Marco yard former Memphis Grizzlies what policies spouse from to sixteen mark of he was married don't Martina thing she ever rendered and Yaris I don't think she did have what was Marko here or you are here for very long season down inside I got an excuse or of that. She's a beauty. I don't know if they don't touch and I've run talk about the Tom Brady until receipt of our Adriana Lima. It is she's also Gisele or you can like our network said about me and what's not what's what's your sales network and tires network. Deadly or a generally what made that the end audio as it is tires nine million. Got to be. And then Gisele Marty knows going to be through the roof. With millions it's through the roof jarrah one and another sphere and a 10380. Million she's coming back I mean this is really not like it's really hurt. Okay now than our and that our final had a go I think. We both just regard answer here we ended up on one more vote by the different answers. Our final category perhaps our most important oldest of the floors of the models is this is why this is why the exact and then our final and most important category. Which are now you just troll known best black female comedians now Monique said she is the most decorated comedian alive. I don't know if I'll go that far but is she the greatest black female comedian of all time Jason what do you say. I'm gonna go move. Probably not. Alone. And I know appearances going to be you're probably right. Though it. If not even a contest. There really isn't Leslie Jones. And I love Memphis born. I know what I'm kidding she literally just got on the same like two weeks ago she's literally not on Maine's. You don't write Leslie go wow and it is she's not scream that you outside today. If so what is it a thinks we know you're right no cause no one will say. The only part whole act is just screaming matches. I'm tired of it. Okay there's other talented. Comedians out there love Leslie Jo to death loved got to shed the whole thing is yet on the whole time. It's who you know it's you it's the one you tickets will be sober. Former community it is will mean they trust me we'll see is one Eddie he is one of bearish view but yeah. Eddie she's a coach and I Nick's it is sister act exactly and in those movies but I've added I'm Dana what you set. She is one of very few who waited he got. Which is an enemy. The Grammy she's done an Oscar and Tony yeah I mean there's not so much to us there's no argument. So arm there you have it and even on you have to give you anything else that you know and I didn't get enough credit is that the amount or no. Let's Gina from Marten. This camp. She's gonna funny things. She's really not on the NRA today there I'm not not not real comedian. Wouldn't say that I ought to be an actress Mandy is over for Ailes could sing she was a boiled Martin you know to me on. But I wouldn't say she was a comedian. Aren't so just to kind of give your real attitudes can yeah if people that wanna. But it wasn't even remotely close to the rate they have some problems as we you're proud we will not random errors and possible I just to give you an idea here's Tom Brady's of the following categories of music. Jason Smith says prints I say Michael Jackson rapper he says biggie I say to pot actors he says Denzel. I say Jack Nicholson Victoria's Secret models we had our. We I was up there for sure he's kind of the same vein as Jack and landed enough blows. The way he never wins he never Wednesday's only got one just did just for us where that all the awful Wall Street to the general or voted with the bear all the bad now what he had to learn to hold other language you have for Michael does that has had to give him wanna dance with who they decide to give the predatory sicker motto. Tom pretty of that is really the answer is Gisele Bundchen but we both said I sedate a general Lima you said Tyra Banks who are based full and then finally. Let you go comedians you said Leslie Joan didian believe and he came away. Whoopi Goldberg today you haven't lived we will we will send out these awards so that the respective parties in the coming Leo that's a balance between a white male comedian. But that's not what we did today will that do on a different day today is about black him out comedian's attack. Welcome back rub it all out Jason and John and Jennifer and yes there. Memphis is sports station 99 FF ESPN eight members is so much. It's tiger's new. Most of all SEC in the NBA Mike Graham that's the sport statement Jeff it's no Jason Johnson daisy Eric Cassell tonight show. Very show. Those members of sports they tried to kind. 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That's a precise fit for your vehicles the weather is so reliable economy the hard work and premium a couple of extreme. O'Reilly auto parts has a superstar battery that you needed to guarantee low price so well yeah apart. But cards better prizes every. Day very controversial. Very controversial war ceremony that we just put together on the fly here and listen that's that's kind of what we want to accomplish. And we wanted to kind of the people talking about our awards ceremony and that's exactly what happens we'll talk to people agree rebel prince don't got a lot of us and that's fine it's sometimes. What's popular is not always right what's right and most popular. So I understand that there's there's going to be the most popular now my realized now that's not clear if that's true find a couple of people that will most others threats. Honestly because he's he most recently dot. And so I think there's little death bars there because he's died he died recently. But everybody knows. With a brain. That Michael Jackson is the goat. I know there was some weird stuff to happen at the end but whatever that's true for everybody the goat of entertainers times quote of everything. Music entertainment all of it all goes into one category for me. Still love friends but he's the Kobe to enjoys Michael Jordan says this won't just the way it is. That's gonna do for us to Dey wanna thank Dan Williams left face. You for helping put together that I've been terrific award ceremonies. Good to have you back here on a Monday that's gonna do for us today. There cast time is up next for Jason I'm John we're off. WMS assets and he's doing Brooklyn studio with us Memphis. Milton west Tennessee and east Arkansas Memphis is. Station. 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