Jason & John Hour 2 (9/12/17)

Jason & John
Tuesday, September 12th

More on TA heading to New Orleans 


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I wasn't the only one in the form holding my breath when you put up strictly for the Blackhawks. 161000 anyone's right with you are holed you're right he's got another his best plays look easy no no I'm not what they're out saying well yeah those missed shots. Lock them down like a lot come down a bit actually you know unbelievable man I can't believe there's value of heads are back to death and and they gave you so much. How we gonna have a fine how we gonna guard him on opening night maybe. We come back off of them. Don't pick up eleven Jeanne at cern believe aren't aware is that loyal to tell you guys attorney Gil as a fan base I can't unload. Maybe Britain respecting different case. Persian gulf and. I don't know my goodness my goodness now or never really they can have his miss my answer yeah. Greetings we're written this guy and OK we're getting a little forward got a B judge Diana we're just not in the only this you to one Ambien and goes round and held out what that man I don't know violates. Wolf full if you. The calendar view what are Antonio does the wrong show I'll stop yeah. Megaupload is man he gave you everything he had for so good voters regularly make liberals try you have the street you have right now because that man. You wanted take the first opportunity to kick him justice disgusting 5353776. We go to Daniel de Niro on. Settlement. And that is why don't see it now this is why Greg how would never and a couple of reasons. Why and historically. Every candidate came handling good ground moment what Michael Jordan do before you get shut. We ought to abandon that you don't believe it's no more Ali Ahmed studio forget they're not a lot of people. How popular operating and put my alias they have now watch how hard you play defensively is edited government launch go to. He gave a bench and if you want to. How I became an identity but how many bullpen look save big market small markets and we have an identity we have bit and put it out. Opportunity to look at the price although Nicholas Sparks could develop into an opportunity that we can't even beat you got to be so grateful or despite him leaving we had a better position now and I guarantee you did do those things as you most eager Riley is welcome dinner and leave. Now Daniel day day appreciate him let me tell you this right now this team is not an a better position for not having Tony Allen on this team how low they are not in a better position for not having Tony Allen honest. Team acts you meet. You agree with me you took the Celtics from one of or because they built the way Avery Bradley I'm. I am I understand what your point here and that that may be. Possibly the pelicans jump over you ride what I'd say it was the reserve your team that's bound for the seven or Spock and this maintained that we're now you just bound for the eight. In domain because I think this makes the ball all Euro or percent battling for right so so so to your point yes indeed very short. Short future jar. Yes right now did you lose a defensive back Danny. That's that's obviously a big oil that's enough to that's what I'm looking at the short term future because this roster is also George just altered that you're just talking about next year until about the next two. The next two or whatever you hope some these guys are filling out developing and like I said. Some of that apparatuses on some of that explosiveness he batted you hope that also helps offset lower you lose wigand's we're gonna need sip to bolster their pipeline brother from south haven says it to the FedEx Forum. Whether it's me it means it's got this morning about him holocaust ever it's more important never knew when I got two more events on yesterday until it's speaking into it they heard you guys that are my lips to god is they've they've heard just what what aren't we didn't do the year we did that parents go bad when. About about 37 since it got time for a few more we go to Tom Tom your own. And all the time or. I just got the word yesterday that. America grandfather that's seriously even but. Almost sick around almost typically I've got two hitters in the locker room right now that I might get rid of any chance there love the GAO loves. The the code to the culture of of this basketball Syrian town a lot lot of recruitment drive I embraced it and Christian NCA embraced this first Jamal did you have embraced giving every bit. He has all checked your player is not unlike them or get them under ultra wood you are in much and statement was I'm almost certain that regard but you know what. Jason Gerrard business is business but you know what I won't say your tail but right now you know Joseph I love the group we have a love that the cultural left coasters they'll. See great but we won't vote at some point there's time at a place for everything in basketball and know that. We got to the violence and hate allotted amount CA hello Tony Allen involved in your fantastic player. And you know at some point in America and our own organism in our team organizations. Passworder when the trial and we're gonna bring it up illustrate it we're gonna hope that every church okay we're gonna get much much insulin. Actually I ordered to give our team a chance to hold that serve they wanted downhill straight short bench that we can do that. Time editors say because you know he's gonna lift that trophy Tom didn't matter what more you know he's not 525377. Just gets out for a couple more we go to the other day GoDaddy you're on. There have got look. I'm a realist I understand the business I'm just thankful for Tony Allen I don't think you can have been out that you wouldn't get into the difference people respect her don't. But ultimately it market might but. I just want to finish out the not favorite no Tony Allen moment it will be greater arm it would Aircastle Donahoe people at mar appeared this. It was game two unbelievably Golden State series. When he did he did the first Mobi Internet stupid woman Brandon. Mean I don't think there are six months to get all night Tony Allen on the almost don't want to look at their catatonic person who you are glad that you all do well. Lab. There is patient care. Are there I don't want to go there there's always see those rules and the Crudup the actor comes from the grandfather. I can't give Tony Allen but you know. He loved it. Shower him and a blue moon and helps our youth with a dependable performance on American Eagle on the day your kids you'll have a great Tony Allen's play defense and ORACLE Arena. I remember that that was fantastic varies quite a very I was very very very very big bigot. And I remember that called very well because that's that's that's what in my favor trademarks of Eric when he pulled. He will sort of he will inject dialogue. Into his commentary even when people invent if you create a hypothetical conversations that the players or have a right he'll let. Antonio says shut it. Big bad. It I still can has broad way but then we all love god and I've been Dalton area Tony valid is. Are you do it. I remember hearing that call. He when he said you shower him with boos. And toning down we'll give you plug golden shower and that's what I don't know that I'd I'd like Hugh that in Brad Davis golden stay out of the druze goal and I really did that and that's without let's go I get hammered two more dale was amazing we go to Keith Keith Tehran. Don't have a. Say that let me. Speak for the broken hearted person that day there was a final nail in the coffin of grit and grind salute. And got Tony Allen ill for all his shortcomings for everything you wanna say about it off bad. He was a once in A lifetime player there's no one could more entertaining. No more fun to watch the colonial and got kicked Chris Paul in the face. I did the marketing job could be greatly per foreseeing him. You can. He's the airport spot a poster man. Exactly it is the fact I am glad he's got a job young bodies still in the NBA. But as far as from their perspective in Memphis yeah if if static the. Want to know what T I think what it is you have a bunch of very sensitive men who were not who are not willing armed sister put on display. Their feelings and so they're trying to act like god this is his business but you mean man we did it. We did because we're real and I think it's OK to agree I think it's okay to more so I appreciate you calling it. We got yet have one more Nathan. Nathan you're on. What guys was going on Memphis. Look so I just I want her and all recounts something that they're darned certain little bit goatee. He quoted LeBron instead. Basketball player on both ends of the court are just want Don just for a second imagine listening. How many missed layups does LeBron have been how many missed layups to pony. That's just or shot. That to recruit to backtracked on there'll never be another defender like Tony Allen. Ever. The guy is a once in a lifetime defense a player. I just. It it was time it's nice to finally have a shooting guard instead of vote guarding guards play in the two spot on the court. That's really all it got me and I just wanna do it to remember that you said what LeBron said and and try at all to apply that. The Tony could I remember vividly a few times yelling no when Tony would square for a dunk shot. There are all part of the comparing obviously LeBron to Tony Allen there is that the bears in their but I think we you know we say it's nice to finally have a shooting guards say instead of a guarding guards. We will see just how nice it is safe and I just appreciate you Roland John accountable. Great job. Generale thanks for the call me old you terribly for the thing that's why Dave this is gonna be held accountable of this move doesn't call please. A modest moves in a wreck the franchise there's not then not resigning Tony Allen are you kidding me a philosophy do it's it's a movement is it not a calculated decision I was wasn't gonna go on forever John but again this roster is built to compete and make the playoffs now. Right still if you're holding somebody for the cab mar job like John if you're holding somebody accountable for decisions being made about the for the franchise in the future of it. Make it the front office that our camera Parsons it's not not not its decision its bumps since this but now it has to be both. They want to have one way more weight than the other John but the one I have like label that doesn't have input sake if he does include does put I he does I'm not absolving him of anything. But if it works and they make the playoffs and all will be forgiven all is well let's just I mean letting him walk dude. You agree with every one it was time you on what it was want you a year from now when I believe that if the grizzlies missed the playoffs and the pelicans finish with a better record in the grip your stick and fizzled out I'm not I'm on you you know what the conversation is going to be part that's going to be Chandler part of that is the reason your so you have no flexibility right now so none of none of what happens this upcoming season has to do with Zach and touted RB on the roster. Sure does a select but don't bring Zach and this can resigning him that's that that that what what what your point they're back to reside twelve million dollar that they have made a decision across the city got there were eight earlier portal and they are going younger they are going younger on the way. Right and we're obviously moving on from Zack it's happening it's happened there was a point you agreed that they needed to do that where have you gone why has that changed I. What I need to do is compete with the Russian they have right now. Which and I believe that with Tony Allen they were a better place to do that I think a big changes it again when you hear the price. You can act and you could of afforded to keep him. The price right and that's why there is going to be some account if you got ten million dollars or one year what I would be did you do anything yet. So this is that's why this is going to be viewed in a different shape Wilson of the games will be played. And we will be reached we'd we'd discuss this again believe me perhaps after opening night. But 2% because we come back it was it was. Possession night for one broadcaster home and prominent football we'll talk about that Clay Johnson as a totally by Jason Dunn did Jennifer and yes it. You mean. When. Somerset need to get back to. This Rangers had a kind of passion for women. But he's prepared to I don't amnesty for an ankle. Maybe on a roll out its news and his. Yeah. Okay. Okay. 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Jason and Jon. On 929 FM RE SP. First story. I initially was made even though Jason Smith didn't care about it. I was the first but I football where two black coaches. Went ahead against each other on and I've come on here saying that medicine why are you okay about it what do you mean I don't care about it they did not like call waiting for you it was great. And death melons in the Booth why would you come on and say I don't care about it while we talked about yesterday is the net that much interest there. It was like a point of pride for you was like no I'm just we want gonna lead to show with it we should have done three hours on the today but you did Harry would have been wrong in this reboot of our own nation that and they also it was also the debut. Mexican sideline reporter Sergio debt. And this is this is this is what happened. To. Guys. Watson now on the main. This diversity in the background it's helping him a lot tonight quarterback at Colorado defense. Vacuum the end of the. Having the time of his life everything you like he's his pace this island they like serious that does not appear to be had at a time of his life. Right. Right. Until I feel bad for such a bit and it's in. I feel great for him. Do you know that ESP and a despite Twitter demanding that they go back courses are you for another hit. Yes and never went back home they wouldn't go back to mistake on their part ethic that's week I think it's tweeted you let you know you made the decision to put him on. Back your guy Upton don't kill him like that after he goes out there any stumble and bumble. And it's out of the message body was up and it was a good report they should have give us. I should have given them another chance out wanna be serious about this John. Others like what what what you know. What have you ever know or remember what is said during a silent report I mean idol is safe and less players right the only time I'm listens at some guys injured and listen and if they're coming back I mean. Actually remember you he said Australia chose it as good as we had a profound impact on daily is reporting that at all when I first saw it was day heat it. Seem to write badly on the field not on the screen. Everybody because we are immediate seem to me like he was getting feedback my thumb is that it is a year like you maybe he was hearing that delay moon and so he was hearing himself talking but it didn't sound like what he was really saying that's what it looked like to me as I was watching it like all man. This dude like is geared himself and it's mess than a month. So I you know. I think that might have been the case but I also think he just kind of you know stumble a little bit and I don't you have something similar to this are well. Well is that it reminded me of it was a few years ago and it wasn't quite the same thing but it was a woman who is on the scene I think it was at the grammys may be. And they threw it to her. On the scene. And it was out it was third. I don't wanna say it was entertaining because I don't know what I don't know Sheila was having issues there. Or was it but. She says a lot of things they didn't really makes cents and that this is kind of what it reminded me of for the very first 53. Well. I'm very very heavy at heavy didn't convert tasting tonight we had a very garrison dinners and but let's go to daycare stays in Lisbon at the had a pet. We'll. What was that sorry what was that easily bad do you want to what you want to throw it there if she's still alive and healthy. That is very funny I let me Luka. Did she but did she have a stroke was originally going to destroy gonna happen we probably should be loud she's there was a migraine let's hearing him is that this is it is the result Republican figure out oh my coverage we're seeing for the very first time three. Well. And very very heavy at heavy did very tasting tonight we had our very dinners and Harrison. But let's go ahead Terry is tasteless and it had a pet. There were so hot. I says I say if you say it has a very very head being. Some then our patient tonight in the bear some Hairston. Then she's did she try to throw a baggage he's like that so that slowed a bit. Your dad just look you know you watch the video that is usually the case and she stumbled over her first word admitted growl she bottom. And that's what. That's when you have a head injury. And you wake up speaking a language that you've never spoken before life you know if you have an accident and I wake up and asked are speaking German on the show light. Yeah that's medical speak in tongues in church yes that's not a player ever want to embrace at my house dude that's right remember that's what she sound like that you don't just on the screen that not almost she had an apology bill. I'm glad dies or but Sergio did did this morning TS he's got it. And it's very very sad that we were laughing about it earlier listen to Sergio did. It's been. Couple of hours trying to digest which just happens who they. 29 year old Mexican. Guy there. I'm in Denver Colorado. And this is the other fellow. Monday Night Football game between. Good Broncos and chargers. The biggest. Stage possible. Until I was sitting in my elementary school. September 11 2001. And because Mexico. California. Born in the Mexico or any bad California. Mexico. The girl and a and the American. Environment. As a minority. A minority. Like head coach case. Vance Joseph and I think that. So what I wanted to do was to show some respect. Making my debut as a minority. On America on national T. The biggest. Stage yeah. Under most heartfelt day. In this great country Mano. I immigrants. And own some people's perspective. It always want. But I truly meant no disrespect. Because. Although wondered do. With the show some love to list who historical. Yeah coach. Hopefully I'll have a lieutenants. And be sure. Homemaker. Most. Okay how about Africa almost broke my heart that was very dramatic there's no question like I think he is a guy who was unintentionally funny. He someone's child suicide watch he wasn't like. It's. Just. It's dark. But he elected he would I think we're even like a whisper the end of the senate to do on a more dramatic and I need to go pickup some milk. It does exactly what it's it was very like I feel like he was I think he was auditioning. For what like for his next for his role in the soap opera like did you see the guy he's a handsome well what do they call those until a new wave is. And Mexico that what they're called a pivotal they're called like the other Mexican soap opera I don't know where you go on telemundo I don't Santo Domingo elements I don't plays on that makes is a barber yeah it as it he's on there. A dozen the breakup scene is like. Yeah don't send us an answer. Now that's only espionage to go back and cute but you hope someone gives them a chance up elect the so well with Helena Villanova our witness that's the word on the before. But he's going to be okay man Fergie has feasted on a bill bit of a better job like vetting him because clearly was not ready for that apparently he's awesome in Spanish. But apparently when he's on Hispanic rush hour that would I'm absolutely going and it would just tell. Is it that you're doing a soccer match out there and they would of been anybody like what ever they have some fun with a doesn't need to be I think sometimes forced to serious and you know it when you get those sideline reports relate. And so what I'm reporting live from the broncos' sideline where Brad told of his may in LA I think this is all that's too serious I think it's funny that we kind of got a little comic relief break up here you know some Dow not only need to apologize a little bit too much for me oh you're not a laughing at Sergio. And I can't tell lap I can't have a laugh and Adam a panel about them but it's okay what goes on and and he will tape. Are we come back clay Travis Angeles who talked to him about this. And more Jason's done any Jennifer India's it OK keep your eyes closed container I wanna show you my first ever painting. Okay. Over here. Oh that's all these colors yeah it ends she Sylvia asks what do you think. I I like how old is he switched to Geico you could save hundreds of dollars on car insurance yeah it's not it's true. Here. One I pulled your pain trashed while you called them. Geico because saving 15% or more car insurance is always agree dancer. 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Half off your entire purchase excluding those diamonds and pandora for convenient locations not on line for this one folks get to Robert when Jewelers today. In the business. I'm back we're here every. Tuesday December stuff but Travis looks up clay Travis right now. Cases come bridge claims radio show. Weekdays from six to 9 PM on ESPN 7:9 PM here and now own juices into. The ESPN. Or Travis how are you sir. Dario would go to our we're talking about Tony Allen today in Memphis always been a great deal of this three hour show talking about Tony Allen. In his departure from Memphis he signed with the New Orleans pelicans. Other grandfather you know you'd probably you got an idea of what he's meant to Memphis and I guess my my first question to you play. Is there an athlete in Nashville. Predator tighten whatever I'm assuming it's probably not a tightened just another way they they don't support that team. On is there a player that that sort of embodies a CD embodies you know that that that the city relates to loves like Memphis loves a Tony Allen is there one guys and their peak Jason bond guys that. Is there one of those guys out there in Nashville. Well it would be retired titans. And the titans are still the straw that stirs the drink by far this city it would've been beaten to bear the before he was hurt. It would be Eddie George and it would probably be boring quite Jack I would say those are the three guys. Probably get you know Ed obviously younger guys don't have the recollection of that doubt it it's been. Nearly twenty years since they were in the titans were in the Super Bowl. But when those guys moved to this city. They they're impact on the videos. Major pro sports franchise. This except that they had I would say that it spit those three guys probably more so than any others. That immediately kinda have that connection or the city and that's like the murder steamy air. Yeah I mean not just that it happened but that it happened in Nashville. They may or retire let's go live the rest of it all like each in bash well that was a blow to the city sports scene unlike probably any other. It'd ever existed and certainly are quite checks still on the radio a year and Eddie George is still active in the community and lives here. I would say those three guys better than any other in any sense honestly Woolsey whether. Market Mario they can never ascendancy that caliber. You know devastation the franchise the level. But nobody else has ever been close I would say to those very. So yeah Jason fits on earlier on your familiar with him and he believes. That the titans franchise has just not for whatever reason. Truly connected to Nashville do you disagree with that. Yeah. Yeah I do I mean I think at CNET scratch style you know lately but you look at television ratings and you know that the ratings numbers that it titans game posted this city ever year I mean. Let's say for instance the that the University of Tennessee is obviously a big deal here SEC football is a big deal here. Titan games it twice what those games get so I mean to put into perspective you know and natural that peaked at the University of Tennessee count. A big SEC football town in general wanted to talk draw in the country. Four college football in general and they've tightened gains or double the Hyatt or integrated college football game on average every week. So yeah I mean look it is that by far the titans dominate this city ballot. Were there people who care about the predators when they're making a run towards that Stanley Cup yes but there is there anything like that type that this city. In terms of everybody coming together watching one team. What what's just your theory and on why they don't fill the stadium opposite just because well. You missed the stadium sold out I mean I think it's just. A lot of times slower coming out got season tickets sometimes I don't go to the game if it's rainy it's cold or I think I did that the NFL product in general in per cent. It's a pale approximation of the college football product and I think also what your saying is. Bought stadiums are having trouble filling out I think it's peaceful you can send it overbuilt. I get an ideal universe like if you were deciding if stadium right now followed exciting football stadium. I wanted to die the most bad ass 40000 seat stadium a match or maybe even 35000. Seat stadium for football team can get everybody like work. You give everybody like recliner seats are leather seats with wide by everybody's you know like. I think in the future you're gonna happen to you. Convince people that come off their caps like right now log dot edu launching a my couch. I guess 65 inch flat screen television directly and try to be export K ordered that you're saying is behind the price. Why would anybody like that he's an expensive I think it cost me like 12100 dollar write like if you remember back that they were flat screen or started they were like 89000 dollars you critic like 1990 doll or a slow period saintly affordable to the point now where your average guy with a cap or like an incredible television just like that I thought she. And why would I believe I can have my fridge right beside me I could pop open as many Beers I can bring it as much booted out more I got oil. I can do whatever I walked right. From the comfort of my couch and probably enjoy this game just as much if not all appetites to take a poll out which of the raiders. And I feel this way by the way about most sports in general. Almost all sports are better on TV I think football spot or better achieving. Do you get reap replay you can see exactly what have figured it out well and could go watch. During every commercial break I can flip over to watch the highlights that are going on the red zone channel. I think that that is a major battle that everybody's gonna have to face you know how indicated. You went to a University of Tennessee game there's nothing like it at the state of Tennessee. And you might not even be able to watch that game and tell me how old enough to remember it nobody older than me what ever remember this like. Literally listening to a game on the radio that wasn't available on television because I happen to be in the car. Now because there was some reason why couldn't watch it on television because they're literally what not all hell which. There that's not gonna happen in the future and certainly like my kids the idea that every sporting event they wanna watch it not available is crazy people will be at is already crazier. I am glad you say what you said about your television because of that's what you took from I felt like I forced by agree with everything you say I as a even as a media member I think there is less and less value in going to games in person because you're getting. When you watch games from home first of all you're getting more perspective you're getting perspective from the announcers. And you're getting replays and you're seeing all kinds of different angles I think I think you'd you have more value now on staying home mezzanine or that's that's my that's my first thought secondly. What you said about televisions and how they're affordable my partner here. He has a 32 is television clay. And at and I don't. What spending its money on other I better be a hooker at whiskey because. They can collect if he's the deacons don't know I think most of my may go to the charge but I feel like he should he should be able to turn himself. You know because it. I speak yet it remarked it's funny like I remember old school. Like getting my first VCR and by beating my first yard at my parents like it was expensive going out at do we get our member a giddy Capel. Like I remember that feeling like an out of that opera at like that each channel while they're like oh my god you'd like. We did he could have remote yet like yet is it a part of the television it was clear at all. That you'll be like man I can't believe that seventy channel Al tell us that she's torn and I also we got our first remote control. And I heard my dad be in like I don't want a remote control can make you ladylike might have a shot to get up to change the channel or eight general. I got her like all the experience is that obviously you know like my kids are gonna think like our incredibly old. Just like my parents talk about they got their first television and the fact they recruit that. But but yet in the it is is like go out and get like it's not awarding it it's like all sound like almost like you don't wanna spoil yourself like you know he's. I he wins because I go out again at sixty its delegates be too much like I can't imagine anything from a dollar purse it. That is more portable that is more enjoyable I just got big huge television on the tell all the wall. Go ahead and having Jason please explain yourself the player because I would like geared to have been trying to get you have great for awhile. Clay for thirteen years of work there's a newspaper reporter made very little matter of fact it was well I doubt I'll just leave it that was very little and now I meant more money. And I'm left and and with my first year making more money I've decided to pay off some of those large credit card bills. But I stacked up over thirteen years of making nothing so assuming that Sumi for that. I totally totally understand that but it's somewhat like I don't think anything of myself right like my my I would get my credit card bill every month like. I did I think disbelief over what our white can spend all our kids and on our house and everything else right. I could your vote abbate they're little money for a long time Dallas Baker good money. But even when I make very little money swimmer won the first thing my wife and I bought when we wore a couple. Government could be expected the Colorado River what the dollar figure was. Well we went out and bought a forty inch flat screen. And you don't way to look at all the wall Ernie thank you look like just put our televisions for that. Before we actually it might get thirty Jewish by track ever ever. But I remember that experience of exploiting it and if any would like it eureka moment right and you know it didn't work what you make a downside it's the last few are like impressed by what you can buy. And so that's where I think in general like philosophically that's what you at the start to think OK like what it quite mean beyond just possessions because of your more productive player. ID don't have that many assets like your thought is bad at all we I at this new television I shall have to. Or if only I had this type of car be so happy normal at this apartment I'd be so out. If that is true to a certain extent because you can't like possession has to make like what he does by happiness and some sense. But did you reach a level where you have basically got. That things that are gonna make you substantially after your whether it's good place to live you know to reliable transportation. And white television itself like that and beat ebitda does that. The added benefit of adding new protections that got attacked a check or. So I get that. But from the an awesome television is still all about like we do static as they were in my off and when it went when we got it why yesterday I was like all right this is pretty phenomenal. Yeah we're we're gonna get him there class I have no doubt he's going to be able to experience. Six sports in a different way and I'm excited former jumpers on Clay Johnson knocked it comes to him every morning on 790 AM. From 69 do you think clay we will ever see. Sergio de upon another NFL broadcast this year. And eight years my issue okay with that guy first of all I've done a lot of television so I still conquer all talking about television. And it is more direct anything I do you think that a lot of people who do shot while broadcasting. People at this site yet it's insanely easy edited anybody could do it. And I think having that guy out there. Demonstrated that there is a great deal of skill associated with the people are talking into your year. They come to you only got 45 seconds permitted at most to make whatever statement you were going to make. It's easy to stumble over your work and if you do you can start to panic because you're aware Mike got a lot of people are watching. If you don't know exactly how it's gonna you know kind of resonate. Have except. That guy I've never heard of before and I don't know how or why yet the end decided to preach about. For one of their biggest gains of the year. If they had been doing your game in Mexico City let's say and they wanted to have a former Spanish speaking bilingual site on her order. I think that would make sense that you would probably wanna go get big guy or girl who is best at that job to do it. I have no idea why it makes sense for a game in Denver to have a guy at the sideline reporter that we never heard out win there or. Probably what fifty people at ESPN that not a hundred more accomplished on the sideline that people would recognize they could do that job. In a good fashion so that immediate I don't play the guy for taking the gate right look at somebody wants to put you on national television to pay you to be sitting there on the sideline talking. Like that the job that I think anybody who look think you're right now should take it they won't get that. But I blame ESPN for putting it at that position lawyers failed he wasn't ready for that assignment. And it was you know. Like watching a slow moving car accident when he actually started to talk on the site. Tennessee Florida's only for this weekend play out this one gonna go. Florida's offense allows awful good news for Columbia. I'd vote yeah I think both these teams are not very good. So much to get there so I liked under in this game I don't think there's going to be a lot of points scored I think it'll be like a twenty to seventeen. I I don't think Tennessee defense is very good I don't think that he thought that the very good. I don't explored as very good on either side of the ball like I don't feel a lot streaks here. I do think that that cannot be given the situation to fire at point line or whatever it. I think the value was probably on Tennessee I think that Butch Jones. And Tennessee. Have less to lose and more to gain from this game so Brooke pressure situation yeah. Tennis fans are so used to losing to afford it right but I think just about every single one of them listening to you guys write ballots in to us talk. Believed that Tennessee is gonna lose this game and expect for Butch Jones solution game so. There would be used for yet it can if he wanted. And I don't think there's gonna be. But this stay here if they would write I think that those two emotions really are at play here potentially I think. There's an expected walk. California I think things can change of heart because I think war can't expect to win. And it they've lost I think urgent Mac away yet a lot like speak gain a lot more to lose more on this game. So with that in mind I like Tennessee's perspective on this game I think that talent levels are relatively equal. Tennessee are even though he had a look great I think dorm beat it may be looked better than we take breaks or. Whoever lord it's gonna trot out to be their starting quarterback. Carl Weathers Moly you're tenth. And I also think that Tennessee got some peace or perhaps you know they play two weeks in a row. They haven't had the suspensions right they have not had the same issues that that Ford has had. And so I think that he's gonna come out and played fairly loose they're coming off a win last year. And nobody expect from the web and so I think that that it can achieve a better perspective I think they're the better bet. And and I like there are decently to go down to keep it close and eighty skilled at the end. Clay it is the time is always going to Wear the new office TV man. Will do it tell your boy that heat that up stepped up big time. You could tell he he will live through you for the time being present. That it always the difficult loyalists to get the debt that it very heavy to get up before you average just recovered and now all hours and occupy about. Preservers of us are glad. Our CO depth is clay Travis from out kick the coverage listened to it this is a this is gonna be when you get that. Didn't know that these are two aides say I believe it's safe. Fifteen and fifty it'll what what do whatever is around there is that the right there and there's there's it is as yet I've managed a six there's a sixty us. I've got to sixteen CB. You have a 32 by he I still you you know you can't even see the Jersey numbers. But you have to like get closer of TV and I'm just got the money man do you started so funny for you to get it now we know it's just how do you have one team your team. On several TV again also all 32 with the thirty through the bigger small. I I'm conscious I'm very comfortable with discussing the think it sounds like it's something I should feel bad about much like you just don't think it's more irresponsible Jason you just don't know what's on the other side you know like you don't know how much your life can change if you have a big TV awning when you're so blessed in other areas of your life. Right the TV thing is is minor but it could be of additional blessing. Now that and he makes a good point there have a satellite Sonny had big yeah yeah beautiful on the they had to death or life in a hat and big TV dude it's you can have both. It's not like Kevin he got to choose between having a good career a family you know John I'm blessed you are blessed but you have a small TV. And I hope what the timeline here we think of like next. December. Let's college football season you have a bigger TV emotion from this albeit a bit man loading this sponsored by Friday. I remember I told you did you go to best round I've got a brother everywhere Marshall earlier this point is house is getting out of where I am getting out of rob. And getting home. The big TVs all come after that my priorities and black analyze you and you made you pay as you probably do and right to probably do I we got to figure out who exactly is going to take over Tony known as the airport spokesman. Two very important job. It is a big responsibility. You do your job there is to uplift people to keep them happy keep them smile and we get to identify who in this community is going to do except an end and do that job. So we'll do that today we may need your help Jason in Germany Jennifer MB SPS. Listen to the Gary very show for Memphis basketball recruiting insider keep these to a TV story today at 420 and 99 FM yes yeah. Still 1 and only she's eastern look. 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A soldier Philly answered the call he's open up on Sundays now went from twelve day this past Sunday ran out of chicken John. So is gone from twelve to five from now. You will still be open on Sunday is also have a chicken for your fear filled weekends. Go see him again 56 iron on mount Mariah soon have a location early November around Bartlett. He's taking over the world. Come up at 5245. He can visit a long line at the wing to root dot com don't support of Memphis Tigers. That I got that there is gonna Jason Smith sent shock. I had before we did two. Deciding who the next airport spokesman is going to be because. I think we both agreed Jason that is a very important duty correct and did you see his face all over the last all of the airport is huge it's been the best marketing for that airport. Probably ever. Ray McGovern turned around and there's so we need to tell me as a community we need to come up with who the replacement is going to be because he can't keep his Tony Allen did like your first or just in his morning. Who was rougher suggest this morning. He's over there and athletic office don't know we're on normal regular realm not of my analytical with. We drove restaurant you know I suggest that television. Hey is it the welcome given your grandfather. About it grad who like go over Grandpa's lake in in fish and end run around mom ponson vote. Tough to change and excited about this basketball program as you get excited about the airport. Because you're trying to run away from it. That's. Ami had announced a moment what you write about is your right it's a big job. It's a big job and so we need to figure out and we have some great candidates that I had to be sports people we into at all. I do think there needs to be another sort of figure that a figurehead for that place and so we're gonna try to decide that in indexing before we do that. Some really quickly here with. They it's my main grizzly Adams sent us a tweet and says but says Paul cars he has been asked to take the day off today. Paul largely a case thumb after a morning I made too eventful. So apparently. This is what happened that we we we don't have time by the idea of is I don't care that much. But apparently he and Blaine bishop got into a heated argument on his morning hit today Blaine bishop now does radio. In the mornings former time and Paul cars he joins them I think every Tuesday in studio for an hour and that some new didn't he with with Paul. And apparently. Apparently Blaine bishop is a little bitter that puck a harsh he's new web site. And blog has gotten some coverage telling me with guys that got big houses. They've got a problem those and and that his his his transition into media and radio has got no coverage. And so I think that kind of bled over today I'm not I've got the videos like somebody was driving around and took video of their radio. We don't I don't have the audio and like the real like straight from I don't know they put it opera was chosen as nasty as his running do you. In this seems to be hit that his stick as it or not I would like everybody comes in contact with the apparently argue. He was the first question to Malarkey on during the post game press conference and of course he went right at like watch you do them onside kick on when Malarkey. That's a fair question we could tell though Malarkey new focus Malarkey knows Fogg art exactly he was like oh you're trying to get me mad he was like Ed you know he just to the coach speak but you could tell he smiled at him if he knew he was doing. There I think that is his thing so.