Jason & John Hour 2 (2/12/18)

Jason & John
Monday, February 12th

Talking Tigers/Grizzlies weekend and much more in Hour 2 


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And I know one thing that didn't make the story I don't think I mean you kinda. I don't think it mandatory that you will get it is that they're thinking you probably won't play football this year and then it got up at about Obama yeah not Hollywood. Political titans to admit that I like act this way now I bet you change your mind on that because. You know he said that high school football pulled it right then junior I football and let you know that you you've gotten continued outlet like. Yeah I think that's totally you know not the clipboard but this. You know that there's probably a lot of single that they carry with them I know I would not let that Tyler. A lot of parent thinks we're out what was my dad standoff that saw our. Hello yeah but there won't blood pressure I can't imagine playing sports. You know in Nashville and the agency is required so I figure I need the biggest lead yet aipac that they. An idol live there obviously but like you know took him with an injured though that you global championship. You know they have really young franchise. You know dismissed this stuff it in you know he died yachts here on early this big here that like you know despite the legendary. Figure I I would think it would be really hard to open it up about another shopper they they never thought about leaving. You know I would a pillar of the I was trying to think what what made you wanna get away all the members. I mean that's her column and then and they love with a rare. We are of course talking to Elizabeth Merrill ESPN's senior writer if you have not read the story you should do that's audience in a sound. And if you miss the ESPN. And then it will be on ESPN 2 at 7 o'clock so deftly took that out. Then lastly bullets ago as you did spent a lot of time also last month with Marvin Bakley we love Marlon Bagley here in Memphis because we hope that I used to draft the Marvin Baghdad and I was I don't. So what do we need to know about hopefully the next Memphis grizzly Marvin Bagley. Thought her you know you would get by it he called Blair I would really. And crack flip the way he carried the ball look we cannot bargain manuals. You know why all the other athletic what they do that who make. Well now mob who he is an NY. You know he's going to be in those cops to rear or acquired and I know I'd definitely talk jury I look at the clock crap I'll Yahoo! you like I'm Barack. Yet at all a lot more than a trillion yen a plane. Yeah I can't imagine him not being in the top three here are definitely. So but the thing that really struck me as a kid it's incorrect sir for being a tool. I moved. I would not remotely like Larry or. Opt. And I mean this guy is likely well polished and I'm sure your dad won't lift a glass and do it that well. It felt like you know it would Stanley keeps in very high tech bubble. Now some people I guess that I'm not I wouldn't let him bandit and that the bad just that but the city not gonna have like the entourage. Unlike you know bad characters or not they're a lot you know I I had not been a lot of that anyway but life. This kid gasoline. For being slow I would really impressed by the charity. Super Smart I mean look is go in the dude you got like a three career at street or who and you skipped a year. Yeah accurate take on. Make sure that you know we use that term life. He did you get clear of high school and get that three career victory or is it like. Yet so I think you're get a guy yeah the total package that will add there's going to be some time read were you developed it. I mean I don't think you get someone you can be awestruck about anything. You gonna get an open air them. Yeah hey. I think he could be a good there. Now we're we're we're all in on a Liz thank you so much for an testing work on this absolutely thank you yeah. Yeah she is Elizabeth Merrill. ESPN senior writer yeah I love everything I heard about Marvin Bagley and listen. Meddle we perhaps overstated. How good degrees will be with Tyreke Evans I don't know. I'll know that Oklahoma City did not have. Russ or Melo last night they still won by Tony look like a different route and will talk about later but he did he was passive last I looked like he's calling it yet all and we'll come back we're I think your calls here very soon. Jason examination and a various it. Yeah. 8299. 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That's our good Billy stuff is all good chickens all cooked it good expensive cholesterol free you'll always been big on the preparation bigger than the other chicken houses makes a difference plus people keep coming back. What are those wings is normal for labor reserves Lesnar banana putting is all good at the wing who root in 56 and are not right. In column a 509 point 45 or visit them all live at the wing to Rudolph count those ornaments tiger like we do your obligations national summit got the rich and Jason Smith sensor. Hi Jason and Jon back when we need to the rundown so let's it's too. The rundown presented by a matter of when nationwide insurance. Today's stories from. Jason and Jon. On 92 million USA and EST. True story closed out the lawman John Martin there yesterday on Sunday after the tigers lost the use the and overtime of the grizzlies on a grizzlies thunder game as early in the first quarter and said John. The grizzlies don't have no problem losing Muslims okay seeing Johnson I don't know Russell Westbrook did Carmelo Anthony are out that's a diary as a backers is in the starting line up yeah I don't know Jason. And by the time I looked up John. They were down double digits in the first quarter Tyreke Evans apparently all the way in all the tanker lease it felt like it last night I know he's been off for some sometimes so we need a little bit more of a sample size and it kind of feel. Where Tyreke sat right now where that head's at right now while the Paul George. Took care business CF 33 last night to lead as we said a short and thunder squad in that victory was much drama John. Tarik as we said started on coming back at twelve points five rebounds three assists four turnovers three of eleven from the swat bought. As we said going into the break we'll passive. Arm hole you know my most time that you see you see Tariq taken that step back three whatever is passing inside to my. Now don't I'm I don't know if that's enough evidence yet to say the Tyreke Evans is back and all the way in on the tank we need to see more of the sample Sox. A vote on what I do know John is that the grizzlies right now tied for the fifth worst record in the league. Just one game. Behind the team with the worst record rather Synopsys and teams in between that's going to be a fight is going to be a fight. When you start talking Marvin badly now regarding that bad you talk about them with Liz I'm on the list and related yes yes yes prisons got one more game before the all star break that'll be Wednesday verses that say OKC team here at FedEx form. Tarnished by thinning out of an oil. I'm not absolutely not so bad that take care business I always feel of the all star game did you see. This celebrity game. First of our men for the first time maybe ever arm in my grab what is not in it. Bummer and did you know that. Nodded though he's not in. Let's go there and I hadn't quite a bit of it to the heart to you try to retired and he's done enough our lives let's Lou which which team do you think will win one million renewed they're the team lakers in the team clippers are you ready for most of this team lakers. Caleb McLaughlin I mean that's the guy from stranger things vocal black did welcome young kid. Jerry file of Ferreira that Ferrara forever apparel yeah. Racial demise she's two K house. Welcome you know that he's a she's a woman are you don't know that. You have played two K ever in your life just keep going on a pair of play today. Yeah you said this celebrity's. Yeah I took him I'm waiting on bank you've been waiting on the celebrity I got the one my movie F Kennan. They came as a celebrity did all right nick Kennedy's library whichever show you things is a celebrity. He's on Saturday. As the future of drew Scott Dunn and that is Chris move don't know who that is sterling brand don't know who that is a different this is us. I don't watch that show that I don't that is at him but what about yeah yeah and his name sterling might be using you know restart and OJ thing. Yes they've is telling is that is that you have the wrong DR price sterling there. There is this the this is name a steal bread he's the host is the co host there won't be opposite Charlie Brown you said sterling Graham under that program. He's he's a pseudo celebrity Terrance Crawford you know that is no. I don't know about just off main and it's in the face with a man who are these people he's a boxer. Does this all one team or you Rizzo seems bowed out GMAC that team noted that changed Nate Robinson. Oca Candace Parker and mark Lazarus. And I like electability. The athletes that there's a good run there at the end. All right very efforts in clippers I don't I don't know I don't know Obama ready miles brown. Brandon Armstrong he's that he's the impersonator is the best or impersonating me on FaceBook and the dot. Dot Sheila Polanco. I'm it's an innocent I know that again. I got in them and read drivers paying for somebody we know. He's also wait. Andre de gras. You know that is some days related Neil no he's not tax. Jamie Foxx did well I'll. A real salute him Bubba Watson. We know Bubba Watson golf like little common. Paul Pierce. Is that these are where you are always great. Or behind that team who's going to be on the show here senate. Again. Where get him on again Stephanie Jolson. And win Butler the guy from Arcade Fire Oca. I love it sits there which was that late as the clip of that second balanced by far the most our panel recommends it go to win the game. And segment entertainment Jamie Foxx and Robert pear was then there's no. You don't do remember that kid was definitely I mean I remembered it just didn't. Look bad. He showed itself I don't I don't I don't have grown used to say about Robert pero right now rob sorry do you Rhode pair would whoop queue up. He's like six and these big night I'll tell me can't duck. He who view of broad humor I blow black house they'll follow his fate of the east on a level about how you got intimidated about Robert Perez basketball abilities that yes he's a little taller than me now remember. Even though isn't it yeah I remember way he Antonio organ to a 10 yes and yes it is more excited as I say I am I guess you know I was gonna spots they're cancels out your bill would call. And some have an error when Avant. Well I mean I think you've risked Tony gets owner yeah I guess that's foolishness he can't really do that Spitzer risky repair his ego. Ali wanted his video it yeah. The via its cold though that you you know like you price political but it legend say he unaided well Tony Allen. I don't know B would have the he would score once on Tony at all not McDonald's team did not talk colors aren't for real yeah he that he that you somewhere Chicago gutter. Right that's someone doom blow black and we'll give you some have probably got there yet but it does dominate neither Riley gutter and yeah. Yeah well better what does that look like it's going to be includes black and I'll smoke. Joseph blow is starting player on the court with no nets like I'm not going to plant opened a practice facility like and so we put his warm so he put his. Elbow sleeve on it cause double look pretty. Mean all Assad on outside courts and omits what's the route you can smoke like what's that was the rally court like what's that like the committee senate pool Robertson is there. Is outside dead we take our goals that's I'll go over there I don't have inside goals we just inside gold's bull bull when I don't it only inside our moms alien for us. Now I don't I want him did choose to keep the team so that we can do get this one on one in Raleigh. I would outside soccer smoke fifth. Yeah that's this is the last degrees his last game. Before you always an asthma rundown out of ordinary either read yet but it was his advice dropped six straight and the last nine Dow looking really good on the tank opens are read a mess it up last night yes they look like he was part of the plan. Need more sample size of C where's its app also Atlanta's winning. It's it's a long season are you now like I was only good swing and actually eight was that. Yeah yeah but I have more faith in the grizzlies winning more games from here that I do hawks like that is that bagged greens are gonna. When they play teams that are in their similar situation or they're gonna win. You know like they're they're competing. They went they damn well before every day haven't got. You know got pulled they'd won nine of fifteen with a little I don't believe we slugger almost a point pertain better than 100% so listen I mean they're gonna them on the they're gonna win some more games in the Russell he. In other question is how many. And that will all thrilling you know impact where they pick in the NBA draft. I'm still really appreciate you finished and I gave I gave you a chance that it it's it's meant to you if there were active. Diamonds was on Good Morning America today and he said he's been diagnosed as bipolar. He is taking medication for it and his goal is to get back on the football. Field now. I got bad news by a good days of madness. Yeah in which would you like ours. A bit about the bad news is Tony football you'll never play in about it. Is that you know you don't really you are great when you did play. I was hopeful about dive robot buddy you know beaten Alabama NA NA MF you know doing everything he could do with a full ball got big hands. Even though he's on the shorter side. I felt like he had everything it took to be in a vote what I do not know from talking about Iceland's all the time and I just suppose that's not the physical skills so it's not he's not going to be in the NFL again. But his and his football career right now over. It doesn't have to be. Because in 220. There's a new league launching ladies and gentlemen and it's called the acts and the well. Old and out now. Vince McMahon said. When he announced the except. That they would not. Higher players that's right with our batters while getting into a job he only has if it a look it up on his Wikipedia page he only has one arrest. And as a 2012. And he was in college. OK. And I also believe that when you Whittle down the field like that when you say. We're only going to hire people that have never been arrested yet you're gonna have it's going to be hard for you to field an entirety. And if they give you wanna like a product that's appealing to everybody in my eyes on the you know like what if we're gonna do and what did Josh Gordon. Want to drug test again. I mean he's out there FL forever right so why wouldn't you in the ex FL one judge Gordon played your leak. I mean seriously. Our runner up here. About Justin Blackmon why would you what knowledge of the dead it's a rule that I have to change it on both so why not start with Johnny football. Would you not be interested now in Johnny football in the ex FL. Of course your line of course you would I have a better view for him. Edited what's that. Jon Gruden is coach in your raiders now. Put Johnny on ESPN. And put him in charge of the quarterback cam. Coles polls shows that green used to buy you wouldn't know the first thing. About and worried about the playbook he's he went there played. This is what they're an improvised and give impart some wisdom on those undies made the perfect got to do it now he needs to like do like Ryan leaf and be like a counselor. That's what he really needs to do not like that it opens do but I'm coupled with the young guys can do part of that is part of this ESP NA of the new guy who's there who got. That who knows how honest they said I think Joseph Thomas might get a shot. Like you know the browns tackle what. Buzz you about the browns are unemployed imposition. Michael I don't protects them what do you don't even know the intricacies evident every Romney didn't know and the smartest players in the game that is the worst decision ever usually Joseph Thomas is replacing Yahoo! dot quarterback thing he has a podcast give commands L. Self doubt and it stop at the ex FL yeah I don't eat you know it's not a low speed of the X about guess what I heard over the weekend. All I've got you have designed in the team met this is on the sort list. Well I would take sides of that poll that went out there the unofficial polling might Memphis went. Far and away won it Memphis is on the short list to get access value that you are getting excited for nothing that's what doesn't start homey. Come on Jerry Jerry doesn't mean he works for Vince McMahon yeah respectability. The except I would be a great thing I don't know why you're so opposed to get Jason what is your issue would be so well it's a different game now they're change some thing we have real football in this town that's played by the Memphis Tigers to be the only time period that our next year. We don't like it at that time anyway we are you said that we don't like it in the spring I thought you agree with me on more for all the better now we need something to cover does not real football tonight we take over the World Cup in the summer we need to accept mail you can be that we could be the I'll play man in the color. Now you do that with coach. Oh you do with coach meaning you will be the broadcast team for the ex FL I'm not I don't I'm not cut and you comedic you can you cannot demand season ticket could be the color man. Not gonna be a part of this yeah that they'll be dead in the years to. No this time they got the formula and diamond does gonna be the face of endless bucket. Are it will come back to take your calls. On tubby Smith and the Memphis hired basketball program. And whether you think he's the right fit and all that 5353776525. He has been a cause we get back Jason's done many Jennifer NB SP. 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Not a 16 1962. Honda Civic save about Arizona where you'll never wake up on the wrong side of the bay head. I got the news Jay smooth. I like that look a lot better yet man. Who's a student scored again a pair she was the first on the news. Your first pairs of course who has done things in right to revenues of maturity on our thinking we've ever seen unprecedented. He is reported. That Andy Kennedy and all messed. Will part ways what after the season that's right Ole miss is going to be looking. For a basketball coach and if you want a guy that's gonna do it the right way. Let's pop hit there ya I don't know where you go without your food if you want a guy that's going to be. Above board and do it by the book can improve your I don't know what Jerry PR situation is. But I'll let but a guy who's really gonna come in and got the singer's I'd I think almost a great job for for them or refer for this man and is named Orlando Tubby Smith. A similar expectations of those that of Texas Tech he's right he says there are no he's had told his best years in the SEC. Yeah. Georgia Kentucky what title and in yards a Kentucky church is at let's say half that's Adelman is necessarily ready to compete for championships. But. You know give it ten years. I mean what do they want from and it candy. Only he Paula Zahn is like my boot into double retirement twice in like fifteen years are very very very difficult job and I'll saturating a little bit what I mean like I mean they. He's been successful thought fifteen was like ten and something like that. They've they've lost five in a row. Of years they just lost LSU 8266. The most recent outing. Twelve years to turn two days ago but yeah who. Yes horrid. It's hard to get to alternative moments though man it is because you don't have like some great recruiting base right are bit down the Mississippi State. You know you're in the SEC we ultimately the area towns going to Memphis or in it in a perk was a good fit. This I had him on the show before and just from member and in previous times talking and then Jenny just about how hard is recruitment now. What they're typically left to do when you've got a coach that's recruiting Memphis or. Or play in a Memphis state coach recruit in Memphis or other schools coming in like we're seeing right now which Allstate. His fall was always meant we got to kind of people left oh you know as Ole miss we kind of got to go get the guys that. That nobody else wanted from Memphis and that's. Means there's a change in recent years been like him and that's. That's what it was that was the job. You yet you get the marte B is newbies. Now a couple of months ten states out of south and no doubt been a good one. Mark kills the guy had no play out like he thought it was our plan we're we're we're switching gears were dominant transfer right there but that's season that it has not gone well for Marco down there Donald. And we were we were talking obviously announced where it was headed here on our show we'd rather talk about fits for him. If he had like guns at the look and that's why it stung right you know I when he decided it's transferred that's watchdog has. He was leaving Memphis not to go to like men not do what. Missouri right. He would have been that were in a bare chested to make their mark Eric Robert made of a lateral move at bats. That's why it's it's done the way it did yeah America's. Let's and become a killer if you have mark on this myth is roster I think we're I don't know how different conversation is. They probably have a few more wins well just in terms of a second score an optional on the perimeter something consistent absolute. Marco was having a good your laughter until the end much like that team meeting he fold as well down the stretch he did. Army was not as competent player down the stretch all asked him what wounds on the much like they don't. Much like most the guys led team there it just all of them that's what you're hoping you stay away from now but it's looking similar to what this right portion you've got now this year with the team's got a folder and I'm sure. So that's the news out of Oxford indicated he's gonna coach for the rest of the season within he and Ole miss are going to part ways and obviously that's something that they worked out. Really it's you know any Kennedy's essentially in virtually fired but you know they're giving him the dignity of Marino parting ways and I like that loaf so that was what you billionaire got there I know what that thing so. That's going on at Oxford here in Memphis obviously the University of Memphis just lost its third straight game. Their fifth loss in six games they now go on the road at SMU on Wednesday in. And this and you just lost a two deposits as of yet I think they will be chomping at the bit to redeem themselves. And after the game last night. Tubby Smith. Have the comment he was he was asked respond but I was of very fair question by the way. Very fair question in my mind. By Joseph Jordan to ask him if he had a response image answers yes to answer bears and criticism which by now you guys all know in tubby said well you know maybe not. Maybe I'm not the best that this program but we're gonna try to do things the right way and religiously and you know that's the best we'll have been here before us the best way united dormant. So it's a question is to you to meant the end. Hearing that and having heard that knowing what you know. Should record be cut after your two. Should this be the end Sid 2018. Be the end of the Tubby Smith there. In Memphis 353776535. ESPN. Should this be the end of the Tubby Smith there. After two years in Memphis now I think should in what will have what should happen and what will happen whom could be two totally different things I that's. I should be said on the front it but I would also say you know throw for all of you who are using. The the price tag. As some sort of incentive says it's to not make a decision right he's getting the money. That money will be paid out to Tubby Smith whether he is the coach here or whether he is not. The incident you have to make a decision and make a move soon is that. You have double the years look on his contract. Pay it out right. Oh cushion in usable more caution that Josh and so what really is good at what really is gonna have to happen after this year. Is complete however it plays out. It's going to be a simple question I that they. I'm gonna I'm gonna trust the administration of there it becomes a question of match. Right it just. I mean it's a question of how much revenue you're losing potentially. First how much you'll be paying and you weigh that against the cost of making the move and bringing in another coach which just by. Just by default. Mean new blue note and there's excitement right that this that the which I think there would be with with this particular situation. So to come to question Matt. There's that there's also Arab out of the big money boosters feel about him right now. Are do they want our day willing to give them a like we asked Antonio Anderson the bill Lawrence of of of of your program. Do they think there's hope do they wanna see told you one more because Jennifer you've got down if you got a big money guys. You can talk yourself until we can survive. In army is all we got them with us we can survive lower attendance until he starts when we get through so that's a big part of what you know haven't. Had in the field of also those boosters are particular those big money when you want. Wanna know where they're coming from if there if there with a if they say you're very. It's part of the reason you get your 35353776535. ESP have you seen enough. Other Tubby Smith Eric in Memphis or do you think he should be given more than two years to do his job we go to Jason in north Memphis Jason your on. Yes I think there was close. I don't think Israel over whether there's probably gonna go five years thirty years and are going to determine. And low visibility of the bases this is American business and if you're cooking is always rather and the fans are the kind of smash an appropriate. They're you know wall this approach. And there are going to be your camera bloggers can now listen to a defense won't. Jason appreciate the call. And I'll also say that again bill at the five to seven year term and absence. Does not all fall on them. Right Josh is last two years. Economic tournament right so that should be said. You know this does not all single handedly. All on Tubby Smith I don't think he was I don't think he inherited a mess by any stretch. The inherit the Memphis that Josh sneered at now he did not and did he inherit a team that was damaged when he got to there's no question but did he inherit a team in a program they could still routinely finish with top ten top fifteen classes. And get the best players in the city without a shadow of doubt in is that enough to make any NCAA tournament more times than not when that shadow of adapt. And he's he he he squandered talent there's no way around it. When you alienate the loss since. Which listen some of you justify that by saying they were cancer some of it just bugs bus and they know what you're gonna it's addition by some strips of traction. I'll figure math adds up by the 53776535. ESP we go to make an embargoed Nate in your own. That's against wells that meant was that we go to. Mike in Cordoba my hero. And so manner double. Yeah it's it's so little tubby man and you know I'm 37 remember carbon have a good time well I just don't they told it was really really put atrocious. And expectations you know are Beethoven was looking. A little local retirement property. EA and and and it got below a bit too much on the Clinton are deluded under the law without a hit and he did. Then all of those blue pants so you got to move ball I don't think it would be a better coach available in two years I'd go for somebody opened it indeed now a good move off. Mike thanks for karma over and I will tell you win that the news of Tubby Smith tire was made official. I had an NBA got text me and say golden contract. Iran out on other non man not a household follows a structured annuity. Basically you're just getting paid. It just didn't pay. I'm I mean did you are decorative bars but you know. There's no wonder you tubby it has just learned with the way in the in your right it was a fair question I was asked to write about Antonio Anderson's comments but he had chance to come mobilize them to go. Together some people that are still with the must stand. You're damn right on the right after this correct this job and I in his much in what Tony said it even tone was halfway kind of hoping that it was hay with all due respect to you Tony you know you can play from may but. You're wrong on this like I don't you're wrong and it to see a little fire. I think would have helped. We when you've got to your point he could beat down today and that we'll let them down handsome like you know what post and say what they won't say which is don't keep doing it's called take town Tubby Smith way. Don't take time going to be consistent at a passion right urged. That that parts never been there Johnny just doesn't get you fired up and look that's it that's a big part of it that's all valid as the rest of his wins yes and that's what you come back to when it starts talking about. Whether whether he should be back for years three wins. Attendance up recruiting yet. Those three things the most important. Right yeah you don't have to rabble of a you know get a get a fan base fired up if you've got a good product out there right products and environment you've had neither did not firing Butler got no good trying to add at least one of the other. Right and really you gotta have both. Does does perfect up. Soon their fertility to be an easy little home run there the question comes at you tell the people damn right I'm in it and I'm tired all these people saying they don't know bill I got to know. I'm hall fake anything anything just. A little blood pumping what do got you got you going there but it doesn't. We got more calls let's get to our our Jason your wish is my command sir we go to dusted in walls Dustin was going on brother. Not your marker about certainly where it's its target throw. I played a big girl a bigger boat for a bit lower down at they had and I hate to say like I think. Albeit at a basketball audit you if you already know orbit about basketball. Serbia's war that the great eight is that no coach can coach up some guidance. He can make good judgments. He's what he's there eat it if it makes it seem that bad breed of Beckett they did make it to the lovable coaches that day. Patel and on the floor like this little ball and yeah and just let a ball sudden gonna coach up this guy out what people have to last time we got the most out of this state. Eight he's targeting union Maurice coached. You know Martin. In like also probably just an early lead in the conference possibly as Gordon and he'd get the most out of the guy he's got that all the immediate. And I mean it's just got to get somebody you're never gonna recruit you know he'd like her like some people say to you tricked into coming here and retired. But we've secret there's drought we've looked at it bears which it could go to Turkey we will we want a national or should we want to compete on that level. If you haven't looked at in this city admit to a world. To accomplish on their web. That does some editors say the call brother and I. 535 on seven and 65253776. Week goes to drew in Cairo drew your own. Association I go to also broke. There to be honest some are a lot of little sandwich and a siege as our have a dog in the Arctic but it took things to me they're. You know whatever system begun here in matters even cruises out of the beginning you know he can he can basically he can't do anything right and I mean no matter what he does not think even as she heads a brutal. People would still not be happy with forty different that the economy. You think do you think we've been unfair to tubby is that we yourself. I love those portrayal of sampling there's some you know you always have some people who were unfair you know. But overall I don't think got a bit of spare despite some of the expectations. When Teddy came in might just been a little bit higher than what they should have been lower linked. We got to thank you wasn't it wasn't all roses went past election army didn't inherit the best roster out brilliantly expressed his got to witness. And not to mention tubby he's an older coach and I mean it. It takes a certain type of data they relate to these young players until it to get the most out of the month. And not not to mention get a I want to come to your program actually to be a big crowd that tubby tab right balance that you can't get that straightened out there. Then you know he probably does need to go to the arms with the. The only thing the only place I would push back drew is that. There in terms of the expectations. He has a lofty expectations contract he's being paid three million dollars on average a year. I'm in with that is going to come. He didn't pay him that you know for a lifetime contract let Kobe Bryant I mean he was paid that kind of deal to come to Memphis and deliver. You know high level results and the fact of the matter is that would you say even as if you're at your objective in this matter would you say that. The results admit this and his two years have been have met three million dollars a year. EE now that's why not three million dollars a year that he would not let those expectations are sure. And I thought and I think in an attendance right timber trick but I don't think any part of the job that he's been sort of tasked to do. I don't feel like he's met that standard. I could agree with John what are you spent so. Look at a guy like brick barbecue actually burst Beers are all garbage in that regard there are great in ought to mean they were mediocre at best and that he has you know you're blurry and it's it's everything's come together and and now basically the walls are offered arsenal but in any thing they can't go to Maine. I think the difference was an annual look at it is is is Barnes is recruiting class. He was kicked and done in the in the offseason and you look at his two recruiting classes there they've been relatively good in particularly. For what they've been used to lately he's recruited better and I think if tubby had that go on form. I think you're also a lot here the other even look at the fan base the expectation Joseph Memphis the fancier sometimes while very Smart fans got one the most knowledgeable fan base in the country. I think a lot doesn't take ourselves a blue blood when we haven't won what the blue bloods have but going back to John's point you pay. You pay kind of like a blue blood. On and so bad that I think that's where the increase scrutiny and increased pressure the increased expectations coming in and their failure because you're paying for that. Yeah I've got other totally agree respect granite block online don't have to start our. Star against a result sooner. I've gotten to let it go maybe try to get younger guy name. Yeah or person to comment about the 537765. And not to appreciate gals out respect to how late yeah like I mean because he Tommy is pleased with the project wasn't because if what if for being honest with ourselves aside we're asking tubby do about his staff and everything else. Before do you do you agree with me that there are times when this fan base feels like. It's it's it any kind of goes back to. The job but but but a blue blood like we're right there with Carolina and the rest of them and that's how this thing I don't I don't think I when your digital 120 million dollar practice facility you can back and opening just feeling like it you've got some of the best this country has to offer but there are sometimes. Don't tell me that we don't you know that expectations are here aren't. May be a little too far when it comes to look at what look at what Josh was look what he did. A look at the four straight tournaments we were taken a dump on it. By the time it was over RE four straight NCAA terms you die for that right now and I realized Josh had the kind of talent that we said she you should've gotten to a sweet sixteen. But if we were making determine every year top 25. For most part you were in the in and out the top 25 every year and that's. I don't think the majority of Memphis that we said that wasn't we said that wasn't good enough I don't said he got you to a sweet sixteen. You know. OK okay so. Are they all are are they crazy no. But is there a little about it we're being honest when ourselves yes I mean I do think there is a there is a small segment that may be that way the majority while you pay which are paying we exactly you have all the justification world to have these kind of everything's there is no reason why Memphis can't be ranked in the country five every year there's a reason why they can you turn their presence every single year. And then when you get to turn it right it's all about the ad that's right it's all about the match up stuff. Good to just get there just get there. And didn't Devin we were a little bit misguided back in the day to say hey it's what we worry about is we were sort of audio pilot is that we were sport had talked to thought they were pretty how spoiled us right we we got spoiled. We need to come down low pay. Okay but but Mattel mat point. It doesn't change what my expectations are from Memphis should be an annual and perennially top 25 program let's go to Hank and more like Hank was umbrella. What's gone on does a brutal. And it situation is kind of like the big woman goes and Al Bundy shoe store wears a size two you won't trials supporters. It angle to get. The yeah that's about right egg thank you. Thank you as always deliver. If it's okay. Yeah I did go that let's go to Michael Hernando Michael Europe. Take rallied on the road. Is very happy day. To you to know why that is very happy day. Tell us. I won't take you there are finally over and sugar they get rid of Teddy Kennedy I made all you medals at the top complainant. Or older Toby. And let us our JR and wife and me we city. That future painting where you feel quite draining would be a great coach. You've got our owner Toby just blow the longer. I'm out campaigning as a relative to relative thought there I don't. I was there a guy might 5% as sabotage right there seven they can't implement video come up a little bit later in the show. There last word on this we go to Stefani and he's led us to find your own. It would go no legitimate right don't the way they're very armed arms from merit just pumping her so birdie three or written or do you seek. Blood you have legitimate on your soul couple weeks ago and a lot of good in the sample size yes we all know tubby Smith's bears in this success everywhere we are now. If you had two kids on your team and a mob that ought to ask Elwood a new recruiting facility that we have their best in the country. Why don't we did get their calls tobacco and also is that we can look at each other people we hear all. Right. And now the future of middle back of the ball compact I'd argue that here you. They exist they. Makes estimates is upon appreciate it let's all let's let will work on that. We try every Monday at once when he about them so. You know it's amend that don't. We did we did try to mend that that wound. And we're gonna try again today 145 so do not miss secure Lawson will join us and one at 25 back in just a minute Jason had done that each benefit me as it. Ace and Gary Jerry show how will Paul join them were part of some of the best times what's it been like watching this season unfold. I think they probably misread the city when they got here felt like this jobless like many other jobs like Minnesota like Texas Tech and I they've misread the enthusiasm and you know people are going to gain I think they're voting with their lack of attendance. Today's 4 PM until 6 PM this afternoon Chris Wallace from the grizzlies in port 25 Geoff Calkins from Korea five. On six CDM this is 929 FMR ESPN's. Right now any tonight's Jeffrey Wright Brad Carson are alive right now the grand opening of Dave and busters in the wolf creek shopping area next to best buy and won't chase small I've got Jeffrey Wright with me right now Jeffrey. Tell me what's going on added Dave and busters today. Little bit we are live in large here read David ought to get it bet that it'd be wolf creek shopping center. Right extort a best buy if you're going more sponsor dump our way. It'd be stopped like that is directly across from the art than noble the bet that the yacht they got stoplight. Quality of partying we are jam packed wall to wall if you look at for company eat try B chicken and waffle waters are just that and they are. Dynamite and I beat them. Food is excellent here. Each can't really beat the Abbott street got CDs all the walker looked incurred great spot to watch the next big game this is that only hit you're gonna have. Ball down yet projectors he got everything are 65 edged even more it's just really great spot and also to look at persona do the whole family. Of course the arcade is set in the nine yet everything from poppy shot. The world's largest Pacman yet creep in war all you got everything he could think there's something for everyone here where the UBS borrowers not like. Bennett myself treated sports scandal sheet but they're. You always got classics you ball much much force that make you can check it out again that Dave and buster's grand opening. I'd say Brad in my adult we're here till 2 o'clock but again. It will be open weekdays. From all eleven. Do you midnight and then Friday and Saturday but I don't know what it is so great great but here gut check out David Bach sponsors in the walker shopping center. Dave and busters get times bile out there Jeffrey we'll check back with the in just a few minutes so there. 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