Jason & John Hour 2 (1/19/17)

Jason & John
Friday, January 19th

Talking NBA/College hoops and more in Hour 2 plus talking to TCU Asst. Ryan Miller (Mke's Brother) 


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Whether it's his wings as gourmet burgers or live dividend of putting it is all good at the wing to recant 56 start and I memorize column a bubble not work for five or does them all I'm. At the wing to route that found those supporters of Memphis tiger semi regulars from the Jason Smith Center. Do it I Ryan Miller is gonna join us at 124540. He is the older brother of my worries that TCU assistant basketball coach widely regarded as one of the best recruiters in college or world sure I'm taken one day. Mike Miller head coach. I know the regular you know person on the bench my. You both can you can you smell it. I don't know if you smell that it might work for him runs the older the too. And in the war for now let me let me just say on the record my wife or whatever all of us of the militia but my wife thinks Mike there'll be a great. Tiger basketball coach. She just believes it or committed she believes might that would be a great choice but Nick Smith is baskets as a basketball coach start now thanks to you next. What's that next next Matt curry on the heels of the games he does every games he's got today attain that be the same thing and united were taken between him and been. What do what do candidacy wow what a search that would be about or even though we're actually going to be crazy. I ever did Edgar and at this times you get it together. This at the bin Laden. The rundown deserted by med insulin nationwide insurance. They stories from. Jason and Jon. On 929 FM. ESP. The first story. It tires that he's been waiting for this moment Jason for weeks. We are now going to pick on this show. Are Super Bowl. They're only fourteen remaining that it so there's less drama eat less possibilities of course we're gonna pick. Our Super Bowl. Obviously covers championships this weekend between on the AFC side. The New England Patriots. Against the Jacksonville Jaguars on the other side you got the Minnesota Vikings vs Philadelphia Eagles and get out you'll trust in notepad were remodeled and mellow. Glad OPEC like blues clues. And better you'd miss an opportunity bra. You you have got. To have bad days within an arm's reach at every second baseman Jon and image Super Bowl. Pounced on so what do you right now there I'm I'm ready overbought market member remembered who's going to be miserable summer let me start with the NFC's are. This will now be a good game Minnesota general. Minnesota will wrote the Eagles it would not even be worth watching. In my opinion I disagree it would not only a Minnesota I know that another it's another another case kingdom and nick foals career averages look very similar if I did call my case came as a better quarterback at this stage. Then Nichols Nichols is look like total garbage. The last three to four weeks so I asked Atlanta I hate having to got past Atlanta come. But I do not think that'll be the case at all cut Minnesota's Honduran and it's these who is your ANC picked Minnesota will be again. The overall on the dramatic prominent. As for the other side of the bracket oh we don't. As for the other side of the bracket you have in one corner but goat the best to ever do it. Tom Brady to be twelve. Who has at any league diet. Gotta hand to writing below are but he has a hand Jason. And that hay and has made Vegas oddsmakers take this game off the board until they know exactly the extent of the injuries they. That's big in any other quarter. You have. Lake. Board rules who has. Many things composure. Always. Mobility. All the things you want in the starting quarterback no hand injury hadn't last week for some strength and you know he has already does that what. In elite defense. And we've seen really defense is going to Foxboro. And beat the crap out of Tom Brady doesn't and that's when he struggles in attack on his book. So this is what I predict oh my gosh this weekend let's on this but we are. We as a country are controlled come of as a nation. Are going to be. Jacking off. That should ladies and gentlemen. Benedict at about nine Mets right shuttle main. York Jacksonville jaguar you are a bit stay awake portals as Jack at all. Later Ford why are you saying yeah as titans they'd coming out that's what it is loaded. Not yet given up that a judge orders all IDs and law your conversation. That is. Not it anyway well good to have them. It is Wednesday. Jacking jagged. Off yet ready. Get ready pitcher Jersey it's. What it still feels like you're saying it but I'm not says what you say this is what Jacksonville jaguar and say jag off. We're going to be jag off this weekend it's gonna be a good job it's gonna be the Jacksonville Jaguars vs the Minnesota Vikings in the Super Bowl they're gonna do the unthinkable. We're gonna Jack off all overtime readies cool hand. They're Diego Jacksonville Jaguars. In the Super Bowl or Super Bowl in his name of the game. Why can't control that Bennett I cannot control that. Does this mail our show to continue to succeed eat. And doesn't feel like Jim lord we candidates are about as involved as this is jeopardizing our credibility when they show generally you know here and you guys silly stuff like that at all. So it's up to us bidder to make this right obviously we've got the it Italy defense and Blake portals. He's overall this disease I don't know I heard a knock and drag this out this is easy. You think's out Minnesota. And surprise surprise. New England or had any from an all I'll Jacksonville Jack here are crazy I'm with you that I don't think Minnesota Phillies can be loved the game. So just awful mud hole in Boca Naples got to be good for back to back games. I am saying I don't see eye on it do it cannot do it if I'm at plus. It's not just going to be what it falls can do is going to be what at Minnesota defense does to him. That's a that's a fantastic defense has been all season long I'm with you I don't think will be. Unless the game certainly won't be as dramatic as saints Minnesota was the week before knowing when our friends that we launched the site. You can Bill Belichick terms of pick that little. Week offered support. To pick out of the studs and who's not you know what he does he shuts down your first shot lead defense his visit so Foxboro hey our bonus they are always is what's sad about against Leonard four and it you know not he will rush for letting him do it anymore less than fifty yards. And make Blake morals Michael's past Blake or at least two interceptions as well not big game all it's gonna be this Super Bowl at this point that's the best Super Bowl are doing his birthday fantastic Minnesota governor he had today and it's going to be the first time we've ever seen eight view your most. The ball in its own like Gloria. Why you aren't taught me what what does it give a spec Jason it's silly. He gets respect he's earned your respect. Starting lower and you've. There is urge yours is pretty simple what the last drive these as well and that Pittsburgh okay fine three boys so you know. That if Jacksonville loses nobody's gonna come in here on Monday and remember those. Jumped that you just put out there but if they are members. It did and what he's banking laws if they win. They did then he'll as Tom Brady thought this was that Tom Brady all in our face Tom Brady seeing the defense as good as of what he's gonna see this weekend now. And he has looked pretty ordinary Texas us. It it it it by the way and if that hand injury if it's something significant we'll signals go right is that it over to look at a to take it out board right now. The significant enough Jacksonville's Tony is that only a matter LA is Campbell is gonna beats. They're gonna get to Tom Brady we know what happens when you get Tom Brady. You can win a game if you get covered and they're going to is it what to share in front in the stand are. And all it's done has brought them closer because there's little the Jacksonville Jaguars they're going to the ball they can get pressure on you without bringing extra rushers and they're going to dude they're going to they're not gonna score another 45 points I don't know what they're not and I'm gonna gonna have to. Because I don't think this I don't think new England's gonna have some at all with an explosion you had your chance to make it takes its bid at star and I noticed your boat to Gaza and Golan New England in Philly in the super bongo both home teams all right let's say your justification for Philly. I yeah I just I think tonight falls I think that it's going to be an ugly game and I'd like the home team's advantage no matter if that's. That's up filming in Minnesota almost losses saints at home without I had the best chance of being an item went out of their play again got to again Iran is certainly way chalk. You just try to be different. I actually watch some film. Of these of these teams and I'll say yeah I did go I what I mean I don't know if you saw the end of the Pittsburgh game Jason Bohannon. Have you seen a quarterback showed that much composure. That much poise in recent weeks I don't think you have to eat out of shards of metals dealers weren't and in bears spend the first courted I guess you had been taken against the Jacksonville Jaguars since they moved to Jacksonville. All right so your hatred is well documented expansion well documented. All right. Ma am no I have no bias in this none the Super Bowl would be better if Tom Brady was at. Again just in terms of ratings and people caring not if it's a if it's a Jacksonville Jaguars are out there network isn't. Barely go watch again part of I don't watch the halftime show on the part of me you know lack yes part of me almost wanted to be jaguars Eagles. Just just the clown is out there is there are some of the man who just like to watch the world are. And I'm one of them as the petty clown and and that would be the worst of both probably ever. If you go back like they were leather helmets to get even anything close. But you're suitable lays examines going to be Jacksonville. And Minnesota. Ask the patriots however it says Philly New England I wanted to know whether no other possibilities. Next Hillary aren't. Cleveland Cavaliers. And the Golden State Warriors have the two captains in the upcoming all starved and you can imagine those are LeBron James and stiff Currie. Also. Starters have been selected. However started firfer. From both sides here's the deal right retains enough work Eastern Conference guys can play for the west counts all that stuff I've been thrown out at John. Staff curry can go out in and draft oil indeed to the all star game. Arm and that's what you got we know the starters. Come built in addition to LeBron James stepped Perry you're gonna have. John Burris obstacle both the odds are well indeed obviously made it was very excited about. I hope you saw about those formed and I'm a Dixie carrier Irving will talk about that later carrier root for Boston Toronto's DeMar DeRozan. Where those that were selected from the east from the west starters will be James Harden Kevin Durant new Anthony Davis and of course to Marcus cousins as we said though. The captains can now pick from bat and a reserve pool of players. That will be picked by the coach. I'd the coaches picked it is hard to like keep all this together and explain it the way it's going down the that is it. Like you've got now the captain's coach is gonna pick reserves and then the two captains can go back through. And from all of that the pool the starters reserves can pick their teams so what shall have is some you know staff picking a couple Eastern Conference guy who started joked about it. He got dumped on last year's game by Yaris and joked that he might pick them this year on his team so he doesn't allow that to happen yet. Here is. The thing I don't understand about. The league didn't plan to televise the draft I think they're missing a golden opportunity agree now I know why they're not doing it right as you start you know folks who play favorites and all that stuff. Oh come on who really cares like I'd like I've been telling league's been all in the manufacture drama this season better they have to because why because we know who's winning the title and we get it. Why not manufacture some more by showing us who step LeBron James victory that's the interesting part about the all star game now so let's see it behind the scenes let's see the instant part of it it makes no sense to me whatsoever as the NBA that prided itself on being a petty league. This Saturday night capitalize on these players and their personalities and their sort of their their relationship actually and so now we're not even gonna kinda Steve Bennett work. How much sits does that make none at all. I mean you've changed it to draw more interest the way to keep disinterested as a show us that their draft I want to see if steps got to pick all of his orders or he's gonna go pick somebody else. What does it LeBron got messed step up and pixel more years. In all that kind of stuff I mean you've got the relationships between these guys. I want to see it in the NBA you figure is a master this stuff that I understand it so much film as LeBron probably told. But I don't and I want to boast they got conference. And probably he put the kibosh on it otherwise it on this what that is more valuable anybody on his own fame sure wouldn't he hates his name. I wouldn't at all. He can't say anything about that I do think you're right I do think it was probably should be televised is this like a no brainer LeBron production and it's a LeBron production and so he's got that kind of carried just over. Now now on the balls that now won't play any games this stuff lets our show up at my team what our rob bashing LeBron a bitch muted hum but anyway. Would have been a lot more interest and still has a chance to be interesting with a mix up of. Well another sort of sub story line in this is the selection of Joseph well and beat you. There apparently was a moment. Way back win wins well and be tried to. Tried to court Rihanna was a few years ago. And she they allegedly rejected him because he was not an all star is that. You have back when and also you have the video. Bennett has video is this his response. This is his response to react to it now that becomes than they were most incidents like well because he's also there are other you know he's got to get we have gathered. Yes this is a joy and beads response to the question about Rihanna today. Doctor Randy. All star game. All starting nod they know. Is a working actor. Eight knocked on the island are not. They may have you know Augusta before you know he's irresistible mail. As manager for the whole organization because it went through a lot. Paul what about sport yourself. I'm together and on top music I've got I'm so bug on muscle problems a bottle bill full studio film I've got a lot of friends. Your team is trying to clean water here that years ago we were denied by a young mom. That's when you're an all star. Is there anything you like to say that anybody I think DMZ the right now. I'm man is she denies lewd bag bans so. Why go we're third and so. And does another move onto an excellent depth I don't think you'd like to say a ball toss apostles I think we're what well. They're quoted the did out of about these secure a basket in the same question over and over to Lyndon assignments over the lot or. They did detonate the we have we don't have that modernize our. I was not. Care. And yet the heat but he'd try to play it off that was good and everybody knows we always talk about with good names like are much more it was hello I'm sitting between two. What if that is go to Allenby that is a pretty good Joey ambiguous too little more. Shall get a get a little thank you this what was his response when Jeff good and asked him about Rihanna. Alomar Herman from him but I mean as I do have some doesn't have the guts are you targeted argument right here on out we know Dugard will be. You do a great test it out to a good and you know match it with Joseph well. You mean of argument give me five seconds in the care. I don't know if I can do. A because listen I'm not wanna get put in the position on like making fun this guy a nominee to follow Ryan says that it's just all real favorites heaviest. No daylight hours that was that was well I'm only gonna which you talk about what have what have we had a car goes there. There are here yesterday. A bold look at you wonder what he says or laughed again. She Denard be back here and there is no reason or backlog so I got to move onto the next one. Let's hope they're women out there I'm I'm I'm beautiful. Fargo Malone from an excellent job. I was gonna. Yeah it was an Oprah that is pretty yet it I don't think I've ever heard the president make good. Like that's let's fridge Caliendo and granted you broad. That was that was mastery right there bro like I'm bad right now I would like to do this by retail auto group will. It sounds like and felt like the camera members of crack. That's what it sounds like a and that's kind of what do we know what it is. I would put I had another but I can't get through it could read time and I can't really concentrate and anything other than Jo Ellan beats out. We take a break we can tackle Ryan Miller go to joyous. We want to argue about his career about may have been Jodie Fisher all of them we get back Jason had done edited out of NBS he would. Beer belly fat overweight and unhealthy for diabetics. So by your primary care doctor lose my girls play facilities Elizabeth a pound of fat per day as much as thirty pounds and thirty days completely healthy and without any exercise. Hi I'm doctor Steve almond tea have you tried out a program that just didn't work did you put the weight back on. Funeral is does several weight faster easier this time fully a true weight loss programs just are mad zoo is up to half a pound or even have to pound a day without starting a chases packaged food. 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They're not appreciate you guys got a new dog. Absolutely happy to have so I I guess we have to start with the news out of jail about Dylan Fisher obviously a Memphis kid who who who chose TCU and has been a while now but unfortunately. His season comes to an abrupt end because of of a meniscus injury what can you say about Jalen Fisher in the and the kind of kid he is and what he's done well the first two years there. Well the rule and he's wonderful kids so anybody can handle these setbacks. You know petition. A hard worker hard work you and Matt Marek. It been a pleasure do our coach and help develop and you know you have a bright bright future no matter what. You know couple girls couple of Byrd's seat. They gonna have to handle. But anybody can handled himself. Pages load very bright orange cylinder. To my respect per team per him. But best man out so we'll rewrite history of that Burgundy is quite the best basketball. Prosecuted as an injury so. But he'll battle back. No doubt he's averaging twelve points. I think five and a half assists was really planned well in his sophomore season Ryan you know him so well. I just had asked his inner strength when I remember write a story about him back and July 2015. I think it was we're at the under armour association finals we all know him well out of Bolten and knew what he'd been through with his Al barn as a man and you know how kids are back his inner strength man where do you think it comes from is it his mom is that the way you know the way was brought up. You know this kid better than anybody where does he get it from. Doesn't bother his mother instilled them. You know sorry to be different at target yet but it you know he's heard in his own unique way and he's kind of taken at all and don't not a not the rotation that's why Pete Vichy. This just fair and he had surgery yesterday they but he angle senate. Thanks so it's submitted later Sharon did is different mother. I'll always raised. Probably people around Memphis Tennessee as far as mothers were desperate mother. Have you met your strength to be able to handle adversity there had to just you have good positive outlook on life yes and they'll build cars wherever god gave each and able to deal. That's it that's it we'd listen no there a couple of years ago there are a lot of openings for you. Lot of people wanted to a lot of places that you could have landed while I was TS TCU the spot. Well number one they just they've made a commitment to basketball and allies sought. But it could be on the ground or something orders. Google on the IPO price. In no mood but now Google and I GOP and obviously learned today he'd rather have. I'll bother back eurocard is on the way up that's got to help teach you us this year they invest in the program that is circle station. They put much money you gotta million dollars in addition the outrageous that a basketball. And did so there on the verge something special that one decent Mitch has been done to restore. Bother ever wonders and standard term used in 20020 yeah so it's been a lot and you know play against him when they're accomplishing all that Memphis. Playing against a mother not lessening. Allows the New Mexico. Do it had potential be here Dallas forward there were a couple location with a bunch prospects here. And they also make their main investment make me into it so those are right some are questioning. You write anybody sea bed all around the country you've you've worked you know coast to coast. As an assistant coach you're doing these are. Well what are the kind of lessons that you pick up about just sort of the the the industry and and and and coaching in college basketball. When you're doing it everywhere in the country and under different coach that what what what are the things you learn about that. Are you learn you learn a lot they blame every everybody airport or which coach cal Perry coach Alford coach Dixon. Coach Tony Barbie you heard something. Do as the bill works and that doesn't work someday you'll take. To you when you adoption in the head coach Bob. You know just different people you meet you need to from people different. Background different terms socioeconomic background in you know just learning the nuances of they'll be a million B able do. The association different settings. And I talk about Europe's relations although relations and meet people structure pay you good job or poor people you do need nuclear or missile deployment and people are shut. I doubt there's no question that you've got great relationships I think that's why you're widely regarded as one of the best recruiters and hunter were talking about before we had you won't know when the whole country come to the point John made the way you do having worked everywhere when you think of Memphis and you think of the places where you gotta go to see the talent out highs and on your list in terms of the places you know you're gonna hit every offseason to go see the talent there what is Memphis right concerns about. The town the producers. Did you see the ball taught me you know obviously not chosen types such of that town and country. You know she had spent three years and others are brilliant rookie Mike you can. As settle down there after clunkers probably going to be bought over. And you know it's it's a great national community. And the relationship so we had there not there's something occurred there. And that's number one you have to have relationships with people and and people of course you wouldn't distrust sent to me too history here. I trust them that you know there we have the best interest so. To recruit young Fisher never reported in good position long and he comes here and works his butt off content and taste coaching. A little little things. You reposition or shape. And our they're not situations has been a Christian country I mean it is evident you will be top on every day. Multiple home multiple prospects and implementation. That put god out of yourself in a crowd saves a lot of companies went out because. The relations have their right. Absolutely when you think back to eat to your time as director of bass swabs at the University of Memphis Ryan what are what are some the things that that stick out about because that was sort of in the early timer that was that and the early part of of of a question that this basketball rise. Under cal what do you remember about those times. To me how I don't choose so there was a lot of Barney Miller in the intricacies of college basketball what to take to run. A successful caused program in other tunnels 26 I think it sort of coach count. You know I held my counselor the pros before that. He developed a game you might go older so he was going on also stopped me to branch out a little bit helped paved court and help other people. And though the Massimo learning I would coach cal that time. Just because. From now so looking into it and use it look at that little ball you play obviously had a smaller label it goes into melody note. Every day is something that's million personnel man you people. You know helping young young kid developing young man. Was is there a definite that I'm alone emotions. Sort of luck coach coach tell how to market program. How to recruit at a high level. And and how to how to deal young kid out how to get into the played take level performs. Hear about. Five years older than than my right right did you end up on what. So it is about right yeah that the Jewish warriors in that so you can before you were the start high school before did you end up kind of coaching him. You know what I mean through its insured coming older brother figure there must have been a lot of that. Well for sure. Or Bob or that you're older and and who never played together. Looking edit it elbows the bigger bigger brother and a most critical of my dad my dad to resolve your neighborhood here remember them I can. My sister to look up Brazilians is that her born this kind of you know Mitchell summed Blagojevich some code without video games and I'm record video games cell phones are subsidized base you know it is yep played basketball or school. And so I cradled her dead but as I got older. And thousands of my college career I kind of got a minute mark the membership role might try to facilitate his career and a I go to the south we're here outside of an additional rear all going. And how much up or your college. And I kind of you right then. That might get a chance to be some special you know should someone that was very unique to South Dakota particularly middle have a chance for concessional. And at that time it is. Tom or Mr. Big Big Brother role was content type help navigate some of them so who's currently members of mistakes on emissions and the stage with. Try to help too because process and then early on India. Developmental process and if things don't work out pretty good friends think you're pretty well yeah doesn't it dawn of the leadership role. That knowledge of this kind of held me yeah navigate you talk about that's because about it was a ball that were involved recruiting. And how to go I was in college you have these South Dakota and Billy Donovan Sydney they're Roy Williams coming up there can also help me get it is so advanced that processor aren't sort of or or may formulate. Kind of how how. We're pretty works. Penthouse and what worked for me as a recruiter and encode as well coached so the trial and been able to the recruited. Athlete myself and could not that high level but then had a blue chip prospects on my younger brother you have kind of game yet good background. Almost out you guys in the company each other in the end that way and that in that sense then we know about my new on the success or victory had. How about might know the ESPN analyst he's doing a heck of a job that is hardly tell so far right what do you think. They hear me if I take everything you put this leaves town to get Mansour. Other secret suspicions. Of departure to zone to give very very well. You want again nobody and he knows basketball most studied the game. Podium level. New gamers who that you talked a lot of coach Nichols and that's about one of bashing Obama was IQ level for the games so. You know give us share that knowledge are are so like ESP NR. You know I do it did you come up good opportunity for him. And it if you want the checkered past if a very good. Yep I know listen others rules about you speak about unsigned recruit size to this way if there's any Miller coming up whether it's a nephew or. Early November and if I imagine you've got a battle on lockdown and anybody over Houston that's related do you guys. Ask any tape they would go after among the last I don't know it was very bad let me give me then Mosul throughout the they bright man the first time Gerard. I appreciate you guys have not met any time yet. It is a Ryan Miller RT CU assistant basketball. Coach I will come back in just a minute Jason's done a HF NB SP and pastry we know you. 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Around 3:40 central time because Lamar Odom was on a on a show. Called BET's. Man cave. From there with the show object. Yet familiar familiar with that you've seen it maybe in past cut demo you watch any BT program. On a watched B two wars every year. Make sure is it down for that Boca and so are allowed to keep up with the unity like I'm strands of the best acts any like original programming like. Its shares of series shows anything like that you know what's what's up there was what college hill college still watch them for all of two minutes a case of people are moved on. And also won a season park whereas there's a part was Tara grew up almost as part our home. But not those ones are it usually try to figure out Friday when I make sure I hit on VT every week and that's. Not some of the love of hip hop so obvious it's it's warned that I get sucked into your got sucked into other scientists involved and have popped every now on this guy and so. So bad but here's what ever goes here's the thing you know what they discovered here and he's dead ears to what they'll make a star car TV. Who's blown the mess you came from that came from that and you will so you will never see it go away they're the characters can get worse and worse and worse because they found hard to beat. As you start as a on the pole correct look where she is now that they dad Fred that's Fred doesn't golfer ever. Yeah to be the next sorrow Priscilla. Well maybe don't want him doing do it's it's. Career there he had that's what I was really watching was just real true he wasn't thrilled all right a little bit of pop an awful about it. You may never. That was the balances it LBJ am I elected doesn't it or Ramallah you know why don't you could it and that he had. That he had all of a problem brought a group. All of that some anthem he did it out and did he disappear for a loan. The money he's made because of those or in my initial genre I don't think he had a really don't think he has. But anyway he Lamar Odom was on. BT's man K yeah and he said. I under quote I understand what it's over it's over this was in reference is mayor it's like our national I understand what it's over it's over. We series with their second or third NBA ball player. I could see that. Lamar man you do that on the main case. You did I know were with friends but it you know letting me say something you didn't learn this is kind of like you know like JT say yeah I hit it. You know you didn't have to say that man you didn't have to go there are particularly when. We don't deal with Chloe was at his bedside. When the car almost oh deed correct. Out of brothel yeah now nobody knew about it. Best I can tell this did not become. Really the headline. Until Kim card dash and she responded she eaten them and she responded this tweet you know his quote about him say the marriage was over when she was gonna say your third NBA player. She responded by saying. For second or third brothel. As of may and who who is married to a woman with many sisters. Whom much like I imagine you don't want to make them angry right because. They're gonna come after you. I mean it's just it's it it I wish I could've sat Lamar down that you don't wanna say this man which is of these sweet. Do. You know just want to women manager what did you say you lose. I said which is of these weeks. It's an all know which is of east of where OK I didn't know what you said to Momo yeah which is a beast unfamiliar thing about men and women being met today cavities and once. A magic got a bunch of older sister just so you know the deal. As you know as it does Kerry have desert and I got a system what I note that the brown. I would prefer Sam have three Brothers whom then then three sisters. Because when they gang up on you man. It doesn't stop. It doesn't stop so I mean what incident or you go back and apologize to all of the sister you have to paglia has been to say Lamar is gonna have to apologize to each and every card act and even the jitters. Even that even Caitlin for for for what he'd do I I don't know that was a benefit would be a game that anger to get your point anchor. He's with prayers that she's with other NBA she's been with two other NBA players I think it was more just got a little too comfortable like he had a little too much you know. They held basically bring this resuscitate this man and bring them back to life and so you know life. It is critical decision pay those bills that's what I'm Tom Alomar was dark broke are your body was that would give it to the brothel. Well let go employees with better I mean when you when money carnage when you start everybody rated the life saving factor into wooded and Breyer will we can say what life saved but they should east they sure help would rehabilitate that man I gotta back you gotta show some grad again it sort of where do you gotta you gotta at least the sense that you don't throw my under the bus the first page and she did not publicly oh like you just there's got to be just like a standard issue line every time energy gonna you know the problem -- to -- to be in their scandals and and the what he and that's true we thought it eating a lot of candy candy. Crazy he's candy crazy insane that about him now and probably in Ottawa's top of all they are not it was just okay crazy now as not to status should be crazy to. No well all my life and is the hopefully the white things are done with Lamar main appalled hardware and cocaine why yeah okay I I just memo saying I took a Bayer. Of and hopefully that art stolen that and just you know focus on make any addition John I was strongly want or. Yeah I think Blake because it's easier for Lamar to be a sympathetic figure when he if he just said for the light. You know what I always have loved Chloe that's all you got to do Brian had to grab. Why did he get paid to say that like he gets sixtieth technology like what's the gay what did you Motorola and under the bus like OK CLA a couple of cheap like. Root root root root. Got a couple of cheap little chuckles from the main Kate like it's okay for Austin to joke around about Khloe Kardashian ME NBA guys you know are there any okay for Lamar. All right so while we're on the subject of you sage I do need to a get this off my chest as. I got that go to the gym pretty much every day now and at this little big man not much to brag thought about all I bragged that's credit and that's right this is gonna come in and in the play. On on the on the stair climber there's a TV. It'll have an eight channel. When it comes ESPN 21 owns Fox News but let the other is is. In on. Khloe Kardashian. Has risen up in the ranks. You've hit on some there's no doubt about Chloe called EC are now compared with the union might be number one. She used to be that distant last. I may say it wasn't even close I know that this is not. Natural. OK she's clearly had some more dark but she has. She has worked hard. In the gym she has like a series coming out like a revision body and she's helping people. I after breakups like get their get there around get their bodies back in shape right better than ever before they can rub in their X space like Khloe Kardashian is in that series now I noticed him. A watch eat affect your father loved to agree with you. I think the braking has to go now. Chloe number one. Court the number two. And Jim's last. It is now less now let's close it is it is it is very jumbled up in that and that and that trio. Fidelity that today that is my ranking will always number one. Except I mean girl did you think we did you get close some applause may have. And the year so I'm go going well the next Chloe number one and Courtney Courtney has always look the same she's just a natural beauty and then Kim. I don't even like she got like silver hair now. So she's she's story. I've always. Been partial to court. She's the oldest. Why you left and Aldridge. L wrong in your rankings. Courtney is the oldest the wise just. Scott this six always dog and around makes me feel sorry or I just wanted to hug her. OK and I mayor might I don't know if your wife loves to hunt how are my wife is widely as one person is not working and she knows how much respect I have recorded am highly out holder correct among the Kardashian sisters yes got. So for me was always courted for the reason you said natural beauty when I look at her I don't see if big booty now or fake anything death natural beauty. So she's one from me. Still got to go Kim to umps are always you've got a lot of word but all ought to support are any and all you've done. Chloe for me is closed the gap mail and let and I was so large after being devil's you do that is through huge gap. Was huge sigh I'm giving her credit it was used for making but I'm not. Kent Austin and grow well I think she's good she's good enough or you're just your thoughts that make oversaw the bit to right he's wrong because to move forward one is simply. Maybe it's just Phillies are it's so new silly now because it's just so new the new look for Chloe that it's Obama make an emotional raking here even. But I loved. I think she looks fantastic what's your break and if we're so wrong dude it's Kim K record low ego court kid is never number one mean he's he's erratic effort can be in one he writes that the ranking the whole entire thing. I I think close deserves your respect I think Chloe deserves Lamar Odom respect. For what she did for him. It's who would you go out and out that's the kind of woman you want right I agree load you down what she's doing interest. What is she doing Tristan I don't know what the implication is what's the implication is struggling and again and doing Khloe. What are you talking about did James Harden that they could. From very short time it got out of there he's about a billion deeply this year he's got out there. Wasn't a committed relationship wasn't no you're charter accused Chloe dude don't act like this is new have taken a brother down. They've grown up on our liberal and a bunch of careers or there was a bunch of talent there for close to this late. Let's be rail. Let's be real NAY Tristan Thompson was the twentieth team guy he was a double double do in the finals he was good it's going why he got petty David. It's a glowing. We kept you know. What the flame in the money like that stuff columns. Its chicken and the egg. I'm I'm about the way. The contract more so that I blame Chloe. As weight gradually Khloe and once again coming out on top and an owner mr. bock on your live. In my raking of cart action sisters operation which he did for Lamar should save the brother there. You know bringing back he's just no matter is resolved around gratitude I don't let but let the last laugh. Tim nobody wins in this and it's all bad it's all just drama and sad because he was like oh brothel brothel and it goes on drugs and stuff so nobody wins in all of this but I think the Kardashians have the last laugh the whole Mars doing better also nobody realizes the main case. Apparently I mean nobody watches Russia so until the artists and gave around one also embarked on what set all time religiously 10606. And our. Format. What is it 107 apart the new one billionaires if they moved mystery GAAP as I said. Installment it we'll come back Jason agenda did you have improved his beard. Did she is Smart TV at a Lowe's. Stop celebrating after the huh. Holidays get the same town hotel and gambling alternative to win big Saturdays in January when your share of 7000 dollars was big guys drawn to 7911. PM and after January 21 or entries into the 25000 dollars be rewarded drawing top. Prizes 101000 dollars restrictions apply these same continent could come from Laurent goma between older older gambling problem call 1888777. 696. Well the clothes soccer is big it is one of the highlights of our human readable a lot of juicy Joseph puts it in the grill and handcuffed plus there. Mean they can. And handcrafted block button. All the pain yet is what I'm most. It may not apply. AKA the faithful. 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