Jason & John Hour 1 (2/13/18)

Jason & John
Tuesday, February 13th

Talking Penny rumors/Memphis plus joined by Penny's trainer Raheem Shabazz in Hour 1 


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John if you look where do liberal on social media if you listen to love sports talk radio in this town you might think. That university that this has an opening within its head men's basketball. Position. It does not there's currently a coach there's and his Tubby Smith. Sure a lot of people talk about potential Tubby Smith replacements. And I think we're gonna do a little of that today perhaps their son always out there. There's rumors out there let me ask you this are you saying you think that this is is wrong. This is unfair to tell me to be discussing potential successors. I don't subscribe or unfair thing you know if they're you know. Tavis Tavis had an opportunity now and you look he's still they're coaches still got that afternoon brought under to get it right right. It always talk about what ifs. Can always talk about what if I don't think that's disrespectful. I don't think it would. Right we've particularly with the fact if we're talking about a knows what it's because. Any anybody that is. You know heated enough on the situation he's people are stupid. Right they know this they know the score they know the situation and you told us the buckle up. Well that's what she tells it did an auto yesterday buffalo I I do think is going to be a very interesting next four to six weeks in the city of Memphis when it comes to basketball. And I think this story is not a coincidence that we're about to discuss here. On the show it was of course. Written by Dana O'Neil she came in the Memphis. And wrote about Penny Hardaway issue now of course writes for the athletic no longer VS in bloom. But she would join Gary pairs later in the day. I don't think these things are coincidence. And so we're gonna get to this we're gonna we're gonna get Penny Hardaway and and give you the update from keep them Lawson. On Penny Hardaway. Lots to get to on the Saturday. Here's who we're gonna have gone at 1145 to talk to George DeSagana George about a horse covers the NBA for ESPN that whilst we caught up with. George tadano we're talking about. The cavaliers LeBron clearly rejuvenated yes we're gonna talk them about. The bar ball's latest comments and and as you guys know normally we don't cover breathlessly boulevard blog comments and that is not that's proved largely. Been put to an end Jason Smith came on aero one of them led during a final segment of wolf take one day and he said I don't want to develop our body Morse companies on fatigue so. I've tried my best to respect his wishes. But I don't that we can ignore all of his stuff like this you have such a I don't think we can ignore his latest comments. So we're gonna talk to George had done about all of that at eleven at 25 minute 1145. We're to talk to. Brings you back who is. In I guess the that the pair cared dirt character's age are being sort of pennies trainer. And trusting any trends east. As wells a couple of other high school teams and but but his release of pennies right hand man when it comes to. Our train those guys up strength training all that stuff. Got close they all time and individually trains and in so yes so. Knows him well I accept club and Arlen insecure and he's like he's drinking a gallon of water daily he's you know he's really trying to take back is fit missed there and and reams of bad as the may have helping him reach his fitness goals. As you. Who's helping you reach George you don't have they have certainly more of a rhetorical question but just just answer that for yourself who was helping you reach your goals what we know who's open here. We do know who's up and made us. That's five star baby dust and five star bitten your blessed that is now as it really I ailment. He is a coveted like I'm denture planning and if you oil from them people who ask him to personally train all the time and I could see your body transforming right across there right across the table while I appreciate that we're working hard everyday and that really down a water that might help my case in my neck but I process. The talk dreams about about what it's like that train Penny Hardaway. Maybe maybe inside the mind. We'll see if I can have a problem there I can't promise that it and we don't even wanna do that we wouldn't wanna over Selma and deliver last night we went do on the show but we're gonna talk to him. And 1145. Minutes welcome to clobber it's not quite child is about and a lot of things. About people getting offended about Peter Rabbit. Hanging this is his specialty yes and normally normally I think people from this kind of stuff up about how sensitive the world is there. In other house sensitive America is specifically. But. I think I'm which play on this. Because apparently there's a scene in Peter Rabbit about. You know. Being allergic there's an elect a food allergies seem. In the in the movie I would never know go have a kid and certainly if I go to C appear rather film I'm probably blocking out and handcuffs while I was away at the world works. As I would never now because there's a scene in there about food allergies. And people are boycotting the movie. And I'm just looking BofA and of these patients do you have allergies are dealers not lurched into. Our dealers say now. I'm actually allergic to Seoul for. So over. A yen on that you have had a I've just alerts over. A plan ask cliff here as or Black History Month the plus placebo after this week. You are not gonna ask him and you enter asthma damn right I'm all asking that question right now I'm scared and finished I go I'm not all asking well why would I ask it that way I'm lasted just like that their daughter of black kids as well part of black is it a little guys your question can I go see the movie. Not as part of black is a look at let's go see the movie because like I mentioned in the marvel universe you can't but I want played into it as part of black history while. You can go. If you need to separated annoy you feel about Black History Month that is not true. But mom is casting you Black History Month is my favorite for much of the year of altar. It is thank you we get to celebrate yours not the other eleven. Jurors not the other eleven. How we get to celebrate our dignitaries. At 1245 a plan escalated you know people who have made in pave the way. In the world and called serve and I know what Black History Month means place of Swansea please. The black Panthers are the celebration in the month IR IA observe Black History Month I like the big every month. Well Bob if I even a special month for me because I live my life like that every single day. Wilson. Talk to play at twelve when you buy a bit and once when he five. Wherever the Dane Bradshaw yeah they Bradshaw white isn't graduate. We are gonna have a another. Complete and total white station clips here and what did you nine FM ES forum for. It's happened before I believe it has I don't remember with who are among. I mom I'm mom and day brats are so it's a very rare event that it does take place but it is gonna have by the way I saw that white stations didn't like it grant. To give like a new concourse. You know that it's a very old school they haven't a lot of work they're getting like a new sort of a concourse. For the school which are very happy about another but they don't know it in the house cut the ribbon on. I doubt it but they should've has got the rebound they should have us back to speak. We should do a lot showed from the auditorium now would be I'd love to do a lot shut from the Spartan palace I mean I don't think they're proud of you well they should be. 'cause out. I am one of the very few that came out of their standard program okay me that this. UK another Jennifer yes you think they are survivors know now one I took honors in my freshman year in and out at tended to. At a due to wells I had a great regret you an attitude out. About things you had over exactly stupidity you have to bring this nice you man I'm not Norah come at you come object not that you're looking at me now is now wasn't. You had a little left and has backed them you had to overcome. You know you have to bring a knife to school every day your senior years they've there was an Everett after I got jumped a freshman. So enough about that you overcame another south store leftovers have a computer tugged a Bradshaw. Once when he so it's a very very very busy yes it is though. Today looking forward. Two didn't end to it but the news of the day is this article. From Dana O'Neil now we've known grade and on and we've known that it was common. Illusion isn't out yet because you talk to some people that. Worked in the story and let me know that she was in town also talked some people that she she asked to be part of the part of the story and that decline but yeah we we knew issues in town knew she was working on kind of a state of Memphis basketball we didn't know was how much. The Penny Hardaway angle would write a part of the sort now before we get to what we learned from the storage room. I wanna. A wanna highlight two major errors. They got his fair errors in the story airs in the store I I sort of look at myself as an arms bugs me and you know I got a kind of like a public editor. And so what I wanted to highlight those things you know equal credit you're due and at first okay teams weird game that's the way. One pennies now quoted in the story. Us is that an error while I would say it's it's a flaw. A flaw fundamental flaw she clearly in the future give him. Is the sheer focus. On the wrong hot. Winks finding the relentless. Load now that Darden did barrel now I'm not real sure shave her. But she did not apparently stopped through the window room in her time in this great city. Did she know it's founded and run by a former tiger now this is a story about. The Memphis basketball program in there is a hot wing spot in town run. By former Memphis basketball player it is the wing guru 56 out of nine now Mariah. As she didn't get any and since it anger over Bennett reports the bad story is about things. I know you did like that I couldn't stand it. Boom and honey gold that's where she talked to the straight first wreck at its way she quoted owner of the restaurant. And then I got to tell you that hurt the credibility is sort it just it did last stop it did it did look it did you know play tigers to go their chains. That the number and Quinlan. You shop yes that they're going down. We're not on their side which it what we're chipping away every single Miller weird thing when your roots I just want to get that way Arnold thank you for the she spent too much time on the number two wings join in town. And your blaming her for not actually getting a hardware quote in the sort I'm not gonna blame her clearly tried imaginable and got blown off but it is it is one of the things in this article that just about it you like it sleep an article about any. And there's no quote from pat many people have tried and failed. It's not easy to depending on what you you know that we've had him on the show it's not easy get to get in his space to get an interview with them I do not get him right out that he's game. Priority give him right if and you know especially you know I think I think penny sort of feels an obligation to admit this media. You know if if if Smith is media there and they would have talked to him I think he sort of feels like okay their permit there's my hometown and here I'll talk to them. Nationals abroad but no. No I don't get that because ESPN came in here and didn't do a pretty close the deal followed them around. But he was open that CNN's coming hand on some that was easily put it into the open by the national it was about. His is the easiest guy Desmond now rightly did what about like well what they had they are you yes originally and then they continue to develops when they came back and thought of pennies. Are they opened them access all of that I would I would say he's been pretty open with the national media may be it may be it's the nature of the subject it's what word exactly. You just aren't you you don't it's what it's what we're talking about our remember that let's rewind a couple of years. To Josh bass or the end of that run. And we were basically in the same place where you had the coach in place he had not been moved but yet people in town saying that coach needed to be replaced with Penny Hardaway. And Kenny was getting the question shell three epic might say he approached him. Hum did they got him on the record he had loved. I'd like to be a college coach read that one day comes but right now Josh passenger coach not want touch that and the he is in the exactly. The same situation right now publicly if he says something about Tubby Smith people could. You know it's positive people's goal is that if it's negative all you want the job so right now best part is to be quiet it's there's no question that's what it is I would think right in terms of pennies well because for Kenny why you wouldn't comment right there's. And I mean that wasn't there we don't have the video. Some we may we may use it in the next segment because sources are just told me that he got thousands of these I actually going to be able to join us focal and so there there is say there is a video from two years ago. When Kenny was asked. On the record Bob Mike Sega Sega just that I believe yes so weak we can we can definitely use that I want wanna play that later and we have our own interview with a Morey says resistin you don't wanna be because that's what this was that this was specifically on the order about Memphis I definitely do want to get to that. But yeah I mean it this is this continues to be the topic of conversation. Everybody's talking about it I had people texted me that I hadn't heard from enough in a long time asking me had I heard from keel in which by the way. Did hear from Kelyn. Do you know given him an assignment yesterday yes front us right through it right what was disarming and what did you tell you so what happened was Cuban told tequila and set on the show yesterday if you missed it. I'm an in you should never ever miss that segment please don't it's really great if it's a lot of fun honestly. They said on the show he's heard Kenny Harley could Levys right. And he said he could find out fourth. There's you can send a text in a less now so this morning and you know we ever teach you in text emotional and everything like that this morning and I got to attacks on that is give one from key or just get the devotional this morning I got to tax some 45 AM. Still no response is nice market. I like that think you know I had acute and more can be easier as he's a little like he's a he's a Y and working for John he's found out. He's like Barbara Walters he's got to get to the bottom of the aisle like that are right he says they'll now responses and in the next week the next X was good morning. Some of us want attention. But no. I can't process and I interred it will have reciprocity dead reciprocity yes a drug trial that's a tough one now can tell us tough. I thought that they would fear reciprocity. I've never done. Gentlemen gentlemen good job you get to do they have a. And I think if that's that's the hard word burnout so no response quite yet from Kelyn. But this is again the topic of conversation and as long as the met the basketball program continues to sort of do what it's doing what right lose games. We toughened lose tomorrow we'll tell yes and you pay a price for three players in so it's going to be tough for them to lose on the road at SMU tomorrow but. I suppose anything is. Possible. And his name is is gonna continue to come out. And with good reason. With very good reason that there are some other parts of this or that after uninteresting. We talked a letter Draper is another main figure in store. And and basically he said. To Dana what he says Dotson you know pennies off the job you know he would take. The the part I think I've I've learned the most. The sort of the biggest take away from this piece was the quote from Tom bone. And in this is the quote from university members of late start to tumble. There are a lot of positives that are happening at some point will bring this all together and have a great win loss season. It's my job as an athletic director to support our student athletes and our coaches to listen nor leadership and make sure we are making progress I think we are. I really do. Now. I have a lot of issues with that quote I'm Cuban money talking a national media. I I understand there's there'd there's a line you have to sort of toe mature and athletic director because you wanna. Support your current coach right right that's what you do. But I also think this in in this is the part for me but I've struggled with with Tom Bowen for a while. And that's. Sort of how honest he's chosen to be with his fan base. And I and that that's that's where I'm gonna leave because. You say in this quote explicitly you think there is progress being made now. Let's break that down. Progress what is the definition of progress improvement. Basically winning winning right okay so let's just take tubby two years but put them side by him. Are there. Are they going to finish this year with a better record than last year. Polluters or it's just probably not. Are they going to have a better recruiting class this year than they had last year. Doesn't appear so doesn't appear so is attendants better this year than last year. No in fact they are having to convince. School kids Porsche to a T ten games so they can maybe have a shot at it turns and outsource I do not have a number in from it looks worse so. I would like to know. How you can judge how you can say that I you'd like because. It to meet it would behoove you as an athletic director what you need now more than ever how much the same as an athletic director you say. Now you know what we're not happy we're gonna make it change at the end of the year I'm not saying you have to say that you course you wouldn't say that but I do think what you could say. If you're the ABA members right now is listen. This is not where any of us thought it was going to be and at this juncture. We demand better we believe. We have the resources of a talking about caliber we pay our coaches. As a top 35 caliber and so we expect. Parallel results and we're not getting them. And so long relegating them we are going to be committed to making and and and and you know adjusting. Anyway we know how so was goats so as to ensure those results why is that so hard for somebody like Powell want to say less than. A Canada and that's why I'm at a point. He basically said that the books. He and and and look at that point I think it won two in a row so you can say you know there's your side of it getting better. But his point was and we asked him specifically because our memorized the question should this team we were pretty tough when Pablo he was honest right so they should they're not right now. He said there that he they're gonna take steps to it to improve that as honest as he could be. When you're when you're when you're being quoted for national story about him. You've got to give some. Perceptions of stability I would say yeah you can't come out and say. He's been a disappointment up to these the economy agree what you can do is put your coach and his position nationally were people asking what are you doing it here you can control that. Right well and he had to be honest with us but nationally. I think I think you don't want this thing will look damaged you wanna be careful with it ethic that's why you kind of got I. I don't they it's going OK more to spin zone that you hear from the national analysts all that stuff the delegates agree whatever. Don't and that I think actually that's why there's a little bit like for public it is I defending him I'm with you that's what is clearly issues yeah I think that's what the difference and in the tone there. As she says hey barn it well I hope not because you know he's not well I get a three for Brooks Hanson who was plugged in who says. This isn't just something he's saying to the media. All he wants to conventions of us write our the other one intones doubles the wrong one there it if if if that's the but no one does that made at a higher over there once admit because firing visited and they were wrong let me ask your question right let me just let me just let me just we're gonna we're gonna put this we're gonna use this as a is big and as an example right. So Brit loves Disney World intact from which I mean there's really no where he would rather be so let's say for whatever reason. He wants to drive to Orlando got Jack. And he just appreciates the scene for the longer that's not a pretty experienced the building the anticipation I cannot while you drive and then maybe it's not America's economic midnight on our time and I don't have a -- the drive doorway of the bigger dose achieved only with card you've made the decision that you can drive to Orlando got. Six hours later. You look up. And you're headed to Charlotte. You somewhere along the award along the way but it won't you've made a wrong turn right and you know you've made a wrong turn because you're headed to Charlotte you're not headed. To Orlando and Laura. Are going how long do you keep driving. Before you turn around three years. And how much. Keep the concept of casually get any closer. Right you are further and further away from from the by the right inept cut or you're you're just not even close. You don't want a white and actually human mistake but if you do you took a wrong turn but she she doesn't wanna go to Charlotte. Or eventually grabbed vessel. And that's special you know your noggin to Disney World right and don't you have to. Make the adjustment nets could take a little longer writes for the silica you have the detour route and it might be a little painful dog like example a twelve hour row. I'd might turn into an eighteen hour ride my right leg you know nine and have been dollar contract might have to be paid out to a does not coaching as opposed to is. But you gotta get there you gotta get there you take in the days you know everybody wants to go to their place on earth are so why the hell you gonna go to Charlotte, North Carolina. Was not your best punch such destination and wherever this myth is basketball program is headed. I can assure you anybody that made the decision higher tubby this is not the direction they thought it would go look. Or else they wouldn't of made today MRI so to me. I don't care your governor Prius. And you have unlimited guests OK you get a Tesla whatever the hell you draft got turnaround in. You can make that you got to commit it back on the road you got to so that to me is is is the question from of the basketball and end to me. The stakes are even high here. We've all assumed. They're penny would just kind of be there kind of that is kind of weighed on right it is going to be there when where and when we needed and we put out the bats are and the fact of the matter is the more and more. You think about it. I mean there're there're there're. Rumblings out there from. Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio they Kenny Paine is going to be a candidate for the Ole miss job or would potentially be an opening and on the incidents for Kentucky which is what we talked about yesterday and you know it it would again it would make the timing would make a little bit assists. You know it just would well. They need to shake things up for another six and six and SEC so. I've truly believe. And as long as things continued the way that they're going for Memphis basketball and that's low attendance AKA. Apathy which is of area it's a dangerous thing for our basketball program in any sports program frankly absolutely. Losing and even if they beat SMU like. He argued they have three players that are healthy right now one of their starters as you'd with the other hand I mean this is that it's a mess so even if you win that game doesn't say a. Lot. Some something is going to have to be done well in there's a there's a timing thing timing factor that wasn't fair. With Josh Wright we've we felt like. Very it would be okay if they wanted and have their chance and and kind of what she says he'll always be there now you hear these rumors about. Any possibly considering we go to Kentucky take James wasn't wouldn't go there. There's also. Look out of of a talk someone in finished at home talked only yesterday. And he told me that penny told him and as recently as this weekend and what are they waiting now. Welcome comments while so there's a timing thing here that's got to play and I wonder how much of the Kentucky thing his height. You don't get me now you'll make a move. Go to somebody else in that emit and maybe. Maybe pinning it may pennies they're little just bear with me for not maybe fitting goes and takes that you could write just because Memphis and remain at Kentucky onto a bit. We're gonna take it per year than a minute maybe charity but there's a timing aspect of it now in terms of the way things are lining up and we've said. We don't know what the future looks like east right next right here there's a lot of other about that with human loss and on keeping that thing's gonna. Kind of kind of flail out Lomax is gone is gone that that's just the student population of Iraq have been you know talk them go on the charter school round nick and we don't know the future that so. Again ticket penny could just lay out and just do is just do his own. A youth program. But I just with the way things are lining up with hearing someone close to penny tell me. What are they waiting often with meant. And in terms of Memphis. He's so what you read because to meet authorities weather like right now by people. That the difference in this contract. As opposed Josh is big if it's very different. You had to pay that ten point six. Media is a lump some instead pay night I guess it could have been negotiate a and that's why they decided not to fire around even in that last season current people forget people like that they rewrite it and say we've we've got the bears got rid of that did not they could not correct because they could not pay that 1065 decided not to and the difference with that in this is that again. And I and I got to give the Memphis administration some credit here because they did put this in they've learned from that they gave themselves a little protection they did. And and basically if they if they admit this administration decided to make a move with Tubby Smith after this year. They would have six years which would be double the amount left him six years to pay out. Essentially ten million dollars which would come out a little bit over one and a half million dollars a year so. If your pay Tubby Smith an average of three million dollars a year. And you make a decision to move on from a hire a guy like Penny Hardaway who I believe you could easily get on a million a million and a half. Men burst out echoes lay's going to be tough to compare it did it for him to get more than that I mean -- morning where else up so you could you'd wanna half. Your pain in the same exact thing. With a new coach with new blood and with new excitement with a recruiting class and with that with you know beloved alarm. In place. It's the same exact cost that would have been found not letting its non points it its 3.2 five of the last three years but you're not point 75 that you gotta buy out. You you elected why you do over six years in a one point six million low of one point six million. So you effectively if the same exact amount of money you would pay but you would at least. Again. I don't know. I'm not gonna sit here and die on the heel of Penny Hardaway is gonna be the next great Memphis basketball coach on Inco not undo that front but what I do know without a shadow of a doubt. I know two things one. He would get this community completely excited about lives bath while it could be turned on its head job yeah secondly he bring place. And whatever happens after that. I'll I'll be look at well you know comes we'll all that is butts in seats in ticket sales through money flow that's exactly right. Neared the acts of the exact ops of what's happening right now and so why this decision. Again if it continues to go the way it's going. Over the last 678 games of the season. If things continue at this trajectory. To me I don't know I don't I don't know that the decision has to be out identical. I don't and I think honestly. If tubby was you know really looking inside himself there and and and surveying the landscape. Like does he really wanna do this. He really wanted this you really wanna do for your third. I don't know who wants to do all the comes with a I know he likes the paycheck what he gets he did why you sign up to come here hitting middle of a place that was perfect for you because expert. Expectations were low he still got a wide you come to a place like this because of that check absolutely I'm not blaming tubby. I'm not putting him at all. You know who wouldn't have taken the job. I think he'd. I think he underestimated some things about it no question. But I'm not blaming him for taking the job. So that's I think a basic you know they've they've there and sit down at the end of the year they're gonna value way they're gonna do some math. And that I think is going against him. I share. And you have investigated interest payment hazards this one all we laid out there or there might be an opportunity you can now right you have to look at it. You know even if you don't have conviction about him as a head coach which you can't because he's never done it before at this level. Yeah there's a certain things you know that he's going to accomplish. That Tubby Smith is not doing Kirk and I think that has to be taken into all of the financial impact along absolutely. Where does is this the bottom dollar business bottom line business and you know and I think that's where matters probably the most that's the reason that look you know the listen. And you have to look take this very seriously so that's where you are on the story is up at the athletic dot com it's interesting. Though if you listen to this radio station. For any amount of time there's really nothing in it that will be new to you. It's good reporting I don't think it's like I has rated report absolutely. And I do what I say this on the hood that I signed up for free try to read it is that how you did the dad ticket that you yeah it was its what is behind a pay wall side double cost you if you wanna read it ever. Sign up for free target your record information on that oh I like I'm a support good journalism are really do. I think it is dead the price tag at seven and not a month. To access all the athletics articles is a is a bit steep and the reason it's so steep is because they've hired everybody right. I just a sensible I sense a little doom with this model. You know it's hard it's just hard manage it and you could tell him it's great journalism you go out and Harold a great journalists and it's just hard to get people pay for winning go somewhere else and get in the end gets a free whether that's all message board whether it's you know get your ten free clicks. People just find their way you won't we look we look for loopholes as society as I asked you to copy and pays me the damn store because I don't want from a credit card number and there so we Albanians are we did Bob May. Well hustle and out here and I'm with you gotta I don't know that thing's gonna survive there's all of the fact that they're offering free trials now apparently you don't. Maybe they're not happy with whether subscribers are Marty has given no I am 7999. And nine as purged it is like. Like Netflix on eleven and nine on apple news does not mean and I would have I would tell you the work is probably more so for just you have 797. Or not that's been a month but the work. Programs from those reporters those journalists and some sort out their and that's that do you know I really do. I will come back we may get his video for you a Penny Hardaway addressing the Memphis job from two years ago because. 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It's very new to me can you explain the listeners where you found the songs are to sort of a moral one of a local radio stations on the nose like Jesus is all about and Horowitz. You clearly says. Like a young Penny Hardaway pumping out. But it's not about opinions about coming up the hard way right thing I came and he doesn't have the hard way yes our panel the hard way or whatever but if he had any references to any aces. Young Penny Hardaway in this Q what we've been magic hype. What do you have references. Some say it's a moment. Bad Blake's bad habits yet that money got to have it I used to dream of living lavish now. I found that on black is not in black history do you were so easily live in lavish your pension stories it's cool to win. Yeah so this is it's from who sings this duress to shot. Good job there you guys do not believe instruments and I don't think that's I before we give to a range of bans. Really quickly. Wanna play for you a video. That this was this a slower Obama doesn't sixteen having basically two years ago to today as just pastor was on his way out of Memphis. Mike's eighty channel three caught up with Penny Hardaway. I'm back when his name first sort of sort of there emerge we didn't know Josh was Paul did not have pointed I don't know same way we don't know that tubby indirect gone right. But penny was asked about. You know potentially being a candidate for the job and this is how I answered. When you can remain everybody wants it torn away and I've done to me is all flattering but you know Josh is still the coach not support him 100% did not do take. What the crowd know what the fans are saying you know not that's great for me because it's on the love they have for me. But I support just the program you know we can't just pick him at all because he's done a great job he's still fighting you know it takes a village it takes all of us try to support him. He's up and try to get through tough times and good time so. Are right now. Tough times at the university and we can't just leave you stranded like this but I do. Appreciate all the good all the fans that want me to be the knicks coach amid fears whenever that happens or to be the coach and that's what every year. Whenever that I don't remember that then we talked about them whenever that happened whenever you. He did say if that happens he said whenever that having that sense they demanded without a doubt wants the job. I realize that we don't have the camera so we can't go out and do it but it it did strike me just listen that how he makes the statement that Johnson the coach right now not a 100% supportive Brett. And we see one of those for public. You know we haven't I don't know how many chances there have been four news crews to approach any and for being obviously to grant the access to ask him. But just. We we I'm mad I'm seeing Ivan rare one of those. As I've I don't think he wants a part of it would be my guess. He's too classy to sabotage. The current coach he does love never he's given. You know he's given millions to Memphis you know he's given tied him it was like he once. If he wants courses are once the clintons see it now like she must point was you can hear the tracking a 100% I got his background support and we guys or are again in fairness Omar how many opportunities have been Holler for local media it's. It's a little awkward. Awkward right now when you sake it's like. There is like as a human being there's a part of you that wants to say yo go he's one of buzz he's one you know. Back off a little bit let him do what he does he's always one right but then like you also want. That's like it sounds like where. You know I mean is it there's certain nobody debt no I have not heard anyone on connect with that day kimono and yeah publicly yet that people say it you know privately does off the record. I'm all the way around so SO within our way conversation continue ladies and gentlemen. We're gonna continue it. A little bit with dreams of bass who is his trainer trains a lot of other people besides spinning. Lots athletes in the city we're gonna talk to him about that about you know who he is and how you got hooked up with any. Last to get to a three is about to do that next Jason Dunn editor none of them ESPN. Listen to the dairy fairy show for Memphis basketball recruiting insider Keith Easter would he be stored today at 420 and 99 FM EST yeah. Still one and only GT eastern look. Yeah down for pat dye. Local basketball experience you know Lowe's heroes and street corner clubs on nineteen T. Get a better ratio. 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I'm from any place at phrase you get the latest security technology and affordable pricing the by the award winning praise service department right here in the states in his radio and you get 10% off your next equipment purchase for the latest in home security it's phrased protection. It's now 829 FM 688 on the WM FS I am. 929 espn.com. BC news that. Jason. Yeah. There's been down back with imagine I've been ESPN has promised his name is Rahim Shabazz he's finished trainer individually also trains team innings. And he's a U squad trains east high. Pennies high school meals and just about everybody else in town it feels like Brothers about. And the bottom left anybody out and I know individually what you got here Graham brown marks or you're in the guy that can Jones. It is there it is very all of the above pathetic years have their dispute project is our data there you're there by other scared Bohannon out. Our Arkansas he's rabbi is now an hour one way. Which I would Meehan. Obamacare you first off that. I allowed got bought out and have decided what you're actually correct they're about ready out what they're you you're done the put the city on noted man let him go to my name is not announcer bad. Yeah sure we get right we we got bad Notre Dame as a follow up any unanswered Graham right summits and what's going on in the daily life and I see he's got like. He's undertaken like this new training you got him on this new reds are military new regiment you got them all mad. Man look what that they're viewed I got a group of about how proud Rosa community though have been led the way you know even though and it's sort of whereas. For years now and we go in four days of the week. I attended a blog every day as one poll on Monday it differed on few great favorite calmer on Wednesday. And then they come in you know they're they're Friday resort as well about now look at your house vote. Normally we do what we do a little bit of everything we do restraint trying to get invited home openly mean we do bad burning car audio to make sure they did not as Norway. If you're gonna wait out to him terribly. So we cover every bit of it now make sure they are not eaten. Poor kid and for him to conduct of their lives and yeah Eminem goes so I'll stay out double vote he's been not harder trying him a note cameras so. They immediately privileged well in the newspaper forward anyways so right what did you read the helmet. So so so so let me ask you this how do you becomes I imagine penny is the kind of client that everybody in this entire sector really country wants being who he is how do you know how do you become Penny Hardaway is trainer. My head because. There's so I've got I've got on the what about. Void in a way it's not really well. And 2000 have fourteen. I was trying to duplicate their laws and polar Hamels all of build them every morning at 6 AM. And at the time they were planned for any day you change their way to combat club either so Chris Campbell affinity says that. The sort of border have been going up right is that everybody proud and worked out. An airboat cinema score attributable did that nobody was saying how was exposed okay they would didn't. And they were like do what they don't don't. They called me and what Chris Gamble called me what they the boys told Chris about me. So Chris results results in the first. And this kind of made intro right where they'll pay an important try to. And Ella obviously like. Costello this part because the ministry of you know the auto label it. What I'm betting I'm able I'll may have been star struck about maybe I'll have to say. Because when you ought to sort of reminded me of like what about Brothers who. I've grown up where Betty may be culpable I've made him gullible were we just got to hit it out right away. And they're probably the most important bought a little bit you know different people see him around I think no money what he had above. But over the very old that play look man. I don't know what you got out okay. Our source stated opposition. Well part of trying to. And yet the majority. And I think that the him in the play where children about it Kevin reflect negatively they got to try to break the bank and like I did do that you understand. That that person had to do what I'm not as Babineaux money I wanted to know. Ultimately bill what you have is so big political reporter is broke and we're not we're bigger we go to present beyond. But you gotta Nancy's door before we did so did your particular relation with it and come underwear and see if you can tell us where his heads that were asked about you you. Michael Kohler thought did a great job a few years ago a story about you don't got to go back and and read it again there's kind of prepare for this interview but. Tell us that the short part of the storm look more than a decade ago. You're homeless about in my if if I'm not mistaken. I didn't affect me you got I have to pick of the story yeah I what is your and it's got a great in the right one what do bless Syria right now does that because it a little more than a decade ago and only it. Well it. A word about it now that it would be out of work. Let's say you're the go to a movie aired. Well about their mood is just to read you what a first side. All of that he's gone through the exact same thing. And I moved here from Chattanooga. My son would like to hear go to the bat well and when I moved here I had no family here Dolly Parton I really knew woods. Did mom. And that it though. We're moment for a lot of fat in my car or out there that were apparently that's a good hand over America out members. Me what I saw and heard here where we're name god bless them. I thought it took me about signing in film about maybe twelve over in the house. And I'm it was rough while and they go to mayor football look forward. Filed the market followed it another go home is there a third and driven the car you know they're just really try to do a good attitude. But all of new loads. My son has to eat and I wanted to grind it out the right way and so low nobody got an apparent anything illegal about it Bob Kraft. Look at lot of cold night slot on overnight it. Does. The fast forward now. I'm glad to know that we have to do don't insult the look at my assigned as the motivation battle all of it. Fast forward a year effort called an error that would whoever got there memo Wi-Fi and an accident. And from Baird. Maybe about three or four years later seen don't wanna read again what got you are good at the comfort of our become a charred machines and from bears are kind of went out of control and look at so I don't know I mean I. I can't thank anybody book. About this started and I've gone home. So for a moment for being at home albeit there's going to be in very Lugar for one minute but you're the most of the best part about it is that the number of people artificial touched and honored on the data that base. So so they'll bone. Obama puts you on the spot here anyway I gotta put on the spot here who was your most challenging client in terms of like. Helping them reach their goals and dinner agreed on it and hey look I don't I know I'm not a what I know hereditary Pierre Niles thought I'm sure he's up there but out who. We'll let you know I've. Out of Roddy. Yeah maybe you don't really when you first got there are met Pierre when he got there was that eight it was 350. Aren't you had already got a lot of hours how to do it on the golf all the while. But then you heard about me. And it got to find out there and here not gotten. Paired article. That my wife. On ameliorate the here at all hope is my wife's. Uncle. Although it obviously took. That surround it let's let's say that because serious theme since then get an idea that. So tolerable smoke though about why it's so when we know where to actually watch in the 2008. National championship game he noted that I love who was. And over about sort of by the way this and that. Well I fit and you can't wait did you Wear don't have that Marcos and an album how to know restore where you need has always got to go through without we're. That's for a few years Moe Miller put it towards just quote over erotic allegiance to. In India are really different told mullet some of their players promotes OP about eight. But look Matta orders right Eminem quicker almost spoke Obama about it told about me he candidate today. And at the tab you had talked ornate and they look might start and they told him if you get down to sixty on the floor you get out to a certain club. Doug did you do some. He was brief but we try to attack. That I look at board we cannot you cannot miss a day every day he was 38 o'clock to eight what to eat. The first Schumer the first two weeks earlier low point now. And we the way edit talking Alabama he really didn't matter but got beat so it frustrating part about it. Woods won it will Vieira go to see him go see him back plant in combat it will put away don't do you not follow but I don't prostrate. My boys. Cade had been detonated at stake because then when young right there on top of the world they were really really good. And he unlike I don't care how good Jalalabad so I have work to go to war will. There aren't and I don't we don't you have people coming at them that way right go to Canada or we bought it a look at their artwork. Out space got a local media also would damage especially when they saw that the changes that would all of their bodies and I'm trying to think of course being hall who was one of the harder or Bill Barrett. All I gotta hurt creates. Or offered little in my god man listen. Let's hear you and I hope he listens to me and I hope because they're that the person liable about a hour to have act. I'll talk about it videos show for a few days if he was sort. And your humble as they come home I'm like what I'm not only help you. There I figured well kind of at LA at their may not Baird mania though so it's not know will Coleman you Kamal thirty Jamie worked our. Will they pay they were bad note saying the workaholic. So all they're being held and not a bad guys may like element Sergio corrosion and spill over in Germany right now. Over a shot there because you know economic data can't certain epithet all of these in any Billy Bob Beckett he backed plan. Well I love. It go and you know I do have a go. The boy's name is Morgan Scott Morgan Scott edge and tonight we got earlier about the new computers. Following a recent releases the global recession more hit it about six Ford has 65. And now down. To about Orioles four my goodness Morgan could not very depressed or moderate and very sad times. He hated working out he hated lifted. I mean he had ever built but every now named Joseph you saw them out and outright in my garage. He would go to ortho vote anyway so about a week can you combat enemies so we gonna. Want to mold found what may want to start this scene mode change your body it is brought a morning construct. Now I'd been to go to work what about now you get great amount of credit words are you gonna get a whole lot of plans I'm already sides do. I'll umbrella it will all my guarded them either a big goal. Cushy solved. Teddy bear who hated deliver. The idiot and so my doom is also put in an undercover at a plate but once he finally snap out of it. We won't and I'm mad at benefactor left covered basic kind of our big time Corbin got so much stronger bid to.