Jason & John Hour 1 (2/12/18)

Jason & John
Monday, February 12th

Talking Tigers loss in Hour 1 plus joined by Newest M Club Hall of Fame Inductee and Former Tiger Great Antonio Anderson 


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Don't just 649. Dollars and the deal of the week as an apple iMac for just an 899 bucks why. Also repaired computers and apple products so don't wait come to take computer systems are located at 3800 tax crossroads. Or visit to a computer systems dot com let's take computer systems dot com. And medicines PlayStation. It won't it won't let. I mean again we saw today. Listen I. Really gotten. Oh yeah. All right yeah and. Bureau Jason John managed nine FM ESPN it is Monday may be we made it through the weekend John Martin's best they would come out of weekend. Antonio Anderson inducted into the gym club all of you and I always love you I was voted applause Amanda is always great to see a tiger allegedly left. The car. Yes and have Antonio Anderson owns about a are not stealing your glory Jon Landau I'm men love to do that rat that is run down a little out of turn. The moon bats and that's just a little bit of tired. They are you know I think that I decided the case across Puerto because and Antonio Anderson got to do. His duke. This weekend. By being inducted into the gym club hall of fame with a much other people's self we we'll talk Antonio Anderson. At 1145 million next thing we all love talking about as a matter of fact. Do we because we had him on about a month ago. And you guys know what he said he said he wanted to have tickets to the global game and they didn't leave them form. Caught in 45 minutes litigated and today actually never my we found some but by then it was too late. Let us through that he's been critical Tubby Smith he's voice his opinion about Tubby Smith from and the direction the program and federal report. Federal that he you know because if you're an alarm of a place like Memphis or any school really. You know you're you're supposed to just set up and god I just give the company line and say it takes time and I trust Tubby Smith but I prefer the honesty John if you don't turn thirty Smith there's no reason say that you trust Tubby Smith unless you like a lot. I don't think engineers and that kind of guys we're talking Antonio there's about what he saw this weekend. Maybe he talked Tom Bowen about his concerns may be our audience has left many felt the tubby. You know maybe maybe Toby took some steps and don't rekindling an in repairing their relationship I don't know we'll ask him about that at 11251145. We're gonna switch gears just a little bit. The good order and talk a lot about that the bath while they let Devin we're gonna need a breather and it's pretty depressing us and love 45 or do just that we talked to Liz Merrill. She is a senior writer for ESPN whom Goodwin and this we considered a really really really good story. That was also sort of packaged as part of an. About the McNair family and and moving on either Stewart mayor's staff and on store and murders so we will talk to. Liz Merrill about what that was like with the kids are up to. It's it's a pretty emotional piece and in Steven there obviously is still held in such high regard here and in this state in this city and so we're gonna talk there about that 1140. We take calls I think that's going to be some that we do. Today on the show. You know on tiger basketball go calling yet we'll do it later but we will give you an opportunity to sort of say. Your piece about Memphis basketball that it once when he five. We're barbecue Lawson are nuts he got a 145 lots to get to within. Com. Cruel rumor I've heard. One little rumor about Penny Hardaway. What you and I hired a little room now I'm Scott masculine. To confirm it on Monday. Just it's it's a rumor to go make us wait till Q&A one point five to get us where god I don't I want policies and about policies and about a cup. But if if what I heard is true. Again I don't know for sure not on the skewer so I think you know he had a good sense of it but if it is true it is firmer than a hurt when it would add a great deal of urgency. To the decision the members of those really gonna have to make. And ladies and gentlemen that decision. Is going to be what to do after a year to. University of Memphis as you guys know by now lost again. This week in the loss yesterday at UCF back home for the first time. And 45 years they lose to use yet in Memphis. 6864. When no taco ball thing. And down. It is it is it is going the wrong way. It is going the wrong way you got Jamal Johnson and David nickel Barry before the game. Punch each other office scoffs there's an altercation that was sent him to play into what Jamal Johnson and a wrap up. You know Jamal Johnson is in Iraq because of altercation boom and you know he had had a jumper sensed when he seventeen Matt he's a little bit of a wall amid a question. It out that I think that's part of it sir. But I mean these things are happening they just lost their third straight game their fifth of six their fifth loss in six games move and it's happening again. It is happening once again Jason A Memphis tiger basketball team coached by Tubby Smith. Is fading down the stretch in this study can't blame a loss and. Nausea and then we and John you know word about this or watch that which Allstate and and felt like thirteen gave it everything they had those players have particular rights it's a five point game obviously with. With less than nine minutes to play in you're worried about. A let down. We you're worried about the team feel like man we just laid everything out there we have. And came out what I mean taller or shorter which to Allstate the most part and in the end you're going into a game against UCF. That you should their favorite and obviously because there's no taco fault not the fabulous defensive presence for for use you UCF. And your your your thinking you know what. If it's cute it's this it's added to take ECU this gets added to Wichita State. It starts to look like last year it starts to look like where they're at the end of the season yet. They you go to your point loss enjoy if you wanna blame a loss ends and they look like a problem now know. Ombudsman she just feared that this would start to look like they tequila and said it last week yeah in an arsenal with him. It just looks like folded up what you want but that on the players the coaches whatever it was hurting gold has got to go somebody and you look at the rest of the games. You look at what's left they've got some guys that mute. All on wins in -- you teams get in with its back against the wall it's got a window on a moody just got slapped around by by Cincinnati. You know that's going to be a tough when you look at the rest these games you don't where's the light at the end of the tunnel let's be its last two games this season which. Even if you win them mean nothing anybody again and had two or you could do the worst team in the not a dirty so far gone by that's arm to your point oh and they are well at all. Tune into those you know this is the no longer can you sort of float this Tennessee in this fallacy that Memphis over achieving. They're not they're not over cheating whatsoever and that they've looked just. About where. People thought they would be and frankly. If they don't catch breaks against Stanford and and Mercer and and you know northern Kentucky and temple. Arm work have and it's a very very very very different conversation that's the sport of basketball is just going to shut down without a prior order basketball but. Even to get to fourteen and eleven. This Memphis basketball team had to. Being incredibly lucky that's in games that's with the schedule. But they got the soft they got the soft side pointed that out of the American athletic conference schedule and by the way I commerce is nowhere near as good there by not going to be air of the season I mean it's top heavy. Right with with with such states that he. In Houston is pretty big drop on after that right. And so you you get a weaker than you thought. America athletic conference you get the weak side of the regularly thought. America athletic conference scheduled moon and you're still below 500 encounters and barring a miracle turn around. You're gonna finish below 500 and copper. With the softer side of the slate. So explained to me. How anybody can believe this is. This is what it this is improvement this is a process that is that is going smoothly. And there are. I've got I've got no more than that over the weekend and I thought I would people still stand but you've got look this thing is you know it takes time. Let's give to over the years three obviously you've had Geoff Calkins the Fed and the fantastic Thomas Marshall Field about write a column says. Look I'm a note tubby didn't say the right things last night. But he's here for years 300 used to it nothing's happening over there right and into those people said that about a month and a half eager to. You know which which one and Avago. House a little bit more on Bora where. To the people that. That are still shoot I mean this morning saying that you know tubby is building something here had to get the mess out before hand I. I want a bear with you Foreman all right so so you get two years three and and we do this again. You tell me I mean when you're building something you look at boat you look at the blocks and say OK I can see it as I see the improvement they're an issue with that guy. We're going to be a lot better and John I look at it NRC chair mom aren't every game. I see Stephen Davenport Massey Mike parks in not much going on around them they yelled now they're trying to play David nickel bearing more. Jamal Johnson viewpoints of the wall looks like his improvements kind of at a at a law now and how do you argue stagnant no question my point is where is this. My what they have put this championship culture where where's the evidence on. What would you where do you see that you because you got in a closed because I think that I think you're lying to yourself maybe except. It's insulting to say that so so. I'm all for the people saying give tubby time and maybe it's got to go to three before you can accurately judge it. But but but when you try to throw at me he's building something there's a championship. I don't see that I I see regression I can get a repeat of last year or got the check back but the differences. As you pointed out these are your thoughts are right you can't blame this that there are became vital Olson's on this one these are your guys now so there's there's not that whole transition thing you don't have that going for your track I don't see this championship culture forming that's because there's not one. I keep a bit stupid. A man like can you can you can we go to NIC culture before we have a much editor cultures. Exactly character we get a do we get up all of us. A record over 500 a couple of smelly let me start on my championship culture let me ask you if if whichever should culture isn't isn't one of your guys on minster rim. You know posting freely let me ask you but championship culture is two guys play fighting in the actually injuring one. In the in this in this Europe is that a championship culture or in the sense that afterwards. We're Tubby Smith has asked not bit and I think you've got the audio and that's which haven't spent his asked about Antonio Anderson's comment right. And and and obviously Antonio's said that he doesn't think it's abuse the right man for the job right there in an answering that. I'll will let you hear person and in them away have. Do you have any response Antonio Anderson's comments from yesterday. Murdering his own peers comics he said that he didn't think you were the right person going to Memphis tiger program. Well. Maybe gotten a lot of people believe that made that saw something happens. In this business. This road is. And now being near before. As so we try to do our best job we can't we do it. We do have religiously we do it consistently. And that. Energy it takes time. Say at this part of that I understood her rights evident here with the media says don't care what people say and I think part of that's. A big Jeff from self deprecating every part of it is tubby San Antonio is entitled to his own opinion and I don't care about that but here's the other part that you have come back with his. As a head coach who have. Of programs got as much pride as this went on death. Yeah on the right man. Yeah on the air and maybe Scholl passionate okay in in this instance in my sand. It's a role for right. Solomon alone yeah I mean you know what I mean I've had I am not so what he's gonna take the high road let's say a call that Antonio that's a rare my point is assures that there are there right now and it was no passion John there was little. Exactly it's just from the job. We have all wondered if if tubby really knew what he was getting into if he really liked. Had a sense of what this job required him what his job entailed and at times how challenging it can be because of that the media attention and the passion. And there has not been one. Single. Instance. In the entire what two plus years he's been here long they have made me believe. That he understands and that it all that he ever well. And and that's not a knock on tubby right like tubby is who he did it's I don't know why he left Texas Tech. To be quite honest with you. Because that was the perfect job for him no exploitation. And you can recruit the exact caliber of guy that you're recruiting here and it will fly. And it did slot and you made the hands of Ouattara Texas Tech when that debt that athletic director. Mike was. Was distraught. Over losing you know. I can assure you that if and when that date comes here in Memphis. That will not be the same reaction. It's just a fact of the matter tubby is a good man RBIs with a he says will beaten down. Yeah that's will being down and and I understand it in a way and I wish it was different like that the minute that all of these people who are holding on. To the idea that we're the ones who were making it toxic and we're the ones who are making it difficult write us at night here. The minute that those people and there are a lot of mean they know who they are right they had to have something to cling to. They're the sort of have some red Herring to distract everybody else from the real problems. The minute that those people let go of that. And actually acknowledge that this is not personal whatsoever I want nothing more than permit this to not be one in four under you know against UCF the last two years I want nothing more. But for them to not lose to ECU on the road I want nothing more that for them to be able to live got a guy like Tyler hairs are. But I also choose to live in reality. That's is my choice you can live wherever you will live I'd choose a live in reality. And we both know what that is my bet is you probably not getting how Harris. I mean the way that the waited this season has played out. I mean if the idea that. If you're asked if you're the right fit for the job and you've saved well maybe not well maybe Tony Harris is that he says well maybe I'm not the right guard for you. Maybe fancy and see that you say in my got to go to the tiger and the like well maybe not. Like there are just there are ways that you can bet it's important. Public relations is important in any job especially of one as public as this went when Josh was the coach here as you need to go back to cal. It's like it was like being in the may year they both said rob and the apathetic sort of emotionless. That's not gonna cut it. Especially when you couple that with the bill bill lack of on court results those are just the facts. Tubby keeps telling us and we keep hearing from those Stallone scorer that it takes time to rebuild in the end and that is true. And some sense but but. There's a reason it takes time for tubby. Because he works slow job death he works slow whether it's offering kids. If you're your strategy on Alex and Tyler we talked about that and how they blew it with the strategy you put all your eggs in one basket and after. You know about ones out at the doors of the you have to play catch up with a double but. There's a reason that it takes time right with tubby. And we found we found out it's because he works at his own pace he works slow. Texas Tech at the time was he gets into the parliament in year three they're going crazy because he's he's let a program. Edwards it's typically tough to get the answer to know his you know he's letters and how happy they are right now and how they they say into how fast things can happen form. With their new coach with a beard right right in there now waivers are some players nobody looked over which we must who has Topper scores a fresh yep okay to a this talk three scores are guys he brought in but there are some players Sevilla. It's not a total rebuild situation. But you're seeing how quickly a guy can come in and get and keep that thing role or get a roll again and what I will tell you John as this wasn't the master rebuild. Some people have you sit here and believe that it was though that this thing now is the cupboard was Bayer fail again give me a break letting this thing was ready to take off ladies and gentlemen the exact opposite and I realized maybe maybe you don't want the loss and you want your old guys there but you've got a free can practice facility over there. That should have players all over it. Hang out at like three players coming out your ears because people keep telling us how this things. It's it's as good as any press for so in the country. You've got to coach who could coach up all right and your signal on. Fertile recruiting ground there's no doubt this thing was ready to take off. Not a total rebuild and saw go back to my point tubby can keep telling us it takes time and it does under him. Look at what Damon Stoudamire is doing that a Pacific dark look at what we've we've made these cases look at UNLV in the second year what utter Menzies we've made these cases all over my point yes they were actually did that was not gone out of Missouri console does or my point was not hate Damon Stoudamire did great fit at Memphis my point in sweeting. Look at Damon Stoudamire is 86 net in the West Coast Conference at Pacific in year two under probation so we limited to seven scholarship players and nobody wants to play Pacific is best win right now as a better way than anything Memphis has got it beat BYU attempt at camp pomp Pacific has waited ten spots are than we are it's ridiculous but he do you know how I got their. You know how he's doing is they've worked his tail off. Please that is straight recruit his tail off and get that thing to death and that was a much worse situation. It what you inherited here don't quarterback compared to WCC and AC right toward it not doing that what I'm telling you as it takes a little bit it takes some work. Right Entebbe hasn't done enough of though he hasn't done it. Urgently enough. Well and and and and the thing about it is I don't see that changing. Right but I don't see enough of a drastic change to really feel super confident about the way forward. If if if I did. And they will be have a different conversation today if you could. Palpably just sort of feel that. If admit this in no. It had split with the use yet right in it they did. It only lost by six to which star state the other night rightly get at it if they didn't get un to rest by Cincinnati twice front era I think. There that there is a justification rationalizations that he might be able to come up with a little bit easier. Instead though. Again. You can like this year three their vice point two like this sort of crescendo year three. Of why do we have to see. What year three looks like before we make an ultimate ruling on this because I don't personally. I don't think you need I know where you stand moments I think you should be able to have a pretty old judgment of whether this is going the right way today. Because it's not just about the young core results it's about recruiting obviously it's about how the community feels about tonight's attendance. I almost it's it's multifaceted. Can you point me to one area where this tires work. One. While he added to just tell me one area. In the classroom. Is there drama on the basket what you can you just can you point meal one area where. Well there is evidence that this hire is going to stay answer your question and obviously this is not a defense and it's hard to defend. Tug at this point but. In this is not what you are informed on the big indeed appeared to what is it man what will Wear isn't working. I'll tell you one thing that was in the tubes would armed Josh as well with Josh Holloway outs because all the transfers. Was the Nokia. Art. Don't don't close your rise like I just stabs you I know. And Garza will battle. There's what there's one RID eight PR there's one bed claim they've created a clean up the graveyard that's why they went back and you get the oldest graduate in Billy. All those guys that we're you know we're we're paying dollar well they know everything about three million dollars a minute counselor or not it was just an answer to question did academic advisor and I had a big deep that you saw have deep I had to have deep I had to go for so if if mean he coached up Jeremiah. I knew he's going to be a Bob Cousy award finalist but you did say you did I mean you ripped the town was they are next year the town was there you know what if he's he's. Of the ninety day as he's done is likely naysayers don't like I've got to look here if we all the list neither of the other guys were called the Bob Cousy winner. For four years early what can I say. My question would be what would be the justification are you coming you like what what what would be the judge other unless you see I had not done third I had art other then just. You gotta give it time. What would be give me a tangible I want you. To contempt sort of I want you to be the mavs administration I want you to tell me why their needs to be a year I just gave you my best conveyed PR. And yeah you're the that I APR Roland you've coached up Jeremiah got my part swollen we think you undoing you're three that's all I got or not Oxley a middle abetted did not. OK let's bomb that yeah so it's you sick yes. We've established. That bad in and prayer and hope you just open and brain well imagine this. Do you think there's going to be a year for Tubby Smith that Memphis off. You are asking me the tough ones in this open yeah do you do you think there's going to be eight does anybody think there's going to be a year for tubby. Because guess what happened after year three total rebuild I know who and if you thought this was hard you wait. And we do with butch as insistent or not I mean yeah no doubt unanswered question now know how are now you don't think there will be here for a tubby because Nancy your you don't think they're recruiting is going to be good enough after year three they're just to rob a bank this open. If you know. That there's not going to be a year for. Why would you need to go through the motions of the year three. Because you're gonna pay that money. Regardless some topics kitten the nod and a half million he is out. Whether he is your coach or whether he is not just like narrow 75 off for the last three years so remember hearing a little bit of your Memphis you're a little bit of re coop mode right lets you do your trying to sort of offset in and mitigate the damage in. How do you do that. But making a change. And hiring somebody. At a price point to where it makes cents moved to reinvigorate the fan base. Like that's to me that's that's the option. It's going to be a tough sell for your third in less they have a miraculous turnaround. Now listen Calkins says he thinks he's back Cotter says he thinks they're not gonna do anything awed just one of he's talked to vote. One of the people that makes those decisions and that's why you wrote a column as you checked. Hey out out things look in our revenue and okay around nearly went ballistic would have only gone or is fabulous shooter deadly Goran at at two lane lets you have live play Houston home. There's still a lot of season left to play out in the bottom is all the way out. As far as I'm concerned. On this roster on this team that this season. And if you don't get tires you sweet we sit there will be a disaster a catastrophe if they make myself and there's a very real chance they do. So. You know what what is a stuff start the matter. That's got to matter at some point Perot you keep falling. And it's fine thank you fall job. It can't and because the law of the further and further away elicit some of this was the ball got Roland on where ms. Beth well his. But shots. That should be set absolutely like I you know I'm not absolving Josh in the slightest the last two years but the other transfers he had. Right and and and the lack of results special all the talent like that some ads up in that damaged the brand ever there was there was a place for savvy coach a very hard working very come in here. Take that lift clean up a little bit of mass deaths and take all and that's why. We wanna pass this stuff that it takes time for tub. You know it takes its gonna take time it did not as as you're gonna hear again and again and again and again it didn't have to. But this law. It didn't have to show me the signs that is it and that's going to be great you're three I'm willing I'm I'm a fair ma'am will show me. You heard him on downs where it in the bottom of the barrel trotted to your point that you know. China pharma positive say and I'm willing if they're there I just don't I don't see them on the court right I don't see them in recruiting I don't see them in the stands. You tell me whether I agreed. We come back rent out into anyways about this about his induction about how the weekend was for him. Lessig had two with M club hall of Emory Antonio Anderson. That's next Jason's done buddy Jennifer and ESPN. I've seen snow wind and way it's been a rough year for your more room think about it we asked a lot of our head most. Yours and not the Brian Hill. 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And and we were good men congrats to use our absent out of the field be a hall of fame. Yet there and do better which supply and demand you know. Two to be reckoned. Suspect a lot of my peers in and co you at university appears. How what what was the process like where were you. Would you got inducted when it was an all the hall of fame building look at that work. Yeah exactly down that penny out of their policy I. You know they have moved. The media section and so often charm pal came you know. I've got friends like the Cathy Stanley and Ernie tackle Mike Miller and his lies and all those guys saying show me some support loves those those are very confident frame good. Some of the people of the university and athletics not a big I was in the long ball. Did you hear from any of your your former teammates got the bureau's NCR and those guys did you get text or call from. Albeit doubted us submit action called revolution. I don't know how pretty well for me oh gosh we'll have a budget potent figure of Great Britain that. They all they always doubt we're the level Logan felt the love the show. What's what you did as a hall of Famer Tony did it do you get a blue jacket. Do you get a do you get a ring what comes with that and hall of fame. Yeah they say they gave me like a huge lack of learning. They didn't look. A big picture of you wet or graduated so much that goes there's much. Mr. ball. One and oh god do we get supplement together are really appreciated it. Let me let me ask you to tell I don't know how how honest to other time would did you were you treated like you thought you would be you'd you'd obviously made some comments before and you've been. You've been critical in an obviously you with you're with guys right now the thing fairly you'd been critical of this program did you give any of that task. Did you get any shade feel all was that all love like it was supposed to be. You know what state they rushed the ball in the Gaza invasion all cute. Chop block yeah they had a lot nominees were the second spot than their peers. What need food water whatever and they're just pictured in my family I appreciate you up. Outstanding did you get to talk to them tell about your concerns one on one the weather was with Boeing though with all with tubby did you get any is unique chance to kind of say what you wanted to tell them. Or you know what a bit on the thought they are. Our our art history and as the ball for law. In those populace around outside really shouldn't say what I wanted to say because you know what the right I'm a place shall. But you know he told me you know. Very easy he supports the you know you're gifted you know you'd you'd think since. That are are spread the ball abuse them are fidelity resident. I feel good west show Belcher pitched. So what did you think of the game and did they leave you ticket this time. 00 for the regain but yet. You know they pay me the worst thing about that either course ought to be in history I would appear. Obama set up every appeared for a while. Alternative afford games started and I went down the what family or friends that came will meet alone for the induction of Milwaukee game like a normal fare. There are observed. This is the. What it would do well Lou what were your observations Antonia. Well positioned. We really hope you know we. Any hope that we hope now I'm not everything is Barack. I I'd like that that didn't Google IR. Or. This new facility yesterday before the game up a couple of out before the game. I doubt that certain that there about it do that Bobble and goes. But they're pretty. As I'll put a lot about the 37. A lot of NBA this series. If you can't we guard Gilbert wrote the target is a terrible your approach. Did you change it to talk please a good bit sick actually cute show that there's a little different deal with our state obviously. You can't get there they go to university that was the fact that Serbia lol so of the draw there. What's that on your youth youth youth like you said you've seen NBA facilities at a hum what's it like. Is that top of the line is it just that the best you've seen in college. Warned that that that the best facility I've seen a lot of old not to look at my call rate the lawsuit settlement amount of data yeah. At this certain toxic if I can restore equal Roy Williams saying moving pretty much of this. I doubt that should be looking in what I've actually ticket. Yeah and maturity. These are important that you need to look at it out that there it is significant you know and I except the first and our outlook as a whole crew see just how do you say well you. But it became the first. Night. We are courtside and M club hall of Famer one of the most beloved Memphis tired of all time Antonio Anderson here on Jason and Jon. Antonio you have been very honest and vocal about your feelings. You know about that this basketball you've you've come on our show before. And voice those a few times. Why why do you feel it's important for you. To voice you're you're really hear honest opinion about basketball because. If you know that is sometimes a lump they don't say any thing cents on that they do speak they just kind of save the did the cliche give it time you know you've definitely. Said how you feel from the heart why do you feel like that's been important for you to do. Oh because they're in my heart I don't although. India in midair and I'm a regular guy that's what everyone else well. How fair their patent their opinion. You know I played good I know what it's like being successful there are notified secrecy. Hurry and respect back that basketball program. Like they do civic I'm most comfortable like the thing that I say. But I've not. I hate to be sure but I've I've I'm quite certain about is closed I just don't think you don't like spiritual op program. Not so much. Among them Barbara term where if you that I gave blows weren't careful problem or is Brunswick as well. Alluded to seeing their vision that will boost your ever I don't like most talked eight to be very repeatedly. They detox is infringing your narrow margin. But the ECUs. They use he had an eighteen efficient or maybe it doesn't hurt some prosecuted this case you got two more. But it let me ask you some song when you win you think about where this thing was ten years ago where where you were. Ten years ago in this program and you know of someone argued that it at at its height. Does it feel like. All long time ago when you when you look at that and where the program has or. Or does it feel like just yesterday when when you're around you know. When you had some year old you see all those old friend this weekend had a hat hat does it feel like a long time goes a feel like just yesterday. I. You know the farm bill are you sit in the lower and I caught it a terrible about it being families who are figured they didn't have. And it came here once and these are eleven year old reached. Or baby got its. These kids who wanted to meet our pitchers and other beneficial in the mood for all our people have been that there. So they need to let you know what this is just like yesterday they're gonna look currency. I don't look at the order a buzzard like a trowel or he could go to Kentucky were down at the bottom of the bowel. Even though they're orders or program. You know. I would be able got on winning here. How company agreed it's over you have shop bill who pick our sole host woman a little bit about people who and the certainly coaches. Gordon auction series was stopped people that the level not code is I think in programs to a pharmacy usually don't know binge Sherlock in the back up there. Skyrocket about the student so legitimacy. And I follow local much guidance as oh I would never vote against that. But I don't. People go to go or not. I'm I'm glad you got to feel that love this weekend Lowe's fell as kind of coming back in and didn't explain to you here did you I'm curious. Bill Lawrie was in town this weekend NN NN a muscle men part of it was to see you a home obviously big town booster poured a lot of money. A mountain million dollars into that new facts though that we just talked about did you get a chance to talk to him and Tennessee work. Where he's at with the program right now in terms of his satisfaction. No I think I mean it is speak they have much. Our folks do. Posters. Were on our blog or firewall we need to let. But those who do you know. You know they're they're they're always gonna put one into the program to give him about pollutants such legendary or if not more. All the debate you know a lot longer. Book. You know it's hard. Them Assad yesterday where I was very rare and you know what is that there it would seem ominous terrain and we played UPS weekly each do you replay if you don't you if you don't feel equally doubt people in the stands there. You know asserted that quoted yesterday's speech so the empty seats. But I don't often see some of these familiar fate that they had so there are always. Well I was out there really mr. Obama up our local juvenile told them personally yes sir appreciate it is very important. I don't somebody with a lot it or put observed that I did stay at some of the back. You know. Did you immediate concern and requires their families are met you their majorities so we got you troubled mom. It just outfielder who I'm not gonna bought much. Because they won't leaders circle all the good and or what are right now we've. We hope one day we can be will be target market got big term what that facility. I mean you look at. You'll go to come out there you that showed its. And sort of put to go I'm just curious if you if you saw tubby Smith's response. So what you said. The last few months did you have to see his response after the game yesterday. Yeah I think he says summer like maybe try some are a lot of fuel about where before formal. Yeah leg when you hear that like and and and listen if you weren't the press conference or I guess maybe it's all about the way he's sedated but when you hear coach say maybe. Not maybe I'm not the right fit. What where how does that make you feel. You know Rebecca how are Lebanon has said there are expecting Antonio's. Situation on the ordered torture and other you become partly done here and that's cute little forum. He's well known about his job awful who have been through vote for he's hope he doesn't want to. Damage just seems it just seems that would. Seems odd right like for him to say maybe not while like everybody else in Memphis is wonder in the same thing it kind of sounds like he's wondering the same thing today. There you know they're like it's sort of fight circular. And he drove I was reference and word that he problem a double double little quote well about. If he's done it may sound going to be delivered it and you know. The BP S they've bought others wait are. We did so how did that. And you know it ingush. It's all about could be you know we don't have enough talent to be Central Florida. I don't know who can't see a good table and. Dead of night size that is that is not a good situation right now that they were American graduation don't know I was so says the honor this weekend it was well deserved man as you know. A lot of respect for what you did here and and and you continue and a voice your true opinion about to say the program and we appreciate we appreciate the time and we respect just its own. I Becky got an operations. Yet he is Antonio Anderson in club hall of pay very yeah like I said I mean you got to give him credit because. He is the only alone right now who is saying something other then all would just takes so boom boom right. Rollerblade. Because he knows it doesn't have to take time all these other guys who would admit there's no it doesn't have to take time and that is still what ruffling feathers. You have also had that it does take some amount of time it just doesn't take. This all right and and you wanna see urgency. And I think wholeness is saying and you you wanna you wanna shake some people over there and cement do you see this this is not. What we're used to and in so when you hear the old Joseph the cliche. It's going to be all right just give it time has got to get his guys that that starts to Wear you out because look. I look I know Tubby Smith takes time. I just don't think it has taken this much time an epic it you know putting it as any other way oh it's gonna have to take five years if that's. That's all it did it doesn't take back here at Memphis in your tone particularly with that new facility marriage should not have to be this or it should not. Take this all I think we we agree or could take time does not this much time are to get back to where you wanna go so to your point. Meant to do for tone to do this you know to to speak out like he has and we've seen that the backlash he's gotten on Twitter. That's got to be painful way to see it from some people that you know rooted for you one time they kind of you know kind of analysis law won't reform again if he's gonna the program like that. I respect his RC in the face of all that you and I both know what he's speaking as the truth yet. There in and that's what you gotta yeah that's what you gotta be content with is that you're speaking from your heart you're speaking which select is the truth. Dick that I will come back cube we'll also woods who has a 145 that should be interest thing. Don't miss it Jason's done attitude and then yes it. It's a dairy dairy show how will talk Georgia that you were part of some of the best times what's it been like watching this season unfold. I think they probably misread the city when they got here felt like this jobless like many other jobs like Minnesota like Texas that can buy they've misread the enthusiasm and you know people are on the games I think they're voting with their pockets and that's. Horatio he's jays 4 PM until 6 PM this afternoon Chris Wallace from the grizzlies and four point five Geoff Calkins from Korea five. 16 CD. 29. ESPN's. 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All yes this weekend what was the toughest part of doing it when you're in the middle of it you've got all these emotions was talking to his wife was a talking to his kids. What's the hardest part of it is journalists. Well I think you know the hardest part is. It is you then move you know how do you broach talking to someone how you know it's like what we need to worry you know sometimes in sport. There any story you know that there's tragedy here is there's a story that deal and you know sometimes. It's just a matter of in no way that someone ready to hockey never know you know wit when someone that will be able to. Finally you know talk about your emotions than what happened then you know 100 snapper. We got some apartment there that that you know you hit certain there's no grieving period actually knock and another lying. You know and so I think with what Michelle McNair case it was eight years and you know hurt her oldest son going off to college. They were they were in a better way and our producer Don that we're. Who produced you think he QBP. I'd make a good inroads with the family you know you never a lot of locker somebody right the gone through something like that let you know I think that so it kind of that topic part you don't want to push. You know that you definitely you know you wanna be compassionate any you know. Usually clears up that spot now it if that happens you actually look like reporters. You know completely greeting out of your neck and so I think that would card and you know what it's our top goal at the top of the pocket boil it all aren't I mean. Well no chrome. From talking with Tyler. And what he would record you know Q would you look terrible the lab and let that happen I mean their dad would then speaker bureaus and everything in and hearing that you've been in him going to the kitchen you know his mom that screaming. Crying on the floor and never saying you're Perry. You know what like that and and hearing that your dad is gone and you know him going in and grabbing at night and S and tried net. Hello all I mean we wouldn't she dropped that are not lead weirdness like we had no idea yeah. It's like one of those things here like whoa whoa I mean it can't you. A really good window I mean look what that happened I'm sure everyone was wondering boy I wonder what the shelf thinks. You know what Walton but then again you know I guess you can say it won't work of course what she wanted it right I mean she hit blocks were a bit. You know and then she hit it with a double way cool. You know the circumstances behind it and yes it actually avoid a great honor mean. I can't imagine and hopefully the story you know. The GDP than that Greinke trying to give people a little bit inside and I think she wanted that I think she wanted to keep the sort of click to sort of let people go through that we're grieving yes you know it isn't motivated act well that now about how they accurate and that eventually. You know it never the same but eventually didn't it fat I think that she would she she really wanted to convey that yeah. And menu you've you've brought it up and and now sort of what I had next we learn in this piece that Michelle did not at least she says she did not know about this specific woman. Two deaths did not know about this particular mistress of Steve McNair so. How how about the way that that that she is held excite you to try to be strong for your kids right but then it's like. You as you mentioned you're dealing with things on to complete opposite sides of the spectrum at and those emotions that you you you you your you. You're your pain because you lost her husband and a father and then you're you're angry because of of the circumstances around itself. I mean how you begin to cart compartmentalize that if if you're Michelle. Yes and you know and and she had this great quote and I'm trying to you know I don't wanna butcher it like. She you know she had said that. But she let that she had her moment sometimes she had her moment and she still where a bitterness but she said. You know she's not gonna Kerry. You know she's not gonna go to Hal carrying all this hate in her in her car but all hope idiotic thing that's pretty interesting and help out about it in that. You know that day he does that gable forty diet. You know he's spent the day with the kids took the officiating. She says that hurt you've got pillow like a little bit of an argument over the restaurant had just opened. You know there you swap and she actually brought in a friend like knew about how to work a bit like that kind of look into it. And he found out about that that would certainly aren't. A little bit of an argument they made up that night and you don't let her be more involved in you know when he left. You know you kit that you boy both her and told them that you loved Batman and she. You look at running back you know I think that like you know maybe some people can't grab that I know there are some comments. You know you're gonna get it rained a continental Ben story you know you know good about like celebrating a Lander would ever let you know a little luck we. I think all right a pretty wide open net infidelity and super actual sport and I'm not well now. I'm not like weighing in on any side but like she I get the thing that stuck with me. Did that she she said that she knew around the locker room that she took care of them and act that she loved him and and and maybe it took her eight years economy that I don't know that had been. But it is. I think that baggy per cent of people that you know militants local. Know what he's been terror or what her relationship was good so I don't know I can't not a question and and like I mean I think that act is that given her great feat especially that last night you know I'm here about people. Who fighter someone right before they die you know yeah it's quite a good bread. I mean they left I don't know what else you love this world that this family. You know I'm created term and you know the fact that it kids. You know all we hear of it years later of the great memory of their dad let me look football memory but only the back because. I mean you ignition really good grounding into yes that they have memory of him just now getting an epidural not that I knew an epidural was that. But like you know the old constantly being in pain but they'll have great memories that and it and the daddy what they're going to get it official last day. You know and so I think that you know that. You know he was flawed. I think you know we can all agree on that but it sounds like. Did it kids really loved until then say that they still today you know try to live up you know his name. And now and that that that he's still a huge part of their lives. That that's the thing that struck me most about your story Liz was was besides that besides the scene of Tyler grabbed the knife and and and I think all of us that we were all of us as parents kind of put ourselves in the show she's right there and wonder. What the heck we would have done that we've been strong enough but but but but to go back departed. That's struggling the most is how present he is now still in their lives and you just touched on it I think I think. Maybe it's them remembering the great parts of him right the big feet that are always touching on your bags or those other things he would have said. Is is that that's what's kind of gotten through his forget forget what was going on then it was. All the great memories we have been in it just seems like him being present right now that memory of him as. That's helped them get through rather than just forget about bad it's like having him right there in your life like he's still there that's that seemed to help them I don't know if you got that same feeling. Yes I did you know. I did yeah I think that's actually the case and boy. You know it sound like both of them have a lot of characters characteristic of their dad. You know I think in every pilot would be older kid looks more like he but I think Trent. Mummy Brit reminded me at Stephen you know you name. You know what the old teammate tackler with telling me that like dead. We mentality part of that sort you know Cox who country's flag and you know Trent has that younger Scion. And you really good and sports fail unless they will bulk of that war. You know I mean Tyler what could've you know played college basketball scholarship and Trent. Is the point guard you know it did basketball team now and you know from everything I heard like I'm like you know she's a really good quarterback. Well I didn't wanna play the position that that he's an actual about the mission and.