Jason & John Hour 1 (1/22/18)

Jason & John
Monday, January 22nd

Talking Super Bowl and Tiger Basketball in Hour 1 


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Visit your local Papa John's to apply to get your pets on TLC for today's bricks DL fifty dollar credit for services that Ethiopia it'll hospital for only 25 dollars doctor Jennifer claimed her team had this Sunday clinic that isn't innovative practices and technology to deliver the best care possible to get yours and get hydrates that comes. In Memphis in sports station. I'm Meena can we saw today. Is that manga is no. Now you. We are. Hero Jason and Jon attitude that have been he has he would it is Monday John Martin in the Super Bowl is set. It is not set with teams that you've picked on Friday though it's not set with teams are not big on Friday I was wrong to John you know who was right. Our producer brother didn't go will he take it on Friday he picked. Eagles patriots got to him all the credit in the world brother Fidel I didn't see common especially that Minnesota game I knew what was going happen departed guard who flew back one. So lawless that simple 52 we'll do it two weeks Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots and I'm excited are beside John as you know. About Super Bowl because the side about halftime forms are yes. As I as usual. I was wrong everything I want to happen never happened the opposite happens I picked jaguars. And vikings and the complete opposite happens I wanted to Brady Brees Super Bowl the complete opposite upheld it wrong. I got both wrong that's hard to do it's hard hit it harder to get them both wrong it is to get them both right and I somehow. Managed to do it does not listen I'll give yourself credit for now on the you're gonna have any credit Alleman Italian is. I hate to say is I think I can't do this on a Monday. But. I'd put from your moisturizer way and puts a wet wipes away did was done there will be no jacking off. All there will be none had a snake for the last time well I mean people were tweet that's all weekend long about it. Yeah I thought it was really gonna sweep the nation unfortunately edited were tweeting me about their and so we need a little you'll saying that jaguars defense did not do what it had to do not get it's it's also ordered that you could ask. To stop Tom Brady in Foxboro I get it. For a for half and really prefer record about they're gonna do it and then they've they just wilted down the stretch. We were talking about that here momentarily usually got going on the Saturday. That's roughly five to visit with. Our friend our resident NFL guest Dan Williams mr. Dan big game Williams who love was not an NFL roster this past season. So he got a unique a unique. Opportunity to sort of just wash everything and thought he knows all these guys absolutely he was a former teammate with plays Campbell who plays obviously for Jacksonville was a big part of that defense this year. We'll talk a bit we have about his thoughts how how that game ended yes they were talking about the Super Bowl about Tom Brady. Lots to get to with. Tennessee volunteer east must staying there you go in the end. Dan Williams at 1225. Minute one way five you know what it is it's hard not to go to Q loss and at 125 I did not get a devotional today neither candidate is it a holiday. Obama and I'm just not real sure why did not get a devotional today human loss normally is very good about these things he slipped and he needs to visit the private liberians in the one of these things will ring the alarm about where I would prelude and show okay. So kill us is gonna join us. At 125. We will talk to about that this basketball about Jeremiah Martin's hip injury. I need him brother what the latest is what the Lawson namely. Kansas of course on top of the big twelve once again lots to get through Q las we will do that at one. Twenty five. But lays dormant this are both set. The Super Bowl is set in Minnesota it would not feature the Minnesota Vikings that was things. As film for them it would I just as they you know NFC. Northbrook. The bears fan and it was kinda see Norman brother accountable for those guys yet able mapping to the Minnesota Vikings on it will feature Justin Timberlake however much I know makes you yeah. Very excited. Spicy hand him over me dad. Is gonna save space. And work out Janet. Yeah and it's going to be there Mattel is something I think he's gonna make this right in the gasoline in Asia is this Super Bowl desperately needs a nibble slams. I'd job let's be really dead they're gonna fake it. In an act like they don't do it now known though now I have to be the new way jail they're gonna bring on area on the ground they're Demi Lovato and they're gonna just. Slip her level. Class size if I wonder exactly right that's in the ready for this game we're going to be putrid for the only way to get about this book with a nipple slip I got Kennedy future. It because it's going to be the we'll explain this momentarily. But this isn't. First of all this is the easiest road to a Super Bowl victory. In modern history for an NFL team and we will go through that year and just a minute Johnson on the field this. I don't know it's what those songs that might grow on you just it's not an anthem like we said but again if it grows on. I'm like the supplies are we got a lot to look for two champions of the soup bowl number one JT obviously he represents a semi joke resiliency or play video meant that he feels like number two we got kickers all of the Super Bowl from the University of Memphis brother both sides I would rather have can't blame them in the Super Bowl don't like he always Ressa C always wears that as liberal billions of the ball on the surface. You know to me. But do you realize that in Memphis a former Memphis kicker could expect things grew into this Super Bowl coming up what what eight. Story that would what I what I've brought this possibility up on air pesticides off Friday in my guest spot above laughed at me they both left in the Atlanta. My face he said we don't DeVon homeowner mortgage alone it's troopers. But it doesn't matter. I mean it doesn't matter because it all the way and I'm utility might rebel. The aggressive Mike ravel won't capitalize on this opportunity he's got to represented what about America's tiger lays down it is going to win the Super Bowl it's gonna happen and I'd love to have a knack I do know it's going to be. So what will happen Steve that's just you will notice I think if we can read it may well win another Super Bowl and if you're telling me that him matched up against Jake you know it. Isn't a great thing for the Memphis football knows it's not quite like Kevin to dueling quarterbacks. You know going head to head it's the next best thing. You don't have game. Not only my little brother make is that you know wide receivers can get shut down. You know there if you're if its commitments linebackers on opposite teams they may or may not make plays the kickers are going to be out there brown every single drive one way or another whether kicking off what did you go to other export. Whatever they're gonna be out there. Adding a need to be a game winner from from guys. This thing handled it closed job I agree all right let's talk about the games that let's say about the gays or get Super Bowl site about the games that took place. Over the week and let's begin west. The game that was actually game. And that was objectionable Jack well vs U related Smart they're for the for a long for live what 34 Passat are maybe three orders or you'll really Smart what I said. Sure is that Blake back. Well what I said was that blade portals is it he has transformed himself he's got composure he's got poise he's got to play slightly more I think you have to say. That he was not the reason why they lost that game a hundred. They don't know what to diets ignited something almost 300 yards in the air did not throw Pitt didn't throw and it picks. He was solid man I mean he did what he won't need him today you're not asking Blake morals to go out there when a game for you that's not what they've done all your lol I had your time is just that way exactly. So he was good enough. He was good enough now they put they got a little conservative and he's putting well it fit your part of that they've really I thought his performance alone was good enough to to win they really are the 2000 Baltimore rated. You know and that like they just are not gonna ask their quarterback to do anything you know and I thought he made a couple throws. That didn't end up as perceptions that could have did it could've won the game the wonderful owner of the intimate. That was right there we could've rolled a little more rather than saying that out there on the sideline you miss that one about your card that was monopoly and that's a touchdown and I took his forehead as maybe he's at he's a rookie running back but he has got beat and portals put the ball where it needed to be. And I would even say on that last on the last play of the Jackson will drive before they into the game. It was a good ball to find a more just made an incredible delight I was had been a little bit further out from both here and you can't buy a colossal act death and all could have been a little bit further out your your right to be made available player on yeah he goes it was good bad or good throw better play. I mean that's just that's just he was up that's football and get it amazed us payloads and listened to Jacksonville Jaguars game plan. Was pretty much perfect. They got to Tom Brady they got good pressure in the first in the first half correct I mean Bill Belichick made adjustments isolate I think by a second half they were just gas and batons when I think. They they got the break in the first cabinet holy book the lead looked in the first time I did the first half. They took out gronkowski and and it was a week we can argue about whether it was a dirty play and whatever and if you should have been a judge and all that I mean listen it was vicious. I mean when you see that helmet pop charts well yeah it it it was. It was hard to watch. And he was apologetic afterwards you know me you know been you know atomic football player what do you think Richard Sherman navy defenders are certain software like he did where you supposed to but in the moment of the hit. When Ron try to figure did you did you see church are eagle he's going Craig he's excise tax yet a totally excited right out about that was date. Heath back didn't do it I had to get one that gore and what else do you want if you're Jacksonville you get off to the start you want Tom's got what twelve stitches in his hand up. Any of not block out of the gate know that I thought the next. Know that figure it I mean honestly they had editorials all lined up for yet and it it and granted it was on the road. You know it's hard to win a playoff game in Foxboro. As long as unreal that they get it. But everything they needed to have I was going right it happened. On a good Smart for lower now. Or a little while what what there a couple of things that I wish. Went differently. For example. You got to play to win the game that's how I feel about it you have in the first I've. If you had you had time outs that 55 seconds hmm you got to try to get some points you get involved and also field goal kicker yeah exactly is drill drill when it from 55 I believe the first half. So you got to try to get point it seems like American won it last year you know you need every point you can get against this dude yeah. I mean for me I mean I got hurt I can understand why you would play conservatively. You know but if you're against. Thirty other teams I understand why you play conservative vote you got to take it from the you have to man you've got to win the game that I can't play to not lose the game and that's what I think the jaguars at the wave that. That have ended made their little earlier today today I guess because honestly. In I thought the PI on two on the EA. What would critical except I thought it was a crappy call I think that pretty much Havoc on every vertical route. Balls on the throne man got crime now comes back if you're not planet are you connect at all I didn't get that PR I didn't like that call I did not like that call but I had no issue with anything else I mean I don't like it that the patriots seem to get all the calls either used did you see the refs in the game there's one point badgers were the first out of the rest like dale took a broad did you see that until they have specialty glass is not far away from after the game onslaught in I don't like it there was of the roses that only. Sports service more and patriots. Lack used last five games and I had one penalty yesterday probably does on special teams and have one on offense or defense yet but their point out penalties this year a lot of Jacksonville players. You know. Beef and about that yesterday after game. Patriots last five games patriots thirteen penalties a 110 yards opponents 35 total penalties almost 400 total yards they. They get dad and I don't like it you know John Jacksonville had a ten point lead in the fourth quarter breaking through cost gronkowski at that game yet. And again. Titles at Tom's not Tom completely yes he ended up winning writing that he's got he's got paid and I may have taken place of for the door set. You know I mean like I mean they did you see that you did you see Tom when when they knock him down and get to a particular in the first half in the way he was protected that handle yet like it you didn't get a 100% no he was good enough anyway you had that yet the third and eighteen we did MB if you get the stop Bayer if your defense is who I want your body it'll be in the end who is supposed to be. You've got to make that play on third Nate saint you've got to hold them there correct you know. And so that's why this. And I give it your your gets the goat who undeniably is OWB proves I mean you I don't know I don't go away from that game not having immense respect. The highest respect utmost respect I do dessert Tom Brady because had he did get with a budget custodians man he would need juicy before the game he's getting ready red and got cameras and from there trying to make a real dramatic. After the Malcom bridge opening which was great Iowa so good but it with a camera right here in this race there it yes better than rock. There in his face on the sidelines getting ready to race for the day and he tells. Get these cameras that F. Out of my face is like a dude that's only if there is equity it's the greatest we've ever seen never seen a competitor I liked it and I so like a mom of two minds about because it MI. If I do I wish somebody else would come out of the AFC every once in awhile gas. More importantly I just we are witnessing the greatest of all time in this moment in this era. We are seeing. And these Michael Jordan and no I had to either root former against him but yeah you're going to be watched and I got the greatest I think it like we can we get to see him do so much with so little. Did have his best player hadn't had Julie there have been all year long and it would give. I'm Tony Bennett at halftime there's no way gloves are coming back in this game bill pay out of a concussion protocol farm whatever but the corporal back up their beat. They need him there's no way they're winning this game without him if he goes up and does the job without the dude if you haven't all of that got the rest of the way. Item item five tea amazing that is on I am 510180. Okay. Of of mediocre athleticism and mediocre speed if you put me a pitcher's uniform. I'm catch and two touchdowns. If you are white man five Tim what lady you are going to be a star singer Tom Brady is amazing he has got to with a winning Welker unit would date join me that was Danny mills and like that is how bad is how much I respect Tom Brady he won't hurt you if you're mediocre player that he will make you. You're like in my but she's got to respect there's no there's no known as our who's respected and have an out I wish this while with the jaguars would have held onto it. But carmody do whatever he does mean an end I was naive to think it would go any other way. I thought this might be a year but the stitches and the and the infighting but you're close. I was close but no cigar we've been close many times about these are going to change your dynasty. And a score and then the other game. In a few jitters again I mean the vikings laid down there's no way around Naples balls do what it did. You don't expect Naples come on they're cut up the best. What I think is the best defense he darted between them in Jacksonville but to just to come up the way they did death. 352. Yards passing 26 of 33 amid. No one expected that nobody ought we will trashing him saying they're not the same that did it without not there's no way I'm by no umbrella less likely look damn good at last night they look back closed down. How dominant they were will win the run pass option is gonna it could be potentially lethal. If Mick both gets going at all against the page you know they will have a chance that's going to be easier said than done because. Honestly wants the patriots in the second half. Focused exclusively on four net they got a whole lot easier when they put that they do once they put that game and like portals hands. It's right up pretty quickly pump game ball from me I mean obviously Naples was bestowed and he was the story how good he was against Minnesota but. You have to give that eagles' defense credit I haven't heard that enough Jeff Schwartz who sucked. As Detroit's head coach he was not good yet he had that eagles' defense ready to play and looking like the better defense you're going to dress best in the business in Minnesota. Well they forced three turnovers they had the defensive touchdown at case you kind of run around all night long held Minnesota to less than a hundred yards rushing down to seven and I know. You get behind you gonna do that. But look that's a big part of their day edit outs right if they had to go completely away from it and that defense dude was opportunistic the whole day they are perfect and there's not released hours days it's a it's a very. Good team we talk about Jacksonville's defense and Minnesota's defense in the stars in the Pro Bowl as you look at that Philly it's team defense that LA and Schwartz had them ready to go dude edit. Did it make facing him Bynum looked like pasting them. You know I mean Coretta and got playing. Above his head which. It'd been good all your own well as a fellow item looked pedestrian that this silver lining in this if I'm a vikings fan is that now I know these can it is not my franchise quarterback going port and I can make to world based around that some from the Jacksonville. Has to figure out exactly and again I don't big lake boredom with the reasoning loss yesterday it was and I wished. Out of these so do you pay him do you keep him or do you go get the bad economy they got a request only animal like what morals tell me as a lot like nervous basketball the way it's currently constructed there's just a ceiling. Okay like there's just there's just so much you can expect to get out of it and I think. AFC champs have game is you know do I think they'll be back next year absolutely not. No way I do not have to be back next I think this will no doubt that the defense is it is very very good maybe not as great as everybody thought it was there. I think I saw that yesterday. They will be eight AEA they will be relevant. I think it to the playoff conversation to me there and robbery right here with you through the titans and and where's that going audited schedules brutal next year all gathered as they go first let's get a look at a good schedule so you have led the patriots met at Ellis -- email they're not going away. Belated if you're the titans seniors and they're hoping they go away because you beat him two times this junior open yell that deepens as personal bit or their children we help is to win the AFC south every single year for the next five what do they went out and got Alex Smith. That changes things not unsafe under mortal I was about what you but it bagel and get a court acquitted Eli Manning or or hours of bad policy rather they're committed in the new album death penalty take hand. I think it'll just mess that team out you got like a little. It just feels like they got a little you know. Chemistry I don't know this I what I what I do find the bill. This last round I don't wanna say yeah you always worry about it down well below what they activity you do wanna see outs in the downer yeah really David Ireland in a shot next year. I don't know what I feel for new deal yes well how much money you don't get killed a man that's the problem. A little I pay him and didn't commit to a kilometer I'm a different mode geeks 500000. You need to get off only affirmative you triggered about money a call about that later forgive late world voted 500000. All right that's all these don't make money I will will get to that adjustment alright let's focus on possible now now that is that it is patriots. Eagles and Minnesota. Bonds found minus five and a half biggest and sonar now before. The show started. Obviously I don't think anybody. Outside of the city of Philadelphia. Thinks this will be a good day. Meanwhile is five and a half. It's Tom Brady he's got to be healed from the stitches grunt will be back. I don't think there's anybody. Who believes this will be a great game. Check with a guy who I finally was it just for the record. I do think this is going to be a competitive suitable Billy has been good all season long say and that is the Internet has been right. They've been good all year long that nick falls had one bad game and I think they still won there are no as the game that they about rested a bunch of their players ever they want they want one as the starter they were awful against the raiders he was always the raiders earlier that that game I mean dude he's just I don't think so. I think that he's on a roll. They play well yesterday they played very well yesterday he has been pretty much just average and throw for 300 radio over the last several games. And what do wide bed but we'll look like against the patriots. That I think people looked mediocre against the patriots he's not going to throw for 300 yards to the page my word I had a lot. My thing I think they'll come in overconfident now because everything worked just as June Yemen you you heard the plays that didn't from that they're going to replace smiling about it like. He could come in overconfident against Italy can mean they cannot can make all the throws in the picture I believe this is. Let's within about time reduces a Super Bowl I get a chance to win his sixth. Which is unbelievable. I'm going to resolve the second hands cars hit it is it is like he's really got to have a chance to unbelievable. People have a chance that Ted releasing these commercials what he's not stopping its Tom Brady vs time NBC news out of the face of bloodshed like now he's he's you'll always see this with athletes later they're Korea like Tom he's not been a very accessible. Media guy his whole career as he sort of dwindling down now he's embracing his Brady had a book out TB twelve hour it's everywhere and now he's got the FaceBook aren't ready for his father time he's not going anywhere jobs I believe that a ESPN's story by the way the fact that he wanted Jimmie to Rockwell out. Penske one point five years he wants to be installed as are correct the next five years and he will be idea they will be. I believe this is. Of of Tom Brady's eight Super Bowl appearances I believe this will be Koch a second worst team he's played. Oh and I think it's close for worst ever. I biggest clothes for worst ever so if you go through. The opponents that he is plays where and where we're counting losses as well in this. He beat the rams in out too heavy underdog in that game British owned sort of they're the greatest show on turf with a Isaac Bruce and Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk obviously great team but on this village and that's your giants losses. My. If they were stacked offensively. They were dug those two those two giants teams were standing at Michael Strahan owes human your. Court and it Eli may not on the other side. It out they were would you say Justin Tuck just tell exactly Justin Tuck I mean they work they were pretty accurate alternative there. And NIC Tom Coughlin is the is that it's terrific coach standard editor Eunice now if you go through. The other one if you go to the other wins right. They're the O three K after. Battle that team included. Steve Smith was in Mohammed Neeson. Jake DelHomme. A quarterback and then. I mean they're pretty good deep into these peppers was the headliner defensively you know wreak Havoc there on the offensive line has dispersed that it hit the right back with Stephen Davis is a good team. But it was not great by any means and honestly I. I thought Jake DelHomme was a better quarterback than the numbers actually say he was. Because if you look back at that year's super averaged 3200 yards and nineteen touchdowns the sixteenth pick anyway to turn it over all the time. So that we'll see him what was the this was found rebels line and again. I don't know the line and that went on let me tell you here it is it says. Seven there you go New England seven thanks gonna citizens on on their level seven did we have Howard meant the end intercepted Tom Brady did and it did regiment and NRC that game and onto its right. Be at that time there were some people think Peter can sort of caught at the greatest of bubble talk about that at that point now. They're listening to games in between that the you have the next year the Eagles. Which included Donovan McNabb. Terrell Leo he was on a broken leg he played for broken leg. Still Greg thank you that was there bella and urban legend today was really good Meghann. Brian Westbrook and running back and at defense was awesome Brian Dawkins saved the leader shepherded CB. Jeremiah Trotter that deepens our names debunk Kurz was was still good wasn't. You know the free in Tennessee but was still good. And then so I think that's it was awesome. 315 Seahawks. Might be I mean I think the rams might be the hardest. Super Bowl and doesn't probably second because. All that they had Russell Wilson Marshawn Lynch. And then defensively of those sorts. All the with a scary. The falcons. MVP of the league now right Julio Jones amazing of attack and they were downs wanted to Burton so. I will give. Second easiest course I think it's a second easiest I think it's the second easiest I'm a minute because I don't I don't pick the painter said. Steve Smith all of I'm not a whole bottom not a whole bunch else. The Eagles have some weapons at least offense. You know they have. Outside and Nelson mangalore and the running game and that's our honored over and they've got a great physical failure. Running game but they're missing their starting left tackle Jason Peters. There on their back to quarterback in the polls I don't care how well he played yesterday I do not believe in. I think this is gonna be a walk in the park are ready I hate that I was I didn't feel that way. Everything I say I usually got it happens unfortunately that's street in with this game as much as I'd like to deferred have been on these Philadelphia Eagles on with. I've been fixed will be closed and things right about the make it about I'm just. You give Tom this much time. Belichick really yeah put brought back out absolutely come on man and just yet yeah like we set out of that this this Philly. But in any common enough topic you're gonna stop Tom Brady is or get pressure on him with that front because that's the important part. Right it's not soon it's not getting pressure on with a frauds that you have to do it with your fought for. Starts and and blitzes it's over forty. You have to do with your front four Jacksonville didn't do that in the second half I don't know that Philly can do that for an entire game yes. If you are getting pressure when your front or you're not beaten Tom Brady right and yet do for four quarters job. Yeah I think that's it exactly right so. You know I. That that's that's I think this is that an and if you look it's on the road. To the Super Bowl amid all time ready had to do. Was go through. Two teams from arguably the worst division in the NFL this year it's at the titans and then the jaguars. That's a pretty Danny you've done is dead get another shot that I found your way out that the war. It's just go. Aren't the type gorgeous the decent thing though you compared to what they've had to go through in years past it was anywhere I think it was the worst AFC we've seen in years. Yeah I mean I mean the bill for the day a play on what a joke well. Many badgers fans having that many referees have been done it was kind of sick the way they celebrate patriots victory there's a but I and I am blaming others for our line between like showing you know respect. Tom Brady he's done it for as long as he's done it. And then just look alleged per game form when companies like Brunswick in them and that's unacceptable. Totally unacceptable. But there you have it by the way Roca Wear that a break. The last fifteen Super Bowls. The underdog has covered the number twelve of fifteen times. But that in so the last twelve of the last intangibles the underdog we'll be right it was going to be good game and number I didn't. The largest 12 bowl history. Was December Cisco San Diego super ball. Why was able to slow up eighteen and a half. And they cover the day a number there 14946. That's incredible that's incredible I don't think it will be like that. I don't think this will be aired it very dramatic day we'll see just to Blake's performance and they're to live a sticker that that is true that's important unassailable facts. Take a 1008 CDS and JT lit. Let's let's go Ellison JT at the best thing about the Super Bowl we need a nipple slip badly Janet's coming back I think that's what we gonna make it right. We need and it sounds. Maybe basketball player game over the weekend we will discuss that. And what is possible for them to get back days that Janet Jennifer ME ST yeah. Guess when that little voice in your head suddenly tells you hey it's time to get your hair in the game then it's time to check if I'm. I'm export list dot com slash Jacki yeah. Your dad that's the sound to George here remind you that and I'm keeping kids until. And reserve your spot at your favorite. For a fresh guys legendary hot steam power and massage is simply no matter if it happens at the jam yeah. While grabbing a quick lunch some of its. Shrine still lineup of by checking in online and sport clips dot com slash Jacqui we'll tell you went to a rod to teach just in time to your sport clips and get your cat experience. Surround yourself with sports on TV. Wherever you. Just there's sport there's guide com slash Jackie. 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And the promise them that big a deal they because what it takes you anticipate when you have doesn't matter. You say no thanks and you owe them nothing they walk away you don't almost any. So there's no article that's why should already this report 5187654518765. And on the web. Aberdeen Group dot com there are some of this. Later a basketball game on Saturday John they played acts also. And they came away with the ills of ugly basketball games on away from the sense of book tiger shot 35% from the floor. And falling in this one 16%. From three point range one much two. When much of silver linings no. German Martin gets hard toward the end of the game and you're like oh my gosh it that seriously. But the hardest hit you could tells an awkward fall. Butchered your thinking to yourself oh my gosh if he's kind of gone if he's gone for any extended amount of time. Of the season could go and south in a hurry. Hum tigers in the coming up on the short and 6451. Of the amazing thing about this game was that they were hit it in the second half would basically just three guy escort. And yet even Davenport who was a stood. Other season high 21 point edit in rebounds. German born at fourteen in my parks junior again eleven points seven boards he continued his improved life but that was literally yards just about all they got for many what this team got zero purse Siro points from its bench against Tulsa and that is hard to do it is but his is also a sign of what kind of we've been saying that underlined the big issue don't look no question about it jarrah figured you could underline it. You could known a lot of Moore was it's never been more pronounced that it was that night you didn't get any help off the bench when we're zero points from it and that's what we've said there's just not. 88 an acceptable amount a level of talent on that roster right now you don't have anybody to play back up on car when your miles off before. No margin auto and others have said why not play David nickel beer there I think that's a fair that's a fair question the freshman student. You know play two minutes in that game. And did you not that. But has shown that entirely and then we set the old and tired that is a great passer don't know if he can handle or not what other options you have. Leak Rhodes who hadn't done much of anything for you all season long it's also the forcing twenty turnovers 12512 beds in points off turnovers. Bottom line is this. You ride and Jeremiah derive my parks and of those guys you know if those guys go off a little bit if he gets off the rails. You won't you got Chaz blues gave you because you're getting nothing in terms of contributions from anywhere anyone else in that it is unfortunate because you you want to see them keep the momentum going John what they've beaten to also. If if you get that win. You've got to set yourself up to where you know top five top six Molly good agreed and and that may still be indication could still do talk top six. But now now that you split with them you know I thought that was a game that you could have gotten if you'd gotten some help from a couple other places. Then they didn't do it for what is becoming in what has become and what we now know to be on 100%. True. Well he's out of a doubt is that when Jeremiah Marten is not. Only good. But when he is not spectacular. It needs to be great if there's another witness. Myth is that now when the game to give you go back and some their laws now the global game he was very good he's very good. It was six. And night. And they are obviously a game they were in negative verdict is Tata. But if you go to their losses for example Alabama birds in the season he had ten points and right Portland from the field you may be at eighteen. Pretty good game from him. Globally at 26 LSU really at thirteen Cincinnati he had eight UCF he had four. Then are against also over the week yelling at fourteen so when he is not awesome. Odds are that this is losing the game and you just can't ask him to to be awesome night in night out that's just not. And I've been blown away. With how well he's played I stepped up as I think everybody maybe should be because again this is a two star can come out of its eyes clear to commit to Louisiana Tech wreck it for him to become an air put up twenty and thirty point games. As you know as that would be a sophomore junior junior to defer to be doing that really Everett his career. Is is is awesome. On the nice bits now you can't count than my arms and even got any day and and you ask it you regatta the dual you've got the program to a point where you have to count on that. And when we talk about and listen to the four game win street mask a lot of the issues. And as we said the day after we came on the radio whether they be UConn. This is not going to change and it does not erase the issues that are plaguing this program. And that is the perfect name more tolerance debt that is the perfect loss that sort of illustrates that. I mean to do it actually nothing. From your bitch. As hard as hard to do it's almost impossible and says the says a lot about the of those vote. Level of talent that you've got on our bigs that you've been able crew to this point out though and here right now want to be a lot of transfers right you have to start somewhere got to rebuild it. You need better technique we've we've said that all along any boards are on the roster than this you need more than one death assistant did know I would say my lessons were of I mean you could argue that you you can hit you can repeat. In my mentions on Saturday night while you there were still out there knock that thing away against what they actually beat UConn ahead I woke up to a bunch emerge as the people I'm so glad this happened. It just makes John Martin looks so stupid. This that yeah I had zero tweets. No I'm not a peep. From from from the Twitter Bush's. Over the weekend they lost also appeared in addition. All of this. John Acosta finished off obviously I wouldn't get it you've it would be silly to better and I know you have bet against that the well listen that the other about pit bit of news from this week it. You see F lost taco fall for the c.s they did the big seven foot six center of that makes them such a defensive juggernaut he's gone now. And where you're at right now look. And I wish Allstate's lost a couple but you guys another one of the two best teams William Cincinnati got Wichita State you got Houston. Which just not published Allstate and that you've got to SMU which also has a win over whistles that there's a four. Okay top for easy yet. 56. Right now Memphis if yesterday's AF UCF wholesaler throats also the mayor should split with their their schedules tough. The thing that this has to import job you've got four games to a piece. With the two dog teams in the conference South Florida and ECU they are by far worse than anything else he comes down 300 that the Kent bonds. Four games against those guys if you could win all full. If you could take off for Arnold to those you gotta go on the road the tigers got one win on the road this year and what happens what what they need to do it to what to do miracle a look on the of the miracle shot. It was love to get that want but John those teams are putrid really bad. If you get those four wins job. Let's start you know could steal one at Tulane. Six and five they got eleven more games left the regular seasons out six and five I think best case scenario. That puts you at nineteen and twelve on the year the exact same record as last year the regular season which I think we would all say. Would be an improvement with this roster we'd say well that's the good coaching job would still say tally were exposed as good coaching job here's the other thing. It would get if they go six and five which is going to tentative if they did though. They finish ten and eight. In the conference given tubby. His first win in record income present. In more than a decade that that's that's a little more than a decade well with this dangerous if I mean. OK so here's that here's the outlet for how impressive it is it's finishing above expectations were to ignite. Right we both know it doesn't solve the broad issues for this program going forward will be finishing higher. That we thought because as well liked and yet I I just a struggle with that so much. Because you're going to for the first time I levees but well great it's great first until we wells about the voted in the world congress we just we're alive we're alive and it's a monkey on the back right now I don't 500 worst for eleven straight years but the reason why so with that is because. KU retroactively. Say great coaching job just because you there's about above 500 in a commerce that. That is probably weaker than we thought it would be if that is a that is a fact and secondly. You quite candid did this to yourself. You didn't maintain the loss and you didn't maintain Marco Crawford and those are three those are three starters. If you cut this was self inflicted so. You sort of did you cut your nose off to spite your face and I am I gonna regret to actively say great job because. You finished a little you better then that's where I thought you would. You avoided catastrophe I think I think that's that's what. I don't like that that that cycle but that's what the frustration comes in for us now. Is because or at least for me may have enough so don't Wear and I got it from a couple of people this weekend. Look to Obama has gotten better. I keep and I am forced or what might parts you can see getting better agreed sold so I'm with you on the recruiting part of it on the keeping of the kids how many M. A more chill especially right now with you let the walls and walk out while a marked off to put on all the work last year they'll make him better while a more all that said. He's made players on the floor better and that's the thing John that that's that's my frustration is I think on the floor became coach makes adjustments in the center for just tail off. If you had. Better talent. You'd be in the top of this of this conference easy. You may be may be in the top three major head of Houston if you have the law if you are Democrat you have a loss Marco croft if you're doing better recruiting you got better players. That's the frustration for me is that could be worked Atlanta good dude can coach you can't. There's any any case may players etiquette about. Like that we know the only thing is like OK so he can develop players that are highly regarded. I know how does that take it doesn't get you high enough it and turn it doesn't meet the expectations of this program debt of this program spans it doesn't mean it. It's not good enough. And look at you as you know where I'm at all I think you gotta. My thing you've got to make an adjustment that's that I'd say hired by our whatever you can move guys around whatever guys may leave on their own but something's gotta be adjusted there because if you can fix the talent level. Tubby can coach him up this can be a better situation it can be like GP said which. We're noticing UConn are supposed to be. For real and particularly among the best in the country if you had back to go along with which sells they would Gregg Marshall right now are innocent you'd have. What they're called. The big east could have a hell of a basketball can't look away from it was a good back is to improve the recruiting so that's it do you think. This guarantees a year three for tubby like the way they play it to the stated that this didn't its. Impresario on the guitar don't you think you thought tubby he's done a couple of winning this winning streak when that when that it didn't come off when Jeremiah Martin didn't transfer when it didn't come off the rails when it could have right there borrowers and it's not like a heated transferred during the season a solid there's not a chance he does afterward. Sure you know I mean like that although I'm sure there's a chance I don't know why would. According to graduate. And aloud how real that is just he's done some good undertow of any light on what you do that and why do you tell you serious. Yeah Bob if you can graduation trip for why would won't let that he would be. Bennett if you do it for for Germany look or not this is not stranger much ago. But the Q if your general Martin. You look at lectured him on making the NCAA tournament I would like to play Harris and NCAA term and I did what but not John I haven't heard anything that he's close you're you're going back to the old Josh days whenever they're graduating in three years. They do and as far as I know he's not and he's not in that position now maybe take classes in the summertime and get their but I don't think he's it's not a deal word or a three year like they were would just rather a slow that down on every street you have to sit out of because and that may be what keeps him I don't -- guys out of the impression that you know most battle they've graduated or you're not the now what Josh has got you got you. They got to get mad at an apple never do that all the time energized. Yeah that's where live especially I mean I an outside chance this tough out again I would not that that's the hit by 67 certain. You know and that's technically better then what they were projected to be. Before these are let's go through let's if they get six and five which I think is the best case scenario the last eleven games Cincinnati come up this weekend we know what that is John go. The lost art 011 here here's what's new at USF. And at ECU might as well from both and there are they got to win those I'm just gonna make settled trust his team enough to get into and also it's going to be a split. And though yes it is they're not good on the road problem it and they they have not they've won one game on the road negative I love hate the US deficit so I'll point out that both holes seven and around the YouTube let's let's just for kicks. Let's go to one let's say they win both games because those teams are so bad easily the two worst in the American outlook on our two and one. Which tell state two into right that game back games here they're gonna lose. Here's the one swing game UCF here this is no taco fault this is the swing game of whether or not they can finish fifth in the sleet. I will give them the win at home but I could easily see it being lost that would be it's a toss after giving them a win though that puts this is for the sake of our Big Three into. Okay over the next spot at SMU Los L-3 and three at two way loss. When loss it was competitive here they're gonna with a road. I'm gold four and three I say they win that I'm going three or four but I'm going that because I don't think the one you've gone anywhere for Houston here. Loss seasons bewitched Allstate there they are solidly in the top three top four that's 44 at UConn. Loss. Not uh oh. They're now that is Watson you Conte come on that video is there's not gonna they're not gonna go to two lane and UConn and win both of them now have Terry Larry your back. They're there they are without their second best player that puts you at four or five on sale or not when and then you started in bit and I'm Dave at Tulane. I can't give dad you've gone through they're not when both of those but to end it again it goes back. USF ECU here. Beckett gets you to six got to win those about to begin when those two games that would be ten and eight in the conference they were 99 last year to an eight. Could be talked to be that fifth spot. Be right there. They lives and either those teams at all this season. Those teams are horrible tarred. You're you're telling me an airliner incident how voters ousted over their nets for wins out of their next eleven I've got them winning four. You've got importance. I think the likelihood is foreign 75 and six relatives and if they're five and six what does that what they're out on top new. They're like 7%. They're there for seven the light. They affords every other eight or not which is whether or. Basically going to be there will finish about ninth but got an outside chance at five right now you're you your money and save it or anything about that in that. Haley would have thought what a top five finish and graduate with a top five finish change anything about it currency that way to go do this program and I'm glad you brought it there because that's the thing right. This is a year now topical fallout right users can adapt. This a year you can be in the top three top four in competing for it and he certainly an NCAA tournament bid if you had a little more talent all that roster rent that's what's so frustrating. And when what are we we gonna do this next year right and and I hope they get to the termination of with the Jeep goes a senior MI Martin's back we hope. And you can replace the whole banking. When what Everett's from the staff isn't like they're constructed huge eating any hope that based on replaces it with a good player in history. Meant this battle in this conference should. Any given year again based on history in a given year should finish no worse than third. I look at me an eight and can some in some years to could compete for first since that because. You know again your nag you should be historically in that group would which are statements that. As long as direct as long as Brent marsh correct those of the clearly the three best brains and you cottage you know I just as sure you they're a bit again to that was awesome talent. So maybe. Eighty UConn is not quite a brand that we thought it was don't make LB don't make it that everything I don't know I will never say stores Connecticut is not an easy place to recruit you Jim Calhoun that it held a job there. You know but you just you don't get him out Martins and I got a week before when it asks that that no worse than fourth is what is put UConn and their base as we're gonna do Isaac. And so I thought I'd you left out SMU which is solid you should finish above them and every year but that's a solid job I have well just. With where both programs are where it's crazy when you should. Because of what you spell facilities and don't go on coach subsite I mean that's up five is great and all but like. If this does it say anything at all now it doesn't and I get a lot of money got your players. I met and that doesn't stop at that bet was the same yesterday at the same today and I don't think they're gonna finish top five day gain showed you. You need better players because you got nothing from your picture that is correct show Jeremy I was Europe and that was a Coke does your thoughts absolute all right those are cold glass of water near thanks Alicia was different it's not this is three out our will come back dare waves gonna join us at 1245 I'm gonna go with him. Jason Dunn did Jennifer and yes it. Until they did he is Smart TV just in time for the big game. You did break. Your drives it's the most stuff you can simply sign up now nights you know. He is being done down the biggest states include the biggest prizes. ESPN. 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Or Memphis basketball shoot out at the last Lobo basketball recruiting around the country there is a whole nation around Memphis not just about three NM Indians and it is there it's our parents are now collects in 100 ESPN of course you know Paul in Carty is the guy that puts these rankings together income and shall we had him on the show and we asked specifically about both Alex Lomax and Tyler Harris. And we thought about them and I can't say came way from his answer what he thought very much up. I can't suck more from his answer feel like he really wants to talk soon. And they be bigger issue. The answer Jason is now there is no may have been in the top 128. And hoard ESP. Powershares is. Nowhere to be as they go out there and cut up that Las Vegas event like you did John and get top what he got in BP that thing the first five. 510 or or shorter in BP that things since frank may send. It was in the NBA now and you're not you go out there in like they said cut up top 100 prospects and you're not in the top 100 they did upgrade him to a four star that. On ESPN he wasn't threes.