Jason & John Hour 1 (1/19/18)

Jason & John
Friday, January 19th

Paying tribute to ZBO in the open + joined by Tom Crean in Hour 1 to talk College Hoops 


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It's nice little party costs 552 seniors have to sell only see how it's already in animals marble blast sending money now creek. On the desk from fifth anniversary is going to be. Perfect send and receive money from just about anyone with the US based bank account and Wells Fargo building better every day. Not available opportunity taking the opportunity sixty counts terms and conditions apply the surface. Only serves Pelosi was rude awakening FTC. In Memphis and sports station. Listen I hit. Oh yeah. Zero days Regina HE nine FM ESPN we have made it through the weekend may be it is Friday jarred and that means one thing. It is Z Bo today in Memphis Tennessee brother. That Randolph on background as a member of the Sacramento Kings. Kings in town the night led the grizzlies jar and it feels like they were going to be talked about that Randolph everything that he did for this city. On the other needs to take. That sarcasm Matty your voice there's none there's concerts I bet there's no shape no sarcasm on come home all about it today didn't notice it and did more to say that Willie Harris that's for damn sure. What it's always yeah well well yeah I know that their favorite mayor of what I heard about it wouldn't you let me although it is though it put voters on buses. Okay yeah. Let's give them the nitty gritty look at the hell out of mine taken shots that previous majors coming on the starting to show what a Friday it should be there yeah no. Oh yeah no one's safe today apparently coincide today wow. Got in that same right. Let's talk about Shelby county schools. My. Dorsey Hopson. And their brother. It has got the point now on Twitter this has been such an awful week for me this is bit I will say this this has been the longest week of my life. It just has been the wont because I've built like we've been talking absolutely nobody is your home with their kids that you're doing other things that you're trying to to get killed on the ice you're not out of cars. So does that we've it's been talking to each other. I'll Weisman at home. And last night. I get the good news. That tribal schools are back open when me mom why is going back to work where you cheer around her we you have issues I was happy Hubert do you know Rick this resumed her normal. Routine get back sorrow pity our normalcy. And then I. I see a few hours later. Dorsey Hopson the superintendent for Shelby county schools come all 200. We just can't now we don't come back. I cannot believe this this is that this is I don't know what this says more about our. Other beyond our focus is more about our school system. Orbit says more about our city that we are on equipped. To deal with that amount that little amount of precipitation. Over the course of all week it's obviously the infrastructures and. Complete joke. I do feel bad for the of the moms dads and on the blessed and I have you know moms or spur of the school system so she can be out wind it is out mom feel bad for parents that have to still work had to go work out are more for the kids got take time off it has been rough. I've been ropes off field parents paying through this another one of those now a resident now address. The other issue. Addressed the other issue about the fact that kids in Shelby county schools are still not going to school. Please address that Jason what you mean addresses the need to hear your thoughts on it and make up days. Will pay a mental battle may get down into the unity they have they have like thirteen billed them that nobody ever goes those makeup days of the new year. Nobody ever goes on where you're going that's so old I get out all week our next generation and that is going to be slow stop dome. They've been it's also is so odd. Stop as the first bus that went off the road today and I'll have party kids in the African hospital is on Shelby can you be as safe as good bit out though as and that's the way you roll now as Brad told you at the beginning of the week. Take. Your high and I have always take your time I have not been one of the 800 some accidents after traffic accidents but. Kids are still out back in school when I got that out we're here now I need to get it out if you get it out. I it's important to me here's a vehicle on the Saturday at 1145. We gonna talk to Tom curry. Former Indiana basketball coach for Marquette basketball coach who talked to him. But all things college basketball. University of Memphis I got a former player that's killed. With the Indiana Pacers and into any hanging over the possible we'll be an all star probably talk to him about that. It's what 25 we're gonna I've talked to Ryan Miller Ryan Miller is the brother of Mike Miller who was on sports center this morning news on this time I did say I was doing well and they're great they don't you're absolutely right he was on the show this morning. So we'll talk to Ryan Miller who's now at TCU. This is the coach about he did. Once upon a time service director Basque operates they're under John cal Perry's we will talk to him what he thinks about Memphis. What he's doing a TCU June for drugs unfortunately. Al for the rest of the year and within 32 straight news for three straight years his season has ended. Abruptly at well it's sick it's it's too meniscus tears in the last six months. I guess classrooms and all yet brutal Jennings have a great sophomore season Yasser Britt talked to to Ryan Miller about his career David Fisher would think about Memphis. Grown up well likes older brother twenty. I had a player himself too good to get to a level of yes you Wasilla that's a showed how you feel about it. A good feel good about it I'm ready I'm ready get emotional about Tebow let's go well what we've done. To sort expedite that process is because let's be honest. When it comes to you couldn't give less of wood dale about the gritty grind are you okay about it when cubs agreeing ride Eric. You say you salute and you say thanks for your service what are you an automated do cry yeah. You always in this cast is there's gotta hate agreed to grind it whatever they didn't see the value event or know what it did for the city went quite frankly it's gaps that are. I understand every bit of it was I totally all in was that you know every second that it all happened was out. You know my mouth dropped inquired for every moment of it no because I'm a bulls there. Always have been. All right but grizzlies are my home teams are men because they're my home team might pay attention and because I pay attention I know that Zach Randolph. It'll lock this city what do what do you this franchise leader in analog and LGW bills pay. All time leading rebounder being grizzlies history speak on. The Eagles to write that that's true see. Man of the people turkeys. It out turkeys. Duty. How many moments that he give us. How many moments when we're. Countless. Countless fallen moments. With the Memphis Grizzlies and that man. It's coming back and act like I believe they're giving away 101000 head bands. That order on four I haven't heard that I don't know what are you come with a stuff dude I'm almost positive they're giving away I hope you saw that's how would how would donate loading though. And then makes most sense there Edmonds. He's. On our our it's appropriate. And I think that's true I saw that somewhere and. OK I guess I'm really didn't do anything now I think Asian. Hey when they might be given way that at the game. And I they have a lot of advance ship like fifty. No they brought us a million of those over the years. No I don't have had been a you've been left out the list that there's two giveaways in the history of the grizzlies get ways that we can now get apparently. One of them was this headband. The second one. And this was still Barnes may have this day and the grisly way belts are now one of those I got two of those ideas they gave you want embryo into the station that they. They denied John sick bitter it is one of those. Underground. To memorabilia Disco Donna way to get yeah man that's been that man seasons they held army should've studied and are using their own I. I don't I had no idea yeah I'm a check on the head I don't wanna beat spreading false news I do not want to do that. But the truth is that red dog's coming back tonight and that's going to be our first opportunity as a city. Two showered him and love. Depreciation. And and and and and gratitude for everything that. He did in his time with degree you're smiling I'm not smile and get it but I have to say this Jason. It's just what you say today. There are. Okay this is where you're every ever USA. Who do well so far everyone is gonna say something like that something nice so you need to just accept it I'm ready for dot com and here you animal was announcing that now they say yes I got I got so. So what that's just what I meant I was expect it will ban and I'm not allowed to you what I mean if you want me to be honest with you mean the stuff I say it was more poignant than that. Many analysts have put together a nice highlight packages look bad news talking John we're getting there where to get their body in all honesty what that Zach Randolph duke from episode mini. It's it's cliche but he did give everything this fan base a foundation and identity. Banks that did not exist before he Iraq period point blank he made grizzlies basketball cool. Look at how important national television appearance was sort of right because we want the rest of the nation to know the good things about Memphis everyone always dogs are city. We usually hear what and what we see the bad news right Amazon going in Nashville folks wanted to always follow about a crime right we get defensive. So when we got Z Bo here John. When we got Tony Allen and here in the court always started when we started getting more national games we loved it right I let your point in America we had an idea that he all of a sudden resignation could look at and say look what's going on in Memphis. Pellicano was the grind house they said we were one of the best places in the league to play John and right got it someone finally looked at us and said. Look at that treasure got that they are for the NBA that's what Zach Randolph did for us problems. That's what he did they did it feel like you're in the church picketed FedEx was poignant ticket is in session. Okay. Praise god we needed Zach Zach gave us an identity yeah slow that made the rest of the nation look up the rest of the NBA I'd say. Respect Memphis. Did you just gonna go in there and roll over them the argument may be the best I really NBA great low on the beach grass. Brave oh now what you've got the ball back. I had a highlight packets. Let's get to it. Other two days ago. They attack like that of course. This city. I'll be able wings. How do the right lately on the right plus ran up against great back in the late turnaround let him go around. Put it miles down. What Smart to another. Just read this young Fella this is my house. Happy to dissolve the balance right Carter on the right slot went up against the countdown the shot clock ran out flares up drives and if you don't get the ball run. It's good all the Zach Randolph running lefthanded glove. That is thrilled that this fans for years. Goes down again. Looks like it's been. Delegates not to give up. A hundred you want to have this. The second. Looking for a map gives its oil pipeline gets the out he's made the move several times. What about jab step pull me back fifteen footers as I'm. Again yeah I wind up trying to put the grizzlies on his broad shoulders and taken out of San Antonio with a win. Small metal and I don't know if some of the greatest some of the greatest moments obviously in and in Gray's history. When you think Zach Randolph. And in a Memphis is. In America's uniform and am I'm trying to do sex has very seriously and would is it that comes to mind. Well. I think it's best summed up. I wanted to great literary treasures. Our city. Really. Geoff Calkins. Who could not be with us today for personal reasons. John I have no that in July. Of last year. He wrote about this day this day today. That this is not a day to be lamenting past personnel moves. And this is the day to celebrate the grizzlies all time leader in field goals charm offensive rebounds defensive rebounds and ML GW bills paid. In the words of Geoff Calkins he has the greatest of all grizzlies. And it's not me saying this it's shell. When this paper. Jeff of course speaking in the commercial appeal LD greatest grizzly contest a year go Randolph received 92% of all votes cast Johnny the greatest relief we've ever seen. And I the last few. I'm stealing your question as you ask me this is born if you'll credit before I ask you backed it. Zach most beloved that the sport's bigger balls are. I think Zach is the most beloved Memphis athlete of all time he's out there I'd if I sit so I would say he is right here. And I would say he is. He's up there for for for a lot of reasons I think they're they're there are two important ones and I won. He really really he really rehabilitated his career here. And I think that's a massive part of he had Iraq. Befall an general right. Right it was it can't in the locker room he was part of the jail blazers and even agree Jeff Hawkins a little unsure just caucus and they shouldn't do it her right let's is B this is B we loved could we love Jeff. No what is a better writer than Jeff but there are a lot of you are you when the only one on the road too loud and a lot of Canada but the depth that so reared in when he got the Memphis. There was. An immense amount of skepticism about him. And that the only video played for himself right that somebody is a bad apple that played for himself what about have you all of winning so from the moment that he arrived he he had the rebate really rehabilitate his career which he did. The second part of that. Is that when he got here. The grizzlies went from middling bad. The good debt or had any sirens reported in some cases in great new. And in Z Bo. Was the biggest part of that Tony Allen played apart there's no doubt about it but Tony Allen went on spies or get him as Tony Allen. That's when used started sort of see the transformation so it's always first here's 10212 rights act they want forty yet economical and that's correct that's correct. But exact is that with the whatever we got out of their playoff run whatever the grizzlies have been came. Afterward. Is it is because Zach Randolph and because he came here. And and turn around his own career. And fit in the way he did became a Miami news is not from the of his buddies so Memphis. You know and for that reason and it's also you know it's the Memphis Grizzlies at an at anybody can adopt the Memphis Grizzlies you'll have to have gone. To the University of Memphis oral miss her and where they're just a little bit more widely accessible. So I think the 'cause he is a group was a grizzly movement and ministers at any heat heat are all facing him leave but was Majorly responsible for. The playoff runs in the west are finals round there. And just him who he is. I would I would. I would say he's the most beloved I would. I think I would now I know there are a million. So certainly it it's not a million database but they're too short list they're two or three other guys who have a who have a very very very very strong case I think you I think. For maybe it's an age thing. That for folks and an hour talk about this before the show that for folks what I don't know. You know 323335. And younger maybe at Z Bo because those those tough you know would you who you missed playing. If you're that young is layer effects yet who got you to eight. National final. You know against the great Bill Walton got you there I think I think for a lot of people in that age group that watched that right obviously somebody of the older folks and they're also so if you will always be Larry there us and his own visual implications with Lee all no question no question during that time and what he meant in any getting. Getting Larry finch to Memphis rather than going that was huge it was huge got the entire city people fossil thought about today how much that gene Bartow team brought the city. Together correct and at that time. The same that this city probably could have been more divided OK so that that was imports on your right you you throw that in there that's. For a lot of people that age always be the most below but to your point. Zach on merit or a lot of folks in May be today's vote for those started it probably always will be any other thing too is that. You know when the group the tigers got to a national championship after layer fence. They did it again in 2008. You know who knows when the grizzlies will get back the Western Conference finals put out Brock who knows when they will go on the kind of run that Zach propelled them to. I mean dude don't do as many people feel as strongly about. Tony as they do is that there are those two right that would put on the right side by side yeah. So it's president's most beloved and a short list always got to be up there with them the difference I think just would be the production deduction and put Zach over the top is that when he fan might that mr. points and as that. Cheney is in the end is and always going to be in any a record a conversation yet but Tony easy beau Larry finch for any early period probably obviously yeah. Though it's this it's shortlist for media placebo definitely is as are his place on that list my for my money the most beloved athlete. In Memphis sports history's back in town the night at FedEx Forum. And you can go celebrate him tonight at FedEx form art will complete thought about this all day long we can take your calls on. On what you wanna say the Zach Randolph now that it's been you know a few months in that you've had to sort of process. His departure will that a little bit later in the show that Tom Cruise on the other side. 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We appreciate it so how's the gig I mean we've talked to you since you started obviously bits and you know. 34 months on this new job how the big what do you like what do you not like. While the travel take to get used to bad but because it is it the coach. You know you have your game yet you're in travel you got your recruiting that you really want place. A lot of times and I'd take a little bit. And and everyone saw how hard did you pick up at least Sarasota Florida when it got it back degree down than. Other than that I don't have a great drawback I really don't I love it in about rejoice. The people all when I do the game Tuesday. Fox had the Oklahoma it will be only that first time that I work with the same. Play by play announcer. Twice stated John Giambi so I've I've met I've worked with a lot of good people a lot of different producers directors CU. Learn a lot of different ways to do today and I enjoy the studios. But I loved that preparation. At and that's been on an NBA artifact with. ESPN has been good at. I can elect I'm learning a lot and I think. I'm learning what it takes about our broadcast. And out but I love the basketball I love the energy of it I love the intensity of it. And I missed the competition. Right but it does say that my love energy and exactly Saudi Jordan. Player you're obviously very very good coach I will ask you this I don't know what's your arrangement is with with the ESPN but is it. Is it more or less glamorous than your travel when you were coached Indiana Marquette I don't know if you're you're flying charter with the ESPN has it been an adjustment. At that it's been since you brought up that's why did it got there. Are probably. For probably seventy Didier figured let coach. I didn't I didn't travel too much of a commercial airplay Curtis your track. Let me let me ask it's good that it's spread out about it early this morning out of Hartford to comment said. I applaud Orlando at my son nick who played that I gave got its first baseball game today. It today Daytona Beach and like I'm driving to Daytona Beach in the middle of January made out that Google got it back out London. Is is it tough for all. Being critical of guys that are of coaches or or well particularly down. Guys you know guys that if you are hard because that's your job now in a sense at he had any trouble with that is that tells you got any calls a real friends and met Tanya bid to. Too tough for me. No I haven't got a those called and I think when you're dealing with your friendships. And and the other a regular coaching. But I think the moment they started saying that it's that Big Brother. It's when you really make the mistake are guys had not. You know I think people want to make it there's a lot of competition edit and add in all the years with the competition and all that you believe in the game and recruiting. I've really tried to talk myself to play. Up respecting them as people perspective how hard they've worked at their jobs. And and so to me. I wanna make sure I'm right I wanna make certain from my eyes. Or what the numbers say you know do my experience that I'm right. And Ed got all by myself. Trying to be your thinking about being critical of coaches. It's much it you know with what would sometimes regard our players are under threat that can be president as good. All are undertaken badge got I don't think there's a whole lot of coaches. That I want all that I doubt it I mean it doesn't happen I guess you've got to be able the talk it out. But I try to make sure I'm really I don't wanna be flippant. I don't wanna beat. You're slow ones some bad out there and I'm certainly not try to do any bang. Have you Rel vent or to be a critic I'm trying to be truthful that's what I say. Both cars were fully get into sort of did the nitty gritty of college basketball one last thing on on your current job you certainly become a little bit more active on Twitter now that. You're not having won a college basketball program so in doing that. I'm how often do you hear from fans of of of other schools whose coach may be struggling. That they coached under normal except we watched him coach our program and and and how do you sort of handle that as part of you like yes I can't wait to get back in it like how do you handle that. I'd get him I'd get him on Twitter but I don't respond to that. And doll I'm bear I started very very terrible. Went back and adds certainly not responded that not but I know all are really bite my white friend. My son are always really got me about the light might be buried buried here is where the license and I don't have a mob like that. But I read it and I know a lot of it the other show respect to what they have a lot of it comes after. Somebody loses big guy and I'm very debate thing would happen if he had got to get knows. Back to me you know it and know about what I would that Indiana so. I I don't are not affected much by that I mean I'm so wrapped up in a wide or do whatever not pay attention to what's going on in the country and I think. It over the next month or so those things will start to look a little bit more. But I went into this completely try to be as good as I can be addict and to work as hard and be. Part of a team but that that really as well that are most all of it bad and what I'm not doing out on what my family you know I've I've enjoyed the article. Unless they are on social media because I think it's it's variously you you bring it up when you know if you lost the game. As the Indiana basketball coach I'm sure your mentions on Twitter would just be insane. To the point where you maybe couldn't even read them did you. Apply got off that's why I don't know thirty years before I left because I I like it get it like it by drinking poison. They get anybody to tell it it you have social media if you have a Twitter account. Okay yeah I that you know you can say whatever you walk bet I don't know too many people that can look you in the face. When it straight straight this day I never read it like the part that they had never read it I never read that somebody Greek debt you are right or you're not doing your job itself. And I got Serbs fired its C and that stuff. And add doubt it like argument now I had no trouble blocking somebody by itself moderate struggle early blocked. If it I don't I don't I don't wanna be a part of it been like to sort of you know they don't. Yeah exactly and it and it's not worth it you're trying to. I'm not trying to love care how big dialogue. On social media maybe some that will right now not. And so like you don't you don't really need to see all that stops on Iraq. Coaches at I think a couple of days ago we had sixth ranked teams go down and Cal's best all to a little more top ten teams of which tells stayed in Texas Tech both lost. Hum I think we're up to a point now in terms of have been 39 losses by AP top teams this season's wide open it what shirt. Best explanation Ford is it the rest the country's gotten so much ease you know more even with the top dogs in the country that's what just passed he's like to say that everybody's good. Or did just that there's not. Many dominant teams this year. It's all of that there's not that many dumb it seems it's a really really art went on the road. Add add doll and it and it really hit it can get turned out but I think what you're seeing it I don't think the Teddy bear part you have teams. That have. Mental toughness. And concentration lapses. I think they've been great so operator at an outdoor rare view yesterday for an article and somebody asked you what they've been the biggest thing. NIC I think the biggest stage you have got to have a team. Eight you have got the gold medal topic but I always thought that like you you think you're going battled up as but the more you watch. Players play and scenes play it you'll got to recruit and incredibly. Competitive person. That can grow with a metal top that they can overcome. Adversity and failure. And and and it nobody can do what he'd be nobody can go right away but that has the wherewithal to get to that point because. There are there are so many games where people lose they gain rather big get beat because they take bad shots. Are they don't make the next pass they take a challenge shots. There are weak side defense is bad. They'd they don't guard dribbled away that they could they're nurses go live and in the last play whether it was a bad player celebrated play. And it hit harder and harder to get a team. That war really really persevere to gather. What they are going well on the road and I think people give they had. And I don't think it's coaching is better giving you had a mean there's there's some that probably are. They don't have the the ability to get the most battered team that everybody trying to get the most Saturday. I think it's metal stop there are really do it it's a hard thing to qualifier but I think that's what it it was much detail. I'm so glad you put it that way because my next question leads me there with of with mental toughness it's something you see every year out of Tony Bennett's teams of Virginia they're they're number two in the country. They just undressed Georgia Tech last night defensively it's like the same thing year after year they're so disciplined so mentally tough like you just point out what's is the is it the type of player he recruits what is it about Tony what's the secret to his consistency. I think it's the way they play defense first and foremost because that there's that there's. If you don't play at some technicality you're not gonna play it there's a barricade built in protection. Inside out out of that attack YC yeah don't you know your butt out protection articulate protections. It market their teaching be. BP on the ball and I think what happened did they are rarely going to lose a game because they didn't guard. But they've gotten so much better off presently know that when your party early orally they can be cute like they're shooting the ball. Like outside Georgia Tech in over help. A couple times but it's ridiculous you and meg game and that their product too many people are coming to wait not in the penetrating driving guard boats were fired at stride into the basket. They over help because they think there's almost do it all the sudden there's a kick out all wide open Torrey. And there's nobody from edu okay and your debit phenomena or I mean I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm exaggerating. The depth a little bit of bad. It's gotten and I think that's why it seemed so good because they take advantage of your bag ER. Our short and have assured we are of course I'm gonna ESPN college basketball analyst Tom crane all right Tom here in Memphis Tubby Smith just did something that just passed there. Never did and that's win four straight games. In the American athletic conference my I think you have to give credit. To the job that that tubby has done here this season I'd be so big anybody would have predicted a four game winning streak. At any point. As it goes as a surprise you that a Tubby Smith coached basketball team is playing a solidly as its plan right now. Well because they're getting some momentum and outside of the Tulane game. They're defense that bad really really good and and they and they wanted to lay day correct yes. Yes but their defense statement that they gave up and shot oh yeah fifties and it gets him. Yeah they're they're other game they are guarding and it came to always start it seemed to always play. What technicality. It you know to obviate the guy that you relied on good decision makers and and what he's got a bad game. He's got more than a point guard that can make good decisions he'd had numerous guys it could do it. And I think you start to get that Jeremiah market really ought to roll and play with a lot of confidence. Dad took me. I'm not surprised at all and Ender schemes. And that conference out that's been good coaching a league there's some there's some inconsistent teams then that big. And I think they've been able to take advantage of a little bit and I think that's. As great idea so they start to get more people. In the building that used at that the only way that that program is gonna continue to be able to worry. And be able to recruit the way that they want to recruit in especially just mark that met mr. right now it is the yeah actually you wanna keep those get that all of you gotta have you pick they got an older can be played a part of the great fan base. So hopefully that happens for him and I don't say that. Fred Reid and other and I always said epic debate late great basketball sound great basketball area well educated fans and hope that they come out support. What does get a name I had my very next question to you it's amazing that you you know it and not having caught a Memphis games as you you know like the attendant situation at Memphis. And there were they are they they won three in a row the others leading up to the UConn game. And I know you 'cause not what it was and there might have been some weather but they got 2000 people in the stands for game against UConn. I don't know if you've ever been a part of any situations in your coaching career that required sort of attendance rehab. But how do you do that as a coach how'd it get their wedding. In I don't know if they're not ranked but there that the wedding they've they've won four straight. How'd you do that how do you read how do you continue to give people to come back to the form. It does it doesn't sound cool but I think it's the only way and that's just control you can control it did and right now they're doing back there when it they just got to control it. They got to control the effort they got to control how they execute they got a Abdullah. I really good mindset build that metal topic that we're talking about they've had some close games you know which is really what built the character of a team. And and when you add bell straight some way the wind on the role bigger back galvanize your seat and then all of a sudden. You're coming back would even more confident and you can build your team at home. But you galvanize it and really really got behind the character Robert when you can go way down the road. And I think yes that's that's the biggest bulk and if you worry about what's not fair or you worry about what you don't have. Bad that that's not as good backing at that he keeps wedding etiquette shell and Alberta and energy that are showing up at the battle comeback for that. As a as a head coach Tom and and there's no question of people we respect the job Adobe's doing coach of that team German mark's gotten better as you point out. I mean not better if he's playing out of his mind right now Mike parks he's getting something that everybody what everybody's talking about right now as the recruiting and getting excited about that yes he's of one thing people have F kind of talked about here in Memphis with tubby in recruiting is is his staff and to the point that they'd like to see changes and even brought out. Maybe administration should make tubby made changes to the staff. To aid in recruiting. As they head coach if you've got something for your bosses that said look we're keeping you. But we wanted to make some stats say is it was at that is that what drew did that draw your higher does it make you go crazy. How do you. Kind of navigate that thumb that situation I mean they're your bosses. But I'm in any other since I've got guys have gotten fired over that obviously not one to have to make changes being loyal to our guys. How do you handle that as a coach. Well first and foremost. I'd wanna be in a position where my eye and my judgment. Was respected more than anything else to serve and Ed and that's teacher hired to do your hired to coach. And raw on the basketball program. It'd do you feel that that's the best thing to have that stat. I don't really know this app as well as bad bed at like if you feel that's the best bang. And you got a law would bet that but I think about dep I and I think about this Bible back in the culture yeah. If your administration like I'd like to really I think that any time any of us can really look across the table. Bartiromo took a conversation that were end. And really try to see it from that other person's going to be our age Odyssey from their vantage point. That only helps and the problem too many times and athletic group of people looking back did you they don't really know what that entails. Ed and I have a situation like that you can't beat him there people have to understand what coaching is all about what being a student athlete. It's all about what goes into that what goes into the relationship what goes in true. Building a family atmosphere. But at the coach can we you've got to be honest with yourself. And I got some friends in the football world right now that had to make some really yes significant changes this year. What their stat man and that's not easy but you know what they may I had I had a friend the other day tell me. Our back so when did you know you needed to make it change any set midyear. And you fight once you know you got an about that but that's nothing to do about this at all it is about it that it is that they didn't get hassled when. Edit edit college you're in charge of the emotional letter give your team you're in charge of you have acquired in charge of physical energy and that. That mental energy that they come quicker they got to control our focus concentration. Got much sleep they get they invite that would occur at the college. You've got to control the emotional energy and the last thing you need. From anybody on your staff is somebody that distract you and other bring energy that you're worried about and that the greatest program the best games I've ever had. We had about that because that bet that chemistry. Your program. Starts with the chemistry of your staff and understand that. Again don't anybody misunderstand that did not comment about Memphis at all. Because I don't I don't know enough about the program to have any comment on that nor what I expect. That the comedy in general and the coaches in charge you know one. I saw the coach feels good about that than a coach you've got to deal that allowed that rocket that there art do. Not that it isn't that answer was an education coach who is what we look at for the of DeVon you've got to be honest with here. With yourself as a coach as well as those guys on the outside and and no doubt no doubt. I'd be I'd be remiss not to ask you coach and ya know yeah I know you gotta run the lastly about. After about a mandate early vote I think he's getting that first all star nod how do you feel about about this season is averaging what 44 point eight stud. I think you're right I think it's great my daughter's gonna get this in the united LA although I did. If they. It got to overcome that. And I'm proud of what you're. Tomba to do this all day but and I got a romance baking make them so much time as always regard iron curtain or Buick. Thank you coach is. Creed. We need to get something. Squared away right now what's wrong. Don't you. Ever. And I mean ever to talk. Buzz our desks. Don't you exactly how you did did you elevated to an audience out ablaze top down and was talking and yeah it's from its charter to a commercial flight. Ed Bennett. Hit that Brian Hill and then they know where that balance from dead and walker bro eBay that he was MS walk around when you use messing around with something on my screen and hit X button. I'm gonna lose some out there that is disrespectful. And I want Davida tweet Tom Green apology. And is it your talker like that all. That's X my answer Dudack. Gladly did they have got it today I had her idol I dilated added like oh my god what is all the buttons on the screen right here he had silly it's the wrong but you could what are they up exactly. You know what if he would hit that's what she said. If I get up off. Osama page ago who I don't know what the page Josh hadn't happened I I demand an apology from David Walker this is this this will not stand this disrespect. I can leave him like the applause I'm no man's given up for targeting the wrong I think if you plus you get overtime Kremer equate may have to decimate an up we got it. A really could do it all day it's always that's always good it's an education it is. I will come back. And bright and will join us at 1225 TCU basketball but we also. Unsettle some things here as we also left out a very prominent athlete. From Memphis in our discussion about the Harlem that is and we need to apologize but that he's in South Africa right now but he's he's. He's he's always there are heart and so we do fix this and we'll have to do that some point Jason Dunn edited out of bed yes it. Until they did he is Smart TV just Intel. You would get a break so. Your drives dead. Most shocking yeah fit inside it now 99 espn.com. The biggest station with the biggest prize. ESPN. Jack's when Alou. 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For a lot of us including Dave brown than just wanna give a shout out today brown the weather clown. For listening he was he definitely had so much he had some. Thought that he was text and would Jason Beck did you just stay brother acquire. Whether Arnold analogy gone that that was his his thing and in Memphis rustling paper on what are they are actually caught man whether clown. And I was scared me there that was his that was his pay auto I don't know an owner Eddie and how why would you remember. Yeah Bob and I think what I would Danica Palestinian Hillary was entered into in your journeys. And to pick that wanna. Just a you to read that YouTube and got to sit at a Fister out and that is the case ought to think Dave brown from listen value continued just to surprise me every day with your Rolodex. And you really live your checks and bag of over Dave brown they're jealous I'm talking to you day bomb hit it and these guys and jealous of her relationship with it. They've rounds ago I told you menus on brings up on Air Canada and a feeling that you said you had something before the break that we had to correct what was well. We need to do try to keep you on the rails here I don't know who you're Texan all right that's about it on but not mean we did we went through our our most beloved. That is average of all time and and we we mentioned pretty much everybody we've mentioned Zach Randolph and instead you're Lola Larry fence we mentioned. To Penny Hardaway. We mentioned other Elliot Perry we did not mention DeAngelo Williams. He's and a we got a couple tweets Weezer will we did this over the summer he was one of the top one no doubt we didn't do we didn't do this we did most we we did airport spokesman. It's a different congress say that's I don't know what is what you see how the city feels about your loan cuts were announced only if you don't know Jerry Lawler just re tweeting hi all you bet. And they all came out in droves Jerry Terry lollar won it we also admitted to day stuff and his Digisette of that conversation now now is that. Still below the tiger beloved tiger most beloved what was sports figure out they I would say DJ steffens is probably the most beloved athlete. To DJ staff. That's what outs. That's what my you have the issue you are really going on all day. And in my rider or use it about Jerry O you taken out today Dave brown. I dated after it happens deejay steps would you take got started to show Dorsey Hopson doors the other day in day out. I called out one other person and and buried them today are there menu home. Got a flames or you'll end mad about it I'm glad in this week's over it's been well we credit card that is why not work except Dorsey and you've allowed it to creep into your work. And I doubt you brought that out here now not true all right. That is not true Brothers Dave brown might protect millions of jealous that make you definitely jokes I notice that those that the real. They've got out of town he realized my family. Moved here from Florida in the eighties so that my father the great Liz Smith could work at channel fox. You realize that they are raised me. This is a lie is a lie. They've your Libyan soldier LaFave if you're this lovely on you this the real you Dave I did you called hidden compartment. Is that that's that's gonna really confirm it cause it's her on her own right now today about two point DeAngelo Williams of course he's on among the most beloved. What do what he's been. Or here for your service or shortcoming much knew what his Heisman candidacy was his last. And he got it done in four years there have been moved up high on the list. Sufficient job. Sufficient and a lot of love in Florida and what helps but he's definitely a little what else they have those to his his case too is now just what he's done since they're like that's how loyal he is out Spears' lawyer anybody says sum up the school that it's a mid major he's jumping on him he embrace that Jay Mohr. Dave Newark that he embraced the grizzlies when those things easier for wrestlers are clowns try to get one NFL network so you played for Memphis yeah. The reason blasted them. The reasons not alone there zeros number one has because Zito played in far more. Big time the moments then Israel just so many playoff like that's what it is I mean you played in so many big time games against big time competition that's Lhasa for the old folks it is Larry fiction and probably will before long time I mean you're in the national center here. It's they won't mean that's that's the bigs yet. An area I've only got to their meaning that I think would also slayer Princeton is is that you know this does the social aspect I'm. You know that was you can't discount that. At that time although actually. You know one of the one of the first black players are and that astute say hello and do we not considered Jerry Lawler athlete. This is the portable part of the program where the wrestling fans come in and say yeah oh days and Natalie. Yeah they always want the most beloved badly I mean I don't you think wrestling is fake yet I'm not the one that would have to be convinced that if it beds are logs an athlete you. Because you don't think professional wrestlers are athletes because that's what it's because they're its fixed because the outcomes are on the list as I say all the time I respect their atlases and in the in the you know the acting made it. Our youth out any man that can wrestle. Into his mid to late sixties as heavily and be as sharp as Jerry Lawler is what he doesn't rather bets. Something. To be proud. Did you have a news. So called an does not Dave brown years story I mean you hadn't you'd need to repent. You'd that something you need to do is we get it repaired but the real Dave brown your Tyson you know I hate silent John good. And stepping down after you just as you say on the text UN on a text message based bed around just admit I'm just showed it to you is or not it was a different Dave brown man. Different Dave brown it's a common name admitted it is a very common name. And we've we've finally poked a hole in your story. When we come back we're gonna make our NFL picks this weekend Stephen white not a they realize that wait till we get back days and John and Jennifer NB SP and yeah he is Smart TV and most. 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