Jason & John Hour 1 (11/17/17)

Jason & John
Friday, November 17th

Talking about the huge Tiger Football Game this Weekend, NFL and Grizzlies in Hour 1 


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In reality of having your own state farm agent means having a feel present day they'll do when you need guest Steve Womack teammates found me is that states on the agents. At 90172. Guys 1990. Go to Steve Womack agency dot com I could good neighbor state on Tuesday. 929 FM ESP. Yeah yeah. We an offensive and an HD one. Investment case. Medicines police station. I mean can we saw today. Listen I paid in helping. Yeah. Oh yeah. Hero Jason and Jon 929 FM EST it is Friday David we have made it to the end of the week and John that is significant. For many reasons you know. We spent a lot of time John Maher and on our program. Talk and tigers basketball what's going on grizzlies basketball can we fix it can we fix Mike Conley what's wrong can we fix and it strikes me John. That on this front today. All eyes this weekend should be on one team one program one that's fighting. For a division title a crowned John. Did it what you do the honors. Then. Why doesn't classic yeah. Actually had teammates. Come on yeah. It's bed time mayor umbrella. Maybe we said before the season this was gonna happen and I'll be dang if we invited the door John. And there was a moment where I have to admit that I did not think this is gonna happen there was a moment. When they had ended up having to go down to Orlando and play UCF and move and they took out a waxing at the hands of the night I was like you know what. I don't feel it anymore I can get down this anymore I dare you how dare me lose the faith. In my glove on that program I'll never do again program. I don't do that. Program I have a theory about that. People that say program as opposed program yet a racist. It's not. True just Eid period disappear I have gotten a thanks for your theories so. Big weekend John. Big weekend McCain tomorrow and you know what a big show it appropriately big show yes here's what we are going on the show to date 1145 Sinbad. You remember Sinbad he was not in the movie should say Emma. So don't. He wasn't that is that people sick people swear to me that he was inches there that is the silliest thing I don't know what's witness and people you're eighteen decibels they Danielle that's why and so that's why don't understand what they date first of all they they confuse the name of the movie. Read this faces AM it's 'cause I'm Sam and I like writes with Jack thank you know she doesn't like him is the app on your I've found that just that I am is all that bad. Shaq racked like those two. Pretty easily. There's this is tell the difference between British and there's this is a movie coming out he's also a superhero I believe in the DC universe in Iraq will be it. The rough will be insist they have the rights of every just if there's a movie coming out I want to do one thing. I want you to just you know and understand the Iraq will be edit OK can you accept that. Then you do something heroes in an image a little did you lose a little less respectful on the Rampage trailer blow. That looks probably like the worst movie OK yeah yeah wars in the area of bad rotten it is Allen looks like hours ago. Our Jason there's not a show about the rock is no instance come to know Sinbad gonna be here elevenths when he filed we will talk damaged it and John he's got a couple shows this week and it chuckles I just got of them. Start tonight some are he's grind of he's grown when he's always doughnuts we'll talk to some bad about a number of things as we always do for an of the shows and I will be at 1125 that's from police. The last addition before the holidays start. We would talk to your dad at 1225. He was 03 last weekend hole. This is that this might have been the first time he's only three days or years have we done that didn't knock them down to seventeen and sixteen on the season is just barely over the Mendoza line. Mono and always Harden and a bloody week in and it out of my dad's a proud man and oil wanna get back on the horse get back to win and you know on another hurt him. And I could letting letting our listeners but as being good better getting good gambler knows. You take some losses and get back on that horse that's the life I don't know you can have intact and don't talk to your dad at 1225 minute once we vibe we're talking NBA. With the Bryan went horse O'Brien source covers the NBA and the association for ES. He isn't so big show today very excited about it big weekend in Memphis. But I do think we would be remiss if we did not begin right with having a moment of silence for Mike and Mike I'll. Thank you are actually think we would talk we would be remiss if we do not start. With the University of Memphis football program right pick and why had to sit in war it. Why everybody would you know him out overnight and for how long we're gonna be on the air out of like to address that at some point. You know. At some point I would like to address those those over under maybe we'll do that later welcome but the University of Memphis has and an incredible opportunity this week yes. Two hey societal to take the west. And book their birth. Both their parents in the America athletic conference championship game which will be in Orlando unfortunately not really a way through this to be in Memphis at this point I'll worry about it. But we're just excited that they're going to be likely in it. It's a he's a good team. Like they will put up points this will be a fun game night that's going on that's Hornish talk about the weather because this poor weather is irrelevant to what the time tiger said he shouldn't matter anymore weather shouldn't Mattis and his ours or not a matter agreed. I hate subscribe go to a to a theory. And to a motto in life are you a lot of theories what's this well you can't know where you're going until you know where you've been. Menu you've got a new and every every day this week about the wolf for scratching. I'm a very tough on this American given to him. You can't know you're going until you know where you've been all right seems like reflection time telling what you're saying well I mean it's it's easy to forget. You know in the last three years. How crappy their crystal ball was who. In which that's embattled house like. Embarrassingly. Bad it was moved there reporter in those layer starter for a start the air very border. Like you have some players three wins in two seasons is good for the worst hire ever. I don't know where it's up there just because they he did give us talent he just did not do what they went ahead and know that I can tell he's like Sam pinky. Mean that would mean put him on stands levels I am a little better clue that yeah. The M semi loaded Clearwater hanging out there yet the diverse and even the worst. Live large and I mean let's be honest did you have any idea he was a tight ends coach in Auburn. No I did Jon know you do not there's no way you knew that. Let Porter he's been every once every sir he's been the show every position coach and every school in America he has. He has he's enabled Carolina he's attacked as he's there's on the state. Where he's at LSU now he's that I guys that are some guy's fantastic assistants spent essar group does it only got to be good head coaches yeah. Those were better times. I thought it might be good today. To reflect on. Perhaps what was it just depends how you look at it was a low moment though that Tommy US exit press conference was a low moment. If you're right it was low it was also I think an awakening. I think those things can reach her at the same time I did. So before we celebrate. The opportunity that lies ahead of Memphis I do the license I think it's important to remember where we'd been and how far this place has come. This was only what. Eight years ago H orders. With us this is Tommy west from my from his his ex pressed Jim Thomas. Note to our people we get we got some really good science. In. But I guess stand up right now OK Saturday and so that's when you're the head coach. You can't shake things because to do you it's kind of sour grapes. You know I mean you can't say exactly the way it is. In. But yeah I am what I always say to Americans is now is that tam. To stand. For you version of football program stand on the seventh straight coach its stand clear. Saying the same things straight. This is Sarah straight tab is and history you'll continue to repeat itself folks. And if things don't do something about. You've got hurt whoever they Aaron Gargan GAAP. OK and I'll pull for. Okay but today. Our clients and and and yeah demand from you guys want to thank net to demand. That's giving equal stick to like we have in America are just. You gotta get Ebola all planes that took it to I can't let. Still more sugar Shane why. And so are we came a bad coach Warner Bros. has led those. You can not being shown talent and in Britain came about coaching would regretted but it could lead pipe Manning in Tennessee we can beating Iran is angrier and it. And probably us again next year down here and in my. And at some point in time yes I. Yeah opens are all programs we've got to do the things necessary tonight just what we want our dual language. Period a consent and it goes it's got to want a president and thankful. It's tiny hole. For coaches for players and for people for clients that I mandate or go and one of the that's what they should do it. And they weren't so they're not near her and onions model it's invested beer party leaders are yours. Years ever they have this fact. Two out of this program I don't see any of that negative what I say and what do you don't wanna see this program be successful I got happy. One thing I would say is you guys are somehow. Take the negative about it. You got to find a way to get to negative surrounding this thing. I didn't we can do. Don't you gotta do that. Because there is the group. Is a new activity like however goes up a slot plus. A solid Clijsters or negativity year clearly in the Indiana EG. It's hard way. Today's game which are granted Jeremy in and he got to fight bottles around your home program her and her own canvas and write your own should get all our. Imagine if it meant it makes it very difficult. If you want me don't be negative. And as. That's what you can go to the football program what can exhibit negative about a coach who they've got lucky and I didn't help that can hit and so might look on your game embrace somebody you know. That's for the next gas. Give him a fighting chance. Bush about it just like just like an opinion on paper but I would is better right now sarcastic. Smart Aleck remark articles. Probably get as many goats what can not do to help your football program. This city we've had this university and what does this football program and what does it they cannot open. Is still running it down I'll attack when I don't know exactly right right down to Sunday I don't look at the next downside in chains. That's what I would ask all of our book but to our clients demand unified jets are given just wanted to thank you very much. Close call it happened was that Bob win clapping. Now Obama and it would knock out Obama and Bob came up afterward would not have them on who the person that was clapping in the back. Was not out of I want flat out right now it was doc Halladay. Simple open mug you know I think it was dot com columnist and helpless yet whether that's the other columnist out is that the LT. But who I would like to know that there's a little history of that press conference. Who was the person in the back first vice clearly have a bit of dedicated to Calkins. Who with the person that was clapping in the back I demand for now I'm sure they and I'm sure we will between that is very short. I'm that is how it got completely nowhere does have forgotten him pressure we knew that it was an exciting class of two was the as the head like a former players on the list and I that was out some phonetic John well I will say like it didn't happen immediately. After that. But didn't didn't it proved to be a first of all time was a good man could run up to him can pretend that you're references to Larry Porter came to two years left on I was that Dave Goodman and just had a lot of success video he had success the media he had I would say yeah a lot of ADB and he he had some success and went public there did I strongly doubt the flu mutates again Malia and honestly what it would have we talked about time and time again if you get a quarterback in in. In college football and who you're gonna have success. Mean what did he do like five balls in six years on my daddy went a lot of ball games Tommy love that was a good question I don't Iraq either spot instead it's five and six start with a new loans bowl and are definitely yes with Saint Petersburg in 08 in that's five and six that your idea that is it for that aware that this was a bad time that is a lot of success there won't this you know that is a lot of success so he's a good man and I and I do think it has the University of Memphis repairs that. Take. You know take BAC lags the west. It is important to remember that's where everywhere I just eight years ago where we were openly wondered. Paid what is this program ever going to be what is that we openly wanted to wish you killer drive was the point exactly you know they were and an even pat you know there was beat the 4100 club. At home against east Carolina there was you know the one from a double always stick out and that was after the Tommy west press conferences when they went into Jonesboro at least September 10 yes they're 2011. And lost 47 to three Hugh freeze in Arkansas State I don't know I don't know about ever been more bear if I add colleges called by the way so that was Tommy west's wife. There was clapping while yeah yeah that was Tommy west affirmative. They're far. What if god bless what he said that press count what he could've been like god bless our last he could have he could've honestly just take an average it'd just. You know say you know why we did everything we could have been displaced doesn't get this program he sucks program if you guys amount. A week ago he could have been like I can't wait to see what the next guy does your. Because I guarantee you it will not it will not and he's he's right they've they've made about higher in. You know in the hearted guy who was it over head and it took. And any us and what they've taken a job for it to really become an eight and you couldn't make it you know he said make it a level playing Phil Wilma and now we're more as a level is as ever obviously but but but to the point. You make it as level as you can you give them everything. You have and you get the feeling that's certainly the approach the university of says right now. I'm excited for the fans and at and I'd end and this is real I know that there are. There is a base you know of a five to 101000 here in Memphis who have supported a program through all the way through duke it out through high and low mood and this shot out of those four this season is really. The payoff for them miss that out in the rain against UA candlelight energize the right near Ramallah you know mid Isabel I have so much respect for Memphis football fans you know it especially in the long time. Loyalist you know who have. It's continue to support the dollar program can you continue to you know sit there in the Liberty Bowl to the losses to you to have been Marshall and east Carolina. And on and on and they are still. There and I can imagine being that loyalty anything other than my wife. Like I just. Wouldn't listen you sound like a wise man financially just like why why am I supported this program and I feel like it's giving me nothing except heartache. You know and this is why I honestly. This is why and so I'm I'm happy for those fans who have who have stayed there through it all into. You know I'm also I'm hopeful that tomorrow. It is it whether it's rain or shine or whatever a hopeful that it is everything they hope for more love and AM 11 AM a skid at SMU let's get a chance to punch your ticket. FC title and I would we come back since dad's gonna be in the building he'll be here all week and wanted to be able to catch the game. 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So we're moving on. We'll be your friend of the show general we're gonna move forward friends are they here and or their friends when they're supposed to be friends don't let friends drive rock. I was gonna call him legendary comedian on the interstate between here in the next hour we talked and I and I think that's absolutely right we're gonna have to drop that down a bit it's freaking out their site to you went because looms. We're gonna calm Canadian legend you have you have you have not earned the legendary today did not. I would allow they say are these related as traffic was somewhat what I always say. Success is not owned. It is least. In rent is due every damn day you just get these from Iraq most of them. Yeah yeah most of them policing them a plethora of Shaq. I can do this all damn day will you wonder that you could just give you all my mom now Obama seems like a waste of time well you know doesn't waste time. The Tennessee tides it's probably. We know a lot of terrible and land why we did take a dump on the titans like that jarrah. Aaron really precision lined and that you'd like they gums on the what I tell you yesterday when SA. That I say the tide with a were six and three team in the history there nobody was happier about the Steelers forty to seventeen victory over the titans last night and one John Morton. It's hard to tell you that this team. Was not what it appeared Jordan or adjacent fits back you on that yeah they did everything else that a garment shop. Listen looked just watched the Jane's watch how they wind gains. A bit they are products of their easy as scheduled in the moment that they played. A team with any real aspirations. In the post season. They got demolished. Mari out of threw four picks I know people do they not have any good wins. See I can you do this because the united Hillary talking ladies his goals say is phenomenon I don't know where this is this is this is your time they beat the suns ought to answer for you because Seahawks. Right that is the one that is the one that thought and maybe to jaguars beat the jaguars good. That was a long time ago. Located you'd better be careful what you all lost at home to the raiders in the chargers back to back. Okay what do you we lost the raiders beat the ravens yeah. Did I I understand that my team is garbage I understand that they are disappointment and and that's what your failing don't really bigger disappointment of the titans. I mean yeah I would absolutely I would say that yet but but that's without having that conversation I'm having a tough decisions made in China get well you know you don't get me get all personal about how much. You're ready you're excited Sinbad didn't show up so you cannot send right now lurid talk to about all things going on Hollywood. At a lot to ask him about I want to get his thoughts on the rock retirees you've got to he's been on top of that. But I had to do what I had to do here and we have to talk about this game last night we have to Dario that a four picks and by the way Jason Joseph hey did you play a is that true Mike Johannes alpha this isn't so what Joseph hated bin ends again it would have been. Six picks. Is Marcus Mario did good because I thought he looks. Coming embassies I'm not sure. The play calling leaves something to be desired for me a little bit it seems like I think billions nailed this every we know that's let's let's let's let you could let's makes an ex buddies I thought well you are my idol they bankers say yeah John. I'd watch their game four interceptions last night inexcusable and there they are what now a win six when he throws multiple picks the tapping to much our bodies smarter in this. It made some throws less either we're not Smart men that and that's been his thing right is brain that's his biggest strength. I still think you didn't. But do this this. This has been a disappointment for me there's season this year so far has been this well without ansari I don't know I know that her husband is here I am I I'm not gonna say let's just women this has been a disappointment yes it down. I do there's also have. That and all the weapons this is supposed to be the year. There's still out there but look at what a bunch of Vanilla guys on offense they barely run any thing last night when they finally come out of second half of their down they go up top. No safety help you take some chances seem like when they do that they're decent football team they don't do enough well here's the big don't take your chances are you're gonna here's the Malarkey excuse dogs here so now that you you wanted to get it. So unknown please let me talk so Mary go to the game is on him last night there's no question about it because here's the thing your defense is playing good in the first half they should have went into the half with the lead he throws the one interception it was just brutal that they held Pittsburgh a field goal should have been a touchdown early in the second interception same thing I think they were on like that. There'll be thirty or something like that and so. You go into the Indo locker room at halftime down nine you should it go on in up at least ten points and then as it every game especially. And I was telling you you come back on the second half. That defense was gassed they played. Pretty much the entire second half because if you think about it the one touchdown was the very first play once likened Hafner and they'd inspire rather rent so. He did get sacked five times though you can't blame the defense for Pittsburgh enough forty because that defense was playing good in the first half it's all markets man he is got to move them down the got to protect the ball over yet and. It's thought about yet it's been a mess is that offensive line and protect them they get a five sacks last night yet to protect him to it's it's all Mario's a question which you gotta protect it. I mean he's not yet is not a runner first. So but I do John and does forty to seventeen I just don't like that your happy about it I don't think that's the right employee are the radeon limits I knew exactly what it is odd to him about that. Yeah radio out of that it is a tight until they ever W David did your brother Bernard a lot of favors his first double segments of the show. Are you still have wised bit. But it is it's perverse with them Leahy is still much joy he taken that leg and tell you and helped robots evaded his rosy. They're open bombs that human big big was big bit we'll throw bombs are your dad secondary did you know got a list was right. Adori Jack's. They got a lesson one and what do all pro receiver can do to a young rook will they broke one up the men's and warned. Here's here's what happened last night. There's going to be good the bad it's gotten can happen sky cam Blaine sky cam for this. It through the titans game plan I'll they knew that they were gonna be viewed from a different angle and it just threw off their Mo Jo going into the stuff you are looking for is guys in his vault I will tell you I love scout camp I've not fans guy came I don't know I don't mind that I don't see gold are all of yeah like I don't think it's I don't first of all I and the mad player. And this guy KM. That they use last night it's lowered to the ground. Then in Madden in baton it's more but it really is more of an aerial view cock you know so you can really see that things develop there. It's had its two to load the ground I don't know about when they had it on which if correct Obama made it was on that play to start first half it was all of that or we were watching that they played just hours after the guidance that yeah and you could see no safety helping out. Record is and I could see the whole thing Barack Obama was great ideas I don't want it all the time and I like watching like watching the traditional way that's just me idea on amend player like what they said is this is a video gamers how they play on the video game. On a matter of like a set amount of fans guy came I titans tight semifinal Ryder level we got next month. Where guys being here that division is still in play you know it's not just didn't check all they're down RDD yes are rejecting a little Jack in this bill he's in because they had that they're still litter I. I guess mild ask Mattingly is on how badly is still definitely in play duke how much confidence do you have in the jaguar why not and Blake mortal you don't know they have played the jaguars get end let's own the last game of the regular season now piece say they don't have a chance he's just roundtree you don't don't don't fall for. Looked tight schedule it's very easy act colts got Texans at cardinals add niners win the rams as a loss. And then you got to Jackson ended matter where you should be playing for the division title right there everything's still right in front you was that what the if this was the first game in Jacksonville in national or Jackson. Again I was in Jackson general that's why they got the Lego dude I'm telling you that is a big one that resonated what they are Salem yet they ran the ball Jacksonville is great against the best because they're pin their ears back and get like 57 sacks a game but they're not as great against the run and that's what Tennessee can do well. And aggravated well mega act like they did before you seven followed by what it was as is it shows you that they're not nearly a month among you lead the AFC this did accolades aren't it's clear it's there it's crystal clear now this city is back. As do guys like I don't come in here every single Monday talked about how much you can't stand people we have a ballot coaching staff did a good jobless Idec game was on Mary go to and I usually coming in bashing the coaches that saint. They don't let him throw the ball they don't let him throw the ball they did last night in well screwed it up so there's not that I did say there. I hesitate to put it all on him when he's getting sacked five times we just had fits on says that a prom all yearlong evident at them like you need to. The tiger expose last night or not. The answer is of course they do they got exposed as a second tier third tier FC squad. I think they've got one that can still win its division Yemeni amity so easily you win that game last night. Of becoming more of a B was in the zone. I think you guys are does that you guys are losing to the rams. And I mean your season has got and use at the hope the jacks that Jacksonville loses one more before they get too polite had the easy schedule NFL. Sorry it's gonna come out that Latin it's got to know last instance. And in the wild cards still in play it is I mean you still it. AFC is awful this year and so they bought by that default they may just make the playoffs as a wild card but there's nothing about that team that says contender that has legitimate that says serious. Nothing I mean they were undressed I would bet I'm right handed over to Derrick Henry. But that's five youth which we could talk about late little detail stuff they like what they can do that the only reason that you talk like this is because you and your sorry team this year you have around you need it is what I wanna NFL quite frankly let's be real death at the raiders yes because they need to. If you lost that game you wouldn't be nearly as that you'll be more reasonable about these guys and just imagine like whatever you think about the tie ins. And then apply the fact that the raiders beat them in Nashville. Did my banners half meg yeah I have a dog and my bears beat Pittsburgh. A man outweigh any given week and do I mean a damn thing I guess that's true there are better team than you are this year even with the winner no unanimity that now we've I know you won't hear that it does it stop that trumps up you guys the biggest oil and we know what our record you've gotten worse than that it raiders record be there in the AFC south. 106115. Camara probably a guy that's a bad it is exactly it's it's the work probably the worst. The worst ample probable or else their visions sides are you kidding me the Broncos in the chargers stopped. And you can go there. Any other anything else that's due in that division is not negative in Jacksonville is leading your division right now the dollar just that a follow his like his personal dislike attitude you know it's a layer is still don't I enjoyed going down on the big stage this week in Mexico City you in your quarterback what is eyeliner and everything needing killed by. Eighty. As I. I and his guests Jane if jacket. If you guys lost forty to seventeen to the Steelers all adrenaline sported a seventeen this weekend the patriots could pick a number on it and we will get nowhere else with John on this topic pacers would pick a number on the titans titans are going to be fine seventy maybe. Still on the hunt it don't win the division there in the heart unfortunately they will be they will do nothing with it enough they will do nothing where that I welcome back Jason Domenici out of bed ESP. Oil is down from Jason's done and we go to school playing this holiday season Toys for Tots join us on Wednesday December 6 at that Osama eleven that if I can -- rose from 11 AM to 2 PM Wednesday December 6 from 11 AM to 2 PM we're going to be broadcasting live from said that they collecting your toys innovations. Ninety GI FM ESPN. 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Better checking accounts and didn't charge crazy fees visit O Ryan SEU dot com. 90688. Look at this afternoon. No it's it's almost lost time from you maybe had left loves already need to head of. For some Amanda Kelly Richmond he's at the wing coup roof. 56 that in mount Mariah and a bunch of people yesterday over streets ministries are celebrating thirty years the streets everything the great invaded. The founder of streets and put together announced got to look at the futures were a lot of people who live talk about how good Billy's chicken was just how good it is they've been there. And let's not be a couple places to go get a little bit. Other storm Bartlett is open and I'm very soon Contra are well behind we apologize for that but it's coming you could see the sign on. Storefront. A B 7199 stage road right now there are 56 and I'm memorizing column of the battle and I'm 445 Ali's got the best chickens out OC for yourself. And most definitely with the best premium flavors you should know my heart and now the guards brought to the spicy taco. Some of his dry he's good one I loved his award winner honey suicidal change your life aren't so good so go support of Memphis tiger. So my god Baylor Richmond that Jason Smith since you. Tyra did vets from police at 1225. Or talk to your dad. So we won't have him next week because though will be off Thursday and Friday that it either Thanksgiving what was your level was a matter thanks your abs. Where we want a real quick that I wanted to say about the titans this between this last night the titans are two and five against the Steelers and had not made the playoffs since. LenDale White stomped on the terrible towel all those years ago. The terrible towel curse windows 2009. Up believe pulling off a later on nine LenDale White Chris Johnson was at the back field. Yes smash and bash is with the national that's what it was but I remember that our remember that pretty well they have gone winless. Against this they have not made the playoffs and finished there. Correct and there. Don't disrespect that's how my changes this year don't disrespect I had a oh new man new and happen that it was too disrespectful. Yeah are quick. Big news today obviously is. My in my calves have standardized on gone separate ways obviously Mike Greenberg will be launching a show with I believe it's Michelle beetle and Jalen Rose and there will begin and April of next year my goal it will continue to be on the same show. There's gonna add trade winged. So it will be eight a smooth transition activity that's going to be better yeah they got they had to be great as I try is funny tray is funny here he's not your sort of straight laced doesn't have a sense of humor guy like you'll be able to laugh and so bigger print of the show. Yeah is that I do my grimmer also part of the show. Who gave us all of them that are. I don't know does that I think I am an invite to bring those Obama he wasn't very. I think we caught them at at a time when it was still tense in terms of between him and goal only interviewed him in terms of where they were going like. Because I distinctly remember and today you're listening you list all the good byes and these presents Bill Clinton saying look what you've done for all of us thank you thank you thank you and you've got the sense at the end because they bring their families up. These are two guys who whose lives are intertwined tried their families are intertwined they've been together for eighteen years a woman we talked to my. You remember that we asked him specifically because we were talking about our new show what advice would you give us you've been together for so long what are we need to know. Anyway we'll answer that question it was. Well yes it's strange it was strange if you don't have to be friends. Off the air that my dad Mike and I aren't really friends that we don't I don't do much Corning is ousted and do what's come in a mine in was so strange because today. Obviously was all. Great partnership bloody W and all that topic I think my my point. I think that date is just. They they are friends clearly think that Dave Stoltz as things were still aren't we talking about retirement things were still tense between the two of them. Yeah I think that's probably true. They are friends right. I don't know I don't know how we found it's so strange that he went out of his way to say how they are I don't know I don't and a friend when you're asking a question about their success it just seems strange that he brought. That okay to make sense later because it was announced they were splitting up just amazingly when you can back me we do this show every single day for three hours they do there's room for I think and they did. Seventeen years you know we're we're we're just past one now is eighteen and anything related to their old folder. And where we're just past one year and and I was listen to Calkins earlier and and he in Jefferson at the over under for us. And a half. Which is like you know soon as the number can also shake mine just to be honest with the you should just aren't. Yeah why did you shake your best on how to Salome. And a half years along from the do anything. With it by yourself even you know I I think yeah I think Gary is coming up on ten. When though this is just a media right yet on the tape around his station in 2009. And he's been on the use the first show irises and look yet enough fixture he's still two years away from ten. You know I mean and on number I just don't you just by himself. I worry about you know we're about to head well there's nothing on what I mean I mean mentally probably something to worry about you know. Yes I will guarantee that there you're gonna you're tired of me and I why are you what you have by telling you right now you're in the streets of towns that John you're right you don't need them. I certainly don't need the black that does not residency and really bring anything to the show note that you bring you that all the time I've I've never heard that you're here and it all the time when that I hear and you break it up you'll break off to what will be your own show now on I don't do that. That's ridiculous amount I'm like this. This is a great set up for me. I enjoyed doing this every single day while Sean explain why we are you tunnel though what we're saying no Jeff there. While we've had some success here it's gone I think splendidly well better than we thought it would not out of it. John we are fragile very fragile every day well I am in third there's the route we could fall apart didn't happen well that's the part of that you miss the creative process the beauty of our we've we've both kind of have this. Self doubt you know every single day you know we it's it's it's that you perform I don't know battle itself out stuff why have it. I'd definitely have found out you'd skip non transparent I do. Has let's get I don't sky I do think pat did they didn't have his long time and have all tumbled eagle on national Australia lapidus. On the black lapidus a man every bit as the middle with me the whole room. Right it was got a new browser and we saw that happened. So like that's that's why you can't. Amazed that held now I'm get the hell out of here I'm gonna go hustle gave Lopes we'll live he saw the writing on the wall. Bet they wanted no part in this partnership was destined for doom. He got out. He got have managed to get out while the getting was good now and has been blessed to have dinner I just wanna tell you know again I know yeah I urge you on this on the show o'clock and I'm not going anywhere I'm worried about it and I asked it's just. Honestly all our step a little worried about it you don't give a big hit. You'll get greedy. And you like your money new money and grow up yeah a lot. And around Columbia say we you don't have they'd need much out a little bit there was there was a tweet oh say there was a tweet that I got. And I don't even like given oxygen to a but it was so funny that I'm guns guns going to he said. How do you read how are you enjoying Jason and Jeff blow smoke up your ass. Your show will end in three years Max because of your ego die wow pin it. Did you pick and you didn't and I can't pin other tweets. You can't pay another week you just take a picture dad did screech out of the markets cousins do with clay Travis is sweet he did is they think it's a joke as ever. Yeah I do a bad thing is very senate that's make it man if I'm wrong I remember I remember everything I remember every negative interaction I ever have somebody on Twitter it is all I just don't sit out and you John don't worry about me so I'll remember you didn't I had never leaves me. I use it as motivation. The wolf is always scratch and now. And I've got this I'm an apprentice that I'm gonna frame it salute to my mind but what I like they're going anywhere is it our as it was at three years from now or was it would be three years in general let's say. This is what the tweets as exactly. How does appear to have yet in in three years so we're. We're go we're on year to right now hours put in three years from now. Which would what does he what he that you made in three years from the starter in three years from now in youngsters from OK so three years from now that will be. November 17 2020. This group of so simple story and we'll also have at all or did it well I gotta finish out. And we'll we will also be a net a right Arial B. Election time and in the United States of America so it will be a a formative time in our nation we know as winning a migrating. A team along I don't miss credited loved every light yet been about a how many things have to go right. Just that to happen you know race have to be good and you have didn't like each other for that long and if B want to put things another you. And I think Alonso ball's gonna be the end of us. I really do or Matt Stafford now I think that we've moved on for the last several weeks you'll you'll be retired allowed nothing we healed from that there is definitely. Some. Some tension when it comes along there really does look I don't know why that is but he was spit it's like the Chris Crawford thing. Where the Chris Crawford of course under each arm we almost fought over we were just to get a I think it's a great story like we were playing spades with Betty Crawford. That's prescribed for small and not and then we found things we love Taylor. Wilbur were really urethane a guy. And we we've we've obviously been having fun drink whatever play spades and on the way back Jason is just so smitten with Betty Crawford of the access that he's just received. That he has decided that Chris properties of the NBA guy. And I'm telling them is that an MBA got. Days like John you don't know nothing you're seventy years old he's an NBA got. The system doesn't pay me the lights and so we got after it and we were like I don't know I don't know it's just out of college. Complicates the situation and then I'm calling gambling down in the Miller downtowns also do our game when there's a damning about it opposes the commerce sermons yeah yeah. Yeah and then Chris got a gun and wanting went crazy you know we both got so mad each other we were but we respect hookers they did the same hotel room. That's the best part is they. We had to let there's no lack ago. Now you had to come back to vote I had to come back to the hotel room which is all I had to did you leave Mark Webber broke a slow but I've it was a great to have bounce the idea that between this is what five years and have them it's awful I don't like about it and then but we healed that makes more we end up going to the same hotel room Jason was nice enough. To let me stay in his notes that no one else would die I agree I would've been able to to cover the tournament is Dan Walken they'll let you hang out in his room. When he beat writer know exactly. Exactly and so we go to break guy who go to do we get to bed until better odds up and we got to bed mad each other. Okay what they say you should never do but we go to bed marry just they did them on an amazingly. I mean the sun sort of if you know you can see the appeal from the window it was god and I'll never forget we turn over. At the same time you make and sell it was my wife and analyze this just don't we did an obvious I know I've you know like what he's doing and we made eye contact in the sun was hit your brown eyes. As is. And as I am I. I doubt it ever forget leg was a demo where we like guys like I forgive you identity Alia. Discuss the so it was special but that's why it's intended to have as a big number. In our main. We will never say those same hotel room together but there will be more moments like that. Thanks and we did when we appreciate everybody has thrown around with us we do we realize there's with all the lists has been lowest I've. And thank you and we got a at least two more years ago that before were doing target about the kind of at least it does we'll come back get to the rundown lives to get to there's been a ribbon cutting at the university of the basketball facility. We'll talk about that Adidas players now John undoubtedly that that's Jason Dunn did Jennifer obviously. And 99 net. Hey guys my name is Steve little swagger fire chief from Maryland heights Missouri and I love firehouse subs. Take their meatball sub for example it's loaded wall to wall with the Italian meatballs in a zesty marinara with melted probe alone on a -- world. And when I say take your meat balls I mean it's grabbing media meatball subs come voting go right now just six months. But don't forget the reason firehouse subs is driven to make the best subs anywhere assembled. But more so if you enjoyed the more they're able to help save lives because they portion of every purchase goes towards first responders and our communities. 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