Jason & John - 5/18/17 - Hour 3 w/ Geoff Calkins

Jason & John
Thursday, May 18th

Jason & John open the 3rd hour talking LeBron James. Geoff Calkins joins the show next. 


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River thin please lives we'll visited the great location that weekend I would go down play eighteen crushing his. The casino but also because. All inclusive we read your skill level happens to be living your brain when you just gold team players here finally just trying to on the real thing perfect. They're countries with respect John good stuff like we do. The thing I was seven yes. I was concerned going they would be up stuff and the topic for my my ball. Sports for the elite yes but feel damage Playboy they have focused over. They're just like you and your brother of Memphis guys there's those stuff you know. The best course. Around here out there you go over there. Survey Italy's. What it is time. Today you might see me and Jason. Calls the course this involves eight straight are have a good time. I. We count avoided this for as long as we can but we sure we should do this because it's it is as we talk about what Matt Moore I think it's they are. It's certainly a discussion of this failure nowadays it was not fair. I really thank you it was win LeBron like Matt says knew it was coming back from down 31. Against the team that obviously set the regular season record for for wins in a season. Doing that. I think his elevated him and obviously what he's done this season and in all that nothing last year was the year. Where you could it what he accomplished last season was the awards are and where you could say. LeBron James. The greatest basketball player ever you could ask that question and F and do it in a way where people wouldn't just rolled their eyes at you it's a legit question now. Is he greater. Then the greatest of all time Michael sort out there is no right now he is not. Can he get there. I'm a guy. Who you guys know I grew up Levin Chicago teams sort of came to mind is still due to this that they adore my thought that they're never be another one even until we was coming up. It got out I've presented below the present told a little bit that. And you not only my. Arm but I've I saw was one of those guys that they'll never be surpassed. Because of what he's done what he's accomplished in the last couple of years. I now realize as that you know Michael Jordan group now. This is real. And it's probably gonna happen like he's probably gonna surpassed my keys chick. Mike. That is going because if you look if you breakdown if you bring well there we know there are other in either intangibles what I would guess some of its own accomplishments and LeBron got four MVP awards yeah my cat five. The bronze and have a chance to tie any duties go past them and had a chance to tide it they've both been selected to go all NBA first team ten times. I think LeBron is going to make that I will make that eleven Cynthia I think it just came across. You don't get so excited now he's now he's out fast Mario announced this past. To those who are NB AC. Is that we're tossing and WTO I think LeBron has at least two or three more years at this level. At least always been he has not missing game other than don't arrest me home to rest any luck the rest of the playoffs. That no duty the only answer is one of the only add that in day would have is going to be championships. Oh LeBron won't every other category. Is he is a better rebounder on the screen size of some of that but he's a fantastic Rivera. I would almost tell other metrics though day like he's just Marines that's the only guys are younger they're the most blessed. Yeah also should that goes also take into account like food on your team that LeBron had better teammates my in recent years and he's got marine guys got Tyler because in this world. He has found a way. His knowledge of the game has reached a point where. He's like a brain on the court right you mean it's almost like it's like it's like Tom Brady now offensively we rather use him in that he knows where everyone's gonna be in those every position where they're supposed to be sold. I'm 2.2 were I think LeBron has reached a point when he makes the guys around him better than my views. And it took my years and years and years to figure out how to do when he finally did figure out a fair amount when this amount that's when he took it to the next love yeah LeBron bush had more interest on. And that more interest in doing it and I think quite frankly I think he's better Khamenei you know he's got a super team around and do all that us. But he's made he's made means that he's made a lot of guys yeah he's he's surpassed mark him as well I don't wanna hear from you Jordan stands. There's no quick bite out of mice might still king features have you. In the U Novak is right yeah I don't roll your eyes so you think Iran's chain right now if he is on borrowed time. As the as the to many there's no question about it terms of if you can struck a basketball player point six until the cynics idol Maria a big difference and also my radio that he played in May in an NBA that was. More balanced tougher competition absolutely glad Eastwood when you put in terms of physical construction of a basketball player LeBron is the best ever. And our Eyewitness. News and yes this is the world's and ultimately if you listen I don't know yeah that is his versatility says there's not a basketball player in the history of this universe. That we know of at least. That has just been constructed more perfectly than LeBron just we'll. We'll Chamberlain. Yeah. Chamberlain live but he but now yeah there's a bigger yeah Wilt Chamberlain then. He critic of what the stuff gets the part of why he's and I didn't get it right it was unheard of at that I'm like you're looking at LeBron now you're like but don't ever see somebody like this. That's out and it will it was seven foot like nobody ever see you so much what I like but the winner of the trial size in the you narrowly missed a little road Chamberlain is not this specimen that LeBron is right like he cannot do what he could not do what the brawl when you don't see 75 guys that can do I mean like that this that maybe go back to previous outing after he won previously you can see six and I guys who could do kinda quiet so I think pretty well you didn't see guys like Wilt Chamberlain you now see. That investment by it but LeBron skill set is completely. It's more it's more across the board and well. No he's a play on position. LeBron is like for the best player in the world he's one of the bloggers players of all time if he wins it this year he will be one of the two best players of all time. The eye test for me I'd I still go Jordan. Yeah and Alec what to Jordan I just reported to outdoor game that I just do I like I did jump shot to me is you have a Carolina Jordan Jersey I do I. Jordan want that ball more the end and then LeBron though yeah yeah I mean that he unnamed woman or surpass that there are all around as there are basically you know I just played. I mean one of people. I mean are those stories straight away is the most gorgeous thing in the history best. Hawaii to watch that straightaway. That post up fade away. Community critic could not stop it and you knew what was coming. There's you know it was thank you just couldn't do well. It is like you know life reprise her remarkable what he's tired he just backs up somebody until somebody gets open on the perimeter of they don't like that trademark loser to me that is the quintessential LeBron james' mood I'll never forget it might post game. He's just tired he's backing down as defenders until somebody gets open he whips the ball around one man here here's the. Know if it is it is. I Izod as well as I read us. Phil Simmons sort of column at the beginning of the NBA season the very beginning of the NBA season he wrote a column and it was about it was about Jordan about the overall. And talked about Jordan you know take taken the time all the basketball and everything like that how we took time all. And how much you accomplish and basically making a week it is even more whether it was gambling or his father is definitely don't want to go play baseball whatever was. They took that time off committee came back. Anyone knows when those other three it basically says you know he looked off and he saw. I'm password on past magic. I've had I've passed every one I'm the best player never played the game he knew that he saw all that and then the end of the college says the only thing needed is he coming. LeBron James Dwyane LeBron came into the NBA and this will be some of the Bronx there will be another one that comes along eventually do there will me. Is he that is he in the league right now. Is there a guy in the league right now note aside if there's no possibility I Jonas. I don't know why I manager honestly like a dominant. The force that LeBron is where you can see just from Davos when it came right in the week you saw from the blogger you ride the nomination Clinton yummy it happened pretty fast on what what you got and that's happens it happens when. What's his sleigh with eight or for any we're talking about change the game just like we had a conversation about Wilson LeBron and LeBron six that you think you ever seen. But John this. Legit seven footer spoke doing yeah we've never seen John is says two more things that don't look double hardest point let him win something yeah I've got into hot I'm not harlingen mom asking the question it could is it possible utility this question is the last they knew the game changes the last thing I like all these guys. It's the last thing in basketball Lisa best woes what does its the last thing to happen for all these guys and whether or not they get it. You never know. But it's the last thing that happened is the last thing that happened at Jordan is the last portal abroad it would be the last party got as if he ever gets there it's the mental part. Right it is the mental part of the game right. And being able to just everything slows down also looks like slam you just being so I'm mentally strong all that you can compartmentalize everything and you can just go with the strides and you can go with everything you find that matchup you warn you can yet did you see everything were way before it happens it's the mental part of the game the mentally tough game the defense support. That was one of the biggest things for LeBron was actually starting to play defense eventually. And that it has become the mental aspect he has mastered mass mental part of the updated it yet you mastered the mental part of the game and that's what Jordan did. It greed go back every Obama repeater Bessie saying. That when they're playing the pistons. In a series that Jordan walks over the scores table Peter best he's there in Jordan says can you believe this ethanol fence it's what Phil Jackson's there is is right when they started doing music and you. He'll buy and yet he's trying to wasn't there had not bought into yen. And then he finally realized that Phil got through any finally realized it like I need all of these guys I don't know lead every single items and even then if I'm going to win championships. And then you know they came back and beat the lakers in five games to beat the hell up to the promise of LeBron awhile to figure things it did this it took him awhile to figure things out there's no doubt you can go to college in Miami. Yes I that's what it took you did he he may not like a lot of the stuff Miami did. But he knows that Miami Heat Coulter there's a store Lester I think when more smear written during the NBA finals or drew post he's trying to bring the Miami Heat culture to clear to those guys as you realize the Johnson like done physically now is not as strong as. That is the next march yup this is huge he does hadn't gotten the point where it's gonna be the mental part yet yacht or did you kind of club doesn't get the shot jas has got to get shot. Send us a citadel the shot since LeBron came into the NBA there have been nineteen total playoff games where a player. At least 37 points nine rebounds seven assists. LeBron has fifteen of those and parliament it's now Michael Jordan had seven such web games in his career. Sounds I'm OK so the only the only ran home. In which Michael Jordan will own. LeBron will be ranks. That's it in six and six. It's six and six. You lose Brett he did not lose that's bad that it that is true Betty if you did dollars and played Agassi tough cover losses as a way to get sick so much what we've gone through those numbers hate golf boulevard he's put their money to walk artistically honest statistically. LeBron is going to be better in every category yes. But with championships he was at all and not at. This could have easily get mad at it well. You dish as many of BP well yeah well here's the thing this is well you you can. You can six field goal percentage you could say LeBron made vesta but let's be honest here Jordan took jumpers are slow Georgia jumpers a LeBron in the but he told bronze in the paint. Michael Jordan is a better basketball would ease a better shooter than LeBron James yes by far. I'm all those proposals have got an iPhone got LeBron shots and ugly I guess it's Andre what did you Cubans are close to my concerns are being of the shooter. But in terms of MVP award in terms taught in English and yes yes yes yes he will have been nice I doubt he well bested Michael and all of their their roster they are you never took two years off there is that he never took two years off retired from the book who moved my little guy will hear when you were won eight straight absolutely Sarah's -- Arafat -- just speaks their LeBron which helps society which helps achieve Olajuwon please write a stronger mentally than Michael. Is stronger mentally in my there's a question about. He didn't have to two years often don't pretend to play another dollar and now I'm sorry dude that's true I can that's how Israel and that's not a lot of at all Colorado rounded out seriously as a ton and I was it was eight. LeBron has no struggles it was a LeBron has no struggle in his life deadwood murder. And an ever to murder in the middle of his career and yet quite baseball all his father know golfers chasing well somewhat different ways Thornton I don't know what his dad always wanted to play baseball you had always wanted him to play days like this how the movie spaced him again AA unfamiliar actually the late Jerry Krause the late Jerry Krause actually said this he was on before passing his own agent or draft he's podcast and he said. I think of people a realist about Michael even when you play baseball if you go and look as he got as the season went further. He got better better audio better. And there were Major League guys in the White Sox organization the city of this guy continues to play based he's going to be a Major League Baseball player that he's that good of an athlete he's going to be a Major League Baseball player and will be a good Major League Baseball player. I think he just realized he'd I think what happened was he. He realized he loved basketball and it's a morning and realized what he lost or I guess we need that we need to settle this though. We don't just need to leave it. Open ended we have settlement right now might still the greatest LeBron will be at one point in his career. One wins it will be way gratitude that they are still think the whole they're like OK so this is if they lose. Two warriors in the finals. This any conversation. It's I. Yen. It's not a conversation OK so we expect here's how to counter say let me silicon because they were at this conversation now but like. Which if you so that's something I Harry as if he loses in five games the warriors but you gotta think don't you know I think they'll be back Warner arms and he'll be back three times again you know like you have dollar you know. It okay and they don't know him pick his journals C staff. Played very Mott and Kent and direct breaking up anytime soon CIA even if they don't wanna bust up moves of the course right dollar I think it's an important it's a conversation it and around it if they do lose they they will make move I was I would say that as of right now he's not a better all time player than Tim Duncan to me. It's at least not for real yes I don't think he's better all time that Tim Duncan he's got him. I don't think he does. Don't get stuff out all time to meet to ensure that LeBron but a dog that's cool but like there's an argument that Tim Duncan. Eyes are as of accomplishments he's right there with a if not better and in terms of accomplishments. I did that they have always maintain a LeBron as the I don't I do not think he will catch up to Jordan in rings and I had as. How tough it would be surprised if they never win again it is not just black Ohio State is currently controls so that the argument. I also don't think Golden State's gonna beat I don't think Golden State's tough enough to run off three in a room I think you can break that. And that's why so they Shanahan thought I had McLeod picked Cleveland to begin the year I'll pick Cleveland again in the finals this year. Because I think LeBron is mentally stronger than all those guys on that might lead but I don't know that there's going to be put them with a job well here's the thing is that I was gonna be all abs well I do every kid can LeBron elevate those guys it's tough to repeat. Can you lift your teammates. And drive them find the hunger within them to win that back to back title. What may hurt him this year direct wants that one bad absolutely arrest wants that bat he wants it bad. It's so they all do that out got to where slashing with a Golden State then go to the next year they win it this year. And they that whole crew stays together. I could be hungry you have to go get it again. Yeah that it that's a good well also here here's my question that I needed answer. Win LeBron retires. Knowledge said and done that we don't know what that's going to look like some message sort of predictor but when LeBron retires. Will he be regarded as a better player and having a better career than Michael Jordan as a Mike fan I'm afraid so he wants. ER I'm afraid that the majority of an olive oil and you wanna I wanna I don't want it that way when I don't I don't think he's right there right now my president that not a president not a highway it's not the way we won't be mine I mean now the president. I'll tell you are talking about like that that was my pilots who I looked up I was not a shortage of Mike and I you know all the way I like at the very subject of conversation because again he's going to have more champions what it is real time as part of it do for part of Greece how they play the game and I'd just like the way Jordan played about crazies that is do I just I'd I enjoy it better. LeBron does a lot of a lot of power it's a lot of tackles like Travis sort of story about this right like recent times it's not his graceful it's not as graceful as Jordan now there is artsy I. I think they track for a story about how. You know the Jordan the Jordan fans in stands as a wired they hold onto the Bryant they regard LeBron and a more negative light because. Michael what was part of their childhood and we tend to romanticize those troops there that had an hour we. 0% do we all of them. He talked about it this morning as far as it goes with Chris Cornell resolute I tweeted about it then you took the bands are good the bands I grew up listening to a grew up in that grudge or that's what ice first started listening to music wise. Nirvana Pearl Jam Stone Temple Pilots. Alice in Chains sell garden. For of those five lead singers are dead and a four of them nine Eddie better the only one alive Kurt Cobain pair went in the he shot himself. Layne Staley hair when Scott while on heroin and god knows what else. Chris Cornell as being investigated as a suicide yeah. And that guy was just a new stream music for us to receive. Well opposition back and didn't know grunge bands there was so at a BS and missile you know in the I do think this Arnold's time will help us determine exactly who stands where we come back Geoff Calkins. Was at the barbecue sauce wrestling competition yesterday. 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That they had they've been doing this barbecue sauce rest account as the for awhile but they had put the kibosh on it because too many strippers which to me. Four out of Rome that that was the warmer motivated if you did all sort of there. But to me early. That's discriminatory based on Alec you know what why does the occupation of our. And they did they didn't want they wanted to be a family this is important one good that it has trimmed. And it should reserve families. Yeah mr. Kim in Athens. But they wanted it to be very yes. Walter actually. I they would I feel like the column says. But there will of the people who were in this contest at real jobs. And I I don't regard that could stripping at a real job. Isn't real job it's a lucrative job if you could do what you would do it. I. Hell I would not do it I couldn't work and. And I don't know how ultimately lucrative it is slightly through you can if you go to Chicago and their debt mostly strippers. Olivea or whatever nice you know out announced. Itself when the big thousands of opponent that shippers largely as a like radiologists and and. I'm not a woman's I don't wanna tell you or other servers on a minute are you built Obama gonna give up whether you inside and out could be. Yes so anyway that's a bit different kind of up fun it would take into the great range and by Americans. Barbecue. For a flight. And melding them into one joyous happening. The in in the ring eighty gallons of barbecue sauce. Oh wait you're invited to put in Polk were invited to participate. So you know I was disappointed yeah that neither you can't they're pretty barbecue sauce of wrestling challenge. The because to me there's this and there's no winning that. David if you win the match. There's no winning jump from forty. I got a yeah isn't what went below the law and may ask who was. 36 maybe your setup the title of the town of army 36. A page is loaded tackle we know side of them and and I and I cover this event. I cover it like you know I'm gonna get my to could be you know because of the wild beat governor bill would there not uncovered. Opera or even you cover what is probably hear what capitol unfolding. And the local sports scene. I take all these competitors very seriously. There was what I later learned was a triple threat match. Between 300. How to operate way you call a three way do what kind of weird we've got to fix your wrestling vernacular compare. A very good I come home run very serious trial about this and I get a phone call from John Mark. Whatever ball horrible like that did you have yet. Did you like that picture you create out. Good yeah I decreed that several pictures of grassland devote their crowd when you're as serious reporter. Should work at all. A good excuse me you're one of the ball down walk and ability to create create doubt she's fired a ball. About our medical doctor the photo and and. And she would not just in all the talk and tell you about and that's about what kind of photo and there's barbecue got everywhere but. You know particular alleged to have a picture in your year if you just think if you can make a correction I can larger or replace your dad works on the yeah I didn't question. I don't know they would Sam yeah at this woman was wearing. Of all I don't know why that would be better to be wearing fought good that. Their July or in the Paul. She wasn't wearing. On the blue underneath hurt her trousers or whatever was. And and that I do agree with Sam and I talk a little bad could I don't vote she wanted. Her like a thousand Twitter followers to feel at all all of us are reduced weird phone. Obama candidate read all about it but he did at least alert me about it all issue song that we look at it like it's the murder held. And and that when he called the governor is capped at one. Are saying and yeah. But they're really. Well what are you what she says she's not going to fault. The toilet what competent. Quote declaration. And she says that was the one part of her pain that somehow was not touched by the bar mount the C which she sang and the shape just happened to coincidentally look like a phone I've got a blown out in front of me. I. Do we think it was that do we go to my Twitter account just you know I felt under Apple's pocket yeah okay I am message. It probably 215 creep back or some polite thank you find it easily and to me like creditors you're doing it wanted to order a floor. It underlined the hypocrisy of at all. Because they don't aren't they want to bring back strippers but your post the pictures like this what's the difference. The air lock there's local stripper up about that indeed it would most prefer ask our. Moment. Was that good dude named due often. Who could very well it's got a bit of male stripper he'd say he was totaled. And he was weren. Fairly tight boxer briefs. And that was supposed. The most revealing it was more Belcher perceived that what little fairly well covered up on a storage and applicable all relate electrical black thing unfold there was very dramatic. But it's too little and formed an alliance. I would look Clinton conveyed decided that this bill would this one woman was probably the woman to be. So they just like driver rating special that is how large they came would draw on hand and they were going to take her out. Am. Diploma will have other what you could vote. In Japan that was. That was this time. She got the bulk of black splash because it was so deep that one of the rules of the rental car test which most of merging the last. He had you could. Doubt yourself that way that would not be ideal that be a liability nightmare we never have the competition ever again soon. We would never would have been it would go the way of that. There's always met grizzlies bowling. During a doubt it's the say it's the same reason why we cannot have a media game with the grizzlies because a certain somebody gets to man throws the ball that people. Yeah yeah Michael say no claims. The virus that. You know personally whether they're in the current or former lady cannot personnel. I can neither conform order not confirm or enough and I can I Connecticut firmer and hardware maker at least I have a total revenue did gain anymore because people get too mad while. And we don't need that we don't need that. Apparently Jeb apparently had some time people burned more than. I had that senses are barely get hassled I got so bad and burdened with a we've all been mad at Christmas horse so. I can understand I think they're really they had the circumstantial. About it why do all right call either that. Yeah Zimbabwe but it was still immediate games is no reason to get that upset I'd let hassle time peg Vernon got on. But Arab world said and the keyboard lets players who were also there and is just fun ride and hassles are on Verna like throwing elbows and we're all look at the look ahead of them but she's so serious I get so competitive between the two of them yet that I didn't. It will look good thrower who was the probably actually probably would've predicted. Apple planned as a power Bernard has but early. Yeah has the thought I was tied it's pretty fiscal outplayed up aliens it's physical today no question about it he's float of the earth and he's pretty physical Jeff we come. To try to help offset some of the damage done to those four Arlington high students of bottles those thugs in that fight we try to give all the we try to get some advice here at least that the employees here in 99. If some advice of the high schoolers you had it on your show and we had John and I had advised what what we didn't did. What is your advice you come in all what you thought about hours what's your best advice for high schoolers these days what do what do you tell them to inspired Jeff. Well upon leaving it is what I told them I don't necessarily. I know what let's say but it's not necessarily allied. Unfortunately I haven't. Well apparently adopted it won't help. Or even if I currently are probably what I'd if you walk my actual serious could you hear the most serious about for veterans and what I believe. Is that. There are two things that well contribute most to you have to ask thank. And that's why don't have to do with where you go to college like this and so must not think about where you're gonna go to Calgary to what you're gonna nature or whatever you all these things which. Are you know here you hear you order but. In the end. In the you know I think what matters is to track. Who you tickets your life partner friend moved to get the right life partner and answered in finding a career. That makes you feel like. As someone once said there to the concrete until I'm people in this world those who who get to go to work. And those who got to go to war and then you wanna be one of the people who get to go to work so so tiny career it is both pay your bills. And is somehow I don't find him not help it appears to Daschle's so I think and I think that's the stuff. By the time you're thirty most people have grumbled about figure I've got decided on both of those things. I think we're all incredibly hard I will tell you. That debt but a couple of long and for example like I was awarded a merit of the oracle portrait yet so. I'm president lacks like all out oh yeah obviously wanted to go back. I think both they're both really hard. And yet we don't sort of talk to people about the nearly enough that we are cared about where nearly enough about. Pardon our partner and about how to pull out. Figured out what you wanna do it a lot just by getting the hey you know or whatever it's about twelve it would what you said a majority. And the other the India by saying that maybe take this moment. When we did about taken every intention could possibly can into volunteered for every opportunity you can get how the hell out you can't figure out what you wanna do. I expenditure big deal. I took matters you know what I stopped being a lawyer and want to be portrayal of people like Archie go to trial you're split so it would you love to do. According to ensure wanted to do I know I didn't have real lawyer. I thought I might wanna be a sportswriter. Took out two years there working and Anniston Alabama. A look I'd like that there was going to be 121000 dollars a year and all the germs can work out you know. I just I could put your uncle tried things you can't model that they do or don't work out. And so. The other than posting things are really hard to figure out. And I. I think I think shows you know and don't think you have to put your ears sort occurred and figured out that this sort of you know. You're you're just assuming it'll work out if you if you just keep your head down a bit while cool would it make you well. But I I don't I think Google calendar and you don't vote has figured also closely. Very impressive. Serious question followed some you deserve. You and your ex wife for friends. It's something I've always wanted from my mom and dad who or divorced after twenty years my dad's gone to remarry. They weren't able to do that what is the what is that taking Jeff and I realized that when you've got kids involved. You've got to have the relationship and end of they do as well. But they weren't able to do that they weren't able to remain friends they've you know they don't talk to each other anymore they've all one's all about their life goes on about Ayers. How how tough was that how was it easy for you all. Keep an relationship but it maintain the friendship with you with your ex wife. I'll tell you are more and more of the credit plan I. I think like and so many things in life. Often woman but also besides. You know he's really not only to be Specter there at an early but like sheep if I didn't. But she wasn't gonna be resentful and you know actually. And and blow the time we were both you're about to get our lawyers and recovery and in derogatory toward the fly back before. And one of the things we are you about was cute so I like computer chip how much. And I remembered she called me one night and she says I. And a pretty involved fathers like I didn't I decided I wanted to because people here could be three days you you know concrete poured able recruited at Bermuda wherever whatever. And if she had said no you're going to be as bad as it is important that we cannot not once tonight. Like I don't know that it would you know we'll be portable what are the trends but she didn't we need to extract every last. You don't speak for me and I didn't make it shouldn't matter what often happens abortions. If people fight over public figure kids and at one point album. And if I have a little like you were you taken this weekend likes. The fighting and it's a girl completely NY because you're the parent that employs just stick it to get a slightly extra person I guess when the fight. And you just got about why would I give her credit so she decided she didn't need it its because okay well I'll do every other week. I'll do everything different if fifty I wanted to be every other week but I'll just go back and forth like every you know what ever and and from that phone call to think I was driving back and try to regain them. NCAA tournament in Arkansas maybe there's some great little little little or something when that happened. And it's just you know. You know look we nearly double disagreement about Sharon mayor but. But let wanted to kids' birthdays we we all brought together and you know I admire the effort they get kidney well I covered it up well. And so. And air it's hung out there I pick one woman. We just thought it was weird who couldn't handle it we didn't critical that we look weird that I host it's this little dog is yet. About that welcomes you thought I was gonna go back Webber I wasn't or whatever it is just like she thought it was. We on the relation and weird that was you guys are still there. But yeah you're very yeah like you can't compete on the week or Indian kicks together let's holes and you know I think that's also. I do it's like patting myself on the back to our credit a couple of buckets being married I got a part of this now now are not but that's that's that's more of an accomplishment. This is just like the booby prize he didn't screw it up to that. So I'm not at all pat myself on the backboard but I am when I look at. On the line about from the fans might give them my family there for those who are divorced. In that. Through public trust legal. And one look pretty. I think it's like pretty good relative there whatever I mean could I know how brutally yet they can get really really book. Well I'm glad to hear that viewers ended. And I'm. I hope to admit you did judge you got married you've got a wedding coming up yeah man I would happily ever after thanks in my judgment he wouldn't stop there are limits on that account not I didn't know he had jumped doubted I was not looking hard he is Geoff Calkins is still looking for potash every morning. 9/11 thanks SEC if it's a Karzai will come back Ramallah night FM yes. The. Have searched the store for. And ESPN. Surged 99 FM. Still is now. Grass experts. Do know weeds belong in this backyard barbecue Kingdome. And whisk. Still don't we defeat it feels greasy something. 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Also pounding PGA tour action feature you have got Daniel Berger and more bring your friends your kids are date. The sixtieth anniversary of a little something for everyone it's all obviously for. Great call pathetic thing you climb the June 5 through 1150 feet deep south where you get your tickets today it seems you classic. Now 829 S 688 M. On the WM of this and night. Espn.com. He has. So hard the first to admit this but I've heard finish ninth golf cart in 99 golf cart dot com. 241 now the first team is a local nonprofit that teaches the values of life. Through the game of golf started as a grassroots intercity youth program for juniors ages five JC this program attracts views that are now. Normally exposed to the game about. Look what first he does remember loved what they do firm. Members Myanmar's government Germantown he's now trying to. Make his dream happen during the PGA tour. Better the success stories Grant Hill over guarding sing and and and Megan saying oversight mayor she won the state farm both of them guys played Pebble Beach Lester was born Roberts it's opportunities. The kids in Memphis otherwise probably wouldn't have. That's why we support first tee that's why we want to go about his 99 golf cart you chew it just kind of play through October. You plantation. Quail ridge after plays were have been rulings and celebrates as well as access played for the club's win back our country club. And is two for one deal right now you can get to. Fanatic two books so why would you go do that's a great deal. Go get it. Anti golf cart not a punch card like grows are always ask me it's a classic car like a credit card that I would never ask you that before or you gonna call me out about that which is similar to say like. Brad Carson always asked me if it's a punch card you always asked if with a little authority and Hogan always you are already O'Brien I have to tell you know what are you doing. Lou dunes of plastic card you'd rather you like a credit like army knives and I golf cart radio Bryan little body. Out of first the ball. Toby Moore. Sydney it'll be more as a listener that's certainly one that does all the time and appreciate that so we won't he set a say in a note. Browser we were wrong. Is Michael Jordan a better shooter than LeBron. We assume that he was and I think both of us figured it was better three point shooter. Career percentage. The bronze actually better. I didn't notice of interviews you've really got to get like my third I acknowledge our minutes to marks are the only two point seven you have mice that third two point seven LeBron is at 34%. For the career started four point four. I say it is Celtics. My son better free throws here. At all. And I guess that doesn't take much trouble radio NBA teams around LeBron James otherwise Leonard Russell Westbrook James Harden it that he gave his first team. Stuff curry Kevin Durant Rudy go bear the streak free Isiah Thomas second team. Third team all NBA John Wall dream on green Jimmy Butler DeMar DeRozan Dion three Jordan Paul George and Gordon Hayward. And not get that extra bit of money they did not go away and you know. Mark that's kind of surprises wells no more eyes go there for us thanks Peter King thanks to Jeff Hawkins. Thanks to all of you know the address for days on Donald. It's about that time of the year with a man this weather really gets weird you know how it is and they can produce some serious storms or perhaps it's time. To go ahead and put any more routine and your phone this is Gary Parrish and I hit remind you that if you will suffer some damage to the unpredictable weather Danny Morrissey can get you under a new roof. 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