Hour 2 with guests Chris Herrington and Mark Giannotto

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Wednesday, December 6th

Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins begins the second hour by welcoming Chris Herrington into the studio for "The 9:01" at 10:01 presented by 901 Plumbing to discuss the latest in the developments into the murder of Lorenzen Wright, Memphis Grizzlies and more.

Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes Tiger beat writer Mark Giannotto on the phone to discuss Mike Norvell's new contract, the future of Memphis football, Tiger basketball, and more.

Segment 3 -- Geoff closes the show discussing the barring of Russia in the 2018 Winter Olympics and more.


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Think about it why you hurry into Tennessee lottery retailers and play Lotto America today for a chance to win over sixteen point seven million dollars. The next drawing is now. Nine FMR 688 car on the limits us maybe she's nine years. This isn't. CN. Just shows that a lot of times. Now it's been 901 Nintendo was. Then 901 commercial okay. Then listen at 1001 for Chris Harrington nine no law. It's just gone to zero. Judge tries to advance what was president of I was got told gone by Janet Jackson over my favorite single personally nineties she will be at FedEx formed an. She will be Janet Jackson at FedEx Forum tonight what do you think what you objects. I think she played lots of good record actually reviewed only two in the column I review for showed that export from two years ago. I think she got lots of good records as allied fact she has that are usually thin voice for a major R&D singer but she's not a belt or Aretha Franklin or what I write. And so that works on the record number in the context of the production. Lied I thought were born she sort of got lost in the mix and it was more just like budget it tricky and show and dance instead I just didn't musically it didn't release sound good. I'll get lots to get to today before I get to basketball and the Memphis Grizzlies and Lorenzen Wright honestly all of which are one talking about. The Moines register did a piece where today. Said bylines of liberty ball can be greatest Liberty Bowl ever and then they offered to recommendations. They said stay at the Holiday Inn at the airport are known him and it's the pack and they said. And they said go for a quick stroll of Botanic Garden before the game I had the Pentagon's and a lot of people from I word pride and anyway are you might say by the airport. The ideological brother drive them away to save the Yelp reviews for this particular airport hotel I could not have been more. Horrified all of the other thing that killed in the duke will go for a pregame stroller Botanic Garden. And that's fine but let's find that they admit they might policy plans other than Cornelius it's December it's December cooler brutally yet it will decide if I were huge in the yeah me ask you this question. If someone has never been to Memphis. Never been to Memphis and Fred it's going to be a generic someone it's not going to be some with specific interests and they are here for three case. What places do you. Absolutely tell them to eat and where do you absolutely tell the members say I'm someone who when I travel I don't tend to do a lot of like tourist destination spa. I go to neighborhoods. That are fun to walk around then and I eat eat and go to bookstores and record stores and go see movies like two bookstore and I might and I like your life might go to museums black. I don't generally like you know I've given you a few times I've never been the statue of liberty and you know I've never. I don't I don't that's about even museums in New York you go to a good day that's fine I'd submit it doesn't match. Where was utility. You clearly do that like all of art that she's told me get ahold area practically. His visit amid all the nominees are cliche to say the organ on the tarmac there restaurant muffins is less of a margin out of the other day and he said it's basically scared me he's there he's been a year like. It's a perfect blend of really good at not that expensive event organized by at the very end casual yeah yeah I go there multiple times as you know after like the once a year is gonna break your budget. Hello I mean if you're if you're if you're you know midtown downtown oriented it's a little bit ball out there about I'd been to be that but are they replace. On the same lines through downtown march and Katharine merry usually go to the same restaurant source. Down on somebody outage as you say pains is every cell bump now I mean I love pains but. Painfully slow more specialized a lot of different ways and so my all purpose coach whose bark you show up. I would certainly near central I would also recommend which you know it's easy because downtown and midtown locations. And so barbecue got barbecue shot and control of the places I'd be most likely to send other people. You know it's if you're in the over from square area sack on the place I would go. I really liked those lol Roman shot that just opened that that's not in notre square but it right across union headed towards Cooper Jones were to walk global throw to square. That's a lucky cat rom and early work that. And so on how many Katherine Mary second line with you get rom on the barbecue places and the tourist place you plug it clearly told the walk across the river crossing when you like I. I like that that's cool airhead bread bridge com. And on the weather yet it doesn't late you have embryo right in the middle you'll walk studios mentioned some studio with my number Warren. Of the quote unquote would you estimate is is Memphis found studio is by itself are my number one. Because it is they re all this pork place. On editors. You know right in the middle of downtown too easy get to start you are to be there all day and it is legitimately like sacred ground to me. Arm of American culture to sun's top reminds us that it's tourist place but it's legit I could totally low yeah yeah he got his son now so like Simon Simon civil rights he's always those in my one to right and I don't. For me of what the two worst people doesn't much museum yeah at times you'll just her tennis you know I certainly wouldn't tell people not you are factored in the musical fame are or what have you. But sun and civil rights museum will be the top my list I think crosstown usually cold and proceed you can eat eat their you know. Amend pops vulnerable to walk gratis or look at it in AA and also Bruce talked to do there. Do you think of grace. Graceful and I wrote a to have you know 3001 thing I summer grace and I think Christians really interesting. Grateful also LaBroque already out there compared to other things on the core and it's also pretty expensive compared to other things you can do. And so like I think Graceland that kind of thing that you know as a bucket list thing you better never was on and everybody in Memphis that you got kind hill like it's probably worth doing. If you're interested but I it to me it's not a psalm. To be is not a sport net or user friendly assess from a foreign civil rights museum stacks up. Moving on to news of the day the big news of the day in Memphis Tennessee was. The arrest. Billy turner prices remain in conjunction charged with the murder. Lorenzen Wright. I'm not gonna ask you to theorize on your. Put together this crime for us and I'm here right away I want and what you one thing I did say a man who's probably just have a problem by the slick. What does that mean. It was good you know if it's a conviction comes out of this. That's insists don't bark like you know they got the guy will wolf a guy's been around Bryant. If the conviction comes out of this that would hopefully. Create some degree of closure or some degree of peace for the right namely that of mark we all hope for right we did want to be an unsolved case for network. But I suspect. If they can't figure it as this goes through and if we get to that point. You'll learn a lot more about what happened and in doing may learn things that are not pleasant warm and our that's okay that comes with that. But I mean two weeks would sort of be prepared I don't know implications already but then we already because we learn nothing. Because we know nothing. We learned things. They're not pleasant learn. Now there's the whole cobalt and that was the drug lords theory of right shot by like get so it's not like admitted that it's getting drug related to that I theory I had no idea where that's sure it's not my point is is it's not like. Whatever we learn is going to be worse than what a lot of people have assumed or one of the theories that the people have assumed maybe it will be able demo you know we don't that people haven't thought it was a paragon of virtue we may movement yet but that this is off. There's zero theories or aren't they may learn things right. I don't know those things are going to be but I think we're gonna learn stuff in this process right. Probably for the gun even if not always plus yeah yeah. Little thing though that I had read this. Think I always think of an intolerance and mark I never saw him play ice on it I think I was in college and he was that school. I never saw him play at high school. And I don't think I ever and so I don't ever on the person in college are com on TV was in college I remember that for a Sports Illustrated spread. But we think of our mentality right with a rose and and to feed URL that lead. That team that he was on what he was the best player there was like the spread of Sports Illustrated that was our call was on mode mean Toobin Joseph Johnson and then. Yet with Cedric Henderson and and are over that was the first team that I ever it was the it was the year that I came here in 96. It was the year that they lost. Out in New Mexico in the first round of the playoffs right to Drexel. Which was just it would Leo that was part of the beginning and the end I think Eric lynch that was had a really gifted team and and Lorenzen was the stock I remember being in college in Minnesota and hat in the having this portal straight in my hand and see a marked for death spread apart you know the five guys of that team. This thing there always are and I think about with Lorenz and right now and you know I've interact with him some locker room news as it reviews on that. But and I think of the most is not that it was an open practice there was that period we brown was the goats. And he you know would you be ready to open practice you have a microphone sucked he be ground shows and I don't know if I forget it was right in America I'm really you know like this kid has got lots of stuff. Which wasn't true in but you know it was fun for you because they all the stuff. So is introduced all the players is to say the whole thing on domestic and very few linger Lorenzo and and he said like this is a guy who's living the dream. High school college pro all in his hometown. Arm and their other players who had clearly done that in the post in LA Antonio Burks did all three in Nellie paired overeat he had couple today's grizzlies. Lorenzen Wright is the only person who has done that in a significant way all three levels in Memphis. Arm and so that's the bittersweet thing I think about you know huge browns in look at this kid this kids live in the drink look at what he's done. I'm very few people earning you do that even anyway I'm a country anyway you get right to think about it yeah and your family have not many get to. It's funny he was part of that. First trade. I trade that sent Sharif Abdul Rahim. What a great trend that huh. This action how good old ruins of right Brad and not you got all three of those people I mean man grizzly and pray that you guys reverend power and and Arabs and Lorenzo and all on the same deal Yahoo!. Will be a hall of Famer right revenue is still part of the fabric of this franchise and a total polite. And then Lorenzen who was a big part of those early grizzlies who like it was that that that. There's all that in fact the tumors that wasn't so long ago. That we put together Ottawa was but we've put together the CIA employee ID we put together some sort of an all time grizzlies team right. And I thought I was crazy at the time to totally put. Even then I thought it was Torre put Lorenzen is starting center at a mark I wouldn't do that Marc Malkin has just left the market at some good years round. He was the old proverbial heart soul and he did help bring Powell long ago as part of his role was to be there. That AF personality and Angel he also liked. Had an active member whether this was games. Yeah 3020 game mark in the first I think you're right. It it may have been with the home opener youth and even the whole article this out there may have been the home opener of that first season. Or is this Detroit I think you know thirty to 3322. Or whatever and early that season was always. And and this comes through I had nothing to matters to anybody else but I do think it comes through in the were in the way you relate him. He was was one of the go to guys a lot of them like you always the same way that we used to go in the last few years we go to Tony. And we go to see below. And you got like leg and then we would always go maybe more so than anyone else my memory or talking to him this observation our members are making at one point when our guys I I started writing about the team's season to right. I remember him the only guy who. He would say what he needed to say. But sometimes he would tell you the truth with its eyes I in their players are alike there are like they were they were knowledge view that what I'm saying is one of those we say in the we'd know what's really get it right he was he was sort of like that there are other players to the market if I remember him being the only guy who. Mike accorsi who is always believed that players should stay forever in college. That he would say if he had stayed longer in college you would have been a different kind of pro I don't believe I've grown men at all he was. Any and he was an undersized center he was a limited both athletically and skill wise. By NBA stated yes right he was dominant not it was very it was it was he was. By college standards he was imposing. Athletically but once you got to the MBA yeah. He was kind of small bruise that again it's a great athlete this is still time when the sooners were generally traditional seder right. So you're centered then we'll talk to a seven footer let you have more to 610611. I. You know do you want to jump shooter at all didn't couldn't stretch before and a decent athlete certainly come at a college once he got somewhere Caroline in the NBA. He was not an above the rim kinda got a guy and he was on he was on a team with. How this all Stromile Swift but he was like a different planet automatically from those two guys that he was tough. He was he was tough and he he had sort of that battered AG this about a man he's got you beat he grabs the Jersey keep you from John than the one that kind of stuff than. I think you I think he had a lot executed good influence a Nobel the court on the court he added that includes a pal before I think he was important to pal Gasol. To have sort of this battered guy. Sort tougher better guy next palace he was I guess a little bit of grip before there was grit and grind again Rosanna on her FaceBook page C. She's. They work king and queen of some car of some point and it was like Joseph Rosen Lorenzen and right is sort of a beloved character and anyway this it's obviously too bad what happened to them. It's good that. That that we may get some resolution ultimately on this okay under the grizzlies tonight. They've got the New York Knicks are now a to Dixon now I two point favorite. We believe that Chandler Parsons is playing you think he's not on the injury reports of you is it is a soon that he's like yes. Let what do you make of this particular mention our home and looks like a step forcing us or we back these losses probable. He's missed most of the last four games with an ankle playing. And so who knows it'll be limited or not. Thumb can hardly viewers out he's our number two scorer. The knicks are sort of bail to get out of the starting for a comeback are out there are one and one game under 500. I think even without Mike Conley. I hate the prisons are better on paper right now in the mix in eating my colleague out you take them harder way out and look at what you have left. I don't think the sixty was going to be a playoff team in the east I think they're gonna he'd come down to earth our home but their home and posing guess the load. It will be of some just interesting to see how the grizzlies deal with him because. They can delight. They don't like to bomb. How Marcus all gored the top scorer for court scores on the audience tonight what they liked to have this all be able to play more that team defense roll it sort of deal what dog everything going on around him sort of focus in on the one guy. And so. I mean we talk about LaMarcus Aldridge thing with two Mark Green the shift received as a 73. Q 73. A three point threat right that is a tough tough guard for to Mark Green as good as he is defensively. So there NBC and see how they sort of deal with that. Speaking on the next point guard. Point guard situation as a mass they don't have the top runners or Hardaway. I think the grizzlies and knicks are braverman that's probably broken at home that. The grizzlies to me or at least a coin flip this game I've I think did a good chance when. Where do you put pursing this in terms of if you right now and this is tied it didn't morn yards I ask you this question. If you could start a franchise. And so you had a you can just pick a player. And you have the right there rent for their career. Com where would some of these ever. About its staff of Durant took what the other the Carl Anthony towns the poor's Lingus is they entity like everybody else. Cool and where is here to lose your top five like a gimme those guys for the rest of their career I am a lifelong bias for skilled big man skilled big man. But there's two problems with that more and is the way the game is shifting right. The other is there's more injury concern with those guys episodes oil and deals on pure talent is probably the guy you wreck but you can't get him here good night at him. And I think we're seeing if he's been healthy this year but he's head making injury stuff early in his career sack and three. Guys that big don't. Putin to have problems as they go warned. And so even though. Jealous you take is Ghana got a lot of other clients are honest is my answer after that. Even though. Indeed in using guests had sort of hide maybe higher upside. I might think of a bin sevens ahead of those guys spoke 'cause he is so talented so unique and I have more faith in him sort of giving me. Seventy plus games a year for it years yeah right. What do you think's gonna battle with. School state staff out any thoughts on on that. I don't I think there's a dude who is actually decent chance they are not going to be the number one seed in the west is Houston is just that good. And Houston has been holding them off all season and you give them a slight opening their leaders keep doing that. And that's probably meaningful because there's a big gap between three and four in the west I think is likely to stay that way because the spurs won't get quite a quarterback at some point and it. And so if you could be the one seed in the west you're basically have like a pretty open route to the conference finals whereas the two and three rookie battle is second round. Arm and so. You know I I think. I think that house too low were. The warriors odds a little bit all those things considered. I still would say they're the favorite to win the title this year in less this is something that lingers with him beyond a couple weeks. Stuff curry had ankle issues earlier this career and it's one of the reasons that contract he'd been born was oxygen is what I think is boarded an elite. Because he cited at the time with a we're serious questions about his ankle in the worst album but the discount based on the health concerns and so. In that re emerges as an ongoing concern I think it's a big deal. Mean this team more title without rant. A hum I don't Lucas can win the title without staffed or they might there's still that good I I do think it it is meaningful Chris thank them. We will talk to them I'll only come back margin I was gonna join us he wasn't tied to basketball. Game last night he's also cover him in the businessman in the cities also covered tiger football we will talk to mark you know coming out next articulating NFL is there. Hey guys. My name is the most under fire chief from Maryland heights Missouri and I love firehouse subs. Take their meatball sub for example it's loaded wall to wall with a Italian meatballs in a zesty marinara with melted probe alone on a toasted roll. 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This is state of the art facility this fast friendly and it provides everything you need to satisfy your need for speed give it a try today we'll learn more at Audubon speed dot com. Yeah that's our minds beat out. No. 688. Love that says that in 92 and yeah. Right now my month you know Martina is the hardest working man in Memphis Tennessee because. Since the departure time Shen. Forty USA today. Marquez taken over you about people who fill in as interim coaches here we'll. Mark is the interim. Football writer covering me Memphis tiger football team and he is of course filled a full time Memphis tiger. Basketball writer he writes roughly seventeen stories of the day as far as I can tell. You should read all of them and other like this does do what it like. Any old season he's doing this season when Memphis is going to the championship game in football when there may be a coaching search or at least there's coaching mystery. A coaching contract signed a contract extension. And and everything else marking you guys Austin yeah. I'm OK to explain how would break open for a slow day and then you know. Enacted it when there's a big story there the editors like oh we want more or we will more selfless you know give people what they want. What I'm what are what are what are you reading more of today. Once the doctor well. I think it got it Honeywell that the basketball game last night. I was talking to Mark O'Meara he had those he had like director Matt Griffin and he told me. They've already sold more than thirteen thousand ticket to the liberty bull on and they've had to require more from Hillary would already sold out. Their initial allotment of tickets. And from what I understand I was speed and also sold more than 101000 tickets come. Essentially did there really hot day. I of them might be an interesting story from people who read about. It's I have to say. And and Kevin Kane told me this at the original Sunday press conference. And then John Burgos from the rendezvous sent me an email basically saying the same thing. Which is that Iowa State fans are awesome like they come in great number part because they don't go to ball games that often. And there's quite a lot of hum their enthusiastic earnest people. And they like to follow their team and so. They brought it was at 20000 or something last time around and so you combine that with the Memphis fans. I actually wonder. I don't think it's gonna be 9010. In terms of the percentages. Of fans at the liberty ball I think it's gonna be 6040. I don't know if you have any feel for that or a double B and ample number of Iowa State fans they're cheering on the cyclone. After collecting equal I think I would be you know I would just close enough where like. And could probably do it in a drive you know they don't have to necessarily fly. You know obviously meant it is a pretty cool place to visit it's a good cold that the nation in general there's. There's a lot of things return to do here especially downtown in its. And all over the place content and then yeah I think the fact that they haven't been to a bowl game in 2012. Just like men that they have a coach. Could despite getting overtures from other teen decided to stay home. I think there's a lot of reasons why they will definitely travel I can do agree with you there's. Say there's going to be 50000 people in her. In the liberty all my guess would be it be like. 3515. There he got out and then the band this team. I was gay and maybe more anyhow I think we could you know they're very well could be sellout we know that the mean that they party. In about four days that they sold. You know 25 around 1245000. Take is let alone. Now in usually act first week is when you get the most ticket sales but at the same time. Now they ignore valid agreed to stay at Mike and I think that the recommend more man to expand that to come out of being. I don't actually know and I I should yeah how it works again in Memphis gets thirteen thousand. And if I am I'm let's presume that whatever I don't know IOC gets ten of thirteen thousand. Well there's another twenty who feel like whose only other tickets just like what you and you know the answer to that I could Wear and. I'm not exactly I am. I'm put the taco Liberty Bowl where they about it. I know when I covered Virginia packed away and work in the way people game to work a lot of crime and you know they want you to Bob. I take an 8883 giddy school allotment from what I understand the Liberty Bowl is more like. There allotment of not being a number of ticket could compete on my. Your fellow certain dollar amount a ticket but that you know he felt. Moreno could essentially you know their. In a doctor Salant many which I think is a good way to do it could you know hurt and I perking you packed used to go to the Orange Bowl lock. And what the Orange Bowl would do if they only give they would. Basically forces each ticket allotment on the school's rank and may be like the worst kick in the eighty. Until I heard is that schools they go to a bowl game every year at Virginia Tech band not Smart. And started in buying through stub hub could they knew they were gonna get better take it for cheaper prices on. And an end up affecting Virginia Tech. Bottom line because they wouldn't sell as many tickets. I would have to eat the cost of the ticket allotment regulate the Liberty Bowl got it appears they're giving the schools better K. How did you number upper you know the upper level upper rows picket. Oh it's a good sign it could determine that because these you know these people and talking mean it and it goes to a bowl next year. You know people that other bowl record you're gonna you're about that you know what they gobbled up tickets for the Liberty Bowl and obviously the hometown game but. It it it helps the reputation that. You know of any stand although global. And then you know they need need folder record all talks elk. That's why this school I'd encourage people to buy their tickets through the athletic department. But I that you need to sell your allotment look at that and that's part of look back the one of the big factors of when you get chosen purple ink. Especially if you're not gonna be ordered New Year's fixable. You know every year where you know you're kind of slotted in those. Most people there are chosen through you know like deeply an agreement with the conference and a bowl game in the bowl game. Want it and if there's a lot of is there any you know and including competitive and competitiveness of the game but they wanted to and we sell locked it. And so. Back at Memphis is gobbling up tickets than they're kind practiced for this game. But maybe for future board that the nation could than Memphis might have in the future. It's funny you mention the Memphis is a good boldest nation's I was not warm it's not tropical loves that indoors and yet. Out of if you saw the piece and maybe we should put something up like the commercial feel about it. In the morning the newspaper. Sort of road of glowing piece about coming to the Liberty Bowl but the they suggested that you stay at the airport holiday in. And that you can't pregame strolled tenant garden I love the community garden but December didn't seem the perfect time for that. And so people had been tweeting at the de Moines register things you should do in Memphis. It's a very good and real things not like Joseph things and it's actually. I think if you're spent at three I get some pretty easy place to spend three fund days I really do believe that there's a lot of great places to eat a lot of great places this day. A lot of fun sort of interesting things to do. And so I do think it's a pretty good bowl destination and I hope that the folks and Iowa are not led astray by that early story in the the Moines register I asked. I just get us obviously a big day yesterday for the University of Memphis and Memphis fans. Your thoughts on my door bell reopened. I think you hit it it for the momentum of the program. For the momentum you know did Kirk how will remember this he's been pretty obviously this is an historic. Regulars even for Memphis I think. You know it would some of the locker would have been taken off the day. Just but the fact we were really good in the law are coach you know that would have been kind of because it would have been something to think about you're not even going forward you know I think. You know you're gonna have a great even but we're probably gonna lose our coach again later on in that was just proof that. You know not necessarily. And you know obviously acting. You know if something happened and meant to continue burger in this country here pal who allowed it to happen but. I do think it if this eight minute extremely polite. This administration. Had done building up its football program over the last 56 years. And ended it. It's just think it's gonna keep the ball on I think you know. Next year you know especially with its early signing Kyrie coming up meaning just it helps to keep the program's momentum moving forward and and even if it's just a one more years you know who knows what's gonna happen. You're gonna lose or probably if it might be more valid example. Again next year were probably going to be going through this game. There next year when the coaching careful happened but the backbeat enjoy Internet often. For one more year. I think it. It was a huge win for the school and it showed that the school is. You know. Eat each kind of showed just how. Organize the school was that they were able to get this extension time. And obviously it is a might like teen mom and inactive you know didn't have to do coaching searches. And it's a transition here I mean I there's obviously a lot of talent coming back there's no question about that. But lose and Reilly first this is no small thing and and and is good at it like. I think it was an anti Miller is no small thing not a loaded at wide receiver so I think battled the less of a thing as good as he's been. They're loaded at wide receiver. But it is like he's gonna have to redefine this program a little bit next year just because he's gonna have a different. Triggerman right any it's really got to find the next rally whoever that is. Warren and I am I think ironically if he'd. That's gonna get a boost his reputation even more if you gable had success with that different. Quarterbacks. On their end and I cannot watch over the last two months and that. Sort of taken over that beat have been that you know that many practice there could be yet. But I don't think it is you know I do think he's gonna go out trying to find another quarterback to compete with even more. But David Morey not a bad option in my guy I. I don't think like yet he's not Larry Ferguson right now that you watch him and cracked if he's not just a running quarterback he makes and throws. That are really impractical and I think said that armed Arquette. They're kind of bracket log out just yet so I do some of the throws he made a comment either improved a lot. And really separated themselves. From Brady gave me. The clear number two on this teach and so I you know I. I do think you're going to be stranded in but. I'll think when you look at the schedule. Yet the nonconference schedule isn't that typical. On you're gonna get Houston home you're gonna get back to you at home got to go to navy or even their crossed over opponent is. From the Easter crossover opponents by. I see I don't think they're gonna drop off that much in terms of wind in law who we're gonna we're probably not gonna she had prolific and often do we saw this year minutes is. Is gonna go down at the greatest call and Memphis football they're fielded by. I think part of the region nor bell was so willing to campaign against any casinos fill a lot of talent in this program right now and I just don't think you're gonna eat that big of a drop off between this year and next. Meanwhile the Memphis tiger basketball team escaped with a another thriller unlikely as you called an improbable. Ending to that game last night it's hard to know how to think about this because on the one hand each of the last two games. They have pulled out victories and has something to be said for winning. On the other hand that they have had to pull out victories. Double overtime and then miracle coming down from four down with fifteen seconds left. Against teams that wall will love be would that terrify anybody. How is it Memphis fans supposed to think about what has happened when Memphis basketball. The last two games. It is tough currently you know I'm not directly. I can be blunt I don't think they had any business where you came last night. They pulled down and that was again the team that came into the game. Two and pick senate balked at five road games prior to that. I never Smart 126 point. So. And I think you you. You've got to be cautious about it because obviously you know maybe that maybe it is just the trade that he mediated they get. Play every one close and and and they are shelling in crunch time that they can make playing. I don't allow the games go to the same time. The mean it'd be easy we're in the eating part of their schedule and and the Americans. As shown. At a much stronger leave than a year ago there's there's stick seventeen that are gonna. You know there's a few that are are asking me to be a lot to make the turn and then you know that he does pick Evan B quick scene that could be and he turned eighteen this year. So that that pain I I would be concerned about. You get exclude doesn't seem to know yet what it could act it doesn't have an identity. They don't have their rotation is coming next to get you know experimenting. A lot. And now worst kept digging into the field and then you need still don't feel like there's a certain rotation he started the saints starters every name. But they haven't been particularly effective. And then you know the bottom line indicted a year you don't know what he's seen his good act yet you know they say they struggled at times defensively. And they don't really had a lot of problems scoring the basketball that was. That was kind of expected that they don't really have aside from maybe Jamal Johnson Marvin shooters on the team. So I think he's got to be cautious about what I'm doing right now what kind of you don't want either deemed in fact you know quite frankly they should be opening in the fact that they're having their. Literally climb out eight double digit got I mean they've been down by double digit increase so there's every need to this year. And so you know you you can look at it two ways you can look at it that. You know the bottom line and they're playing well in the second half can gain. And the question is why aren't they playing well to start out being into why haven't they had. Billion easy wins so far earned so. I would be a little concerned that occurred this schedule they're gonna land. You said in the report there were some players going after each other a little bit players going after officiating what was. Check in guests on the sidelines. I think they were I think you know in that first half they're down by double digits again and and they were getting frustrated by the fact you know there was a moment in the first backward to Mario rivers. Came to the bench and just yet you know yelled yelled and expletives and and we you know why in the wind and don't act in the ball wide open after a quick shock and you know Karim group came to the bench in the second actor is now around Woody Allen about the raps and you know I think they were just a little frustrated and I think how beat. Sort of brushed off city directed at halftime and told him you know. It is fine to be a little paperwork key is safety. And that he would come together when it mattered down the stretch. And I do I don't think there's the chemistry. Issue in terms of like personality and I think period that chemistry issue in terms of you guys are all still learning to play with each other. But I'm not I'm actually kind of thought it was like. It was a good thing you know I think you hope they can carry over to the start of the games because. It pain doesn't have the talent Hirsch are making ability to like not play with a man like I think may be playing with an egg is something they need to do. Qaeda they're not really gonna help talent a lot of theme this year. What they pay an eighty hour work. And sort of out blonde and team that is sort of what they've done in the second half of these games so. I didn't really you hit it too troubling. You know especially because in the and they didn't come together and and win the game I had you can get paid something the monitor them scratched thirteen of them stretch in the next few weeks but. I keep added that it is a good cop you know they're they care. You can follow market you allow on Twitter at NJ and unleashed do that read his stuff every single day at the commercial appeal. Busiest man in the city mark thank you very much we will talk to so. 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Like a bad news you about Christmas. But I come back. Plus solid financial editor I'm glad it's done it's not that bad you do the real tree or neither victory beautifully. But what neighborhood if there is its ability to bounce that for you them. I mostly like as young as of the actuary I can understand why you don't want a hole you have kids you know Larry is yards. I'm not deployment of judgment and went out to each their own food but I'm Donald turns out that the price. Real treat me. Is way up this tree inflation. According to. All reports. That you know why. Christmas trees are more expensive this year. Supply and demand supply and Canada and a gem yes Pepperdine Reggie Bush Pepperdine education but why is the supply. Low this year. It was too hot summer no no no no no no the police should you be killed off the trees yeah no doubt about note though. What happened want to hand back in the in the recession or 2008 yet whenever plot. What they'd they'd like people before they don't have money they're not buying Christmas trees and homes sold just one half we kinda didn't doubt they did not cut down and harvest as many Christmas trees. Therefore. It was not as much. Space to plan new C north and and those seedlings are the seedlings that would have turned into New York for 2017. Christmas tree. So we are feeling the effects. Of the recession. From a decade ago. Now as we have to pay through the nose. For our. Christmas trees I'd defer you because I think to the expert on these types of things what is likely appropriate mature age of a I don't know I don't know I don't know the answer that Allen knows what I read I read to that island as I used to go we used truly when I was scared and we go to giant field and chop down McChrystal apparently version of others at the surgery as we would go there wasn't a commercial outfit be dead people at a farm made lots of trees and go to penetrate and without what I hand saw I was like. Whatever it is fantastic. Now I get it my tree typically. From the optimist club here on the corner. What does that is that white station and quite station but yeah I get a coming optimist club corner of my station pretty good cause wherever they put on the top your car and everything else and and I don't go Cadillac trees anymore I no longer thank you still like. Wanna treatment you have to do you have the yacht off the top three feet of yeah and no I just I diskette. Outside who can achieve I don't like that I don't like the flashes the needles. But. Let's wipe them off their Christmas tree today that lesson economics brought Cuba we're gonna talk in the show what is next few years. Monday the day we'll jetliner that he saw this but the hour Russians will not be competing in the twentieth Tina what they do amazing part. Lots of interest in these parts about that story first I'll be go to the Olympics and they won't button come under that they'll be some will be competing as it's just how. Anthrax right. And the other guy like we couldn't joke about it and whenever. Big guy who. Blew the lid off the Russian named coping with who used to run their testing stuff Jack. You know it isn't you that that's. And I know I've ever seen the outside the lines on and he is in witness protection. In the United States. Used in the United States in witness protection why because Portland and right like like. Like Kellan yeah. Kill me for having just point out that this dude hasn't witnessed production in the united that he could there. Very well be living devastated many of people led one item in Memphis right news item in that does that sound good he is spotter at the optimist club wanna do that. But I like so I'd say yes questions will not be competing. So Stephen go well last night of course and some things to say about it here resign here was his comments on Russia not competing in the Olympics. From participating in the 28. It is shocking. Rock show was punished for interfering with the results of some thing. Only is Russia banned but the country's government officials are forbidden to attend. It's flag will not be displayed at the opening ceremony and it anthem will not sound. Also for the duration of the games any Russian dressing serve an Olympic village. We referred to as shooters saw us. It went around it and she yeah I. What it is funny we still. The idea that we hate the Russian need we should pay to download them villain again it will but. Everybody knows it doesn't think of them as builds this shared us yes but it is like we still think we're we are yes you are required to still think of them as villains yeah. The truth is. Bill and yes different kind of villains than they once were but they are villain completely eager to. Go ahead what here's what's coming up next Jason and Shelby stashed Toys for Tots make sure you go out and visit them. They will be alive its aspirin toy threats to bring so. And toy during toys eleven the Marines Georgia that is 1% what they will be supporting again eleven at three out of stash. I'll be as they are cast my show from it to go forth. Joining UB Kevin Pelton and build vendor Geoff Ogilvy with GP at 5 o'clock I think they also by the way Jason Jon Hamm Ahmanson's mom. And my car up big show today they were obvious that I don't believe. Neither of them will be that yes they are probably correct but I love Alamos and mom correct will be on the front yeah yes of I think that wraps up a kite thank you for listening everybody. Thanks for adult who joined us we will we tell you about but for now. We're here. Yeah. To nine that. Earlier and I love selling home yeah I'm Sheldon Rosen guard and we're both bookmarks and store freelancers and we sell homes from the river in Germantown and everywhere in between. And shelled and don't forget we sell in all different price range and on the way yeah. In over a million dollars and recurrence but we also less selling hands in konduz to first time homebuyers in the town I only and the University of Memphis area. And people aren't aware how much they need our experience and expertise when they're selling their home. This involves preparation presentation improper pricing combined with the highly successful. Strategic marketing program with the show box office. 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