Hour 2 with guests Chris Herrington and Jason Cole

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Monday, January 22nd

Geoff Calkins begins the second hour of the program by welcoming Chris Herrington into the studio for "The 9:01" at 10:01 to discuss Zach Randolph's return to FedExForum, the play of the Grizzlies young players, and more. Next, Geoff welcomes Jason Cole to the program to discuss the AFC and NFC Championship Games, the future of Blake Bortles, Nick Foles, and Case Keenum, the free agent market for quarterbacks, and more from the NFL. Then, Geoff closes the show by discussing Riley Ferguson's performance in the East-West Shrine Game and Genard Avery's performance in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl.


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Yep I limit my account called mama I'm still thought the felon did the rounds here yeah. Now it's been 901 Nintendo won't. Then 901 commercial fields I. Then Liz and attend no one's heard Chris Herrington 90 wall. Joins me Chris what always listen into. That will probably part handled by Otis shredding. Yeah. You Saturday march of 1968 project today which are David waters. Did a leadoff SA order and so I do the moment this music from 1960. You were fair Friday night Lindsay you've overturned you've written about it in the 901 I've just tweeted it out. And I gather is perfect. Yeah it will be game without the Jane we we're lives and yeah it was quite a theme I mean you know does. Sure this morning like we had situations like Nicole who write them down our home runs are down and there's a lot of little bit of a frenzy before the game. A home which is the usual post time before the game which is this matter to people there are players who wanted to shoot around to sort of a sleepy atmosphere. So when you get lots of big storage will get through this crush of people around the tunnel trying to autograph right. This is not that this was a throng of people always act router soccer you know the stations of Zach Randolph returned Qaeda this right. It'll up around and if you look at him he comes there's a shortage you nailed it out for people listen as a relatively short I don't I don't or yards maybe. Walkway from the visitors locker room to the court. The into the court closest visitors locker room won't you know they all come out and turned the dual pregame shoot around in the lead back to the locker room. Well this this short ball was a long journey for Zach Randolph decide. It's just every step of the way he's quiet and and and we were five and back to autograph Smart people ask everyone fans security guards team personnel like everybody's. Draft and ask. And some are like they are like you know sucked in and week you're watching the marathon tomorrow near their class. Look people are stationed with the the reporters were following him around wherever he goes for phones out. Try to capture the whole thing so he gets to the court egos overheard saying hi to somebody on the sideline and he has a dual hoping along the sideline. This movable feast of people were followed him around. And he doesn't should rhetoric routine in us or go straight back the title you'll see other side where the visitors bench is. Go sort of a long way around behind the goal it is the same thing just following along the people. It reminded me of you've ever seen the when we were changed though Mohammed Ali George Foreman documentary where like I least training and he just urges is accumulation o'clock local mostly kids locals just follow them around Jamie meanwhile label my hourly Bowman made her head that's Brookfield to that right. And so I guess I'd like I wanted to say hi to that good reporter Zach but like I do more. Purchase on his time and like most other people they are right and just one of the many. And so I decided I'm not gonna try to wade through booked us on deluxe they had is that so I decided to go and stand some I had access to that the spot someone to stand. By the visitors Powell a figure that I had to catch was at Ohio has almost final journey back and walk over there. As our founder from the crews are already stated married the same idea until it you want to watch the righty basically I'll be the into the parade and I'll say hi. So we've weeks we sauls I come back through these item both of us in the least first heard it hurt to walk into the back of our review of some woman as a restart grabbed it basically. And she was or installation woman's battle literally half his size of a picture of compromise or grand. And she got and she got the final step osu is the last. Member of the court to get to get a unity meeting with the king basically at mission Shenzhou the grab them like you window repeat and she was like really happy and smiling and talked him for about a minute and honeymoon and went back in. And to leave that was. The video was great his reaction to the video sprayed and his ovation was right. But that just sort of poor he took before the game to me was most interesting part of ball and he was reveling. I get out hopefully you can see I put all the comedy I put out a little bit about photo I took from the tomatoes are gonna put the video decoder was made. But also put a little clip the grizzlies put up or just Zach Randolph watching the video it was or use totally beaming in the entire card he he's so the entire experience. Says character and I doubt there are people that were were literally weeping during that game because of that and so the video so that it that it is an introduction. And there's the Z about what he's interview those are two members are there that he started right right so lucky he got the big ovation. At the beginning in the game and he's introduced in the you know the opening. But ended that then add the force in the first quarter related to video that's whenever he wants stops to soak it. And they had all the great moments in the video out and yeah I started out with you know blue collar player blue collar town interview we did of course Berkman and had you know that. He wrote 2011. Leave the spurs and the whole Blake Griffin back and forth than the Jersey popping from 2013. And it had that great actress grandmother died a great road hog and each change of to Michael Green and remarks on the floor. At his off court stuff don't you W and in the united food drive in that kind of stuff then. And there's one moment when I appreciated that they put in there as Michael Green to build the voice of habit which is talk about his facial expressions right. Equity was sort of like looking at other players we've discussed it. The grizzlies are around about right. So they definitely I played the greatest hits in the video it was a great. It was really quite an error and I mean we've had players returned before we Tony will return for haven't scared. I don't know I think I got a little 'cause it was on opening night if I you know so much going on. It was still big moment but it. But Tony Allen and in some ways Tony Allen is like more interest Venus proportionality. He is not. This is different than he was like the court just sort of sat with the hand trying to make it. And exactly happens there when McCain returns of the court jester returns yet. So and and the game began. I begin Michael's interest and I did added I don't like and what do a lot of what basketball basketball stuff in the minor ones where wrote about it today. Actually sort of a paragraph on this but the game was interesting because like exactly often do much Marc told into the combined for ten points right. And why they throw surcharges are talking to each other remarked you know there's one that was like two dads that a back yeah to have an aggravated bigger game like everyone else like idiots here say they're just sort of like an AO. You know just goof off a little bit but like there's one moment where. Marcus hall came over at swatted that shot block commercial a moment where Zach was a pretty marketing strategy yanked his Jersey you want dude doing that kind of stuff. But for the most part like it was that about them on the floor it was you know dawn Brooks had a career high equally to and then for the kings their box Iraqi point guard. Com was the lead scorer and he you have these two teams order wrote today in this may be British sort of general to stalk but. These two teams where they're both out of the playoffs. One team has said outright mean it won't play in the kids now we're gonna pull back on the veterans were sort of move forward. The grizzlies have not said that but they're basically. Right. And so you'd be situation where you there when it was really about the young players for both teams. Into mead the whole thing sort of illustrated you know eight A how great Zach Randolph this is part of the city. But that they were right to it was current it was condom born start moving towards the next thing right. And that's before we moved there general business or messed up because those we it's it's. There was nothing that made you think boy they made some terrible mistake by not. We know just listed as a Friday in the and the point that I made is I I was somewhat complicated take on the question of mark with a grizzlies right is that right off yet. Because of the I think the actual decision that they made was. They never said this but I think there are actual decision was were just average act period that would not have been my decision on the front. That said once he hits a two year 24 million for Sacramento I do not think grizzlies I think that would have been a bad decision for the privilege to make. Not for this either but for actually I and so. If he's had a pretty good year in Sacramento. If not he's not have the kind of season that would in any way altered the reality with a prisons or the season. And I think it was at this point it was appropriate to move forward together piece that that around Hillary did indicated that he was hurt or whatever but. Little adults and that's true maybe at some. Okay forum again did you they look like a man who brought aboard deep resentments towards the busy during now about it at all ABC so to only that it it was great and he knows what. He's got basketball left I think he's probably. He's probably two or three years older mature of the coming out he's he's probably got more basketball editor and the Tony does. And so he'll be weathered with the kings or somewhere else will be. Play in the next season and you think beyond that and maybe if he wants to I think may be maybe a year or so beyond that I'm sure Tony watney who knows abnormal toady will be in the NB AXs. Do we does that. Do you where he does he's still in his house here to say actively I don't ever know that for certain but I would suspect yes I don't know that. Right. It's funny some of told me that his kid. That that the rules Tebow has. While I thought there's a set we sat right in front of them. I spent a lot of time picking up this pacifier and hand and we'll figure and the girl pacifier time and we we we we went through two different types of threats by him but not now the kid is has a as as. A computer aesthetically computer right now and do different stages garner iPad is moved from doesn't fired two iPad. I rights than in the meantime. The grizzlies as you point out a plan the kids and the kids like for example what happened. Against the pelicans was perfect way to sell goes for 31 and they lose. It was a great weekend for the graceful. I know the grizzlies are one night game at Sacramento. But my point was always the graceful take it's not just losing it is losing and doing other things productively for the future. So the grisly split. In the meantime the lakers won twice this the nets won twice the suns won the magic beat the Celtics are always good looking one. So they actually moved up towards the reversed and they enter the weakened state so they came out of there so they moved up the river aliens. In the meantime the world works as a career high one by Wayne seldom has there are the next right. You know drug mart was looking good paying more played well yeah I don't belt it out that that's more isolated it's very. I believe that what what do you make of that market shoot I would I hesitate LC that is he is some things he's a good shooter not a great shooter he's a good shooter he jock. Right if you're assured you can job he played the wing what you can play in the NBA right IDs you know and so yeah he got minutes and he got shot that he made some shots and battle happened again. It just won't happen with the kind of regularity that would make you wanna play him evidently insolvent and don't Brooks rhetoric and so. The lead that's not part of what my graceful take its not right man to man or mart its wings out and it's going Bronx it's BR today with that some of those. And then Chandler Parsons there was some drama because a he's out with his knee and then he had this abdominal thing that had I know even -- teams both they had an ER at they have Methodist Friday night. Able to dump him for the rent. I think excited Mike sets via in them. And I may be wrong maybe I don't know but my sense is that the stomach that he was overplayed. It. Hey it's been going around the whole team I don't know dawn Brooks is this question all of a surprise of the flu serving owner around. Our sense is that was it was rat like. Acute injury it was an illness right yeah and so he went to the yard to make sure don't rule out a more serious and want to be an omen whatever but yes I think. You know if they were the playoff race we'd be asking more serious questions about Chandler Parsons. But. I. I think he's just a thing the thing he's been having like. My guess is that if they were a playoff race we would see him again it's not like he let you know the forum because the injury he is darned. I think is a combination of his knee issues and where they are even that he's got a may be wrong about that you have believe now that we have reached a stage arugula seem like only hopes of yes yes again I I hope so too would you believe yes I just think they're not saying I think. I think they they have. It is pretty clear to me that they had to embrace the routing the situation they're dispatch sane and outright lie that regardless. And at some point that's voted the last piece about puzzles and happy Mort Saul. Is this point you know you're not in jail Parsons and our senior Mike Conley you know DR paid doctor Davis from the pack in or has moved had a Brandan Wright. You know I hate to play and kids ahead of Mario Chalmers at this point. You know I think they will deal Tyreke Evans when they have a deal worth doing but had the trade deadline that happen. Really the only outstanding piece of what is at what point is Marcus all get a this one unit or illness but it won't when you see you know like set back to backs and played 28 minutes is that a 35 or whatever and that's really at the you said mark. They'd. Basically the kids play a lot. Marcus all sort of dial back I was gonna ask you start mail and then and some people say I would I would be I would be more charitable outings dialing back appropriately given the situation. Yes I did I do think that's. It just people a lot of people like wal mart's not what he wants why basically not what he once was but how much of what you that once was is that he's not what he wants was announces that he's not just as you pointed out. Except for his first and here he's always been playing for the playoffs now he's not and so he's therefore less engaged I suspect it's a combination and I do think. Ages had a natural impact on his game in a diminishing sets. But also if you see this all the time were circuits circumstances change what players change a lot of players given the circumstances may have something to play for you see them play better that happens a lot. I think that would be I think if they were to play operations ebitda for Marcus hall. I think the Sunnis healthy to start a season that started X he's in their playoff race until they're not right and I and I think would you start next season mostly good about a more consultancy lately. On a graceful thank by the way you're right they are now. Fifth the kings. And hawks. Have thirteen wins I'm just that way I rub the one percentage magic of fourteen mavs have fifteen. Gray is have sixteen we have several in the seventh and the problem is you've got two with seventeen right and you've got three with eighteen and so here's my question and I you've got a four game homestand you're given the choice. A fifth right yeah. Take it predicated chance absolutely take I would take it to its fifth day. Look at other. Simply not a bad place to be even if that's where you end up and you had to get it lets some of my job ahead UC finished in my draft six OK but even beyond that. You've got to love ping pong balls that you've got a shot it'd be the cheerleader and I was already niner and you got notion. And in theory you could drop down to eight. Practically speaking you're probably not gonna get lower than six yet have. Two teams jockey you're probably not. More your fifth going the end. Most likely places you don't pick her fifth or six those of the two most likely met six or not it still able to where we origin ripples like in this draft sort of three tiers of that talk the end. And that six to seven is where you drop down to a different here so church six million brilliant copper you talk about eight men and calm markets should Bakley. Three to six you know when you get Michael Porter you know your baby get our young million Euro sale and instead of getting you know miles bridges. I think that's exactly right I would lock it and if I can lock in right now it and particularly I absolutely would would. I think it could be harder to hold off Phoenix that it is and it hit yet to catch the kings are the hawks' third or the battle for the man and beer with operate I think your best case scenarios or with Dallas the Dallas is put in work lately. To be bat so well and let my my whole. Is it where entire week has gone right and if you really dude at your pretty bad. If you've got no Tyreke like that's what's let me just gone you're you're yes pretty a day to day but yes I agree but a lot of ways they've gotten better the last few weeks I 'cause they shifted and we see that are your batteries batteries don't Brooks and points elder and almost more than you or Denmark or more tomorrow on the that's certainly true. Nobody can take every way that's yet huge what do you think every player right tonight while if all goes well tonight's the sixers. Were edited different direction it appears they got some young players who have worked out but they also. Some of nobly things exit. I'm really excited for this game actually I actually got more interest in the prisons last few weeks. Now that we've attacked and reality will play and get better at keeping games are a lot more interesting now than they were when it was just. Sort of depressing in the middle of the season. And so I make decisions immigrants who's kids but also this is the only time all season you're gonna get procedure well and dieters were most coaching players in the league. In person and I've also been been Simmons a sixteen and rookie point guard are these are the two of the best most interesting young players in the league. And so I think Philadelphia is almost my short listening to the person seen in person on time are coming to town. And you know certainly the prisons kids are antecedents are most important biscuit in the basket Wednesday to San Antonio. But this will divide them forward to and then you've got four or you've got this one. Yet San Antonio has lost to a row you've got quite a letter about why we got to catch a break measures and schedule break. You've got the clippers then and many of Phoenix. Right now if I gave it would pump like. A win two of these games are probably a product and would you take one and say yes when 3 o'clock that. Into it or lump or make it deals strictly we get that I dropped the Phoenix gave a cat that that the doubled them you can drop Phoenix and then lastly. Who was on your quiz bowl was the Louis Fernando beat Kregg marked it was they are relatively close game. I was quite enamored with the Hernando team that was all underclassmen they have female captain so feet. Our home. They had a lot of personality goes on us photos to sports connection there as they have been a couple of kids some promoted to sports fan and once it is Arkansas fans who picks outta him. The other kid was a freshman and one of the best freshman we we've had offseason and Oz always a New Orleans Saints fans are spoke at a bad for him right now Brett. But on the tablet they had a very personable team and there was another kid who who DVR to watch jeopardy every day. I sort of related items to Lusaka white Fernando team which I won't go. Going forward her ability Craig mark but it was a close game that was tied after the first two rounds spore rounds of knowledge also was tied up with virtually. In Hernando pulled away the door so bitch on the court to Tressel budget amount thanks very much or that is Chris I can only come back Jason Cole's gonna die. Join us we will talk more NFL just got to Germany NFL news. On gains. Most valuable party planners because you see. And spread pro. Electable dips wings of the kids. Avery sliders. You scoring was low prices on most from your game day grades where there. Certain that fresh strawberries and two for. It's UC boost for the. Fresh food we'll. Prices Krueger's. Joseph Stewart body shop is the best body shop in town. They get the original location at 2916 summer around him and they've also got Joseph Stewart collision of collier build a family owned and operated since 1969. And they've been voted amen does most best car repair shop. 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Double take after the little hope you want playa it was political protesters picketed. Where you'd suitable person who's going to reliable greater that the couple charged. And doctors had quite its console or even though there was nobody around through a virtual rock apply. I got to look over Carter Kurt serious yet sort bill. Never immediately after that drugs. I have been there and build yet another get bigger crowds are sort of call the sort of touched a good luck the controversial one of the Oklahoma in frigid load. You know look look and you saw a beautiful Williamsburg that huge hole but problem. And most quarterback most people don't follow up call conflict you'll charitable auctions. And certain portable are told that there there's a shortage. Pro what are we saw pledge today or bumper to strictly. One of those covered marine military that was cool oops. You gotta play lucked out where he clinched it was about whether coached Georgia children taking it or just a little blooper show put Atlanta ahead. The rate doubled and I was like oh my god he's dark. Erica wants to know what that was what it's over real well suited to return pastor wasn't able Arnold. There were bleeding immediately got back. And get this back being. Any significant pitch or two women were trading block record took looking at your own job it's what happens globally don't. You know there will have to report their rush can't count was troubled country to ensure it works OK you look sort of cheap it just to sort of potential witness Cuban. But it was like. Some action after he just went back to being tall blue beach for the rest of the game you won't know we got him a couple of times. The reports came back in his work. That much our usual. And so what are you see you go out to assure you. You were able to do things better quality of a lot of other application. Q do and we were sort of build our petitions under different levels and so you have a choice peculiar sort of Cordoba Villa or. There's only certain operating. In Oakland post fortify its. I hope that happens I hope we shoot something completely extra worker or don't go to the architecture church are open to something completely different. Ever got to go there so abrupt economic. I'd like seize them completely different pitchers lose an event game. Unless a couple of good efficiently completely different I'd like the sun completely. There. And then don't we not put the pepper equipment for something. Completely different are we're. Witnessing the U. Spectacularly. Well all of competence. In terms of performance. In a league could work this is supposed to happen. There's no question there's no question Richard it's a bits is an if you are just that person who admires awesome excellence. They and their we have certainly seen it. But what is in fourteen big about it and in particular that have been. A couple of the Clark took a book this is what Michael Jordan workload broker would object to present a little girl. Who also is incredibly driven right energy or is it better than everybody else but somebody who's not the best or should break. You're not but you know she's not in the motion that would give that you could do it they do this. Because they played we are better than anybody ultimate better procure and what I if you look at watching it is. So one of our crew was taken physical ability and they're under windows XP it's good luck for the game. And we're seeing who's divorcing them where in the global car which I think interred in equal in the big. Games Smart look. The public trouble over it won't. They're just hard taught me a little. More open about doing most are kicking in real stock up. On our approach a game. What about it really doing here portable little slick and it cost me that duke in Pittsburgh a little loosening precautions apply also wouldn't consider it to look. But I got a coach or download we took. Better protect our football what. I think eventually people just couldn't get it that this is an ever higher in Walpole football because they outperform their physical characteristics. I borrow your after your after her yeah. IE I agree with all. I'm just not. I'm glad to emotionally invested in their day in their in the you're quick to celebrate a winner Judith they get. Like you said they play the odds that they putted twice on the jags side of the fifty which is surprising for Belichick would you make them. A term reward situations were when you look over the fort sharks bench. That was on a photo. Yeah I think what was deployed in space and almost a fourth and three shorter select that but both under the ground second half whatever like there yeah let. Because I would always welcome aboard portals. Could look sort of what part two and I. That articulate where their repertoire look at a particular way and reaching into the loving in return do you draw particular shot. Right they're gonna do judicial powers and Iran and battle our attentions to climb up and distribute the ball which is exactly what I. Right. So don't you play an emotional you're. On portal and remember the previous games when crisper. Which gives more essentially channel the when do we want them our bench did not exporters to their war to report good good pay good data connection to our installed and what exactly. After the food and don't force down the desert exacts a little while ago the U scorers in total returns them to you don't wanna give the troops. To give another cheap scoring cute about offered any kind of you were chartered to want to pick our candidates. Are I understood the strategy there. Beyond the greatness of Tom Brady and the patriots which I do acknowledge it originally not even graduate I absolutely acknowledge it. But all. It's a great interview what is it much my whole my whole period in the woods struggled takeaways which I thought our local law school curriculums reductions so. No whatever. So I'll let you were there are two other there are two other themes are honest but some people focused on the pat on the pats only getting one penalty. Did you have any problem with the officiating mr. Well I mean look we'll. The carpenter yeah I wish or as optional. Although it was produced. The bad and then others question the jags certainly at the end of the first half. One they have two timeouts 55 seconds and made taken me given Obama that or anything else was. And I did that. Look at the researcher quarterbacks. Hero clerks. And that's harder than to do like our would have given me you know what. Go back to the first it would all what the world wants. Overthrow awkward equipment up to drive so traditional Alter the game. Our number. I'll talk about was like okay we'll continue to talk cards that grows his famous call until it was a miracle worker forward French and revolutionary. Power there where they are crossing routes toward Bruno the upbeat logo. So that's not just to catch. The rector of the battlefield conditions and bill so what I would only do that should or shouldn't look at really didn't want to kind of simple gosh. If we can break even get fifteen yards would you teach you know capital that now where do such and so I won't want to record collection companies don't. But I won't do that picture look at what are a little you to do your question I wish there in my situation. Arab bit my clergy believe. They're themselves they're contribute. What they're doing it. Was oral have to believe that he's going to be equality in critical socialist community. He did he just doesn't he get can buy you dark world didn't give him an opportunity. Term growth in terms of political. In terms of the jags moving forward. I'm obviously they're gonna have a lot of young talent that defense is fallacious. Don't ordered our. Also. Dropped out of order do you think they will though there are those who say nobly portals is proven he's the guy yesterday by having a not to. If what you saw what they can billion dollars now what I would do return would become more real part of a McConnell didn't show. What are willing to adopt written up its loudest I need to take better provincial and play. I've ever come back. What I won't do for you there's. Also who responded to a three year contract and that we'll Churchill or what our corporate debt. Here in Chicago that your publisher that you didn't they can move the ball which was not a good picture show. What I look at it but I want for your commitment. Oh reasonable approach. But I can also get out of knowledge of what you carry a total of one or stoppage until it. To not be alarmed if we also dropped quarterbacks where the first little. Into the net to complete if you choose to do that and you wanna stay in Florida. We're not Bluetooth car wash and you don't get to the corner I would do just surgeons to complete. Job. Perhaps if you don't like they're doing their conviction nobody worse aggressive crucial world. And I am commissioner wrote books I don't feel like you're gonna get anything close there's an offshore. Well better than anybody else so. And you're also going to be work with coaches you don't know and who don't know you. I have I feel like you're better off trying to Campbell although social contract. To look at it this far. If you're that ambivalent about Blake portals and you honestly don't sound you ripped a very ambivalent about a Mussa Mike you know. Why not just get rid of them and give up a second and bring in Alex Smith for example or someone else whose love. Bloomberg do that because at least through the open I do know what what for a loose. I know what can politicians are against the world's big interest Gingrich who this week while emotions. About that duct. What big games with a watching you get him to release these are good they can do the commercial world and should have been right away Larry. And Reggie doesn't happen what can go to so the church awhile or. And build English. OK and you wanted to do acknowledgment. That whatsoever without reform or pretty. There are you okay they're great defense tell us what also happens like being on the West Coast. In their wanna go there and you know. He bit carried therapeutic you know slowed from California she's four she bit straight until the circuit on what you're going to show. You and sometimes you also need to go we're not sure where I didn't know that it will kill others who have a lot of factors and sure. That would make sure looked like. I know you're not purposely not been comfortable or. We're being arsenal couldn't concentrate on your favorite couple because. Your performance it looked. Dinner at trojans quarterback that you disagreed. OK to disagree and go clone yourself sort. There and I don't look merchant not at all computer up short commercial error number doesn't slip out of and that way you picture there are computer and let you hurt. But at least you're not much talk behind his back. Are gonna Jason Cole writes for the Bleacher Report go to the NFL on Twitter at Jason Cole 63 I and then the other game they were to back up quarterbacks case keep them. And Nicole's keep scheme employed like one nick foals played lie a John Elway your thoughts. Or what do you sort of picked you think yeah yeah I did you do it more. Look. While a Raj she won't be true don't outweigh its. It was eleven eagled the last fifteen passes he was. Absolutely brilliant he was dropping dimes or deal of dimes or whatever you do at times you do you don't Linda Evans. I don't you don't feel Butler well you don't start this could be used when you sports jerk addiction. Make him look too terrible a jar what did you. Copeland who are consulting. And I was certainly Doug Pearson. Tinge to tackle job appeared to have before pulling for a park. You're great job carving it didn't work and work objective this would mortal studio. What you want a quick actions wanna run out of options to our. Sort of a sort of upset about sort of shortcut shortcut scary rhythm start get some confidence when you yourself. And there are you know you had a broken oil repeat what else unjustly Reynolds put 200 you know. You Rhode true players Porter and you know lateral backward to talk we'll try what will be your younger triple each or. You recovered their worse. And we've all had a what do you don't park in the you have sort of short jumper charge that's what we do better and get littler guys accountable Bhuj. Don't have all pushing their holes woman in very absentee stated it will certainly helps. A couple of years there'll inspection which. Could really terrible about our culture heritage Arabic or employment or don't. So they're told incapable we wish. Questions throughout and consistently. And who can play. Well I have a little more time that's really the real question here remember it regularly we don't you don't. Do you love. Don't know they're they're going to get to grips water balloon to achieve option pack arrogant fool you look at markers for tasting room. I you know what effect official word or two you're gonna help. Server pilgrims little. Can you political there's a lot of political. Couldn't around the Bellevue Washington. Parents oh. Walsh. You know I would say that. It's. I took it into little look around the problem is you've surely you know all of which wanted portrait. Four quarterbacks computer. You don't have Tyrod. You mentioned Alex than before. To briefly go out there at about going out there. Or go broke Federer order special appeal ultra cool orange and she would double the federal trust want to be the case you know. And so I think he's he's got a problem with can have a contract. And a bit there's money should appointment should shut it dollars put up some items. All the problems due to historical or person worked out where you can make you know good money starts but it won't talk about what might change. I'd probably just a terrible. Aren't just certain generation. Bradford of them going repertoire of impressions of the bills to Barbara what. Our current insurance against you know Bridgewater fallen apart. And finally a entirely decent call from the bleachers were finally the titans have a head coach Mike Vrabel. What did you think of of their decision to fire his predecessor and what do you make a much what do you make of Mike Vrabel. Don't go public or to book. I think they're they're probably a little more attention that she's not the operation we wanted to know how to clone those quarterback. Between Milwaukee. The term bush can you. I can do that that's what John Roberts church or how well our I can do it okay you want to work and digital social hurt your she's certainly do crap about this last year. And you can block that encourage stuff. I enjoyed options what is going. I want god and I know why there's a picture split their due to monitor in the order of things you know work together hold up what was. And world challenge this quarterback you know oracle obviously you should start you understand she's done don't have a quarterback stroke. They have a beautiful water there and do ultimately do what they took what lashed out at prepared. When they got rid of parent and Jarrett. What's. Well it was one more time because within the rules weren't at the crash occurred clerk or parent. They want you to protect almost for a perfect equipment social call to. The general public through Portland and Washington character would go to India. Tickled to deliver remarks. I don't remember they want to ripple who's going into the stock option to undercut the cardinal coach. There are welcome Wal-Mart triple A cute cute guy who people automatically are drawn to one true. They're real virtue of its virtual recruitment when he was at Ohio State. Q did you just got a bird back never personally. And the toughness to come. So while trying to play in the locker room and kill people out bill problem. Standing in front of the Ruble starts of algebra in order virtual chart this is what we've got to do the world direct. Jason you're great way to thank you very much appreciated a tough season. Well as they ship coal from the Bleacher. Report I we I think break. 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Came down of the last drive Ronnie Ferguson is Roy comes and doesn't magic yep they feel Jake he met Barrett out for another perk is another drive. And I'm glad they lost grow them. Iger they got all the Pellicano and I was ready to drug touchdown pass. So screw them Jarrett David got to pick by the way. In the we'll players' association bold I don't know it was a laborers first play of the game in the first play of the game so they are with them. Fight of the hey we'll Jeff there's the spite of that day comes to us courtesy. Of Joseph bought. Joe Buck gave us his Charles Barkley oppression and yes he shapes you gain the sort of sound like. That was awful yet not great. Record that was just not on that was a hole I thought you or. The data slowly grand time didn't have enough time and there's going to be able revel in tomorrow yes tomorrow in your. In Europe in the Dixie has tried many educational from Friday. Don't. 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