Hour 2 with guest Chris Herrington and Jeff's Bet$

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Friday, November 17th

Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins begins the second hour of the program by welcoming Chris Herrington into the studio for "The 9:01" at 10:01 presented by 901 Plumbing to discuss the Memphis Grizzlies, today's edition of "The 9:01", and more.

Segment 2 -- Jeffrey Wright discusses his five college football bets for the week before he and Geoff discuss the other games of interest for this week in College Football.

Segment 3 -- Geoff closes the show by discussing the big headlines of the day before Jeffrey plays the Byte of the Day.


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At armed or Hume and next Tuesday next week I'm gonna put up my own list of this my own sixty best but the soul songs and that that was a com. That was one of my last cut that didn't make the world. The list but it was from royals do we were talking earlier on the show Mike and Mike radio show went off the air it's your tournament. TV show and eggs TV shows that had a great last episodes people have tweeted in the. Their own favorites and ones that they did. Not like. One of the controversial ones The Sopranos I'm a fan of The Sopranos. I don't know what happened so well and let's not ruin a former army American watcher but you you enjoyed it yes very controversial I hate. Mostly to people prefer fixated on white. You know do you do you know what happened or did you not know what happened and is located not know what happened. Like you just said what I thought it was great to sort of a piece of filmmaking in the Islam is a sort of great rhythm and snap to it and fades to black. Did did so well that like I am one of the people thought you know my cable box and out there for a second. I thought it was pretty cool the market's pain says he loves the way that Frazier ended. I have no particular. Memory of the way that Frazier. And being fans Williams with the the ending was controversy of what happened James. Gandolfini. Makes it great does he mean in real life and dying rated play does that let me now apparently okay. Roseanne ending was goods that Julius forward I have no. Particular. Memory of that sums it actually the best ending to the shows the Mary Tyler Moore Show yeah I'd bet that's what was out. She walks out of this if if the big group are great thanks as ever was I think there. Bel air and elf I don't know particular memory of those marriage how remorseful on the famous one sopranos won on the famous ones obviously elsewhere. Being held a variety of little green thing or that was fantastic right. I was wonderfully mystical OK Newhart is one of the famous ones Lebanon Newhart let's walk on popular the last Theodore multiple Newhart shows on the last resort Cheryl I remember correctly. If so what details were thing it's just joked they were revealed that the entire series. He he wakes up in bed next to his wife from the previous separate Newhart. Earlier TV series so the suggestion that the entire World Series was the dream of his previous character in the earlier hilarious yet. The you have two things up today could you are hard working individuals volume the pick and pop up where we'll and then you also have. Soon your 901 up the start with a pick and pop. Among the various things after the grizzlies are facing a team in Houston. Saturday night that scored ninety points last night offensives against Phoenix but they still scored ninety points and a half right last night. So that really gave up seven beating Indiana and I had to guess though as you are doing the math on that are. I remember our math algebra correctly I think that means that they're gonna get like a 120 and a half hour on the grizzled pretty clear. But you you live found reasons for optimism or at least intrigue in some of the things have been happening even as they've been going. Two and six and some possible. Wind up some possibilities. And you mentioned 31 is Tyreke Evans on the ball your thoughts about Tyreke Evans on the ball. It's surging Houston coming in to town because when you watch Tyreke on the ball. Not as good because like almost nothing this is good right now on the NBA but it is similar to James Harden. In Houston we have this just big guard who people can't keep away from the rim. On the with a knack for scoring but it also make plays for other people. And it sort of you have this sort of are tricky to sort of find that balance between getting around in setting up other people. But I think he's literally effective on the ball. Offensively the team is off and leave them on the ball their defense of issues when you do that. But I think playing him more on the ball. Eight can help them through them survived my car and these abstinence but it suggests things you can do even as well after congress back com. Whether that means you know Mario Chalmers is not playing well but your other point guard options Tyreke Evans. I you think the idea of him with the ball on his hand is officially elite guard is something that will be explored more should be explored more as the season goes you did point out that. They played. Nineteen minutes with Evans. And Chalmers on the bench Evans on the ball and some are on the bench the other night against right and and they were out score against Indiana near outscored fifteen to 42. In nineteen minutes they shot 53% for the offense was all right the problem was on the defense of it. On bet that that's a pace of ought to 160 game points a game 42 points in ninety minutes which is. Better than the grizzlies average on the season and the shooting percentage Sosa got it was good with him on the ball. The bottom of the defensive end. How much of that was the fact that he was on the ball. Now bush and the fact that they're tired tired team defense was guard is that is intrinsic is one of them all of Mario verses Tyreke is better defender. I think it depends on the matchup I think for small guard small quick guards I think charmer is definitely not far simpler there right exactly. And so I think if you're gonna play. Evans on the ball you've got to be very cognizant of what your defense to match ups are I think it's gonna work on the office of the issue was going to be mourn the defense I've the second. Moon. Sort of lineup intrigue is involves chairman posts. He is. You know I think we're coming into the seas even so bad on media day we heard all the stuff Taylor looks Brady's drive and and the ladies don't go on people they got her hopes up. Was all in pre season he was terrible right. That brought us back down to earth and so I think when we started to see than the our expectation was he's gonna come off the bench and played limited minutes he took place of course we have power forward. And we had no expectations from production while we hoped it would weak figure something out of the there was a great expectation. I think what you're seeing now a month into the season. The three point shooting is it is is unsustainable should or could have Teresa nobody does that that'll make an article that. But otherwise parliament it is not or should the season we'll just like they did before last season like his normal numbers right or permanent basis. And his playing time is starting with a couple little bit he was seventeen points a game in. October. Is up to like twenty minutes and yet it is a 22 minutes a game and in November. The 25 plus he played in the last game when the most he's ever played and grooves uniform. It was a rare occasion or close to game and they close it came at the small four he played with two other bigs on the floor and played the three. So I think what you're starting to feel looks a little bit more light. Groceries thought they paid for us are going to be totally I don't he's ever gonna play thirty plus minutes a game night in night out I don't know if he's gonna start. I think also we primarily for. But he looks a little bit more like the theoretical Chandler Parsons and I think while they still need to be careful with ten minutes wise and back about all that. The need to try to start. Making more use of him while he's out there more touches more shots. Let's let's let's keep ramping up what we're trying to get out any more of course while he's out there's often with our REIT which limits. To some extent is. Right usage com. The possibilities there if you can play the three summary of certain matchups you know. Maybe you can get out out there with Cameron Hammond so Michael Green and out there and market at all light. Era or is funny and that's been as the mood picking up because I worry about him getting squeezed mr. Michael comes back. There's Fuhrman it's you know is right there won't there's been other wing is crowded you're gonna get fi less negative. Hopefully that'll work yes but he's truthfully afford to get to Michael Green back and now he's played twenty minutes a game and you like which of that thing we'll get to you like the markets all brainer right a little bit. That I could have an effect of squeezing him if you think he can only play only played four. But you can play him passing combo forward play in both forward spots depending on the match out sort the idea when you signed them that opens up more possibilities for him and for take. Okay and then the and then the third one that you addressed wall as Gasol and right together. Yet that is something that looked good last season stiffed statistically but it wasn't sort of limited playing time. They pretty much never did it in the pre season football quite a sudden they just war was not in the play it over they were moving small not big. But lately on almost were on this road trip especially there was the game I think it's the clippers they you know playing this all right together. The match and Blake Griffin and Nam. And on DeAndre Jordan a network well and then they closed the game against Indiana and they fell short but they do but they sort of made a comeback with that together. And while the sample size is still small. The sample size gets smaller every time he gets bigger every time you use that as statistically they have been really really good. Come through for Avaya for vote through two seasons with the song Brandan Wright together. Mom. There were other interest in things that happened in the NBA last night I was in Houston scored ninety. I'm in half against Phoenix and then Boston. Beat the warriors thoughts on that poster actually watched the second half the arm the Celtics warriors and you know I mean this goodness and and the Celtics Ethier fourteen and do they were thirteen arrow or something so so you can imagine are they would be better for somebody Gordon Hayward but in eight. Projecting forward sets I think it would be better if they had Gordon Hayward out as you look at a team as good as they are right now. And I think you have to you have to acknowledge they could come out of the east you know on the at this point they're way better apparently not a person right that yes except I believe there's still skepticism about you get the playoffs with these young players. And you got LeBron James and LeBron James just until someone knocks him off like you say you. But you know those young guys Jalen brown and Jason Taylor Moore really really impressive especially arm Jalen brown. Parry Urbina is one of those guys he's got his flaws he's one of those guys whooping crane knocked it by himself weighed in a tight game. And so that wasn't really impressive game for from Boston Los. It does go to show. Drafting matters not just having Hyperic split using the hi you guys using them correctly at all and Jalen brown was the person. Who people expected Boston to pick and that slot I forgot who was stated they did in the move down and Jason had a man I was gonna get to that island is certainly didn't expect them that was considered risky. Franken moved down and take Jason Tatum. And yet. Unlike. Oklahoma fund immediately got a CK they were gifted Kevin Durant. But they weren't gifted James Harden and they were gifted Russell Westbrook that was right picking the right divergent makah Serge Ibaka that was all picking the right guy in the same thing we know when they trade hard against Stephen Adams a vote mid first round and then that the same thing of Golden State yes. It is staff curry and dream on grain and you know if you go through Boston's record opinion misses his. Everybody misses like now they got George 300 suffered from the Q I believe. What we Baltimore marathon even make it you know to the third year. So they have their messes. But one hit is worth three messes in the NBA draft they got Watson hits right and it does go to show by the way when people say. Degree as you should just give up drafting because you hear that you know highly Lew -- trap wall also spoke eloquently Dylan Brooks will tamp down on our we'll hopefully dawn virtual. We'll tamp down. That argument a little bit okay. On the pick and pop you take up two different topics that I wanted to just very briefly. One is soccer goes up but I don't want. Yeah that I don't want and so we did the bit about also the nice little theoretical soccer fan I will go watch them on autos aren't there yet totally. I didn't grow up with soccer I don't think the new Osaka was when I was a kid had. But as an adult chat friends are huge soccer fans who go and hang out with friends to watch World Cup games in my son plays you know little kid right on the field soccer. I soccer be very enjoyable even if I don't fully understand it quite yet and so you have. You you had a name in mind for the hustle and lots of names mine in my neighborhood my gloves or not they they want with well they did OK that'd I don't mind that. If they took a patriot and a bad name I would have ignored it and use my own that. It but but they they did line up the good job grizzlies and apostles that and by Allison Nichols had a big game the other night in limited minutes only 100 square scored a bunch and and looked good. You have a name now that is been suggested the U endorsed that someone else's again. I never got around the idea about it myself and so iPhone Twitter someone's someone who says that there with a have to be the Memphis flow. And that was our IDs and doting Barbara is now we have a similar quietly at the house one flood of which it which is a terrible ever and well that's the other things upload works even outside of what the hustle float just hurts a soccer thing soccer flows a flawless game yet they're the gorilla thriller. I think that's a good idea of them of the flow of good. So we like the Memphis flow and then you did some. Revisit your Friday lunch evident that a few weeks and I don't I had a demeaning to sort of get it back going within a couple of days ago USA today that it did when he's listing things that you can't resist that's. And I actually like eggs it was her idiosyncratic which I like better than the portrait of himself was one writer to lose his list of the 59 best fast food restaurants I can remember IDB net. It sat across the country and so he would like shake shack number one and subway last. But beyond the highest ranked one on the list that exists than Memphis that I had ever been to with displaced Freddie susser OK while excuse me excuse or go check this place out. And the guy wrote the thing for you Saturday said it was the best of all fast food French Fries you know what you might be right real head ware is Freddy's if there's two locations as one and they both just open just in this year they want on Germantown parkway and others Albrecht somewhere. But it somewhat smaller chain out of Kansas that of I guess she state handshake Qaeda paying that are similar but he locked the Saint Louis stop concrete site. And so burgers and Fries in the you know multi JBoss on the Fries were really good play and was on Krispy well wolf faulted like I excellent. It plus back for a place that you mentioned in the course of this is cook out which my friend Margie and Otto says he would he brought some into the office the other day. I'd never heard of cook out I guess we have a window out of yeah Denver's when the well that that would just open a new union but the cookout or nom Highlander. Open. A year ago earlier this year and that was like the happening and our callers backed up down the street then little day with eight total love cooking out all the super cheap. Here's the thing Coca weird. Is this like incredibly cheap any of these big these huge milk shakes for two dollars or whatever it is and why. So super cheap and it has Rebecca flame grilled pace a skeleton back yard border and a thing there but was weird about it is like you get these combo is a factor burger and Fries. With that what your ordered her Friday and some other side. And the side item options are like that she's hasten the and that's quite that is like I have a border a burrito on the side if it's really truly weird message brilliant if there alienating its tasty it's very Homer Simpson asked if the homework. Of Homer Simpson was daydreaming about a fast food. A restaurant and this is what it mattered as as it is tasty it was okay. Certainly good good good value gently shaking his head vigorously is that's evolved more super cheap. And perfectly acceptable. OK so there's Freddy's and cook our Chris 22 days fielder reed. But about which I didn't even begin to get into is up over commercial appeal I've tweeted that out and the 901. As well Chris you talked Amanda. 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The great would look in the mirror. And we know thank the problems I would squarely back through the glass to you that this is they. A team team team. Radio show. And you hear last Friday you check I can't you have to guide me yeah we're there to guide have publicly shaming her I didn't have that I was lucky my own devices and just like. If you look at being so little. Here's what my hope was for this for this segment yes. My hope was that off responded you're making on millions of voucher. Filling that that you would get through the season without having squandered a thousand pounds which is an easy thing to do share. And we are only. Two games away. Is that right and two weeks and weeks away we've got this weakening moderates say you gotta get this week and AM next week and then my view of you reaching threatened if there's more money last year at that point. You know I'm not so it will get a decent week this week you could discriminated for you this could be your last will yet this is this is custer's last then this is this is that this is probably likely to go to a 30 you're dead. Now I get to and three I'm still locked I've reviewed one of four or an unmarked border durum at that that fits the Marlins go acts against the wall. So out. The backs against the wall next we'll give in just a second let's review last week's carnage what happened let's sparkle would one lead. South Carolina minus six. They were hosting. Florida Florida I'd believed had quit and they didn't really disappoint even though is unfunny one you're right you look Smart enough. And that was so Smart now. That's they crushed after. And then we should stop right there isn't there. But it won't work hard decision on a solidarity over therefore let's start first of Michigan State Michigan State was Casey eighteen points on the road at Columbus. I believe Ohio State scored a 148. Points. That was nowhere like that was like a 45 to seven game that at no point was Michigan State even threatening what was your thinking where did you go wrong and I wanted points and I just don't believe in Ohio State. And so and I thought maybe I thought Michigan State defensively would be able to be sent out enough yet to begin only. I thought that was not a stupid that I wasn't here but we're okay by then I was catching twelve points. Twelve points for Iowa against Wisconsin. And Wisconsin won like 38 to fourteen I don't think I was scored on offense the entire day. By digging with the same same thing by an ugly game the big he got a lot of points and then not great teams in the you don't really run away. You don't believe in what was cast member I don't believe not I can't fault if reader does go ahead OK and then I definitely I would say my best pic of the week torture minus 20. Against Auburn I think Auburn. One. 45000. Dollars seven always loved Bob arming you decide when George all along and finally the game that. Hurt the most because to pursue personal fouls that cost me on this one Alabama laying thirteen happy intensity statements we've taken to the south. The you you gave the point I I laid thirteen and a half points and style Lehman did not cover ethnicity say it was quite a surprise. I can't fault you for those that there are people by the way that we just as previously but are people actually bet on what you bat right. I do not advocate that but if you wanted to if you wanna have you guys after their responsibility. Because we ask that question before end. People tweeted back that yes we follow Jefferies advised it is funny I actually care more about. What I am yes I care more about what I'd pick here because I'd better at all. Right but I care more about these bad doesn't do your reputation on right BP blood. I mean I I'd definitely buy myself carry you doing better yourself this year than you on the show this year. If you would have asked me for weeks ago yes if you would ask me today we know you're doing better on the show yes. I got murdered. Where does one if one wants that warehouse Wanda. So they don't say how like how does one find some of them which completely is it of neighborhood bookie is an on line or one day there are now now there are web sites that. Basically. Placed money for you in offshore betting to play our place without you what you do. There's that but then there are plenty of Pete like even when a DM me a note got mine is somebody. So you can do if indeed it did exactly that way you can pay out not in a foreign parents aren't so. It's. We call those redemption week. Yes and here we go strap on let's go let's start first this I want as many points as humanly possible. Speak university of Louisiana and Munro is catching 37 points against Auburn. Teams that are thirty point pay her thirty point underdogs and more are covering it basically seventy something percent. So give me the war aux and 37 because I think Auburn is just going to try in his skate on Saturday they wanna make sure no one's heard. Ever once healthy they've got a bigger one coming up next matters. 37 and a half. It could be 37 and a half I have to yes but in general hotels in Vegas are built by people betting favorites. Now let's get in some really really good stuff here it would waived by the way you should other longevity in the desperate. He goes to games that you don't even know exist yes that's what that means a good yes a year out lets get something really tasty how about two and a half points tonight with UNLV. You get them here and I'm we're not hitting two and a half point and I would you know be because the church says they lost to BYU last Friday night playing here. Want. The their flight to Mexico. God you're only getting two and a half yes that is unheard that this was actually on TV so let the bad road for me this week and what's your theory here. So I UNLV. Basically they lost to BYU. Last week it's an overreaction line. And New Mexico's speaks. And you know he's actually pretty decent at throwing the football where New Mexico is really pour it is stopping people from both in the also years and you're getting to your getting so UNLV. Correct plus two I have against New Mexico when you're third. It's kinda it's time to really get ugly get down and dirty. I want the under an army and north Texas it's 58 points give me that under sweat that bad boy our remaining move north tax says. 58 points yeah. Under why. Because both teams are going to run out the clock and on this. I'm saying that are under usually let people bet over us and the blunders as part of I'd now let's hear some really good stuff here. How about Louisiana Tech minus seventeen playing the worst team in all of college football that would be the miners of the University of Texas at El Paso. That's Louisiana thirteen minus seventeen yeah against you tapped yes. And number five and number five. Sometimes you're feeling a little down and you need you need somebody pick you up you got to really look to your country. I want to USA minus five against Georgia southern some diplomats say Jeffrey that sound was Emma but now it's actually USA. So south Alabama. Minus five yeah. Vs film Georgia southern another horrific triple Baltic. All right so ladies and gentlemen he really went to some headliners. Headliners the Polly and Nate to sum up. And this is desperation weight and this is his finest choices people who. Louisiana around minus. Getting 37. Against Robert. UNLV. Getting two and a half against the maximum. Army in north Texas the under 58 the over under 58 feet beyond there. Louisiana Tech gives seventeen. Against you captain. And USA USA and otherwise none of the University of South Alabama. Give five. Against Georgia Georgia southern. Next time we come back there's really this is this is. This elimination game. It is one of those Angela rushing game backs against the bucks everyone's available in the bullpen as athletic as is okay this is game seven everyone's available. It's actually game six but you're down you're you're down. You're already lost three but if you win game six ever knows that what's it gives evidence that anything can navigate those eight actually right so. Let's go to the games the people of heard of getting the games that you didn't tie yeah. A look at the ball strategy SMU Memphis what's the current spread Kurt line is twelve. I am taking. I am. I am. I'm taking SMU plus the points. I tuned taking us and you plus the points it's even though I know that as winds let out this this game scares the economy even though just met this is actually did a pretty good cash cow for me just after like week. After like week for. They really have been they've been pretty predictable pretty dependable. Fight the problem is silliness and you and I actually agreed Margie not a I actually think if this game or last week I would be more inclined is said and just roll with a beautiful evening bits and a lot of teams all five they're playing super hot like it just takes a while find your rhythm again SMU men they were flying stadiums they don't have yes or what navy did Madeleine. And it gave a field goal that would get if you had the guy who's running into the end zone yes. Even many he was running out into the end zone left seconds laughs whatever was. And instead of running into the end zone. And the game was tied down forty to forty I forgot how much time was left in Ireland anyway the game as it moved closing minutes. Whatever he was running into the hands of and he collapsed as a shocking but the one. And so he kicked the can get an eighteen. Yard field goal right thing is though it was a new kicker like it was a it was a new kicker it would it would. It's out of the other guy was injured or whatever else that's how a dangerous thing to do. It's one thing if you have. Take Elliott as fast. Any of that it's a kick. Put it is it that you can barely read very rarely see anyone do that this is people think the safety of whatever what if we saw that earlier this year. What that was really. It shows you how little faith navy has and their defense this year and if you think about like well that's through the night that what you want anything I just wanted at that point. I actually agree with the move like if you can't make that field goal. And you would much rather. Let me there's a much better chance than you taking any kicking an eighteen yarder than there is and that one is stopping us and you could just move the ball well right. OK so I'm not I do think Memphis when I have some hope Memphis land but I'm gonna pay gas and you plus the twelfth. Wisconsin Michigan once. Currently a seven point line and I actually want Wisconsin I think Wisconsin they actually are very very solid football. I I think I think I'm with you it pains me. We'll think about this jacket that was constantly yes it's in Madison and they got some of proof is there no one really believes and many of them improve them and there are solvable in Michigan has not. Machines ate into they've gotten beaten a single team that has a winning record this year. That is unbelievable the combined eight games playing out of a power five schedule and you have noted in America right. Because I mean normally the Big Ten everybody has a winning record your planned visit largely on a librarian he there's just. It's unbelievable night Tennessee LSU. Tennessee LSU I am this file this is the mincing game of the week I am really. Really scared because by 90% of the monies on LSU but I think since he's just flat out quit fifteen and a half. Inside the U minus fifteen and wrap on the roads. I am a little bit scared of the interim coach. Angle but by the fired up we re winning and we are sick of what am I right behind it the problem they have they quit because they sock. Pit stop with the kids that really can't score and the other big deals like what Tennessee quote unquote does well is stop the pass. But like 300 yards against the run about a I don't really side has somebody's house you I don't know LSU minus fifteen and have all of them all messed. And I am the senator mentioned one whole list this is almost at the over in this somebody's I don't think either defense can stop either offense but me audio work the other runners up 68 right now and what. The spread is actually all this is favored by two and a half. I don't know I don't know wives and I just want to point here I have I have liked he liked. This isn't even like a gut player because you're basically going in and it points right at a team that's going a little bit right neither team to stop the other basically we're banking on is like to meet texting and defense is a little bit better than all mrs. And almost as if I actually decent amount bettered only NN plus two. I want I am so there. I think they'll do that through Arkansas and sadistic. Or is on the city state land mine it's eleven and a half out of here in the states on the road Arkansas is about as bad as awful pulled him aside mercenary disturb over there on everything Kentucky Georgia and Kentucky I think Georgia I think Georgia does to Kentucky what Ohio State last week did emission standards and it has a sort of water with a lot of the points and that's when he wanted to have. Apparently. But you don't have enough conviction about any of those. Not put them in your five. I I feel I feel you really good about that one of these they're actually bet. Wisconsin Michigan SMU Memphis Tennessee LSU Ole miss. NM Arkansas Mississippi State Kentucky Georgia weirdly I think Kentucky Georgia he's today. Well I think it's also that line it's trying to entice you like you see there between one half points is so much Heidi I think they're trying to entice you to take Kentucky and I think Georgia's capsule will lead a border and I. I sincerely hope you are an area. I'm fine with me. If not election next. There's not allowed Johns piece yeah fondness for sat down now next week if you want to that's something we got to start right so only vaguely Hocking an investment what you have but what's your truck or. Where the good pending. You could survive another few weeks if we put them through a good morning that tractors and unify distract from Obama's you've got a flat screens there'd there'd be nice I guess I get to Riviera to flats are crossed what else could we not out of a kind of grilled. Don't want your girl okay policy I've got a very very scared to death black lab is how about jewelry yourself. Not months. Modular I know jewelry. Any. How about hunting them what hunting stuff Jeff you got honey we know you don't hunt. And enough and I'll show you enough about the apocalypse I got some golf but I got a brand is set him Zito. Missouri so we can get for the us. All Motorola should get four figures right now. Probably the bottom they're real they're relatively net. For the than he gave you a thousand dollars up for my gulf of segregated south you can you can go out and put Obama. We get a thousand dollars yeah over NAFTA that's that's our next thing that brightens the look this up on eBay and gently but we'll start Arkansas right if you go to. I think it's fair if he's the only guy that says it doesn't make it the next week Jeff cells Geoffrey stone. We'll be back composed of dark insurer Fannie cnnfn news capitol. I know these days 5 AM till 9 AM. It's. Your belly come away. Unhealthy for diabetics. Told by your primary care doctor or lose my girls play if I told diesel is a compound Saturday as much as thirty pounds and thirty days completely healthy and without any exercise. Hi I'm doctor Keith on a day of heavy trying to programs and just didn't work did you put the weight back on. 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Now pound five to nine on yourself John Wall that's all. 29 FM 688 AM on the WM FS and 929 espn.com. This is there's. Here SCN. Yeah. Yeah I'm proud of Charlotte ran this baby up. It's the closing arguments presented by ten ration Memphis I've been doing that today I want executed anyone is. Titans. They're putting him last night allegedly. That did not go well not single Marcus Murray and obviously that was you can't judge mark Spurrier on the last night which is the first time in his career. He threw four picks some of them absolutely. Hideous but. There are some excitement after the Bengals went last send them they came in here. They laid the proverbial like I don't think this is a. Air a year to judge him not for the the age factor I just think they've given his injury given the fact that their benefit you concussion issues like if Marcus Marietta isn't able to. Have the element of Ronnie until they've clearly told him hey I've given this like it's not it's not the full packet right that's not you know it's like saying you know what do you. Is Michael Vick can only was Michael Vick only quarterback when he was just in the pocket. Not console play faked and you know we never could I yeah I don't know Marcus Marriott ever will be able to be the other thing that was striking is. The pro sports team that was supposed to be modeled after. Tell us just cowboy yes. Where they were going to be were able to run for a million yards and beat you love him and then. And and countless yeah and best off a second a stuff on the line of football etc. They had 21 attempts 52 yards last night Russian. In fairness I do think that's an interesting question about the Dallas Cowboys because we saw last the last Vasily it's also the as I said last year's double espresso Daly asked without Zeke I mean good god and and they couldn't on the football last week either against the Dallas. Yes I. Our defense is still good like let's not kid ourselves sitting did you get under the as you can really would be like you never saw perpetually good fast. OK Adam silver who has gone to the at and NCAA to start talking about. Get rid of the one and done rule. Obviously the NCAA has nothing to do with so people understand it they can't make. Players stay for more than one year they can't tell players they can't comment can only stay from under me are subject to the NBA's rules on this. And the NBA can only do have a collective bargaining with players you can't just. That you can't just it's just gonna pass the rule you've got to reach it through collective bargaining agreement because that's what would protect it from. Get in the way it's a little bit in antitrust lawsuit yes so. So it's up to the India and but if the NBA. If the NBA it it isn't just think of I think the NBA's interest fundamentally. Are opposed to the NCAA is interest in its bid the the NBA. Doesn't want kids coming directly from high school because it likes to say. The ability to watch a three year in college. And be the ability for them to grow something of a reputation and name and brand while they're in college so you can understand why the NBA. Hasn't been. Willing to ditch the one in general but now they apparently are. And I am in favor of that I think it will be sedated and at times the vast system is baseball system whereby view. You can go to pat you can go to don't want him. Formed. If you don't learn from it then you're in college four of 23 years what do we wanna make and there's even an annoyance seat like if you don't like maybe you're kind of in between you and your high school senior that maybe got injured in your not gonna get the money he wanted. You can go to ju co and basically you can get did you go for a year and then putting it I can handle it that's fine too but you you can't go if you decide to go to college. You can't leave after legally we set out it's your age requirement. But you can't you go to your whatever but I can't go once she made that decision. And added it would help for kind of day it would it would. Make him make a little bit college gospel lesson for sure because you wouldn't have kids who literally literally go for a whole year. Because the bail it out as soon as the season passes to go do workouts and stuff. So you it would it would make college a little bit less of a charade. And it would build some continuity. And college basketball which is desperately missing right now and you miss what eight kids whatever ago. 810 kids who go and that would change really the nature of college about a little to improve college basketball and so I am all for a and I do. Hope it. Pass. Nice this is nice for other commercial appeal today. About a teacher and milling ten. Who won at 25000. Dollars. Because of all her good work was from the Milken Family Foundation. Talking about the importance of teachers and senator give an unrestricted Jeff. For 25000 dollars. That's great she's one of two teachers honored in the state of Tennessee. Who who got that gift fabulous. At the same time however. This tax bill and you can argumentative person that's all you want and I'm not whatever. It's just shoot one of the things that it does. Right now. Teachers who all the time reaching their own pockets to buy paper. All kinds of stuff my books buy stuff for their classified Leno the teachers are underpaid. And with the money of which they're underpaid they take a good chunk of that and they spend it on their kids. Now they're allowed to at least deduct up to 250 dollars of they can show receipts for everything else shared they spent 250 dollars on educating their children they can deduct 250 dollars. The attacks kill adult really eliminates that deduction. And so far from a saw star that is absolutely. Absolutely. Criminal OK and then finally. It was kind of a signature day at the commercial feel yesterday because. I have been there for. 22 years or caimans. Started making 96. And and I realized David williams' former sports editor former columnist. Is going to saint Jude and yesterday was his last that. He has served unbelievable writer I'm. Incredible professional. Him as just another. I don't see one of the job that I have he didn't get it he held it against me for about a year. And then we've worked together I think with a mutual respect and I couldn't respect him more for everything he's done this community and a commercial appeal. But when he laughed I realize. That every single person now in the sports department. Who was there when I joined 22 years ago. Is now I'm the last one standing. And here's some of the names and I don't know if you all know any of these names you'll most some of them. And I see this but a lot of names since the damn Balkans and Scott cast year old brain. And Candiotti. And whatever else nobody here got in here are people who work I once worked with all of whom this was the staff when I got there. John stand Gary Robinson Geoff grant. Mike accorsi Zach McClellan Ron Higgins Larry rays Bobby hall fills duke aboard nation Juan. Phil Frazier Larry starts Thomas Harding David Boyd David Williams ten Jones. Greg Haney cloudy Irvin Steve Smith. Tony card. John get out so Thom McDaniel. And that was it now the 23 names that I just mentioned. I've gone I've got some great colleagues now sure and I mean I'd be we talk all the time on the show remark about Sony's unbelievably good and Chris Harrington of and gentiles until you check it out over time but there's only. There's four of the worst prime. That was 24. That is how times have changed yeah I was lucky to have worked and that sports department I'm lucky to still have. But it was a it was kind of a bracing day last yesterday to realize that I am. The last one standing from that from their troops back in 1996. A lot of really fantastic journalists. In their group and so whoever robbed of a plot along and says laws against but it's been a blast at what's left. Here's the bite of the day or Jeff yesterday at this video is going viral this is the rams these Los Angeles rams. All doubles and people were going nuts because they're so young they're so hip and here so cool. I outlets here I'll let. They don't want you. Long okay. Hey Rick flair and require. Great player I don't know what it knows that he's that's fantastic so you wouldn't know it you know law. All the analysis here is what's coming up next is I can tell you for certain jobs. The return of Harvard report late trivia today. Five when he. On the Gary pair showed get fired up yet we've not done for awhile but it does appear that we are both in town and that we both feel like doing it so we will do our reform life. Today I join you GPS five and have a lake at 5:20 am by all means. Join. Join me at the Liberty Bowl Mara as Memphis plays one of the biggest games. In its history so to try to get out we gotta get out here we will be back on Monday but for now work here. Twice more than you ever thought it could be our own country for himself even just. First thirty days of their year end sales of now until the end of November country portable one. Other rebate plus 0% for somebody to plug every new 2017. Ford car plus overhead. 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