Hour 1 with guests John Martin and Ken Roberts

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Tuesday, January 23rd

Geoff Calkins opens his Tuesday show by discussing the dilemma that the Memphis Grizzlies present for him -- he cannot enjoy games anymore. He asks callers for advice on how to approach the rest of the season. Next, Geoff welcomes John Martin back to the show to discuss the Grizzlies, WWE's Raw 25, and the allegations against Enzo Amore. Then, the first hour concludes with Ken Roberts, the father of Jackson (the MUS alum and Furman lacrosse player who lost his life in a tragic accident), calling the show to offer some words to Geoff about his column and thoughts about Jackson and his teammates.


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Orix subject to court approval rating includes a zero point 5% ought to be just comfortable only when you slipped Arnold they've got a loan funding terms and conditions apply and offers are subject to change without notice his poetry dot com for important information about limits on the extreme loans and Cindy funding. WM FS is an issue important to deal with this man says. West Tennessee and east Arkansas never since the station. I never NBA's. He sports columnist area. Is the award winning Jeff cook him. And no Geoff Calkins show. 929 SO. ESP yeah. That day. In which college players have done their underwear and get measured. How would you like that. Today air when I was 41. Even did this today just today what we're gonna do as little item number one from 929 FM yes mom. Down the Irish give these. And though they step on a scale. And how molesters go to watch. And those go low low low end and no call on our height and weight. And then we'll turn side was being back ordered all that. It'll be thrill I've were going to be in the top half of the police fat. Top half of the lease and that. So I think. Evans and bettors DeVon and Jon are in better shape than I am you know why it would not as a group yes we're not that disgusting. For actors portray yes move for sportswriter yes. We're not that bright fat or not that back don't want you would look at and just say that's a fat person. That's fair. Attribute that gives an expert. Yes of the countless young ladies and gentlemen. Today on the show we have. Jeff Burton's gonna be that we we had to doing you'll switcheroo switcher because Gary Parrish would normally be able to this on Tuesdays. But he is flying yes that is the start scratched he would have yet had to be had to start pushed back neat and so John Martin. Who is normally rubber arm on. Let's correct. Is gonna be on Tuesday and Gary Lola Tuesdays will be on Wednesday is hoping you can handle that. Disruption. Two year radios scheduled to a marvel coming here. A minute let's just as well blended talked about wrestling but I understand and I doubt some rustling of matter less side also some bad news about my man and zone Acker. So. So we can talk about that among other things and you come to Jeff got a show of wrestling talk and you will not be disappointed. To. Dead. Chris Harrington will join us on the show to dad and I and I wanted to add on he joins everything about it angelic Jordan turns publisher are. To date his first appearance I believe. On the Geoff Calkins. Shop so those are the things those who have the folks who couldn't who are going to be joining us today. Things we will be talking about. Well let's get right to. I will tell you that's. I am its struggling to debt. And most troubling. Because I said down to watch that game last night the Memphis Grizzlies and the 76. And well let's. There's this duke I Mike Henry. If you've never heard of like pandering. That's understand. 'cause. He came right out of the blue the Oklahoma City blows you might say the G league team. Signed by the grizzlies. And last night might spelled with a why it isn't and single handedly. Sparked bigger and I think he's single handedly lifted eagerly for the when there are others who were complicit in that as well. Mostly the 76ers I'll be honest with ya but. But Mike Henry. Was awesome and before we get to what I am struggling with Obama just for a moment. Can we celebrate like him. What the University of Illinois. Toyota. You must. And there's a seven on the shot clock hairs and his holding. Floor on the shot clock sort of baseline he's only have score Henry hasn't fired a three is Saturday. Hi good Bruno first bucket grizzly uniform congratulations you. This is Portland and find out why haven't I write like first pocket that would have been fine but we'll try to sneak away. It's as if there's one thing you did even slightly above the muscles of the mighty rust bucket yeah Andrea Harris at seven on the shot clock pairs of his holdings. The shot clock sort of baseline until and a score Henry has been fired a career. Good to you America doing OK the least excited right. Another thing orbiter for like his ten day contract leaping toward yes. Ruling it out more I might like night my money on rebound right Baghdad area attacks the basket for the man. It's damn sure Mike can create a little balance of the rookie staff who have ability golf club is about. Not freaking soul. Right side Amazon feed to do so only a picking out the left wing Mike Henry a voice of three prepared to bring up. Available or for my candidate is second triple. Likewise hitters is good she won't. And it's just another the rap right corner Henry another dream I think it's. I can't carry rookie out of the home. Mile and a little bit he's got dive off the bench. Eleven off the bench as you say hey attorney who added Tucker earlier start to become a little little fan favorite fans love guys like. Hopefully we'll. Fans are pumped. And head of that why. But okay so what really in my game and finished with twelve points because we get back to feed the 76ers. In game seven sixers. Just threw theirs and Africa why. Please did try though at the end that it doesn't get the very image that he's trying to really a David David David heroes effort they did at the end the the the they grizzlies. Or twenty points off turnovers. In the fourth quarter alone. Twenty points off court turnovers in the fourth quarter alone. Outscored. The sixers off turnovers. 221. That is twenty to one in the fourth quarter. And that's basically. Why the grizzlies. One. And why the grizzlies now find themselves they've down done by the way they've they've gone and African gun that they are now ahead of they have passed. They're tied for the lakers. At six or seven from the bottom. At this point they are no longer a bidding. First second third anywhere in there they are tied with the with the lakers. Sixth and seventh from the bottom may have been passed by the Sacramento Kings. By the Dallas Mavericks. By the Phoenix Suns they are tied with the lakers also worse Ben bella also better than Orlando. And then the Atlanta Hawks so they have gone into the. But I'll take a limestone. Because of threes. Just a look at how to do with us really in the end. I found myself last personally good for all the fans who were enjoying themselves because it was as these things go out. It was kind of a fun when it. And you couldn't understand Mike Henry was so happy. Underdog bounced around like should be happy for my country. And the fans in the building about Eric may have sounded tepid. In the way he called the game fans were not if they they were into it it would totally at a red it was father grandfather. And I hated it. Because meanwhile I was sitting there are regular people on Twitter. About a ten. The first thought I can't believe there are still people left. Argue about. Argue with on Twitter and I cannot believe that's odd year there'll always be people argue with a monitor that. About all of this about this there'll always no matter what the topic is there'll always be someone that will argue and when they. I have marshaled the arguments here the arguments that they throw that guide the the anti Ted did take I'd arguments I think I have a mall got Tommy if I miss our. The grizzlies are lousy drafting anyway. Getting tied. That that that blue that's one good these are lousy draft and anyway. I concede the grizzlies are lousy at draft just this once upon a time Golden State Warriors were lousy at drafted. They drafted. Page or go. Like yeah I do and Patrick O'Bryant. And a golf oil and all the lottery pick and then. Did they stop drafting forever and ever did all were terrible drafting we below longer care about the draft. Know that kept drafting and they'd have stepped curry Klay Thompson and driven great. So. Eddie even to the extent that you don't trust Chris Wallace with the tech on I trust him more with the three picked the candidate jerk right. So to me it's it is just stupid argument lousy draft the end. Number two fans can't be expected to root against their own team. Okay fine Chris Jenkins taking care this one forming it through every alone. Root for whoever you want it doesn't matter it doesn't it you won't you root for doesn't change anything doesn't change. Who's going to win we're through we want weren't in actual phone OK or whoever you want. I'm. I do think the phrase things wrong name when I am wishing that the grizzlies lose lost less that I'm not rooting against. I'm rooting for them right turn. Brett I'm not rooting against the world the same side here exactly we just this item up I. They're trying to create a scenario where we blow the franchise not read an internship from our Seattle Saturday tomorrow I'm able whatever I just actually. Have a strategy at. I'm capable of something more than instant gratification the rescue like that and two year old kids in that. Lollipop now even though it's a crappy lollipop it's been on the ground a couple of dog yeah. I would like. Like that's what I'm woods what are they lied so I would like about a lifetime supply of them fresh beautiful could you collapse GAAP and so. And I have to win few minutes to get it I will do so. That's that third. I'm losing creates a losing culture. You don't pitch a losing culture. That players cradle losing culture the San Antonio Spurs were worst we did the had a miserable year. Miserable year then adapted Tim Duncan. How did that losing culture stick around actually did not even less than entire year didn't stick around at all if they're good players you won't have a losing culture if you are bad players Bledel is in culture. Stupidest argument ever. I don't judge Kara deliver for. Is high it picks are no guarantee of anything. I have said this for a million years it's when people say. What they used to say blow up the team because finishing seventh the rate isn't good enough I would sat. I Pixar guarantee of anything being in the latter isn't editing thing. Look at Orlando look at the lakers look at William wandering out of the desert forever. Let's go and that's why it won aboard the team to get that now they bet it's Dodd it's over that bad. And so it wasn't a choice to get bad it was a choice once or. Had just be a couple games worse that's all I'm saying outfit with a guarantee I'm insane it's the only way because they did at the otherwise. By some miracle found Zach Randolph and that does not happen again does not the way to build friendships are two ways of franchise. Bring in stud free agents there ain't gonna happen draft really important. So that's the only way to happen and so it's not a guarantee that it'll happen but I guarantee that you don't get good players and that it's not gonna happen. Stupid argument last one I do you want to do good I want to expect the players don't play heart of course that players should play her coach should go coach. No one has said that. I hear that all the time he really think players should play hard course not. Position player coach coach taking the job management yes. It's in your point it's why you get rid of every 100% any. Q it's worse because. Now I can't even be at our but the point now where I really can't be happy for Tyreke can be happy Friday when it's so here's the bigger than issue are getting to last night. So I'd say they're watching this. Getting grumpier and grumpier. I should be happy for Tyreke Memphis kid should be happy for Mike Henry having a moment of his life. I shouldn't be arguing with grizzlies fans are illicit and yet it's just ruining everything and I also acknowledged by the way. Bet. They're talking about the tank on the radio is that nearly as much fun as it was talking about beating. There. San Antonio Spurs was on the radio yeah it's just not. And so I'm just. I sort of resolved last night. To stop the same way that I stopped caring about the Buffalo Bills that's what I do I like. That caught I caught our eyes the pain by just not watching. And pretending I don't know they're on. And whatever. I think that's what I'm gonna have to do. People I can't just root for the team I can't it'll actually get myself to do that. I'm not there I can't emotionally. Force myself to root for went that's it the same guy. My question. I have like a lame example summons you wanna column 535377653537. Times. How do we make it through this. Season the restless. How are you making it through the rest of the season. How should I make it through the rest of the season. 'cause I find that sitting there on the couch. Arguing with grizzlies fans who want the best toward the gorgeous glory and victory. Is not. Fall. Well we have practically. An entire half season. To go we have Ana season to go. So the question it is. Well on the radio. On this show. Do you want us to talk about today should I I'm how do we make it through this is weird. And it's and it's weird because there there are also screwing it up so completely. At this point. And so what is your strategy. For making it through the rest of the year we have not faced a year like this in a long long time. Seven straight years of playoffs. And so what is the way that we. Handle lists and make it grow what do you think about the idea that. Nobody ever said this was going to be an easy tank Jeff what if what if this is like are trying time this is the time when. In the reverse like it looks the darkest because like so with a giant drivable the Super Bowl yeah the giants won the Subaru yes. This is when they lost the one of the three games in a row yes for getting it together yes to whatever this is the not yet this is what this is like being down like that that the New England Patriots came down to Atlanta what was the score waited for question. That's what I get three the moment we tied together as Tom Brady doubts about Tom Brady. I if you have thoughts on how we get through this 53537. Seven since it slowed. Raised race could yet the other titular type O sir re Iran. I'm afraid that statement called affinity in that you got to approach it even now with optimism we've been alienate the whole time. When might come back in 2018 and likely back last night albeit on. Okay. The great years were trying to live arm and so you know dropped a tank okay come out about lumber. Hibernation is over. MR Putin for the eight feet. I that it deli six and half games out right. I am your gold you U relationship skiers and say make the miracle run. To the playoffs I should I ship. As we need one. Why not. Might want. Why not why not why not boss. That's very good I guarantee I appreciate it why not so believable I finished. Oops the the register. We got we got Michael why. We got tight read. I think why not us. Is the way to go I clicked Clinton Era. I after the governor Clinton are. It dirt sand that we are not as bad. All all the blue what you won't polls Paul won't all the little. And we can make a miracle run and the city could come under. Out of Oklahoma let's let's just check hold them let's just see where we are I think there's six and a half I am I don't think there's much of chance like for example here's what I actually think it's happening. Is that I think they are. Their roster looks so bad. That what is happening is. And what happened last night let's be honest they were down big to the sixers and people are taking them for granted and then you. Have these hustling bunch of kids which is kind of inspirational right there like every other line out. Is that don't know the moment there and introduce our special. And you got Dylan Brooks or whatever but in order for that to happen the read the reason that's happening like can be easily beat the knicks that last week. Was to the next came in here and just don't give a flip and you look at the roster they have a hard time getting up I think we're now to the point where people are taking you seriously. And so a scrappy bunch of hard working players. Can go ahead and steal wins. I don't honestly think that you could steal enough wins to catch at this point it's Denver is the last. Is the last playoff spot in U. Six and a half games behind Denver but. But no I think they're pretty bad but but but but I like the theory I appreciate it. Thank all of these 53776. Why not us why. Not us we go to move. Jared. And a look at the other wanted to wanted to launch until I was protected seeded Alina thank legally we are and all of its wholly owned it. No you make it play out. You want it you want I'm so tell me again. Ideological and all of Titanic has seen it. They just let it be. We're four that's what we're fortunate. That's who we are fortunate I. To break up if 377653537. Settlements and I. I got confused there where you take a break now and come back with John because John Martin is is wondering in. I am and so now. Befuddled about whether to go pro tank or pro playoff. That. That that I am I'm caught in the switch between. We'll try to solve this the John Marten. In a moment also on the show Chris Harrington is gonna join us. 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Did four different checks. OK self. I don't wanna talk about this much EE and evil watched these hugely well what do you think of Washington moved Mike and Mary go off last. Why god. That's what I as they think. You know that's a that's the only thing more of them among his wife got just like watching it slip through your Obama isn't up my buddy back I think had the perfect week when confided in my home trying to please go ahead of global others whistle here all all dull -- like a baby on don't know is something that allowed. I found out about it whistler yeah. You don't have eased and has won today. Are you may have to do that later in the show you guys do that but for now I got this week. What is that my buddy Beckley at its last night there's something 'cause quickly Memphis. About letting a player on a ten day contract catch fire and lead you to an unwanted victory over the team who laid the blueprint. We're trusting the process. Yeah Jeff Freeman the same point like it they went up against a that the folks who mastered it. You know what I try to do it anymore that's the thing they're not trying to do that and weather Channel 8 what's actually happening here. Is I think we hit upon a red before that at the break what will what's happening here is. Teams think the grizzlies. Really stink there. So they'll they'll they'll take seriously do not they are at a little bit of a bunch of scrappy. Tech guys on a ten day. If you hit a couple shots and never got Tyreke who's good like the other one or two players mark if he's engaged but because just ought even gave the labor contract. And so they're like a mini got a few guys who just. Hit some shots all sudden. Sixers looking up. In its that'd be an uptrend. Rather down death and then and then it's done this is not about the further remand of the team also said why don't we now that the go ahead issued for the play actually six and a half back. May be you got Mike backed different Mike that was the theory that was suggested Iran. I real Mike why not I'll see with a might play out right and I get why I am not off that's what blitzers came up about that catchy slogan very NY. I reeks of why do not us. But I think that would be fine if you were good. I hate to say and I do think by the way that the young players have made real progress also think. There's a reasonable argument. RJB Vickers and we talk about this last week on our show. You know you gotta just give him a three year contract because there's nobody that you could bring in its gonna be. Definitively better than Jack Vickers I mean the roster is not good he's to a good job he's what a fine job you've got to the play hard you've got to give him some job security because. As as those mentioned and that way he can be on their there are too many agendas Tony's short term agendas at play here there there are conflicting goals here so. Prefer for the front office. I think there are Smart enough to know that our our best weight through is to just. Never win a game again this season because we wanna maximize our bracket one part of Bagley. And that way in theory you can bridge this year turn into another long playoff or if you got the superstar. Berg for all on the other side though you have Tyreke Evans on a one year contract try to get paid you got JD bicker staff. You know basically on a know your contract trying to get a job and then you've got this duke game. I hit are you gonna hit their contract try to play like eBay as it should be exactly in the Obama blaming them for that but I mean you have to understand it's organization. You you have stand JB yeah came over the long term plan. There's nothing he could have done that was more long term the plane Mike Henry. I mean it's like well there's there's not a primary on just it's a total last night a total grizzlies moving slowly gets. Bounce they have every reason and every they'd they'd look like a team that should lose every game. Instead they've won three of four. Like get his feet total grizzlies existence it is just. And they're gonna end up this and this is but this is my life is this is my life as a Buffalo Bill fan oh yeah people's enemy. It's a put us as I was honored this is it's okay this is what had just what losing kobasew would be an bills fan. Does Hewitt makes you root for losing above bubble now be at the bills there. Makes you realize the finishing seven and nine there's no profit in it whatsoever read bill's very seldom pick one. Or two they picked six or not. I'm with the pick nine and ten and Dick quarterbacks yet nine and ten that's who they tend to do. Cornerbacks are good senior quarterback right quarterback in a sewer a quarter is gonna get this a ball. There is just like in the NFL there's no profit. In. You can hit me find their regular gas at fiddler is he a much better chance Fineman and Rogers in the NFL and NFL draft. They need do a finding the air at 22 or every respect the economy and fragile yet equivalent in the NBA draft. Exactly and what did you. Like I mean you didn't die and if we're talking about the ineptitude this front office when it comes to draft picks. Why would I trust and the nine when I could trust him with three I could I would I am I feel so it's hard it is his sole hard to do what they did when they dread that I seem to be they had a thread the needle so did a thread the needle and they got it. It I don't ever do it again I think they would learn from their past mistakes. Right I don't think they would draft when dale Carter three I think that would drive the other dude big. Marvin big back however basically never have that be great lasting Marvin big league it be Dow Jones favorite player but now I think. You know it's it's depressing and you cannot convince me you can I don't I get why there was a school of thought out there that loves this. That takes joy edit any of your appearance. A season ticket holder you pay your hard earned money to be down there than you know. You wanted to see it when I get would have a hard time that because I would be in the stands and still rooting formed out of you one that would outlaw. No I would that's the point if I actually purchase season ticket avenue gonna go live report no way I would look though she would. No no yeah after the games are not going to sit there and boom Mike Henry when he makes a shot. No but I wouldn't pull from both them but I I went to the MLK game. We in my heart of hearts that I wish them to win. And a dreaded yet invested. Like season ticket and an unearned run he brought the team here which it does now that I like and I did not could not yours unless it just because I'm sitting in the chair. That would not make me be happy about that the grisly about Marvin Bagley slipping through the average grip do you think today average grizzly season ticket holder now. They prefer wins I think when they're there they do I don't understand ourselves on the because they don't adult under sail look at it that could I don't and it paid they paid their thousands of dollars in damage. They're gonna get wins and they wanna play and now it's it's to me is detrimental to the interview and I'm not into you can't talk myself and do you cannot convince me this is good in any way or help to put your or don't take up yeah I got. 'cause I wanna talk about the he seemed I was a little envious of you last night. Because while I was watching Mike go crazy. You seem to be watching wrestling event of some type. I was totally dollar an hour. So I was thinking god I wish I knew it was a wrestling fan could that I can be watching wrestling instead. Rob 45 to 42 members I could be watching raw 25 it was electric. But from your. I thought I saw the tweet that said all this is doing is reminding us of how good he used to baby suggesting that at Sox net debt was last night that alas that was good. I'm I'm gonna disagree with you that my son was okay we'll give you each were in bed and all in all a whole moment and an even reached the floor. John you have one minute to explain why last night was that a mean song called be a bad. Yeah that because they had an opportunity here being that it with the 25 anniversary to really re live some of the greatest moments in broad history and and and do that through stone cold Steve Austin. Do that the rates BK they've edited and sparks they didn't do it long enough and and they filled it with a bunch of crappy matches and personalities that we don't care about. I don't think they really capitalize on what the event should have represented. I thought there were moments they got right. But he should have been an entire three hour block dedicated to the last 25 years abroad and of random 32 segments. This sounds to me like eight rock star or pop singer who comes out whenever. And plays a few of the old heads. But says not gonna bring you some of the Adam there's a million users it was let's let the new stuff that they knew Al too much evidence of no question about it right now Jeffrey tell me why his view that is wrong. Johns is that his war because John was is the point is that in Britain backed Iraq and the rock wasn't there. And I agree it would have been it was great to see the rock but they did a great job of mixing in nostalgia because the truth is. David big paper view on Sunday that they're trying to sell the royal rumble is one of the four biggest ones and so they were still trying to. Promote the event that's coming up on Sunday and so they did a really good job of mixing and like the stone calls. They they gave us twenty minutes of stone cold Vincent man shaming man that was some of the Tony best minutes I've watched wrestling probably in five years. And overall they did a good job of blending in the stall jet still saying but hey we've got this thing coming up Sunday so we've got to focus on that if. John your response three hours is too long for wrestling show a I mean that continue fit that slapped in the face every time you watch raw now. There was certainly you follow it used to be not for you to be throughout Syria doubt that privilege or they followed up that classic. Reunion with stone cold in the make may have which was great a wish don't call would have had them my time I I feel like he was owed so my time didn't get it. They followed that we'll say that would Mike around here Brett I'm archives I've always told Delaware eBay and that that we've been everywhere in my yet but they've all that that great moment out with. A women's match they they took three commercial breaks and that was back. I can't I can't have that then they get out a lot of women's match that I know but it was a women's Wear it all the worst part is so there's a lot of there's a lot of worry there's may have women's world rumble there's a lot of worry about it's gonna be a mess and last night did nothing to like relieved the fear that it's just gonna be a mess because. They gave us three segments on the last night and it was and I also hate the that'd be now because they take commercial breaks during matches because it's a three hours. If they have the exhibit. So during the match. That's the best commercial but they do it all the time it sickens me dimensions have rounds like a boxing out of its well they basically do now they take commercial break but they then used just he's not a one just they have a there was never do they indicate the break. Like this I got like one up resemble last night to stop fighting we'll know Roman rains comes give you example Roman Raines got thrown into the to the staircase by the man is he without. Cold in the late. Yeah. Could it be eight and made it a little bit harder to have been an earlier this logistically the show was also weird because it would into different. Sites it was in the Barclays center in Brooklyn and it was in the Manhattan center. A new split up. In the Manhattan senator which was the site of the first Ross so some fans got some returns and other Baines got other return of what. The ticket down the basics. What is wrong. Rod is a okay what rod like their marquee show that they they added smack down there every Monday night it's not wrong like raw every Monday night is a raw. Everyone as a rock it's like it's it's a franchise that is under its military is laughable exactly match. Ash like gum and this is the rays and five years of raw 45 years what at Wimbledon but we don't roughly 26 years ago what was that what was there that wrestling WB superstars. I don't yeah I don't know it's Saturday night during yeah we're and Anthony Singh tweeted something about you said it's something about how bad it was and he said it's been bad ever since something. Ever since WW was a some what good did he became public trade became publicly traded. Com and so they've I mean an even John Fina less than alluded to visit got to keep it PG. Because I mean it's clearly now whereas it used to be. For adults I mean it's honestly like it would that's with the attitude era was it was like eighteen to thirty year old men and now it is for. Women and children it just did it. They buy toys because they do I mean I am I had a fit that is that a from a business perspective but account for the old resident Ben and me I hated well then this spring speaking of things I hate. This brings me to a topic that I really hate. But this you know that. I may not sound like camel wrestling expert Depp as I ask question what is wrong for unemployment that sound like resting or did they are new URL you know that I have had a really close connection. To end zone cast him out of being by audible. Night not quite but close enough bottom bone reels got a relied on that one out yet. Real close relationship today declared you're certified G right they could call it right here they were sitting right here across to me. Declared and it just goes to show that you don't. Know so well okay. So it is an allegation and is that we need to add ends up vigil ends that right it isn't though Moret and sell more I 205 live champion. Mean to hash they need to. It's a woman has emerged to allege. He raped her as that's what I do it's what the act allegations. I mean I I I I do not. Condone rape whatsoever if if he is guilty of rape as you go to jail he should go to jail he should be punished to the books in the law though a few reads on the there is a there's a pretty gruesome Vito where he says. B I have one million X the Graham followers might be begging for this. Right think about what she would do with a million answer them followers. Let me start. Being. I have 60000 foot or four dollars. It doesn't hurt. I don't know wired you want a piece of the I Democrats now known. Bill you do you are proud of the Ballmer you've accumulated over the years you want. I'm slightly proud to blow my make a lot camera and has replied I didn't it's funny like you look at the Twitter followers and and like there's sometimes you just pick up. I'll pick up thirty or did he and an end all be faked the lobby legs wide of the why these kids following me well I fully half. My followers are fake I think they'd enjoy your content. That's what does I think they enjoy your grizzlies commentary. And your column I understand why that line that you say he said. Or is alleged to have sat well she also says that she was drugged by add a mixture of meth and cocaine and honestly. Com you know her story sounds legit because she reported this information to police believe contemporaneously. I believe they say exact same or that and that's what that word means yes the I'm a the I avoid that wondered and I was gonna phase of our guys understand at the time of the incident you reported it to the police pretty much immediately after and down. Get out and all the all the DNA work has been done they're just waiting on the results though. Arm you know it's it's. It's awful it's terrible and and if he abused that and if you did that. If he carry that act out and yet he should be picked up on us to the politics and the law are who we haven't irrigation today on the show. We have Steve for. He is the ET SU basketball he's got the EU you're just trying to. Pick the next future go to Memphis tiger you realize that he's won fourteen of his last fifteen and he had to replace or seniors. This year and be done you're just problematic he can you can you imagine. If Beckett did anybody ever think that you could lose four seniors for mainstays in your rotation and come back the next year and be better. Anybody can go oh yes I think. It takes time. It's across Latin. If you got a hall okay he gushed out with a little baby pig dog and many are feed their hard. And hog you don't portrait the next day yeah yet raise that hog up yeah you gotta go down and you don't want them on any feedback on any and a wait for that hard to grow and grow and grow and get some big hands on it stuff like that and only baton can you slaughtered hog I caught Jon Clark out. Yeah yeah plow the ground. Yeah and then you gotta. I got to play two seats. Many don't fertilize it water and got to let those seeds sprout. And grow and you gotta wait it's the season passes. And then only then after time passes. Can you how does the court. So here's the issue in between that term big daddy got eight. Okay. Big daddy K wait on that home. At the bottom line. You clearly have not doubles and I told you need to wait for the corn and hard. And it's up to me like Steve Forbes is just go to the store to get pulled shots well. Pretty pretty damn Smart who has made. I just skipped the metal may just doors to get the shot solid is going to do you Arlen chug on as a starter and I did the well let me get all of it. Come home. Sounds like it's housework and I let him for Emmitt. Steve Forbes I'll look for you or is quite I didn't I didn't realize I thought it was a process I thought it took years and years and years to build an invalid opinions on who you mask so clearly etched in his novel idea. That that you can have successful basketball team. When in a matter if he's a pioneer the first ever do that now. Never heard this before and I know duke is trying to play catch up to their revenge obviously never heard of them yeah I think I'm like why they're told and I understand that you can go get good players. And start win like right away. Just say Steve Forbes Stewart at bottom there confer AM ING UK. Teach that evidently you cannot. Thanks very much John Woodward here in the show I will we come back. I can Robert Coleman earlier. He's the father of Jackson Roberts. I wrote a column about him trying to end. He wanted to say some words about a silent so I think we'll do that only get back chrysanthemum and one at ten wants to go to Germany to an NFL news. This into the Gary Parrish show for Memphis basketball recruiting insider Keith Easter would he be Stewart today 42999. FM ESP NH. Still one and only GPs to. Yeah hi pat down. Local basketball experience you know Lowe's heroes and street corner clubs on 92. And it's very very. 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I am the outpouring of affection and memories for Jackson has been just absolutely overwhelming it's a kid who. When Demi has put across at Furman and very clearly one of his fans call them enough because he was that kind of a kid who. Sort of everyone wanted to be around and I know it was a from there. Emotional weekend and I can Roberts is Jackson's father and called them so can welcome to the show and I couldn't be sorry for. Your loss. Mom thank you Jeff good morning. Yeah sat down yesterday a couple of different tyrants. To write you an email it is saying Q protocol you Rhode. Yeah I'm not teach. Firm a number of differ even though it just never got through that email. Yeah. Actually decided to make an appearance at work today and I was driving you do you show who's gone and you mentioned color isn't so different when Romo picked up off. And I do that this month. My intent to order aaron's. It's thank you for that piece. Is it did not a lot means a lot to Lisa and myself. But that really. Is where are really just want to thank you for that. Dozier and them more or struggling and or struck on. And the year you. You know. Putting. Those worms. It cannot define what they care than that bad priest at a time really don't think they could do it time. I think helped now. And you know we really appreciate you you get out. For people who don't know his teammates at Furman. It Jackson. Part of being an a sports team and jets was great athlete and try to give him a sports team is. The Basra it isn't huge part of the amount sports team anyone has ever been on one knows that. And and so after he was killed the question was how to get his remains back to Memphis. And I'm and I guess it was your idea can defend everyone sort of Fata was perfect I am was for his teammates to bring them on one last bus ride and as a whole day as the as that was unfolding and someone. Texted me and said the bus is an hour away at some point I just I just don't think about those busts and that bus and the kids on that bus and I'm and I and I hope that it served the purpose that they wanted it to serve because. Obviously. It is going to be out for your family but for those young man as well. This isn't something you expect to be dealing with it it did it it was your sense that that it was it was what should have been. I do say she did it or is some help. You know these are eighteen to 2122. Year old young man up and yeah and then they'd been negative decision I'm trying longing in her way across four years at that school and here I guess was not part of the expectation. In town that's and and and so they have to process. Does and I do saying isn't. Yeah it did help Salmons some small measure just fine. You know those bones but words independent. You know the comments you made about Jackson as a teammate Ian give us some small comfort. As parents and fans than his sister's alone read those worms. I'm doing and you have part of what you may not know is is. So on Saturday morning. Book or the funeral. Fuhrman's. You haven't had a practice and in Europe's you know serve as the field and then you know and Jackson practiced on. For such talk for years and years old Furman king was there and somebody send us an absolutely wonderful picture. Which. Of the firmly. It was very touching. For and and you know maybe I gave those orders. Now one last formal connection. Me on to their teammates and non. UnitedHealth Sam you know you get some closure and is there ought I don't know I don't know four or not. What we can roberts' father of Jackson Roberts I happened to. I was away for the weekend and so. Was not able to. To make the service but I did listen to the eulogy at a if it was say. It basically began with a story about. It in the and I got to make in their whether youth group meets or kids meet in Sunday school impact. And holy communion Jackson had written on the wall Jackson was he and yeah I'm M and minister began. With this the sentiment that Jackson was here not just at that wall but was here in our lives and that when someone is gone. They're the way that you. That his presence is felt on the latest felt is in the way he touched lives were in the stories that people will continue. To tell them about him I'm I thought it was a beautiful eulogy and and I'll be honest why I appreciate your column to thank me for the column the only reason I could write that column is just people. Cared about him so much. That they reached out because they wanted to tell stories about him and so I was I didn't know him and you obviously Lisa we'll bat. And I've been crushed. Ever since I heard goodness and so. You're nice thank you so much weight you're good at it doesn't. We were out days the only thing. Miles. I'm a fair way to get through something like jokes you know arms does support it and the way people rush him. And new we have we have wonderful friends and I mean that haven't produced essentially taken over and operation of our household today he we've had a really good friend who took care of all of the details of that relates to your funeral and and obviously it fit the circumstances with an accident turned him being 450 miles away. It's further complicated. You know none. In any he you know didn't just let everybody from me or his coach coaching maybe that's firmer. We don't I had to call that. For me I'm not and yeah I.