Hour 1 with guests John Martin and Dan Devine

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Wednesday, December 6th

Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins opens his Wednesday show by discussing Mike Norvell's new contract and whether Memphis is now a football or basketball school.

Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes back John Martin to the program to discuss whether Memphis is now a football school.

Segment 3 -- Geoff welcomes Dan Devine of Yahoo Sports to the program to discuss Marc Gasol's F-Bomnb, the Grizzlies' next opponent, the New York Knicks, and more from the NBA.


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Greece Monday may be the next. It's time Comfort Systems from landmarks hitting an air conditioning. You can count comfortable temperatures inside your helmet every day of the year you'll enjoy improved comfort and efficiency plus the peace of mind that comes with a junior warned he. And you can funniest for descend into non interest free for limited down. Today she's at about 1111 or visit us at landmarks heating and air dot com. He's here to help make your celebration. Oil prices on traditional flavors. Bill's favorite. It's truly special. From Kroger enjoy fresh heritage farm whole friars were 88 cents a. W and harassment case. In years. Commercial. Leaves sports columnist. It's the award winning Jeff cook in this and know Geoff Calkins show. 8209 FI. ESPN. Eight Wednesday. What did you say yesterday. In sports and elsewhere throughout the city as. I was in the commercial appeal officers. When that. And I just in to podcasts won the volunteer state podcast with John Adams and Joseph Rex wrote to hear course Gilbert cavalry talk about. The continuing valls saga. That's what decided 90 boy only. As the vols turned gas so we'll get that little bit but an and I did a Memphis football podcast with mark GM now. And then just as that ended the commercial appeal broke the story. Lorenzen Wright's. Killer alleged killer had been arrested. And so that's like Cole why like what bombshell that one's. And so you're watching the press conference and and really learning that there is in fact almost nothing in the way of details. We know who. We know they arrested. We know he was. All long and he works as a long guy. Does Billy turner. We know. That he went to church. With Lawrence and will Wright's wife evidently. But they said nothing about the motive for and any else before that that happens. Then lord sort of just collect ourselves from Adam might sort of puts up the picture a combo and a micro valve. At the the Algonquin Hotel. Sign a contract. So that happens so I get a got to get on the phone in my deep sources. And inform the universe as to. Be the one that extension was just two point six million dollars EF five years. So that happens. And then. Even more of the it there's more stuff with president high school turns out whole bunch of also for commercial Joba got a whole bunch of students may have gotten fraudulent. Diplomas. And America settles case was also. There was baddest guys are gonna go to the grand jury we learn some details about that. And so it is just an absolutely nuts Owen and announced tighter basketball. Team pulled out an unlikely plucky victory. Over. A really bared Sanford came. But they did win. And so. It was just another. Nutty day in sports and we will get all that. I promise. But then on top of it on top of I wanna talk about an announcement here just a second because I have some things to say about that but on top of that later on this evening. I found in the de Moines register. A really really. Upbeat story about Memphis and the Clinton people soft that's with a football thing yes. Like the headline here I mean to move all it says travel to Memphis with the cyclones for the best Liberty Bowl ever and that's good that like are we don't wanna go to Memphis they're well. They're totally pumped despite Angela off keel of the de Moines register. I if you're cyclone football fan has been trading a road trip the Autozone Liberty Bowl just gave you the perfect excuse. It's been five years and diocese last ball game which coincidentally is also delivered able. And even though head coach Mac Apple's new six year contract probably means cycles will be playing in and ball games a bit more regular and upcoming years there ample reasons to make the journey to look for us. Unlike in these people for my irrational yes all right for starters. The 2012 Liberty Bowl in Memphis was a blast. Even though the cycles came up short losing of Tulsa golden hurricanes losing 31171. Broad. Plus the site goes lute playing the Memphis Tigers and they've home city advantage. Cyclone nation laughter go the extra mile from 640 run mountain according to Google Maps to get to the Liberty Bowl may be more stadium to drown them out. By the way the University of Memphis has sold. Thirteen thousand a complete allotment already of tickets and and in 101000 already sold out of state or something like that this is gonna be in much demand you should get your ticket. Liberty Bowl will be held on December 30 this year kick off 11:30 AM game televised and ABC think about going ordered held so that they tell you how to get the tickets seder at setters that are considered soda. How to get there at Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah around should fly its blah blah blah. Then we get to the problems. Logic. Many hotels near the stadium already booked from December 29 to December 31 as of Sunday night. Check out the Holiday Inn near the Memphis airport for row starting at 414. As of Sunday night. It's about four and a half miles from the stadium. Things to do. The Memphis botanic gardens open at 9 AM and it's the perfect place for a pregame stroll. Plus it's just more miles away from the stadium so get into the game in time won't be a problem. Goes on to say after the game grabbed dinner at earnest enables. Post burgers and beer take it goes to a disposal. On and dive bar that's what they had set so Ellis Burris initials. I bet president good or get on the I find good artists like lots of good options yet but that would be one that they could go to there's no question that's true. The Botanic Garden is it is well all believe we have a under rated a beautiful but then I garden which you all should go to and they've done a marvelous job over there. I'm not sure that at. It's the perfect place for pregame stroll knowing and order that did the zoo if like immunity that type of activity balls they can stroll you're sort of led. Ensure appropriate dollar stroller the big river crossing our senator or somewhere you can have a beer can install and at Beale street. That's fine but I'm I'm I'm glad that someone outside the city recognizes the beauty and marvel. Of our depending gardens SharePoint the place where I think they really sort of lost their wide and to. We're all due respect is the Holiday Inn near the members import as there reclamation for where to stat. And I just to double check to make sure I was not. I was not lettuce. That that I was stereotype right I did go to Yelp and and. The best review I saw. Was. The downside is that the hotel is too close to the airport you'll hear the FedEx planes all night long not the worst experience I've had. And that's three staffer Michael Sheehan Pittsburgh. Holly I booked this hotel make an assumption there would be good since it's an. I HG property however this property is very poorly maintained and management seems non plus by these horrible reviews on Yelp. The Rumsfeld stale there was a moist mr. the carpet that made you wanna Wear shoes until you got the add to the edge of the bed. And there's white powder on the bed and corners of the around the white powder means two things recent bed bugs housekeeping that doesn't care enough figure to the evidence. The wallpaper is peeling off I'm pretty sure they just got rid of it it would solve the problem the stagnant smell from a smoking was. Allowed in the realms staffer so accepting of the disgusting rooms that they didn't even. Ask how my stay was one I checked out. Pick provided. Stay elsewhere. Look at that we have the next one graphic and Memphis overnight. Checked out within two hours due to blood bed bugs pictures video included. We have video of bed bugs in the room there on Yelp. Jacqueline from Dallas. I ended up staying in Memphis for one night and I totally regret not reading these reviews or else I wouldn't above my stay there. Etc. my first impressions of the room smelly. We had to have the air conditioned run for quite some time before the smell was terrible. I found her hair I have found hair stuck on the shower wall pillow cases had dirt on them the place wasn't cleaned etc. Brittany the facility one of the far away about one of the worst places I've stated checking in at the front desk that was not pleasant. It's better at setter at setter on. The tub would not joke would it would not drained. It goes on like this so I contacted the de Moines register to I don't want the island seem like nice people. Yeah that that was your responsibility because we want to showcase their city in the best light. Yet and so instead like a contact at about is that you know. You might want a there's there's all but good things to do here. And and and you might wanna think about the hotel thing just a little. I yes and so I wrote them they are they can be found at DM register at DM register on Twitter. I have to command because I asked for how they actually wrote back and they said Jeff we're gonna update that's. And let us know what we should do. And so. I would say dozens amount eons have set recommendations. I as to what to do to bear out that do not send them by the way to live. Like some aren't a doing what I did with the Kansas fans in a column along time ago is a nice Iowans were not trying to be mean that we want them to have a good time. In fact are expected because they come in such great number. That they've totally making up for the fact that bill that. That this is a hometown Liberty Bowl so when are going to be getting as many hotel rooms so we love the islands here. We don't want to lead them to strike but if you want to evidently they gonna be updating this if you wanna tell. DM register. Televised sentient. And given your recommendations of what to do. I think they'll be fully appropriate we don't want to reap all the lasting impression of Memphis to be bed bugs. I was so confused last night or on your Twitter feed that when they were recommending the airport the airport holiday yen. I thought that they had already crowd source Memphis and that the joke like people had jokingly said that they were trolling yes I'll yes now I don't think so I think it was just check out the holiday is here's the truth. I'm glad Moeller holiday in most. Most airport hotels are just innocuous. They're sterile like yes I. I stayed one in Orlando the totally sterile hotels they look like anywhere else likely that a Toyota Matalin I could have been literally anybody in the country. Is perfectly fine it was fine it was fine hotel. Our air for Nelson not our biggest strength as a community. And and so I don't think they were trolling they'd literally just said it's convenient they looked right at its Florida half miles from the stadium etc. And I think you need to do little more research and I think they need a little lift you saw the Tom champions. Act DM register a lot of Hamlet let him know where to stay where to eat and do not send them recommendations that are gonna. Look look look look. A. A look at make us look bad and you also underrated point that the Yelp one of the Yelp commentators made is. We have since the FedEx fall this year planes are going to fly around the airport all I can lie it's a different yeah so therefore different completely got them down airports up. And it denies the people from Iowa and terms of yesterday. The two events as I as I reported in my column you can read it over bush build a camera treated out. The way this went down was. Tom Bowen put the contract in Mike or Mel's hands. On the Monday. As they got on the plane to fly to New York to the national football foundation dinner all coaches go to Iran's. And nor fowl. Com fought about it. And waited. And doubtless he'd bury the other calls and he thought about his other options and all of that. You certainly saw his name come up and other searches while he was the number one candidate or not it's unclear. And to me I'm not. All that interest and edit. I'm not operate in some illusion that the Mike Burrell like said screw you to Florida are something like that or Arkansas. In Philly was in play at different places and had he waited he may have been play at other places. But. He he decided. Yesterday afternoon. He called Tom Bowen and he said let's get this done. And Tom Bowen came down the lobby there of the Algonquin hotel. And they signed that. A deal that makes him the highest power five. Non pound on power five coach pupil fun non the coach in the in the country. And at two point six million dollars a year and it a a contract that will keep him. Here act Memphis coaching this team and building on. What he has accomplished and so for a program that watched just informed they walk away to date two years ago. For Virginia attack and had to go through that I'm not saying that Memphis couldn't have done it again. I'm not saying that Memphis couldn't have picked the right coach yet again. It's hard to do that three straight times. And to be able to build on this and not have to go through the re recruiting the stud players may have thought about transferring to not have to go through. Any of that to simply be able to build all of this I think is. Is is great for the community. It's great for the University of Memphis and it also turns the Liberty Bowl into a real celebration. Was already fallen the idea at the Liberty Bowl Memphis in the Liberty Bowl. But I think even now some people who'd set it to be a founder and wish that. But I think man all the way it has all come together the fact that he is coming back and that you will. It will really be. A celebration of a season. But also a celebration of the seasons yet to come. And that is very different feel than us it's a very different field of Central Florida past is gonna have and that I admit that I hope they win. I hope they beat the crap out. And the people that would be awesome. But. Putt. But it's a very different feel when he had to go back and it's a celebratory feel and congratulations for the university methods for getting it done. Com and congratulations for to my door bell and his staff. For doing the things necessary. To deserve such a race so I'm congratulations to all of them the universe in Memphis then. Went on and struggle mightily against the two and six Stanford basketball team. We're talking mark you know on a later on in the show about that affect the lives going to be John Martin's coming up next. And you can't find them it concerns in the march and I got a full show. Com. But it was. Miraculously escape they were down fourteen with fifteen seconds from down four with fifteen seconds left. And it looked over. And you had just pampered players say and this is my house after he hits the jumper to put him up by four with fifteen seconds left. And Memphis is credit. They had our get a real quick to. And I don't know why Sanford didn't if he scored literally from four seconds. And then they pressured the ball they got to turn over. Jamario missed the shot and by some miracle. It fell into the hands. Fell into the hands Jamal Johnson who hit the shot and got fouled and hit the ball shot so they went so they get from Ford around for fifteen seconds left to winning. And good for them. But you know what's happened America's past well everybody knows tempo basketball America belabor the point. I do think that yesterday that combination of events. Remember when people used to joke. Hayworth football school I got that the came. Over the last few years but came a joke hey we're football school I'm. In Arab. I think it's actually no longer a joke. I think it's true. I think they are. Largely because the coaching George is that they've made. I think they have transformed themselves the University of Memphis. Has transformed itself into a school. That cares more about football. That is better at football. I don't know that you can say invest more football because even with the new bumpy doesn't make with tubby makes. But and must invest nearly as much in football. As it does in basketball baby interest and I and I honestly think the other thing the other thing that made Memphis a basketball school for so long was. That the big boosters that's where there emphasis Wallace and so therefore that's where the money went I don't know that that's on the longer true. I think the big boosters are more or just disinterested or more interested in football now. So I would ask you do you believe that Memphis is a football school. Not still not historically can't you've got historically I never questioned it currently that is it a football school right now. I still think it's past school. And even though I'm not I'm not discounting the success I'm not discounting the fact that they have. Built such a really really really really strong program to me it's in the crush. Is is how do you define what are what are we in this what do we have to define as a football school or basketball school. Is it the level of success. Is that the level of interest. Is at the level of investment. Is it like what makes a school a basketball school or a football school. The way it is a basketball school skill is. History our history is clearly a basketball school that that's unquestionably true. And I'm not sure. In terms of interest now. I don't know the answer I used to say football has surface interest. Basketball has a deep well of but I think that well is getting shallower and shallower. And the people who came Memphis basketball fans by and large did so in the seventies. Or in the eighties and they get older and I I'm not sure right now if you just set a questionnaire. The Memphis fans. All Memphis graduates. And said do you care more about basketball or football. I'm not sure what partridge. Graduates is an interesting distinction there okay Medsphere. Is I still think I warm happy and say do you care more about Memphis football or basketball. I think right now you might have more than say more football the way it's a basketball school is. History okay. And also. It in the end. It's still one of the big boys or should be has everything it needs to be one of the big boys in in full and basketball but not in football. Can you be. A football school. If you're out you can very clearly be a basketball school. Outs outside the power font Villanova is you've got is that it could sag is but there is a Q can BA. Basket about a successful elite basketball program outside the child. Yeah it's very hard now. Let me ask you that's what he's Carolina was good when southern miss was cut those are football schools. Yes the date they didn't and the I'd sucked and that's right side that's like but they were proposal they were real football schools you went first police done it was good that's a real football school chair and I think Memphis if not they're not there yet. They are trending. They certainly trending I agree I distill judges I think one aspect that you forget is that. I know lots of people that. Perhaps you don't SEC schools right is impossible fans lament that's exactly but they still levs does yes all of them I don't know how many I'd I'd I'd buy that argument I don't know how many. Here's the other thing I don't know how many young. Basketball fans are being created right now I think lots of young Memphis football fans are being created. I don't know how many how many twelve year olds are there who care about Memphis basketball. At the sweet spot of the random writes what is your guess when glitter I consider that the sweet spot assure somewhere between twelve and fifteen yes it's like when you need care the most you get the autograph your off like. How many twelve to fifteen year old care about Memphis past I think it's a dwindling number. Someone's gonna join us next by the way they're gonna be out of stash today Jason and Jared idiotic stash. Over there on Ridgeway and park for the Marines Toys for Tots drive and so you can jump in and seen them. I'm from eleven till two. They will be there jumping to say hello bring it toward. By all means they will have. Both Mike ravel on the show lobbyist Daschle will be on the show and also risen more rights mom. Will join them not stash but on the show I will talk to John well we come back next is Jeff Glock Germany Tina Kim is. This keeps changing emerging technologies are bringing new opportunities and even bigger network challenges from yesterday's. Weren't built to handle today's technology demands. Carrier grade data and Internet services for your business. Patients use Comcast business enterprise solutions it's a new kind of network. 149000. National. It's enhanced fiber network provides the reliability of steel mill. I think that today's large widely distributed. If you're still relying on last Genentech now. Odds are your businesses struggling. For the support for. Edwards has built for today and Disney stock comes Castano. 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Or go online and I don't want plumbing dot com. Get that old fashioned barber shop treated with today's birds deal alfalfa club cut and -- facial at roosters men's grooming senator get yours I get my birth dot com. Succeed more now. John I know. We're out here I'm joined by John Martin's and funny weed out. John joins the show good veil off. Your friends the show why he's an edge on a year and you know you're getting up there man looking. Festive. Look I can quite describe. What you are. What you learn here yeah. Tom can you tell people about a year. He told people about your outfit. Yeah morning sweater that has prices said frosty the snowman on it and he says I'll be back nets had a son goes right. I can't remember roughed up my head has song goes up five tees now man there's not a bullet. That then embedded there. Does he decided that it's okay every job guys already have gone up five Panama nose and a two Bosnian town of told us on Islam there's there's a race off perfect pitch in this or. But yeah as subliminal racist tones to fumble at the Imus had evidently they got that lives they are all you wanna Christmas have to duck pitch and I wanted to just had a pistol Suarez is all because you're gonna be at the since stash for toys. For tops the Marines are collecting toys your collecting toys yeah that's correct we are doing Toys for Tots out of stash elements by PF Chang's thereby keep telling me this week I've been a statue outside says it's a great place obviously so we will be there from eleventh to. And will be will be collecting tots and Koch he's got beat a guy. Droid. It's about Roche outdoor is good I'm. We are not I can't collect our united JC they just are going to be allowed a collection Medvedev running child trafficking ring here festive cheer favorite time. We we'd like it if any a lightly used oil brand new top recognizable did not bring real high with the best. I don't wanna see Chris Hansen so like a what do you do their job. We collect and we can't collect your employees I thought that's done my favorite part of the show for the delay its gonna really hands adverse predator out of stats hello anyway. Now you bring your tallest is because I don't know I don't want us to look stupid we don't do these ever. And so come on out say hello to the picture a little areas John Edwards does. Impetus here ladies and gentlemen is that we want to get a choice for the shots so come on out. It is. I don't wanna feel stupid at a remote if nobody comes out. I think people come out people John people just to zero for people love you and Jason and not really is not that elaborate on an a but I just wanted to Christmas letter that may bring a top. Just bring it tops and I'm not no one Z. And and and the way you got so I say I'll be fun you have big show today governs mum on him there in the moment in my yard prologue that's correct magna bohea via of a community college after corrections and go oh. Who did get that deep so I'll look at Calkins. You always forget you better than this man forget you know better than not when you have around you bring out. Lowest impulses that lead big man would hit this big sit there we say let them absurd now all the talk by you know let you know one of the day you about caught lives that's what I have learned a lot of things I talked bomb Bob. Okay. I like that either but the deal between you know I was asking the question. Is Memphis football's. Really big joke about right we say. A football school that. You actually think that transition has been noted that a dimpled ball school. Why because they pay their basketball coach more. And because the basketball program has a facility they got the facility has an entirely. They have a higher ups at its not a football school by bigoted I should ask the question a bigger text was very prominent division one. Head coach yesterday a normal country got done he said. Memphis is a football school and everybody needs to understand that football or basketball obviously if Obama so there's a little bit of a buys what it wide just it was text about ghosts who. Just don't want to just from the on the road recruiting. And I'm texting me. Probably in division one coach yes texted you said Memphis is as good football school now and everybody's got to understand correct but I about it you don't believe that. Not the typical school while what evidence is it that they're just more they just happen to be more successful in a bar right now there's more interest in football right Yasser mr. Claus glasses on looking very festive and I had depend even naughty or nice this very very bad I had to put my arms and every guy I've gone it's what I've asked people put her on again I. Them. My son is eleven benefit greater than Georgia's zero of his friends or him care about tiger basketball most could tell you. Tommy's name they followed most could I think had not played at his name they follow the grizzlies they go to those games they have little interest in football but most are fans of their parents. Teams so there's that one. A Mario from Mario death. He says. Memphis fans are fair weather fans and basketball sucks because Tom Bowen and university men's president made up just for higher. I care more about basketball. But Tubby Smith is not creating an environment that is leading to successful homegrown. Memphis basketball Preston bring Hurst it's a football school now but not by choice and it easily be successful in both right now and we hired the brown aide. Coach did now it's like OK it's Saturday I definitely care more just while I definitely care way more about Memphis football. Then Memphis basketball Zack Conner of what they got here I would've had basketball so much has changed. Absolutely care more about football map and here's an interest in one from bill Kirby. Blue oval was a basketball school is blue oval. A basketball school or football school. Though was a foot of a basketball school by far it was I don't know that it is now ladies as it is they that desperate to get among us has met this global football school or best must come on think you have to you have to say football now bit. Sent to the point that I made earlier this goes because that's because it's got them PowerShot that's what you could be a probe beat once you get in the file power five. What matters more global and as Jamie have been basketball. You know or five years ago that's gonna be stroked. Had already happened but they've won it now that they Vonage exhibited the why are they able because they have a large extent right now stupid right now like eight games right now if you said eight. Questionnaire to local fans. OK then you loosely calls themselves a little episode we are either we ran out of money. We have to give it a football or basketball. More would say get rid of bed be shortsighted view. Know everybody does all this exercise whoever figured your whatever you whatever sport you more success don't mess with URL is bigger like. Massively bigger yeah I had a holiday and the ball is not understand that but to me when you're saying what type of school you know what sports school is. It's about. What you can achieve that yeah. Our god UK SE OK Ali here's here's another I am appalled Memphis fan yes so it was just we're gonna be in silly walk of fame as a football school come on what does it Memphis fans were gonna say. I'm not necessarily graduates the not a city Allman just any even loosely calls himself a a Memphis for ya back. And you could take this quest to. Memphis football is flourishing now Memphis basketball succeed. If you wish. I am oh a magic wand up a swing of of Tom Owens magic wand. We can reverse that situation yes. Would you like us to do that well so that next year Memphis basketball will be flourishing and Memphis football would be in the tank. Would shoot if you could right now reverse it. Would people reverse it and they prefer the latest you have to be honest about it yes the state I think one does have to you gotta be honest about where you are man. And as long as you're not the power five it doesn't matter. Don't that you're gonna lose money in football. So you think you give you can make it why it's best if I came to you and said. We can switch but just before my match people won't say that Jeff because Ascanio. I 100% you'd rather be good monitor give Roger long is admit he's good Eisenhower five absolutely because basketball you can win a national championship disagree with the Q what the national championship in basketball and the power by the UK and never a given moment to have her how to best for the future of the program. You want to be kick ass a football because there's still a chance of getting into the power I mean I millionaire football but there's no chance they go to basketball is never gonna get to about five. Be a really good football they might use your dad doing this care what I found a stick on a story and it's just like I think my only hope I think it's that's the only hope yet but the hope is is is is. Meager. OK in my opinion I mean don't you don't you agree I mean the idea that like you know right now the hope is near but it is true many. As will never be a football school get is your hello I understand the only way you're ever does decide not final right now because they made a bad high the next two bad tires. That's why I definitely agree that they made their nature they made two great ones in football. And that's that amazing that does that mean that myth is all of a sudden as is you know dollar cares about basketball look at the facts man look at the facts. The where's all the money go and basketball where the facilities. That all of the money I mean the majority of the money go to basketball about overall the bad football budgets aborted because it cost more to feel bad for business and on stuff that's been more of staff does because it's a bigger stat but they do tomorrow I guess so ultimately all the money goes to basketball and have a guitar capita more money goes to basketball per capita that I edited doubt that is true that per capita. More money goes OK let me ask you this. The question. Components are well hey we have a we have an arrest. So I'm glad you answer that question today and out last week because that would have been able to answer that or you. They arrested again militarily it is going guy. That's not the mystery about evaluated try to get this what do you calculation what do you tell him I'm told you wouldn't think Billy turner. Is doing we know he runs a landscaping business do we know he did their long. There NN dead as a brooch that he was their long guy and yeah there was another TV report that said. They that he. Yeah there was eight there was a TV report it said he went to church. With the residence life you know wind up. Share implication of that was. You know then. What is the implication. You you now what do I know you know the implication. I do not know the impact of certain that what they were the charts together the they've played a children. Lauren that. Why how could be a jumping to their conclusion YE a you can tell ya know the education is saying they plan to book killer doesn't work out why they had. The elephant in the room has said that whatever the had a plan to do that because they go to church together that is what everybody says a lot of go to church is that would everybody think of I certainly wouldn't buy budget and get a lot of or anywhere like while I mean you know there would ever run radio so I mean this is Geoff Calkins show. I am just I guessed right so this on this and I'm saying that's what it but I think you're like why. Would a long guy want to kill Lorenzen Wright. Why would the ridden lawn guy ward to kill Lorenzen Wright. I mean it's honestly making may be about it's my lawn guy he was he was critical of the edge and I highly doubt it I highly doubt that was true you see you don't believe along got long guy was a lone wolf one guy. I just have a hard time marry the fact that the rigs in the long guy what a day killer in the right. That would. That leg I mean it just does it seems an unlikely they what are your interactions with your long guy hey can you come do the law and I felt like among the fact that recommended him recently on FaceBook is tremendous and I've never felt that jeopardized by any I certainly am wanted to kill enemy isn't until late yeah already yes I have a canoe in my garage yesterday if you could borrow the community go fishing with the kids there like I said yes highly unlikely he would wanna murder you your very generous person seems unlikely that he would wonder and I'm sure Lorenzen was a very generous person and on the other the other we know about hundreds of the guys who users Barry -- has been framed. I am not saying that what are you saying I'm saying he would have his day in court you said some of put him up to this. I don't know if that's what you're saying I'd just I don't know but it got it does it. But it doesn't it doesn't pass the smell test. So I don't like Floridians in as long guy who killed him why. Answer that just explain it to him in the same way that he cut short the lawn he cut short his life now I see you're making jokes about dead man. Amazon with that too soon. Too soon man I don't know I think it was let's let's it was a good one of them the best you know best I I and ice the ice they're gonna kick the ever is and what did it unless is it was amazing I was actually purchase but it also I was on the bike at the Crocs and which is an amazing facility violating anti. Some. I have been in the crowds that I've never have been latest really like it so it worked out that this is your new it's a palace do you like go from place to place I had Obama or you're all orange orange had your theory are always very leisure and they'll with a heart rate monitor as a cat would also tell you that Iraq did. Now right now crack and but I got I saw the news on Twitter and it was like what you just kind of stopped. I'd mandate on the murder weapon a month ago and right now they made you know I'd rather go to Lebanon and found a murderer well you hope you help. Arms of what this is who it is is going to be an NBC what's is going to be I think this will be bigger and very thirty and I think this will be. Is this could be a movie like this could be at Sundance or something I mean this is the veterans. Feel bad for the whole thing out I'm actually happy. After the catch for mom but no that's a Debra because I'm I mean if a match like this for seven years not asleep what does he wasn't like the other things we'll drug dealers got to look drug dealers and get a little was just some of those until we got to get I mean that that that sort of take that that that. And salvages his reputation as well certainly does and even look it if we find out something sort of nefarious about Lorenzen it doesn't mean he deserved to die. Now into the already murdered execution style. Now is it and it also doesn't wipe away all the good that he did annoy us the name that any in this that you shouldn't bring your thoughts to Jon and JJ John keep Latvia. Eleven until coach so Waziristan and until to unload it fits that's our job to show but I do if you collect from those that are delivered another sound like yeah I've read that you're still going to be there from eleven to three hang out Clinton more tots now we're gonna bring you saw it is odd stat. Ash thought our day. It's optional. John just publish on the notion that childish and for all the guests I don't have great show put ladder towards a calculated by some and coming up next focus on them. That margin out full shots just aren't insured anything in Afghanistan. Do not after it's been this proud to announce we've been selected as the official radios and vs Iowa State in the Autozone Liberty Bowl December 30. I'm guessing game on 99 of them and saves. 99 it could be as being as good as his home for the BCS national championship series. ESPN no prior to new. Means the needs. When you are not near my how are you her. Dick decrees. Now a second and he went to Jarrett because he realized the necklace would probably save a little better. Jason Jarrett last chance to say the best with amazing discounts for life special pricing on hundreds of new pieces and exclusive jewelry you'll only funny Gerri. The Jarrett last chance to save the day December 7 through tenth. 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Block also his solace and on the show because for a little bit because he's taking paternity leave how old is the youngster now Dan. She is coming up on endorsing the just over three months old so it's. It's fun time this very umpire says yeah but but that but I would bet me that yet so I'll be I'll be off the beach for about a month they'll be back the second week of January took it kind of looked at me back. And here we would love to have you how old is your other. God she is three and a half so she is the one who's very very fun right now she is. If these people I don't I think she doesn't she doesn't and where mommy and daddy do and that she can be your own thing which is there's you out a barrel last. Your experience of the most fun timer between now you are you have as you all you can experience is zero to three and a half so we can't I can't ask about five. But he's the other three and a half or the seventeen for heaven's sakes and I know I've I've been through that from zero to three and a half. What what two month stretch is the best. Other debt I guess there are beady eye on a deadly probably media rallied eighteen months was my favorite because that was like that you know it's with shouts of god she would like. She couldn't get enough that you run around that you are starting to really develop their own personality and talking a little bit that was the blast. And she didn't really have a hold great and doesn't know yet. And that's right. I started the terrible twos were I didn't think it was a thing I actually think the terrible threes I think it terrible that maybe my kids were just slow in developing. That's terrible mess but I tried three was more terrible than to a lot of. If this has been the greatest surprise that parenting for me thus far our news that. As soon as she hit three all of the other parents say newer like Ali and now you're in trouble. And I put bacon and you don't say anything like that everyone's pockets cuts into the Suez. It was like it does not trap door on a stage being opened upset getaway where we're neck deep in that right now but we persevere. It's weird how works like we hear that like puberty gets earlier every year and whatever else but terrible this evidently pushes the air right yeah I. Speaking of tensions and other things or whatever up potty mouth Marcus saw the other guy. You wrote about it what do you think about mark. So. I've started with a very a very relatable thing. I got the eyes that's very much. Person like. It has been talked. To be beautiful. They did they get justice tonight violated FAA needs you you say thank you very much could help you got from the wolves in the fourth quarter of that game. You have the right side and didn't really how do you I guess they didn't have the wherewithal or whatever it that we know we're not gonna drive once or an opponent to date that minutes to go like article thank you guys very much. And you know that we can make shots we continue and we had more points did you stay at the end that I worked out pretty good for us. And you know if you noticed. The other that it would however let out a bit you get out of that and particularly happy that they want the peace must find that then. They beat a media the insignificant can foot the bill because I think everybody in the arena was probably thinking very much the same thing. I'd Nixon next what can you tell us about the current state of the next. A lot of it has slots are politically faster than it had been out he would that the ankle injuries and illness but I think it says basically he's expected to be able to do that I believe but that's not eight and confirmed yet I haven't seen it confirmed yet. I'm so I'll obviously be helpful because he's you know everything in its due revolved around him but. Content. That he you out he's going to be out release a couple of weeks at a stress stress reaction in his lower I think left right. It's not for a couple games now and it is not going to get for a couple more weeks there will be reevaluated after that. In the back into eighty about the big issue for the next that it didn't get hit him heartily cheered the guy who is sort of coming from a criticism. People that whether students defaulted on or not over the last couple years when the knicks drafted him in the and 2014 please you do when they when they first had him. And you score and to shoot the ball to get hot. But didn't play bad they very much tension on the defensive end and you know barely didn't look at the outside of if you open up the backboard to himself. And to be traded him to get first round pick and Phil Jackson who you okay gone about his rebuilding effort he goes to Atlanta he tried to strike the same kind of stuck with my booty hole there might put no dissent in that if you leak. And says you know I know you're gonna learn how to play defense you can learn how to get the ball. And over the course of a couple years Donna wants you perceive him to pretty useful player. Whether he can work he's 71 million dollar contract and keep her restricted free agency to come back this summer about. Remains to be seen and that's really did the sticking point he's getting a lot of stick for his contract which is not his fault. But he's played really well to start this season has been more energetic on the on defense how the more playmaker on offense. But if it had trouble with them off the floor scoring consistently so. You know you're gonna be even if you got pretty good about the piece of the diminished knicks' offense. There have been very good defense anyway so you may decency and dignity for the greatly there. It just look at my friendly newspaper because I still we'll have the physical newspaper here in my hands and I'm sure someone could find a line on this but right now there's no line. It's off the board because I guess that's just known as the present its point so. All right there you go in that in other news. You talk unaccountably. Is extremely hot even though they lose Rudy go to what the hell is happening there. Yes sir that's if this sort of is it interesting thing because it's it's almost like Quincy night a pathetic agility that very intelligent and you know if you didn't. You know you can post straw poll around the beach get a lot of the a lot of positive notices for and the the make up about humor they have pretty good there and Derrick Favors upfront especially losing Gordon Hayward because the what do we have left sort of you Gordon Hayward enjoyed so rather. And people we know we got these two big guys up front sort of played two big guys and in years past that's been up. You're an adult in the the most beautiful basketball but in a positive combination for them. Rig repair goes down and so little frequent batter got forced to play a more. Twenty to seventeen pilot NBA even though he'll slide papers up to the four. But you know Jonas Jerebko at power forward to it Joseph Engle that the three of like he's suddenly got four guys who can all. Q&A little bit put the ball or make a place you know move the ball Smart passes. And they often just took off it was thanks in large part due Donovan Mitchell there yet though Louisville number thirteen overall pick who looks like. Looks good looks very much like the real deal for them and very confidence. In his approach so. They've alienated pocket last night they were they were on the the back into the back to back playing beat the fund you know Casey. This kind of at a gas play in the third quarter an and moderately in that game the other pundits absolutely adore their guard up in the fourth but. You know there are a lot of good wing they got a lot of a lot of good guys who can sort of make a Smart play with the ball. I don't think anybody expected them to be real good offensive team but you know now they're gonna say the rubber is going to be the road a little bit their schedule it's tough throughout December gold pare it back now and took so I didn't have to figure out how we split up that they've got their favorite minutes but. Com I think you have to cure for the jets and you feel really encouraged by what you see that a Mitchell and the fact that there's sort of there might be a path to look good offense they're even without anywhere else. Insiders had an interest in career obviously. I think he's good idea maybe he's good. Think so I need a little bit it's sort of and it won't be what we don't see about coaching neither did they beat this city had the best so pretty big black box in terms of a valuation and the type. On the plate and that's fact that they've been able to do what. Generally pretty solid offense without really many plots being individual creators say I think in the back and down to that light. I exit the nose and execution early you know are you designing things that put your players in position to succeed and are they listening and doing it. Why do you credit that obviously they go to the players are executed their game plan at their back. In order if you look at that in addition to feed and maximize their Billy that's I think where you can tell look at the terms of the coached in Europe really solid tactician and that's seems to be something that they're the jazz has that been able to do pretty well I would batter up next. Stefan curry and his ankle is obviously an issue he's out thoughts on the warriors are staffed KD what will learn about the warriors in this stretch. I think it's going to be really interesting and I'd the last couple years whenever we've had you know we get the final time I've written this sort of match. Count Obama out the most important players in the series during the day for a team. Hadn't stepped through you know it's it's not the type of thing that you always appeared up near or at the top of that list. Tom but even an actor Kevin Durant was I bet you did not really take my ticket and it was amazing in the final and one final MPT yet idiotic but. It did not shake my opinion the cabin door that second period the more important offensive piece for the warriors just because everything we do is built around. That's the panic key induces. Everywhere he's on the floor 35 feet away from the ball on the list are key to deciding OK now everyone's gonna start cutting and screening and play defense could lose their mind. I don't know what we're going to see. Richard good to see all of this version of the Latin warriors work with Kevin Durant as the unquestioned number one guy because. We geography can Kevin Durant deep dominance. Number one scorer number lock and the focal point in Oklahoma City. But it looked very different sort of the idea of what the team should look like and had team should operate. I know underwriters got Brett says I'm in the Billy Donovan so. How speed car keys and Kevin Durant number one option and with data I think it is if you decided to change in tweak his system and education to make that work. Everybody pretty interesting. It's a week converted into the game they go into and I will be a real bummer that I cannot eat curry on the floor for Christmas Day at the cavs but. And I think you'd you'd you'll get 1580. It's and the worst kind of they've got a little grouchy old weary in the me a little bit we walked into the first quarter that he can hear this to me immediately implement the kind of get out of that a little bit I think you'll get to continue to come up with. And thank you very much for joining us enjoy Christmas with the kids and enjoy. Paternity leave so we look forward to having you back whenever you're ready to come back thanks very much. Thank you very much Jeff happy about it they're very. Happy holidays to you. That is day. And that divine Chris Harrington has walked into the studio marching and I was coming up next we'll do that and the second hour Jeff garbage and anything NFL means there. W on the person and he's doing versatility and assessments. Golden west Tennessee and east Arkansas never since. It's. Hey it's John Martin from Jason and Jon and any cnnfn ESPN at nationwide there agents go above and beyond understandable for. 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