Hour 1 with guests Jason Smith and Barrett Sallee

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Friday, November 17th

Segment 1 -- Geoff Calkins begins his Friday program by discussing the end of Mike and Mike and then discusses the best TV show endings in honor of the run that Mike and Mike had.

Segment 2 -- Geoff welcomes Jason Smith in studio to discuss Streets Ministry and Ken Bennett before the conversation turns to Memphis Tiger basketball, the opening of the new practice facility, recruiting, and more.

Segment 3 -- Geoff welcomes Barrett Sallee of CBS Sports to the program to discuss SEC job openings, Mike Norvell's future, and the SEC games for Week 12.


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National. So enhanced fiber network. Is that today's large widely distributed. If you're still relying on. Last gen technology. Businesses struggling. Jeff network. Edwards has built for today. Disney's stock Comcast time now. And ESP. Commercial loans. Sports columnist at. HBO award winning Jeff cook here in this and know Geoff Calkins you know. These 29 NFL. ESPN. It. You can zoom manual. Car. No we're. Police. Despite the kids had a monster for a while to get to the the showed little white and tears out of my commander Mike mind. Not real you. That really but it it. It sort of remarkable eighteen years and Mike and Mike have gone off the year they just signed off. For the final time. Mike. Mike Koehler is gonna keep doing the show where if where if where federal trade window and there is some old Joseph enabling the very first hour right. And Mike Greenberg is going to do the show do a show with Michelle beatle. And who was on a Jalen. General I think this is who I don't I always say was unbeatable lead and I think it's euros and they're gonna do is the show it's gonna be called. Did. I think it's going to be don't give up. It's a morning television show. On and so you'll be able to see both but he's gonna struck it rich absolutely. Got a huge deal. In a time when ESPN is about to announce more layoffs. That he got a big deal. To do this show. And start a few months they have not picked a date when that will start. Yet. But Mike Bullard will carry on so well actually truly go my goal will be good. And so I don't have really any objection that the I do Y I it's there are various people out there. Critics like Bill Simmons has ripped Mike and Mike before. Because I guess it's not AG or whatever it's it's meatloaf you know if that's what it is it's the meat loaf of radio shows it's. Your basics decked. It goes back as far as the odd couple. That was a little bit what I had to chip and dumb so and same kind of thing with John Martin just it was a two people who are very different. Who. Needled each other and talk about sports and a great guest for eighteen years and so I liked I liked him because it was comforting you caught up with the day's news. I thought bullet was basically funny and Greenberg was basically Smart and I I enjoyed the show to do additional. Yes I definitely. I understood why it had its critics but the same conflict dies it's not an edgy show it's 68 him. I'm not sure it's 6 AM I'm not try to go and hit the the African Howard stern show what radio shows what Sports Radio shows. Let's signature Sports Radio shows are they're okay there's a lot of hard show Nash national show. I'd like the Kornheiser shelf I needed to we're not here I am so huge. And I was irritated when it left Dan Patrick. Dan Patrick has to show yet. An international sure isn't there still a lot of heart has left the yard see okay. Their show. This looks Stephen A Smith show. Was he the stage it's basically when it comes oddity is ensures it I yes it's I think it's based senate ESP in New York believe I've ever heard it on their eating here on C sex symbol money has the show although there's rumors that it is stopping I don't is stopping. So it is definitely stop the right time to stopping he's gonna do some type of digital platform type show I like the money. I thought he was good like these guys less for a year or two money I was even go to two years the right time I think is us. I don't think it's that young quite that long lasting so the other I guess the longest lasting one now Colin Cowherd he has his show yeah a lot of the I never listen to consider is installed our left ESP Aaron. And in a five I have not heard his radio show I've heard. I hear bits of it. (%expletive) you your pieces ever brought up and sliced up. The same thing I don't like useless little bit tired let tired on the radio back when I lived in Miami and worked alongside and he was a Marlins beat writer glory was when I was basically a Marlins beat writer. I needed radio and Miami was i.'s regular radio Miami. Seven listen in a lot of tired for forever and he's funny was bad whenever that's good to. That's a good show but one of the show's other. So on fox he died Gottlieb show you have the dot dot dot lesions is there at night the guys on for forever Freddie Coleman yeah eleven I Freddie is also on critics. Let's work twelve hours a night yeah in jail jail hardware Olivia Newton Jalen Jacoby West Coast drive time armed. There yet is that those are the ones that don't know. Why is is that. Radio is fundamentally. Local there are national shows and here. Mike and Mike has done very well for our national shows. That. That can crack it but for example. I made no bones about this I listened to the buffalo the Entercom station in buffalo because I like the year. Some some but they're talking about buffalo. But when Jim Rome they've got Jim Rome on from eleven to one or eleven to two run every position to yeah. Jim Roma's look yes yes that's clearly one of long lasting successful shows. Number one Roma and also that. I don't care about national rating. Generally speaking. I'd like it in the morning to wake up officially get the whereby I care about local red vastly more it is one of those things that is in the end. Local matters more people care more about the grizzlies in this town. Then they do about as great as that Celtics warriors game was last night and it was great. They care more about the disease in this town there are. There are football games of consequence. This weekend and in their college football games Wisconsin is playing Michigan. But here you're not gonna hear anyone on national radio talking about. SMU Memphis which is the game that matters much more he. And so radio is what essentially. A local. Enter products and I could and I'm glad for but I enjoyed Mike and Mike I would did listen often on this morning. And I was deeply injured. When I heard do we have the Jim Kelly did Jim Kelly on. To talk about what he may give the gym culturally part of this or just what have reset after yeah I am I do not have Jim Kelly July had Jim Kelly came on and he said. That he listened to the show. And how much the show meant to him honestly when he was in the hospital to Kelly obviously has been. At a terrific fight with cancer people thought he was would garner for a long time and he's hanging in there and I guess to a pretty well now. And but he said that. I think that's true like there are things when you are at low moments that you count on to bolster you any idea it's one of the it's one of the humbling things that must be from my delight to know that there are you know really aware when you're talking. Of the circumstances of all the people you're talking to. I'm always flattered when people come up and say listen to the show AD can't quite believe there's always people out there listening to show but there are and it. Is incredibly humbling but then you know that someone is listening to the show like Jim Kelly as he's going through chemotherapy or as he's in the hospital. So he called in to say that. But then after you hung up. Mike and Mike said something that was really coming to the court. Let's hear about this the first episode of my in my get a lot of people call us episodes I know aggressive conduct. They came here every 200 days a year for eighteen years but anyway the first day we're on the air together was January 3 of 2005. Days later. The bill also lost to the titans in a game that will forever be remembered for the music city miracle wall. They are the only team the Buffalo Bills are the only team in the four major professional sports. To a not played in a playoff game standout. Might get. But the entire direction or is what's amazing actually the entire. Array people wonder like they wonder why I'm so. Bleak about the bills Laver ever refuse. To did grab on its not okay I'll follow. I'd just don't embrace optimism about them. And it's because of all four major sports the one that has to be and I hear eighteen years of Mike and Mike together every morning they wake up and do this radio show and every single morning. The bills have not been in the plans for eight. Change for ten years I've got to like they'll show I Jason Smith gonna come in there and the next segment we'll talk about all manner. Of things including the University of Memphis. Some big doings of unity event this we will get to. In a moment gets Ali joins us at 940 or 945. Or so without him about the SEC but also. Pushes the games because of the pretty lights late this week we will talk to him about the coaching your. Carousel. Architecture that I wanna panel talked Chris about. The grizzlies the NBA they were. To really. Remarkable happenings in the NBA last night as the rockets scored ninety points in half the rockets scored ninety points and a half and the Celtics. People are so those two things we'll talk is about as well as whatever he's written about. In his nine of one of the Jeffrey. It's redemption he's got his last few blocks we didn't thousand box to begin this season Tom to go invest that. For us and make us all rich. So far we are not rich. And this may be the nitty gritty for Jeffrey we're gonna get the very best. I'm Jeffrey writes bets that because it's desperation time and it is. Everybody is available in the bullpen. It is. There's no tomorrow is back is definitely against the wall in this one of my finest and this is there's no question yeah when Jeffrey. Is at his finest in terms of endings to show us it's funny. Mike Greenberg said. People talk about the first episode I get to sit town and then they talk about the end. And then you think about show endings might end. Their show ending. I read and I read something about this earlier Mike said he did not script when he was gonna say. Obviously. There's a little overlay to the whole thing because we know it's been bitter right between there's a story. Out today. It said the goal look at some point was just threatening to retire he was just gonna go off a live in Arizona and retire. These two who seem like such fast friends. Choking each other whatever. There was obviously. The way it ended and isn't it amazing so often we focus on quote unquote the way it ended. And that's whether it's Larry finch and hot dogs standards whether Phil fullmer being fired the way you can have this unbelievable run. At a place of war and bold all or or in a relationship or and then the way it ended comes to define so much about it. Because endings are hard particularly if they are in some ways involuntary on for either party and so. You had an ending here. Where it was very clear that Mike. Greenberg was going on to bigger better things. And my goal it was got to be left behind. And my goal it's kitten. And Michael himself. Expressed some groupie is over let's. As and so there was this this slight bit of bitterness out well is felt like over the last. Few months that they've all put behind him to figure out what they've gone on and they're doing next. And so at the end of this particular. Show what they did was they each Mike's by Greenberg said. One we started this we said it would be about family. Our families we would be a family your families would whatever we want to make enough families so we're gonna bring our families in and so they brought their families then. And my goal when it started had little tiny kids another grown up kids and my Greenberg when I thought it had no kids and he's got kids. And times of the families were a man is all one and that was about it that that would that was the essence of their ending and it was fine. If I don't quite believe that they are simply anymore you know so. There is that but it caused me to think about. Great endings and because. They didn't talk about did the best endings and the worst endings. Of sitcoms I actually. Look some of this up. As to what are the best endings and the worst and into some things just end some just just end without scripting and ending. Right any come to mind. For you that were particularly. Fantastic. Here's a story from the Rolling Stone I didn't watch a lot of these shows like can't even comment on a guy. But so here are best and worst best and worst best and worst of the ten best justify. They're not wash your Mac right ending of justified did not watch just I live one of my really good friends who I trust is TV opinion would agree with that people they love the end. Justified. One last seam between two stars Timothy Oliphant and Walter dragons guidance play to mountain boys on different sides along the same coldest in their blood. And is it started with a keen understanding. How where your from two primarily affect who you want. I know some people like that my own worst weeks. Do you why Swedes. And never that I've never seen more than fifteen minutes and episode awaits OK so people that like the N a week's best the col Baer report. About those get in their app do you remember the ending. I just are seeing on his desk all he said ability to let the last words were that was fun yeah. The real cold day embraced that truth is till the end bringing America's favorite recurring guests. Cory Booker the cookie monster George Saunders George Lucas Oil was good they get everybody into saying yeah. Everybody came on this the stage to sing a get that was your worst Dexter. Again no I didn't want yeah yeah it's not only just the ending the last flight. Three seasons or just off bad yet at bats he asked Friday Night Lights agreed. What they had to them. Spoiler alert. The public ever know watch for example when you talk while I put my fingers in the united. And but a lot of little look at. You know let a matter and it for anyone else what I'm not gonna ruin it for anyone else because it is one of my all time favorite TV shows and later today is. They do well okay a worst How I Met Your Mother. I yes agreed one wow happen and how Lima Iran. Spoiler alert. Very I don't mind spoiling Allen because I'm doing you all Faber gonna do not watch do you even body watching like the last receive the best breaking bad. And that's fine okay. The question is what he died and how do you find this generation and don't tell me. Don't tell me I just read it and it yeah Dan and one that's on your worst the office. Yeah I mean you remember that. Did you see her right. I don't know what he came back came back to the sky came back for the last episode. Yeah I just and I like so many shows like OK guys here's one that I do is get back to my error when I used to watch I have. Best cheers. Yeah that was just awesome that was that was salmon the bar alone and and walking out like yet it was perfect. Worst Roseanne I don't remember anything about Rosa. Best Battlestar Galactica. Course you remember that time and I that I'm a borderline nerd but even I didn't want to pass hurt a lot worst friends. EU I have friends that I did people stopped watching fence two years before and end it. And then I don't think anyone knows the ending it's truth serum. Mile like never provider I've never watched an entire set of friends so that's Friday's was an average of Six Feet Under. I I donor room I I watched part two seasons and then of course worst science. Disagree. I think it ends perfectly. There's nothing original problem there's nothing redemptive about those characters. They are horrific people not a stupid they went to jail that was just right it was just. Not being good people it was gone that was done best the shield Bubba and do some of these worst I rose. Best and this is absolutely true there are some they got that I've watched the data and a 100% right and match is one of them I'm cheers I mentioned before is one of them but mash. Is one of them it was mum. It was great it was a story about the chicken. And Hawkeye Pierce and chicken that wasn't a kick him. And basically having a breakdown it was emotional and it was really eager worst loss bass The Sopranos. The Sopranos great. Don't go don't tell don't have TV shows great album as well as the ending date. And it was it made you talk. I am I so they get I don't think Mike and Mike necessarily know they fit in there but but they got a we got a lot of sports talk about will do that next and we Jason Sunday. Asked he's gonna roll in here and Jeff garbage and anything NF and is there. Gary Parrish Ivan tell you for years about blind they are the fantastic bar owned by my friends is just up the trolley tracks downtown on main street the address. It's 119 south maimed I'll make it easy for your blinders on main street between Peabody placing gay SO. Within walking distance of thanks Foreman is the place to be before during and after grizzlies game starting one hour programs games and last until one hour after all risk games you can get bud Bud Light the global to sixteen ounce aluminum bottles. To just three bucks that's it three dogs remember the kitchen is open to to every night drinks are served till three every nice you can stay up -- a blind there and there's always something going on Texas hold tournaments on Tuesday Thursday and Sunday night treaty on Wednesday nights like music on Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays and hung like a bear -- is available on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 11 AM the next semi downtown -- is game or any thing to what I do when I'm looking perjury carbide are both popular blogger at 119 self made more invoked the blind bear Memphis dot com that's where you can find the menu the calendar of events everything it's why they're not a one on Twitter and -- Memphis on FaceBook. 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Of the kids in the city grow compartment you're doing so was uttered there. I'm a pro that is this is staggering that is so you wonder why we have issues with. Hopelessness and crime and drug addiction and whatever else that not the rich people can't. The amount of all those parents. Any person basically have the city goes up from poverty in street serves more than 300 kids per day. I'm just does their part in our today talent on the weekend and an advantage of basketball and literally on the vegetable side you know what I'm gonna do something. On a not not enough or not not enough must do. That's right Kenny and it got to ones if he did anyone out there was action even ones of us that say hey we wanted to win. Right we have we will present or otherwise do it I'll see anything that goes way right but I think is Ken Bennett because of what he did. He can show other people how to do it any involves other people in the umbrella. And it's they do like and some of the things American there is truly one of the cities and opened the lives he's affected. Like this Q there's alone either from street that are grown adults now people know about the like the basketball players right right at two minutes doesn't even borrow so much more hate it it's not the basketball players and if he was about the bass players before they were asked a question of guys around south Memphis yeah well but the NBA basketball and I got through. Yeah got to Harry got any of that basketball or you know that's universal. Ryan Memphis basketball you go to any any any part of Downey any wouldn't and take about his handlers that I really universal is the other thing I respect. Incredible about this work is the most important of course I. And people give you new she she gets to street ministries and then he has got the tax is coming whatever their lineup gives people a pleaser make your blood. Your board so. But in addition one of the things I do have great regard for him about us. He has been close friends with all the or in support of of all the coaches the Memphis fast everywhere all right everybody. And was particularly close to John cal Perry who who helped him has given Matt millions of dollars took to streets are very close obviously. I have had on occasion to be critical of Memphis basketball. Memphis basketball coaches at various times through my course in my 22 years here sure. I sometimes because I know Ken believes in those coaches so much. And I have to think there are moments he thinks that what I write it is unfair or whatever else. He has never once he ever greeted me with anything other than like she's happy is thing in the world seeming. Ask about my family every time. A key is heat is. A living example of how to live. With an open heart yet with generosity of spirit if towards all. With out bearing grudges or paste and agendas we're right because even the best of us would hold grudges right. And I think I even think it's it's it's written my friends all the time I would hate that person so I found myself looking McCain and sent. We did it last night we're like everybody's got a great story took the man has no skeletons no weaknesses. What we all wanna be I actually do I I have said and I wrote a little letter read as part of this I Tim. What do I end up with my encounters from Ken Bennett as one of the few people this is true. Oftentimes I leave my encounters with Ken Bennett. Thinking that I can be better Dickey that I should do better the weird thing is is the winner in his pres. It's all about you and and he's so. He's so humble as he's done so much right in you would think well all the money that he's raised in everything he's done for the city but you have a little bit more vote. I don't know you come to Kim but Kim comes to you can comes to help. You're the most important thing to him when he's talking to you and it truly is it's not just the way he's working. I mean in Virginia and and you don't know how he does because he's done with so many of us it's like he knows the entire city and how he can give that much and end this was the thing last night. You have to credit his wife Debbie and that family for for allowing for giving him up to us. Because that's the thing right he spent so much I mean I've got story on top story about how he's helped me. For kids has been the beat writer Natalie should we had. Obviously him as the team chaplain but like in my life in my kid in him where he's going to a school that can have found a mean it's it's it's unbelievable but it seems like everybody misses a store like that so well he had the most it's amazing the impact he's now an earlier and it and it's and streets tomorrow. S and the other one I keep living in Memphis and this person moves was saying is an ass hole and whatever you know I really wanted to let all I said there ever written that. And what I said ones. I don't. I wanna live in a perfect city. And I don't wanna live in the city where I moved there and live their purely because the users protect America. And the restaurants are great art and everything's beautiful man there's everything's perfect and there's no problems ran. And therefore I can take take take take take all these things are being created from a city. I do think there is a in at a time Glenn. You'll real satisfaction in life the real comes from. Having meaning manner I think that would matters. That that is more determinative of your happiness in life and everything and anything else do you have meaning it. I think this is a city where it is. Easy to have meaning the because it means everybody and everyone I can't graduate kids do what Ken Bennett does we'll spend most of us don't do what can implement them. But you can see the obvious needs and the city no doubt and. And those needs from us and give you an opportunity. And if you take advantage of that opportunity. You're gonna be happier better more satisfied you have been puzzled me that's why I'm honored to be on the board in lord knows I'm not active enough of that it was the other ones but I. I sure hope to be for years compacts are you when a Mike and Mike saw an honor Michael Morris we're just is that everything I got when I signed up your work it in a combination. Money can buy like this has been here he's learning well now I'm nine and got to like him might deal well. Back then the deals were slated just like the NBA now they feel sweeter they went eighteen years Mike and mark yeah. Jason and Jon let's put it over under on oh please the kids as well we'll go to professional gambler. Jeffrey Jeffrey give us an over under. On Jason and Jon Collins at Ben. Well below where you know little over a year on my count my one year was this week society like they did some of their right alleged I did you know that got their highest bid that is associated ones in the city electric and Zeke you are now on only animal because physique we don't have a chance of that and then there's those guys a run and Steve later they were what they they were doing our group of those guys and run as being reunited. With campaign appearances he's gonna be awesome for kids my age that you round which I don't understand you have an article yeah are closed. Last forever not in LA George will be as you can go through people bang bang bang bang bang in his way adversaries and so now we've got. Jason and Jon of taking the world by storm problems and I would say that and we're gonna put it over under on Jason and Jon CF to look at two factors number one they have a very very enviable time slot. Yeah it sounds like that are very time slot. And then number two you have to do they have the thing they had to they had the thing they did bounce off each other the playoff at each does is it other lectures H and they're kind of little odd couple thing like you had done but more importantly both are. From the radio standard both are young. So I would say the over under scrutiny over under is. I'll tell you I'd say tonight and a half ten and have. You taken Hillary or are you taking the over the other go to the amazing thing. Asked to put this up ask that's from Belize serious learning. I believe over under ten and a half years no I'm going on that your foot is it can mean I don't know I am look at these factories. Don't work Jansen he knows to taking on as successful as we've been Jeff it is we are extremely fragile enterprise you know god you know we're working with John is like it they roller coaster. Every day it's a real rollercoaster how much is something I can lead you're worn out here's libel I think. I think the only way it ends Johnson the national. He's gonna you know. Now is if you don't know why is good he is I don't know I love that you I don't know this doesn't humble DNA interrupt but I know he's been thought of amounts. No to that book I was saying notably he's good he's nationally just the way it will end if it ends. Is because you are both so good. Discount if you want a solo career like people in the and Simon and Garfunkel to last forever to Paul Simon got a result of their creditors as which one is going to be silence these it so nobody even be you'll be you'll be silent OB Garfunkel weren't saying. We know who has the Big Three goes through her honest so so no actually it won't be that you'll each be aching. To have a solo career because I think you each know you need each other yeah I think it's great I think in the sit I think the way the only way it would and I could see it gone ten years what did you for the governor attitudes have I can see it hit me over I could sit there have been blessed and the only way it ends before then is. If greed. Could be great so one arrest someone real someone you could say I'm not Hamlin might Contra. Hum that would be one. Whoever would imagine because Vernon wouldn't be on the air here right there's. I'm sitting pretty of course I think contractual dispute yes contractual dispute so that reality and reality of contracts have come up Beckett and it. The other thing though is but I was actually gonna say it was. The needs of the radio station depending on how they evolved who knows how long I'll be here who knows all owner will be here in loans or Gary will be here don't say whatever. In itself could dump you. They might need you separate. They might need to split you up well known in order to go see two different shots. That that I can see after 45 years I might say. You know what we can have one of these dudes anchor in the morning and one of these dudes anchor in the evening and whatever else. And now look like basically that the might of might that is what out of my leg and right they each yet who. They decided we need Mike Greenberg for something else without a good video and religion one of them moved on to bigger and better things and one of them kind of got left console which one of are you saying I'm told that none are saying on that and I did not absolute honestly they're John is more talented than I am I he's not more plugged in the the likes think he's. But at MI comes amid radio Allen's radio talent guy and yeah Titus he's I think I think he's good he is good and he's funny. Yes it's funny is important are works great. But while windows you so good you know this. I told you when you did rights to the television show. That you're wasting your talent you have if you blow smoke I was not blow tomorrow are appreciative and so. It was honestly I told John as good as he uses at an approach like honestly John was never going to be a big deal impressed. Anyway he could have been a big could be big in radio and so he made the right choice is my and I and I told you back then met. You have. Maybe it comes down from your dat mania well what's god given it's like it's like Archie Manning and Peyton Manning right. You've got those jeans a Persian. I took it says. You're not that good of a beat writer get out. You know those initiatives it and I really meant as yet and I really provide enough about that. On December actual Jeff it is a big day for the university Memphis ribbon cutting today over there for the basketball practice slowly kind of global weird day though because it's such a happy time. They guy got that suckered built up. And yet they just took recruit after crude after crude through that new building and they didn't get any of them and even had the parents of them saying how great a building is how we feel that about the stay of the ribbon cutting. Well I'm happy about it I mean at some point there's going to be good players and their right. Mean that's what you gotta feel it's basketball be back at some point whether it's with Soviet another coach whatever and at some point he'll have a great players in what is by all accounts. One of the greatest practice facilities in terms of college as well quote in a country. And certainly top ten top five top three we had Tyler's as others say no its top three if they I mean this guy was blown away. At least that's what or where they're ready to commit an act I wonder. Just how much seeing. Then against Alabama seeing them against her. Little rock and how just unimpressive they weren't held pal way to put to shut their chances in the spring. Not a lot of good and in the release all right now they're coming you could see Joseph Esposito as we got the kids that they're having a star on now. That they're basically starting over in terms of OK now we got to go out and out look and try to find the the point guard and you put everything into this so now you're starting over. And look Tyler may get more all new you know other offers you don't know but no woman you're you're at a point where you close evidence doesn't chances are good at all. But I should have gone to it is grin well I said the full. I think it was on. I'm immature can you run name made to our new I said this that I there's still believe this. That of the three major sports franchises in town from the grizzlies. Tell your basketball program an entire football program. The one that has the best opportunity. To win a championship or to be a lead nationally there is the Memphis tiger basketball gross amount and and and so the fact that they're not there is an indictment of where they are now right but the fact that they're building it's still true I I still believe that is true. It is their greatest opportunity isn't as great it is is. But the plan for the daughter of this football team other federal ribbon on and that's why the other tournament absolutely good for bill lawyers forget the da man thank you bill lord thank you Bill Lawrence I'm going to be popular you lastly I want to ask you about the situation at east. Where obviously to some players have been ruled in eligible yet. Am. I doubt it'll fly. A dude who. Now here's although offered some let's say the burden on those bloated in its own I think it might. Good luck in little escalated the rule is is that if there's a coaching connection link coaching link if you cannot play. It and most technically not a coach and we'll tell you he's not a coach of this team so there's voters know leading link OK I have to thoughts of us. One is I do believe. There's tee double Lester Blair's agenda this. I do believe that sure West Memphis. Traditionally gets screwed I do believe those are both to Richard Bennett and I do believe through that they don't like the idea of a player like James wise men leaving a national school. To go play for all say alone being being made and you get rich dudes NN's worth which is a solemn private school who were exerting their influence and wait until pay for the watched the number one across the country and leave all of the other schools I believe all I'm with you. All those. I also believe. That. It's kind of weird that like that ever may not be quote unquote a coaching link. All we know it's pennies team and he's not just the sponsor he's they're going to be an effective he's effectively an assistant coach on they re let's just be real there thank you could say he's not a coach. But by the letter of the law. I actually. I don't think they are going to play for him Jeff yeah I am period I'd do acknowledge that their west Tennessee that middle Tennessee got to get west Tennessee your. Having said that. There's very clearly eight. Quote a well it's acknowledged or not they're very clearly is a coaching link that was responsible for this happening and so I I can't. I also think it's stupid. Honestly for James wise men to leave as war which is good to go blah fade pass next school and they. Kidd admitted it. Yeah he's deadly enemy of the US and still come off the planning on a different going to a school like he's got to go honestly look cannot go to school now cannot education he's the one kid like he's at edit east he's taken AP history. You know he's the one basketball players they dignity by history as opposed to a regular racetrack Nike's say. How would you leave your senior year it's great only basketball reasons that I hit the the family moved here you can make your choice or whatever the look this is a gray area because. With TAU world it's it's so one guy over and listen I'm not accusing pinning anything with that give the money can flow. OK and when you start when you start the money flowing and does someone your age you squad or whatever and then they're going to your high school. Money can continue to flow in it just gets you into a gray area. Let's listen heard pinning say. When he when he's been you know critical of his team overdue in the US in the summer classic. Look guys I do everything I can't for you this is the kind of way you played former but in that inside and that is teach him a lesson I think you can't say enough that. We're not killing Kenny because he's done great things for the city for these for these players please tell I think it's eight pairs of shoes you know always Wear uniforms it's how you play former. Wolf who doesn't wanna go over there is that fair that you got a millionaire over there. You know not on paper as the coach but everybody knows is the coach everybody entail once the play for. It's gotten sloppy he's gotten sloppy to a point where you can do like this. Okay when you got if you're Hamilton come over you know kid from all of Brazil and say there's no coaching collection you gotta be cleaner about the yeah he may be a good deal and that's the thing about it getting ever going to be the coach dealers admit you got B. In a bet to beat. NB sloppy. Jason thank you very much thank god this index coming back I heard that Sinbad interview in the early days of the Jason John show and it was one of the best interviews that I never heard it was tremendous oh you got good and bad games ban on and it was good because he didn't just like cinema for one liner after one liner to Ottawa and yet just went out and say come to your act. Now and so cinematic is going to be on with toward Jason and shouted at him. Eleven and 25 the over under is in ten years the you know weigh in on Twitter we'll see how we're doing there. I back the moment they are selling on college football just got to Germany now from his. We know these days 5 AM till 9 PM just. It's. Wake up we'd been looking for you. The type of person who gives 100 insulin he 5% chest because it feels yeah. It's not need to get done you do not complete this you know something maybe your current position in your career isn't where he's supposed to be impressed the bones. He needs kind of be your own a masters in business administration from street university can get some calls this week. State university will brings. Best coaches. 100 points. At least five years is no. You bring the grit and determination. Are you bringing you can together and we'll get. Campuses right here in Memphis and street university we're here to help EDT in pushing forward with classes on campus and online. Visit the Thousand Oaks campus at 2620000. Oaks boulevard or the Shelby campuses 72 Cindy by actually forms parkway. Or go to strayer dot edu certified to operate a shift. You have persistent need pain is need pain affecting your daily life you may have an option medical researchers are evaluating any investigation all device for people who still have knee pain following meniscus surgery. You'll receive treatment from an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine. 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See Tim well now I've memorized auto sales are now. Forty or visit him club downtown that's ten car. Dot com workplace injury Dow pound five to none yourself. That's all. Coming up next that I don't wanna end. Ten no one knows. Joined now by there at Sally Wright comes about covers college football for CB am. As sports and host the the sport goes SEC smothered and covered with. Podcast. On Twitter at bit Sallie Bernard joins me in a battery of. And on the end of the games are much less interest in Nam and everything else Fidel everything else is happening starting with the ugly rumors. The end end end end yesterday. We had a fever pitch as Janet as John Goodman himself fit into the rumors by bringing up rocky top. Your thoughts on the Jon Gruden rumors. You know what he'll look John you're more than. To bring about John good morning joggers and so. The life and had nothing really that go on on bell lap. I don't know a couple of weeks on that front is overly shocking what do you believe all of it not that are on the it. It is senate is going to act Jon Gruden the leader had coached they're gonna throw a lot of money Adam. And it's gonna be up to count edit your job good you're gonna let them because a. They're gonna throw a lot of money at you and beat you love hearing about how great you are huge hundred degette. So that's all that I think you're going on I think if you think you read read read a report from grant Draghi and on point or seven yesterday. That that they feel like they had Dan Mullen and their back pocket and they're gonna sell our deadline on DeAndre and making it Bijan. The net net present at the end it got through but not exactly a way to get people about it because. It the only coach you've been caught you legitimately right now you might as well go do it and you might as well try to do are you in the Burbank being strong along Peru. You know early January when NFL jobs come out so. Nothing overly shocking. A lot of people are our public big being irresponsible without playing in the big rumor because. I'm a double lot for a bit. But at the end of the day. What I've gone on and that shouldn't have been expected at this point I think that this basically how they should've gone about this. Is. Is it if junger knows he's not gonna take this game gave preciousness on his show yesterday. Is it insensitive. To be trolling everybody ends for his own ego. To be get people fired up. Mom when he knows he's not gonna take it. Albeit on third not their to be anarchy anarchy gonna be banned Littlejohn grid that they are you get the best. Situation for John Byrd and by is playing and you did programmers and mentioning rocky top literally out of know yet here they didn't. He'd he'd murdering the idea that may bet that you desperate bid because. Eight may be a better stick would be maybe you want to Vienna sold coach C maybe you want to make and confirming yet the end. Day maybe you want another job at another network that will carry Monday Night Football it ESPN give that up. Or eat. All of the above that he had no I don't have that situation as of yet which is totally fine so. You know there have been a bucket of fed yet you've got to come out publicly state whether you consider not an independent he got why. Doctor and then this for John Byrd and is that bad thing that he can do you or himself personally. Did exactly what he's doing. Albeit it you know I think we'd all appreciate it he did say something one way or the other but. He's he's just claimed that healed and he is doing what he should do. Do you believe that. Tennessee has Dan Mullen and it's back pocket. I think they're genuine interest both ways there. You know I don't let barely speak bad. It's a done deal mean look at. Ten at the better job at Mississippi State yet there's no doubt about that by. Missed the debate Billy very good job and I think the idea that gamble on what is all spring and Knoxville it a little bit. Dated because they're different and it. But in eighteen got an uptick in job now is it minuscule and he got a really good gig at the debate date so. I do think that there's mutual antipathy dependent be dedicate the resources that he feels like he needs a win at a national championship caliber level. Then that'll do it. But if they don't go bad a city state and continue to weigh in on game dot security make for a million dollar taco probably more because the order would entity. And then delivered a lot so. But I do think that that that he would be. The next stop in at the deadline comes and goes in and gruden is not an either catch. There's 20 sort of whopper possible move schools going after big fish who might not otherwise leave and those are. The idea of gas wells on the Arkansas. Did the idea of kimbo Fisher to Texas a and M you put any stock in either of those. Check that they that would give a picture. Well probably not. Less than than you are a gut thing because. And then I'm probably the last kimbo fighting demos. Frustrated right now because you feel like you being forced to make a bucket that jaded that you will admit portrait bust that hit. A lot like Brian Kelly did last year at Notre Dame did you wanna do that and that you all don't wanna go look personality change and sell. I don't beat you comfortable with that yet but he's going to act the do it if you want the stay order date for a long time. It is definitely gonna look and then but I don't think you can actually make that jump I've got log on and Dahlberg. You know I I think you're unlikely to two that you make that job let. My thought you'll want to poke out in Arkansas are that are familiar with a decision making process a whole lot of people that have. Stated that bend and they want and a golf. A lot like it hundred. You know you you don't know what the prettiest girl school cannot go to prom yet much yet. And for our can upload. I've got a lot of the prettiest girl school decided I stated at this point. What all we're doing and he's gonna get an expansion no matter don't they hey you situation not the issue. And and it's badly you happy there and I feel like they they feel like if you win an elite level there because they end a group. I don't necessarily any need to do better are out there. How much of a massive Arkansas are gonna search gonna be given that they have no AD. I don't really think that as big video of the good. Auburn and Arkansas are they I think are very similar situation in terms of how they'd upgrade anyway. You know Arkansas would have a group of people that are detonated but it could be a third committee Auburn or the same way. You know Jeff Long. You know you would not going to make this this decision you at eight. There are a lot of intellectual people that we're not happy with them for a lot of different legitimate freedom over the last. 34 years. And he would basically good at the end paroled diminish no matter what whether he was they are not so. I don't think it's a big deal the same people that we're gonna be involved or are going to be involved now. And it will be anger at all. What should these jobs might fall to my car values of C mentioned in a bunch of them. Realistically what do you think the best chances are for my program. Arkansas would be a legitimate state Ole miss is definitely get a mention their it yet no bracket doesn't get Scott frost. I would imagine that Chad Boris and Michael bell are connected called it may. Lou I think that kind of where he's he's on and right now and I do know that a lot of people don't mess really really like I don't like people are involved YouTube they've got other you know I elsewhere are now but. Add old that they really light in the question did that he. If he wanted to be one abate the fate of Matt rule out which is kind of what you would have to deal basically they are right. I'm gonna go. DE basically irrelevant. At all met while they go through all of the they go through hopefully build that program back at my image yet long term dedication from an administration. A commitment me and make it on the money in the cropped up that map and we are alike. That I know what IP it that they did or did he go to someplace that a little easier to win. You know like in Arkansas or even Nebraska where yet regret it doctor occurred to you by. You'll also run a pretty unique all gonna division where you don't eat out all that much and and a division that is very winnable out that at all. How do you rank those three jobs Nebraska Arkansas Allman. To grab the Arkansas hold that I would say. Nebraska Arkansas hold it would be people there. Any of those jobs worth turning down on the theory that you know I can get something better next year I don't need to do the settlements like. I don't need to go it's really what Tommy Tuberville that when he went there and they they were down they were sanctions. He recruit a lot of walk ons he was hit the perfect personality at the time Ford enthusiastic. Whenever I could see it work and at all messed. I could also see him saying he was on our show yesterday saying that they played. 38 freshmen and sophomores the last two years you don't think they're gonna stink next year. And why don't need to take Ole miss when I might be able to get something. Better next year I don't know that you knew better than Nebraska or Arkansas about like that's those would be tough if I were he to turn them. I mean you're talking about you know big big and money what is obviously what I did and I think if money I'm. You know I omit it all Mitt would you could turn Donald Mitt if and only if they stay. You know we're not gonna dedicate you or you are unsure that they're gonna dedicate themselves you know look at the problem really it. In a bit of let it be bad you know or your base quicktime on that you can only get a contract for years. You know that make a little bit ago that they wink wink nod nod you're gonna get seven. So if you you sort adult yet the sense that you're gonna actually get extended or create more you learn after that or your arm then maybe current down but I. I honestly don't know how old victim can legitimately sell back and and sell long term dedication based on the restriction badly like. OK analyze that because if I should. Get there are four blog and ask you about a couple games I'll do that Wisconsin and Michigan what do you got on. I think with Scott in role Michigan for me I did I don't trust. That offense. That don't put a lot of point I'd keeping what companies can and will put a lot of coin. Against Michigan by the Baylor should be and high rate. Palepoi Brooke did a great game last weekend but doubt it irk a lot of that in all year he's been pretty solid. I I just look up and the need role in their don't do it very sexy but but they're there on football. Do you have thoughts on SMU Memphis. You know wouldn't surprise me at that thing you keep it closed at annuity is an. You are because they're all good works they know it they got you yeah. They did upper big game and that's got bored so I definitely want to audition for for a new job so I didn't think it'll be look at a good angle had but. But but it didn't you let any amount from promoted high perspective they'll be ready I just don't think will be able to announce what what rally urgent record read the table. He's there at Sally on Twitter at bear.