Guest Host Jeffrey Wright -- Hour 2 with guests Chris Herrington and Sam Vecenie

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Tuesday, February 13th

Jeffrey Wright starts the second hour of the program by welcoming Chris Herrington to the program to discuss Paul Pierce's comments about Tony Allen, the future of Derrick Rose, the OKC Thunder (Grizzlies' next opponent), and more from the NBA before the conversation switches to "The 9:01" during "The 9:01" at 10:01. Next, Jeffrey welcomes Sam Vecenie of The Athletic to discuss the players included in this draft class before discussing the top team in college basketball. Then, the show closes with Jeffrey and Ben Hogan discussing the Memphis football schedule.


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Play that today has a southern food related song because well it took great conversation last night at bubble yum these former. Com bookseller so Laura world are they this kid or whatever you call it the bookstore out in the East Coast and there's my conversation last fight between Kelly rushed to local from the Fisher and restaurant or dislike it all right and Russia iris. And John T edge and at least food historian and Oxford Mississippi who sent us a book out about the history of modern history aside and crude. Completed my conversation last night on that topic at marble and I look look that up at the column today. We will discuss that conversation. Momentarily but first wanted to ask you about this Paul Pierce was asked if he was upset about ray Allen's not being a present for. Paul Pierce's Jersey retirement. According finishing comment he said I was more upset. That Tony Allen wasn't there was say about Tony Allen that. You know win while we always think it was a grisly Paul Pierce thinks of mrs. guy. We will keep wondering what can help us there right like Clint Bowyer Tony Allen was the one guy on all those teams. It too it was at a hardware being you know Mike Miller was there at one point he won Miami bit. Available one core guy you would actually wanna arrange the defending Kobe Bryant in the NBA finals. And Tony always cited Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett in particular sort of influence on him to see was. You know he was a series of better count towards the end of his career but he was a younger player or all those Boston. National finalists. NEA and pierce and Garnett over the veterans and you know Garnett particular their defense oriented but pierce despite. Some look at some theatrics are very sort out those kind of play you're in the game and those guys always going to be implode and Tony Tony always sort of excited back. And so GAAP net acres or hostess there. Paul Pierce rank for you in terms of great players. How loud and I'd have to make a list senate and it you know I think you've got to be a top fifty player probably all time probably that in you know even that kind of a small number. You have to sort of make a lefty is not a you know small forward as sort of an opposition that some sort of a dominant position in the league now look at what LeBron James and Kevin Durant. But historically. It's not a and so you know who you talk about fault for historically you have LeBron your Koran it. You have you know I think doctor Jay would you do so we have to have about Rick buried. I don't know work while you classify Larry Bird won't call him a three he's obviously above pierce. And so pierce is a marked the second or third tier that. But still you know have a sort of great player. I know that team that that. That debt collection. Won one championship and he can't take that away from that always felt like. That team may be under achieved a little bit in my fair and that assessment. I have to go back and look at the specifics I you know they they were playing. Beyond. We're playing the Shaq and Kobe you know that was just so yeah at Al can be and how lakers. Yeah may be although I mean. Winning that title. Without an Garnett I think with the top five maybe top three in the MVP vote purely won the title. But it was sort of an odd way to do that Iran was sort of defense of decrypt folks in BP contender sort of an almost let Bill Russell Celtics tradition. Really the Celtics never had it. A clear cut. Top five NBA play you're right regarded had been that. In but he wants it really at this polling people want to get to the Celtics it's easier for Minnesota. He could be the year was at Minnesota. And it's so good at Fort Pierce and Garnett and Allen were. They didn't have. Come Dawkins in his prime they could have LeBron James and this crime. They didn't have Michael Jordan as part or even Kobe boring at its pride and typically NBA works decorate for that matter right now. Typically NBA NBA title winner have. Eight in BP global player in his car a bit hard to win a title in the NBA without. That as good as Garnett was that your they won the title he wants it really quite debt. And so I NN I think it was it was a great team. But despite their star power was almost four per great team the most distant smoke mold. And NB you know global aren't. Coke beat Jordan kind of mull its. They enforcement Chris Hansen of the commercial deal you can always bomb on Twitter at Chris Harrington at Harrington NDA is his Twitter account. And then some local news to a lesser extent but dare Cruz has cleared waivers. Do you foresee a situation which dare cruise helps the team this year. No I mean I think. Inky is. He's capable of putting up some counting numbers there's some horse broke or at some point. If he's on the board is crucial apple all the cute. But I don't think he will be you know efficient offensive player and I don't think he will help you outside of his own scoring. And so no I don't see you know you're going to go to Minnesota. Arquette at Minnesota hasn't wrecking crew a point guard AMBER Alert Geoff he can't tarnish rooms on the floor than their crews at this stage. And so I'd I and skeptical. Of Derrick Rose additional corporate situation on the I think you know. But I skeptical Derrick Rose as they increase player really helps you. You know in a playoff setting the stage of his career. Grizzlies and thunder will be tomorrow night but before the thunder take on the grizzlies they will take on dare chris' former team the cavs tonight are eagerly watching this and. I don't know if I'd been home hamburgers your player there's not a lot going on I might be watching the game five and oh my dad may have some of the plans tonight we'll. When you look at what the thunder have been doing the last month or so in your opinion that. What have they done to kind of put it together. I'm I think it's partly a pecking order thing and I think you would you went into the season. And I I I I'm guilty of attitude I thought. I've never been a huge Harbaugh I think anybody in his prime. But I thought he would be better or strictly ethics or this season with that team that he had beer and that's why don't you have a situation where. You know poll sort of be the second best player on the team. Atomic shoot from each shot pinpoint shot permitted or whatever from a opted to take U verse same point. There are mellowing into the you know were on board with would put sliding into bachelor number two scoring. Brain and he's just not good enough for that on a good team at this point recruit good team. And so I think you see the shift in the pecking order. On offensively toward Paul George and away from our colleague the I think that had a lot to do with that. And in there at that point of what you're gonna do next season to think he had that that that player option which it'll probably take I would guess. But what you're seeing is that. In that if you if you can't have the true leader of the only way you know eastern terrorists hardened and Paul and and the way it went Golden State had an immutable part James and anyone who's total LeBron James. And the answer to that true elite of the elite. Russell Westbrook Paul towards Stephen Adams which is a true creole they are not look Carmelo. That's a really good setup for a team because Stephen Adams is a total org role play or rebounder defender of bomb you know high efficiency or you know sort of a lead role players ever. Paul George might be deep and he might win because a player the European embassies and it is a great source secondary opposite draft. And spark a sort of a weird sort of fit for a winning team could do so ball parliament dominant. But he's a guy who could take over games and so I you know we've got a better trio that can make you good on both sides of the ball and that I think has a chance to do something in the playoffs. Sort of course with Chris hands in the not a one is up that commercial appeal dot com. Read each and every weekday it goes up right at 901 and last in the NBA going to ask you a guy that you got to see last week. At FedEx formed Donovan Mitchell he's. Helped lead the jazz to ten game winning streak he's averaging over 21 points a game he's. The first rookie to do so since wilt Chamberlain's I guess your and that conversation. That's pretty good company however he's averaging 21 points per game worst wilt averaged 41 point six. And that kind of stretch but when you when you got to see Donovan Mitchell up close and person what did you think about his game. Well he didn't show much German associate he had a disappointing game against bigger than we've ever that would be damned weird Ricky Rubio in Paris and shoot out. And so it was disappointing not to see give a game but about like a lot of people. People actually want to somberly basketball tournament certainly recommend but I but I felt well without permission on some release. And I would have loved to have this fees and and in there weren't that worried. Error basketball where keynote guards who can curry school war. Armed you know at all whatsoever or thirty years ago in terms of value. And so in their questions about if you want to see a 200 helped dervish you're able to lead. And compete you know certainly a top three player or a title contender if they get the right pieces together. You know you can use all the want to get an Arroyo I mean Donovan Mitchell and Rudy don't pay error or pretty good foundation. Like what's the third piece legal bet to make your true contender and do they have a from a roster. I would say they probably don't I'm aware of that as well you're will come from for them if they can ever find it. But I would I would I'd be happy starting the confidential legal bear for the next ten years. Present and is joining us here on the program but I don't want is up a partial pill dot com TV. Andy is the crux of the 901 is a power Chacin between John T edge and Kelly English that occurred last night. At novel Chris you were there are. What what did you take or the highlights of that conversation. I totally appreciate I'm neither read out he had just even the head of the southern Kuwait alliance which is that Ole miss and Oxford and just there a Ryder Soria on southern boot and so you the book came out last year or cult of pop local papers which is subtitled modern history of southern suited and sort of sort of social what does all this trio source southern cultural from mold them from the last fifty years in Egypt bound paperback last week so that's why he was in town. It's been Kelly uses and eat your leadership center room in ports and whiskey a mark talks for our behalf about popped up this book and about through southern duke history general. And I thought it was really fascinating need you to destroy a lot of sort of the hidden stories and didn't figures. Who have influenced or something you don't hear about the 11 little side was so that I I died I did not know about this ball. At one point there was going to be a chain Obama was actually short lived. Chain of fast food restaurants in the south chicken restaurants like chicken restaurants that work. Rated recommend how he jacks in the gospel singer and ever and the very first one with a purpose and so there's this photo of talk a press conference you announcing the mental you can actually and let you know chicken chain that was started enough to ascend. And you know it was just it was a conversation militants are a lot of people. Places about sort of the way someone do this changing in addition to replace Google or procreation and all that and haven't stopped. But it was great and I thought you know I try to do justice to it you know for people who couldn't be there. And I lawyer I've bought at just the left side and going and border digging into it. I know he gets credit obviously for her and me being an amazing shot that I have now been friends with Kelly for 45 years. An underrated story teller do you think that their. Kelly Kelly Kelly I don't know I don't Kelly fairly well he's a great guy. And he was really good discipline not just like a dark yet it's like you're reading this conversation between these two guys who have become good friends. And you know you got it right about this in the umpire what I wrote today but I can Leach talked about. But there was you don't Moussaoui story last year or so about except all right well right. And the biggest story in the immediate mystery was about John actions Russia and Portland who was telling metro. And these stories came out and he talked about sort of the impact that had on him and how like you know he cried in front of the entire staff talking about it. They didn't you know coming to grips about that this really happened and sort of you know. Get a place regularly would never gonna have to you know put his own staff have been tense situations. We'll talk a little bit about what's happening at iris which is going to. Shut down in May for about six weeks to reopen. And ends it with a total differ by little different than you who bombed. In order that she thinks he said about it last night in in terms of you know these were political issues around food is that. He don't want to take credit for for us through what everyone else that you can just do what he wants to put the spotlight. Or and the people working for him and the role they happens frequently JP instituted AA and in shaping the future of this restaurant. And so it it was really great conversation and talk about it a little bit of justice I think even people want bear you're all interested in sort of back and Southern Command which I think. Overall and that's what could create another understood that subject. I think you'd have to their troubles probably pretty good read. As a former fat kid I'm definitely right there with it Chris you're great to join us we'll talk to Ian Moore meant. Ever present and of course of the commercial appeal you always read them. Right there the night no one each in every single week date right out at commercial about comp Almonte Twitter actress hearings and all his NBA Twitter account. At Harrington in BACM Cassini writes for the athletic he's the senior. I should say he's the senior college Basque harder he also it's specifies in the NBA draft we'll talk coalitions were also gonna talk. Draft prospects with Sam when we come back is again the grizzlies are. Headed straight for the lottery let's find out about some of the guys that the grizzlies could potentially be drafting. Some potential new grizzlies when we come back right here in the Jeff Hawkins showed 99 FM ESPN's. It's there's so much. Clean your whole. Hope you're showcasing them. Gambling cruises. He's. My kids and things. Release similar as we. Tonight facing. Mozilla dot. Sports and rose show February 16 seventeenth and lazy. 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I haven't really had the opportunity to really kind of focus on the draft in my seven years because the grizzlies they don't apparently value first round draft picks until this year we found out now they they devalue first round draft expert. That's a new one on us. But normally they're at the grizzlies are picking sign up now depending on the way the rest of the season pans out. The grizzlies could be looking at anything from. You know badly tie it to you and god knows what's next well when you look at this draft. You know we always do the move of okay oh this draft has X amount a franchise guys this this draft has tears. When you look at this draft class held deep is it with guys that can come in and make a difference. Include a guy that I think you make a long term difference I would say like 1213. Fourteen may be depending on how much how you feel like out like Wally walker by I know. Well I would say that I feel pretty good about top ten guys in the spot but look at. We've done Chechnya create and as the top two players for sure I'd look at Mark Bagley. Cutting and like it to your client felt and there are look like this big group of seven wires right delicate. A you know trade young Jerry Jackson Michael order Mohammed bumble miles bridges Mikhail Bridget and Colin techs and it guys that. I genuinely believe bird gonna be starters in the NBA and could eventually I mean they could be incurred as a rookie in my opinion depending on if they got to the right situation. These are all really high level players who got a level polish to their game. Or just a tremendous physical tools in the case of Mohammed Babar. That portend then being real NBA difference makers for a long time and you know that's why everyone is so excited about this draft they it is absolutely loaded with opt. Now I think that if you get further beyond that if you get beyond them or Jeter so. It gets a little bit weaker but at the topic at the top is where draster made up is where superstars come from typically. And you know and distract you can't really get much better than ever. Or when you consider that aspect the image right there read you know you could have thought they had twelve guys are so. You think the grizzlies taking the risk of a trying to hold on to Tyreke Evans in hopes a resigning him. And then maybe you know adding that the seventh or eighth pick. Do you think that risk was. It was worth taking given that the grizzlies probably if they get rid of it if they would have gotten rid of Tyreke most likely they're gonna be picking in the top four is that a risk worth taking your opinion. Tell me probably not I mean I'm not entirely sure that Tyreke Gavin can apiece stopping them from Gil picking number four urgency number two at the end of the day because if you look at. The standings right now they're like I think a game at a house. Behind the number one overall pick right now all right well I don't think it's gonna make like this incredible difference that surely but. I wouldn't trade it Tyreke Evans to be sure I would have tried to recruit some value made each. A couple of sounded like Eric couple's second round pick on the table and to me carry Gavin who's kind of a six man in the best case scenario for clicking the competing for an NBA title race you don't really great job and that's. Light I think that anytime that you're the guy on a one year contract that. You may or may not be able to keep going forward I'm happy to sell that guy -- multiple. You know you draft such and try and continue to build my officer going forward. Sam Husseini of the athletic is joining us here make sure your farm on Twitter at Sam underscore the scenery and the one guy that you mentioned that. I've only really seen you two clips of and the other night I saw him underneath the basket all contemplated in county flipped the ball. Over the top of the basket and made it was I was mesmerizing to watch this look at doctors. When you see his game. And you mention that he's one of the top two guys in the draft what do you like about his game and what do you think translates. Here's the first thing that I think people kind of have directly guidance about what he's doing right now right so he is eighteen years old he's one of the younger players and mistrust collapsed. I yeah he's averaging seventeen point nine points four and a half of this five point two rebounds and a one point two steals in the Euro league that in the second best league in the entire wall. I you have a lot of really really high level professionals over there. Rule you know would be dominating all of basketball and basically every player in that league. Is someone who would be averaging eighteen point they're called out cold air right now. And could constitute dominating that league right now even the top ten and all of those numbers that I just throughout. He's 47 PER weed the competition there. What are you doing statistically over there is totally unprecedented. And it comes you know he's six foot eight kind of lead guard who. To knock down shots he's pop shot maker I don't think that is three point percentage we get like 34% right now it's not necessarily a true number of terms of what he's got what would you really good shooter now are great how they're great feel for the game can get some separation tutored. You know very polished off the bounce and obviously the question is going to be if he can it be able to present at the next level. And how much it he already maxed out what is physical tools are either very developed. Eighteen year old he fix what they call it occurred twenty I'll already. I've already filled out his brain very very well. So what is the upside there but I genuinely think diluted college which can have been in you know start for an NBA team tomorrow he wanted he went to. The Euro basket competition this summer and ugly people hack. Other on or near the restored to the Orlando Magic right now although the sixteen million dollar contract so. This guy for real and I think you would be a very worthy number one overall pick in many dropped. Sam I'm a sports fan and therefore I'm dumb and I need comparisons. So I I I can't I can't form an opinion on Somalia unless I unless I have a cop who is a good cop for Luka. All bad not such a hard one because. You know like in many ways like he play like it would re all he played similar Rico how LeBron James want to play you can't imagine LeBron James without the incredible. Freaky physical tools let it may have LeBron James one of like the tour three best players out you know what I mean like broad gains once. Six foot 873. Wingspan and one of the best athlete you've ever seen dodge which is not the Shirley but he plays a similar style lead guard gave the tricks holiday. I'm great passing acumen great vision can feel over the think a knockdown shot up the durable now he's a great driver. But a great feel for driving in slashing evocative typically dominate a game like LeBron Vicky is gonna be a big league ball handler. Gonna come around the action on the war either a wing or as the team's de facto point guard. Yeah you can sell me on poor man's performance LeBron I I feel like that I could I could probably deal with that. Another fishing guy in this draft and I got that I've found myself watching Anton just low light skilled big man it is the Audrey Eitan. To my untrained eye when I watch my CAM. A very polished off and green for for someone his age. But also I really that he has a great deal on the defensive end. Is my untrained guy is that right what the CNN. You know he's really really good on the defensive and what every. Stuttgart out on the perimeter which is something that's really art for a lot of guys are it stopped right yes you under 8701260. And have like 5% body fat content. Being able to guard around the perimeter should not be easy for him there's. Put it really really easy for him you can guard guys that it's their 66 there are no problem. The problem for him is around the rim I don't think he's a great. Instinctual defender rotating over from the weak side to try and protect the rim trying to swat shots shortly takes up a lot of space. To be sure not gonna matter in the NBA front wall of the simple fixed wing span. So you have to work sixty pound again not gonna help them kind of just take up space small plane and make it harder for guys to finish around them but. I would like to feel better instinctual awareness of when he's rotating over getting there and and forcing proper shots from guards and watchers are wing players. Speed of course this embassy any of the athletic does an outstanding job. Covering college basketball as well as the NBA draft and then as as a grizzlies as a lifelong meant the end as a grizzly fan. Where were we have so much scar tissue builds up from machines could be so any time we hear an African sounding name. And we see that he's a big guy we were just our blinders are turned on. What is different about Mohamed bomb load that then the guy that unfortunately he'd probable be compared to unfairly so in the B. Yeah I mean I got the comparison and I do you think that Mohammed it a little bit more polished off essentially I mean my homage chuck out shoot like overs luck I think fourteen games she's getting like 38%. On to three point attempts to game now I don't think he's probably a tree 38% three point shooter but it got. Churchill's. Steps he's taken to get to the point where. When maybe down the road after some training you might be able appeal like this guy can ball. Big man you know he does have to work on it or shrink he has to work on it ability to establish position in the post. I think you'll get beaten up a little bit in this first year in the NBA just because it's gonna be really hard for him. So you know deal with the typical grind in the population that NBA players they're just gonna show it every meal every time except on the floor but. You know at the end of the day the big populated seven foot with a seven point nine wingspan that would be the longest in the NBA. Genuinely changes the geometry of the way that you talked to spend the next level and I would also say in terms of the Papeete comparison. He is a little you might actually much more mobile than would be right to all of this guy he's got a stationary in the middle didn't move super well. Bubba can move out on the perimeter and defend outlook for a girl that he can. At least not be a traffic. Yeah note the B didn't really do anything well other than just kind of being tall. Other than that aid that was kind of about it. Right yeah Bubba can do more than that no it's not get ourselves to gain additional probably the least developed and anyone in that top ten. Boy it you know at the same time this is not fishing repeat this for the guy that. Has worked hard on his game over the course of last year's it develop some if player skill set the should. Helped their missing moves on to the next level. Finishing conversational with one of my buddies who's in college coaching and he had an interesting take on and try young and that. He's always believed that when you look at the uniforms that are in the NBA news that Gionta s.'s the you know. The personal guess is the bad guys that are the these 611 just. Freaks. He says he's ready Davis that he will ease says that. He believes that there's a ceiling for what they what they can contribute to the overall. Success or franchise but he said when you look at. You know show stopping guards those guys can really really elevate teens and he believes that that train young is in that mold. When you see Trey young obviously the comparisons to step courier out there and unfortunately Tamba. When you see trade young you see him and the next level what do you think. I mean guys like geometry and Kevin Durant and you know or like LeBron and Kevin Durant led team there NBA titles like different feelings pretty good right yes that. The end of the day I think train young is the very difficult player to judge right now in a lot of ways because. One thing that. She gets a lot of credit for is the fact that. She knows how to run a kick in rural scheme I have very wide open scheme that can't be immediately translate able to the end create a club side of that argument is that. You know color and sex and even necessarily getting a chance to run up to Leo that shooters around him and Alabama. I know all of these other point guards all of these other. Ball handling prospects that we look at it very rare for them to be a situation that features NBA spacing and NBA shooting right past. In young's case of a little bit worried that. You know group hyper competent. Lon Kruger. Is it. China creating a circumstance where trade young's numbers are being boosted to the point where. In game isn't. Quite there yet are you look at the way that Alabama has been able taken out of the game trooper Joel bottom they called text and on the armed. Hyper athlete he didn't even play terrible impelled him of but he. Struggled a little bit with that kind of liked and that kind of size IE you know you look at some of his more recent game against Kansas State another team the contreras now leaped out. They called in some issues in terms of turnovers averaging something like five turn over the care. I as well which is a little bit scary thirteen so how. I think sure he'll do really great prospect I have of the top ten guy. You're feeling it's probably tired of anyone else who is in the NBA draft split. I don't know that we know what fun a towel. You know what the floor is for it yet to do we know that you can be this incredible. You know star point guard in Belmont higher -- sure to be honest just because what we've seen him in a circumstance that you NCAA prospects that can't prosper. Talking courses embassy he does an outstanding job covering college basketball in the NBA draft. For the athletic he's the senior writer there you can always bomb on Twitter Acxiom underscored the Simi and then on to college bass walk and out a way to ask you this because. I always get confused by Virginia because when I watched Virginia play like I I understand. Up IA geeky kid to take their record away from them and you see how efficient they are but. I just always in so leery of teens that play as many one possession games and they dear. When they get into the knockout stage and I just find myself not believing and in them. Am I wrong to do that with them. No I think that that's entirely fair that argument I've been making for years I am a massive proponent of Virginia basketball I think that they're great. I think Tony Bennett's got a great job and I think their defense this year is arguably the best defense for receiving college basketball in years. Good the problem with them though is that. As you mentioned these one possession game these two possession game that they play where dolby dished ruining it seen in the first half and only end up not. Right yeah. That creates closer gave that creates more Berrian outcomes and whatever you're talking about and create term that situation. It's a little bit more difficult to have. Great results or straight times in various outcome gains well look. They just went on a fifteen game win streak I'm not I'm not saying that they can't do their thing can't make a run to the final four. If the Turbo charged moral are probably would pick them to the final or tripled Stoppard. But at the end of the day I mean yeah I agree wholeheartedly you're gonna have more variant outcomes whatever you struggle. To put teams away because you played this case they just. Is being yelled back to score. And then another scene that I struggle with and I shouldn't because. You would have felt like after Villanova win the national title that we would we kind of put our jokes aside. It's really even joked issue for me this year but when I watch Villanova play and I'm not tried to take too much out of the saint John's game because. If I think Johnson as the duke when they have the the Villanova win. And despite losing eleven straight games that they were competitive and most of those games and they were not as bad as perhaps their records show. Blood issue I keep seeing the Villanova is. When they have the games that they're just not absolutely you know blitzkrieg he knew with three east and you come up against the team that can also shoot pretty well. I just feel like if they have that bad off game in the turn meant that you're gonna find them balanced out Ijaz. They don't have the overwhelming talent they've got really solid players but they're not gonna overwhelm you with talent. Do you feel like that's a fair assessment of what we sample of this year. I don't know if it's. True talent. To be honest I think actually are really talented you look at Jalen brown cinema Carol bridges I genuinely believe that 12 punch at all college basketball this season. Mark spelman the former five star Prospect Park aide even check and those really really good cultural boot Eric outscored them you've got a problem. The problem that Villanova on the defensive back. They're that defensive C right now and there's no if and their bought about that. They are eight right now on defensive efficiency in the big east are only ahead of saint John the Marquette. If they can't turn that defense around I think that's where they're gonna struggle in terms of the NCA turn it you can't defending NCA turn consistently. It doesn't matter to your offensives. Twelve points better than anyone else per our possessions in the big east you're still gonna struggle at times so. I think that that's the key Villanova need to get guys back obviously they're out of trouble injuries right now they'll boot the bell Eric apple missed that game against saint John's. Do to a concussion did they get their guys backing and sort reestablishing themselves and their identity defensively I think that's going to be the biggest key. But I don't have slipped out of state right now on what we've seen from them. Over the course of the last three weeks. And then lastly you've been great to join us here Sam really appreciate your time I am admittedly a sucker for talent and for whatever reason I can't quit do you even though I know they can't defend it all like. I when I'm watching duke play zone I'm I'm having to rub my eyes and in just one what what I'm all watching here bit. I just cannot quit on on them. What do you see and obviously that's probably the most talented team in college basketball but. That certainly doesn't translate to two championships in contrast to where are you with duke right now. Yeah I'm a little bit worried about point guard play with that trade well Duval do not then. You know be all end all of you know answer at the guard position that I think they were hoping for. Little bit worried about the fact decrease in Allen has been incredibly inconsistent over the course last month. They're worried about adapt I mean this routine that. Really only have five guys after the truck yeah I do love the fact that Gary Trent has been great over the of course the field and obviously Mark Bagley Wendell harder going to be lottery pick. By I am a mortgage back Ed I don't know if they're gonna live up to that would seem how low level I think that we need to treat them. Be able locked down possession after possession effectively. Before we can feel like this between the can make a deep run in the NCAA tournament otherwise. I mean it bigger running to a team that can run some screen and roll action to get those big man out of position. It's gonna be curtains I mean we won't we've seen the fact that they struggle at best and we see the fact that coach K doesn't seem. I resigned to go to the broad scheme is quickly if he should in some gains made so. I don't know what to make it do yet I think that it's gonna be a top. They're gonna be the ultimate bracket buster this year they can go to the final aura and championship game or it got around to. I can't wait to ban on how to lose it on the conduct its only loss at San we are great to join us some and we really appreciate your job. Yep pretty darn just. Stand to see any of the athletic senior writer for college Basilan in the NBA draft we come back little bit news out of the NFL it's set up for Jason and Jon. Right here we come back on the Jeff Hawkins showed 99 FM ESPN. This into the Jerry parish shows tremendous basketball recruiting insider Keith Easter would Levy story today at 420 and 99 FM EST yeah. Still one and only GT eastern look. Yeah. For pat dye. Local basketball experience you know Lowe's heroes and street colored clothes on 92. Gary better ratio. 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Enjoy fresh flavorful mate for you meals with today's first he'll have -- two dollars the most sound where Israel while they last great hero Marino's bullseye goes not just sounds more pick yours did you find her stock dark. All time great South Park from the when he's given this speech in front of congress to. Try and advance stem cell research so you can build his own shaky speeds up. Things Asia as the heat of the moment to get ever want to. Both Wear them. Not to say pinning. Establishes themselves if those sanctions if the. Funny show today Jeff Hawkins joined us at the. Top of the show all the way from Jung Chang South Korea gear pairs. Joined us at the bottom of the first hour Chris Harrington seemed to seeing you this hour miss anything it'll be up on the podcast shortly after this program ends. We'll track it out then. It's those closing arguments presented by. And ration Memphis at the university of amid this hasn't announced their home football scheduled. They wolf. Host Mercer or their home opener that is September 1 with the tigers third at BS or at CES best opponent from the state of Georgia. That this is played at Georgia and Georgia Tech as well from a of the peach state. Navy their home conference opener should say it's the conference ever be September 8 the earliest. Conference opener since 2013. The tigers will host Georgia State on September 14. They'll host south Alabama on September 22. A beggar or (%expletive) to navy does your Canadian beg your pardon. So home gaining its Mercer at NATO was correct. I'd Georgia stayed at home south Alabama at home on this twenty sec it. On the 28 they go to two lane that's a Friday night game in New Orleans enjoyed that tiger fans. Cincinnati at home on October the sixth UCF at home on October 13. They go to Missouri on October 20 they'll have their bye week on October 27 and they will close the game I should they close the season out with four games. First they get to east Carolina on November the third they will host Tulsa on November 10 to get to SMU on November 16. And then they all host Houston Indy Friday after. On the Friday after Thanksgiving so close the game with the Houston get ershad to close the season with the Houston game on over 23. I don't know why they. This of the schedule like quietly sites via I don't know I don't know why we are four Friday games. And the Thursday games note Thursday games huge huge and I don't know Friday games or was more fun than Thursday I don't know wisely when they difference that and I could point out that actually Friday yes enjoy. Enjoy that weekend tiger fans that sell well worth the trip. Let's go now to be abided today here's the minded today so the Flying Tomato put up like in 985. I think last night out of 100 in his qualifying run for Shaun White. In the half fight here were his comments about the run that he had. So excited and honestly it's nice people forgave and a TV. Then this take us back all the guys I'm pumped to get through this round. Can't stand at a time when industry and in the end the slide jobs in my lags guys like. Unless you're on your voice either runs faster you know tested tomorrow wolf it's okay it's a lot. I was going to it was his feet and Aaron I'm really happy and down a bit of my story can you drop last in my eyes is everything's it's guys. A brother are watching it last night yet agree lied how was he still in the Olympics. As well he's been famous and by the year's seven so you so it's. That battle it's obviously that's violence urban he's not battle we'll say what's going on here's what's coming up next three Shabazz he is a trader with Penny Hardaway he's gonna join Jason John 1145 discuss the penny reversing caliber will join me on the Aircastle time showed you 45 discussing. You'll miss coaching search now for basketball Ross Bjork the athletic director. Of Ole miss will join Gary air show at 525. My thanks of course to Jeff. The dairy to Chris Perry and Sam Cassini my. Big time thanks to Ben Hogan for joining me here after another workday. In a seating our shows up on the podcast I gotta get out here make way for real talent Jason Johnson on next. WM FS and an issue important to be an assessment on city. West Tennessee and east Arkansas Memphis is. Station. Control freak no it's not me. I mean I'm sure I think spontaneity is overrated and I hate when gas pump stops at twenty dollars and one cent. But as long as things go exactly how I want them to I'm totally flexible. That's why I love how region's market lets you lock my regions personal cards win it and how I want to me it's just a touch of a button. So listen I wanna control when I shop online and I can keep my card slots until I'm ready to purchase. And lots and back when I'm done for her if I don't use my credit card and ATM so I can log gets. 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