Guest Host Jeffrey Wright -- Hour 2 with guests Chris Herrington and Jason Cole

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Monday, February 12th

Jeffrey Wright opens the second hour of the program by welcoming Chris Herrington to the show to discuss the Memphis Grizzlies, Chris Wallace and John Hollinger's comments about the Grizzlies' roster decisions, and more from the trade deadline before the conversation turns to Chris' thoughts from "The 9:01". Next, Jeffrey welcomes Jason Cole from the Bleacher Report to the program to discuss Jason's thoughts on the Colts' hiring of Frank Reich, Josh McDaniels' decision to turn down the Colts opening, the quarterback carousel, Johnny Football, and more from the NFL. Then, the show closes with Jeffrey and Ben Hogan discussing Katie Couric's thoughts on why the Dutch are good speedskaters. 


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I remember that when I was working folks are certain grade or whatever elementary school I remember that song being pretty ubiquitous. Plame that nugget today because they even bought stirs. Opens in comparable chase area that is the big on national RKE duke. Child chain until there's about a man going on there somewhere. Yes you can also visit myself right parcel to their from needed to. And then Eric Cassell time once the light in. What are you maybe discuss whether or not this is good or bad but he says he knows ever word that sought. Without them because they're clear about that for example. Yeah Senator Kerry got an area that's that's what we call branding here in the business let's start first year Chris let's start to YouTube Friday and some comments from over the weekend. What did you make of Chris Wallace's he. I was so depressed comments that media availability on Friday in which he basically gave his explanation what did you make out. Com why I did learn any thing about it I didn't expect toward anything on the I. I had written a column that morning sort of explaining what the grizzlies did and I think I was yeah. Accurate and thorough in that until we basically just sort of conformed a lot of what I'd written and there were some things he just couldn't or wouldn't talk about. And so to me I did already saying he was sort of a public confirmation of some of the stuff I'd written that morning. Home. You know he he was. If he typically is now and then the recent years. He is guarded and he sort of filibusters a little bit it is not Islam. And it's her heart that says you describe to people around you but it about it sort of you know come into Iraq. And sort of you know unadorned as I would prefer. Found they have and other people that capacity to speak but I think what he said was the truth that was arm connected exhibit he could he could say that if I didn't find it particularly notable. And the challenger in their view of the weekend mentioned that he you know they kind of have the opinion that. Good or bad the grizzlies are going to kind of finish in the standings or they're gonna finish with or without Tyreke Evans did you kill it that was a fair assessment. Yeah I told the look at Christine. Double the most interesting Nam. Line that Carl just said and I interviewed and he looked. Oh bloody thing said publicly lady grizzlies. Executive over the weekend it was a line Hollander said that was. You're asking him about you know you know eighteen aren't the sort of the battle won't we talk with every day that's for prepositioning. And he said you know it's it's week six of the worst record in the league it will be because we failed at other goals were trying to accomplish. Like every. They they know they don't care about winning games and they'll tell all but to say that but. It's not just about the draft I'm positioning calamity it is about. Trying to make the young players on the roster better. Because they're gonna you know yes seven guys on the team and make no go win. Next season to Mexico's roster earlier rookie contracts. And some of whom now need to be significant why yours even if a significant secondary players. Going for work. And for the grizzlies get on it's basically a point if I were to sort of embellish it would be. I have to have a record as bad as some of these teams who don't have as much and noble young talent you're going to quit and try even harder or. Just outright lose trust of these bad as a couple of these other teams it would it would mean that our young players are not. Are getting better and that that would be a problem. For us and so like you know it's illegal you're trying to thread. Armed they would like to have a high draft pick if they thought we could even if they won't outright say that. But you know some urgency with anything Davison New Orleans cycle for two years of Kevin Garnett in Minnesota yeah. Even if you have an elite superstar play your troops around the book about the you're going nowhere. And so they don't want the bottom to drop out I'd be happy to have the worst record but they don't want it to be a situation where. They come out of this season with nothing and it's all about just the draft pick they want they wanna have. Have a core players they talk good about going into next season at the drastic to that. You think that's a reasonable approach or do you think given a set of circumstances this year that. They should just do whatever possible just to get the best draft pick for this year. Plummeted off six in a row plus sleep begins seven minutes and obviously five of those without Tyreke Evans but they Tyreke Evans back yesterday. And I think we're the other big east that was emailed him basically all that we're going to be batting oil clue bad your bad is what we all are right yes and Italy he. If he would sort of it sort of a stoic response to what it was like the matter what we do we're we're going to be bad this season calm but. We can't we'll probably not going to be as bad as a couple other teams who may just go way out of their way. Until it sounds like a reside will be somewhere between three you know you're three and all right right now must happen it's like we're not going to be the worst team in the league but I. We are not capable of local separated ourselves. This makes a bad things either and so we're gonna play it out the way we have been able to see where I am. I do think in this is the one thing that I can impressed Chris Wallace on a little bit of that. Preferably on Friday. Night do ticket they need to cut back yeah. On Marcus hall they possibly can occur if you'll allow ought to act and act and Tyreke Evans will be used differently there at the feet and and engineered to especially given that. Right suggested that the captain you've been good at and to be honest. Without like you know crossed the line that he can't crawled as a coach Washington in in a situation in a public situation but he knows what's happening. And what he had to last about Harry Evans go to all these are global we're gonna have a client. What that means like we do we know what can you know what's what's going on here so I could be like always he's our best regular players are just you know security played 35 minutes everybody that's sort of what you do right. That's not where they're gonna do what he says we're gonna have a plan. He grabbed it and Jean Mary Jean Wear and tear on the employer. And also understanding that winning it's not really what we're about right now. We see last night Tyreke it's 26 minutes you got to expect that is what the plan is hey you're gonna start instead and as you mentioned 35 minutes a game it's gonna be kind of clothes are that 25 Tony range. Well I think it might pick back up that was his first game back after not playing for a week pray so that might pick back up some but I would be surprised. Tyreke at whatever Tyreke Evans Marcus told minutes were free all star break. I would be very surprised at those numbers don't go down postal public illegal activities you look at the free pre break post break you know split. I would be very surprised that the minutes for those two players did not decrease post all star break. And then Jeff and I were were discussing at the top the showing negate your opinion. When the grizzlies if the grizzlies don't have Tyreke Evans on the floor how bad is that team or how bad is that it album elm not that is that team if you don't. So it's pretty bad but I mean the competition for bad right now it's like this week please send. I mean you're looking at me so hard pull this up super fast and looking at the bottom eight. So about a eight right now unless New York ought to release. What doesn't work because it begins to it it's a great team right now. And then. Five of those eight teams in their last ten games or you don't want a minor coup d'etat. And the best the best record in the passing game is Orlando five and five Friday. And so I can't agree it is without Tyreke Evans are pretty bad but I don't dirty work in Phoenix. Or or or Sacramento or Atlanta or Brooklyn or I mean it's just. Sort out quickly you know I mean all these teams are really bad. Are separated by two games. I don't see any of them really separated themselves one way or the other of the rest of the way. So I think it's gonna be a pretty tight race you know to the bottom of sight you have to see them. When you when you watch the grizzlies last night and you know we don't we just got to tip your cap we're now seeing Oklahoma City that is. You know we we kept wondering what are they gonna put together I think now the last month we. We've kind of seen exactly what they can be an and that's a awfully good basketball team but. When you look at what he saw from the grizzlies. When you are trying to kind of predict the reverse standings. And a 538 I believe as the grizzlies finishing fourth but. Do you think that's that's fair because honestly he give me the prisoners living unique or right now I'm citing that bought. I'll I'll take four more Carol I'll jump balls. The political play of the funny things visited Saudia developed right here you're presuming a watch on site. It was and I did that was another one of those little plug and play at a game where it was at 6 o'clock start overload. And I know I look at a look at a movie theater like it's beyond my American woman and we had deliver what our kids write about what's that even real time DVR it. And that was gonna watch it later after everyone else with a bad outlook at the box or not again not just the outcome won't be individual. And what what what can bear to watch here to do. What I did do poked at the scoreboard and it was a two point game between Sacramento and Minnesota put five minutes ago yeah. Good luck OK we'll put that computer for Sacramento get people out there like it was a great one Jaeger. If it what what how. Happened now and what I wrote a few weeks ago did a column on my Palestinians should approach you know the second half of the season for a candidate ears like in there weren't so playoff race. What about people like scoreboard watcher right like root root root for the root for other teams who wins what appeal like it's Sacramento and Phoenix referral list. The problem with that is that that is such a shut up for disappointment Ali. You can connect it tell you how many kind of looked up and watch pay you for two point game Orlando and in the can only you can do this and you put over your league pass which I do. You flip over to root for the Dow com. And because these teams are so bad they find ways to lose and so like 80% of the time it just doesn't work out. Like everybody Saturday night there were tied to these games where. And these other 185 open war at home against him. Better teams but nobody was played gold trader either Boston or any thing. And usually can maybe get two or three of these I think you would be wanted to know who are you balancing that only if the lakers was the only one that came out right away. And so it is a recipe for disappointment took a look over to these close games so people are now common these changes are under way to lose. We'll leave then you can talk yourself into the fact that you flipped it over and instead just accepting the fact that. Bad teams find ways to lose games you didn't convince yourself well hagee got flipped it over they would have won instead before Gregory of course like you affected the outcome. The idea yeah do you get your cheeks that's the message eventually erupt over the next two months either way relic. And then lastly oh in the NBA going to ask in a city you're at at the movie theater but. I didn't have that opportunity on Friday to ask you about what you thought about the cavaliers. Revamped lineup we get to see it yesterday and again small small sample size but. It DV did turn out that hate the things that they are trying to accomplish getting more athletic on the perimeter and kind of having a team that makes a little bit more sense for LeBron. I definitely saw the early makings of would you think with the cast and the deadlock. Well it here he threw basically reshuffle. Your tire Ross Perot when you know laughter roster are from your rotation. Too much for the in the deceit and while acquiring Lee wrote all stars yeah that is not wait for the secret NBA title. That's ahead of you little project in the what ultimately does. And what you had was would not working and was once called off a cleft and so. I had to do something act and I do think they've made themselves better. I speak part of making themselves better that they rescued we will rock will be they seem to have rescued LeBron James and Ali about the team. Which is probably more important than any player that they say at all or that they received could articulate themselves younger I think it probably to some better defensively. I got LeBron James Head back in the game. And they did all that without giving up a Brooklyn bit the Dow could even be number one overall because it's so tight in those bought an eighteen and so. What an ideal what happened in Cleveland Dover that was perfect mask out. You know earlier in the year. Given the circumstances they were dealing web I think he'd be good news and they will be a more intercede and competitive team the rest of the way. I don't think they'll come out of the east. Just could I don't think there Rosser talent match despite what happened over the weekend sent out to the roster talent national or Boston or Toronto. Activate at the time to develop the chemistry or you can mark Toronto the studio for so long but they've got LeBron James and those things don't and so they got a chance. I sold varying opinions about whether or not. The deadline deals for the cavs would have any impact on the bronze future I did think it was interesting that one of the big mean. One of the big moves they made was with the lakers have the lakers as one of the rumored teams that you go to. To me insisted that perhaps that the cavs feel pretty good that if LeBron does leave it's not for the lakers did it do you think I'm reading into it too much or did you kind of sense anything like that. I don't know there's been different conspiracy theorizing that leaves about about Vietnam about the lakers and and and LeBron right now. He wouldn't go reach adulthood and podcasts that are all right we're so that means pretty far down the conspiracy theory road yet. And so I I don't know what capital abroad this summer. I would think that the outcomes are relatively narrow oh. In Cleveland is still one of the more likely outcomes. But again they didn't give up the Brooklyn taken so I think greatly and so better now. They gave themselves a pat going forward. And they probably gave themselves simply a better chance to keep them abroad than they had otherwise. And then on to the 901. You mentioned that the tigers are having the hold my beer season. Which I've always a fantastically but what do you exactly mean by that. Public which is funny that neither do you know we've had all the drama around the grizzlies who are there all the freak out about Tyreke Evans and around. You know. Our our buddy Calkins and it like nuclear strikes from Korea try to fire the G in the old saying. And live like you look up and flight you don't Tubby Smith that like you there'll. Only questions about whether he should be here in all of our guys didn't bite from their and you could home go to your Central Florida whoever was. Just invite you to go back and forth are once try to pop the other. And I went back and I look. At the of the history I think it's seventeen years. The history of both teams and that this together. And it's packed and left the tigers win their conference parliament. This is going to be the post season ever in which both teams with kaposi's. 38 if you if you if you refusing to consider the Iraqis opposing human clinical or other occasions. But in terms of just not going to the postseason at all we're headed towards support your subsequently took another person which both he and former suppose isn't. It is unbelievable to think about them of course in an honor of Monday we have the the knowledge full recap. What what went down on Saturday on channel 30. We finally finished the first round and bullet militants patrol. Beat first assembly Christian school to move forward com. Forcing him weaker sequel had an all underclassmen team including two freshman. Milligan central had arm had a for a four year player and a three year junior captain so. And if you see kids there but we we want to the second round started the Saturday after all the second round matchups so we're down to around sixty teams. We know we know that they CS is tanking. For the draft that I really can't yeah. I don't know to divert or bring it back their full squad it's okay you'll you'll play for so they're taking my somebody may be getting the boot next year. Chris we always appreciate your time I could stuff as always we'll party and a more. Sure crusades and the commercial appeal again the not a one is up. Commercial appeal dot com make sure you read each and every weekday up at 901. Well until the program is brought to you by the fine people at oh call. May she get checked out all of the spring offerings they just concluded the semi annual sale you might still be able to find. A dealer to you from the fall and winner offerings that they might have left over but they had to make sure to get rid of all the inventory to give you brand new. Spring offerings and may she check out these pants from cracks I really loved them I cannot stress enough they are the most personal pants Seattle. 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He's gonna join us next segment Ruben Foster. Has been arrested for the second time for domestic violence issue the colts have a brand new quarterback Johnny football. Is try to make the come back grounds as well as the quarterback here so we'll get into all of that Jason Cole we come back right here in the chuck Hawkins shot ninety on FM yes and. Ice and snow wind and way it's been. You can hear more room. Our head most. Doors and not the Brian elder column 8867030. Streak with a commercial deals favorite. Here. Only five always Corning platinum preferred contractors in Memphis with the guys they call when that other companies have warranty issues as well call me first and 0303. I'm not gonna tell you he knew who did all use a repair. Outer space in New York. 03. Let's get. Please. Midsize sports heroes you know. Okay. He uses some words. Clean beautiful. The Steelers showcasing them. Allowing Cruz's. So it isn't and. My kids and things from. Look similar as we. 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William tasty and Fung cocktails. Or any taste again Dave and buster's at the comments of wolf creek. Noon it took to come join Brad Carson and myself Jason Cole is one of my all time favorites. Discussing the NFL you can always bomb on Twitter at Jason Cole 62 he joins us now Jason. Let's start first year. With the hiring of frank Reich so the colts eventually turn to frank Reich and I believe he was the quarterback coach there once upon a time what did you think of that. Higher. Or apartments from Rick logical conclusion you look at or go to our supplies in gridlock. Could show. He brought go to our lives or is that a quarterback or quarterbacks that are also support better than going to put your own troops took you were recorded until protect him group better than. But without a doubt about it when you saw and could. But there are tired most you're covered it about cold going forward we'll all internal growth and success of their drew walked should have. You know to talk about Asian girl cooperative or little tricks but. You know they're bigger orders over twenty million dollars or brushed off it should you have to back feel about that could close cropped. Do you do you agree with the school of thought that. If China eight year you have. If tie goes to the runner it's best overall go with an offensive guy because you're not shuffling the staff as much if you have the option some guy and placed. It's almost seems like there's more continuity with the team do you think that's a fair assessment. I think the title we also took also told you approach this huge there's also this week sure. And so I think throughout. There's a much higher premium put on. But it sure you have strong offer to designed to push it a home. You're pushing your offer to forward a bunch of Shubert with the possible. I don't have doubts etc. which are talking about. Or so color period to pushed out look there's all I think there's some sort of tuned out. By. What the rules are completely took torched scores don't particularly recklessly to look at this huge huge huge football. The anger right it's worth their trouble Porsche Bennett. There was an indoor carpet this year who's offered to clog it showed significant worry about what you are about 4% to close. I have a lot of that had they would start to the mark which hurt their odd usual skirt burst out of reach third ball out. Make sure that you possibly there who care. Which you were to you you go and pick a score of Turkish partner and took a championship quote that shows you they're jerks that you did you ever feel the one. There is why I love talking to you is your very reasonable. Or when you'd take a look at decisions that happened. From your vantage point from what you read from the talk to. What do you what does she kind of gather was being the main reason why Josh McDaniels decided man I really don't want this colt's gait. Our fingers locked into Europe into a closer look at. Because there has been expressed sure there are keeping her skirt but there are I don't buy it got all channels. Looked I think the colts own a record colts patriots and their ownership. I have no clue just took their little trick you are the done that we want to you the picture coached your. Well you know we're not publish it you've been murdered within their head coach. We're gonna pay you very well and sure and continue our truckload of cash. There there are probably some people very close to what can we would get with the colts. And just. And it would be I think the other part of this food thing either camp really badly basic arithmetic you can. Because look all the attention that was discussed and no trivia of the western usual. Well. It. Who built from the support crucial article through these adults republic are brought up publicly the first church to burn agriculture Charles. I was refute those worst. First deployed beauty care bill that's Europe's first play out. They beat wrecked vehicles and so the way to ensure that there's huge between. Belichick and Brady that they can keep some of distant Dirk. As they try it took advantage of portrayal or out of the box to rule they beat three years. If there it's all who wish. I looked at his assessment of Milwaukee adult 25 years support you know I don't see them likely put certainly that's what don't walk out after. Arctic they beat bad judgment do a little clearer. Picture of the particular period of what's left of the whip. What do you think of Josh and Daniels as an offensive mind in general. All The Who broke the reference that you watched it received about this sort of the dark but you know other sunscreen you're gonna articles or news. The general philosophy. Or not to worry about the big strike could watch as well recorder picture that we give troops thereafter pushed her first girl. That commercial space shots and to differ from a lot of other people or avoid a total that is just struggle within instead it's been done. By by Belichick. That look an awful lot of success there in terms of the bird was actually our. They're your eighty garden persona that's huge about the channel and XQ so. The top 220%. The period goals accounts or. I think she goes as well hold this up ever took it anybody huge if you're going to be her trial. My concern about the injury had coach who didn't work hoping to experience. In Denver. To say okay are accurate robo polls show. I've got ready to roll out there. Belgrade wrote personnel being out coached football together. I don't think I would be to have. You know I'd be to have a lot more people Allred would be to help me because like dark. This despite being tricked the political culture I hear about global. Speaking of course we Jason poll Guinea it was Almonte Twitter adjacent cool 62 UFO writer for the police report that was kind of the point that I I would always have when. When a lot of my friends and a lot of other people that I know in the business laugh about Josh and Dana is really failed to Denver. I would always just feel like we'll fill it didn't hurt as he was young and they gave him that made the mistake of giving him personnel issues that part of the reason why I think Sean McVeigh. Is having so much success in LA on top of a they went and got any left tackle they got any senator they shirt on the offensive line. They're having him do what he does best which is he's coaching the offense he he's you know he's helping out cheered up when they get on defense he's going back to the bench and talking offense with shared goth and he's he's letting Wade Phillips or run his defense and they're kind of positioning souls for success in the whenever wants to be able. Josh again as a failure failure I just feel like a lot of that was situation like I do feel like. If Denver would have kind of positioned him more like the rams and position Sean McVeigh affiliate there have been a better chance for success there as you think that's fair. But it sure looked. Well part of a global juncture. About Cleveland. Well and so provision. So. I mean you are hole the first significant somebody. I again. I would if other older I've been very careful coast social would have to say OK. Explain Doug vertically. Explain why it if I don't like being here are some hiring can. And if you don't like the fact that I checkbook she'll always gonna have a terrible manager who will post your older people work which. Because our what would you do it wouldn't be able personal effort and our doctor Q do you duck sort of power to you Shelby. You can be terrible wall we responsible for your. Terrorists could have their pocketbooks are all part of the negotiations. Are very good. You know if you'll satisfy those issues you don't hire just materials are. If you look at judgement in who chairs won't look at other weather offer variable quality basketball coach. But it probably put these receivers who they're pretty much money to right. Well there will be able Dolan took a little bit. Hogan. A coconut. And they're do you keep on going devolution wish is that you'll look at that say that it is doing something right. That Ljubicic the port of all what this exercise is all about. And recognize that okay. You're doing some really great picture we didn't get any other social wage. How do you go if you work for the first failure becomes where everybody's failed to do this job support her what everybody else. And then Jason when you look at the decision that made Eagles do or do not have to make EU have nick falls now he's your soup bowl winning quarterback. You would think Carson winds would be back for opening day but I've I would go out on a limb and say that's not a guarantee by any stretch the imagination. If you're in charge of the Eagles. How would you handle the idea that you have two quarterbacks on their roster. All along or loose features all of the people who didn't do Barbara players. Who look we have positioned to lower output reward you throughout tournament to play how to. Which option you kept two Super Bowl. But I have a terrific backup. That's clearly what difference. Arbitrage or doctor parent return to the market regulation loaded opportunity in suburban you don't see the future potential war or you're. There's ever been distorted tribute to do if you're you're the person went to as a couple it would help. Console watching the guy. About how does it until they're gonna go go forward and Nicole. Are pursuing everything that you didn't force their. If somebody offers you a truckload of martial culture proposal would keep them back early next season. So there are as we have social productive always go to. A little cute vehicle pollution it. Well part of it trojans Huber or should start negotiated the contract. Would order to achieve pure torture because their candidate are are really good approach. The third period beating her supporters started to you Rick two parts. Part overwhelm labeling and keep that they're forced to model but bigger bodies script locate either go to draft picks. Okay hold a person could go to war on digital picture that's about it. This year. Taught in courses Jason Cole here at Jason Cole 62 you on Twitter and then on the other ends of the quarterback carousel. I know I've read your thoughts on Twitter about what you thought about the Alex Smith. I'd trade when you look at Kirk cousins future. It almost feels like time he has his pick in. You know we're now starting to see what Jimmy drop below got paid and everyone's freaking out of course but that contract and not looking at the specifics of it but. When you think about Kirk cousins. What do you think his future isn't what kind of what kind of country do you think he's gonna get. Or it could be everything originally brought blog probably won't deport. It was Hillary who picked the guy who's on the open market that you can get eight totally torn or to go to college you're a little more palatable I. Yes absolutely pro player almost did it go for a liberal or switch your employer yeah. They'll touch it they're obviously a little bit old it's. The Borough of its jets the ball goes slow we took. You shouldn't be using rejects Eric. Very good one to go to Google parish. Earlier the prelude to bigger of one of the notion. There's always compete for quarterbacks there's Kirk social bush won't return to you about what Ali good veterans generally created in Chile. God you don't play to the value of their contracts are always shooter their shooter. Didn't do quite or gosh. Let the other side of that is tried playing games without post I wish that there are certainly. There were. Quite obviously. Well they've started quarterback could be competent to ride his partner just competent to Buckhalter lobster. Brown are believed to quarterback should be competent. To win a couple of if she and W. And so. Your baby to go a long long long way to check or competent orasure played hard luck but they're clearly. Our quarterback went to ever be. Competitive. To build their backs of Orange. But he averaged Gloucester where I don't slightly above average quarterback actors out coverage markedly better the Tyrod Taylor. I just go to our roundtable acute if we salute the brown dog with a. Weird. For you where does cousins stack up. Are you better overall we're Aleks Maric Arnold took. Reported ever look younger demographic important to all of us aren't so. Bad over here for the listeners. I figure as we get closer and closer to. What I call a used Torre intruder quarterback mark you're gonna go out to the ears because all the balloons. Brady's super belabor the point you shouldn't belabor arguably a very possible starter. Or Rogers is closer to your computer it'll go to accomplished great double reverse your Oakland quarterbacks were little loose equipment to work order. At Taylor of one of the greatest generation to quarterbacks all told I don't think we have a lot of guys were ready to step up. Ever assume those holes spoke to her Dutch will actually you know there. Beat the duck governor quarterbacks you've been to Europe to borrow a total stranger she wants to close look at what period of out there. Yet Geneva switched up their jerked often emotional question it lowered quote if you'd like to carry her you know about Iran are terrific start. You got it back clock shop until you go to war on our border whose Khrushchev talk to the hole and what you don't have a lot of they're inseparable. All the but the Kirk cousins. In Carrollton who talks separate quarterbacks. By default to over the next two or three years. Because what color guard and Ers are believed await their vapid beautiful in the water chipped it chipped the program are you pointed out. And then another big news of the day another quarterback a guy that certainly. Has had his issues Johnny and insult claims he's been diagnosed as bipolar he's tried to you. Make his way back to the NFL. As someone who loved watching the kid in college in. I certainly was a big fan but I understood the way that things played out. Does he have is it easy get they get another opportunity does he have a chance to to maybe have some type of comeback story is that realistic to think about. There are being part of that is that. Look there's the quarterback grow. Just he can console and you know to do get it together. Can start it's also our children's club either gadgets from remote ships oil well in order to hear a couple of years sure. All of logos in the process of all play and support our top Bolivia control over how. You know whatever whatever whatever re going to do whatever crouched. Instructions of go to church to protect the Java JavaScript not deployed. O'Donnell and Oprah and get them to. Is that they're you got over one holds barred what do you besides the case. That is other you know our coalition which are troopers Bluetooth stereo or glitch so our policy acknowledged that its local and enriched. Arctic. That's not a reason why she did major reason why he did but he just wants. Can reach conservative political and physical gold are open wrong. Guerrillas are really do a better hope that guard the chicken little polish attributable holster corner kick its. We all want want to report and there are thought there are impossible Guerrero. Structure for the general public picture but you have to be director yelled at the national what I saw belt I don't I don't sort of. And then lastly as we look at the quarterbacks that are that are coming up here in this draft such have you gotten a better sense of it. If you were Cleveland in you have one in four. You have to take your quarterback get one here is it worth the risk of may be taking another player at one and then trying to waited for me. What's what is the best way to go about it if you're trying if you were trying to run a team. What I. There to provide value would make sure you picked or do you kick they're all good stuff applies. There that you'll be happy would really want him to four over two shows are gonna have stopped and took the award. Scooter happy with every woman before who took a logical supports UK club built a little spot from the typical of assault for sure. And the that's just touches draft but deep strategy right yes. Slow to figure out interrupted with five. Don't look like I usually play after triggered concern our care you don't Al Gerhart. I think that if they decide that they can be killed in football and will people about the location. Coral a lot of that we will load it. I think that there's pitcher to their constitutional principle or Arab attribute it to but we also ordered him. You tutorial of racial. It's. If you're so lovely bit of industrial and I got to have that guy. We're they're Arabic. I don't like inaccuracies to arsenal I don't want to this sort of weight shift their attitude of Josh and her arms are large room. They. Chairman Don holds all the girls are originals. They're good too little too loose with the ball over on org about the turnovers. If that's a conclusion to until I don't what you screw around. If you don't get to guard which will be if you're one of the power of you see what happened the war that is by Milosevic to narrow. Coached whether I think there's nothing more port to get a quarter of the Arab world war of failures. Arch liberal Paul you to test your. Will be orange. And say you did not valued quarterbacks. I highly doubt. We're gonna have architects for your obviously a bit of course watch these huge way and he would coaching job or the British. And then lastly if you were trying to value. Do you think it's a bigger deal that Josh Rosen has act under your arm that Josh they are at the Josh Allen has accuracy issues. Or the fact that that seemed Arnold's a little turnover prone. Factors do borrow Kindle or is it ships. Are not accurate. You are told dark thought or question where we're about what. Again I don't scouts or general don't I don't pretend approach you know football probably that's what I would want to lose you are caught between. Two got to execute that you don't get too cute to produce far more two extra equipment. It to them shipped to. And so that was deplorable the total of people who don't expect. Our I wanted are were want to have children or their own source start our will we're going to. We'll receive your bowl or chick walker and was covered our. Biological marker to Arab. He would go shoot. He wouldn't disagree you're out patents against error what's necessary to sugar there. I would butchered march retorted not if you own children outside. If you if you go to practice. It doesn't give any user can you just don't click that. And so but it is your diet of one of the first look at go to our although the college will change. You know our our quarterbacks should be close to perfect product yes if you're not perfect it practice. Under the gave them a lot harder for sure. Are you are picked out pollution union superpowers you know we'll put our conversation don't go check or -- quick or it could talk fish. There have been she's Jewish looked sharp. If you don't have actors you don't have confusion panic what do you have. If that's the pinnacle sick. Jason near the rest we always enjoy your time a man thinks is always. Problem just bolt again adjacent till 62. Covers the NFL for Bleacher Report when we come back. We'll get into you a couple of clips over the weekend from the Olympics they were electric in the we'll get you ready for the Jason John Chester perennials and Jeff Hawkins chair right here in ninety out of them ESPN east Gary terror ratio will talk to it and were part of some of the best times what's it been like watching this season unfold. I think they probably misread the city when they got here felt like this jobless like many other jobs like Minnesota like Texas Tech and I they've misread the enthusiasm and you know people are on the games I think they're voting with their locker and that's. 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Gotta go straight to the Biden today Katie Couric offered some outstanding analysis of the Olympics for those they don't know the Dutch are awesome. At speed gait speed skating their kind of the gold standard well you're curious why are the Dutch so good at speed skating well okay he's gonna what is now here's the by end of the day. Is the netherlands' only not a news flash. Really really good it's been. All but five of the 110 medals they won pat them on the speed skating oval now why are they so good you may be asking yourself. Because eighteen is an important mode of transportation. And a city like Amsterdam which sits at sea level. Has plugged if you now they can freeze in the minors though for as long as those canals it specific does have skated on. Thanks to plays every race each other not. Oh the let's say I'm next here on the show. There's a stellar on our nation. Here's what's coming up and not see. Everyone knows that that's exactly they get around and answered it you just you speeds get. Wanted a bad country like that that's just common knowledge and readable on and it's. His comments about Tubby Smith as well as. Tubby Smith's response Kareem Britain. Is scheduled to appear on the Aircastle ensure 325. Chris Wallace is gonna join the GP show at 425 my thanks to Ben for keep their role in my thanks to you for listening my thanks to Jeff Kennard Jordan Chris engine Jason Cole however I gotta make way for real talent Jason Johnson on next. He says okay he's never once we're station WNS. Don't have the best interests broadcaster mementos sixty the end of the dilemmas at online in 1990 EST. Internet providers from the small businesses alive let's hear who really delivers more. Comcast business offers fast it's across our network. We offer more complete reliability it's up to eight hours of four G wireless network that. To keep your business connect. 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