Guest Host Jeffrey Wright -- Hour 2 with guests Bill Bender and Kevin Pelton

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Wednesday, December 6th

Segment 1 -- Jeffrey Wright starts the second hour by welcoming Bill Bender of The Sporting News to the program to discuss Arkansas' hiring of Chad Morris, the UT coaching search, the best hires of the coaching carousel, the College Football Playoff, and more.

Segment 2 -- Jeffrey Wright welcomes Kevin Pelton of ESPN Insider to the show to discuss the latest in Seattle's efforts to build an NBA arena, Kristaps Porzingis, the Grizzlies, and more from the NBA.

Segment 3 -- Jeffrey and Ben Hogan close the show by discussing "The Headlines". 


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I know they wanna go slowly and that's pretty much out clear that they want a dozen goats and stay at all burdened. Chad Morse is in a bad. You know offensive mind that would be good. When you look at. DS and you job and one thing that's always perplexed me a little bit about it is. We keep hearing you know the mess that Chad Morris inherited and obviously SMU would its history incalculable from the eighties is not pretty but. The biggest mistake they made was beating Texas and my opinion in the eighties. When you look at the job that Jim Jones did though it he'll have some success there didn't it'll particularly well but he had some success there. When you look at the job that Chad Morris did vs the job the June Jones dead in your eyes what was the better body of work. Hope you don't do this and that program for the Boston. Food almost two decades great some sort of death penalty in the pony express them all those kind of things and yeah I mean but put it to me the way that had horse came in there you know for young coach to get an open court and important sought me. The receiver. We might get dressed in the petroleum photographs so that that impresses me a lot about working they would do those receivers over the area and then we'll. When you look at the Arkansas job and obviously I think the Texas roots for Chad Morris greatly played into his getting the gig. When you look at the Arkansas job in terms of the SEC west where do you think of that kind of. Tough question on the ribbon middle I don't think the worst job ahead. This debate with a guy sporting news two years ago we entered a little better job at Michigan notre collapse are still up about that but. I think you know it's been a long content totem pole won a national championship. And do you know they've got to be they can be competitive but it but it one thing about more tired do lights. Is to be competitive they've got to do something different you can't just get cured or completely into line up below the adult she let him turn bill but. Both offense with a wide open. Grow a little bit offensively you know what that would put Bobby Petrino for a little bit for his son ceremony at sector so maybe it can work yet. You mentioned Bobby Petrino and part of the reason why do you feel like that deal in the failed as the fact that he was trying to rebuild from a finessed. Finesse offense of finance background he's trying to build a powerhouse you know run the football dominate. Type offense. How do you think it is before we see Burr Bill Maher resurface. A year from well pick a multiple the year that they can you know wouldn't be described in book in the big kind of work work or the big twelve. Where that go play you can play a little bit maybe more so on become what obviously but. You can win and you want it would compliment me you've got a big personality and I think he did do a good job of getting Arkansas all the match. But what he did what happened what we can respond we and so then that would move saying they didn't really take that next and we'll see if they're able to do that would shed more us. Look what do you think of Brad Beale mired in terms of his coaching prowess because I think. History's kind of showing that that was constant job this is a pretty darn good job now I see it. Paul Crist keeping it rolling what when you look at his overall body of work were even where do you rank Bert be home are now. Quoted her own action I mean that the couple plays because I thought he did a good job confident you can't be bad Jeremy Jerry Anderson I don't go is that you know I mean so. Implement coaching before very Albert. Lights you know or get settled into more controlled doubly good care of by the time we get this year they're expecting something more they go to warn eight and then. You're in a cup of this until I mean you can't. I guess play it live with the SEC west you can't take a year off and out of the challenge not just for fear of book format Luke he had toward Joseph Morton in perk to some extent of both Fisher though I like that hire the. Speaking of bill better of the sporting news has always been bomb on Twitter at bill Bender 92 you don't ask you about this hires in just a minute but only your thoughts now. First on Tennessee. Or you look at this entire coaching search or what you where are you right now what's your impression in and what do you think about this entire situation. I kept thinking that I don't know I can't do that one of you were put them the wildest and eleven days since Luciano. The balk call that I've ever seen her I think they still she and shape case. I mean sold all or quick and you say the ten year. Ten year long column took the fire and a diva what's low slow. It's every every bit of drama you can possibly imagine that I think. Let us say they knew could I don't know what harder still I don't know what. Mel Parker Kevin Steele and there was another coordinator that was mentioned today that sort of my mind doesn't formula I think. Of those coordinators I guess what Parker maybe. I knelt suckers by the way out and got together name being mentioned is Jeremy Pruitt and and we seem Kevin Steele to head coach it ain't pretty it's like one in 35 against it's against just not pretty mean to me I think it. If that's the route that you're going on I think Mel Tucker makes the most sense that. Are we really at this stage work Tennessee has to go the coordinator Al. Can't tell me news Denver but there are integration. Yeah I mean I was gonna ask you that mean wordy. What was your opinion your ear up in Ohio and what was your opinion of the backlash that surround immigration on our. Little bit ridiculous I mean that's danger of society dead once all the social media day. You know Lou those accusations were never proven were investigated the end. What might immigration although it may be great for the common blood. You've got a very nice shot of the hardest hit the last couple years job. But also. Pretty good head coach a reference to the college level so again that is immediate circle back this smoke hooker doesn't feel even Jerry crow it. Well the rubber tires and Greg young though so what would concede want comedian told what tomorrow. I think vision are what smile I've only got table apparently who quarterly reports split two huge huge career for years. Maybe you removing that guy. And have a real plan because Turkey dude it's pretty clear that they didn't have a real plane had. Four replacing Butch Jones. It fairness though if you keep. Having underwhelming hires editor Phil fullmer my dealer drove up some support for you to be the best man for the job. Their ability but that Goodyear's spending will again spec tool. I mean I remember going to wake up go on the Tennessee game in his final beat them. South Carolina beat them pretty good you kind of knew little bit so why would you wanna go back from them. But back to the future or the past in this case. And I get that feel good rally around the family boy I don't know that that would necessarily advance potentially global program. In your opinion. What would be the best move if if I gave you the reins of the Tennessee job where would you term. Or model I would go to model and if not mile women right now I did she do. And I mean Kevin someone that will be my next choice just because he's been in the SEC yet thank. Well first started and that he might be okay he did okay Texas saying them. But the fan base I guess the downside to that is the fan base. But the need the first true victory kind of you know different and didn't try contain them so. I don't know paid five wood coveted country you there have been trying to abolish don't so. You're pretty late the coaching carousel income you know what I mean like there's not. LSU coaching another power five guys that's probably the best you got. The lender of the sporting news joining us here on the program he always bomb on Twitter. At bill Bender ninety go read his work over at the sporting news and they need you mentioned that Texas a and M gig they do. It Jimoh Fisher 75 million dollars over ten years. How impressive was it TU four a N I like the day and age were we see kind of underwhelming hires. In him just ponied up and went got a guy. Well there you go I mean that it had too much good. They got their guns and that's what it's about the paternity didn't do and add to some extent. In I don't mind I think they're popular about the last week by. Warner showed what you should do if you Hoosier guys they did did they want should tell us they didn't get should tell at school they do they hired a guy. That would appear different based the next step of the moment solid iron to about it but a home run well and good luck and Tennessee when they didn't get their guy they. Turn this into a very public very ugly eleven based search that that continues to draw on. With no clear cut answers so. You know I have like you said Texas sent them more gentle pressure filled out there they pay the public money. You know what they probably have. They have the second best coaching FCC now or bids could be better I'm having just moved out of daddy. I mean I. I I always get backlash from a lot of my friends that cover possible I think Jim those like a top ten type coach but then people always points he was always has great players and MOK image. I need to meet his record was better than bowden's who always had great players and its need that just I just speaks to you I think he's also these are great offensive mind so. EU and the pub called K which they need to be one of for the national championship than. Go to those guys in the playoffs now let her be thought of becoming not initially and then. Only can probably going to be he moved it up for a quick if they win this well so yeah I think he's the top five open culture sure coaches. As I can go wrong for us I think that job just wore on them a little bit even drew the winning streak. You know they always had something going on and then it kind of just one this year so. The best thing possible for him on the first start to purchase an enemy getting it. His agency also opened up the Florida State job or should say is going taking the NM job opened up before a state job. What did you make a Willie Taggart are. Like it we'll see you know I think some credibility both tiger warm. He believes murdered in better shape than found him and I did support a state that's not about that about one and they put too he's really don't quarterbacks. You know he workflow western Kentucky he recruited Brandon bode. Your frequent flowers is South Florida he had just go Brooklyn wheel well an organ. So that's the key from Ford stadium and look at the national championship team they'll share one common traits are the trophy quarterbacks so. That's good news should be under French fault being black murder every open social or make sure because. Torque they will bounce back great they do you have like that last question. They'll have come tell about the quote certain will be able to work well. So you'll bill Bender of the sporting news you can always farm on Twitter at mill Bender 92 and then onto the college football playoff itself. Obviously up in Big Ten country. And after imagine there are some disappointment for not getting one of the four teams and what did you think of the force elections. I'd never call the big ability and then I mean think about it Melanie. How their favorite winning goal. So there's one earned military I think Ohio State did have a better resume play. I'm okay with the fact they all have been OK with it either way we'll turn to say. Voted but no cable with an Al Alabama because we do more in the SEC championship and when they are old and that's got to feel weird on some level even if they win at all. And I am located throughout the Hart stayed out cookie giveaway from. 31 point wolf but I look that they should not walk show. We can cry for an eight team playoff but I'm not doubt that Alec fourteen where I think. You know you look at these two matchup some very sudden bottom cultural more than dead and yeah where you gonna be I didn't refer should be watching the game very. Oh god well as the standard bearer of the baker mayfield game are based firm baker mayfield train this is a huge one for me the Rose Bowl baker the diamond swoosh Nike it's got all it's got all the pageantry that I need that. I'm going to be and he sweated out a would ask you this were you surprised. On Sunday that they picked Alabama. A little bit I mean it wasn't it true you down to the end but again this is my point about fourteen Merck. That argument between Ohio State and then Obama pretty much 5050. The end I would rather do that in just these two big time matchup than. Levitt and stayed or Miami or Wisconsin and what do you think what Miami Google to get a playoff. After losing the black students who are making coil I mean. We can tell you the sort itself out birdie. I don't know that that's a playoff seed. Oh and then on top of that mean they had one fewer game and I'm not saying they wouldn't of won that game that. To me it felt like it they were going to get in it was going to be very similar to when the Michigan State got in in the words of the Cotton Bowl just absolutely curb stomped by Alabama I. I would've they would have earned a spot in bed and I'll would not have believed in them and all. You. Well let's say that the goal of this thing is to get the four best teams in the possible playoff. I think over the last forty years for the most importantly got it right I mean jeez you Miller an argument fourteen. Penn State as an argument sixteen Ohio State had an argument fifteen to seventeen by. At the end of the day look pretty again what we needed could have re emphasize that what hasn't happened. Couple good semi finals some some are probably in pretty bad so. I hope that these semi finals or really good move up their expectation. And I'm going there will be. And then lastly as we wrap up here at build and or the sporting news. Obviously got a month to think about it but initially what are your guts on both games. Cooper picked Alabama I can believe it I'm gonna pick Alabama with a month to prepare for quantum of revenge and all those things in mind. And I'll be a little bit healthier and then I'll probably pick Oklahoma which. Udall saying she wanted to make the racing game I can only create what a contrast in style Megyn. But got baker on the ground patent will be pretty good seat so. Go to my picture Atlanta. And then they traverse William upload that'll open ticket well on watch. Well I'll only on pins and needles the whole time till we always appreciate your time a man and won't talk to downright. Is bill Bender of the sporting news analyst bomb on Twitter at bill Bender 92. You can always read his work right or their sporting news sporting we come back Kevin Dalton is the NBA analyst for ESPN insider. 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So is is that going to be the final plan they're going to really renovate Key Arena because I'd seen that there was the possibility of that and then. Perhaps building a new arena is that correct. Yet you didn't Google arena playing which beat Minnesota area near the existing Safeco Field century link field in that stadium district. You know they still hope to potentially have a two arena solution that allowed them to post an NBA team in NHL in concert at two Key Arena but. That they'll get very viable for that right now because obviously the renovated hearing we'll have the capability to ultimately hosted BA along with that I shall. Or with so much discussion about revenues and particularly in small market teams. How much more likely do you think this makes the NBA of moving back to Seattle. Well I mean you know the issue always has been that's you know not having a viable arena that's this briefing the Sonics moved it to 2008 and so you know this solve that part of the problem the other aspect of that is still figuring out financial model. If they're going to be enough revenue generated by this Arenas is port NHL team. And then he came in the independent group which is partially funded by Emmett chief James Dolan. So that all those parties can make enough money to make it viable have been BAT's. That's what still putter remains to be seen. As you look at go to the market of Seattle. Does it TU does it seem like more like an NBA town or more hockey town. I mean obviously had a history with the NBA and NHL hasn't been here I mean I think it was so foreign of the NHL win. Professional hockey was last year to Major League level in the Seattle metropolitan one area. A championship this century ago so it was a little long before I was born certainly did did a lot more passion I think Chris. For the Sonics but there is to eat versioning hockey community that. It excited about bringing this here for the first time and seen if they really can work. In your opinion how far weighty thing Seattle is from having India. I think that you know really all depends on what happened at the NBA level I mean when when they're ready to start considering expansion so. You know pretty clearly based on land holders that the owners are not interest in that right now they don't want to divide that national TV revenue and other. Two ways because probably would be to achieve what you do expanding go to 32 with the NFL and they have like financial potentially could get to that they expand to Seattle. So you know that's that's really continued scene out Seattle taking care of its part of the deal now it's up to the end BF. Do you think. Do you think in your opinion that expansion is more likely or moving if I tell you that it the NBA does wind up back in Seattle. Probably at this point it is but set about expansion that probably it is moving that's and I don't think there's anything that's an Indian any danger moving to Seattle. He is Kevin doesn't he joins us here on the program has always been bomb on Twitter at a potent. You can always listen is outstanding podcast the bad deals on cast it's available on iTunes and stitcher. And again to submit NDA. Is Wilson thought so you've heard about big time trade don't discuss with the but I'm curious from that. The news today Adrian awards are asking that the NBA players associations not a member of the players saying that they SN sports president Andy Miller. Quote has relinquished the NBA needs agent certification. Won't tell the impact is this gonna have on players as it pertains to moving around. You know I think it's serving to be seen how this is not gonna play out I mean obviously we had the situation last year where one of his agents Christian document lost his NBA certification and you know he was supposedly pushed out of the SM but we've got after the fact the docket to cut up the missile FBI Kindle which now. And threatens to engulf AS seventh hole. You know he was still working with players today who were drafted last year because the fact that he already built up the relationship with those players sell. You know it could be some other EG Saturday at seven who's doing this since. In any Miller is still kinda working behind the scenes orchestrate things don't promptly knocked these deals I think that's her remains to be seen but you know he is he has. High profile clients and notably Kyle Lowry could step swears they get. So if you do those players to exacted a leading to ask them. Then that's pretty get significant playing in and then maybe also a message to other agents about. You know DN BA MBP eighty a little more serious about regulating the activities of agents. Student Evan told melodious in insider here on in the program the grizzlies get their first look at Chris ups losing this and the knicks tonight grizzlies trying to you. After stepping eleven game losing streak trying to start a winning streak tonight what can grizzlies expect out of the next night. I think we'll see what they get as far as Chris steps to been limited lately that's you know they. You win protected on the court even if cantor have been a really nice Concord combo because you look at everything coursing it does with it shot blocking his three point shooting. It's a perfect compliment for what and a cantor doesn't do. So those two guys to fit really well together and and cancers supplies and that rebounding and that's forcing it doesn't break. And you know they found a nice balance they're improving it hasn't really afford it you go to score after the Melo trade. He got one of the highest usage rates in the league and still but it really efficient score even with that so he you know they kind of built around him and and so successful. Kevin if you were going to start a franchise and use one of these young guys where does crystal's forcing a strength for you. Point 5% in the I think you ought to secure Tony given that group is pretty clearly number one because detected he's already had that you know level where he belongs in the MVP discussion. After him he really kind of depends what you want a player prioritize enforcing it has maybe the most unique skill set because it is so I can. How good you this year colts held I think for the guy the couple years you know living easy choice here but the fact that his defense hasn't really developed a couple years into this system. That's kind of pushed him back in line a little bit and then you've got she will impede that health concerns but when he's healthy he's just incredible. Nicole Yokich. This ties to mortality were offensively just terrific defense it was some question movement and the bad habit. Who has really burst onto the scene this year that there's a triple double threat. Six and point guard is also an excellent rebounder and yet you can also make a case for Simmons that I had to Yonhap TV guy he concluded that group. What do you make of Simmons can really shoot free throws right now. Yeah I mean you know he had a tough time shooting away from the basket period so it's not to meet something that's necessarily going to. They'll correct itself over time. I hadn't been to camp it's sort of police got to experiment was shooting which it is is right here and he lost to shoot to try to give around the basket put. You know he's still after the lefty when he's on the perimeter and I do think it's awfully lucky in the wrong can't. Kevin Dalton joining us here again you always read his work over at ESPN insider you can listen his podcast. The federal spot and cast it's available on iTunes and stitcher he always follow his work on Twitter at cape help. And then your latest story up on insider up right now discusses the knicks and pacers trade for Carmelo. Now that we had seen you know roughly the first in 25 to thirty games thus far in the NBA season. What what do you make of that entire trade. And it's fascinating because these are guys who western Oklahoma City we've got port good duck yet. Were crying Russell desperate to carry that historic low that he did last season. And if you're apart from him they've been terrific insult. If you look the obvious conclusion is what Westbrook put the problem bogey dig deeper just don't want to sabonis and India that he was kind of playing out of position. And it can't you didn't have that stretched for next gen that you kinda need to try picking out how to pursing this. Individual people perhaps the much interest in these three guys. And he just seemed legitimately to have developed into a different player because he's added. Three point dimension that he did not have in Orlando or last journal of the city. Particular shooting the pull up three. Which I've shown is really important because he changed the way teams to schedule in the pick and roll and make a lot easier for players to score out of that. Kevin does. Oklahoma City struggle from the fact that Westbrook is not a mean quote unquote playing Euribor now. You know look at seven EDT nineteen million of that at their best when he does get back into that voters she did at times last night when they. Came from behind to beat the jazz and yet so that the that is sustainable style play for them in the playoffs is if they can get larger picture contributions from. He'll Paul George and to a lesser extent mellow but you know sometimes for them to win games during the regular season that maybe the best left. What do you make of the Utah Jazz is. A recent surge. Take a deep breath taking keep all of that up because a lot of it's built on incredible three point shooting in the dollar initial outburst have been shooting. Really high percentages from three point range that are not consistent with their career and Joseph legal has been high percentage of point your that. He's taken love war and we kind of saw them come back to earth club site on the second give it back to back against the thunder. I think we'll steadily and try to without globally played at overall. More like last night where their defense is stronger than their offense that they've got legal bare back but that they do look to be at this point like a playoff team. Kevin Pelton joining us here on the show as always you can bomb on Twitter at cape pulp. Kevin when we look at the grizzlies and their outlook right now I'm not looking great just kind of in a holding pattern until Mike Conley returns. At what point do you think the grizzlies need to consider that maybe the best chance moving forward is get as many ping pong balls in the lottery. And try to build around Mike and mark and then one of these talented young guys come out and draft. I think you probably ask you to the point where the playoffs aren't realistic possibility you know for a team like Memphis. They've got this. You know that this streak of contending and and I think that's going to be a couple of dog but. Once it becomes clear you're not gonna do and I think that's pretty sure ship load we saw this they do with Dallas last year in the end of that scene in playoff contention. A little longer than you might have expected a ten gallon there's. Down the stretch lost to bush again the last couple weeks of the season. And that put them in position where they ended up getting very nice trucking and Dennis Smith do know that that's really helped them win the top of this season but. Looks like he could be building block for them going for. Yes actually he's we saw here in person I don't the exact same thing keep your eyes gravitate towards them Pendleton is joining us here on the program. Thank Kelly and ask you the the big news obviously right now is the injury to you Seth Curry. When you look at the overall impact from the Western Conference standings how much impact do you think the center's gonna have. Well the good news is they don't have a lot of competition right it's tough but the bad news is the Houston Rockets. You have been ahead of them in the city and I think this definitely opened to dory wire for the rockets depended potentially going to play out with the number one seed at. I don't think that's from the wars would panic about we've seen. You know Cleveland certainly do you switch lesser competition. Very comfortably win at the number two seed and the other two don't panic about it but don't believe would give the rockets even more open potentially winning that they got to the Western Conference finals against the warriors again. Temple joining us here on the program Cleveland now to seventeen sevenths firmly back in second place in the east. Does a guy gets lost this like the numbers suggest they figured out defensible. I think it benefited little bit from you know Qaeda in early on teams were making threes at unsustainable arrayed against them. Now they're kind of making fewer trees do you expect it. Didn't know they're probably could end up meeting somewhere in the middle but. The other effort level is done to where it needs to be and it'll have to be great defensive team they don't have to be you know doesn't look at thundered that defensively this year the jazz still bear the warriors. Like they're gonna be good enough offensively that they can be just fine if there though it averaged defects. At least during the regular season than and that I think is kind of where they've gotten to label it. Global as LeBron playing at right now. A roof an incredibly I want forgot that 32 about to be 33 and and had the kind of mileage that. He does. You know I he's shooting has helped poverty and live for the fact that you know if you lost a little something maybe can it be quite the same defensive clear that he was that if prime. He's not as good as he was in his best years in Cleveland and Miami but he's he golf course. And then lastly can even vigorously timely I was appreciate it would also sitting at 21 and four. How long is this sustainable in your opinion. I think we've already seen them come back of the pack a little bit to winning a lot of close games and tie your return wrote Sid heal eventually I think you're going to lose some of those two. They put themselves in excellent position where they've got a real chance we get finished first in the east and at worst it would be hard to see them almost about what you have fallen below second. And I since last question now all of piggyback on that if they if it were. Boston and Cleveland out of the east in the and then Eastern Conference finals in real life. Actually Cleveland I mean we have to see how they look with Isiah Thomas to let it might be getting on the court get back on the court sooner rather than later. I think you know it's seven game series. They have more talent than Boston does that he would certainly be entertaining series to watch. Kevin really appreciate your time on their we'll talk to next week. Are determined he is DeVon double again you can always follow him on Twitter at cape Elton. You can always read his worker heard ESPN insider can also listen to his podcasts it is the fabulous pulp and cast it's available on iTunes and stitcher. 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So before before you hit play look a little set the stage a little bit of care for yet. So the entire interview was on the laboratory showed today and the entire interview with senator around the fact that. Primarily Stephen Jackson believes that Kevin Durant is soft. Primarily because he uses state Twitter accounts to goad people. Because Stephen Jackson leisure gonna go at people you put your own name on it and he says he'll go to people on social media. But these were his comments and we say what folks it didn't disappoint. Not at our stop I doubt got a word decade better outlook called him on all Arab right now now you stop you do cupcakes on the top bottom every day. And it beat bill Roddy he gave up. Without doubt that the bill. So but if if you saw you know what you really have to tell nobody thought you know examine that didn't pan. Everybody know you thought they did in the locker room the holy no results it beat bill likely there's respect there if the old band back and a good dad that I respected it checked. You don't respect what do they are gone do some about. Not at their prom date. I'm in awe you with you it's pretty much ten minutes ten times isn't it. Well when that would with some people understand what I'm fans Babbitt poured in a lark homeowner court. I'm Bennett put a bad men are detained because I want to win the directing the game but appeared again and not like mark bam you light the way anybody you don't play at our way and a IQ. And get off my name be put on its name not a lot of good their what do what do they down when the bigger fight on the debate from how limited they debate. Yeah I love you otherwise I was what Dan I don't it was ten minutes and I'd like to have you ever said something like that who would he made any action I'll come back did frog ever thought. You know like you know I I'm I'm pretty sure a couple Karla I didn't go to our glad it's sick teammate but not when often not taken against period. And they you know. I've never been an NBA right. On a court on our may get a band but not on the court in the lack. Maybe in the stands. Is a ten out of ten lot I think we can all all agree there. Is everybody was waiting for some light bulb what about that the most in the balance what about. Oh I don't listen advanced. I specified on the actual court. Eddie makes an excellent point so again he would use the term cupcake. Just feel like bend if cupcake is not a term that gets used nearly as much it should because it is so insulting. I mean I know you all like Christian Brothers you stow was Helio colorless society does cake eaters like we Capel is I never didn't. Are we had a teacher like all the skeptics though. Oh god that's that is now. And we called a cupcake there's not really much you can do to come back from. Think that when bad things like that that just goes it's so insulting like it's just kind of like game over the might drop a two game. It is. I'll speak to Dave over UCLA is canceled at their game tonight due to the wildfires in California yes so I saw this and armed. I obviously for those that don't know I went to school out in California and this was a route that I took out shockingly to go to church all the time so this was that the for a five. And it was eighty. Free officially scary scene because the brush fire is coming right over. Right over the mountains and it was coming right up before five and it was like terrifying to look at least there's there's tweet going out this morning. I'm so far all my friends or OK so that was the first thing I was concerned about. Blight. It brought back my memory. What this then. You know that was when I got California Californians always go oh you're from meant that slight hill tornadoes right. And I was like yeah and I probably don't have a healthy enough fear of tornadoes. But my freshman year at Pepperdine. We had a massive wildfire in like school was canceled for a week and so I'm not sure we comprehend. What wildfires are much like they don't really comprehend tornadoes and so be it blew my mind away delight you walk outside and you can't breathe like it is. It's massive in hopefully they get this thing under control but I I was I was personally happy because so far all my friends are safe and I get to our buddies that I think are actually have to evacuate they live close like Brentwood Bel Air in that area typewriter around Westwood UCLA and so. They're gonna have to evacuate but I think everyone is a OK I just told my body to make sure he takes care does to dogs is those those are my favorite talks to decide. And a host of clear once they've got there and that now when they need to get out is that abounds that the NCAA president mark Zimmer took a shot. A UT's coaching search. Cool. Yeah that's a glass house is body admit I'd. And then he backed continue to put his foot in the mouth because. Any surge try to take a shot at the balls but he did move where someone handed him the topics that he thought brocade makes fun of it. Like UT coaching search the ball family and he's like oh yeah like I didn't make comments on this and get some popularity back. And then it totally blew up in his face. I particularly his comments on the balls in which she was saying like you're trying to become a professional athlete like what happened to being a student athlete. And we're not here to prepare you to be a professional athlete and that will. You have a you brought an entire promo code campaign about preparing people for the real world it hurt someone has the athletic ability by. The isn't that preparation for that so more camera continues his beat down on continuously. Putting his foot in his mouth. I'm gonna say out of bounds just because I would tell Marc Emery we cannot had he straying from any talking points like when you go off script this is not good so all say out of bounds. Although. Not boy what can you say it's pos phone does it urged their turn out. Nothing. And what's your take on the that's immune to Arkansas Judd Moore. I as says build Bender said this earlier it was. Readily apparent that. Arkansas push all the ships and to go to guy spells on. That turned into Gus now on staying in Auburn for a Brinks truck full of cash perhaps to Brinks trucks full of cash. Chad Morris reminds me of kind of poor man's got smells and so I guess if you're going that direction. I I did it and you think that you need to you think you need to get back into Texas to have more success and he obviously has the Texas roots. It's one of these tires that on paper I can conceptualize it. But the same time like I keep hearing about the message SMU the messiness and you insight. He didn't do nearly the job that June June June Jones stated SMU and we're acting like this seven and 544 and the American this year with some kind of like heroic effort and I I've just always kind of been left kind of in our Chad Morris but when you also look at hires throughout the country. Spent a lot of end. And I don't think arkansas' any different so to me it will be interesting to see because he's made it readily apparent it's hurry up no huddle or consoles gonna try and and change. On their entire approach to football and will be inching C after Brett below like came and are behind Bobby Petrino on which he tried to build an entirely different culture our power run game a physical culture. Now they're going back to more finessed and you've got to figure when there's going to be some growing pains initially of that roster not built to spread it out and run minute half drives. Roger Goodell also very very rich man he became leader Richard today they sound to a shorter million dollar contract extension. Through Tony 24. Well as well learned. Someone help me out here I'd I'd hit it easy keeps steering the ship in bringing the NFL the new market split. I money I mean I'd give it a test like it's a business decision but at the same time it's like can't you hire someone for. Less than 200 million dollars they can do the exact same job as Roger Goodell and he's not quite as dom me I will throw my name and hollering out. All heroically take that gig or 45 people 200 million would you say that's five years so. So yeah I'm I'll take heroically take thank you for two and a half nine. I'll save you all on her to a half million a year and all I'll say that gig because. Why how old man I need to get Roger Goodell is PR agent. Or just his agent like because I I gotta get some of that holy cow. Marcus Spears has been suspended for Sunday's game for going to fight in the stands not by the NFL but by his own head coach Andy Reid used. Already really know right now what the king city chiefs there already struggling. To stay atop the AFC west. Reed does a. Part of you have to go. It was a heck of a toss in the stance like. I guess you're trying to send a message because right now Andy Reid's dealing with a hole easy losing control this team and he's trying to make a statement or whatnot bit. And as any charge or go anywhere and I just don't know if the league doesn't suspend him. If I'm up if I'm one of the 52 other players that are in that locker room wouldn't you rather have Peters on the field then not on the field. I mean to me it seems like hey where are trying to fight for a playoff lives like let's paid mailing we get a later China. Oh I would do the mover we'd promised he will not lose control this locker room if you let Peter split because. To me it's were in or battling for a playoff race and we need every possible hand on deck. And Marshawn Lynch is gonna take that his buddies not on the other sidelines you're like okay. On this gonna go for a hundred yards against you that's my hope because. You're obviously happy I like three weeks Guerrero the Broncos star Paxton. At the giant star geno Smith now the chiefs are benching. A one of their better quarters when the raiders have a depleted what receiving corps already Marc Cooper looks like he might miss another game due to injury Michael Crabtree. Suspended for another game Purdue in the fight with Aqib Talib. So haters can't take his Cheney either. Yet again neither one of them now so I am unhappy with them. Find the grizzlies also shadow army sorry a Bagger burger part. Shot out to my New York football giants they've now put Eli Manning back as the starting quarterback it turned out I veteran sitting down this geno Smith was not the answer at quarterback. Let's and Jack del Rio's halftime quote who was it Evan Washburn whoever those sideline guy was like we were thrilled when they announced that geno Smith was playing because he's the inferior quarterback a slick as a football team enough. The grizzlies their New York State's right charge they're as tired about the knicks are driven by two. Man this is that. Oh boy. All say all all say with the knicks because. To me the grizzlies even though that they snapped the winning Eric told us like you cannot you cannot stress enough. How much the entire demeanor of this team has changed. I'll hope to see that but I'm not gonna bet on that and if it's only two and a half points like the next to cover on the road to the grizzlies just and it really made it happen under. Ever since ever since my slept in years is on the road is not exactly been pretty. And that pretty home at a meeting has been every bit as ugly if not uglier on the road. You're racially baseball team are you willing to give Rafael Palmeiro another shot it's 53 years old. And he wants one more chance yet eat you fill me in on the details I sold a headline in Brock he thinks that he can make it as a player again. Yeah he wants to go out of his own terms does she think. Eastbound new steroids that he can watch that won't be detected leg is that the answer except I've laggards into law. Our staff Yahoo! could ever forget that it boy or I don't know like I don't know why. I mean maybe this is just the type of guy he is he took steroids that he would get heart. And now he thinks that's. Lucia all like the word would they be on bridled confidence this YEP a baseball like it'll be great to correlate to the Supreme Court soon. I did not did not takes their own hand you read my lips with a finger point yes that was big. We both know that can't wait for the cardinals to sign they'll need his veteran presence and in the clubhouse ought to keep keep GR Karlos stay. Line we'll have more that's all that. Then my thanks to you my thanks to Aircastle time thanks to build under. Kevin Pelton as well also as always my thanks to all of you for listening. However without further ado I gotta make way for real talent gators show come on next. Its annual world and you and I and. And 189 net looking for one of the midsouth today's best selections of June use high end luxury vehicles and you need to come see my god Tim called it now while luxury autos. Tim features an outstanding inventory is free on Mercedes Bentley is infinity Tesla Land Rover more expensive Bentley Continental flies were on the show. Tipoff offers credit solutions of one point 99 interest rates and financial out. Don't suit him well now I've memorize auto sales remain alive to forty or visit Tim Clark dot com that's temp car dot com. 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