Guest Host Jeffrey Wright -- Hour 2 with guest Chris Herrington

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Friday, January 19th

Jeffrey Wright begins the second hour of the show by welcoming Chris Herrington to the program to discus the performance of the Grizzlies' young players, Chris' thoughts on DeAndre Ayton and Mohamed Bamba, and today's edition of "The 9:01" during "The 9:01" at 10:01. Next, Jeffrey discusses NFL Championship weekend and makes his bets for the two games. Finally, Jeffrey closes the show by discussing the NBA All-Star starters and more.


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Now 829. 688 on the W an office that I had an 829 AC is this. Could this go on. DS CN. And today's special guest host Jeff Green right. Me home can't. Check out strange Chris Aronson of the commercial appeal joins us for the night no one at 1001 Reynolds fired up. Now it's been 901 Nintendo won't. 901 commercial fields outcome. Then listen it and no one from Chris Herrington and can show. I've never fulfilled joins us as always on Twitter. Actress sank into dollars and 88 footer count can be so pat Harrington India crystalline listened to comment. That's if you pride won't go beyond while her hips from. Some rockabilly article Perkins who died twenty years ago that. How Erica on fact. Chris as a pick and pop up it went up at 7 AM this morning also has the 901. Up to day commercial field are Tommy can read both let's start here with the pick and pop. Dionte Davis is believed to the column. With Dionte Davis getting more minutes in your being able to see more of him in game action. What if he's seen from him thus far is he starting to you kind of amp up his role. It's a look at just got they would do it all the under total sure year old disorder to get Lee got the update was the first what I don't churned out some. What I did basically was sun take all of those young players are sort of look at what. You know you're projected reasonable projector role for them would be awaited the next season. And what we sort of need to see your neither happened you know residencies and to get there. It won't just say Davis you know I think you're sure hope that he's going to be upset about Marcus hall full fledged your brain or right on. I get aired what we most need is consistency. You know you look at the Q last week you don't have our blog it's a lakers and the reality docs look at the mixed. And that's could stop the peace and so up and down this sort of perk our effort when we got the right thing but his motor were revved up and down. And he needs to be given consists of apple or gorilla beaten up or conscious of your game I think that's the main thing pork on got a statement source the cedar. Do you deal with consistency because obviously when guys show flashes you're like okay I see whatever what else sees. The thing you could also if you're using consistency is kind of as a as a knock on someone if we just turning coaching mopping getting consistent. They can wind up with with Jeff Green yet again and again and again. How do you personally. Balance the idea of someone needing consistency vs someone actually having like real potential. Oh well message after sort of give it time. I mean. You know it. It just Davis is still without a doubt in three year or so so you can see it which is certainly the Jeff Green. We're just grade wise at the time occurs or required of but for now he's like 21 years old. He really had a ball too old he's irritation at. I'm the good thing your record this season as closely here about entire pack of seed and we're Williams don't matter wage derby now. And so I think you can you can move could afford to run him out error for a lot of minutes. Night after night after night insular get a better or valuation all the I mean they don't they don't need to take a final determination about yardage whose career deceit that. Ready to decide whether comfortable having you must our primary backups are they need to have someone else Austro control their role. And so you know I think you got forty games and I would try to get him to one plus minutes ever try to occurred just see. See you sort of develop the consistently you consistency you have only seen yet. Sort of be consistent when your whole packet so I'm that they do one part. Have you seen progression in his game on the offensive end where you think that. This guy is enough of a two way guy that he can actually be an NBA got. Well I can't get the kid that got enough time and I they fear. He's shown he is your goal is to be able mid range jump she got a better touch. From the parliament or and we potential to develop a better question Beatty people bought and again. I think that some of that department game that's going to be a few years down the line. So all right now like I'm looking for him to rebound to test shots. You know finish on the actual values to jump hook here and there. You know I don't I'm not expecting a ranger back arraigned just. Things from him yet but I think you know two or three years down the road to see them to call a little bit more are all well Arabic and. The dialects and no one is live right now in the not want a partial Telecom is up of course talked with Chris Harrington has taken pop also up at commercial appeal dot com. And then all I know with more young guys the second guy that you wrote about is Dylan brock's. And when you see. When you kind of easy bent on the first person that. They discussed what Dylan Brooks is role could be in the future in the NBA. Where are you right now until Brooks what do you think he needs to improve on what do you what have you seen that he brings the table. Other groups is the one guy that's her remains are all ready to eat the question for him news. King how can you believe in what you're seeing them an and what happens is three point shooting percentages go up every seat here. It was like twenty something percent increased 7% and forty some percent now 52%. In January you're gonna keep going nuts here. It's added up to 39%. And so on. The residencies continue much. He's old he's sort of talk like that that is what he's going to be that he's gonna teach these you know high 30s40%. Three point shooter. And if you can be bad that I think you know he's gonna he's already dare say our. Again you know maybe sort will be held off the bench but cervical guy guy you could story clock basically to replace Torre America shot. Like a couple plays. You know I think he needs to be a high level three point shooter who I'm truth is flat. Couldn't because without credit limitations but he adds that the IQ you know the one guy you talk good about what did. Go to and it actually comes. And then of course the the return of planes sold into the lineup. Obviously coming into the season losing guys that had a lot higher expectations. I gather a lot of fans were feeling good about. What have you seen in the limited. Looks he'd gotten at from Wayne sultan what have you seen that you like and what do you think that he needs approval. Well I think the biggest thing whatever he really needs minutes back can I as soon as possible. He used to es are what got people hurt and dawn broke and he's the sec players or much. Because he was he came out with. Could be weeks away last year that occurred injury bit deeper. Into we have every breath he played it. You know. You're gonna blur the number of India eight minutes of golf per cent in the dog sorry we need to sort. Expelled and auto some are home. I think all older they are because it is the least I can't screen is explosiveness. And he can handle all will did he can slash. I think there's a potential or had to be an MBA or my high or important complimentary secondary starter. If you were ordered altogether or actually he just had to edit out about a minute checking he stated I would be cute and as many minutes as possible or into the duke. An ideal world in her I should say. In Wayne Southern's ideal world what do you think is a reasonable. Comparison for how. I didn't score Italy not look at that he's the same kind of player because I think he can be just saying well all right just a guy who's like. Never even going to be a borderline all saw. But you know it really at least partly to waste or are you know may he guide keeps you 1213 point two games they could be Serbs. But the good Congo and your team. You know accordingly use our pitcher durable Moore ranch to beat an extra open. Look more slash org I could sort of free throw line. I think you the ability to be quite a solid two way star girl who. You know it's always going to be archer for Basque our whole war on eight in your lineup but I think I think you'd be believed to be that kind of player. And you know who didn't Wear knickers and our draft it would be nice just kicking and this season they could tell themselves they can commit themselves. We can deploy a minute or two more about commodity stock unless you have to be but you look at doctor Chara what a broader Iraq. Armed if they get to the oil minister are starting to adapt our that would help won't address Saturday. And then on to probably I think still may be one of the most frustrating players at least for the grizzlies fan base injure Harrison. Now that we've kind of seen it in jury room we Tennessee is warts we've also seen what he brings to the table. What do you think the realistic expectation for injury or some moving forward us. I don't think they would love it that you're used to date her you know making their backup point Largo and in the next season I don't think that's likely actually I think. He's probably more you're like that cartons circular sort of problem you know spot minute guy breaking racial remark to you guys. The key patent emergency and he seems I didn't stop in the lineup. He still owned by a factor that a while since you've been a lot better than last eagerly sought out there yeah 38% from work. And that's better than the 3233%. He shot a rookie. Which are or or shooter in the NBA but it's not good enough for six why Encore Acquisition IDs. He needs to be at least a little bit better than that and support having some sort aren't in the net look did you like what come back to an out. To get out you know over 40% Q percent or 35% from three. They're struggling a bit of stock but he does do the hustle plays but he saw that. Make him a little more viable. And so I am not convinced says that they can talk we can talk him into rotation spot gold and exceed them but that could happen searchable I don't. And then it drove more another player that has seen his minutes increase as the season has gone on. Kind of an up and down campaign thus far from Terrelle but what is been your opinion on him. I don't really know he has yeah he's been good lately. I think he would be better suited on a team that plays faster tempo beat you better ask where and he's a transition. All around your problem he can get dangerous athleticism rookies in the lead bag ever went all the Apache can end in transition or off the dribble. But you get an and app or basketball I think on both did so before he's pretty spotty and so are you at all. All the people in the last few weeks but I guess I'm not a day school. Going forward. What is lol yeah why I won't let me look at all the gains on the deeper sort of contract exe and would put all of them boy had a terrible acting or verbally not crap. When. When you look at the play of Jim Michael Green the last couple weeks or what have you have you. As it kind of changed your outlook of his season thus far you are eat where are you want him. Well executed only slow spot when you spoke about Christ's mass the first marked post well yeah I'm injury. We knew when he came back to some sort trying to compete in most need all of more now they're sort out of the knicks and it's sort of like. Artery during war he's so he's right about one out of the political waste. You can also carpet in a way because you had him under contract exe that'll what I think you're a reasonable salary. And I'm a believer in the group jamaat although I think what we've seen the last few games as a real lock or else I haven't actually. You know what I expected him to be disputed which on the whole he would not you'll be education I wanted to actually. And so do you see that guy the rest of this keeping them and that you interviewed doctor Q school batter out in getting what you pay border into Mexico. Chris thanks in joining us for the not a one at 1001. Bomb on Twitter acrid scent in his NBA count is at Harrington NDA. I think Chris I know you mentioned throughout season that you thought. The early two games that you consider playoff games for the grizzlies after kind of their their fate was more or less sealed one of which being. Monday's game against the lakers and tonight's game against the return of easy vote. But now with the grizzlies. Maybe winning too many games as a pretend pertains to the reverse standings. Do you still believe that tonight is tonight the you would like to see the grizzlies went. You have ordered out so I'm so assault that he's in a playoff bubble atmosphere that I I have I am not going to suspend it and right. On the way excluded but thanks very located at eight pages will be on. Let's all hope it will get you know Zach Randolph. Jab step jumper at the Bob Herbert Perry get your winter retreat that's what I ordered forward. Do you think the way that this season has played out that it is justified. The critics that said the grizzlies really should of kept Randolph. That's why observer at all although we'll have a complicated take on Matt I think. You know. I don't I did that take its true. And that the group police did not try red ball the 'cause they priced out. I think they decided on the front Edward Robert. And that is not the decision I wouldn't debate I would have been water where exactly I don't back this season. Actually Ed and I would not have died. I would not a match that contract it cheap skate not because of that well known in this seat and look at look at all on next season. I think we're given where the grizzlies were in the transition they're making a franchise. It would not have been wise to commit a twelve million to Jack and all in 2000. 182019. And so no I don't know. Given that I don't about the Iraq and a big picture quarterback with the same time the best position and I think it resided in the front and monopoly of bacteria. If that is not the decision relate. What are you expecting out of tonight with a Z does return. Circular dated or played excellent today and he gave an out of there and you sit auditor tutor so not ready by I think that you acre. Knows better than to do that tonight. I think you know he's gonna get a huge huge ovation I wonder what the crowd will be like Jews were 'cause I can people who were pure they are going to be. We're only part up toward them. But you know more memorable cold spell in the teens out of playoff mix in the genes are not I mean whatever we're gonna get that sort of should allow level Al OP get well from. And their question out there as you know markets all losses questionable because of illness and you know I think we've heard a lot of looks like here in this game sort of you know the tank freedom choice I would like to see you on the order back at all my that would be disappointed if you did you seek out guys don't get. Cortisol is officials that questionable according to the grizzlies PR for those that are curious with the illness that Chris just mentioned in the quality draft Pratt. You finally got a chance to watch the Andrei Eitan. I'm high on him but I respect your opinion more than mine what he's seen out of dehydrated. Well I'm a little biased and I love to get old big guys and so. His footwork in the post just like total catnip on the audacity. You've got the ability. His footwork his size and his pal or. He could be the best local score in the NBA orchestra will order or you're that talented. Just an air drop steps spin move could walk with Japan more people. And he's got assault touch and so I think he's an extraordinary prospect are so low post scorer. On the question is how the rest of the game was gonna about all. In the context of an NBA that doesn't value local or you waited forty years ago. And so you know I address or your circle or distract or forty years ago and the number one pictured it would even be talking about it. Given the legally use changed I think it'll more up in the air. But I don't weigh everything I've been or are walking draft board I would darker more. And then. Texas Mohammed Obama is also a guy that you have looked at what have you seen from them. I am the more I watch him more sort of come around what you wish special shot blocker he's not he's done just watch each shot you know so much. There's got to release and he's like. We got like gravity ball out of the air across all talk about the networks great court ever watch. But I would be skittish about taking hitting to preclude athlete that he could develop ostensibly by. I don't you have ever been a top lines or I have a hard time picky she got our. And work with the top I pick now who I don't think is going to be a twenty point scalpel or. Especially in a vacuum I've even more skittish about it on the crew was perspective yet at that. You know they'd already be. Or what socket server with mark haul and that could become what got Davis and given the history of finishing thirty page it would make me nervous for the currently take. From what he's seen of trade young column sexton Mohammed bomb but if all three were available to the grizzlies. Who would you take. I do usually early and I think you don't two terms at all pretty sure. I think young got a much higher ceiling not been columns sexton. What 'cause compared to two point guards just because of peace such a high level super absorption. You know we got word that means so much. And then and then the terms of long and bomb I I just think that. A point guard who can who can who can do predominate on the perimeter. Ism or about August point that a similar to dumb sort of protector. And so I it was you know some concerns about both but in total what they could be I think young could impact India and more than our. And then you kind of close up the column. Discussing the reverse standings if you will and you point out the grizzlies have slipped from number four to number six and now according to 538. Projected to finish seventh. If it turns of the water BA. When you think about that reality. Obviously worst case in areas like finishing ninth. But isn't this kind of right there with a. Yeah they're bugging the police car guys the maps are writing about Jared Michael bridges are. Out bridges of teacher crack perhaps you do those machine that you guys we're really talking about I'm June. I like some of those dollars more than others but that's not well we talked about all the talk about it arboretum are actually pretty young. So will say. And then lastly in the 901 I saw on Twitter last night you were you were closely watching. This school update kids are out of school yet again how are you holding up my friend. I mean he's with us it's void if they didn't announce sooner. And every all of the other school all the other suburban schools and so all of those. And it was like two hours later report Shelby county and doubts and so I just wanted to know I want to know or bad times we wouldn't go all cash. Travel boom going to be able idly but he's the idea being close I Egyptian blatantly ridiculous by. You know I was that I thought the shock yesterday got a downed trees feature happen to be here how. If you leaderboard as you know there were closed today just because what she ready to figure out all week you go back one day by two. That was it happened that we can get done last leaves mentality. So are correct attitude was what is right or that this or just a Monday and I thought that was reasonable. And lastly now there's a football tomorrow all on Saturday I've been a country to see a movie I'm not caught up on. On the Oscar nods off of all the of all the films that you seen thus far but Agassi one tomorrow would you recommend. I'm not I don't remember what else to open and that it's lady borders open and that does I would highly recommend lady bird com. I think I think you'd it's great a lot of spot a lot of heart. I like simple water. Not as much I am. And I'm not crazy about rebuilt or out of us splitting up but that he was during the disputed a lot of award at all. Great great as we Gorman is great and I'm not a big into the movie sure. So what I haven't seen which is open and that doesn't they are Bret all set but yeah he's probably agree already and not a lot of it ordered yet Tibet. That'll get some attention that it stole my checklist of. Appreciate your time Chris and as always we always appreciate you joining us here that I don't want to don't want enjoy your weekend enjoy and I'm right. Cher yeah. It's Chris Harrington of course of the commercial kill the not a one is a bit partial deal as is the pick and pop I cannot recommend both enough. Krista says it a fantastic guy and it does Brad told that. It does give me a little bit of reassurance when every time I'll watch gantry and let my mood. Like he's got it's almost like I got to know Chris. Yeah I mean I am. I don't know what to think because some like Gary says there are only about three of these dudes like Marvin bag later and there are three that are clearly better than the others. Sock I. I don't know. After that the beat debacle I I am wary of big men in general so I am a wing a solid guarantee good wing solid wing would be great that's why. I hate to bring up Rodney hood but that's like every time I see Rodney hood the way I did that disgusted because he was so good at duke and it was like he was right there I mean you Leo dissect your state and take the freaking wing while he transferred from status area he's incidentally there you're right I love that I'm in Washington now idea that students read our take take it weighing taking a good way although don't draft for that than the other thing I've been hearing a lot of -- -- don't draft for position which I I agree with that he's just getting really good player. I'm an if you could listed at that B greats who can that help guarantee that process. NFL championship weekend is coming up. On Sunday. If you're. Not sure who to root for how Brandt of the NFL network tells you if you're an American he should report. 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Green tags in a surplus sale going on right now at all for convenient Robert Ehrlich Jewelers locations details online at our I Jewelers dot com. New Year's resolution time. Forget the fast food burger stepped. Just staying at Lenny sounds. Fresh grilled Philly steaks all state no filler bag the burger in 2018. Step up just. At least ninety come. 068 PM on. Okay see. This is the end of today's special. Yeah Jeff Green right. Does he take a look at need. Sports schedule tonight obviously in town we had to return Zach Randolph which should be an exciting event. But for those of us out there that are quickly realizing we only have three official games. A football left of the that is the sad sad sad thought. When I think about as Adam thought as the says I'd pick myself right back out when I think about the fact this an annual sales and on right now add those involved. Great news about the semiannual sale. Right now and men's outerwear and so if you like fast if you like police button downs but not everything in outerwear jackets you name it. It does it matter if it's the neighbor and doesn't have its store brand right now it's all twenty to 50%. Off. Every single brand and store all the name brand everything and outerwear. Right there twenty to 50% off if you cannot beat that deal also select soup. Sport because as well as hands. Or the gentleman out there are also available sixty to 70% off. And ladies in forget about you designer outerwear as well issues fifty to 70% off right now at vogue Paulson has never really been a better time. He goes take advantage of what an outstanding store or call is a call looking at the corner poplar and Ridgeway the regalia shopping center and locally on and we operated. 1859. And it's and any contrast nearly its name that cares about you right here in Memphis because they've been here since taking it to nine and got no intentions of leaving. So India prison of that wardrobe this letter do an ID shops close call. As mentioned we only have three official games. Left developed wheels on the Pro Bowl. Lot of people a lot of people out there will say don't bet on the pro ball well that's sounds like a challenge for me so I also we have more efficient games and I bet on the Pro Bowl that's it feel like so yeah. Let us we got done. All of a split our vision you guys Florida Marlins that's usually when he taken over under at ground you or I degenerated Amylin on the pro ball I don't care I don't have a soul side to figure out ways to entertain myself down and that's how we'll do a bike championship weekend. Coming up this weekend at the latest on Tom Brady's injury he was not available for practice yesterday. Number he will speak to the media. We'll discuss that game in just a bit I want to start your first. With Philadelphia vs Minnesota as everyone knows the story lines. It's the Jeff Fisher former quarterback Paul you have nick balls taking on case keynote. Neither of which exactly inspire confidence for those putts today that I enjoy quarterback play. They might find yourself in this weird spot this weekend because. After we solve the saints go down I think a lot of us out there that are football fans are really hoping and he's really fun to see. C Drew Brees take on Tom Brady be really fun to have an elite level quarterback matchup in the Super Bowl that was taken away from us leave. I'd be out there curious about you know. Who could pull force that is hurting is the patriots do I do I try to may be hop on this Minnesota trained. Well how Brandt is uninteresting column. And he is one of the hosts of the phone networks. Good morning football. And he offers this take. On whom you should be rooting for it you are an American. Certain odd to say this is bigger than the Eagles this is not about the team this is about the city. Find me a winner and Philly and I will find you someone predicting they'll be a loser. Allen Iverson who is too small would eventually get broken in the NBA Brian Westbrook was too small would eventually get crushed in the NFL. Bobby Clarke was a diabetic you couldn't draft when the first round of red flags there as well cement. Was up bankrupting rapper getting his wages garnished and hoping his sitcom pilot worked Kevin Hart. Was getting booed off the stage at Philadelphia's laugh house had to brave kids back to get a roll and soul plane almost couldn't. I heads they bump for three straight outings they were this close to jumping on a cruise ship missing dog dish and it almost they work. Yeah and I think most importantly during championship week is important to remember this. A long time ago there was another young scrappy team in Philadelphia that was an underdog on its own turf. And that. Seem came to be known as the United States of America and the colonial heard the same noise very deep. The third to the song that ground assault is too powerful. Let them come. One man defending his home is more powerful than ten minutes in maiden at cook the vikings riding this wave would be in the country's new sweethearts I learned this week without the vikings every known for Americans are real. Whether this thing at Philadelphia there would be no America. Graham a middle aged she's 99 years old legal pad. Uncle Sam needs you want. This city. You need Eagles know the two greatest ships on the American shoulder our taxation without representation. And no respect despite domination. Washington Hamilton Peterson from. They get back Eagles deep knee film on the vikings. I mean you know I don't disrespect him in a democracy pitcher that's from Philadelphia Flyers Eagles fly. I think Minnesota and the. Appreciate. You know I enjoyed bad. Having did around in his van gas and now living in south Jersey watching Eagles fans. Fly Eagles fly on the road to victory Jeffrey. On a couple of thoughts on how Brandt first and foremost I'd be thinking well yeah 'cause ga native son of Billy now not border as the Chicago suburbs. Which not listening to that you wouldn't doubt. Played for those that don't know Colin. Was quite. The background it's been through things have got ramp was a running back at Princeton a three year starter for the Princeton tigers are you familiar with that area Syria. Get close enough but of well former soap opera star. The real world real world and a more importantly though I didn't realize this until. He was Jim runs executive producer for I had a deck and I made very good at it yet you are extremely good part all I frankly a lot of room success is due Kyle's work. Held against Booker. Really good and clearly actor or writer Craig diet that is bad. That was quite the speech the Eagles and mix polls are any are underdogs here three and a half point underdog here's what I here's what I think. And by the way shot the Holland notes she and appreciated Philly bands. I'm sorry I know people are mocking me right now I'm looking at the readily what the hell is wrong Brad Carson City encourage everybody why I can't help myself why did you pick the bad holiday I don't. This is my favorites and also under pre it was what Eli and my flight I don't know any of the good ones rich girl. I make my dreams come true. EL LR I like there's an Ottawa favorites like you're in the other seats like you to do that yes. Kind of got another under appreciated all the notes. Moderated holiday it's all right so here's what I think back I thought it Eagles now. I want to find myself rooting for the vikings are really do I think. These gold clapping and I get it funded Iceland soccer team did at first I get it right up. But that is one of the coolest things I've you know I've ever seen in my entire life like that. Is awesome at it and I it is it is just so cold a lot now. The case genome is like BB. Embodiment of everything that I need in a quarterback. Because he does everything the right away he always throws on time he. Always makes the right read like he does everything that you want your quarterback to do. He just thinks he's not talented and I know that they like are you kidding me Jeffrey editor for Pro Bowl tight here. That's the thing like give pat Shermer credit they figure out a way to get the very most out of case Tino and now here's the problem. The Eagles get after you on a pass rush ass and we in case he has been under pressure this year he goes from being one of the top rated passers in the NFL to being about number 26. In the NFL. More importantly out. The vikings ran the ball the second most of any team in the entire NFL they are very dependent on running the football. The Eagles allow only 3.4 yards per carry now that's fifth best in the NFL this entire year and the Eagles are at home and this feels like. This feels like the ultimate. What did his job Minnesota feels like the team of destiny yeah but this also feels like another crushing loss for the vikings. In the NFC championship game or what the home team and want the. It's four hole announced shaking the city of Philadelphia I would love for my good friends from that area the east coast's New Jersey south Jersey especially shot to south Jersey set out to show I would love to see the Eagles win I was actually thinking the with a three and a half points that the Eagles would upset that the vikings and we let. I looked at the forecast. I'm I think that the Eagles needed to be really really crappy in order to pull this soft it is actually going to be a nice weather data and I'm starting to sound like Eric show where they do the forecast right it's. No like it's a 351. Might overcast but still the auto setting that's good because it's good for is why it's gonna nick foale's. Even though and it falls is huge yacht and have a big hand. Small hands small man by Jeffrey helps him out. Deploying weather's better too good point that falls might not. Not throw. A fifty yard pass under thrown by 45 yards this weekend might possibly if you're two give a of blood alcohol content in a test to all of the fans in that particular stadium. That probably would set a blood alcohol content at record. In rule in that particular game wrong or correct or correct. Some wondering because. The good people of Minnesota and they had they love beer they will drink they are good drinkers they're good. Yankee drinkers LeRoy I think when you combine nerves in the eco by the fact that Phillies going into it change your game souls at quarterback yes you're right I do think that that did that so that entire that entire stadium will smell like Flickr so we've got an eight alcohol in used to stadium yes good whether you think dusty things help the Eagles along the hunting. Your goal at the Eagles. What county also according to ESPN FBI them. The Eagles even with that all. Of the 60% chance of winning the wow. More partly by Marie I want the Eagles to win I don't know though I I think. It's got to be too good to be through those that Minnesota would win this game and take it home to play the Super Bowl on their own stadium it's never happened before but in fairness. A team that is hosting the Super Bowl has never been made it to the championship weekend so I'm not going to put the Eagles you're going with the Eagles led by Eagles fly. I let's get now to. You are certainly the most dramatic I will be yes I'd give me the points I want my wife and I I want the points and I think in my own and a hell of a field goal kicker is we now that come right. From Memphis. Jake Eliot cannot cannot deny that fact and difference maker yeah well difference maker by the first game. Of the weekend is at Jacksonville at New England. And Brad. I have a rule. Don't bet against the patriots okay specially in this round. The last time that against the patriots in this and and really in the playoffs. On this and his woes like save a lot of the centers like 55. To fourteen. Isn't the lock at the century and don't give me this crap about he's injured he's got a hand problem like that hand is fine. This hand is fine. This might even be bowl we've also reached out catching hand have Brady to make is that we've also reached that point where these stats get ridiculous for the New England Patriots where they start breaking their own records now all of this that a win would make the patriots the first team with ten Super Bowl appearances. The patients are the first in the ninth scurbel there you go so. Another fun one the jaguars the 2006 saints are the only teams in NFL history to play in a conference championship game the year after winning. Three games or you work Tom Brady's career against the jaguars. Five NO. This team has averaged 34 point four points per game. He's completing 76% of his passes is thrown fourteen touchdowns no interceptions he's two and oh against the jags. In the playoffs over the last ten seasons the patriots have the best win percentage in the league out at 77%. While the jaguars have these second worst at 345. Write home all I got to do is look to two weeks ago. In their home stadium the jaguars lost to our beloved Tennessee Titans here's around it allowed them. The jaguars pressured the opposing quarterback 33 point 3% of the time this season and second best in the NFL and despite. The fact that they only blitz seventeen point 8% of the time that was the lowest percentage of blitzes in the NFL those numbers include the playoffs. That's the largest positive gap between eighteen blitz and pressure percentage since ESPN began tracking the sack the statistic in 2009. Tom Brady's last seven games when pressured. Completing only 43% of his passes. Five point eight yards per attempt at a QBR. Of thirty. Five that's a little bit a dog like this on the road in the AFC championship this is well now they're sinking down a set and a half. Going down it's gone down because of Brady's injury at one point you can get the jaguars at ten points I that would have been Iraq. I saw on nine I didn't I random. What we're dealing. Own notes don't do it Jeffrey. Did we know he goes yeah well through it. I bought it to eight PDA points did beat the jaguars here's wildlife. Here. I don't think these patriots and patriots. I don't think this is just being the I did bonafide like she's finally what is wrong with you more importantly the jaguar from the African football. Jeffrey the patriots for the 31. Rush defense in the entire NFL they're gonna take care I was all you know ten team better. When these jags have a lead. Late world the highest rated passer in the NFL. I want the points and here's why the most important reason all of the points historically what have we seen when Tom Brady loses in the playoffs. Teams get after him or rushers. Nice. More importantly. The Tom Coughlin led New York we'll get everybody's talking about Tom Coughlin. The legend of Tom Coughlin lives alleged idle power down well here but more importantly here's the final status mitigating ladies I'm playing those point make you. Clay court rules against Super Bowl winning quarterbacks this season. He has four ad hello. Or to get super local winning quarterbacks this year seven touchdowns one interception in 83 passing her she should paid 83 QB ER. The opposing quarterbacks eight touchdowns eleven interceptions for the 44 DVR he would be the jag a lot I want the points. Give me those points. When we come back the NBA all star game. Starters were announced yesterday Charles Barkley had an unbelievable line about one of the team captains and say what it was we come back right here in the jump auction nice guy and his camp. Visit ESPN wants to win until they did she is Smart TV just in time for the big game. You would get a break. Drysdale it's almost tough global. Simply signed up about 99 ESPN dot job. That's nothing you guys Get a free until they TV 587. Series court case DR Smart TV thank you nearly 500 bucks. Jason. Sports station. 99 PM ESPN. 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What is that he's jealous you tiger I do I do like heaven I met him about fourteen years ago I miss the exact moment I got here exactly is a total bro out as well as you forever a who's who's just more funny than you are bad and now letters and her mind and I snow but you know it's yeah he's he's old he's a good did some tall as well. Chicks dig and yeah about the scene and the club. Yeah I think things are okay. We're pretty well nobody ever doubt what play they're sending indeed better than as remember who actually is the thought he could. Wall flowers still exist. Ability residents have taken I think it's Saturday LeBlanc. He really on the ball flight hours yeah Jerry Jerry Smith Kelly did that. It looked for jobs on the 1999. Stewart didn't look at fourth track that's so I'm back at night. Hey I didn't like hit well away. Let's wrap this bad boy up. All it's the closing arguments presented by ten ration Memphis out. That's curry won the popular vote either fans or they will be the team captain of the 2018. All star game. If you don't know there will be picking teams that's. Playground time but tiger is right and that mama all about the playground and our guy I like this even on people think. Well. Oh about LeBron James is it not when the player. And Charles Barkley lets us know why indeed he did he was reminded today. As the situation we're right now you surprised that there are you surprised that. This applies to the Greek freak out more players mostly LeBron James good amount at all about the good players like load retired personality about. Great great guy. Yeah. Wait they do. Aviv does not all those seven it is refreshing to hear for players say browse the next. Here's what's coming up next coming up with Jason and Jon and I'm I'm losing my brain I didn't I didn't do. May I got out got it right here I go ahead so comfortable and Jason John Ryan Miller of course is that the U of I guess I joined them act 125. De Jager. Oh and honey or else I should teach 45 gamble didn't. Jeff Mike Conley scheduled for the GP showed today won't want to miss it my face of course Jeff Hawkins but thanks to Jason Smith. To Chris Harrington more Portland my thanks to Brad. For keeping the show rolling but thanks you for listening but for now I gotta make I gotta make weight real tell Jason John from next. I'm gonna this isn't an issue of versatility on Christmas Day. Unless tennesseans Arkansas nemesis exclusive. It's misty chop house buy one get one gift card sales Wednesday January 24. From 37 ball four locations participating downtown Memphis Germantown south haven in Oxford they won't run out no expert. Expiration date and everything's included especially alcohol must Steve Jobs house and always that is pro. 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