Guest Host Jeffrey Wright -- Hour 1 with guests Geoff Calkins and Jonah Jordan

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Monday, February 12th

Jeffrey Wright opens the Monday show by welcoming Geoff Calkins to the program from South Korea to get Geoff's thoughts on the Tigers' home loss to UCF, Tubby Smith's comments during the postgame press conference about whether he's a good fit at Memphis and an altercation between Jamal Johnson and David Nickelberry before the conversation then turns to the Memphis Grizzlies. Then, Jeffrey closes the first hour by welcoming Jonah Jordan of 247 Sports to the show to discuss the state of the Tigers, Tubby's postgame comments, and more.


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Huge huge weekend of absolutely nothing out officially at that point where. I might need to be committed. Because I go insane the football so that's where I am currently right now. Let's wait more Olympics that broke it if I should that is basically what's on. Although I've fallen loved without Russian girl. I'd I'd definitely like I'm head over heels we've we've got a good thing down. Don't have on the program today SP of the Olympics. The man that is the host of this very program Geoff Calkins is over in Jung Chang South Korea. We all find out just indeed if the Tubby Smith press conference hobbies comments as well as the play a Tyreke Evans. And the grizzlies made its way all the way to South Korea we'll discuss that would Jeff here momentarily judge Jordan does a fantastic job covering the tigers. For 24 sevenths sports he's gonna join us the bottom of the hour about 935. Or Joseph or not. We'll discuss his thoughts from the game last night even applied an impersonal get generous thoughts as wells is. Thoughts from the press conference as well some. As also more from the tigers pulled or cream class we'll we'll discuss all that with John than. At the top of the next hour Chris Harrison will join us as he does every single day at 10019901. Tel one we'll talk grizzlies will talk and I know one. And then there were some news from the world of football that didn't include the actual game four bubble we had some news from the world of football over the weekend. The colts officially gets their coach instead of hiring the losing offensive coordinator. From the Super Bowl day indeed chose to hire the winning offensive coordinator. And they hired frank right of the right of the Philadelphia Eagles of course former Buffalo Bills backup quarterback. He himself also. Has played any soup or however he was on the wrong side wool wrap that up will close shot. Animal make way for the Jason and Jon show against that's what we got coming up on the program Jenna torn to enjoys the bottom of the hour talking grizzly a bigger part talking tigers. Talking tiger creating Chris Harrington talking yours is at the top the next star Jayson Cole talking NFL also I don't know if he'll solved it out. Come back season. Is in full force man Zell is officially back on the market he has he's developed a strategy to get himself back into football. All I discuss what all of that is. With Jason Cole at the bottom of the second hour however now. Then we'll spark that music. We welcome all the way John James South Korea Jeff Hawkins Jeff good morning good day sir how are you. No shortage of excitement here in the bluff city I was curious note Jeff did Toby says comments from yesterday and they may get all the way to South Korea. All of call anyone here that we need to talk about for us. Style of corporate it could be then beat I had they are column over crucial to dot com. Gonna have to interrupt my. My intense coverage of curling luge to. Look at one point some like this happens. You just wait and and so yes they have but we could always. If anyone system we could refresh and we have the mayor this is in the wake of the most recent Austin Central Florida. Correct so this is. In response to you. Jerry Jordan's question general beyond later in the show I've been here here's really the comet that has had everyone talking thus far. Do you have any response Antonio Anderson's comments from yesterday. His own peers government he said that he didn't think you're the right person go into Memphis tiger program. Well. Maybe that there are a lot of people believe that may that saw something happens. It was business. Whose work is. And no I've been here before us. There's so we try to do our best job we can't do it. We do have religiously we do it consistently. Then that. Initially it takes. I oh pitching it's a and I think it's funny when you saw when you hear that that can't be said he'd maybe not the right man for the job. And of course Antonio Anderson's actual quote was floating through the city was the right fit for the job. But when you hear that. Use our secure and Paul Beatty to what he thinks he may beat out for the debate the other person for the job. And then you can just feel that the sands. Starting another wishful thinking what a puppy banks that had their chance to walk away at church canceled. Leave juicy we re at the criticism this speech to members of crazy people he can't wait to get the hell out of here is the fact that. It definitely recruit example one player comedy and probably where ultimately getting sick at least lawsuit after lawsuit for lost. Is it is it all of this kind of make you realize that you didn't all of this BS and just walk away. Every answer courses now so that means at all like you were the first thing I heard. About this so I'll put it was. So maybe that's right man for the job and are well pretend you look you listen to the full comments. What you realize is. He's basically saying what he says before he could not beat when he said the Albania before. He could not have sounded more border with. So if the idea of criticism he's basically saying this is nothing bill. I've been here before we got access work done this a million times and sure it's gonna take color. He's not saying he's leaving keep saying it's gonna take and by the way I planned to be here without a lot of time. That's clearly what what puppy was saying. And pay any wishful thinking beside the point and a couple of questions. Did you say that like I didn't faeda. And why are actually being. It's sort of a weird way if it was puppy you're just a little bit suspect updating and humble and to start the answer. Is today you know reflect the frequent went junked Soviet well. It was or thought the other people were put. Of course hillsides of our front yard rush it sort of it sort of being trying to be a little self deprecating. And in this sort of clumsy way before going on to explain why you bored by this whole criticism of the company not particularly impressed. I wanted it coming Anderson senator what are saying what he welcomes. The problem worship and it is ultra small. It's astonishing how bad Tubby Smith news I used to say you have wish they get out Hornish talk more etc. But the truth it's astonishing how bad years act. This is a guy who when asked about recruiting and why he only has one you know 300 recruit says out of our stable to speak speech is about. A computer Memphis is a lot different than it was ten years ago. This is a guy. Who when he was asked about transfers that I am going you wanna play for me I'm not afraid to sleep. Right this is a guy who after the loss to if you Carolina. Says if his team needs psychological help. About it and taken the blame on himself. And this is the guy who is now sit there Q you beat. You know we really had a good news Kabul. Couple Beers is that. It's one thing to say that. And then. Number I think that's particularly true. Org you were getting. Created even have a sort of self deprecating way. What practically everyone else that the universe believe. You are not the right fit for the job. Did it resonate in a very different way. The advantage you can't became an issue could be beat this start. Up some. We are you really didn't intend to take that. People are leaking on bearish and contrite when guard I think it. Rank and yet know it was sort of like is he really gonna get fired if you really all of a policy it we have a couple of Kabul to spot last week. He says this you know yet we took a thirty year the figure could be different or whatever that comment was show the public he had given 42. All those people who say he's not the right fit. Because most people look at the situation. People who sort of a beaten puppy. Outsiders you'll see all the time when I've spoken to. Took a database that story don't be in this story outside of the opposite or the post Soviet after the first place. If attempts at. We don't have access. Actually even though he was joking. It would be damaging to him too cute voice to Wear clothes. It keeps credence to what everybody already believe it is packed and I do I don't know obviously gonna go back to spectral peacock. The first problem. Why oil reserves this unfocused. Unraveled going forward. I don't think you could point to that Colbert yesterday. As wanted to be the son of all the little steps Indianapolis I'm not predicting. That that would be protecting me out. But if that's how it plays out there are some. Wild reason to be a soccer coach at the end of this year. I think you could this will look at want to put a chip they're sort of to change things could it was. It was it was understand what are you saying he was just because deprecating. But he sure about it says that out loud from his own lips what everybody already police. I do understand the financial aspect of of getting rid of tubby that. I'm curious to it no. Don't you think another big reason why everyone keeps playing whether B Tom Bowen whether it be the people that support tubby can they keep pointing to your three years three years threes. Aren't they also means you're the ones that hired and so therefore you work New York I committed to joining in light. It's almost a self of filling prophecy EDC I think. Yeah I think there's a lot of things could go until like. It is it is sort of reasons why they won't make a change there's a lot of what is. They just ran out for coach Barry Zito. That they have what it felt like cute character. Junction military puppy and so let there be concerned that makes a program. Gets unstable and a coach killer and whatever else right so. That would be one reason not to do that of another reason do it would be. Simply because of this stature in the eighteen looked appeasement won't sink to hire. Larry Porter after two years for example. It's about it at all gathered higher obesity. After two years I don't think you know I don't think speech. That wall and there will be people who will who will trade the entity a Falconer has no interest not a piece there. On me obviously there's another one another feature that could write I think Erica it at that position they had their shock. One ordered Josh walked away and copy of the guys who pay check and so they want desperately want it to be true I know what it's either they desperately. In Iraq. Wait all they really believe you'd like I was part of the people athletic program to see Erica Alabama it was going to be a big game. You know we just like the little game it's going to be an oval or be talking about it like how old are going to be taking aim to look at every lawsuits. So I think there's a matter of wishful thinking. In about a this call obviously I can shake it de. Appreciate the way that he runs the program in terms. Internally. I think they like athletic or abandoned and then the other one as I don't go or you got to gain. So badly. A lot of just couldn't satellite people like Richard Brooke Brooke biggest Jack. Right and so if you bought a little all kinds of reasons. Could think they're. That they won't make a change now. What I make a change. Yeah because I don't see any way into the new year now it's gonna be daughter but. But will they make a change. I'm dubious that day will make a change but there was certainly. An and an end and to be clear. Can be good 3.2 five billion dollars each of the next two years ago to have subsequent billion dollars bush he is not just gonna say. I'm wearing it looks like not gonna Pitt I'm walking like that. It's not happen. Right he has six and a half million reasons why to not walk away. Not predator but another interesting another interesting aspect of of yesterday's game was. Tubby Smith also confirmed a pregame fight between David nickel barrier and Jamal Johnson. I hear the comments about the fight eight from the post game because Jeff they were. They were interesting this Italy's. Tell me. Was there a fight between David nickel brings small Johnson before this game and how did it didn't affect chemistry here and they're playing all today though. They they kissed and made absorb those grand each other certain that they. The total time that's almost lows going leads some shouldn't do is on the what is insulting word he punches you know as far as you can. Oh and didn't see it doing. A real good and then walking in the door to door Somalis so. It's a similar maturity and so I think you know warned us. We will be assertion ball practice. About the shooter rail. They and their own producers got to a man there's not a time to do it so what it was an assault was I thought it was just sort of partial love taps. There remain some big country is so this no it had no affect on us. According to U margin on his report Jamal Johnson took the court for warm ups with his right shoulder wrapped. Within ice pack did not register a point rebound assist in 23 minutes of action. Think you'll nickel Berry had its four points in seventeen minutes Jeff. Yeah I had to get. I think it may well have a impact on small amounts of are you a question that's true but it's true unless the those guys are trying to likely not relate to their friends so. Cool belts is that say. It is another evidence of unraveling and short of that is just the kind of practice that can happen. That's impossible side and the I think it's just it's just as likely debts to try and get their heights. As it is evident that everything going wrong the problem is is that when it. You're in this we talk about the specific group the last election gains and appear on ask why when we rattle be off. They UCF in at home without chuckles all was one of the games. That seemed more likely for them to win it. But when you're history. And losing and subject to criticism. From the coach but fans and everything else. Everything becomes different meaning. Editor and so I mean this is is precisely what may unravel last year and I. You know yesterday that the defense is just can say. A you know. So Connecticut do any extra 28% or simply. Space capsule like 20% against Cincinnati. And then they come and do what they do against Memphis and it feels like huge. What you state is sort of given people look. The blueprint on how to guard Jeremiah puts on what like undermine it and and he struggle and so. Theory arena their sense of you'd actually you know this and this is because quite well. And when that happens all of these things start to accumulate your take on a different and the larger meaning or seem to war camp. I'm simply because things are going badly when they're you know if they were rolled through the tournament and it was I don't mean to the screen and go to the boy to be impolite. The one there. They're they're losing games and the passion of the early gains in the number of they're losing games. Can start to wonder if these things are evidence of something else. That you also have to. Now put more creates and the idea that. You know we're Geary you both post yelled you both have pointed out the fact that Tubby Smith teams do not finish well. And yet again here we are we're seeing another team that's that's kind of stumbling down the stretch doesn't that also have to via another aspect to consider. Yeah I mean it simply turn like a lot of people last year one and probably the loss. Those people law and created toxic environment and carpeting to unravel. And the problem that of course is that historically all of these things unraveled from there. Or at least play. Struggled in the end men you down the stretch. That is bad as what they do and now in fairness. When we look at the schedule. We knew that this was gonna be a tough stretch your predicts that you predict that. What does it began that this would be a testing time for them. There's no question and it's it is part of his district and a part of the only reason why when you. When you roll out he's won everywhere spin refrain which people like to do. If you if you can't get back to real scrutiny. It necessarily are told well he was one at a certain level. And that level is to get every team ultimately we get it into the NCAA tournament. But he doesn't want him he doesn't get into the second weekend of my seat at Kentucky. Abortion if you go to Kentucky he could obviously before completely. But that's in Kentucky the end. It seemed it seemed that historically struggled on the stretch. So. Those things are also true he always like to fall back on record that we don't miss you cutlass or the record is not. A 100% record quote getting fired at the episode. So the record is not a 100%. Complimentary amount to him and I think. There's no question that this is sitting the same pattern. As last year and you hold their customs continue to for the same pattern in the sense that people. All the eject button. After the feet a little over. But but. Right now it's looking this this this this is not look unfamiliar. And in fairness to Memphis SMU got blown out save by Cincinnati they lost Ethan I should why I believe he's going to be out for an extended period of time. Oddly they're down to six scholarship players getting minutes right now also. SMU game a little more reasonable. It or break their talent that you yet. They could answer right there there's a question. Correct in two lane got absolutely the doors blown off them as well by these days so again and that you know he hates. Say that it experts. You're gonna make it that you could come right no I I I I predicted up the next. Upbeat sick I predicted to where so live I thought one of them might be used yeah. And I thought the other could be yet to leaner put up. I think you're right it got a better competitor you've now been. And you would imagine that and Anna and two lane looks like a possibility. So I'm. We shall treat. And the other Memphis basketball loss occurred though in Oklahoma City last night. Jeff we did see the return Tyreke Evans he was in the starting line up 26 minutes in those 26 minutes he looked like he got it hadn't played a couple weeks. Yeah I don't know if we could get that. Tyreke yeah I would night in night out. But in night out I would forgive them for. Originating at the picture girl who noted earlier challenger. And and sort of trying to explain. Why there. King went down the way it did. And and it's funny because they'd be you know like it or that we didn't get any good offers etc. But the other part of it that the country was. So that they didn't. He can't resist seal. On how. Basically implied that he thinks they're kind of locked into where they're gonna draft either basically. Until there are teams below the grizzlies. And you cannot maintain. It will do whatever the howling at Purdue he says to do think we're not willing to do in order to those games right. Ernesto. Or whatever but what do you think that is what do you think it's good problems what it go to Orlando or whoever. He very clearly doesn't bond and I think part of this decision was beaten by. That the group is under any circumstances. Or going to be competing. For the most ping pong ball in the bottom three but just back and he also doesn't think that parity. But they're good enough. I'm really tough out there. You know go to Q basically implying they're gonna draft where they're gonna track. Haven't slept in at your back on track going to the got a lot a gonna finish they're gonna finish in a season where they're gonna hit. And all due respect. I'm a 100% disagree. Tom I. I I understand that we'll talk to pay their teams that are willing to do things which are not willing to do. Hey just suggests to me that why the hell are you willing to do that crucible like what they're being does that mean cutting marks connects. Which they should do. So like that's an answer. It is races or are you like quite wired you. Why are you not want more committed to getting a better draft pick one other clubs very clearly Peter with them getting an editor. And it being critical by like I don't. It it eat it may beat it because these could not be bad enough. To beat the worst although let's be honest without how to reach. It looks like we're gonna have to be the worst thing we do look at the way that they go to Atlanta. It was the worst enemy here already like worst in the league all year and they got. Literally they got the doors blown off the minute was never competitive. So so I don't really body that they couldn't a bit in the mix to be the worst act and I certainly don't buy it it didn't stay down the stretch. Topeka the difference between. Everyone wins you think he gets ready to get before or ones. Oh I don't even willing to give uneven William Moore Patrick. Yeah I meet it and it went but it would not have gotten hypocritical Ari they would avoid a true they would've won two of the three. Games between her left so. Right now they're sitting at eighteen and 37. Set by my math that's 65 games so seventeen more correct. ACC isn't true. Correct Obama doing my doing the math right. Elite I don't know they're at a record right there are they are eighteen to 37 that is true so best I can tell and so it's 55 games. So that would mean at 27 games twice and it. So Tony can give I think without Tyreke. Don't think they would win more than five gets. IE I totally agree. I mean I think there are arguably I think Eric I think without Tyreke they were arguably the worst team in the NBA. And I think that Tyreke and those 27. I think age. I certainly think they can go tenants seventeen maybe maybe eleven incident sixteen. Tom Meeks and I couldn't tell like something like that. And you can't help either of those five games. Aren't gonna make a difference I don't know if you look at the lottery last year over last year and see what the preparation as between school was picked third. Last year's call us and extending. From. Last year action and see what the different losses is between. That thirteen with a third most think on all pac and the people that have a prospect a lost I bet it's not what the contents. I could be completely Ron going out on a limb here and have a trust you call up the NBA league standings. From 2008. And sixteen to 2070. And you could get into. All right Brooklyn finished and not the very bottom with twenty wins Jeff PX was next with 24. The lakers were third with 26. The sixers followed them at fourth with 28. Orlando after them with 29. Minnesota and New York tied up with 31 of peace and then right. Behind them right there you know 24 to 31 minutes. Correct company stocks 24 got to what the comedy but only for a second and second most ping pong balls Phoenix. I for got to the second most. Okay answer. End and they appear to 31. How far down there. So at 31 that would have. Tied you for the six the most Minnesota and end up winning because of strength of schedule. So spout for six retrofit and ticker circumvent. The sixth and seventh. OPEC source second to seventh last year as a mere sixteen point yes. Between second. Yes don't accomplish a handful of games can give me. And I and and so as a couple hundred bitty bit champions aren't gonna make it different of course you can advocate for you then and I think probably you know. Excellence of the couple they're totally into it up now obviously they were totally and acquit him yesterday but I was. Different Tariq I'm patenting that happened over the weekend was that there is little weird. Sort of idea that because it might somehow I don't Tyreke. That's the dumbest thing in the world like I would be unfavorable. Oh absolutely absolutely yeah I would I would forget that we've used for them firms are not Canadian that would make him look stupid because they. It now be giving up. The chance to get whatever they would've gotten to a close second at. Also these this incremental advantage try to recited to oracle want BO what are its fate if they thought about. They beat totally giving that ice pack and educated boy what Estrich organization triggered what they did last week and it just turning around doing this which I. Current said that it would be directly to do like about it if I bought the team tomorrow. Good of its if this current. You know this term awful ownership king went quiet and also the two older tomorrow was just pockets like. I would step in Maryland today or gonna do that I'm about the country can actually Tariq we want you back here. Yeah that's as those are good they are good face. We are going to release you so you can go to Tehran would say playoff team you don't have to play out as bright as Trixie and and I we hope you come back but. And and and as to how the fact that because they're a great write it or offer great example it was never about the package they were offered. So but it is a good idea because they're not gonna do literally today thought it was important things we use this is something that is secretary of and out. Okay. Clearly value. Is different between high second. Hello sir I like they were they hide second this year they got I got don't look and what percentage that rarely revealed. Nordegren offered. I expect every effort on both seconds. They Italian bat but they don't seem to value the difference between. Him. For a night to right which is a little part of me like if you are so focused on getting quote unquote value. Why are actually more focused or has focused. On the value. On I'm on the value of what do okay could be at the top of the draft just to saw it I was happy to see that they came back we're totally inadequate and every. But unfortunately I do not expect that to continue. We have because you can easily write that off his roster rather then so Tyreke all the sudden got four early and Jeff tear to your first point of the 27 games left. Eight car with eight are against teams that are directly within a game of view in the loss column out on the buy their first standings. You don't you don't think Kerry Edwards at a huge difference and a project. Like this it's it's absurd to think he could be the difference between wanting to go to six. I've got lucky every single Olympics locate. That would Tyreke go to protect the kids. Yeah I mean to say yeah you're not you it's not inconceivable to think they're urged that it's it's completely realistic to think that. You go into the game with the worst roster in all those game. Oh well it is amazing. Here at the and and simulate texts. That I can be in South Korea and talking about nothing and but it not a basketball teams to walker who create pureed it. It here if you pay international. Pursued that to me about my gut and I have happened with the do what is best to Balkans. So it is quite remarkable. To find ourselves in that status in the meantime I yet. I continue to slog along here at the Olympics got the next time and Eddie and trying to collaborate outlook of this. Didn't end up murmured you out. Ask my Russian figure skater how she deals. How well not I'll do that read their guilt Patricia yeah she's thank you Jeffrey I appreciate it. Present just talking to mark we know edit excitement Duckett about a us. Geoff Calkins lied from Chongqing a South Korea he is at the Olympic Games we come back Jerry Jordan does a great job covering Memphis tiger football Memphis tiger basketball recruiting and more for 24/7 sports. He joins us right here on the program sticker rentals than Geoff Calkins share 99 FM ESPN. It's icy and snowy windy and laid it's been a rough year for your more room. Doors and not the Brian elder Karl. Call me 8670303. 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And check it out we'll have the finest selection and HDTV's. Great food great drink something for everyone. School arcade or the young things are really probably even a 29 year old that's going on a whole lot. Jeff Jordan does a fantastic job covering the tigers for forty seven's four or six should they for 24 sevenths sports. You can always follow Joseph on Twitter at underscored Jonah and Jordan he joins us now Jonah get dame men happy Monday to you about it. Yet live every Monday her unit. Oh well let's start here. When you saw that talk of all was going to be out of the game. Did it change or hurt your thought of the expectations for the game yes. Yes I anytime somebody that they could that impact all four. You see out working like you have an arm is how it's going to change of perception and I mean a lot. It takes away a lot of things that you all think it'd be complete although. Kirk Kirk. Straight on drives about 11 o'clock o'clock or even doubt that a call that's a good in court it could. Are all the thank you double. It. Be letting people according he would not be a good Kroger defender and I thought. That deepened this emancipated I thought it was quite speaker elect or fake rock. In that is until I started watching you yet recently and gorillas and maybe got somebody who didn't go to. As Accra in this pulpit. I think he's got to or neutral on it you don't telegraph duke or rarely that the tigers are slightly out out of eleven for Creighton and are still paragraph it says. All of on the bench who is also decision to print it Reuters recently. They are still one of the better defensive team in America or corporate about somebody sent six. When you look at when you look at the fact that the tigers yet again continue to just not really shoot the ball well from the perimeter. At a certain point is the insistence upon the three point shot ferment this is it becoming just incredibly counterproductive. Well yeah I mean they can't make birdie and a complete and old are minority the only consistent record clear that it was going to be trainer. At the beginning of the unit journal report any early hole got moved it like okay well I can choose from you're sort of a shot at war crime. You know there's some Corey EIP either reply like I did they. I've been. You and continental writers get back into it but he's not hitting. There's nobody else having JaJuan Johnson sheet 40% from thirty it looked equally war in harper why it would be way worse. At you know I had that they always means you're itself. I'll bring your organ cream group artistic. Keep in Davenport in hadn't eaten or hold shoot three for three games were one for. So they still haven't been able I had Brett. But teams are giving Musharraf and obviously he's only been to take its undertaken an assist because each I don't know what else can do at this point. He felt like that the insistence on the three point shot his has started to be. I should say you know may be more important to the tigers because it seems to me about you know a month ago the tigers decided okay. Our half court sets. We're not really understanding what we're trying to do in the half court offense so we've got I gotta go to. Pick and roll then kick in and shoot type offenses words you know more quick caters less offense. Do you feel like that that's a fair characterization of the offensive changes that the tigers have made kind of the last six weeks or so. Yeah yet by. That's very eat dark what they do it's so it was simple it was OK we're gonna. Tell our high pick and roll or are trying to keep it to the corner post repose. And the ticket out Jeremiah late in the shot clock. Figure if none of the networks and going and figure out what you need to do. And now all people are shutting it down late if the all right or post she's injured. He's not in the second because he's played in bigger corporate vendors like a Chad Brown probably. Audit and all that let's face courier for current last night on. And even data or didn't. I eat a strange post party country or effective confronted the topic you with the ball. And coming from that or heard from the high post hum. So apparently eager is eager are pretty quickly. It's not at all and that pledge to want to give and go back where they won't mean free poultry gain that accordingly trick where your mind has the ball. And cultural district or write it sure orbiter. Tuttle and Jeff and Jordan of course does a fantastic job covering the tiger for point 47 sports you can always follow him on Twitter at underscore. Jonah and Jordan and then I. Kind of along the same lines Jonah when you see the fact that yet again it feels like here we are the tigers. Looked like maybe they kind of stabilize things and we get to the last you know month and a half of the season and the tigers appear to be hitting a skid. Do you think. It's fair to say that this is a formula this developing thirty thing maybe it's hey we just got to look at the schedule and those are the tougher games. Yeah I think that forty winning entry corners. Fool's gold because. When those four days it's like OK I think he'll prove very unstable that quite this looks like it's out of court Qatar already better. And that's ended up at oil and the real tiger. But he didn't I think we're all in the midst of playing real teens to occur. Are healthy. Whitney I attraction that's new this week their best players are. Not are are playing their best basketball temple wasn't playing arrest fast bowler is quite on and now they've had it is a stretch where they look great on. And pat mean. It's his. This dead or in their favor and analysts noted that it broke stretched. I'll. Probably their hardest stretch this season and Realty Income now unfortunately. I can encourage Ernie said on the show. If not two weeks ago maybe even slightly before that EU did think that that stretch was going to be kind of a fool's gold. Type situation any news that the schedule would would definitely heat up and the tigers would kind of get exposed. When you look at SMU and you look at what happened at two lane yesterday. Does this and it's indeed change your mind think you know maybe these are actually the two best chances for further the tigers to kind of snapped the streaking and get back to you. You know where they can be that 1819 when threshold does that kind of change your opinion what you saw yesterday. No you know I mean I still going into global lost 2.0 sure after reading the entire game. Are going to do they doubt they didn't quite about that's all I got lightly it basically orange burst past opens up when it was cheap city. And then there's still almost all in all human. Bomb. Will convert to or could relate data. By. I don't think that keeping the game I think the answer exactly that as you are gonna check yet it's easy for us yet. They struggle to actually I don't remember the last time it has it. And play ball and it shouldn't it seemed like it. Mr. want to I may be by. They additional layer even if they look or seven scholarship guys should welcome back but the problem over the best Gardiner a cheap. And it does it won't be a fatal car. I don't think they're seeking eating or weight with USF motor vehicle because. A default. You'll add. Were a germ arch home charts and exposure wait for police in Seattle so I don't think there's give me in or arrest the way we're short. Augen of course we go tigers went four sevens Jonah and Jordan can you can bomb on Twitter at underscored John and Jordan and then onto the post game press conference let's start here first. With a question that you asked were you surprised. When told he gave you the answer they hid. About it's any Anderson's comments about whether or not tubby is indeed the the right fit to be the tigers had cash. Yeah how I mean I. I went in the big press conference I don't tolerate finger and Tom Mitchell are say. All like to be the deserve it's we're we're armed because state attorney has been vandalized out yet. Our program or direction tigers are looking to reach an enormous change your article equate I figured it would be like I respect her own or I. Well or the greens are those going to be a pro quo and then drops that. And we will battle regularly everybody a little circle around. And two shot I ever took quite easily seen through that way. I don't think anybody can whose improbable I I needed yesterday that the Asian Indian restaurant gallows or equal talk goes. And then after the game how considered as an a lot of talk about our boat and its insistence saying that they don't eat. I don't know he didn't think it through or that's actually how we view it's very age don't commit. Or when you think about. When you think about the manner in which he answered it and then he kind of it almost felt like. He thought he was gonna go down the path that nobody was expecting and anytime he drops it a little bit many decides to counter. In a change courses in the kind of go back to talking points to that more or less throwaway quote. But when you think about the aspect that he started. Going down a completely different path that no one would expect. Are you reading into it as much as I may be hopeful fans on the Internet are. Yeah I don't know I don't know the state. I think. The first part of the quote is. Strange I don't know if you being serious therapy being so there are pretty I don't know. I think on burst earlier this study shouldn't. I know that. It back into the quote is just an interest in Tripoli because. He he he followed that up quit though quote may be I'm not. Ought to people think that with gold and it is standard on I've been here before being here before by. Where he doesn't ever dress today he'd been here before. Debt to a little freelance job any one of those places during the book where you are. And no one fired him. And I just so may be used to the I think there is maybe a little political patriarch right there maybe I'm maybe I'm not relate it or you're gonna try my hardest work block. All look. And I guess that's going to beat attitude going for only note that they. Of that yet I think we're gonna probably get a follow up to it because every time he said something like on par talker always looked to live in is according. Our conference our. I guess we'll hear something par either today or tomorrow. All of that our leaders to disputed going to be. All of. Craig if I'm wrong but it feels like almost every time you kind did ease looks into Tubby Smith psyche. To leave the developing thing that you keep sensing is. Man this is not what I thought it was gonna be and whether or not he's great and whether or not he's wrong seems to be completely aside the point but in his head. He views that the Mets this job is not. What it once was and you have to do it a different way and I'm gonna do my way and it just seems to be that there's there's a disconnect between. Either they what he thinks the job is indeed what the job is or a disconnect between both sides of it. To me it just seems like the theme that you keep sensing from tubby is. This this lack of understanding about just exactly what they shot this. Yeah I think it goes through is that he's here at Port of Spain. Look at Spain beat the job is what the jump probably years accomplishment and there's a greater quake just act like everything is this her lieutenant colonel Larry era. And the tigers slight campaign wanted well it is but this is so great program with twenty Scotland go to the millions and millions and millions of dollars. Invested in the program. Which means you care and did that. Under saying I cannot understand the program is very contrary to what he was saying wait you mean it when he was hired he and I'm gonna accrue. Highest level audited this and that what you would expect him to coach at stake. And any guy irritation is gone downhill. I don't think. That his store so historically. Benefit they had seven spots to her ninth spots to fill in the last class one didn't see. When government which has had that many spots to fill in the history of the two portions or recruiting rankings. They had a top towards clockwise. I would say about fiction those time at a top 10 o'clock so please let it go against the historical. On. Performance of the universe in the does that school program whether he wants to believe or not. Power or not Arafat Arafat doesn't really matter that all politician. Hearst all that in a real thing people put it on our our schools all the time or could it go there and make a difference. All the publicly held all right well into the Wichita State. And he's going to make a difference there so. Saying eat it I think it is a lack of under eighty. It partly due to any there and dates from the people who are higher it goes all the latest now. If you're asked Tubby Smith do you think the Memphis job as the top fifty job what do you think is answered. On a couple I don't know honestly I think it's no question that I. I don't know if after his time here you would say it's better to protect protect. Which makes me wonder why laughed then why is he talks about the characters he talks about not being in the Big Apple. On the EU's grew older power when their selfless act. And it showed talk about the children and I'll always wonder why it. Would debate Coke or school looked on the big twelve if you thought it was gonna be as big challenge so I think that subtle push. Well when he looks at what Texas Tech is doing under owner Chris beard and what do you think is his response would be to is does he view it as well I laid the foundation and and Christians built upon it because when you actually look at the nitty gritty it's. There's maybe one or two guys in really good in Texas tech's top eight that are his guys and after that it's. Chris beard coming in doing it completely just you know within the first two years and then you keep hearing tubby saying it takes time it takes time it's like well. Crisp beer showed it didn't really take that much time. Yeah it did did it take time arguing it's so tired any incorrect. We'll go away Chris beard. Look it's Tom which is very good at what she Kentucky. Alms if so many people of mr. because that's all quick game and thought it done to your specific. Or a team that is on probation Jolie have six or seven scholarships lawyer. And he's now he's added it to specific. He's turning that program around. So it's just. The Texas Tech saying. I mean you know they have one or two contributors I think it's probably each unit and then Jack Schmidt I would say who already controversial nineteen. And even then I. I think one of them their best player or another just kind of rural corner so. Beer went in there any rebuilt quickly because you all a lie in the world that global that you wanted to be when it got your Smith who. What the force market. The defense teams that didn't go far enough and check in and look at and it didn't. And then. They went and they they brought in a quiet that. Was going to compete adult level aren't major role in particular in the top 25 to make one of the nobody expected it occurred to your bestowed note that these incredible coach. And lastly as we talked here with Jared Jordan of 24/7 sports. What did you make of the bids you know the Jamal Johnson Dave will make nickel Barry whether it's a fight whether it was horsing around and what what did you make of it. Those weird I thought I resent insert to a loose. Tied I'd guess it was just horse sir I didn't hear unfortunately I only heard about it secondhand. They probably didn't go very won the fight critic in millions more don't be wrapped up yet shoulder wrap or fourteen. So that's practical way from a I don't put much stock into it because it's unlike those two. Our good friend and liked it he laid out pretty quickly so it every candidate yeah I think we are crowded into right now dot. Really appreciate your time John again you can follow general on Twitter at underscored Jenna Jordan do you read his stuff at their tigers 24/7. Dot com thank you buddy appreciate your time on a it is Jenna Jordan does an outstanding job covering the tigers we come back Chris Harrington. Is gonna join us for the 901 Actel one we're gonna talk grizzlies will get his thoughts. On what the grizzlies looked like with the return of Tyreke Evans Salina last night in Oklahoma city's. Scooter salesman Jeff dog charity are nicely on event is in east and Jerry Jerry show until Brooks are grizzlies rookie a nice none of them EST what's the feeling like when you're watching 44 players come up the board. You know normal normal I took him you know clearly fit armored car to car. But you know lower crude. Are these days 4 PM until 6 PM 929 FM RE SPN. Love is in the air and pencils is the place to win the heart of yours special Valentine. 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