Guest Host Jeffrey Wright -- Hour 1 with Geoff Calkins and Gary Parrish

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Tuesday, February 13th

Jeffrey Wright starts the show by welcoming Geoff Calkins from South Korea to discuss the rumors that Penny Hardaway could be a candidate for the Ole Miss coaching job before moving the conversation to Geoff's reaction to Gary Parrish's interview with Chris Wallace from Monday afternoon. Then, Jeffrey closes the first hour by welcoming Gary Parrish to the show to discuss Ole Miss' decision to part ways with Andy Kennedy, potential candidates for the Ole Miss job, Gary's thought on his interview with Chris Wallace, and more.


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Yeah yeah. And 29. Nine different ESP. Leave sports columnist Terry. The award winning Jeff cook here. Geoff Calkins show and 829 SI. ES PM today. Happy Tuesday's deal wherever you may be Jabber I com. I'm sure about my partner in crime he'd a never ending game is that not the golfer on Twitter I'm gracious I'm grateful that they're not gracious and grateful to have you here is Ben Hogan thing today bodies. What's going on February Dylan and not much. Shout out to be shut up to the gods are volleys. I've always thought that viewers like the worst month ever. Because. Not only this book all in the really difficult to care about basketball right now win I went out and let up a lot obviously watching it obviously betting on it let's do different things. And I'm breathing I'm usually do those two things about four or trying to ban on a flight. At a loss in February's not will not what matters so. But man we've had some fantastic. Story lives and I yesterday one of my all time favorites Andy Kennedy. Announced that he would be parting ways with a Ole miss. And a prominent Memphis name. Is. Has arisen there. For the Memphis or should say for the illness job isn't that this. Connections between our ways been listed on a lot so we're to discuss that. With Geoff Calkins here momentarily have wealth is coming up here on the program geared pairs gonna join as the bottom part of the hour. You of course know Gary from hosting. This. I should say hosting the repair issue on this very station for six of course he's also the college bass well TV analyst and columnist for CBS sports will discuss college hoops will discuss the Ole miss job and the parting of ways and Andy Kennedy with him and more Chris changing and join us at these top of the second hour course will be than on a one at 1001. Sam this genie does an outstanding job covering college basketball and the NBA draft for the athletic. Will discuss some of the prospects. That potentially the grizzlies could be looking at will discuss all of that as well as some of the biggest stories in college hoops with Sam. At about 1025. During the second hour or close things up or make way for a real talent so that's what we got caught appear on the program again. He'll look at my on Geoff Calkins here in just the second in fact stood out far that music. On means that it's time now to welcome on it. The man he is in John King South Korea he is covering the Olympics Jeff good day my man how are you. I've read. All right so wanted to start here so the big news from yesterday's performance had fired well. They'd come to a mutual agreement to part ways and Andy Kennedy Arab for saying the F word or not. But what are the interesting developments after that was of course hot boards that are developed. And one of the popular names on all hot boards was was Penny Hardaway. I'll ask you this if Penny Hardaway ends up taking another job in college basketball it's not the Memphis job. Is that a big blow to the tigers. Thought through if you extraordinarily actually question. Of course while. You see the list should write cool blue book and a journalist who other people who are. You're I am only I'm only including what I deem to be realistic lists. From people that I think are well source so some other name that are included are Joseph Dooley he's a Florida Gulf Coast a Steve Forbes obviously is included a lot of those list. More Godfrey is included on some as is Jarrett Howard easily desist any Kansas air muscle men at Nevada. And Jacobson is that UN I Damon Stoudamire is also included on if you listen I've seen so. To me it hasn't been a it hasn't been a pie in the sky you know what if this person would go to. Tool mess I've felt like most of the list that I've seen thus far have been. Fairly reasonable people yes she admired I think there's alternative. Social another all the should do it every. Should. Kenny I. Yeah he's a great player better right yes we know that's on the look saying he would do anything on toward coach Kenny is you know a man of great attacker to salt of the rich. All incident is in serious NCAA trouble right now right. For all Libby yes that's fair yes but curious yes curious NCAA trouble right out much totaled fifty. And then Medicare might but it maybe this is our topic and do it DO. I think I actually think that that has more of an impact on Steve Forbes than it does. So why do you like people to use detour to the record career now let's launch any dirty their approach you to show cots so. I think receive a high gear muddied somewhat got that. Yeah I order I have a chance that Tony would actually go out our players are like that I just. Which it is yeah I've I've I don't know that he would do I don't know that they reject it it entered I'll be surprised. Ross Bjork has a kind of has a tradition of now granted it didn't exactly play out in football but. He lights he values experience he values are someone that's done and at this level and obviously penny would not that that all. Right so. So I find that probably are more recorded. Having sold that. If you were to take their job or tree to go to another job that has bandied about. It will absolutely be seen as a blow to the matter as well are. There are now. They're two parsed that. What is. Believed to be seen as a blow has occurred cute forcing a membership methods is blocked met despite being on the Turkey has blown it. Purposes you're you're a lot to check so this is clearly the right about now he's got. She and it would. Haven't so that I'm not a 100% convinced that it they're worried openly I'll bet it's going to be ordered tendered resignation. Productivity university madness tomorrow. I'm not a 100% committed to the entire country so people achieve it as a lost opportunity to hire petty and I think it would big. But that sort of suggests that we shake their university Baptist would hire caddie and I'm not saying they shouldn't. But I don't know that they absolutely know that they weren't. And so there's a lot that goes into this particular. Arm's sore. And bad but yes the idea of penny a bad coach August she would make magistrate off shore all the paper boy does she think. Oh yeah yeah. I completely agree I do think it is it's an interesting question because you look at somebody like. Chris Mullin who got the saint John's job and he didn't have a ton of success and while I guess the returns have been a little mixed on Chris at Saint John. It's still it's still the same idea you've got a guy with NBA recognition you've got a guy that has a reputation of being. Well involved in the high school recruiting in the and the EA used circuit and in every other turn you wanna use. Health and illness I actually I would really if if if I got some kind of legitimate interest from Penny Hardaway. I'll take good hard look at him. Well I admit and David what and I have an eight iron again if that happens I acres questions or concerns or want to just throw eloped I look at it it will it will call led to Miller. They're scared Penny Hardaway added up and head coach Apple's rights. I still think it's not the most likely scenario. But it is certainly to. It would it would add insult to injury or promote essential or suffer through a tough start right now as that is so yes it would be. It's an extraordinarily interest during sort of spring to speculate as to where. You marginalized or servers are pianist is electric car to your little card to rumors out there should I've also heard people that I would accuse that goes into the execution of at least. So. Shall see. But to but yeah these are wild times and that would that would just call attention that's all and it. Specially if a lot obviously and I think he'd bring his whole team that. Honestly he just brought one you know if he just brings one or two guys from his team down any gets in the play with a current planet Aldrich Omar Joshua gym at their job. It would show. So yeah. Speaking out of people that over the weekend I think. People presume that you and I may be perhaps one until it turns out we need to we need to review the tape because Chris Wallace went on the gear repair show yesterday afternoon. And when people. Assumed that Chris Wallace used the term garbage referring to some talk radio hosts. It's it turns out it might have been Jarvis so let's. Dividend absolution and baton or Chris Wallace Kmart Gary yet if it's true then what he showed his true. I think we don't have much serious apology but first let's listen to the Chris Wallace art. She got a clear something up because we were having fun. With the idea that you did talk radio garbage last week but our free Chris Carrino I'd sit and I didn't talk radio and Jarvis. No I never should garbage that I never thought I'd never. All talk radio listeners fellowship of the miserable play well bluster you know did he remembers. When he was with a New York Knicks. I think guys get some don't have the transcript but imagine joke around two million maybe. The defiance of most of their time or something I heard more productive Saddam attendance didn't listen talk radio but died. I hope I haven't completely. Tank cure. Excuse the wording there. Yeah that your ratings after saying and I know this might be a multitude of fans worldwide have abandoned listen to talk radio since the last product. Right so I think we should now go. And listen to the actual tape of what he said that much and did he say talk radio. Garbage or did he say this was a great. Talk radio. Shark. Correct his Jarvis was the one indeed asking the question. What here. Carter's been. I think played again I. I think he's just talk radio surface. The upgraded its. It's an artist you more clear if it's Jarvis because of while it does come out. Jarvis comes idol did the Jay and Jarvis comes a little harsh and it does kind of somewhat gar bite the the. It's clear you clearly Jarvis who really bothered by the way I get this up a quite clear he's not implying that Jarvis garbage correct. Run out of all and he was just say talk radio Jarvis. And given they had. I hereby formally apologize. To Chris Wallace for even suggesting that he should talk radio garbage and again the oldest of. Well I didn't really go all in on it because I've been called way where some and you are unwilling to knowledge archer balking at apologizing right are couple of going to apologize never you know me I'm a big no apologies Galilee say I'm sorry I mean not apologize. For me it. Syria will sit. Straight aren't so artists are recorded. Net Jeffrey Wright I just said and I'm Sandra I'm sorry Chris. I can try and failed to share the currently under pressure. So we a couple of inching comments were awarding only hear your thoughts first online. The decision in Chris explains his decision of course he he explained on Friday bit. He he explained it in kind of Gary's lot of questioning so here was the decision on why indeed the grisly elected to keep. Tyreke Evans OJ said people who say you should have moved him for literally anything just to get him off this roster what's your response to that. Obviously we don't agree with senate gearing up for several fronts number one. Take a look at if your college recruiting efforts on the recruiting front. We feel that we have a better chance what I re going forward. If he's your residencies at. He's played in three different places in the NBA this has been the best one for himself or he's healthier lives but they did in years. He had a great run here you obviously have a connection. Does this city and in the fans from his days with the tigers. So yeah we looked at they offer to come and we didn't think there are sufficient for players Calvert let's keep in mind this or second round pick your concerns. You can get into the second round and about eighty draft as other difficulties some point last year we entered draft night without any PX. And you end up doing Gillick got a terrific if we used alive and rather than we typically don't Brooks. Q if that's so you can buy your way UNICEF around so lied so anti recall way. What we thought to restore value to keep getting here. It did it begin coffers just war we thought were worthy of data haven't type your duties have been and could have the future here that he could have. Cash well let's examine the the second part of it is irrelevant right here the DB to the question they beat beat. You can get into the second round and do this didn't offer wasn't commensurate reported burgers or. But permissible for a couple ability to progression worst. Kabul for the site correct why not just keep them why what's the value keeping him here right for the first part of that he did answer which is we take it helps us recruit. And and that's fine you know ideal. It I would I would argue the other side on two fronts first of all. It requires that. But nobody else get a more than available by the end of direct your single game tickets to more than a bit of all or will go to that team. So that's the first thing that I weapons cache. And then the second thing. That that it's so they have to bring him back and they UT delicate middle level actually therefore decide to take levels laughter. But got little sleep is that they're even attract true. Why is it the sort of certainly times. It because you in the trash in the meantime bush is Kevin Na and what should you you dropped four spots in the draft. He's getting Tyreke Evans under two year deal. And Kevin Knox would you rather have that were drawn at Harvard faculty. That's the question and I think it's pretty clear you'd rather barber back. So. That you would stipulating it take you. Did you get him did you know that he does come. Until Damascus I do what can mate. What in the end would make it grizzlies look good to. For example late we already went on to criticize the deal looks stupid bank event that was question architecture acres are what I got to have a sharp because. I'm so that you could say well target comes back he's great. And I reject that would make it goes to mount a comeback getting life like you know and and it's in the meantime if you look at drastic action. That to me if he's turned it out next year. And you know scored 26 point two gamer 24 point ever 22 point two game because like well that to me. Does not mean this was the right decision. I think it becomes. What gets lost a whole book is just eat there. They still stink of a lot is still really do continue to speak and get a lot of pink are all about no higher than Porsche which I don't believe lot. Right yes or. If they whatever finish seventh or wherever it finished. And then I tissue or block their top comparable lottery first sort of hard to another position eight to root out how to kick off a loss and even though. That's mathematically not correct. I'll certainly let off hook at the airport right yes or three in Sydney and let's say date date date date date pity unity of people are also due in part ball they don't get lucky. By some Cheney shouldn't happen fortunately Paul Pierce kept well look at some cheers. Thought that they they emerge with one of the two best players to draft after each. Wherever they're drastic. Also that I would level talks so any of those things happen. That I think are possible. I don't think just bringing try to beat back. Gets a lot walk by itself so I have to manager did not even addressing that you want to just get cordial conflict. It was like oh we can take a check Arctic was not a beloved arguing that. Did it if the data center Arctic has enough. Turk for carry average if you talk about street value board not to be understood to free agents are trying to get them off the roster what a pleasure. Right so what I thought was adjusting is obvious in a trade you have to have trade partners. In an interesting point that I think has been developing especially when we saw yesterday when the cavs actually wax. The Celtics that. Some teams that were made it be may be in good position. That thought they were a contender. Most of them didn't really make many moves like Boston being one of them and Gary asked whether or not he thinks whether Chris Wallace thinks that. The impact of the warriors in the fact that teens kind of feel hopeless at anything to do with the fact that may be some teams were willing to part with a margin. This was that answer. Think that their war to a great offer for tiger week obviously a lot of that is because he's in the final year of the contract also feeling. Doesn't have something to do with the people say what is the point where we were chasing the warriors and we can't get there were any weight does that limit what what's. Will be a bit activity. At the trade deadline. You know I'd I'd like to think not you know I do think everybody has got a real kids for a championship his own everything attitude. That they can't. Obviously the warriors you have to look a little bit decided insurmountable right now but I mean. You know cited takes two months in the playoff to crown a new NBA champion if you do you can predict future that a recent sprained ankle to key players. Oh were you when you would he get there you have achieved another get any sport you owe to yourself to do where he Kenyans could take a run out of because you're not always say are. So you know get net that may have crossed some people's minds of me it would give us and we were partially admitted to see if he if you were reversed in that situation. That's an interesting it and get to Syria I if you're true. They got offers business and they didn't get offers a stage this would be relevant ish and it is relevant to why they didn't get off your that they deemed acceptable. But and yet we know they got offers of no no one denies they got off they should take it were good and so the fact rich people that wanna chasing offers did not keep debt treat didn't take extra storage. Did not keep people from making offers. And they should take it on the golf course it is interest earning. The Boston to see Boston's struggling now. They couldn't I think used every Eric thinks they probably should have sweetened the pot. And I think they may or may regret that they have a dramatically reduce its. Clinton did so much and look so Smart and you know but just a lot of around LeBron. But. Boston. Followed flat interface and bush may have Tarik which. Will not give me any some people find satisfaction that all screw you Boston she will be used solid state could you didn't get a lot more. It doesn't change the business situations oil fired bill. I find optical salsa that aren't sitting else. Yes and then another another school but that is kind of developed is the fact that. Perhaps maybe Marcus hall was one of those of changing tides in the guy in the grizzlies decision to keep. Tyreke Evans and maybe his thoughts and considerations of war were taken into account and this was Chris Wallace on just that very topic. Obviously mark is to solve a big part of this franchise I don't mean to suggest that he's consulted on things perks some on everything or anything but clearly I'm. Is his voice matters did did. Do you do you talk to him about these types of decisions. Well we talk we talk we have conversations what are your letters from time to time throughout two years not just sounding board but they also have to. Really the great insight into the players around the league some of these tasks have been on teams with these players that are up that you can trade for Guerrier hit the free agency it. There's nothing like actually brought it up and down sort of people somebody. That that is the best scouting you can get rather watching tape sit in this they and so. We talked our players sitting up throughout the year. And you know we're we're we're happy with marks this year and in in his Spierkel Ford I think she really loves our young guys and likes working with them and you know he's all in this. Well I've got a very. I mean he didn't really address that I wouldn't be surprised though if you did have something to do it's it's in our markets not want to. Be on it and that team and I suspect a mark even though he's done approached a group should necessarily the very short I think. I think I could see a little bit of bad administration a social site by the way is each good for the release for making him available like they have put. Chris Wallace under a bushel you know used to be in the air all the time and they have just said no and so they look like to. In our full all of us in jail and talked to them like no one there's no look I have to look like a rudderless ship could they don't let anyone speak sort of tribal charts and I think. If you struck listen to the Chrysler L like Williams and be. Like how weird it is that he hadn't been able talked ever without it except for credible you know whatever speech to send us a question that advanced jet aircraft. And so good for them sir have a amount dire predictions it just helps to have to explain even like yeah I'm disagreeing with Slobodan. I'd the other people are here it saying. Could make sense to me am I think it's good for the grizzlies are I am struck. Yes that last one I ask what. Yeah and so our last clip it's been a topic between you and I we we discussed yesterday on. You know if the grizzlies did not have Tyreke Evans where where would they all in the pecking order and you and I both agree that's not a very good team. Gary asked. Honestly pretty much point blank Gary asked Chris Wallace you know or the grizzlies willing to do some of the things that other teams. Have shown the ability to do this year and and shown the decision making process and you know really with the grizzlies get down to the nitty gritty when it comes down to tanking in this does that answer all around the league we are seeing franchises do things took to it. Lower the possibility of their wedding Atlanta buying out players could theoretically help them win. You guys just fundamentally a against that in any big quake is that would be the root of moving Tyreke or whatever second round pick you can get is that we. We don't want wing games this year let's make it less likely that we do it is just that position that this franchise does not hold. No we don't hold a curious because you first well we're bringing along right now six young players. So you know they were playing most of these guys back. When Mike Conley was healthy don't want we will look like we were heading into the playoffs and faced a year early in the season. But you don't want young players to develop bad habits seagate used to diluted obviously weren't tough spot right now. We're losing more games and we're winning the playoffs now. Are out of reach for the eighth straight year but you wanna Maclean right way you want plane or you wanna go near game thinking we're doing everything we can win. And that's what we approach every night. Well. To think about that commercial he could never say that their strategy or build ever says thank you even as they are technical and it looked so rich. Secondly. Notice saying the players should get young players should be our. You know should play hard or should play which could have such. You know they're they're count on because she secretary is that a good job. Basically teaching them to play we could have I don't think age two or reach out salutes. Meet Dylan Brooks. Whatever shirt jacket you or whatever it is you are right whatever can happen in Albany I don't really necessarily she connection. And that certainly Egypt it's true I think it is true that is not willing to do it child is at the same effect. And it's dom. In the end or talk about. Charity games last. And and why would you do whatever you can do. To position organization to be successful future I actually ain't sure if your company. And the answer direct company Easter reorganize in bankruptcy at a better urged banks Serb siege you know just. You don't execute you like you know there are different that there are trip strategic ways are different situations. And this is a way to help improve future and so the idea that he's got some principled objection to which shoots chilly late but but again. I'm glad to Crist. Gave his thoughts on it and I. I think support the Arab and I expect there will be people out there. But do we know there are people against an ankle along and he will be people out there who respect. Who'll respect George church for his position. I disagree with that but not sure that it will win over some so trampled some folks. I mean to me. Fundamentally what it all comes down to is are they willing to risk. In of one of these top four picks. Or the slight chance of getting you know to me when it comes judges are you cool with getting Tyreke and knocks if you will. Are you cool would that. Instead of having the chance to get. You know a Bagley and Eitan a Don change. You know are you willing Ted are you willing to have. Kind of risk your chance at getting a young franchise type player. To keep Tyreke and to me it seems like fundamentally though they're trying to thread this very fine line they seem to be OK with it. Right and we talked yesterday about gossip for whatever reason they don't like they would do that any actions I think also observed lecture. They talked a result of us feeling a Russian war to their draft to get any better. I see no war but what also helped played out in that it has shall be very interest if they finish with a each and let the olive. All of our. You know it now on the other hand as they go to the lottery and even as a baked out they get operate. Also I know about well I'm and then actually trying to re took battle that'll be good. And this year that the complainant that'll be good until the world to potentially play like opened this team rebound next year. To be a team they're a compelling product that we have seen it to be and so. Page taken may. Strategy and hopefully anyone really. And I'm actually bail people out there who worked for them. It didn't agree less than not only Austrian leader here but. But here it is also an equally people forget what got older and so although I mean I'm just gonna hope this is done its stock chart sometimes I'll that it got. Or shut the way they think it's gonna order. And then we didn't get the opportunity yesterday to ask about the Olympics last night I watched the the Flying Tomato. He was sitting at the top before today you sitting at the top of the preliminary qualifying for the half pipe. That you've been at the Olympics for a few days what's the coolest thing you've seen thus far. How would it be during his is that if people don't realize I don't seem to be looked as YouTube right I'd go to one Internet cash. And you know today it's been cross country which and so I don't wanna bet the guy and that's why I actually. So I don't I haven't seen any task I didn't you know I had that sheet. The senate to get okay grid. You know when you do is go at all not in that part buy it attitude on TV at G network got off coverage something else it's so two very different experience. I double either your one place. And and that's which you cover and it is a huge deal to excellent television cherish all be politics is what you're here are enormous because here. Yeah to get to the ill or that bridge to be at our charts from well to to be three different bosses which you connected to get some venues and so. It's very different about last night it so happens I don't know what I thought I'll I'll I'll ask his last action plus what to. And so the Swedish team played a Korean team each period unified G action and watch the treaty hygiene school I mean they're terrible hockey that is the when Pataki can't. The one that has that been out or screen door that. And they're terror they they lost this week eight I think just like they have lost the previous game. Two just such a load a thank. But the cheerleaders were there the official North Korea cheerleaders were there and they're that they're bizarre certify the watch and and like holy. If what you want so bad to me like really bad cheat any time they just got talked out of there and yeah this was Christian dual core. Or court just you know and and hoping that maybe some bad option get a goal. Liked. They've taken a shot on goal replace strokes are easy so. So it's been it was it was fun to watch and it should you do feel like you're watching a little bit of something that your legacy every day what is your secret South Korea the duke Austria strategic together it's a little country like they took some current OK but at Jacobs out Koreans share up from that came to Atlanta to disrupt every shot but. I think most people think they're pretty cool and there's been an ad in the arena. They get wild support even as the curtain dropped it because that's. Yeah it I can promise of washing into and is then it is been very very enjoyable to watch. Jeff we really appreciate your time stay safe over there again we will talk to I'm Margaret. About Jeff Hawkins live from Jung Chang South Korea we come back Gary Parrish of CBS sports is gonna join us we'll ask him his thoughts. About whether or not any art ways legitimate candidate at a home this and more from the world of college bass when we come back right here on the Jeff Hawkins showed 99 FM ESPN. 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Here's the show weekdays right here on 99 of them ESPN. He's also a college basketball TV analyst you can see him. Monday through Wednesday nights right there on the CBS sports network is also a columnist for CBS boards he joins us now Gary good Dave Amanda how aria. You're doing well I'll start here with you so. Yesterday almost decides to part ways with Andy Kennedy. What did you make of that is you're not disgusted that we kind of thought this was coming. But overall what what did you make of the decision now that we've actually seen it official. It's probably time and I think both of these things can be true blood Kennedy Kennedy did a good solid job battle that's for a long long time I mean it's. The bullet point Ortega didn't repeated. A lot over the past 24 hours but their their work. The war highlighting. You know since they retired back in 2006. Only slaughter Kentucky. Among SEC schools have won more games settlements such a fact entering the seat and I should say. That was based factored in Tennessee used are still mess in this particular seated. But entering these wealthier entered coach and answered. Coldly. Kentucky and Florida at one more basketball games in men's basketball. That'll mess that's incredible I don't think most people realize that's. He would average finish in the past five years leading into this year. Since the FTC explained it by adding multiple schools. Was the third best average finish of any school in the SEC Kentucky was first for a second. In a missiles third but I don't think people realize that. So if you look at it from a certain perspective but watch how each had one of the most difficult jobs in the SEC for more than a decade. And kept it respectable. Almost without exception the problem of course is that. Austrians don't get excited about just being respectable served you know great they they won't degrade to in fact I'd argue for a long time that. Air as it relates to wait coaching career. You warm federal law spike Edwards took coaching career get a chance to keep your strings have to eat you're better off having some bad years. In some great years. Then you are just a bunch of good years to people don't get excited about the good years they will get excited about the great years and didn't deal with the bad. Bought it you're just good and that's what he wants for a long time he used good. Eventually people won't change for the sake of change. Even if there's no guarantee. Bet the horrible state worried where we have in other words the next host on the celebrity is on the who might. Be able to accomplish more great things in eighty some ever accomplished blocked. There's no guarantee that it would appear that they've been hobbled all out of this thing you they're like you can take their program to the bottom of that. A good of an ever proving it's usually pretty quickly. And so I know that it don't appreciate just being in the middle. But big in the middle way better than being at the bottom and eighty and afforded here for eleven consecutive years. Now corporate finished worse and certainly not release never finished worse they're six Little League. Our best architect of accomplishment that keeps you in the hall of fame but it's or subtext. Do you think that had almost defeated LaSalle right after they beat Wisconsin with the Marshall Henderson the Reggie partner the Murphy Holloway team. Do you think if he beats LaSalle gets the second weekend do you think we're still where we are today. Probably because like that B agent used by an answer nobody would care. You know people look around. Could this is this is part of the business sector KG understands it's by Eric I don't say key steals longer at this point it's just like. Hey this is the way this business works you know people watching this fire. To greatness and it's there's no reason. To take it on its way. Talks won't change particularly with a coach who's been in a place more than a decade actually happened to a even more successful coach in Jamie Dixon showed that. You there are thirteen years he made eleven considerably to our original thirteen years but relative to two history. Touch that plate halting work weeks and yet there was a final four there. And sweet sixteen. After a while they're like OK we're good every year we're going to determine every year. But we're not normal on a court order to win a championship without an NBA you see some like let's just do something else. Obviously that was ridiculous it is that Jamie Dixon is now doing well at TCU would. It might be the worst Al fayed's team in America. But you know it did the same thing AK went to Wilkes is is what. It would Jamie Dixon it went through at kit like after a while. It particularly after two years at the top part love hopes to secure in the same job and you're not like. On a hall of fame trajectory. It's probably target to change jobs or else. You had your job change for you the issue for AK. I don't know that you'll ever talked about the public and the destruction when I tell you this is true. Get stock oh yeah he was he never had a great it last year or put together enough consecutive great years. To get a big job you know we're you can battle to a Memphis when it opens or. Some other school it's the only tech job he could get was an inferior job for less money. And so some. You'll financially he would always going to be better off just lighting this thing out. Until big state audit now which is ultimately where they got this was always the way. I'll be able to an end for him he had other opportunities to come to the other schools. But it would have been nonsensical sort of do accept it because you will have to wait too much money. On the table so it was this'll always the way it was very little messy there. You know the game yesterday or a month from now or two years from now or whatever but it would always been and what him essentially being being tired and bought out. Of course thought when gear repairs the host of the gear pairs program right here four to six on 99 at NE SPN of course the college basketball. Columnist for CBS sports as well as the analyst for the CBS sports network and then I wanted to ask you this oxide. I've been following the story and I've there'd been two or three guys that I really respect their opinion and they've. They've had a list of hot words and I don't think that these are uneducated Hough boards. And one name that is on both is Penny Hardaway. Is Penny Hardaway a realistic option in your opinion at a homeless. I mean ultimately going to be up to roster Yorkshire bought it I will tell you the people. I'm trained to know how these coaching searches are gonna go. You know who change. You know I have a grasp poor who was a real candidate who has been. Could you have imagined in our liberty. Exactly card out stick convict people kept asking me about it on Twitter lets doubts about somebody. In the know last night they were like you know like hey you never say never Bart. It would shock beach it's almost decided to go that direction but their civic and this is a person who like deals you discuss every day your. And so. If the question I do like take your heart we're going to be in Mexico so there's my answer is no. But I have been surprised before but. I think it's way more likely. Someday to be part of what is Mexico took University of Memphis but it is that he's Mexico told Nestle or frankly get anywhere else. Allen Eskew a couple other names because there's obviously been some connection to Memphis and there's also been I think there's probably some legitimate interest. Do you think Ole miss. Would go down the Steve Forbes route because I know that you're very high on him and I respect your opinion more than probably anyone else's all on this matter do you think that that could be a reasonable fit it almost. It be great settlements I mean what do you need to be successful at their job. Somebody who's going to generate our troops into Vietnam among the students and Austrian based slates. EE OK you don't have to be like Bruce Pearl jump from cafeteria table legitimacy of paint you chest arms but you do has to be out here. It'll be active on social media beat. You know be a cheerleader for your own program because. I eat you know better than or at least as well. All lists alarms and chains are naturally excited about men's basketball you'll go to obviously football that they even baseball more than didn't basketball. Black. But they can be is pretty good product on all before they select their part of that they thought they have a vested interest in it a coach where it. Good marketing instincts can can at least eighty to the facts and force it's is it Egypt's toppled Marxist. I am obviously even accomplished coach. Not only is he that you were killing at least fifty states we literature culture did you become a problem sort of back to back national championship games. Like that you don't do that by accident you do that by being able to coach. If you wanna know another good accomplished former UConn coach asks who's doing what did what level Chris beard who's now on the popular tech stick. So what sort of reputation of being the great recruiter and he has. But he can also coach had been like studio recruitment that's what he's been doing that for. It's twenty years probably he he had missed seaports are stronger connection in May insists. When it comes to recruiting. Did the mental status right now. And obviously that's not gonna help him he'll go keep guys from teen pretty to go to East Tennessee State he's coaching at the mid major level. Our blog what he'd be a headache for the market stats it's if you were actually recruiting to the SEC it's actually recruiting goal lead. Absolutely do what. So it's our we're running the old assert. Clearly I I think they can do weight worst since GeForce and I would start would probably lean that direction the obvious issue of this as the ultimate room. It's very tedious and may have been that the so called it a pianist task can Kindle lets go down that path. Given its NCAA troubles in football right now I don't know the answer to that question. I think you can sit down with force or you didn't sit doubled to just do little reading license certain. What you'll find out respects. Puede NCAA issues. Really inconceivable he issues they were don't call issued you know this famous leader at a barbecue recluse crossed out or it wasn't. Or just how it was important idea armed force what the one call a picture where they are collapsed. To the extent that Forbes stands in the NCAA diets it was that. He would call off guard in an NCAA and I'm an eagle by the NCAA investigator. You know although guys toros Tony Jones Jason safety course they all had talked to be into the black for what it close to. But wait that went back home was that they didn't know what Aron a craft picture existed until about fifteen minutes before. They worked in the book investigator which is like. Should be 88 I terrible offense for their Turkey's sure. He can because like if they had they had that they wouldn't will it ever had and it's kind of plans OK are we gonna handle this. What AD since support turning would have told it is. Don't panic just admit to it it's a minor violations not a big deal. Instead. At the encouragement of forums that he now has the story goes like OK what are we going to do. And it just deny everything they do admit to not think. Could be a folder circuits and nobody nobody attacks well when your coach it could be you know basically says okay explicitly ordered handled it but that's a waiter gonna handle. Special forces the first one to sit down and talk to the NCAA investigator. At that point either towards. Chiquita just like people coming told the truth. At which point he's writing on his false at this point he never gets higher again you can clear that the worst thing you can do a men's basketball coach in Iraq. Go look at a guy who rattled a blip along time ago he'll be good at coaching career so that they expect any options. But certain not a good look at the other option is to not lie but it. It will be. I'm sure they I don't know that's not be in that picture obviously that coach pearl mr. Kraft talked. You know I don't know what that was taken and I'm not sure war. That it's legitimate pictured telling me it is but I've never seen it before it could be total shots. Good a lot of pictures on the Internet of ghost total shock maybe that's one problem I don't know I don't know I don't know. All of that obviously ultimately you know after they all work I'm less than forthcoming initially. Push for elections called met with investigators again and admitted what it was every point you know reasonably could hit a whole staff social congress let. You know I think most coaches in forbes' position in that moment. Given the circumstances we're probably handled it exactly the way you did. And so. My appointed yet he's got considerable step this task but it's not like he got caught by employers all works you know and dealing with financial advisors or any of that stuff so. That tko I think. Make it easier for almost to do but ultimately that's going to be a decision get almost. Pursues. The facts are that possibility of something that they're gonna have to handle administrative level. Talking of course we Gary pair CBS sports. Hollis for college bass wheels well as a TV analyst for CBS sports network and then two other names of four we move on. Air muscle and Damon Stoudamire or two guys that you know very well. Do you think that there's mutual interest on both sides and the only escape. Well losses. Had Allopod opportunities before and turn them down which he turned down the all I'm cal. Last year right sure a lot of money and so I didn't think much of the coach of outside level. He's obviously crushing unit at Nevada and and I've known him for a long time each he worked tremendously on the grisly staff obviously been an associate in the the FCC at LSU so he knows the league he knows we area. I can should be greater romance. But he has turned down comparable job to slip he might be waiting for. Uncle feel a quarter of great job and Apollo private league as opposed to. I don't say this with all due respect but I think if you are they old it is one of the more difficult job to be in the SEC. And so like I I can understand what that would be interested in the Arab I'm not sure it guarantees he would take whole list. But I know who would listen and then ultimately you know money money yeah yeah. I'm paid that you do have a beautiful facility is of audible which Gil he has young children. Or at least a young child. It Serbs are obviously great place to raise a shame mourning. I think it would be awesome. To have him in Mississippi eats. And also on the campus getting all of the thing that much they did talk a little. Because some you know he's a he's a part of an extra couple good that would be it a dud. I don't know just a nice additional four. Hopefully ever changing state. To have a very high profiles. On. Public. I'm very actual profiles. Public university employee. As an extra cup for the state of Mississippi looked at pollinate something good happened thirty years ago. But it could certainly happen now until for a lot of reasons she makes sense. Got a lot of reasons why would I can get on board look at. I can't promise you that he would take that job but I can promise you eclipse that she'll just come down to what other opportunities are therefore because he will have other opportunities. Yes it and then I want to ask you about your ear obviously with with Chris Wallace. And not blown spoke of your of your butt but I I I just thought it was awesome did you ask the right questions but. When you reflect all on that interview what did you think was the biggest nugget to take from what Chris told. Well hmmm well what would interest in her car. What that bit. It to the extent it wouldn't quit commercials on radio a lot to. People get frustrated sometimes could she doesn't sushi you sometimes doesn't say much just like he's very good at talking. Totally accept type. Without saying anything of substance which he might just be part of his job. I tell that to say I can talk yesterday was that I thought he was really talking you'd really answering questions and I think the most I think that the main take away from it was. He thought he can disagree. On. The pact that they children. I would not have done what they did I would have moved Tyreke Evans because. I don't want him negatively impacting my lottery outlets I think he is likely to do right now there are. I believe eighteen within two games of each other. In a race to the bottom. So so you can see it's hard to get it could literally be the difference between you can control straight or poster tip. But that's not I don't like that there's a massive difference between taking postage yet. As anybody who follows the NBA draft notes it's so I would not have don't know what it is to grizzly bit here. Explain why a million times black. I think listen to Chris talk we at least got. And understanding why they did what they did. They don't say tired recalled negatively impact their lottery odds. In any meaningful way. I disagree with that but but they seem less concerned with sacks come and and they do believe genuinely believe that. Had to give up part of this project is the and it seated. It is. Is basically look at the big recruiting visit in not a recipe seated they say there is. A real advantage. In an attempt to resigning him. So having him never leave this franchise. I suppose on some level that's true but obviously it plugged up the windows in the somebody puts something more than a mid level exception. On the table for him so. Again I don't stick whatever you gained from having him around I don't think it's war negatively impacting the lottery are. I would give it away for anything record got NAFTA deadlines but they Beijing. They think the risk they think there's something to be games. If so that's that's at least terrorists. There rationalizations. For not moving one of the trade deadline I disagree with it but at least they have now explained it I thought prepare. And then lastly. Virginian now sits atop the polls you've used. Definitely are an agreement with that. A rescue this Virginia's I've always been that team. They're kind of the new guns sag and that they haven't they basically accomplished everything he could possibly accomplish except for getting to the final four. Do you see this team is being blasters in valued team where this team's different for Virginia. We can't you know I don't get it already it can't look there's no guarantees the single elimination term the forty minute games like. Tony would have already been to final four years. That play I'll stick to policy who didn't talk basketball. We're likely to be a playoff spot aboard a seven game series that usually ensures. They're the better team is going to advance it simply turn it doesn't. The sweet 16 o'clock asleep that's sixteen teams in America believe they are the best city that import almost never the best form. It's the fact it's only been portable one seat once ever. He carries seven feet or lower in the final four each of the past five years. But asking don't always get there so. Yeah I've always thought this if you continue to put the team together which only does every year consistently. And you just can you get your poppy seed and attorney Rick Williams you know creates inferior and eat your character talk or potentially get there. Making it very difficult. To put yourself in the position that Tony has put himself so that. Every year or year after year to year and not get there eventually so it's just it's just a matter of time. Italy to beat this year's team or next year's team or you know assuming he stayed their for a while which is no guarantee agency MB going to be April so bad. But it on the keypad and captain deems they keep getting one seeds to secrecy dimensional Turkish it will happen for you eventually people that it could never happen Kobe would never gonna happen to build self it's. It's a bit of people settlers. I've never gonna have a little more Q until a bit. People say it'll never happen per shot lower eventually it will all get got investigation under one. And people say it'll never happen to Tony Bennett eventually it will just there's just a matter how he's too good it's. And he he put two good teams together consistently. Cannot eventually get there. Carrier grade for joining us we appreciate your comment. Gary Parrish of course those of the repair show weekdays right here four to six. Right here in 99 FM ESP and the 901 is up a commercial real dot com. We'll talk grizzlies we'll talk not a one with Chris Stanton next to groundless and Geoff Calkins Sharon 99 FM ESPN. He says he's never once we station WMS. 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