Guest Host Jeffrey Wright -- Hour 1 with Eric Hasseltine

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Wednesday, December 6th

Segment 1 -- Jeffrey Wright hosts today's show and welcomes Eric to the program to discuss Marc Gasol's fine, the Grizzlies' game tonight against the Knicks, Madison Square Garden, the 1997 Heisman Trophy, and more.

Segment 2 -- Jeffrey and Ben Hogan discuss the 1997 Heisman Trophy, Baker Mayfield, and the Arkansas coaching search during "Ring It Up, and Put Three on the Board".


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You know 82 million SM EST shirts yeah. We an offensive and an HD one. In the best Memphis. This was maybe. One towards. Boy it's still it. Happy Wednesday to you wherever you may be we appreciate yet taken some time and listening here Wear this on the air cast sideshow as the interest that I. I am Jeffrey Wright can always follow me on Twitter at Jay Wright 99 ESPN. Please daddy with me. Across the grass blast is Ben Hogan then is taking care of some show business will bring him on hearing just the second one type first though what's coming up here. On the program. Aircastle side is going to join us in just a moment from New York City grizzlies and knicks tonight we'll get all the info tonight. Our should say all the info for tonight's match up can't start. A winning streak into you in the second when the grizzlies look to win their second consecutive game tonight on the road against the knicks currently 82 and a half point underdog force. Depending on the sports book on your choice were gonna bring it up to put through the moral discuss some coaching searches. Stephen Jackson. Had some poignant comments from the dam avatar show we're gonna listen to those because they were laugh out loud funny. Second our bill Bender on the sporting news is gonna join us you know as follow him on Twitter at bill Bender 92 will get his thoughts on the coaching carousel. We'll get his thoughts on who he. Like the hires from who he disliked the hires from walls to get his thoughts on whether or not he thinks that the college football playoff committee got it right here in Big Ten country. We'll discuss that as well. Would bill the top of the second hour Kevin Pelton is gonna join us as he does each and every Wednesday of course. The NBA analyst for ESPN insider as always on Twitter Capel in. We'll discuss the big news and notes from the NBA today. With Kevin will do the headlines we'll wrap it up will make way for real talent. Again as we mentioned at the top of the show Eric's gonna join us here momentarily. Couple of the news and notes from the NBA today specifically with the grizzlies yesterday if you missed it on the program been in nine. Did discuss. The F bombs we did nice constant analysis we took ever went back to the horrors that might have been. Their college experience. And we discussed which F bomb we thought was the most effective between Marcus sauls. And Tyreke Evans we know that Marc Gasol has been fine for his F bomb he dropped with rob Fisher. Last year what he thinks about doubles and try to figure out whether or not Tyreke received a fine for the radio laughed off. Again our our in our. Our consensus was that we both believed that tiger reeks. Well when it came got a bit in my in my thoughts we both thought that Tyreke was. Probably the better one to go again grids and knicks tonight of course she can year right here on 9189. And then ESPN. It does appear that Chris stops we're seeing yes is going to be playing I think that's for those that were. At least interested in the investment side of the game tonight the line was taken down for a little bit but it appears that we're seeing is is good to go so. O line back up on the sports books. And we're gonna welcome on now the man that will be calling the action right here on 9189 FM ESPN he is the grizzlies radio network play by play announcer he's the man against. His name to this very program. You can hear of course weekdays to fork Twitter. I should say on Twitter act Aircastle time Eric good day my man how are. Blow not not much let's start here. We did get. Twitter has told me that Marc Gasol has been fine for his F bomb do we know whether or not Tyreke was fine for his F bomb that he dropped with a year. I don't know it certainly admit that the system that we the next. In it and you know commitment to implement them yeah so I come up. I got this little fellow at that. Yeah do we have an initial reaction I mean I presume mark knew that he was probably going to be fine. That he believed it was money well spent. I don't I bet I haven't even in my Eminem and abandoned it and I couldn't make enough. I got back my dad to get ready for that then for the next 10 o'clock in the but apparently with a guy that. I don't let that thing and that television this dude kind of jokingly that we should we've got to get behind me go to the heart and I. I'm glad I think he can afford it if if they. Yeah you know what I listened. Did that down for about fifteen minutes could Ed Stefanski. I have an idea and we'll just talk about it make simple you know we needed that one and then they're they're needed that when they needed that. Feeling it was a much much lighter mood yesterday around the ping pong which was packed with. Sponsors and owners and opposite because I didn't that they often New York everybody wants to make that trip themselves. Everybody with a good bit of both the united defend those good spirits. They're really they could wait right now that she knows about them. Good afternoon and I think they go to Chris that's the longest is going to okay. It creates matchup nightmares at mile and a can't do as a skilled screw me and blew them a good vision happening on the coast side. I think the next thing that could very well Obama I mean that played. I've got to the end and all they've they've done really good job of defending the home court itself. This is not going to be that look back at Madison Square Garden by any stretch the imagination. More typically doesn't always match up on a team's best interior offensive option for a mere at a reasons. Would you expect to see the grizzlies how do you expect in the match up on Chris stops parsing his tonight. I think it's. Been tremendous base. He didn't get approved compared to people who like the need is going to do anyway it's not seventh I believe. If it is such a likely going to Michael could not extension like an issue of the problem. He's the remarkably. I don't have to do that because that is the itself. I think even that dimension you eliminate. Canadian open space with embankment and why don't connect. But don't close out the conclusion that at least. At times and I struggled offensively that all of those factors such. All opening game against Minnesota even better and James Bennet they have sort of a president with some of the guys that maybe I don't don't particularly at. Called out on issues that quite according game that's not passionately. But I think the it really came that announcement on hip. There's simply let you know I think that I think we know that that it is okay liquid that you know I had to do that I don't live. I'll look at that shot any appetite which you know we'll work against them. Because look at all that good mentally good enough to get to the limit that's definitely. Not even finish about just about anybody. If you don't the company that was kind of an unofficial it was a senate seat and got that shutdown saying. I thought I am not a dominant agenda tonight than they can only put up but he's he's really really good really was still a bit. You know they called in the unit along the way that probably the most bad. Most of the bad nickname I don't think I could add this route and let it. Obviously air we won't know until tonight but. How pivotal do you think it was just for the psyche of this seemed just to finally get the monkey off the bat and fought back to finally have that excel and finally pick up the first when moving forward. I think he saw that with the purple with the way that they could I look into the action work. You know it did that that. And she knew English and they took back on the right track and you're doing things that that you know you're capable of doing winning basketball games. It's. Definitely want. And I'm obviously they're gonna contract that really good that you know just like when you do for a football game one of the numbers I look back with. Both teams that they're applying that. Obviously one of the leading the group is usually a good. I'd been thinking there about five other than elected I didn't think I can't hundred. And remarkably enough. Com if not a good thing for the good recruiting good candidate and the eleventh and that my head and a double check before it. That is the track but wind and against teams and it's certainly not. Something you want to. You want to have a new testament because there's of the dangers as well that's going to be a playoff team. Now they're so competitive to think about that as we know that includes games. With the rockets from being put San Antonio landed in the coldest days and equipment do you the complete my opinion it's a political clout on it. And that those candidates even though they went through it definitely not a minute that's not a good plan. I honestly didn't want to get up at other teams took out about that yeah it. The good will and confidence seemed it was enacted that that's not good and what you wanna do that could dampen the outlook could prompt you go back and a lot of veteran population cooking and so I'm. I don't want to go to its fifth birthday acknowledge if it's my aunt content and actually I'm all right just. If that is going to live. Hey you know you start building on the positives and the positives and damned if I could look at look at Antonio as bad. That's a bad movement each night out. That aggressiveness on the offensive end even though they only scored a 95 points against less. Compared to block him and I'm noticing there in the Cleveland game in Minnesota game is that there are putting themselves in position to score if you go back and remember this San Antonio games and they kind of get caught the basket and guys basically. One not letting it catch and shoot and OK am I know you gotta limit hey. On the morning show chat. That Pakistan got it landed at about going to get caught it fired the three and made it. And that's what you have to do you cannot be hesitant but because you lose in a loud and losing streak you cannot be hesitant. Because you have new faces out there and can't be helped them because they couldn't coach. He's going sure Lou. Amount of minutes at a time same amount that could bring you both good and actors get so. I like that and then let it did go out there. Got to pet food five minute when you're playing eight and that'll get you back when that occurred after another and I 2.5 minute that. You made. No commitment that you get surprised by the minute ship and that's really makeshift sweat it would be. I could be that there's that thought that they looked at it seemingly is walking. And there's the grizzlies. It would need to do that again tonight against the team and that there. You're typically have been so that wasn't a lot of weight you know go to other leading scorer there's secondly of course. And closing of the fellow that's the first time that the lord his ankle so. You know tonight I think they did that you've got to be confident player with a good passion and passion and attack. And then got put on a show within the world's most famous during the. Is the line shifted the the difference that the aspect that you just mentioned were the grizzlies are now playing. More stands but pursche for shorter minutes has that been the biggest difference that you notice between JD bigger staff and David instills approach this thing. I think that's one of the if I didn't think I would kind of orchestrated the defense and Iraqis and David says. That hotel. Alluded to that and a lot of coaches' shows and it was a senate. I appreciate that the kid who got the table and so now all you know he is he's trying to woo okay into the picture. Do you shadowed the Pentagon's don't think out of the bag that. Yeah that's as well certainly. It's feeling that maybe they ever get into one down out maps weather and stagnant and a little bit on offense that's the defense if you look. Well I closed out there in that position so give me. Actually that put them. And even more energy industry about an outlet to the left that you move and put you back out there one you ready to go and you're not gonna effect hook. Losing manager and is gonna benefit from that and I think these guys have responded to that quite well. You know that. That I could ever give them a bit. Now knows he's going to get in the game now knows he's going to beat Ireland and moves well maybe he wasn't sure what he was going to. Did that again I'm not saying no I haven't you know that they're the conflict that the fact that one has really pushed back and won it when I can't. It around a little bit of truth and guys and they looked away as because. It's been clear that the guru at the blogger to accept okay. He doesn't end of them and romantic and that's okay that's that's one of the things like I think his opponent that while armed and he's one of the sentiment. It's critical to panic I think there's good and all these guys one Latin. No absolutely that would ban on hand down the stretch it as an elected back together that's OK the big lip. The amendment because that's who everybody is in the NBA so for them and all the sudden be. Second unit guys. It changes you know it's a good lieutenant commander something they've done that and got accepted. Don't look at showed maturity beyond his age. The improvement right after the fact that the incidence of I'm happy to be here and and I am ecstatic let that I didn't play in the NBA equivalent to this other. But a lot of I'm that's like back off the bench and I'm gonna show that I'm good enough that those minutes and then let's get an amendment and that's exactly what to do it. And so now what you did that I wanted to consistently. That came with the response from that and I think that would prevent what inconsistent whether a patient. One minute that you got pushed back into the special teams struggling so but the FBI and I can now there's this kind of give them a little bit there. Consistent he wrote what they want quite excellent thing and I am not knocking the wind contradict that particular coach the team you can implement them and so when you do that. You know sometimes the baton to polish. Aren't always. It's not it's not a perfect science says. I don't see him get through and I think that this thing and get better. Good to improve them to get themselves. The lid that that's possible and I would no doubt about that yesterday. Which. I would I think that I didn't think they look. That the number of interacting that they have to do. It's not likely that they're going through them and get back to the post season it's studio and that is that true I mean it's not likely. It's gonna pick equity group. I can't believe Obama echoed the death I think that we can do some pretty phenomenal things over the years and flew back and let the trick especially want permanently. Only discuss that reality would you just a moment but with the grizzlies being on the road deny it. There's an option here in town maybe midtown may be downtown. We wanted to watch the game with some with some other grizzlies fans can get kind of the the fan experience that you might not be able to get it home just wash my yourself. My grand. What. That would be local that would be one that would be one right there that's far that you could look at it as well. I'm an imminent launch okay. Act for the good good good local on the weekend brunch. Although I don't want to miss them put them for the moment to deliver the that in that I would look. I imagine it's not my thing that I don't want what I would rather than under the man's got so bad can it get something different types including the good old favorite. I doubt that the truth stretching and moving and he's everywhere at the locations than conservatives an advantage go to the doctor looked into the shape. We certainly appreciate people men. I didn't want to let you know an adult and I wish I include could be that's for people who companies that I don't. We've I don't use myself says. I'm a big fan of that restaurant I had bad bet I think it's a great place to hang out with your friends I didn't watching them on game watching. It's just one of those really quick opening of the good thing about it didn't. It is locally known about the political opening says that there's slogan was eat drink and then after that I can do that live music. On the weekends until it's second only go wrong. And local and I for one duke it's. You don't have a week after the goes along a little bit that maybe it could my good local -- good at have to look at. Not that bad that in the coming into the gloom that he's OK my goodness we methadone and a good finish this front. The people could go out here. At. Noting that speculating that the without losing OK let me let the good people you can get a look because everyone basically lake. And the atmosphere is a lot offensively get their opening night. And my family get those two locations conveniently enough with the Soviet. There's one Ottawa in school and that melanoma on main street down palace who are you doing. Obviously the grizzlies are waiting on the return of Mike Conley civil lineup still a couple of weeks away from that but. When you look at the schedule air can you look at the fact that. The grizzlies are only really three and a half games back out of eighth place. At what point do you make the assessment that. Okay maybe the playoffs are too far EL RC four out of reach because while I definitely think that. It's certainly a reality of the grizzlies have to face looking at Mitt perhaps on making the playoffs. What point do you have to really consider that as a legitimate reality. I I think they don't have gone to the apartment long time ago that the way to look at that he's has spoken out that the the game itself and so now on the the second point games that. You're cool that's seven and thirteen. And it pushed back against that you're now you're in eleventh and look and act if you can. If you can get through this and against that of the forty game mark. And be little I don't know eighteen points few maybe nineteen and quite want what you eat can really affect me. So you can make them simply go to and inflict. And that's what a sixteen games with. You know pennant that in no evidence that there. A lot of bad bound together and I'm not in the top I had maybe you can go back and then let him. Eleventh if you really in good shape I think if you put ten. Instead it if you happen now if you're looking at seventeen point 3%. From the point that. Good luck and better if they're huge event that their climb up when your swing situated in the world 500 Serb. Good political at this stage. There's a night in night out event but there's got to be better than an open court they've got to be better against them on the things you cannot take anybody for granted as far as you're concerned. Everybody out there look at the Golden State solution an offense as well I think this goes as an example couldn't seem to have a goodly number I agree with the good news. Please do not typically when you get treated men out there and blew their playoff game. And nothing but your best effort is quite a lot of basketball game the other night and I couldn't put up. You know pure political representing pilots starting tonight maybe that's that would give get folks and their struggle. But you've got to be on you couldn't Blumenthal didn't get good at it and get back then Mike Conley. Ben and I can't handle it until I had the feeling better than what you'd location to be Booth. Even then it got to continue to opinion is not good enough. Overhead. Food could not move that. And after that we can't have people Levin and I understand that the frustration and the anger and I understand the change candidate at the continuity that include. I want to put them shackled that. You know now the lineup is coming back at the location to police veteran now and I don't as the back and maybe get back you look at the equipment and able. Well yeah the problem couldn't it damage the lit candles and add them comparisons and welcome O'Reilly added like food and commitment together. Come off the bench and I could include weapons says. Equity compensation because then. It's included and there aren't any restrictions or whatever they want and it's in the NB you know you continue to responded that that happens. Does he go back to the second unit. You can come and put him at one Mike Conley is happy that we've got a good after the fact you know everything looks good but the second unit. I had going to be mentioned decision including that the Atlanta and it down and then when all of that they're thinking about the Netherlands and everybody looked OK okay that. Eric along the same lines. When Mike Conley does return. Do you expect this will still see Tyreke playing point guard even if it's on the psyche union because thus far outside of the one game where they had the first set miscommunication. I racism really darn good appoint card. Annika that a miscommunication that was bad the honest communication that was like L what now is the one on here and that happened again at. I don't know I think we don't. There's going to be head coach is the ability to we talk about this growing up every bit. He could pass to Marcus says. I thought that it went through like three guys and I just what could look that was Scott let's get that needle and I'll bet that that's not taught that consensual. You know that's just that's just what does god given gift and he's got he's got that information. You know that's it's crazy when you talk about the news and corporate vision some guys just how. The court vision that it better than others and that he may have been tremendous relief and having the live look I'm good at least. And we even put out what I was going with Clinton barely had that you know one of the things that they've got so successful that can be an evolution from outside so consistently well. Clinton could dig out from an opening the other guys took it wouldn't be as highly touted that message out there incredible ability. That's where the basketball that very few possess so really bad image in question because if he had abandoned and well that Mario built in Roddick at the patent shattered map that's good and he's a real weapon could be we are it is it is evaluate. Drew the penetration it's better than I was back impeccable as saying you know that that I would have much better at that you had father Mario Chalmers is saying. I don't know and I think he can consider women and the kind of conditions in the bed I think looking at me. My answer that I am not a mistake a lot of them that that second unit I think people talk about and I think there's possession keep an Obama event. If you needed it didn't look now at some time off. That he would hope we can bend internal tensions in Berlin and open markets and or something along those lines so you can mix and match now. Bringing Mike back slowly that day and so I think what we'll do that then that limit how we can. All the quote. You know not handle on the ball I think that's what water pollutants. You know I'm not in the post is moving further it was good lesson on my part that. Having seen the nearly two decades of people who. Do you recognize what guys can do and and that that is struggling. And you know from what he can't do it. If facilitate an offense didn't want trouble doing shooting from the outside and playing an off the bat. They're looking like an old little kind of value there. I can't name drop burned area but I can name drop Aircastle time and if I hit it by name drop Aircastle got to sleep easy this. But that yeah yeah I'm not doing good glad that we wish we acknowledge that it include cooking is old so. All of its seats. It is pretty good really good on the mountainside and he's the best example I think that that if you do it and got me there wasn't going to be that. I've I would probably do it asleep disease whoa what would happen if I named dropped Aircastle classic. I bet you didn't end up yourself but we couldn't even if he's yeah. Because anybody that named the patient and I think the third a look at social get an extra 10%. Are there already deeply discounted prices. We believe is there an easy shopping experience and now. I exactly they've got that incredible. News. And yeah where you can create your own. Are tired and specification of what you want. Instead that. It really is. Amazing deal. Either inpatient therapy that could have got close to build brief lead they pulled from scratch. It could prove I'm definitely pick besides we've gotten shell. You create your comfortable level of support everything from super stop and called back we called shredded mentally culture at lake that the and look who's got a you know people that are needed to let that it has been for the boat. And it comes with a technical problems and protect as they've done to make specific needs of the customer. I I can do perpetuating with the Better Business Bureau they're gonna love the most amazing about that is stored for three consecutive years from the commercial appeal looters. And put it is it's good mattress good pay the premium line to serve our company and the sort of perfectly good luck episode I don't particularly. Inside edition and dominant that it has a felony because I cannot wait to get. To my bed but he beat my name a Japanese man but Geoff Calkins had their sure anybody for the patients taking him down Bennett and back wasn't even an extra 10% off that point tonight including the commitments that are repeated this week BV BVF dot com. Eric is. Madison Square Garden really worth the hype like is it I mean I know obviously it's it's an arena in Manhattan but is it. Does it have the mystique in the feel like yeah. Europe packer fan I think. I just don't I don't quite see how it's Lambeau Field but perhaps I'm wrong. Now I think it's not Lambeau Field and and fortunately won here it is how we played a competing game at the University of Wisconsin going bad. And they have only now we go to the box was right across street level feel so welcome we did this year. I've I pulled out and caught the Connecticut I think that people who that was an hour that that surprised at the other ready for the game itself. I was fortunate to be able to walk on the field Atlanta I think that is a little bit different distinction coming because I make huge Packers can't let them get into that the next van. Would feel that way the thing about the garden that there is. When you walk it and say if it's who knew exactly what he says it in the middle of Manhattan where there's just no room to build anything and I talked about. Possibly. Destroying it and making it a bigger train station because there's no doubt you. To the owner of the property there then you know community trying. And and get more trying based demand mankind coming in and out that's tonight more revenue on an economist with the coach that took us about that. The next maybe without knowing that and then what you gonna build one in Manhattan there's not a lot of open space you can get weather itself. If it's good it's good really cool unquote when you're going on the block but it is weird that about it could I went on about certainly demonstrate level. You've really got to go into the pivot back I think without didn't use a guy that said that it welcome walk out there circular lamp. Two different level which is if you showed up. And then he walked through the Malacca we'll let you see the pictures of all the people that are dead concerts and shows that a benefit. Going all the way back into the fifties and sixties them. They renovated it totally times that is that the mystique there's. They're always going to be there who's coming into the event that night every night he looked like it that I don't get the quick pace into the bullying has been spent. It's midnight loot some of the other ones including the wallet downloaded coupons in terms of the amenities and and all of that that you're not at the garden. Oh the humanity here at the garden could be at the garden and believe me he is the added that they have a live in New York. And you have to deal could that there's a local candidates on the bed and some people listen Casey had written and exactly who could forget about that either was. Food and I don't think it. If you need it even at his business took the attitude and you know there's the next game and got back Tibet and human being and that I have. You want to do that server and always going to be able to sell tickets and I always going to be able to people throughout the game themselves. It's all the packed atmosphere a lot of times it's quieter than you would think because there's so many transplanted people that I certainly that's an expanded our problem they're more. Just because there was good to watch the game got there are some that might look at them. I think they didn't want okay I could use stock market and then I. And usually and at the end of the day when MM gun at the people there at the very good luck it was either about Michael can't think he did that in the maybe it like I don't epitomized people hate and make it if it's that I am now quite or whatever. The impact of the atmosphere itself. I enjoy that eight that you know I've looked up and not let them go into any only then do what we do apparently did Alia but it it's pretty cool a bit irritated at the Middle East. What's the worst rating the you've ever gotten from an imposing and as. I'm here. Probably it I don't know I haven't been really cool and and I think because of the at all. They ate all those people now pretty much in this standards that they think Chicago. And the lakers are kind of the last few essential walk to work with that I was actually the worst that ultimately that got delivered. It was a guy basically. Given at the top issues. And what did that democracy and a way to. That directed at me was he is you know just like we were we want quiet wow and what that the guys basically. I don't know if he's been out and have a genetic mutants and couldn't we've got it's like that event I. They couldn't let that it's been about a pandemic than at any night but do now thanks. Everybody was cool about it after the but the thing was was pretty ugly good. Aden have been directed at me but you know they get body was probably anybody would accuse them. You know the markets. Did okay this and finish our whole family was good hands blob looked around at. If these geniuses that that that was it YouTube guy and a ground ground yeah. And so yeah I had the ultimate comeback that. I mean that is that you can put that in that event NBA game when you have good news bad. So if I didn't. The event action behind it and it and it's about to happen. And then at wideout Donald populated I personally know that caused the pipe underground and that. I don't you just say one bad word. And then we're gonna find out what happened to me than they would demand that anybody would have been my outfit and senate candidate that's what happens. Then I like I'm gonna do anything about it I just heard enough. I don't know put the guy that could have been worse but it's one of the new begins. Hey we got and it ended up dead after the last few years at that particular independence for excellence they usually QB gazans. If he's like going who's such a trooper and an additional unbelievably humbled. Put a lot of people that we did catch up with my I really do enjoy coming up here and I enjoy it now one couldn't get away. Grizzlies and knicks tonight the return of Chandler Parsons. We expectancy at channel tonight. But yeah it. It was kind of improvement that I wanted to be really good there's not anything from the need that this wanted to jump shot that is given the important jumped out of them ironically as. It they complained so vehemently about not up to truly get through that underneath that quite a lot of one run and got good collection conference finals that. I think back then I expected to be maybe well I expect them to be aggressive he doesn't. But the enemies seemingly getting better and better each each week each night hourly easing battle. A little bit more about to let the happened. I expect him he used to come out really contribute he's got to be aggressive. I've been like wasn't Chandler's not over thinking it and that is going. Or is quite instinctual or not we actually though basketball. That was the problem that in the beginning of the new member of that group who knew exactly what it looked good commented that he kidnapped he got going on and think he's quite honest reaction. Hey you can't do that mislead anyone beat compatriot. It's an articulate but if you do that many times in the invited on at the Pentagon shot the next conflict visualize fire at a bit block that block. In but is amazing to me how they get that leadership group. Concerned about getting shot blocked it and put me you've got my shot. Act out of that prosecution and then at 10 o'clock and I can't stay at all they don't. I bet that this approach at all you know I got about 11 unit and I think you're going to get your shot clock it certainly could have six foot. He ate them up and athletes exploit. We couldn't get off the bad guys are gonna block shots because exactly what it is Shaq deputy is shot blocker but he's gonna itself. I'm happy and goofy and I think we will I think we'll be ready to go yeah obviously. Understand this stage we loved this city truly come back here could actually go ahead and say look okay at some Clinton in the crowd that you don't want the television report. And if you're a guy out there and you don't wanna have your shot blocked if you're gonna ask. Your special someone to marry you this this holiday season where you go to by the best ring possible because that way she can't say no and if she just get something broader and Jewish. Now that you should stand there and it is a great time. I could get engaged and Mike Glenn the go ahead and George certainly. Are some of the back and created. Iconic. Wedding bands like knowing that if you don't make it look good good because there without penalty so can he felt like countries. Page a picture that you want to have created you can certainly do that and she's not out of the bit unrealistic because they threw at you also have. The ballot that would trade up after that you. I quit the way you control that predominantly read this I that they could. Between the two diamonds limited as little as one dollar and I guess could you know I've shopped there and doing that that Christmas gifts that was. So simple. That's just it didn't go out here and I think that's even on the ballot because I didn't want I didn't know what I've gotten a bit. I went and that they should really different selection that they out. They've set we just chatted about everything you put enough pressure. Atmosphere admitted it's maybe it's so easy and if there's any distress about what we get that special someone you know I think it luckily had a lot to do was. Everything paid well everybody is anything that matters that you want on that you have put something really special under the tree. An advantage diamond necklaces for the death of Diana collection could lower at 99 dollars. The one Robert Bennett art that was a beautiful old school there's a 199 dollars. And the magnificent collection launches today when they're noticing the core collection opponents in dealing with each round and that the island. And I magnified using a sapphire land it sounds crazy but. 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All I ask you this though it's the twentieth anniversary of Charles Woodson is winning the Heisman over Peyton Manning. And with your being on the West Coast obviously Ryan leaf was involved that Randy Moss. From his outstanding season at Marshall was involved as well. Hurt so many southerners even if you weren't a Tennessee fan it it really Charles Woodson is winning the Heisman really turned off so many people. What do you remember specifically about that wait how was the reaction different if it was different on the West Coast when. You know Charles Woodson was named the Heisman Trophy winner over Peyton Manning. Well in our lives it's not the thing that can potentially benefit that this is that. And friends of mine were passionate about college football we had a group of guys. Got together and watch college football on a regular. That was back at me Sega Genesis days that they have and so what PlayStation had quite a completely different topic we played. College football that was the battle. Who would get panicky because Peyton Manning was the quarterback. And so badly the Atlanta we went to college together and and you know doubted that. And that he was somebody out of the coming out so we watched a lot of college football especially that. Saturday at BC live on TV that and so. The only shock is one that went down not that important was a backup important tremendous elusive power that. All of that aside the ability to get back at the side but they Peyton Manning was. Phenomenal I mean just phenomenal and I don't know it's it's. Definitely has some very good bet if that was echoed. We never vote for defensive end of that as that I want it's bad. And special teams and he's he's so dynamic believe that did. Read this is the year that we were gonna do it. And I remember hearing that and I thought that was crazy because of that that they have the Heisman Trophy is not some additional limited. Do you think that the Heisman Trophy. After the Pentagon doesn't get I understand that you can't tolerate. And in good faith that their child looking at it as it couldn't keep the that he was trying to land it. I may have an impact of payment pavement that I just said I can't believe that. And I read your outlook and a lot of watching and quiet guy is about Peyton Manning that is it. Got the shaft and I'm not sure why and what about whether or maybe they're finally took some. It may be ready mop is incredible even though compared to just happened happened at Marshall instead okay. You know big name schools. And and maybe that's an okay concept good news. People include Peyton Manning and and maybe this type of people that we did not think an episode. As Titanic because it looked like beyond the patent eighteenth okay. And at that time that one the night that academically as we've ever seen going into that keying on ours the end Laviolette he's a little bit better but not. Significantly. That was a bit like that guy man that type of quarterback Michael Vick was. Or that it could losses and well heeled patent that they've ever been went up forty minutes after the anybody they completely offensive lineman probably. It would I think he was so good but it doesn't look even could have clinic that. Think when you see that could dynamic plays good angle what kind of went out there if they could mayfield. It wouldn't let you know gripping the content of the defense. And and one in 150 yards down the field the ball right now what can. At and Peyton just within the pocket and destroy dark and a lot of art and thrown out of darkened dramatically the number it. And I want forty yard on the sidelines to send a lot of inside a veteran and an interception and get the good thing even. It didn't look like you know this incredible and it could say that it really was and I think that maybe got some guys that they're not realize. What he would do and how good he really was put. Now any and it is unfortunate Kook could patent that was fortunate controlled what then. I could get it and I know if I go on the map and pointing is where there was talk bad about it. Yeah I think you worked out for both guys. Net putting that good and I'd like to welcome back tonight and tonight I get enough. A little bit about Edwards couldn't have come down quite a delusional like that was the beginning of the good news like any good really good guy. He was really easy that I thought it was really good with the media. I obviously don't know about that the locker room but by all accounts from the guys that could go a little bit out of that could make that naive. He just like that Khalilzad who wouldn't you know it could edit it out there that has not shied away and probably what has been trophy wanted to. I'll let let that made it look and then he was a big reason why that team. You know one can't go around under John Goodman one probably you know kind of team probably midway through things to a series championship contender wasn't big business is global the hoosiers have agreed to withdraw and it. Had a chance again a couple of other to limit the apple will lead going to goose the plant which can benefit that the OK this. It's hard to prevent the blog about being at that game. The defense was was really good proof that the president that was really good grip because it was the middle linebacker. And belief that the took a look at what the big factor and. And then Erica before lets you go if you're looking for lunch spot here in town what's a good suggestion from a. Well you know that that took if you want to put the lunch that needed to issue number one Maybelline it. Glad that they would he was and so I'm hungry man in the 1922. That is. Maybe five years if you wanted to get a lap and I think that good at it you're not Biblical Land god used. They cannot do that right then and I'd tell them that these kinds of opens Sunday through Thursday eleven if you could easily get live blog today that. You get involved it was Friday or Saturday eleven and the poor PF. And I think the plan didn't get much why should you really good oddly enough that the Fed is featured the US followed catfish blues got barbecued at the political. Every bit the US followed that issue download just about every single bed and there's always some great barbecue there. As well put that aside and things you can imagine vegetables. And just really feeling satisfied with. While trying to they're good value than a few that I definitely want just a couple big planet and what could typically Batista on tour that. Oh you're one of the popular with a hand let's talk Susan and little withdrawn that menu as well and delicious Atlanta's I didn't think that he got up. The drive the people who are doing as well at least six and 196336. Or 1963. Well and it has been doing a bloody five years in the atmosphere that is so cool with that but that's about it. I don't let the man and that's certainly moves that chewed through Memphis four and a diplomat who look at Barghouti was about Leonard that barbecued. They think basically that's. I think you have to look at least six 1963. There be saved a lock on the call tonight we'll see when you get back here tomorrow. Japanese banks let down. Now both. Always a pleasure moment. He is Aircastle sunny is the grizzlies radio play by play. Announcer again knicks and grizzlies tonight your right here on 99 and then ESPN. When we come back it is eyes than a week. Give Ben's thoughts on what he thought just went Peyton Manning was stumped for. Charles Woodson will discuss that also discuss some coaching search news when we come back right here in the air cast pressured not to see none of them ESPN. 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What's up sorry I was fooled again that little listen we were aware aware filibuster or get the job done but Palestinians and good country music event. There as well a New York City providing for me on hold Exxon I think good country I always think. Manhattan New York that's exactly exactly what I think of as the home of country music take that national. Take that. We gotta get that three stories have been able to get to you thus far Benjamin of rain on both the French horn sounds. Ring you know. Hurry up 358. We now 82 nines very castles Benjamin Benjamin Benjamin. How long have you been a vol fan now. Oz is those board both my parents were to Knoxville and I grew up in Orange white household OK so tiger up. And aid Manning household if you will okay and my dad and a red headed running Gunner his idol growing up was Archie Manning. So let's go back to 1997. And I can think vividly remember. I'd my dad had a lot of his Tennessee bodies over and we are watching the the Heisman ceremony is was he kind of like a celebration. Fur of her knowledge to Manning's but obviously for Tennessee airing at their Heisman Trophy winner. And it. The atmosphere. Being on SI I was nine at the time I was nine at the time and then. Just watching a room just immediately go. From flat. To anger to disbelief like all of the range of emotions when Charles Woodson and up winning the Heisman. What was it like for you to. It was all shot I was twelve years old and I'll watch a lot of college football dead and I I still do but I watched a watched religiously obviously. And I knew about Charles was sin but. I knew that he was a punt returner as well as a defensive back who might do returns couple putts for touchdown was the Heisman and that was my thing and I'm just you know. I didn't understand because. For me. You know social media and all that stuff so. It was evident all sound exactly all sound like was this is paid may means Heisman Trophy like this is the crowning of his college right all career. And then all of a sudden they announced Charles what's the web because it was like a little of what Charles what's you could win it but more mainly everybody it's the way it was sounding everything that I watched delegates can be Peyton Manning's when. When the raiders drafted Charles was it a little upset the raiders' first in the I realize. Hey they just got that Heisman Trophy winner he's gonna be great. Oakland raider. Catcher Peyton Manning. History has been much kinder to Charles Woodson is winning the Heisman has been the same Jason white's winning the Heisman. But I it's what those vivid memories that sticks would mean because like it took my dad. I think almost I think up until Eli. Was any senior and out for the Heisman Trophy winner to just watched the entire ceremony again. Light and my dad was not a Tennessee fan by any stretch of the imagination like yeah I it was just so weird thing where. I guess there was quarterback to tee you know we Danny were from before that patent could never beat Florida and it just looked like there's the quarterback fatigue and it was just anyone kind of looking to do something different and then Charles Woodson ends up winning but again. At least history has been kind to Charles Woodson winning the Heisman and I mean everybody that Heisman Trophy. Presentation I mean oh yeah I mean yet three future hall of famers and then Ryan leaf and well Ryan leafs problems were not power. It. It may he may get his money. Drama. My dad and that bins Heisman Trophy out front runner of the guided they wanted to see when the most and why. Died I want to seal N the most. This won't go down in the hall of fame of pettiness for those that don't know. I'm the petty is human being that ever lived. And just when I think baker mayfield could make me love him anymore like literally could not making love and anymore he goes and does something like this. And just. Completely. Throws me head over heels form yet again this from DOU daily. They killed competitive. And this transcends the football field one titan 2015 mayfield found himself running on and Norman high school football field. In the pouring rain at 9:30 PM in a collared shirt jeans and converse sneakers. He and then girlfriend a former Oklahoma State soccer player debated who is in better shape. The two were at Trevor and Connor night's house blocks from Norman high school with a roughly fifteen other people Oklahoma's senior fullback Jackson Hole as. Mayfield roommate and close friend remembers. Burr master telling mayfield he couldn't pass sir how packs her team's fitness test. The Manchester United fitness test which is the hyper competitive mayfield guaranteed he could complete. Quote so let's say I shows she said let's go do it right now all this were called mayfield of course finish the task. That is on brand. When you are the petty is to end the ultimate chip on your shoulder guide through Al all the haters all the doubters wrong. That's an ego and run the Manchester United folk aren't awful awful off fitness test. And I couldn't be prouder to be a bait bag or before Darren now. Could not be prouder. I story number three comes to us today from the world of college football. Arkansas finally has its man it's man is indeed Chad Morse the rumors were pretty strong all last week. It appeared that once gust now Zhan indeed turned Arkansas down that Arkansas largely focused its attention on Chad Morris. Largely citing the fact that Diaz. A lot of a lot of experience coming from Texas he was a Texas high school football coach there for years and years. And Arkansas believes that four to maximize its job. It needs to really tap into the Texas market apparently and her I should say obviously in recruiting so. Interesting hire. Are digging my thoughts but more importantly. We're gonna ask bill Bender about it we'll get your thoughts on it later on in the show or ask bill Bender about it next. He's gonna enjoy this right here on the air cast iron shows stayed around it was in 99 FM ESPN. W and it's. It's easy for any holiday jealous design. Coming and David at 50% off throughout the stool I get something special like selects fine jewelry it's a 70% off after an extra 20% off if you JC Penney critical to bond never JC Penney reports members only get one tip your total weight. Or pending for just 45 dollars each only while supplies last get everything on her list for less than you think JC Penney. And fresh spin off. Towards other solutions. He's working together. I know my favorite word. Simple it's how I run my life. 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