Gary Parrish Show, Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1 on Tiger hoops/Football)

The Gary Parrish Show
Wednesday, December 6th

Seg 1:  GP and Geoff discuss Memphis football and basketball

Seg 2:  GP talks about the college football coaching carousel

Seg 3:  Dinner to Go  


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Ever be appreciative of that story number four the time person of the year to 2017 has been identified himself one person who is it it's the silent breakers. All the people like gut busting people for being dirty birds it is the folks who have spoke out now. Asked about sexual harassment sexual misconduct them and brought down. You know incredibly powerful men. I'm in every all of them walk of a of entertainment I mean from Harvey Weinstein which is where it starts. To Matt allow learn to. I mean you just go through it they did at best buy this time tomorrow it Charlie Rowe who's so it'll be senator Al Franken who is expected to resign. Tomorrow because of his own sexual misconduct scandal and and so I don't have time always gets his right but I do think they've gotten this right now does. They have. These women and in some cases men who have spoken out like they have changed our world yet undeniably. Because clearly we now know of we didn't before. For decades and decades and decades and decades and it's not just in Hollywood but I think in basically every work environments right. Powerful men have been getting away with behavior. Either because they thought it was okay for some weird twisted reason or they knew that they were so powerful that there was nothing anybody can do to them about it right and I don't care who you are now. Senator Hollywood executive. And so on who runs a radio station. You now know the rules have changed up on its sad that it took this long for the rules to change it took these women and men come forward set to change the rules. But the roles have changed and I think it workplaces. All over the country yet. Not just in Hollywood but all over the country your law firm in east Memphis right you're accounting firm. In east Memphis executives. Old. The stuff right everybody knows what whatever you used to do that you thought was AOK or funny or right acceptable. I know more right some of the biggest most powerful successful man in this country have been taken down and rightfully so in in I think most cases yet. Arm and you could be next so no more united gonna talk the woman like that anymore you're not gonna treat women like that anymore unite and use your power to. Tick to commit these acts the way you're. You once did like that is a an undeniable lesson. I'm over the past few months and that it will be one of the biggest stories. Arm of 2017. And so for time to to recognize those were men and women properly. It's fine with me I think they got it right Geoff Calkins subjects. Still we and it's. It's okay is that tiger nation you're part of tiger history a fantastic. 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Well it looks like it's the the officials here. Looks like doesn't work well there's really no sense to you in the studio look. Now do you amenities that very night that he had an initiator right like you'll enjoy it wouldn't give away the next segment we'll stick with the right now my dog would jump knocking the award will become of them of the commercial pillows and Jeff got the job. I'm good Garrett I was listening. And I I actually reached a point that I never reached in my life a point that I never anticipated reaching in my entire life that it is this. I was listening to Geoff Calkins and John Martin. Debate something. And I was like you know what I think I think someone's got to rice. Oh yeah. And therefore I had a big John Mark. Right. Yeah well let's be clear I would throw it out avatar the question now they don't speaking out beat prediction hard position. Did method has become a football school but I heard you at. At an engine that I. The commitment beat this may actually be a new look for me to. Upon hearing Jian Wei and not get a look at what did you look. Let me let me just say this about it because I'd I'd I'd argue that the. But historically it's clearly a basketball school about football school I had we agree that. And you and I have discussed before. The biggest thing about. About all of this is is that no matter what matters doesn't football. They can only be a mid major central football program whereas in basketball they came they should be only so that makes them. Make a tragedy it will go on now but it also. It it also in the air and shapes when their football school or basketball school. I would add the following things now. I act like I do wonder like right now for example little bubble is in the qualified so they can achieve the national championship in him. In the football and edit and that's where they end and it. I like that and walk but actually wonder what comes football matters. Globally so much more than basketball matters. Welcome we are really even more football country than we are basketball country. I wonder if you put the question to all the global it. Would you rather you know which is more important to you now. Would get a few more pleasure now which is free which is which you equipped forget the history just like where where we if you let them. Think one for the rest of time it be great you want to go to the time which which you'd be great. I wouldn't be surprised if wool fans would pick. Would picked football I think it's possible. To change what your basketball school are football school and I think global it and the cost is in the isn't there. Process of doing it into the Memphis. I agree adding that it is fundamentally about oracle are larger point there was. Can I do think that. If you have the same question America's sense right now I don't really after the I really don't now. But I think probably they could basketball but basically if you asked every little bit. Could I if we are at stake you wanna be off of that one which would you have a B also meant. I don't know anymore bit it would be. A 190 used to be 95% let it be off the bat all of the couple like at five. I think a lot of people right now might say you know what I'd rather be up to much football and basketball and one reason I get them so much fun. But the other reason is if you also a basketball ultimately gets you nowhere beyond the little ball. May or may not probably won't. But can ultimately get to work out global what you don't know about five different Food Network the hospital off. So and I think it's it's a complicated question fundamentally. I would I think look. Little more about it a little. I guess I would say this if you told me. If you get also mean football you won't get into a power five leak. Then I would its end and you also said and the only way to get popped again also that football is to sacrifice basketball. I would sacrifice basketball. Leggett the most important thing you can do with the university athletic department is you get an invitation into a power five league president Wright has said that many many times. So if you told me that was the game. If that's just about would you rather be awesome and awful Boston basketball but if you're also that football you'll get a handle power by leak cool be also a football. I don't think it's realistic for Memphis I don't think being the author of the ball gets you into a power five leak so big a sort of football only gets you. Really where you're at right now. Forty to 50000 people and a larger than that stadium. You know what at a ranking somewhere. In the teams but you're still just sort of that cute little non power five school that. If you had to line up and split the big boys every week you would be able to be what you are you could never shake that. Even Boise State like. Really never took completely shocked that they they undeniable ceiling. A what you can do in football if you are operating outside the power five level on the other hand in basketball. Like you can be. What Memphis basketball used to be you can beat. What Villanova isn't right now you can be what Wichita State is right now you don't have to be a power five league to recruit at the highest level win at the highest level. Cut nets a win championships in men's basketball and that's why I think if you asked this question to power five schools. It's a different question than if you ask you to not power five schools because. I'm at the non power play level you can't accomplish no matter how good you get what you wanna accomplish in football but you can do it a basketball. I'll and then and we didn't put before the the amazing thing about what's happening and that is that while right now if you look at the three. That's its franchises. Met as football madness basketball and the privileged. The thirteen that is as the most advantages in terms of being competitive on the highest level competing for championships. I caught a lie. It is meant to cut the best political team that the bill and not even. Close. And yet and yet they're squandered so I agree completely equipped with that pack. I I I. I do wonder if you if you just literally it's kind of a poll. Right now it if you ask most Memphis clients. You'll like this better. We like the other way better. I don't think more would sell it the other way but a disease is. Giving her picnic that. Because it. The other way you're competing for national championship and I just or father eventually one of the things when I rode it out when I wrote the column from. This loss in the American athletic package and it was a crushing loss to write it absolutely crushing loss and yet on the Natalee. I wrote Eric and that was one column right and it I was thinking back other crushing losses that loved as well as cash and you got the crushing loss and Derrick Washington the free throw. And yet the crushing block out you can't the national championship game. And from neither of those games did that right. And yet it luck but man that was bombed Israel that stock that I battled off all the way that it was scratchy right and the reason is that. Is exactly what you point out in the end for Memphis football mistakes while Blair I go to the people would have been fun. The stakes are that ultimately aren't that high could they don't allow you to have the stakes so that the picture really risky go preach well legally able to have a little people little ball. But either way you're not really. When the trick when another basketball look good. It is national David pepper not a national championship and it's very different. Tiger Geoff Calkins or 929 FM. ESPN I had somebody on Twitter say Memphis can 40000 people full football games now. In 2025. Under for basketball games now that means your football school. That's all temporary what we're experiencing right now is so out of whack in so improbable. Like that does that football is operating at its highest level ever. Memphis basketball is operating at its low portal lowest level in the modern era. I mean we are operating in extreme situations in both sports right now. But but I promise you with Memphis basketball ever flipped it. Like they get a good coach I shouldn't say good effect of they get an effective coach relative to this program. Within a staff they can recruit effectively. And successfully. And they go out and start recruiting the way Memphis has historically recruited him winning the way Memphis has historically one. Some people sort care about Memphis basketball immediately is different now because of the grizzlies. I do think one point you made consistently that is a 100% true kids these days when I grew up I grew up. Idolizing from a basketball perspective keep Lee Andre turner Elliot Perry. Penny Hardaway. My kids are grown up right now they don't even know any Memphis basketball player but they do know Mike Conley Margo this fall. Zach Randolph Tony Allen. You know even Dylan or center Michael Green shirt like it is a different it's a different deal but it Mecca that's what ever got good. People would carry give people want to care it's I think it's why you so much anger right now it would Memphis football is bad it's like we just sort of like. That was the balls bad that's too bad ha ha ha we move on we met the best one bad people are mad about it because you know what's possible here. And what's happening now actually seems impossible like it seems for all different sorts of reasons. It's seems impossible to ever have Memphis basketball where's that right now which is what people are so angry about. Yeah 82 point one is looking more more people go to Kentucky football games and got to ask owed no I would say is that I don't say that. Don't look at football school go. That's just a function of a how big stadium is blue part I do wonder about ears. I don't no question that if they got such a coach that another to get stagecoach group at a high level one of the high level typically would be great interest in people come back. I do wonder like at some point today because the grizzlies themselves structurally and introduce change in the city. But it is true like there are. DePaul is no longer relevant. To Paul used to be relevant right. I probably more examples of that there but certainly DePaul is 18 into a possible. You can like at some point it can be to college you go to the local crowd right L. And they're just popped back. And so let's say you can double the proudly back update doubt let him back to work right what is it literally if you doubled the number of people have gone to games come before. Continue to look bad day that the baby got Larry Fitch fired and a bad day that it brides if you double the crowd that there is right now. But I do think Berrian and that's why would you talk about and I heard you got to dig in doubt about given W another year. I don't think there is. Like a real danger here because. It is bad and it also Bolivia today bit. I didn't go to the totality to coach show but they said. They've been or nine people go to show. If you know like that. But what the hell happened a little basketball. And that you could be 5060. Account you can go to people over there just in and out of hand different. When Josh live at the average age there war. Yeah about forty people who would show up to go to the coaches show. I got knocked him. You know that's it's it's. I do wonder and that's why they keep it it's important not to let it go too far gone because I do think at some point it becomes harder to bring about. Oh and that is what she said. She said I would like when I was explaining that Jason John it was merely like. I think Jason asked if you're gonna give my third year what's the argument Ford and so here's the way you'd make the argument to be clear I don't subscribe to that argument a guide I ate. And unless something amazing. Happens late as it relates to recruiting where you can point to something and say hey okay it's been bad but we got these dudes common we will be fine. A and that ain't happening by the way they got no shot of some like it they're in effective recruiters so they they're not gonna suddenly become great recruiters. Unless there's something like that I don't understand how you can do it I mean I I can I I do I may have very. Straightforward case for how you can financially make it work you cannot buy out Tubby Smith to go play another coach three million dollars but you can buy up Tubby Smith. Spread one point five million dollars a year you know do that for six years to get to the nine million dollar total. And then offer somebody else is 61 point five million dollar contract is still spent three million dollars a year on men's basketball coach disbanded in different ways. I mean that that can be done and that is preferable. To doing that third year of what or experiencing right now because you're exactly right but there's certain stages to this. You know it it goes from. Right now you're an angry stage but after awhile people get tired of being. I'm not sure of English paper when you sit there before like people are mad I don't know how many people are. People live like Cadillac but with Josh would let let woman just lost to Oklahoma State ridiculous I'm thinking we're for K. Where they're forcing us to get back especially became politically therefore king got a team and we Oklahoma State they just smash. And judge everybody got to do you know I'd have got the shock the shock. You know. And that negative radio shows the next day workshop on pot so Coleman just. You're going to be for days appear. I don't know like. Are people men. I don't know I don't know Youkilis RB. Table that I I think a lot of people I've met at a lot of people shrug at that point and Adam. Did a lot of people have at least thrown in the towel I'll maybe it's because they get thrown in the towel until there's a coaching change just emotionally. They spilled in the towel it doesn't mean that they've given up. But I think that where if you're talking about the continuum between mad to not give and flipped. I think where we're not it's certainly the beginning to match out of the middle of match I think we're being diverted or molecular. How about time you make it might be right because as I think back to that local state game. That was. The next. Like example of what people were starting to think. That this basketball was under Josh pastor like they were still kind of believe it like OK we got this talented team and they just got ran completely off the court I mean it was back. And people were like oh. Son of law. Like we got good enough players. That shouldn't happen to us and now it happened again and you still haven't beaten a top 25 team that was real anger there I remember writing about. With this. I do get the sense that maybe it's not mad as much as it's just like man we saw this is crazy you know it's just like this is insane. Let's jump we have great why are we eat while we win it we had great players when are we winning just ginkgo like that's what it looked them. Now there's no anger that. That they're not winning Cutler bay players glibly while you bit her lower spent so. It's like a whole different level of futility. And now I think you're probably right and they're they're probably one of these super embarrassing losses away. From like at least getting people angry temporary like it's just like if they don't get a miracle in the final seconds last night like they just they actually did lose to say inferred. Like it did that a ratcheted up but ultimately. BA you're you're you're operating in a dangerous place right now at the university of athletic department. You know doctor Wright has consistently talked about how import athletics is to his university won't back that basketball program is the most identifiable. Thing. Connected that university. Historically there it is it just complete garbage right now and when there's no evidence nothing you can point to to suggest is going to get better. I and I don't understand how you. How you do have a another year of this because they've just. It's like there are people. I think they'll I actually did do I. Look look look we'll sit out go to step five and thirteen in contrast protect it is very readable the point I think it. Apparently quite a bit it's a little literally barely a little good to institute here they ultimately get into that have won the Vanilla ought to let itself. I think they could easily be proud of their TV conference in which case they may whatever you look at the I do also think I could treat people pop himself into our community. A different shaft and so wool will. Will will change to a certain cultures. And will be too late to change anyway in terms of recruiting like if it got that. What it out here. That might have helped write an athlete if Josh had changes typical to create new recruiting help if needed that kind of help that you actually could have. By cheating husband coaches. In before it last year he might have been able to save himself. I'll click at this point get to recruiter concept. What you are the it wasn't went basically three years have gone. I don't think it's gonna do anything it might be something you and I both well that's. Administration talked himself into thinking this might be a good year until if you could talk yourself. With the dropped her into thinking this might be a good year you might be able to talk yourself and thank him all of the needs of the different. As big yes I'd I hope not I hope they don't it's too late for that like that if they reasonable thing to say a year ago. It's it's it's you can't go care even if tubby can go out and hire two of the best recruiters on the planet. They wouldn't be able to get enough done to make next year good. AB eagle the third year crap no matter what at this point and so do you wanna go through it. For what I mean that's that it's a hard question because I recognize we would talk about millions and millions of dollars they come out of my pocket of my. Where stop in the end it's not coming in my pocket but I do think the way you to map created at 8 o'clock o'clock. Right I mean that's the thing you can't go out spent three million dollars or coach again in the honestly you probably shouldn't. That's not what she couldn't take it should I did better identify the guy you give it to a a but you can just say okay we got we owe it to be about nine million dollars we can spread it over six years it's one point five million dollars a year. We are going to go offer. Whoever I don't care about the names I'll let people like that names that ray tried that Penny Hardaway Steve Forbes. I don't think you could probably get there also look at this point because he's going to be up for other jobs and you know the people are gonna offer him more than one point five million dollar and you just put like I mean honestly I could have you list by tonight I just text three agents and say give me your best client the Memphis job if I can give you six years. At one point five million dollars guarantees. You just get that guy and it may or may not work out. And coach hired a tricky nothing's guaranteed. Like everybody loves all these football hires that are gonna happen right now it always gonna be greatness of the state he's going to be great Texan in him he's going to be great at Florida State he could be greater Arkansas they elderly great. Let's not get fired him for years social things like don't work out. And the knicks met the largest might not work out. But you are way better off of the universe you have. Like the armor rolling the dice on basically anybody you can get to six years one point five million dollars. And then you are going through another year of what they're going through right now that's that's what I think because. The people it in god bless them they go what the FedEx Forum last night let's just say for the sake of the conversation this 2000 album. The 2000 people that love that program I mean that love it they just they're just gonna be there no matter what I think they. They. Every year you go to some like this you're gonna pull a few of them. But also how are you creating new points lay if young people. People my age looked who grew up it looked like a basketball because that was the Major League franchise in our city when we grew up. It's no longer to age. The world so much smaller now than it used to be you could only watch. Basically the Memphis Tigers play basketball there what are the basketball game on five different channels every single night. Now you can watch whoever you wanna watch whatever you wanna watch it and you've got an NBA franchise and down. Might three or old. At the grizzlies Jersey. He did have a Jeremiah Maarten Jersey and even though Jeremiah Martin. Grizzlies face. Not tiger fans and when you lose your diehards who are already getting older anyway and you're creating zero young fans. Well that's how that's how you do long term damage to your to your product. Beckett doubled at the moment bedeviled advocate your producer and whatnot about a drug activity but about if what you actually Google is. Off. To read about them why don't people that much time probably greatly on this radio station as they can pound and anti graft. Because I think you look at the Memphis Grizzlies and it's pretty clear why they're awful. Like it they don't they eat they eat. Don't have the ability to go out and make the roster are much better that it actually it is. Like you could you could look big picture Trace it back eight years and say well you know they've got that draft pick right they would have done this free agent signing and what a loss this draft pick. In some Jeff Green situation. Did may be they they hit here here here here here we would be talking about this right now. But. It's a whole lot of variables and you're still a small market can be eighteen that into the playoffs seven consecutive year. Well that's driven out of this is the first bad year after if you're talking about performing at historical levels right. It is the group leader coming up of seven years of outperforming. There historical level a release setting a new blood and other clean and it's basically seven years there's been. And so they are having their first bad year. After seven years of over the past years they've that perhaps that's a very different deal then right now. This is what is this is this year this year too for tubby if you if for eight in the next few will be year five. And so it's very different situation plots as you point out. The real issue is is that there loose in in and it college basketball staff of one of the staff as. Always has the capacity to go out and make their roster better and that's with a fury comes. There aired I believe I counted fifteen different college basketball coaches how five level non powerful level fifteen different. Coaches who were either hired the same your Tubby Smith was hired in the new job or more recently who have gone out and ice in secured at least at one. Top 35 recruiting class in America. Fifteen different guys at all levels most of whom if not all. Are making less money than to be there. Like when you start framing it that way it again argues used same word in effective incredibly ineffective. Great basketball coach wonderful. Coaching career. In effect though. As they University of Memphis head coach like those three senators can't beat all true wonderful coach wonderful career completely and it incredibly ineffective as the Memphis basketball coach and so we watch this thing go from yeah. Great energize cal Perry to still really good under Josh passer I know people don't remember those four years that way. But like at the other being consistently ranked in the top 25 and one of four straight into the play turned it sounds good to get back out it didn't after the cal Perry and I'll. Actually want to NCAA tournament game. I like a good at that your were all and I said this the end. They were disappointed because low level of county was recruited about him. I agree. But you'll it's always feel it go. Like in a decade from the top of the sport to stupid really good under Josh pastor to slip. Considerably in those last two years to now be taken straight into the ground. In modern era levels in every way you measure such things that's the other thing. Like when you hire a new coach to replace the coach didn't want any more. It's supposed to get better. Not especially when you already think you've hit rock bottom that's what that this river screaming about judge pastor oh my god I can't get worse than this year's hurricane season ticket sales down. Attendance dale recruiting. Dale wins dale. Every way you measure it is down significantly. From eagle where judge pastor had taken it to. But that's incredible and it in so that's why people are angry about that it also look at this admit it's a quick fix. If you have a state of the art facility to play games in a state of the art facility that to practice in. You at least shortly recruited at a high level no matter the coach you've got to hurry up 2.5 classic nineteen cute ten miles from your campus. This is not a hard job. It is way. More difficult to be this bad. At Memphis basketball than it is to be good at Memphis basketball like else say they're forever it is weight or difficult to make with a bad cold this bad. That it is too just like I meant that if I. That difficult to make Memphis basketball respectable which is why it's maddening that it's like to this level it's at right now. Great thank you for agreeing with the needs to make it makes it easier making it easier don't agree with the united about it now. The people talk about. The Memphis football program how amazing it is what might or those done and it is amazing. I mean that that's historically bad football program that the administration finally invested in. And then they hit a good hire with Justin Fuente and then my doorbell they had another good hire. And he's taken it to a level where you sit on double digit wind played for conference championship game nationally ranked all of that stuff it is amazing what my Novell's been able to do now. It is more amazing. That the basketball staff has taken Memphis basketball and run it to where it's at right now. That is actually way more difficult to do. Like you just have to be slightly competent to be good at the University of Memphis running the men's basketball program. It is way if harder is it hard at it as as as it is there to be great at Memphis football. It is way harder to be this bad. At Memphis basketball and somehow. 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In paperback in May for the finest quality brain that's five times to help unparalleled. Well that's probably down to create that he. Off. Can't expect our depth look at this it's just through the injuries strains I was yesterday Brett restore much bigotry storm gonna like true stories I would nonfiction reader I was at dollars and take hundred stores but my pain we don't have the purpose of the they have restored OK other dogs wine spirits are more yesterday like that story like that soared to a nice evening I'm really not right on my way home my Kirby a lot of bad storms are terrific throw some open air. And you know what I was told plunge. New Amsterdam by the number one seller. The Memphis market is either the first or second. Best selling market in the United States from. I would give yourself some credit on this scary not only about two what about Schneider you need to do don't make you aware that I probably young limiting aid you in that process and of humility you admitted she got up a little bit at least perceived humility. Yeah yeah hey you guys view the data got a bit like I don't married yeah. Yeah I have something to do. Don't know I mean I played and people said that yeah they said that your body and how. I don't know that it I know I think it is true Gary probably be weird of me to think I would have that kind of thing that that I can actually take the Memphis market gunners targeted to the number one the market for new Amsterdam vodka and I mean that I think you're underestimating the power they showed I don't know what he would say and and it might detach myself from it makes sense now but still it just hard for me. I don't think of my son now I don't it's hard for me to see my sign LA and now as being able to speak into a microphone and tell people when you're liquor stores go get new Amsterdam bogged down and stuff. By doing that and a four years turning new Amsterdam back into the best selling bock and them have been very. Possible in Memphis into the best selling new Amsterdam but a market now in the entire United States. I hear what you're saying yeah quite delighted to husbands are there on the radio for any other heartening to think of myself and I think you should. I'm probably just doomed and so you humbled I think to myself that way. The folks over at at that the winds torrents on the Dow Kirby told you that this is true said that nobody used to buy new Amsterdam box no but wow they would come at him by if they bought new gym and all comments Kim Jin. But now. New Amsterdam backup Memphis market's number one or number two marketing United States of America canoeing and knocked him. And it's maybe it's the tigers if you give me credit drinking blue gimme credit. I'll accept this Ullman will get a tee hall except that. It's out of character for me to accept credit such a public way I know I know an outlet. I mean it is what it is the fact that affects Brad they got flavored Bakken well Pete charged mango pineapple red berries to drug coconut lemon raspberry or not. Emmett well hey let's make the Memphis market the number one for flavored an alleged about it but most parents want and to no one it's no offense didn't stop and then went into no pick this up they're now. Have not deploying so glad all the way. Have you knew where James spears got counts of coaching carousel college football still spin and a little bit right now Arkansas got the coach earlier today Jana has. And by all accounts by his friends who covered college football Smart kid dumb ugly multi hit got a smile as they seem to think like that maybe Jeff Long was wrong that Arkansas. But by hiring this athletic director in this football because football coach course Chad more generous than you. That Arkansas is probably a better place today than they were say a month ago wow that's the case. Congratulations. To my Arkansas friends and hopefully good things are. If they should've been having a football coach Doug one eventually I'm. Almost certainly we think of all those candidates. I don't know. I don't know whenever they don't like. I'm on buzz might like really get me excited you know like the idea Tennessee hiring a defensive coach like bell and definitely not a ball coach whatever like listen guys get jobs have been there either right or they're not you know who was Kirby Smart I mean I know strangle I didn't think that would have for Kirby I got to know Kirby Smart was gonna be glare or not he looks to be great right so like whatever I keep an open mind. But like does it is they're like this sizzle hire out there like Elton I think this guy doesn't seem that that's available to them perhaps it was another Nobel perhaps that was never available to them but it certainly doesn't appear to be available. Now I thought it was interesting the bunch athletic versions are speaking today at some function and there are a lot of them were asked about. John Curry being on moved to Tennessee and Mike to analyze Huskies Strickland who hate mail Scott Strickland now like down by it all out all of them. They were like it was his idea ahtisaari is as respected by his peers as anybody in that. In the country and to have that job flip on him the way I flipped on him just a bad look for Tennessee which I think we've been slammed for about a week now. Bad look for tennis today but either way that was interesting developments are coming out of today again Tennessee will eventually get a football coach what I wanna focus on real quickly. Is that Willie tiger was introduced today. Have Florida State. And gambling capital tomorrow guys on a five ask him about Willie Taggart leaving Oregon after one year because he's been criticized by that a little bit yeah on honesty think the way that lame they went lane was criticized for leaving and I hate. After one year but Andrea Addison tweeting this early today she was that source is the issue is that Willie Taggart a press conference and he was explaining how. He and his wife are really struggling with this decision might not like what do we do you'll Florida's whole room. Man that's the job of always wanted but we just got here and more to the point and I think it's just lost so often. I can give you examples of college basketball coaches who would have taken a job but they said I can do this to my kids right now right I'll just give me some examples of what Burke. Could I got at Iowa State share a year earlier than he did. Or his daughter Paige. Was senior nice guys coming at times are tough and you either have to rip forever high school. Brandon or you have to move without her eye on it I mean it's tough bet that that's top that is the reason he stayed there one extra year. Gregg Marshall when he was considering jobs you know years ago it ultimately didn't take any any still hasn't taken one apple one of the reasons like. He just was it. Going to take a certain job is his son was going into a senior your eyes only makes our guys just don't wanna move my family. You know these these yours matter radio and you. And I think people forget that somebody go right it's football coach is Bethlehem. He's also a husband he's also a father and these are things that factor into your every event it's a really tigers explaining this and one of the things he's struggling with his. Okay my son was he just sixteen year old son. All of my son was a freshman in high school in Florida. Then we moved him to be a soft porn high school in Oregon and almost like left Dulles Franz got all new friends and now he's cool. Now with a movement chaos back to a different part of Florida at my I put my sixteen year old through three different high schools in three years down and he said a sixteen year old came into the room and said this is a quote from Willie Taggart he said my sixteen year old son came in. And out of nowhere he said dad. I know you struggle with this decision and I know what's your dream job you always tell me to chase my dreams and don't let anyone get in the way of I don't think it's right for me or anyone else to stop you from chasing your dreams if you're going to chase your dream I'm going to run it with. Wohl and like Willie Taggart got real home Diana relaying the stored because it like I can hear it man that's tough because my you know he's like my kid and I'm so worried about it he come he can recognize how worried I am about him at that young age. And might give me. Some assurance that I'm not wrecking his world I it just made this a lot easier than it otherwise would have been so I thought that was a really interesting in in in nice moment where it humanize what these. More multi millionaires or announce bad body humanize his what will. Well beyond what they actually have to go through and make these types of life altering family altering decisions will be back with an hour ago. This year don't settle for a carton wishes for joint peace and choose a card that actually bringing peace joy and peace and gift cards from cool this is a way to give a date. Just someone you love. Tickets gift cards for spa or salon services at any cool location. Or ankle salons buy dot com and at school salon salon dot com and have a beautiful holiday. 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I'm Kelly air with mart's in store for realtors and I just had to ask. Challenge to really just I set a golf clubs and you never tried them. Yep that's right and shelling do you tell me whenever you back are you never test president. Again yes don't you think that's pretty bizarre since you always tell people to talk to two or three agents when they see other home. Yesterday's until then rose garden and I'm also with marks and store freelancers with Kelly it's funny we tell people they should. Always talk to more than one agent to find out now doing what they think about your home but more importantly what they will do for you. Really need to make sure to include us in the interview process. I agree because Cary when you find out about our strategic marketing partnering with the show but its option and his people often say when you want the job done consoled. That killed and rose garden and Kelly or call or email us. We locate back 4682186. I do it now 6821868. Mrs. relocate back. 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OK okay and not pay monthly tax increases by five dollars off friends for 3117 is testifying in residential customers only equipment Texas he's entrance to change to become a regular supply. Yes severe field a smile center hotline now is it getting better show. Her show is live from the look for restaurants words or studio ninety to nine FM RE SPN. Good evening I'm Michael that is really good as they did today for an off matches of furniture Lieberman says dining room says you know that haven't every year they. Start out at 2790. Curving wood wrote in the corner of some revenue next Hollywood feet. Right now though they've added to it they've got seen. The phils station pillow kiosk which allows customers you guys. A to build refuel or re make a pillow from scratch big divot like built there. Do you live to Build-A-Bear he sure to bear it if you're not building a bigger building a pillow. However you want it you can make it you're in charge that you can do that at 2798 Kirby would road at the commerce corner of former summer avenue next Hollywood. Beat me completely season and all the right third the dealer that they broke that they'll brand new factors that it's over stocks and discontinue amount of the factory direct prices. Michael Bennett the owner a plus rating better business bureau of you can reach him at 351940. Intel mash in the air for more than seventeen years but he did get a mattress and when you're when these custom built pillows anything the furniture home you know when you're going to 47 any Herbie Witten wrote. Sleeping these Madson by Michael's downer on the web the easy easy easy as. Dot com debt to go. There goes presented by Humphries prime cut shop well folks folly of original these. What do we learned today. All five but I think the thing we learned I hope I approve this today about the that they basketball school perhaps not forever but certainly is still now. What's the biggest game tonight. Grizzlies next what she's done watch on TV. Greatly next. Is there anything I need to make sure I read you know. What's on tap for tomorrow will be third down have John mark the first hour and the great Lane Kiffin the legend land early in the second hour job market as well. It should be fun enjoy your night. We're back here tomorrow and forward to them be careful be kind be good rescue Alitalia I was at all right dealers dot com and us on the stack attack what is that. To Robert when Jewelers this year what we're doing is we know that a great way for a woman to shore individuality preceded by some staff will. Bull ring she can get in yellow white or rose gold but diamonds are gem stones and you know show people this is who I am. I like his ankle bracelets to there's great we've got pulled over ACC started only 199 dollars does. Absolutely Robert when Jewish quarter million locations or online at all right Jewelers dot com. These challenges on at JC Penney now through Saturdays and under 50% off throughout distort. I think that extra 20% of the UJC Penney credit card in good fun did you select Star Wars he's really using guys from 799 to 1299. What concert go with Cameron takes it 39994. Legacy a little friend's 349930. Am. Saturday JC Penney and found out. Credit offers a different species W an offensive and at least one more flexibility and Desmond does know this is sports to.