Gary Parrish Show, Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017, Hour 1 (w/Senior Bowl Exec Phil Savage in Seg 2)

The Gary Parrish Show
Wednesday, December 6th

Seg 1:  Gary Parrish talks about Memphis Tigers basketball and the idea of being a "football or basketball school"

Seg 2:  Phil Savage, Exec Director of the Senior Bowl/Analyst-Crimson Tide Radio/Former Browns Exec, live to discuss the coaching carousel, UT job, Bama, and Anthony Miller

Seg 3:  4 stories at 444 with more on college hoops, UCLA/fires in LA, Grizz/Gasol fine, and Time's "person" of the year 



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Great deals on my time. Tech accessories like keyboard. You guys and mom. Yeah. The latest modems. Eagles that's great prices on just a great tech solutions all season won't staples have more holiday fun nice color. They hassles. Now he's unite us and ESPN presents serious only national columnists who spends his afternoon bringing unique perspective to Memphis radio he'll make you think it. It makes you less gruesome judge made you change the station children around and he apologizes in advance for. This is the Gary Perry show. Yeah very red card for. Studio producer of the program buddies would make that you went there will be into the day. While schools. You read the data. Put to bed debate Jeff Gordon started on the jump started so early today about what about the basketball is where Memphis this university on them yeah it's. More worried football school. Paul's school event I think that's kind of crap. Instead deploy. More money five Nevada for the former NFL general manager. The director everything a bowl. Alabama Crimson Tide. We'll talk they have about. The Alabama Crimson Tide on things college football felt that the derby would make. About one another company that that I billboard notable stories and full forty forward what we'll discuss. On the court tonight. Hours after markets open in the 151000 dollar fine as they happen live on television did you know you can get the fifteenth out fab five the fifth capital that's available to I actually did know that you didn't know that yeah I didn't know that not in the league but from other sources with the ever let can these two would do post game interview rob Fisher live on television though they're getting good man. Live feet. The book toward people or wildlife gallon basketball last night up at the tigers down. Last second win over what a barber that was Nigeria Notre Dame lost at home last night Minnesota law the the road Wichita State nearly got called by South Dakota State. Villanova beat did that without a college basketball. Later on this Fella UCLA was both played college basketball game tonight had a canceled because of the wildfires in the and I saw your tweet and those pictures are unbelievable it really what do you. His dad gets one. Thing. Would you feel like fired it is just woods who dislike that horrible secrets of like you get sort of go let's all boy that you move on from the mouth right. Like that in small veins and it's otherworldly look in Baghdad the 4 o'clock and it's crazy like you'd like you. It's somewhere in more fans would bet that the road you drive more updated its own five year I hate that. I hate the world but being on fire as well not good it is scary stuff what did that just before 5 o'clock and time magazine. The person of the year had been identified. It's not president trumpets the silence breakers in the finals breakers had just cost a reported in the United States senator. His seat in congress. That's breaking news right here I don't Washington DC Al Franken reportedly going to resign tomorrow. Amid his sexual misconduct scandal fell. Another old white man. Bill loses job and his reputation over this stuff we'll get into that. During four notable stories of 4445. O'clock Geoff Calkins just like always 545. At a job data on the coaching carousel in college football. That continues to spin and then we'll do dinner to go and get out if that's the run now they'll have to get to but I want to start with. A Memphis football Memphis basketball because this one has listening to the Geoff Calkins shelled out. And value to the Jeffrey and dad and your job Maarten on him and day when there was intentional or not not real short but eventually settled into a conversation about like what is the University of Memphis right now is right football school. Or is it a a basketball school and sort of a launching point for the conversation was. Like you're looking just yesterday you know com. The contrast between those two things yeah the great news connected to the University of Memphis football program. Just a few days after playing at the reeling game. Conference championship game on network television. Just a few days after getting invited to the Liberty Bowl. And accepting that invitation obviously. You'll selling out your allotment of tickets almost immediately. Reaching a new contract. Eckstein chin. Where it might doorbell like he's just so much positive awesome stuff connected to the football program. And he's in the afternoon in the morning talking about all the stuff that they knew. Either go to effects form last night or turn on the television. And it's just empty like there's nobody there and the team is terrible when they're down double digits to. Stamford which is a terrible basketball team now terrible basketball team that. And it was two and six entering last night. Rank to wade into the 200 sick Kim pomp and I can't stress is not missing one of its best players if not it's best player like anything really bad and even full strength failed phone now last time. It's a Memphis played really did need a miracle at the end. To be able to escape without without a walk. Is he just contrast everything off upon the game of basketball. And it is undeniable that basketball is that of modern era Lowe and it's undeniable that four ball is and a modern era if not all time high. And so we're living in real we are I'm convinced of that athletic department right now certainly and Jeff made the point that like right now it's a football school because young people have no interest in tiger basketball at all. Which I think the second part of that is true maybe I'm the father of 32 of my sons are old enough to. To be aware of their sports surroundings. And I don't think my oldest was fourteen could name I think it may be named the coach. I don't think he has 0% chance of naming one of the tiger basketball players. I can I compare my nine year old can I can barely named tiger basketball playoff. My three year old. Who's about to be for a little later on this month jump. You know he knows Mike Conley do you know yet Marcus home and OZ Bo we know Tony Allen. In because we what so many met's games every summer he knows for he knows says that is he's very aware of sports figures. He has no idea that the university magazine and has a basketball team he knows the grizzlies and he doesn't even isn't even aware that there is a such things University of Memphis. A basketball. And so I do think it's it's mostly true that young people. They are interested in tiger for baucus its foreign gas could do them and you can go with your families and tell gait and walking that stadium and like I guess like big did grab it on to some people there and a got a big program here this this home seasoned young people who are in the basketball. Have spent the past few years fall in love. Yeah with the Memphis Grizzlies have Mike Conley would Marcus all. I'm even when David fizz dale temporarily I guess so. I don't even think this is an overstatement. David has Dale's wife is more recognizable in Memphis then any Memphis basketball player. In the Memphis area hassle than any Memphis basketball player like that bizarre as nightclubs because it wasn't that long ago when Joey Dorsey was walking around the city Chris Douglas Roberts Antonio Anderson. But those guys did it still today could walk into any bar restaurant in the city and be recognized but the current basketball players at University of Memphis. They're completely anonymously nobody knows who they are. And so when Jeff thinks that point is a 100% right but I guess I would counter with this. Is Texas and on the basketball or football school. As a football school the way better basketball right now than they are football and doesn't matter it does not matter it's a football school board of Florida football school basketball I would say football they're way better. I in basketball right now than they are in football and that's a school that's won two national championships. In this century doesn't matter you know it's a football school so if you would knowledge that it doesn't matter in those cases that it doesn't matter your year. When you're trying to evaluate these things I think at least. Whether something's a football score basketball school first I reject that you got to pick either or. They don't have to beat you can win a bowl you can be awesome a bowl Ohio State has been awesome at Bolton. I'm USC has been really good at both Florida old has obviously been really good at both mobile has been really good at both. And I understand those are all power five but I would say even outside of the power five. You see us pretty good at both right Cincinnati decent bowl and not right now but pat is at times last year Tim has been a time when so I don't I reject the idea that you've got to pick. A do you wanna be beautiful Barbara did bad beat the best I'm gonna vote particularly when you're investing in both the way Memphis is now in their hand and both. A Memphis has the highest paid men's basketball coach in the American other conference I believe that we do know what Kevin Ollie makes but I still think it's probably Tubby Smith now. And they got the highest paid I believe football coach as of yesterday and American other conference so when you're spending. At the very least at the top of your leaked yet there's no reason you can't be good at both if you're not it's just because you pay and wrong guy that kind of money is not no fault of anything else. So. I reject the premise that where you gotta be warned you wanted to go to football it will be the best way can be both good above yes you can't yeah even outside of power five. For the sake of conversation. We try to figure out go what's that. What are you if you've got to be one of those things. I think the best way I talked about this little bit what Jason John earlier is to just look at your highest realistic. Siegel and think of it through. Think of it from that perspective look at it through that wins like if you really got this thing go one. How much does it matter how good can beat and what's the highest realistic seal. A big one Memphis football. Kind yup I'm more about mayor. You know they got a team that's been ranked in the top 25 most of the season. A team that played for conference championship. The team that's got local guys you can attach to and and enjoy eked out and and grow to love. Great personalities within the roster. A young. Head coach who. Has brought a dynamic. Style of play and unbelievable offense not just foreign but also. For doctor of you basically check every box we'll Memphis football right now and yet it can still only be so much. They don't fill that stadium. Every game or any game. I don't think they came close one time this year now that says more about political being too big for them that it does about the interest of Memphis football but he has the truth. I'm diplomacy got a top twenty and they feel there's hatred and if visitors they've got a tough one team they fill their state Arkansas got a tough one team they feel their state. Never got that touch when team now even clocks. And so. You can't beat that the and or at least there's no evidence. Like that it you that I think that's fair you haven't ever been that before and you weren't that this year best year history school you wanted to close to back. You can't crack any sort of you know you dream about maybe going to the peach bowl yeah. You can't dream about a national championship or final four there's a very. He can't go get five star recruits and barely you can get four star recruit telling you might be a did you wanna I wanna rule anything out answer but you never gonna recruit with the highest level of this or any more of them that we'll all just a certain ceiling where it that's about as good as it can get and what we're living it right now and I tell you don't enjoy it it's awesome I just tell it this is about. Where you can get to this about as good as it gets booed when you're operating outside the power five of football. On the basketball side. What's the moon highest realistic ceiling for the University of Memphis due to a championship game be the best in the country if you can win you are operating at a high level when you've got that they don't. Which is the when we French football now they got going right now operate at a high level when you've got Memphis basketball. Operating. At a similar level. Reaching its. Potential. Maximizing what it can be. It sells out its arena now. It ranks the top ten in the country in attendance. It in roll's top five recruiting classes. It wins conference championships. It gets number one seeds in an NCAA tournament. It can be ranked number one in the country and I know that's technically only happen when John cal Perry. But every coach in my lifetime outside of tic price and has had Memphis ranked in the top ten at some point in her did it Larry finch did it John cal Perry did it and yes Josh pastor did it too. Every coach in my lifetime has signed at the University of Memphis like a league level recruits incurred did it Larry finch did it. Josh pastor did it. John cal Perry did it even ticket price recruited at a higher level than what's happening right now even if he wasn't at the level that those other guys I mentioned war so we knew. Recognize all of that. And then understand that you have incredible inherent advantages with Memphis basketball that you just don't have a Memphis football most notably. Like incredible resource is relative to anybody literally anybody. And nothing no system holding you back like the power five system holds you back in football. And also. One of the best natural recruiting bases in the country. Elect your highest realistic feeling. Is really really super hot there are three. Top 25 national recruits. In the class of 2019. Within ten miles of the University of Memphis campus right now. Now that's an extreme example of the natural recording based but it is an accurate example in these tough. I don't think there's another campus in the country. Right now that has three top 25 national recruits within ten miles of but the University of Memphis does. And oh by the way the University of Memphis is best basketball player ever. Happens to coach them every spring and summer. A third so many incredible advantages to running the Memphis basketball program if you happen to got a staff for another cute take advantage of those advantages. Well that's a staff problem and it but it's not a Memphis basketball problem. So when you look at. From that perspective. Like it's just very very clear. Memphis is a basketball school steel it's bad right now and football's great right now. But when you've got Memphis basketball maximizing it's potential and you've got Memphis football maximizing it's potential which should always be the goal. After that basketball is going to be operating at a higher level and it will also matter more in this city. It's part of the reason we get into these discussions all the time. People are used to Memphis basketball being bad and it makes them angry because they've experienced the good times when Memphis football with bad people just telling. Let's write a bad that's too bad it just ignore. When you donate more Memphis basketball. You get angry about Memphis basketball and that's why that scene last night was just. I want to overstate it but just heart breaking out and it should never look like that now. It should never held the seat should never look like that that all the core product should never look like that and win the game goes final. I ended up in arguments all night long which was totally. Necessary and also unintentional. The truth this they come back and win. In a pretty like miraculous way and liked to back when you don't fortress was really not miraculously around four point two nights ago Ewing's post America went totally like it was good for to have similar to those kids but. Didn't immediately like a couple of national basketball guys have been Jeff Goodman bid on hosting the Olympics we did about Memphis basketball label while they just barely got by Stanford something to that affect her and I just sort of piggyback on top of that to sort of frame. Exactly what is happening right around. It was less than ten years ago when Derrick Rose Chris Douglas Roberts Robert Dozier Antonio Anderson Joey Dorsey. We're ranked number one in the country I was here playing games in that same building. Filled to capacity. You you contrast that with. A bunch of anonymous sub 150 recruits in ju co guys having to scrap like crazy to avoid losing to saint. In front of 2000 people like what in the world down and I am happy to just leave it at that because I was working on a Villanova column anyway and arm but I reached a point. Where. I refuse. To let people as long and I got the power. Seattle extra last night I refused to let people mischaracterized. Right. Where Lauren what's happening with Memphis basketball or why it's happening with Memphis basketball right reposition and I'm not gonna let you lied about it if I can destroy your counterargument to meet. Inside of 280 characters and had been 45 seconds I'm happy to do that right I'm not interested in piling on. I don't guess. But like I'm not gonna let you assign blame anywhere other than where the blame us all right so does dummy tweets at me last night after right contrast 2008. With what is about to be 2018. And he says yes shame what Josh pastor Jim disarm them. And I don't care how many times. You try to pretend if you wore one of these people that the current state of Memphis basketball is is a direct. Part byproduct of the judge pastor Eric. It will never make it true. It is 100% full right Josh pastor deserves a lot of blame for a lot of things I guess but the current state amount of basketball has nothing to do. We just passed. Josh pastor I said it a million times yet please I wish you guys could memorize it is well I have. Just passed a leftist program with four consensus. Top 100 players and it's. Including Warren who would beat the best player in the American athletic conference by far right now. That is what just passed a left you I'm not try to pretend that the last two years just fester or good. I'm not try to tell you that recruiting Dayton dipped I just try to tell you that. Even despite the stake for you deal that this program was for. Top 100 and a recruits including one player Dijjer Claussen who will be the best player in America haven't accomplished right now. Tubby Smith staff. Inherited a program they lost all four of those players to transfer and replaced them with joke with absolute nothing. Memphis basketball in every year under John cal Perry in just fester in rolled at least one top 100 player and oftentimes it was 345. Every year without exception and Tubby Smith staff has now had three recruiting classes to four wins. And the early period here they've yet to sign a top one. He forgot one under a lowered all right top 150 guy relative to 24 sevenths sports. Consensus. Recruiting I don't like warm rain on oh I can't say it at all none zero non. Just fashion not responsible for this when you run out judge pastor because you think your coach should be doing a better job. The next coach is not supposed to make things worse the next step is not supposed to make things worse. Things are worse today. Way worse today than the day just passed a left here that is undeniable and it's way worse in every way you measure things season tickets attendance. On the court product recruited not a single aspect of the program. Aside or may mediate your something real behind mail now okay not a single aspect of the program is better today that it was on the day that Memphis higher Tubby Smith. To a three million dollar. Contract that pays in that amount of money for five years guarantee not a single aspect is better we have a better practice so you don't again. To make things up. What I'm telling you is the truth. I like some guys that what you things untrue it's that I gears precipitous I took back about the back which ones untrue and totally the opposite of this isn't subject of I'm not sitting here talking about. You know I think Tubby Smith not a good coach that's subject that's something we can actually debate now by the way never actually said that right but I'm not saying anything like that I'm quoting. Actual facts. Real fakes you wanna get had been to a debate about who who's good who's not. We can do that another day I'm talking about who's effective and who is. They had not been effective on the recruiting trail they were not effective in. Retaining the talented players they had. And now the product on the court is the byproduct of that. And though. In DC synthetic form. Is the byproduct of that it's got nothing to do would just passed when you wanna try to blame the previous coach for the low point in a program's history. The way you do that. Is your point to like Kelvin Sampson leaving Indiana on probation with scholarship limits and no players when Tom crane got off to a cut of rough started Indiana. That was because man he inherited no players right probation. Recruiting restrictions all sorts of stuff that is not what Tubby Smith inherit he inherited up. Up a program that had four top 100 recruits and including the best player in the league that's what he inherited. Will wait at LSU inherited a weight worse situation than Tubby Smith did and he did a few weeks ago. Yeah and it's already way better multiple five star recruits signed to LSU. Council Marten inherited a way worse situation at Missouri the Tubby Smith hack inherited. And Memphis he made it way better immediately sent a top five recruiting class. How the wind and try to blame Kim Anderson for the current state of the neat thing will wade in try to blame Johnny Jones for the current state of anything you know why because that's not the way college basketball works. If you're still holding onto it you don't understand the sport. If you're still holding onto their. You're arguing against facts use sound silly. When I say something that's actually untrue feel free appointed. But to date every single thing I said. Has just been meet taking one fact after another after another spectrum on top of each other to frame a picture. That accurately portrays the current state of Memphis basketball. But to wrap around on my initial point even wood basketball being as low as it is right now. Which is embarrassing and inexcusable. And football being as awesome edit his right now. Of the University of Memphis it is still identified by that basketball program. Not right now in this moment but historically undeniably. And if you ever get. This staffed turnaround or another step turnaround. And you'll be reminded that very quickly Memphis basketball still matters here it's why we spend some time talking about it even though they are nationally relevant. They're not locally relevant. Annual. You'll be reminded that just the second gets back them up any sort of com. Any sort of even mediocre place. Phil savage is up next and running a small business can be demanded the more you grow the more you have to coordinate there's more inventories. More employees more customers that's why small business owners who need more from the Internet service they gave a speech that. From Comcast business gives you more with speeds up to twenty times faster than what most people have that means power and more employees on multiple devices more video. And more downloads in seconds not minutes after the plus when you get fast Internet with the download speeds of 1000 megabytes per second Internet phone for your business for just 2905. 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Bears show is live from the look restaurants bookstores studio ninety to nine FM. ESPN. Guy at that the last segment that. Let the basketball had been lessened in every way. Recruiting on the court at ten this season ticket sales this is just passed away after Tubby Smith took over except for maybe. In the eight PR department I'm told by a source close to the program actually wait worst in the eight PR department as well because of all the transfers though. Maybe drug testing situation is better now than it was then. But I'll. You get the point. Currently the back imagine that we'll talk about that the next segment just talking to join me at 5 o'clock right now the former about general manager and executive director. The recent senior ball on the color and of Alabama football at. Phil savage making a big and it. Writers athletes coaches the biggest names in sports he's given Barry show. We hear you. This movement ESP NFL apparently Colin. I'm very very no no true well thank you everything's perfect in my what I appreciate your beer or keeping too long blood oh start just with a Sunday morning. I thought Alabama deserved to be at a college football playoff simply because I'm I thought they were one of the four best teams Los Vegas agreed would be it seems silly to. To identify somebody that way and and keep them out of a fourteen playoff simply because they lost on the road late in the season to a rival who also happens to be a top ten team but I listened to enough Smart college football people explain it where I just thought Ohio State was gonna get end. How surprised were you when Alabama flashes up on the screen. Well I think people in this part of the country how slick in the state of Alabama certainly had their fingers crossed they were hoping for a I TCU upset of Oklahoma that did not come close to happening at noon Saturday night. Ohio State squeaks past Wisconsin at one point it looked like they might below the badgers out. That didn't happen and then when the score ended up 4740 wide I think there was a legitimate claim there that in reality. Am I pictured around the number one mantle for most of the year. There loss was twelve points on the road Ohio State's worst loss was 31 points. An Iowa I think that was just sort of deciding factor when it was all said and done so I think they gave some credence to Pamela. Being number one and having a target on the jets are virtually the last year and a half. Tiger Phil savage or 99 FM ESP and some have suggested Alabama got in on brand as opposed to what this football team actually years. You know football you see this team more than anybody else. Arm how good is this Alabama team relative to other Alabama teams we've seen. Well he was certainly different than last year you know it also has an NFL draft pick so there was the expectation that the besides would take a bit of a step back. That is act and to some extent but they're still virtually at the top five and almost every decent just category. This was going to be here more offensively trick and seeing that it's been somewhat to chase would Jalen hurts the quarterback in his second year. I as a star. I'll let you know and Nick Saban would say each season each play has our history a life of at all. That's what I would say about this team the Singh that that I would say going into this playoff game against Clemson. It's that. This'll be motivated motivated Alabama team. Gates talked to each area around that favorite. Title all at the time game after game year after year there's been some questions there's been enough speculation and talk that may be bad luck. Didn't deserve to be and it. Actually they'll be a motivating factor for this team get to uproot themselves against an opponent. They're obviously walked over to the national title last year. Tiger Phil savage here he is the executive director of the recent Senior Bowl Alabama color analyst also author. A fourth and goal every day you get that where do you get books including Of Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin has been making headlines throughout the year and has had are incredibly successful season relative to. From his school's history in his first season down in Florida to Alabama fans are they tired of these social media presence do they enjoy your roof Lane Kiffin. How people filled out Lane Kiffin. The action it's probably a mixed bag got me I think people chuckle about some others saying that they they sometimes. Polyps or ice wide open hello I can't believe he really did batter treated better what have you but I. I think most most nuclear. Ships are out. Thankful for what laying dead and Alabama obviously used as part of a good first impression of three year run it. Are actually Gary from a football standpoint I give him credit. I think you've got a better job coaching NSA muted he perhaps did at Alabama I mean he inherited a gene that. Did not want a lot of gains. It took some of the pieces that we're they're brought in some new players sent in here they are conference champions. I in that league so I take that overall you have to be impressed with what he's done. It looks like Wayne's gonna stay at Florida Atlantic. In the coaching carousel still spinning but he hasn't been. Prominently involved at least according to reports within these jobs but. You know we've had a lot of movement in a Willie Taggart going from Oregon to Florida State symbol Fisher from. Florida State at Texas a and M Arkansas has gotten shed Morse Tennessee as still looking for a football coach is there any movement out there that. You hear this guy's taken that job and all wow he's gonna kill it there which what are you most impressed by. How how I take all of them have been certainly solid choices there and then in my estimation that. I think Serb then moved Jim posters search it checks is saying now. Can he go there and the kind of success we had its floor stated terms the national title. I think he perhaps could I mean each he's been a very effective offensive play caller he's obviously recruited at a high level. Look serious feature all of sake AM from 789 win season then get them to. The elite. Category this has been the most fascinating. I jigsaw puzzle is that I can work call in terms of putting these coaches. In different places in different situations. I'll be honest with you I thought the joke morehead hollering at Mississippi State and I don't know joke by. I just thought that or for the bulldogs their program they get it at the very quiet way they get someone that is already been a head coach before it's Fordham. I think Mississippi State because of their history would Dan Mullen was more willing to accept. A coach from up north so to speak in general warhead which I'm intrigued to see how he does I don't know him personally Baffert a lot of good things about it and I don't get. As far as handling the business. The hiring I thought they probably did the best job of anybody. I don't disagree with you at all like they just got that they lost Dan Mullen I guess it was on a Sunday. By Tuesday they had a guy in place they just seem to be very clear about who they could get about who they wanted. And it just went out got the guy and I don't know when either honestly out and I'd like I barely knew his name. But the his reputation seems to be splendid people really respect him as a as a brilliant football mind in you know it's not always the easiest thing in the world higher football coach at a place like Mississippi State. But by all accounts without would you agree they've not got this one right. Yeah idea and Walters did a very purposeful way under the radar not a lot of fans share. No controversy whatsoever wrench. All these other schools or sent it to offer around and bought scotched the country to find a coach. I joke morehead they're staff about recruiting so I think this job ahead at this early signing day. On December that you want you say it seems to me. To be very impressively done by Jon Cohen the eight either. I'm wrapping up to a Phil savage Reese's Senior Bowl executive director. Alabama Crimson Tide color and it's also author of fourth and goal every day you get that book. It would get books including last thing before I let you go Jerry Truex name. Has been connected to the Tennessee opening up for my listeners who are Tennessee fans if they were to be able to get that done. What kind of coach would they be getting engendered through. Well he's a very tough minded aggression it's should defense as coach he's got that. Deep he would consider itself to be a ball coach I mean he's been at high school he's been in small colleges. Eight PR earned his way up the ranks and Alabama left went to Florida State won a national title there with some at all then ended up that Georgia. For a couple years and then returned Alabama has done a very good job. Taking over for. Kirby Smart they say he's an outstanding recruiter and really it's an excellent communicators with players ironically enough Gary I know. All four candidates. Actually pretty well keep markets from mobile. Who worked with him when he was a high school quarterback coming out of Williams Cintron down here before we have a Wiki cheese melts doctor and I. Worked together at the browns back from 050. Age and then when he came to Alabama. Couples seasons ago. And then of course Kevin Steele. I've known Kevin since he was at Baylor as a head coach there and then when he was an assistant of course in Alabama so. You know it sound like those are the four finalists if you wanna call it that it aviation industry. What the final call is there a Knoxville. And that is our Phil savage you can follow him on Twitter at Senior Bowl fill its at senior bowl of feeling you get his book a fourteen goal every day. fill great stuff thanks so much for being here are really appreciate it. Okay Gary appreciate barely got a masters tiger coming down Anthony mellow out. Sang along and hey you're gonna enjoy him he is terrific what a great story is well on. Yes so we're always look at sorted to have another message tiger gain down here. That's awesome we're looking forward to a 20 thanks so much Phil all right thank side by anti motive played out that and that Reese's Senior Bowl in all I mean. Great great player he's lot of fun. The story is well documented we don't have to go through woods but I think it's always worth a reminder now is the walk or think this is somebody who people didn't think was good enough to be a division one football player. Coming out of high school. So I didn't inept fashion kind of failed to biggest guy on the field boy you talk about just make it play all man a unique ability. To get open make catches and then run away from people even if you're not necessarily the fastest to pack up on the field and there are. I want to countless because you could probably count them but there are lots of guys in the NFL. Who are exactly like you that he mailed out like they're not as big as you want to be not as fast as you wanted to leave my god one way or another. They just get open and they make catches and they make plays and that's why I think. He'll have a great week that Senior Bowl could still be able to show that and then he's going to be in the NFL like you're gonna turn on games next season on Sunday. And it's. Eddie Murray is going to be Ketchum balls for somebody I bet a lot of money. On back. We come back grizzly back in action tonight just that we're that the markets are got 515 Graham to say an effort we'll get into that match. Not everybody has been this proud to announce we have been selected as the big story Houston. This is I was staying in the Autozone Liberty Bowl December 30 broadcasting the game on 99 of them and season. We have 929 had been ESPN is new this is home for the BCS national championship series. Kiss and tell yourself away as Tennessee and north Mississippi on 688 am there's it is Memphis is sports station 99 FM. ESPN no doubt. This holiday the best place to find bottle. 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High and low end Miller wrote you can get a Cooper systems and they got it already there waiting for all arts they get a boil water they can bill that boy yeah. Hey of the phone call we have Marc Cooper 360967936. So. 967. Not to introduce yourself televised let alone. And then. Explain Joba and what you're going to be using the computer to do. What have you got to be playing these sophisticated legs and shoot everybody you can try to dig it got game you might really need to spend 2003000 dollars a machine. But if you just watching YouTube video player around FaceBook. Guilty to that kind of money on machines don't pay for budgeting you're never gonna use cobra system. You explained it what you gonna do with computer Delphi said the perfectly suited for this perfectly suited for it it's better price we may just save money. They got MacBook Air for Lois 59 denying a bit to find that anywhere at a better price in the city so. You're MacBook. Somebody on a Christmas list once a MacBook and guilt once I 99 at Cooper systems 3609675. The number. On the web Cooper says the exact count just gaga video it's 5 o'clock we'll turn our did you back to the University of Melbourne but right now. Apple Store that like that. Got four stories presented by the love restaurant and bar. Start telling stories and forget what he wanted to tell us about it yeah. Every afternoon. So we've developed a device that ensures he'll have such an important things you need to know each day at this time. This is a key piece or notable stories that. Number one and that's. Last night should have been a fun night in college basketball to get some compelling matchup and turned out to be. I'm a really fanatic in college basketball Notre Dame took a home loss to to Ball State Minnesota what walls that at Nebraska it's too nationally ranked teams losing games to. Inferior opponents. As he got some. Shake up the national rankings because of that. A South Dakota State team that won at Ole miss last yen went to Wichita State in all I can handle it up at the half and played them tight and Wichita State ultimately. You know remembered as which stadiums in South Dakota State they got that handled blood. I saw halftime scoring Gregg Marshall looked like he would pistol and obviously that's real funny somebody sent out a tweet of the reaction of him walking off the court from the first half. He looks like he doesn't it look at the final buzzer and the first half he looks like he's gonna just walking the locker room and murder somebody. That's exactly what he looks like back that the bug or had even think shall be my guest if you're listening it is wild and he's like pushing one of his players I got to the violent well just like like get out of my way and he's going straight to the locker room like he's about to get in there and get in it had hit I didn't realize he's pretty fiery guy and there totally the super fiery in my soul a roof and select what every cent work it did -- their -- and played well in the second half yeah won the game covered the second half spread my friends and my dad. Two weeks bet on the on the shocker is a but the game was Villanova gives that it yeah opening game. Of the Jimmy V classic inside Madison Square Garden. And only bring it up because it's a reminder something I was talking about in the open Hanna which is if football if you're operating outside the power or five there's a limit on what you can be. But did not gonna let a non power five school and a fourteen play Al Anbar yeah Central Florida is undefeated like looks like a real football team don't agree score points their fallen. Another defense is suspect but still had no chance whatsoever they have written this system to the point where they make you feel good about getting to go to the Pete pulled up when you run defeat. They'll witness that either a limit to what you know it's funny and there's no debt limit. There's no limit. In what you can do and men's basketball even if you're outside of the power five. Wichita State showed that in the Missouri valley comes out is grating now they're showing it in the days begins Agha wonderful example. In the area West Coast combo and a for why everywhere VSU Dayton and good examples in the Atlantic ten yet once upon a time. And right now in the big east which is a great basketball league a quote not a power five league right Villanueva continues to just operate at the highest level of the sport. And that's kind of power I verbally they are operating out past four years now. As well last if not better van. Any other program in America duke Kentucky Kansas you name it Villanova has been consistently. All some. And as awesome if not more awesome than everybody else and last night was just reminded that they beat Gonzaga 8872. Figgins Agha team that had played Florida. It's overtime. That's a good tag team that. Was always hitting their would have won loss in the overtime. Yeah double overtime loss to Florida and overly handled them and Villanova handled easily at. I mean they let I don't did you the first half of my third at the half never led by fewer than seven. In the second half. It's a Villanova now night and I'll. They are ranked number one can palm. And I remember last night as I was watching this that I had written a column last year toward him and Villanova. What did actually done is in the calendar year 2016. So. On the end of the 201516. Season basically January through the national championship. And then the first couple months of the 2000. 1617. Sees a keg in the actual calendar year they had put together one of the best records in the history. Of college basketball it was a made it and I remember that I was like I wonder like is clearly they're off to another great start nine you know. You know do they always get off to a great start yet and they do. A what I found is that they have not lost two game. If you count this season plus the previous 45 years they have not lost the game before December 7 in any of those years. They start the first month of the season undefeated every time without exception. And it's not just so empty wins in Dole's. Five years. They have. Combined to start the season's 54 now and counting 54 now. And nine of those wins are against top thirty can bunting either teams that finished the regular season previous seasons in the top thirty or are right now ranked in the top thirty like Inzaghi is right now I'm like Tennessee is right now. They beat both of those teams already to date just not you know record. And so you start to look at their little run that they've been on. They've won four straight big east titles and they're about to win. A fifth straight it seems. In 201415. Season. They went 33 and three finish number five it can bomb. 201516. Season the eagle 35 and five finish number one it can come when the national championship. Last season and they go 32 and four finished number two they can pomp. And right now they're nine you know and rank number one it can come you can make a real. Crumble our own it that in the past four years no program at North Carolina. Not Kentucky not duke not Kansas not any program has operated consistently at the top of the sport. The way that Villanova has operated consistently at the top of the sport my point then. Where the cannot tell piping hits in four ball and doesn't prevent you from doing anything in basketball which is another reason why. Memphis basketball being in this condition is just absolutely unacceptable. You can beat Villanova in Memphis basketball guess what else you'd use to meet. Villanova. In Memphis basketball they made their football team subdivision there just because of this again and so. You know dude I've heard that from people than does well is different recruiting outside the power five not every now and I should be fair. It is it is different. But it is not something that cannot be overcome. Watching Wichita State run consistently great program we're watching instead of running consistently great program. And then there's Villanova which is running. Has consistently great program as anybody in the entire country story number 20 you still it was supposed to continue if basketball season tonight in the post Lee Angelo ball era. I'm not gonna play because of the fires that are just ravaged him. California I don't know I Yi and us and as the you'd tweet it like this picture looks like beyond the movie it looks science fiction like like what. Listen these fires happen too often in California but often they are it's just like you here. You know 400 acres are are being burned as throughout these numbers and you're like that's too bad right but it just like. Freeze and I'm not trying to be dismissive but I just didn't register with you know it's vastly different it that register with me doesn't mean there. It's actually fairly new look on social media and there's video of like before 05 right. Like that is an interstate you'll drive more famous he holes and in C insights like hey there's the Sunset Boulevard exit in oh my god everything down five year as they have had to shut down to 405 era. They've had two are there are home in Bel Air house in bail later burned down. Again there's no wind and fight this thing I'd I'd use elated to cancel this game because people are walking around campus would mesh gone. McGee can't breach. Right and so they don't want people hang around campus try to come the basketball game my goal beef safe right the safety of our student athletes in our students and just people in general is the most important they would only be played a basketball game under these. Circumstances so no game at UCLA tonight and who knows when they're going to be able to. To move back to campus and get back to normal. Because the football team was supposed to practice today for a bowl game yeah there's no practice can't do I'll read you can't properly briefed Giffords. All right and so it's just like. Again these fires are always devastating. Can always. You can't train them I mean blood to what we're lazy dog too. Mess around with like places that you know right. Like like Walsh angels but the for a five like ballet air it just takes it to a new level of awareness if nothing else though. I hate when people program thoughts and prayers and times where they should be thrown around other things like. If you into the fray and I've been these before or losing real real things. And that that status is going through something that it's gonna take a long time to recover from so yes you're praying type may be the one. That to the West Coast story number three markets dug up by 151000 dollars today for stand there. Or live on television while talking to rob Fisher after snapping an eleven game losing streak with a victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves in this. Thing is I mean he did he got it in their but he didn't really get his money's worth it was really his he's got the other does sort of the accent and he did it so fast I mean if I was gonna get 151000 dollars worth of fine for an F bomb. I'd probably. You know kind of draw it out little more you're ahead you're glad this is your opportunity coming out you would do it. I don't wanna I wanna risk of a penalty when you can just say after instead. Yelled out we very happy for the win have a Spanish actually okay. Very happy for the win on guys locker room believes. Through all the losses. So. It's cat is at that event have you heard what you're laid we got this. Evan did name. Oh beautify me. Well yes you would have definitely been fine I give a fitting granddaughter FARC when the fifth there instead instead he was like an editor of the Lewis and that's. Ogilvy played Selma to me like he was so caught up in the moment he got he. It it almost never happens to me. It does happen to people on our radius these were you you start you is skate the fact that there's a microphone and you lose yourself in a conversation to the point where you forget the microphones on. And you drop it that's how that happens like when people hear the way I speak away from right this radio show you know like I mean it's the same tone in the same river for her and like this is the way I thought except. And it's it's constant curse words like you. They often. And that's really our whole staff having yeah I guess I don't I don't know is the only hall badly this language I might all right normal I was a little different on the hole and yet when I'm sitting here it never occurred like I just it doesn't matter which flips off I just do -- the lights are off in the studio I just do not see it set a single word peoples they have sometimes is that how do you not hustle the car and I don't even think about it like those words just do not come out and amount of like an off button I'd have but I don't push it it just happens is it's a natural thing that happened on to Gary Player like on T like if I go have dinner tonight with some friends and we will constantly be using language that would be deemed unacceptable for radio or television right and yet if I'm on radio right now are on television tonight. I just wouldn't use those words it's like I've become a different speaker writes I don't know how I'd do it it just happens but mark clearly. Again that is good is good it is better than me at lots of things clearly not better than me at this very specific thing. Because I don't think he was playing as much now to slip that he just said it like if he was talking to my coming in the locker room guy that's what he would have said. And normally yet you turn that off in front of the cameras but he was so caught up in the moment. He left the airport slip up. Good thing if he makes a ton of money every year 151000 I thought about or anything else. Either way he gives a SoundBite that'll last forever now for.