Gary Parrish Show, Thursday, November 16, 2017, Hour 2 (w/444 'continued & then Geoff Calkins in Seg 1)

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Thursday, November 16th

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Seg 1:  Geoff and GP discussed the Jon Gruden and the coaching carousel

Seg 2:  GP talks about the Sky Cam tonight for the Titans Game

Seg 3:  Dinner to Go 



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It's like sitting is painful. Also sitting on the bench that's why he wasn't there if he's like it's real pain he watched the game from the lounge in the arena. Lying down on the couch alone and same thing with flying from Columbia Missouri to Salt Lake City. Like if I got to sit on a plane for two straight hours what is the point of putting myself through that painful now just in Colombia and get treatment so it's one of those things get a lot of attention I really don't think there's much of their I think he is just genuinely hurt so we wait for Michael Porter. To be able to play one think it's interesting and so my point this out to me and it if it lines up with. What I just told you yeah. He did start the first game and came out after two minutes and so the point one of my sources said was if there for the compliance issue. He wouldn't have done that you don't put Immelman in the Laporte at all. You just say he's injured to a good play or you tell the truth right spot for them to put him into the game and then pulling out of the game if this were compliance issues guys it's just something that you do that if I do think it's probably as simple as that stated I'll still little bit of a mystery like what's wrong and how bad is that but as Michael Porter junior missing games strictly because of injuries yet does seem so story number three OLMB. Is balling out 46 points fifteen rebounds seven assists seven blocks last night at 115. 109 win over Los Angeles Lakers. Literally nobody in the history of the NBA has ever had that stat line nobody's ever gone for 4515. Is seven and seven. In a game you have 461577. In the last night's game it was tremendous to watch or I guess like everybody sort of fell asleep. My house and I was up until we're done. And I saw people like Olympic like GMB started. Trending on Twitter some like god turn this on. He's bald man and a dream shake and oh it's like abusing people yeah. I've been favorable ET I do everything it since he was on campus until the story of 50000 times on the appellate again you divided on Twitter from last out of the interest of I'm but he was always this sort of like unique. Talents right naturally gifted guy. And it's starting to come through now that he's healthy he looks like among the most talented people. In the world and there are some basketball people that think he will if he stays healthy. You know in two years three years vetoed the best player in the world is amazing they identified him. Despite not having these kind of lines print in in can't take chances right and he didn't have anything like. Well you don't gonna do 4613. 77 of the caliber as us. Some of the dangers I don't know how awesome it was they always ended months ago he was also all like to be clear again you miss the NCAA tournament I am like missed since the accident at a time. If he never gets hurt right at Kansas and that one year. He's animal paid off in would have gone ahead of into Wiggins who would have gone ahead of everybody. A humble is that the same draft is the cat from du Ku it Okafor now. Edge of our Parker maybe Bob Parker us as they. I think yeah I think park was dead and grab. But it was it was sort of like late January early February. It was widely regarded him basketball circles it can be healthy he's the number one pick via their foot injury that I might. There were certain franchised to more risk if they're like what just pick a sure thing into wigand's like he's healthy and have good. But Philadelphia like they identified the talent and they took him higher than most people all on that day was supposed to go on now is paying off because he is he is something. Story number four will peak died. This was up all over Twitter today they got the face tattoos DA die like my fellow white rapper is a whites or don't play him on that station it that I'm supposed to be programming and the -- possible I guess local people lol. BP I will be lol anybody will peeping assuming a holes out there I think so I'm just gonna be some that might LB people are -- Wayne yeah our beat all of but I am I going to be lol lol any thing little parish he had like indiscernible. OB Eminem just leave low awful of bag and use that. But he was low people who mine that had to question him only wants to call himself. Sort of like a rapper singer guy yeah and like click apparently the 121 years old and like had a little bit of a bright future like he was at least registering and like certain circles that I'm not really involved then but other people locked. And I found that the tour bus. Late 830 last night in Tucson Arizona. And let's you know this what happens sometimes when you live the lifestyle he was living. But one of the things that is I guess a little. Disappointing not unique town is that he's all in social media bragging about. Drug use right yes today like he's got ethic on and two grammys got two pills on his tongue and that's like in his dead a few hours after he took that. That picture and I know young people I'm often think that that that that's cool like you know like AM all more messed up like it's cool. Do blood let's I was young once too long time ago but I remember parts of it. And I would just say it's one thing to be like. Think it's cool to be hammered drinking or art or super high smoking and but like you start mixing pills like they kill you awful it kills people every day Odyssey country yes every day in this country and so to see another young person. They're sort of like. Part of his. Per Sauna right rule was. I am popping pills and using like serious. Like we I just spoke we draw no. Arm and then down at the age when he wind like you know it's just yelled at the big. None of that is I'm not interested in trying to tell you not to have fallen. I had. Hedge fund before myself. But I do think it is dangerous it's not yet to be glorified him when you start mixing pills at all switched up the way he was clearly doing. Well I tell you an update the hotel room to tell you that Dan doughnut or bust 21 years old you know. But the mother who loved you withered you know like with friends who care about chip and you're just in the middle of the afternoon on Wednesday popping pills. Bragging about it on Inge to Graham and then dying like you know I petted that's not the way things as opposed to go for anybody but especially so with the a bright future son's manager early today Blake or do you last night yeah 87 way to get this call for a year. So like you on some level like I was living the life yeah I use our common and so. I don't know again I don't know that there's a real message there but like well I think the difference between. Like when you think you've got to be that guy who beat who you war. Like I would include the one of his videos today and like the first scene of the video that drive a car and they did the camera goes down to. Full board and there's like six empty pill bottles like scattered in the floorboards Magloire final again I'm popping pills aldermen that's cool tonight and it's also super dangerous. And now you're dead so be careful I guess that's what I'm sign do whatever you want to do but be careful. They don't think it was ticking go to gather sometimes scary there's nothing cool about dying and tour bus at the other thing when he won. And particularly if you just posted into Graham picture bragging about popping pills now in the middle of a Wednesday. Geoff Calkins is up. Yeah. 829 net. 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I got in Turkey duck and cook them right mean can you Turkish doctor expire in 2012 I would not let. Zinni bigs by 2012. It's like let's yeah I haven't done just a solid I think for launch. And it expired in June of this year out of that. No no I have a big hang up about this I if the expiration date has passed. I can't touch it like it's a mental thing like I assume that IE. Like this is terrible so sometimes we'll have like lunch meats and the blue ridge it'd be like you know spicy chicken. Whatever. And and I look at it you know say like it does that say today's November 16 and had to say on itself by November 13. And I am I can't touch that I'll just throw away. It felt glad I didn't I know but I don't know what the difference I don't know exactly how many days is between cell by and you better not eat this anymore. And so I just I'd I'd play safe. We're live at the TV show call Adam's yeah they're they're at a ruins everything query goes to read and debunk stuff and one analyst pat Rowland expiration date and Dick. Particular it was outbreak of supplied Turkey duck and 2012 minute you did you did it was. Expiration date largely. Partly they're just so if you use it after him well after the expiration date they able to do good and it doesn't pay to good. And you won't use the product again a and that secondly like. They Washington Post up like. Yeah like the negative TV had a thing that you do I whatever 2008 it. June of 2000 making Ella got double television now and it's joke. They're part of that test to tell. It is vital that is funny on that note like I have this very strict rule about food Leggett says expiration date is today and I saved or yesterday and I feel I can't touch that and yet my car light will come on and say you need yurt thirty and I got up and apply it. I'm like I don't think I really my thirty pound about it I'm down a mile delegate lead that I'll get to bed a few thousand miles of I got I've. I didn't try to steal a story. Lines like whatever strip them. And you're drought ought to go to uninteresting but I didn't I would not use the Turkey duck and give out well. Yeah I think that was a wise choice by UYQ what do you need Turkey start what are you trying to get accomplished. You have to do you have expired in your house. Right now if you look you can actually how many things would be you know these are. Nothing that I will because like there might be things in there that I wouldn't like I'll never grabbed a box. I'll never look at it because it's not for me so I don't know that is expire but any thing that I like it if there were sausages like I eat sausage is a lot I enjoy enjoy sausages but I go look at assault serious disease and it says expired October 31. I don't I just all right I really just thought about it. I would put my my buddy 2000 DC when I went after the date of the Alabama game and 81. And and he made a profit pocked with death if they required some Turkey stock in it. What sort of stock or something to be a sort of a greatly to the sausage and so that's what I was looking at but I was attempting otherwise it's just going to be soft which it noodles which you know. So the less interest and other stuff but it was you know that's on the to try to make our way the single that just trying to figure it out not poisoned people. Yeah like I mean don't they have over eat for some. A I'd never agree to go to great I never that Wilbur Eads has ovaries doesn't deliver to my home yet they keep telling me they keep telling mr. perished. We're in the process of getting down there how they haven't done that yet but there are a service called. Spree at that we use these free all the time like that just go yeah. Yeah they just go did you doesn't project number in your house. How much more difficult to that you Indonesia. You know what not that is much as I think it Sheila. Let. Guy I'd I'd like if I were running these free I think I'd be out charging a little more than what they seemed up charge. Because it's not the type of thing that makes you go. Act now worked at like sometimes I'll get them to deliver. From a Mexican restaurant. That is. Less than a mile for my hopes. It didn't do good I don't. You're an American guys yeah. I would even be quicker if I did when I got myself. And I'm like you know it's spring bringing them I want to go get them out or walk in there might look understandable yeah it's a love. Yeah it's terrific that you pay that talk about him I'm doing right here where you're at and you can. And you can't tell you up with a tip always or just want to back lesser. Added that it took to the line like I get carry out of tipping our priorities to the driver into the pillow. Yeah it doesn't yet sir and yes a preemptive. And doing talk about Iraqi Capital Radio in Seattle. I don't know like this can thank you Peter Dolan chief Peter. It's going to be back Olympic coach mean oration that popular yet people talk about it looked like certain coach you have to develop those two options. Yes but I think the second option is actually cool like if you're not gonna be the Tennessee coaching your sure of that. -- it's a little bit like you should even bring it up because you know what it's gonna do to the people who want you to do to beat Tennessee coach I would compare almost to this like if you know. Like let's let's go back to high school where stuff like this matters. And there's this girl who just loves you she's always love you she's always wanted you to be around you Darren would you and you. Not at all hypothetical for me but I understand that there's some people who live like that I. And you just always for whatever reason never went that direction like you happy where you had or you'd yeah you just don't want to go there but like she still loves you no matter what energy restaurant any day of the year regardless of the year. She'd say I wanna be where Jeff Hawkins. And then you. Still reach a point where you have no interest in being with this girl whatsoever. Blight. You all are telling everybody at the school like you know but you really feel pretty nice in man you know she's just. You don't really find her attractive and man I can't imagine anybody better than her. But you're still I gonna be there against me in getting these weird. Shouldn't shortly but don't read them. While it OK I can get. Well first of all they're different they're different. Aspects of like people can do that strategically. Not to talk about the social part although a lot of the Uga probably good with the social part to let you could be using someone to get someone else look like John cal Perry. Always used to try to have people or whatever yeah you get more out of this current gay rights that doesn't really apply. Doesn't feel like it applies. In the gents good situation that could get more from Monday Night Football. Because you color we'll kind of see where is John Dick get more from Matt just because you flirt with NC state so that's one situation. It's a little different than the big that you describe. In that that girl. Like her the real feelings and it is really damaging to our art if you are that assessment Tennessee. Your loan. What they are again they don't but they but they ought though it delegates like the old they are men and I'm assuming women right now. Probably who have orange flags connected to their homes somewhere. Who are genuinely. Excited. About Jon Gruden say in the word rocky top on radio and it had actually in a very real. Way affected their emotions positively today those people exist. I really going to be really crushed. Like that girl would be if here at the scene on a bit monocle. Well. Yes apparently if they heard and what double. What how close were met fans and Gallup really left. It leaving it different than not coming for the first time. Yet here she says that's I think it's a little different I think it's not getting it adding that getting to the candidate is it's not as bad. And having John will you view that was worse OK but I I think it's girl I agree it's it's it's confusing like it is. It's an incredibly insensitive and it's it's it's needing your ego to be fed to such an extent. That you're willing to do that just sort of surge Dolly's even though you do know you should know would have an impact public. So it's not that quality hit a lot of things though that are. Everyone that's this big group thing on the air everybody used to whom you know while the reports do say he has no interest and everything else. But he very clearly liking that might like the other day and he doubt about it and here I answered if you managed it you know what. I'm really happy Monday Night Football. And I just don't have the fire went belly to go back and coach right now what I did it would be in the NFL so I'm flattered that people want me to. Wanna connect with that job. A lot of people think I'd be good at that. But it's just out of them and on it shouldn't have. Said. They said you know I would like football I'd really like my family I really like job but never they never. That's a very different answer it I can't do that promote additional speculation. Oh sure. It's you have to wonder what the motivation is is it if it is it rooted. Genuinely and the idea that hey I'd I counted maybe do one of the Tennessee coach or is he just leveraging it. Because you said Blakey kitten leverage Tennessee from away from ESPN but like you maybe could. It just because there. I guess because maybe you think you figure that would apply to. Oh I didn't believe God's work do you leverage any job to get this job right like I you know if I do if I do if I decided hey I wanna go into. I don't know what the lucrative job outside of Sports Radio. A guy that I I don't know what it's like whatever I don't know whatever could be right hey I got offered at a dead I do executive job at FedEx for some reason I. I mean could I leverage that against CBS and against 99. Thank danced those different things that you can't you know still it's like hey I might really go do this other thing if you don't take care of me in this way. Yeah I guess you could supply that any different from gruden you. Only do it if your contract is up at 99 if you're the stress first year you capture the 99. You can do all they want a third FedEx but it gear you're locked in your Patrick tonight you know our conference until the war. I know I know it is but it's younger and. I don't know I'm unfamiliar resemblance contract only know my own. I. I know so. Yeah who knows but it doesn't like it doesn't add injury to that there's no question about that do you think he'd be good at the second question. That's the other thing is everybody just assumes he would be great. Which I don't know with a completely safe assumption you know like. If you go. It's it's I think it's one thing to hire a former NBA coach who had already succeeded in college in other words would you hire Rick Pitino. Coming out of the Boston Celtics are gay that's like. What we've experienced over the past couple years notwithstanding like that the home run you know what you're gonna get John cal Perry same deal. Arm. The NFL Nick's favorite thing deal. Well I don't ever done it at the collegiate level I think she would pick all the but the idea that it's just a no brainer like you just hired the next Nick Saban or Urban Meyer like I don't know that that's exactly true. That's clearly not true it's clearly not as good a higher as Nick Cave in or as even John Joker. I do think that the celebrity would help them immensely in recruiting you and would you be impressed John good luck in your living and you're being. I think that's very true. I keep to together good stat I think it would certainly create excitement. Over the long haul would he be successful. I don't know I'm glad to be light on who lives in Tampa and follow them all the time and says he could never developing young quarterback at a chemical. But and have a coat twelve look what you gotta do to the scene developing a quarterback and and so I don't know. Whether he would be good or not I would be the most entertaining still the second most entertaining we'll be Lane Kiffin coordinate with the that would be intact lesbians as. I would love that that's another member that would be fantastic. Self edit an Intel the whole thing on. Would you consider hiring Lane Kiffin at Memphis if my beliefs. I absolutely wouldn't I would how would be awesome but I don't think that's a move he makes because. I think his next move if he continues to win where he has to I think is next move this to a mid level power fine. I don't think he needs to be interim step of going to Memphis before it even goes back to a Arafat. Though. I'll see what he would do that I would like. Yes I would like it we don't need to we don't if we just kind of an X marked upcoming Groce nobody's heard of just like Justin Fuente and Mike ravel where that we don't need celebrity or McCain Minneapolis there would come would have went different. But to me I absolutely would talk. Lane Kiffin has enough game baggage that you think you'll get another power. Well yeah that's my question never completely cured so he might tend to stay longer. Well that's my point is that you get Lane Kiffin and a double digits before and I leave them be read in acute maniac on social media go like they're going to be flying. And round and and like he does. Like when Mike went just a boy they killed and at Memphis you know he's getting a power five job a bit of good. When Mike killed at Memphis you know he's getting a good powered job offer. Kiss like can kill at Memphis a if we're living in the hypothetical world. Think that of adults are again because these like for the same reasons. Mike Leach may never get a great. Pat would not answer the same reason that for similar reasons like Mike Leach can kill it and maybe never get that big big job because like people just don't want to deal with him. They are you like it. At the highest level of the sport people just don't wanna deal would Lane Kiffin. But but at the University of Memphis like to be clear I don't think the people running university about it right now would do it. But I will likely I think we'll be yeah I think you'd be so much one. Well I would do it and and one of again what do you do luckiest can take you there we know he's good recruiter I. We know that. We know that he's an offensive mind I think we know that we've had great recruiter. And we know they bring excitement. I can bring people to the Liberty Bowl he would possibly say it like that the programs on auto pilot now look at it bad to good coaches. Still like they're out there are beating the bushes this week to make sure people are what they should be. To make sure people come Saturday but it could just kill off automatically because they've been winning for. About two years now and so he would he would create excitement even even continue the excitement. He would he could recruit high level international attention. And I think he'd been when he did not win that US saint 'cause they've worked absolutely. Destroyed by sanctions. And I think he would have. One at Tennessee if he'd stayed there longer than a year. I do believe he would want a tennis are absolutely and I think that's partly by Tennessee's center Soledad I think they think he would have won right and that they were they were seriously or that failure. I mean and also when he left how he let all that really did it was not. Poppy I was understandable and that it was a dream job but it integrated Tennessee fans. So I don't think there is that necessarily or heartbroken as when. Cal left Memphis but one of the reasons that they knew that they were Pia could just off. Was sort of I think they did expect liberalism and expected him to win at a high level let me all the local recruiting and I think you probably will want that. That is just card it's gonna be back in studio tomorrow morning at nine old Claude agents there. That's just got to do mega city at 9 o'clock Jeff Carr did show weekdays. From nine to eleven we come back interesting Thursday night football tonight that a failure because the teens planned budget. Because the sky cam is going to be the primary camera angle for this football game first time in NFL history. Talk about camera angles right after the bright. Playing their third game in eleven days that titans are on the road. Heinz Field in Pittsburgh that face this teeters on Thursday night football be award winning titans countdown is on the air at 6:30 central. The voice of the titans might teach and coach Dave McGinnis call this prime time game big. I didn't send us teeters on Thursday night football. This titans radio station. Broadcasting on 68080 am this is 929 FM RE SPN's let. This Black Friday. 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If computer that suited for use that as soon as periods can be bitter price for you nice save money would have liked to save money please do. The pattern here yeah 36096793609679. Some talented enough while the body check other web site Cooper systems back up. Forget it Obama I brag cars and I'm ready already tight now. Do you care about the titans. No I'm not sister deck press got joined you're Dallas Cowboys Q are you are left the titans Quebec press got left them and they usually just bloated you know at the end of the season so I'm I'm waiting for that moment to have that they've actually been playing good football move. The titans. The winning games. OK let's could hear yeah. They never registered with the media even though they are Tennessee's team well I think it meant this is sort of an aggregate NFL marquee of a lot of titans fans a lot of cowboys Lotta it's just mixed you know. I think you in Memphis you've got. Pittsburg. A lot of Steelers fans a lot of cowboys fan in Green Bay fans like Erica a lot of Tennessee Titans fans. And then it for a while it was a lot of Peyton Manning fan where replay when he was with the colts it was Elton was with the Broncos was with the Broncos get but I'm not certain you know I've talked with us anywhere that down at that Tennessee Titans are the most popular NFL franchise in Memphis obviously into the CF but in Memphis like I think the cowboys or even maybe. Steelers could give them a running the last I will say looking at radio ratings we had actually go back and I review them again their radio ratings are good like that that's why we kept the money FM but the cowboys games also rate I'm so who knows tiger will be on 99 FM ESPN tonight so I you can listen to it. Which would give you actually zero last Tuesday we'll see the sky cam to enjoy this guy cares this is interesting yeah if you remember a few weeks back. There was a. Game and fox forum. It was a Sunday Night Football game. And fault Fannie and yeah like sit down in the city stadium. And so you your traditional. Camera angles which are. You know from up in the stadium shouting down on the field the way we watch the ball when we watch of course yes our lives yes. Those angles could not provide. I shot of the field because you could not see the film went through the fog conceded fought who. So what they had to do out of necessity. Like almost on the fly our guest definitely on the fly yeah. Oh what can we do to allow people to watch this game because from our normal angles nobody can see anything else. As socialists try to use the sky cam okay. Which is that the camera that sort of floats on like hovering above the field yeah probably would actually floats by guy wires on my work or it's above yes it's it's above the feel they used it at that the city sickening it's Alabama like you see it's got like like rope. They might get it they had one there and a and so. Out of necessity because of the fog or they had to use it as the primary angle it's always been there as a secondary out I or third option or. You know just stood you do all the playing a waiting a long way to give another look today you are highlights but it's never been the primary. Camera angle and but they had to use that as the primary camera angle and the reviews I was like oh this is awesome because it looks like you're playing Madden you're what you're suddenly watching an NFL game from the same angle. That you speak your life playing Madden. It crazy and what it also shows. Is that you can watch them play he's developed over in a way that the traditional view from the sideline does not allow. This is something I've always noticed. Arm and wonder like why we've never tried something different and it's one of the reasons I enjoyed watching football games in a stadium from like the forty yard line of the figured out what Erica you can see plays develop. Like where we're sabres opened UC that would aid in Miller's open you see that if you're watching a football game on television right. You can not see if Dez Bryant's open right not when he gets open you don't see that he's not on your screen and a a U you watched you watch snapped. You watch back and a pocket you watch him throw the ball and then you'll see if he's open or not. But wet the more the quarterback throws the football from a traditional angle you don't know you do not know right like it they receiver has beat Israel by five yards you do not know there's still panning over you can't see that right well this guy can give you. An opportunity to say that. It's why have I've always like when you can like I like watching the all 22 yeah fixing that did it just. Pull back let me see everybody on the field I could you can see receivers running routes you can see receivers get open you can see receivers who don't open. You can see everything as it's happening. Traditional television views do not elated yet. And so the sky cam does particularly on running plays for read option play yeah like you can see. Where the holes develop when they develop what a running back is looking for and what will be interest in nice because it Steelers and titans are. You could see lady on bell. I came angle now he is. A probably the most patient running back. In the world yeah in the sense that. Wait for the holder develop he just doesn't grab the ball and go right like he's he's sometimes just stalling in the backfield waiting for something to develop. And that should be awesome to watch. From this angle the one drawback they sense read about it earlier today is that. One of things you can see with the traditional side angle is that first down marker. OK maybe ten yards to go out any seven when you will you can just see you'll still know they need two yards to go seven. Just from the sky can you can't tell whether you got as governor Tim Wright like on the traditional view you've got their first down marker where it's like there's been lying on the field they're the yellow line. He's got to get to that you always know where somebody's trying to get him like that's that's that's valued ideas but from this guy came angle like that's not practical you won't so its could be a situation where you've got. And second in five right and from the traditional angle. You know exactly that running back got the five yards or not but from the sky cam angle it's gonna be much more difficult to tell and that's why some people think this war. Start to become the primary. Camera angle for bargains because you lose the ability to tell. It definitively whether somebody's got a first down or not but the on the other side of it is you get to watch these plays developed right. In a way that that better allows you to watch them develop there was. A story today where they were taking. The same plays and some from a traditional England and some from sky cam angle. And what looks like a running play just like from the traditional angles sideline view is just quarterback hands the ball off running back. Runs into a wall of people right and he gets three yards that's all you see. Same play from sky cam angle. Like you see way different when you just see where the hole developed why he went there right in who recovered. Wanted to make the tackle he just Seymour Siegel linemen who are shifting over the right how it's happening as opposed to just see something what the hell that they'll use Isa the reason is aid for its primaries are when you turn it a lot of split screen I wonder. Does he connects knocking on that's not the way it's been billed it will be like when that's the primary ticket items get first down first and ten from the old whatever right. Com the camera while you're watching is going to be behind the quarterback look I'm. Looking over his head down into the same secondary that he's looking at when you see receivers and a run routes. Across the middle like you'll be able to see them whereas from the traditional I know you've never been able to see that sort. So I don't care much about the game tonight right but I am interested to see how this works out because they. I understand the reservations about. All networks going to a full time right we just discussed them. But there are some positive to it I think in May may be watched. Can make may be watching football more. More interesting and you'll have a better. Understanding of exactly what's happening on a play to pay basis could you do from the traditional angles so. You couldn't listen to it right here and adding it out of them Israel launch later and and completely missed everything that I'm talking about or. And you turn on TV tonight Rebecca Benedict. Playing their third game in eleven days that titans. Heinz Field in Pittsburgh cafes the Steelers on Thursday night football the award winning titans countdown is on the here at 6:30 central. The voice of the titans Mikey and coach Dave McGinnis call this primetime game. I didn't send us teeters on Thursday night football. This titans radio station. Broadcasting on 680 EM this is now 829 FM RE SPN's. Get ready to absorb blast menace and a three Black Friday door best days are here this right here Wednesday. Some things seem pretty Black Friday deals on the grand he won most come. I'm really thin door busters like galaxy fourteen TVX plus one Samsung galaxy phone and beats by Dre has done some crazy low weekly pain. But he better hurry before the festival about Susan I'm only ten minutes and a big brands small payments. Put to sleep transaction participating this is looking into the details of the state. Kohl's no she can't afford to have your business slowdown over the holidays. 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Who cares you know this. Live from the loved restaurants towards more studio 99 FM RE SPN. We. A. Okay. While how. Near and dear to my heart regional wanna help this and it remains true. We celebrated the Louisa first birthday yesterday isn't fun though it was fun it's fun you can have. And a one year old active party and elegant feel like the one year old probably the least aware of what's happening today. But they seem to have a good time I seem to have a good time man. They care about. And 45500. Pictures taken good. Gotta have covered stature wise thing you need those pictures here you'll you'll relish those I. Don't know why you need eighty pictures of the same things take pictures. So limited you got plenty of family seems unnecessary. Line here TV but like if other people into that other people into it one day I'll be. Mold and state law insurers like I am now it's a bolder and more ball through and I always I had kids that people wanted to take pictures of right yes so I'm not gonna complain about it right the folks from real long went down there at the store in everybody in the news conference and there was raising money at a donating proceeds from region one health than its own rooted in. You know how they helped our dicier of pregnancy. Become a pleasant. Slash awesome experience but as I told him many times you do not have to be facing some sort of medical emergencies. To take advantage of the wonderful care of regional one hell like if you do have a medical emergency that's where you wanna bees. Why would you watch the news every night they face so and so was taken to. The reason no one cares because that's your best shot as your best shot and give them a bad situation but I understand it region one is like. They offer online scheduling if there is scared to Harbour town location just for primary care and and other specialties. So yes I relations to a regional one would rooted in an emergency. In a scary scary situation. But. It doesn't have to be for you you can schedules on the today a regional one health dot org slash appointments to its regional one health dot org. Slash appointments. Just don't know why you need eighty pitches as they gotta you gotta have that dream thing you'll relish that as those moments now. Seen differently not even a different outfit it's not even a different backgrounds and saying you. You get on lay it on the on your camera phone. Yes. The Pentagon. Is presented by Humphries prime cuts shop well folks folly of original piece. What do we learned today we're trying to block I mean well. We learned about the RPI. When you should and should not represent my husband and I think just. He was the rule of thumb on that okay pretty simple count. It's all connected to a university member assistant. I actually bragging on Twitter and it's nice to get a win and watch RPI go up. To 158. At the University of Memphis you are you're coaching at the University of Memphis. If if you are ranked a 158 and any thing that is not something to brag about oh maybe if your coaching at Morehead State. And you're RBIs of the 158 or ranking somewhere on the from wanted gave way you know what they've had little more if they. But this is the University of Memphis. Derrick Rose puzzle over his glory yeah I imagine so. So. The system would brag about watching the RPI go of the wanted yet it is a silly for two reasons a RBIs the completely meaningless number up. Two games into the season. Really two months in the season's deal if they fall of formula no matter what any Smart basketball version of Italians but. Who gave you feed them like if it's not only a small number if they meaningless number yeah Duke's 49 in the RBI right now Weaver state sports. What are we fight doesn't mean any day filter reverend said there's a reason why you have him. Seen one Smart basketball person I referenced the RBI so far this season. But you don't even look at it it's completely meaningless if the selection committee that actually uses the RPI which you can't use the RPI or November 16 had like two games it was chilly for that reason I possibly could you. You're right long fifty Ayers bat you know good like if you re like birdie would still mean absolutely nothing nobody you can police say Hayworth and some think. That's not bad will. Want 58. What you can do. Like what are you're looking for something belief that. Before anybody else sees it. So we've learned a lot about the RPI today we learned a lot about movies have to present let multiple silence from a fifth terror and a well I've messed up like 41 years old found dead at tour bus. Few hours before he was found dead before Buffy had an instant grim picture of him. Couldn't multiple hills on his tongue they look like Flintstones vitamins. It's just another example. Think. I'm I've ever going to be the guy then don't use drugs or he'll die I will that would come off as hypocritical. But what I would say is plagued glorifying. Prescription. And medicine. Issues. Mike hale doesn't cool about that like that again that's something yeah young people. Like yeah if you're a prescription drug problem or you're. Using prescription pills. On a regular basis like that that that you try to hide from people yeah not the type of thing you. Put on social media but when you're young you think it's cool like people being fed school. It's cool because everybody's gore got when I was young I felt the pleasure it was foolish very normal thing I'm just saying. It's one thing to take a belong here and think that school might take a picture of it it's one thing the like take. The other is your third shot going to be here in Vegas when you let it die from those things. But mixing pills won't kill yes the fans on social media mixing pills and they did the sport must put one. Oh unreal like yeah okay young people. Don't we still dangerous night but it still makes skills. It's probably. A suggestion that you've got a drug problem that's not to be glorified. That doesn't make you called that anybody's. Except by the people who had drug problems. That's probably the long and short what's the biggest game tonight. More years. Cleveland Cavaliers at TD garden arena and Baltimore's 113 overall 51 away from homes others urging its overall. Six and one at home best record in the west is the best record he's and the Golden State Warriors. Mari a seven and a half point favorite on the broad ruling against the Celtics who have a long. It feels like seventeen weeks that it stayed all night. I think they will lose tonight we breath even that eight point underdog at home we have lost in weeks here's a day this is the Golden State Warriors and now they've got something to prove you're you don't respect Brad Stevens thought I had Steve I think Brad Stevens is the most amazing coach in the world then you truly have that labor the point spread. Making him an eight point underdog I don't negative disrespectful. Disrespectful to the great breath Steve if you tell me that there and took Butler to back to back championship games and lost Gordon Hayward in the season I hope. We're still video of the thirteen had to read you Omega eight point underdog Harry got busted face that is home. Inside his whole. I don't know as the Golden State Warriors now is responsible roles they've Walter camp as the boy that's disrespectful if you don't look at the four point favorite usual Brad Stevens respect. Plus they tonight. Now that plus a 10 well it's disrespectful. No even disrespectful Brad. Just so Bret Stephens with respect on the main what she's done watch on TV office faithful and I feel seventh suicide squads and HBO seven. Knew I feel. Scandals on ABC at eight we know what's going on in scandal she's still look at what the president and what happened. I wondered if you look at what the president announces that she got kidnapped in like Iran or some of that time out on this I don't know of happened so anyway I don't know what happened to her about. Your wife is on an 8 o'clock is there anything I need to make sure I've read my column about Kentucky's point guard situation that's of interest and I looked it up. Don't you take the previous ten team for John helpers coach dating back to their road team. He has had. A top three point guard in every year except for one. That was the they would be an idea this year that have accomplished point guard. That could be a problem for the wildcats to prevent them from being. What did they wanna be what's on tap for tomorrow yeah market in the apart fell apart from the fact it was my play hard man. Being back here more important than the cavalry got a good read you know it's just. Your assessment test known. Broadcasting on the until six EPA. Your home ready for the huh. Holidays until they TV and oh well leading the biggest thing in TVs right now that. The best pitcher ever highest contrast and most vivid color of getting technology on the market right now till date hasn't off Toronto LCD TVs there already Celanese premiums he gazed at Black Friday price of Intel Davis of the young lives are still free delivery setup and they'll even haul your old set away this season making a deal big TV and oil Levy until they TV facility guys Gypsy Winchester has crossed the street are still alone Smith sells only independent local TV do. From.