Gary Parrish Show, Monday, Jan. 22, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1)

The Gary Parrish Show
Monday, January 22nd

Seg 1:  GP talks to Geoff about Missouri State Tinder story

Seg 2:  Zion Williamson, Coach K, Duke

Seg 3:  Dinner to Go 


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And I said who but I'd like tater top dinnertime when my person those rumors choice she's a five star prospect I don't know visual and oh and nonprofit oh no brainer for attack. And dictated that showed back up and basically need swiping right on tender and Hearst like it right onto. Use intent and basically the same thing right. I'd basically and so then like and the story goes on there and had a bad in eagle whatever most of them do you know most of do most of and a streamlined number two. Way Brad sorry they're talking about 8 o'clock he let go back to hey okay my body ain't doing anything not different than what I did in 1999. They're just doing it with technology and they happen to both swipe right at like each other. I hope at least get that donut made one. Story number two lakers beat the knicks yesterday. Oh that's good progress that's great for the grizzlies I was happy to see this it's a race to the bottom between the grizzlies in the lakers are a few other teams I don't know about you got to be Sacramento they committed to the calls for real Darryl and now they are all in like weaning play in our plan all anyone like they're all not in right I'll think you'll be able to be Sacramento but bottom could they have committed. West side first hand would dye job Dave gig her. What a day get your day weekend did very got that is to air. It looks a little phony Gary it was that way but it was a bad dye job and now when unanimous bad dye job that they get out of like I've known what dad I want to with a look at least I thought a lot about me or like go on and yeah. He had this. Not bad guys not really admires led the charge and I was with him he actually had the the guts to tweeting and he was a 100% right guys finally put it out there for the rest of us Laguna celebrated it and you're like GAAP speak up for a Spanish and somebody had to say something though anyway the kings are committed to take it like crap Monday by the way though I don't know that we can be up to catch them here are members but compete with the lakers for sure now when the lakers win against the knicks blow this -- might go. I I'm gonna let it go Jordan Clark yeah toward Clark win game David post game interview PA is essentially asked about like so what was the strategy here to blow out the New York Knicks and here's what George Clarke and deadlock on. Don't wanna win this game so we felt like. Game yeah look silly moments. You know we just ended boom. Lol how would you put your put your foot and they're not think that pushed to Monday night how did you blow out the New York Knicks we put our. Two on their rights and kept push and what sport did you camp Brad Carson no one who wins games you know we know night. Game yeah look she's doing. You know we just did put them. You know maybe like any kept pushing you don't have that trial that will what's the point put your foot on or not if you had to keep pushing once it's Sunday night. Pledged to push and push it till I you know I know they try to figure things out in Cleveland right now they're you know big on the wrong direction they got some chemistry problems that things may be it's as simple George Clarke said perhaps LeBron James and a lot not LeBron James Kevin Love and it not LeBron James a Kevin Love Isiah Thomas Dwyane Wade so I need to get their foot and put it on and not start pushing loads and otherwise I know we go through the captain the Eastern Conference finals again story number three. Philadelphia Phillies pitchers are in town eat. They are half point favorite over the grip is so that's good news then let us that we try to stay usable way stick a little game I should win but ever doubted they failed sixteen wins forever I'll be happy about forever I mean just through the 82 now this regular season start next year give back the white it over now. Let's lose those. In other sixers are in town JoAnne unbeaten Canada. The grizzlies fan in these moments in this loss season in this unfortunate set of circumstance if it to kind of find reasons to be interested in the games you can either take an act of rooting interest against your own team which I acknowledges years little twisted but like that's one I told everyone what you couldn't find joy in like watching the young guys play at you don't have like young stars like other franchises have young stars that's not as far and then of course the third thing is when they are playing interest in teams or players. When an interest a player is coming to FedEx or maybe get that tonight which oil Indy like he's I mean today the Western Conference player of the week I don't believe. I just been ball went out he is truly one of the most talented basketball players on the planet if he's able to remain healthy he will be a hall of Famer. And he's he's fun he's a fun personality now but he also fun to watch play basketball and said you're looking for a reason benefited form tonight. That's your reason Joseph OMB is intact story number 48 people came out earlier today John cal Perry Kentucky Wildcats unranked Ole. First time since 2014. And it's starting to look like this season's just never going to be. What it was supposed to be got to remember they were pre season top five and like I'm not excluding myself and if I had him in the top five as well. Based on my god they got 15 star recruit after another after another after another but what we've learned to be an already know home is that all five star recruit artists. Like they have very good five star freshman. But they don't have anything that's why John Wall they don't have the Erin fox they don't have Jamal Marie. Right and only prospect DeMarcus Cousins. They don't have calling for the town and so the result of that is they're fourteen and five right now for in three in the SEC they're two and two against the top fifty can pump with two sub fifty losses. Other three and four away from rock arena their 159 competence and efficiency 28 in defense efficiency and outside of the top thirty can bomb for. The first time since 2013. Which is win the New Orleans the well tore his ACL and they spiraled into the ninety. But what people forget about that team because they just cool form because they lost or remorse community never actually talked when he can bomb when New Orleans the well went down. In other words. Without John cal Perry losing his best player and it's warning feel for the season he's never had a Kentucky team this bad track and it doesn't mean they're back. I had it Judy it's all relative they're just bad 33 in the Kutcher and after what 3030 Kemp on blight you start looking at their schedule can ponder the project them to win another road game. Now sees it and if they don't do that if they just do what can bomb says they're gonna do you have stable inter the FCC tournament with a 2011 record. And only three top fifty can come wins that is a bubble resin that. So we get to early march in Kentucky's on the bubble that will be the most surprising thing given where they're at right now on January 22 Geoff Calkins is now. Fifty Smart TV and most. Looking for a great practice and he's Memphis and so I've got the place boy it's actually painting a picture of 4615 popular suite 102 basically popular bird. Extended my name's Gary pairs have been checked my family's been effective if you haven't you need to change that obviously they have pancakes and they're terrific but there's also an unbelievable cinnamon roll top shelf Ahmanson crazy good breakfast Casey and my personal favorite the now famous stats breakfast burger try one try Ramallah statue pink pig kitchen which by the way also caters business breakfast and lunch did you detect the menu of you on the web stats take into account. 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A picture of a person and I'm speaking about this from a distance I've never personally been on tender but some. But I've read about it the debt and essentially you look at a picture of somebody and you swipe right if you be interested in them and you swipe left it what you and aided meantime that other person if they are on tender they're gonna. See a picture view and if they swipe right after you just like right then you'll be alerted and somehow you start a private conversation in what ever. So is is on tender. A tight apparently in a groove over the weekend like he's looking girl that girl to girl and he's going right right left left let whatever light Contra or something. And he sees is going Claudia and he noticed she goes to Missouri State and she he reefs are very short by Leo. But he actually slide some swipes left. Instead of right it's always freaks out like goes in a panic mode like my god I like Claudia but that is some I don't like to meet. And so what do I do now. And so what he actually did. Was go to this computer. Ali knew about her was that she and her name is Claudia. That her bio says she was twenty but she made it clear she's only eighteen she just doesn't know how to change the no number in the bio. And some heat in any news she went to Missouri State. So he went into into the Missouri State student directory. And sent an email to literally every Claudia at Missouri State. Explaining. That he had actually did. Highlight. Left earlier when he met the swipe right but it rekindle America's actually pretty good. So if he starts email this way or army starts email this way. Hello all Claudia the Missouri State commander. At the about it altogether. It says hello all ideas of a Missouri and get the rest of the year before a loser and he starts with. Hello all Claudius of Missouri State. Nobody with Hayden and I made a rookie mistake on tender accidentally swipe left on Claudius profile and I really wanted to swipe right. If ticket provided last things this would be much easier but it doesn't I had to describe the profile to you I swipe left on a girl with a named Claudia. They Hoekstra name was forty but in a bio it said she was actually eighteen you should know how to change. The pictures she provided had some weather friends and her mom and them in a bio she said some friends were single and if anyone liked them better that's fine but they couldn't have a mom. So like I said Ahmed is quite right but that didn't happen. My mr. Graham is Peyton got MO LL if you wanna look me up I. I'm just asking if there's a profile but I'd describe please message me back with a right or left just so I know what your interest her but if you choose right we could totally gets opponents or something but if you choose web that's cool too no worries. It is and if not have you. Are this Claudia and you know some more Claudia is pleased. I. Appreciate it everyone enjoyed it today. Hayden and so this has turned into a thing Claudia jumped on Twitter and was like this dude literally emailed every Claudia at Missouri State to try to find me. Peyton has now changed his bio too so I emailed some Claudia is they're now T shirts being sold on line that read. I'll be your clock yeah. So when you hear that story. Do you go oh wow that's awesome or awhile that's weird. Well when I first hear the story. It is totally weaker and yet someone did that it's just seemed extremely weak in saint and saint totally weird. And yet he did it was such a sense of humor that's what I said that debt in the end. If I want Claudia. I gonna let them discuss these kind of like a hilarious what it would mean that that's wedding story. Go. I think in the head it's totally creepy and weird except for the way he told that I. And because paragraphs. So and so yeah I've I've probe are probing and that. Yeah I tell if you're exactly right there they way. Where that email sent to let's just for the sake of the conversations say there's forty Claudia that was or state could be that the item. But there's no way that email comes off as crazy and creepy. If you don't ride at the right way. But he wrote it. In such away that comes off as funny and lighthearted and cool feet but he also like put together words coherently plex and at the. Other doughnuts or something that's sit down with a Nigel tried to get. If that don't worry all audience. With the charge it doesn't arming itself. The whole thing with charming like he he he perfected that and I don't know like I've gone through as we did this is like a gold through Claudius Twitter. To try to see if like they can hook up or something or they'd at least solid and get don't there's nothing they are yet I mean she's clearly having fun with it because it's become. Like one of those you know. Internet stories like we get one right every week. This is this is the latest she's having fun with that but there is no acknowledgment yet that I've seen that hey yeah Hayden and I are gonna. Go get that doughnut I open. Obama says no question they have to get don't. I think they have to get the that they have to give. I think they have to get donuts. But she is yes she's become a Twitter start the ball picking up it's a Twitter followers and it's a grim followers by the minute. It's eleven to let us now no one at a local club okay. Claudia. Any preference everything by saying I recognizable forty year old man and talking about it and that your your talking about an eighteen year old girl can come off as creepy and like yo Brett. All that said she's a beautiful young and. It well describe her advice if like if what might happen out if what my friends had a daughter and it looked like Claudia I would say yeah you know so and so he's he's got a really beautiful daughter. That's where that's I would say I would say man I'd like to hook up with a hurt but I would say he. How graduate go to about it but I would face you've she's a beautiful. Well. I didn't have a patent if you that I have yet afraid to let any outside they look like it will be good about it. I think he's tall he seems to be all and am looking. Look I think Claudia better look in the Hayden but I think most women a better look in the most men. Way. Most women are better looking than most Smith I think the re that there are reasons why you find. Men with women who are more attractive than them I think among the reasons is they just women are generally more attractive than Mitt. I think more beautiful men women. On a week to week basis that I see beautiful man. I didn't look objectively local offices. Saw. I'll just society's norm about what beautiful and not much that they reject that but then even beyond that. If you think it's because more women their four Q what they look quite so therefore they're more beautiful the men who got to click here as much. I think there's more pressure on women. To look a certain way then there is unmanned look a certain way. And so that's why you don't click objectively more women at high cheekbones and the country you know I like now I just think down whatever else whatever else they were gonna talk about race. I just think women are more. I think there's more pressure on women to look a certain way then there is meant to look a certain way. Like Beckett did it like fat meander celebrated all the talk. That ever happened the other way. Too old now right. But like now but like. I guiding I think that's a big if they select. Are headed to the ballpark either. All of our Bethlehem Flint let Keith it's good looking as he is good looking but he's in the ballpark if I thought I usually do lol I'm right. I bet you not like. Honestly no girlfriend. Or or what. That I had been that good looking than I ever. Yeah. Which by the way I would never have been a better looking car. Her and I I think the better looking person per night. At 7 o'clock o'clock but now about looking for literally yeah I never. Now and may not even better look at bird of the night you know the truth. I never been a better I've ever I've never had any girlfriends I've had in my life. I'd never been better looking than them ever which is why by the way I would have been terrible in this cinder era. Our outsourced ever because I now dedicate some people like people who look like it perhaps people who look like eight. But I would never like like I'm not good looking unsure warts. And I and I've got to fatten net. Lucky and so it's amazing that they get paid to talk on television. But still like until I would've never being good there where I. Yeah it's amazing because he realized that Jack Cooley Gupta to talk on television. And John Madden got a lot of good on television you know and I'm on the bottom of the early bird isn't exactly a poll I got so hot you know like. Okay yeah act OK I think I tech. Amazing that I'm on to both of them on television getting credit relative. Well OK but I'm but it so I have been terrible to her because like just what do swipe left on me and swiping left on everybody in the right. Actual ballpark. And everybody that I everybody. That I would have been slugging right on would have been wired while lights left on fat neck do you get to see how many people miss on our league has finally get to see that okay and so I've been terribly tender but where I was always call it. I'm I'm good at the I'm good at the bar. I'm good at the table. I'm good talking to you I'm good. Like eight a AOL instant messaging. I got to kill Elena had a are you know you can't. That's where I that's where I could make up for my lack of height in other good things are in it yet with Tim are you never get to that point I'm just a big people just what it. I think of the word but can go to literally just a picture it's usually it's official picture in short bio. And that's terror. I would have struggled in the tender Arabs they got I think they come on back in the nineties. Because I would and I had a bit of bad shape. It's the only way I was ever gonna flourish woods was bombed in a in a barbecue fast said he. Like you know I gotta I gotta get aroused great and then I got a tall kitchen and I got to tell stories or write that email I can do all that I couldn't just. I could just like you know look at a picture of me until there. And insist that they're not gonna and for me. Let's think I don't know how good it was Saturday was Claudia and now it is still you know as opposed to. Ira or or or or you keep you out. Audio and audio is then I'll. No Claudia makes the story better it's an onion usual name like clawing right. Topeka actually he would have aspired to do whatever it would release a Kathy Kathy would look at. All Cappy in order that basically wrote 101000 people that. Yeah I mean I think I do whatever I will you still find the Claudia or the cat the or do you ever like it is all we're saying that person either emailing every. Colleen nobody here really identify twentieth Mikey didn't happen today you know that's yeah. It's great that a name is caught me yeah. Her name was on her name was marine what's a normal late. Named Marie that seemed like a pretty normal name again everybody's name Marie right errors in normal name is Sarah normal Maine now probably like oh Jennifer Arab. Jennifer Kelly yeah that's a normal name. Generally it's AC have been more of a process out but I still think you wind up getting there because you're just like okay you have to find eighty. He's got to fight eighty to read instead of twenty Claudius but still once you get sick and the re is gonna get that email. Now to Iraq I think is still find it no matter what your white and just forced. Although this is fought everybody did it my instinct would've been. Like let's just let's get let's look on FaceBook likes it scouting out what. Floor Gary you're as you with super snipe that you can find all I. I don't like it and gave me twenty minutes and you hope you're not hoping to go find Claudia from Missouri State yeah you can get an iPhone and I and but and I had a visual of what her picture of what she looked like I'd like it finder on FaceBook in chagrin somewhere. No question. We had I'd like. It she was of a very attractive woman. And the type of woman that when she's or or any the type of person. That if she's deal and why did he might stay there a little longer just because she's a lot of foreign she's she was like four on my plate fool like it can't blow it goes out of their way to hire people like her. But what airline because of people like us a buck up and sell all knew was her first name and that she had mentioned. That she might also did real estate part time. It's the next day you're in that group text of all the guys who were losing money to wipe the table and like the jump start going like no you have whatever name of the difference in her name was Marie. I don't remember net an out and the likely go. We should go buy a house for Marie today but yeah. I let it known to joke and I was like man I knew what her last name was that we can actually like look her up and then. Book market like a creek man and one of my buddies calf he goes on. He just did give it to match I'll find this girl. And I'd like to fight he just went out to handle it in within ten minutes each batter that's been so I think that's it pretty good dynamic and maybe. Young people today on man excellent Ed Ed finding people on social media it's I don't know that you gotta go email all the Claudia I think co-founder on its program. FaceBook or Twitter just bite played around with Claudia in Missouri State. But either way what he did was effective network that has turned into a viral story I love. Now let me ask you this. Right we've talked to believe. Is wrong with him in mini card that good that that almost never happens to anybody else but you have to talk to French while earlier I just thought we didn't just talk every of their. Again OK the let me ask you this. Earlier. We were talking about this Brad and M Brad sands. Again I think he asked me what do I know about Claudia what do you know about hey I'll I really no way they about Claudia had no other than what I've said and Brad said well they sound desperate to me. And unlike what you say that. And his opposition was that. If you were all of it dating app like tender and that might be a meeting up more than debating that but like any of these things that you must be desperate. And I conceded that that once upon a time that was certainly the perception. Like I can remember being young and single. And like match dot com existed. It never occurred to me to get on match dot com it seemed like I think that's not something I'm gonna do. But the perception of that has changed so much where I think basically all norm all like most single people especially to the people are young. Are on one dating site or another but you look at Claudius picture and she doesn't look like somebody who struggles to meet people. And yet she on tender I think that I did ten. I think I think even wilder and looked out my. I think you're misguided in your being that's representative of Claudia that's what I told and I think it basically everybody undated there's a goal of a certain age. So let's update on a single on tender. Into and a triple what does that say then Jeff. It's it's a very pleasant dilemma hotel. Like praying that it you go to a bar your signal or if you go to LA like that that's what it's equivalent of backed they're desperate they're sitting there are a bit of Dark Knight. Now they they just haven't heard to remark that would hinder now it just official Libyan people on so I don't are you on center. Now I'm dual you're gonna do yeah applause I'm taken but. Pass or like get my what I got divorced I would I want I'd expect a lot of course but were stripped of course. And I was and that might get better yet let and you feel like all the people who you don't want to check on everybody that yeah. I I wouldn't do that but I wouldn't be too nervous I was. Can I can live like eighteen year old Claudia don't understand how old she want critical beyond. There that I don't imagine I want there are like like 55 year old. I get. Well I think they've actually taken the age thing off. I think they used to be at age well and I'm not sure that there will be more. We can die in your forties and beyond that you don't feel like 57. And on tender and you're just sit their holding the phony hearing and all night on. I'm waiting literally anybody did quite so high player and you're just sitting there like ya know like airplane you just realize that could be demoralizing my everybody hates me. Everybody hates me I got I that would be buried lie about your picture you got that one a five year it takes you would think it would be too well that that be if you try to meet them you can't you can't it's predatory tiger a page a single bit that's like did you go to jail for that. People do all the time. And then they go to jail for. I don't think you go to jail right you don't go to Jeff but it misrepresent here at your local caucuses and misrepresents over the commercial appeal if you are a I think if you do that. And you show up the wanna do things is happening and people that girls leaving I would point what was the point yeah org you're doing something to do better to lead to get him I don't go to tonight. Think having lots of people. One of the complaints I think about all those dating site is is that this person looks nothing architecture right. I ever I think if you ordered say what are the top five complaints are women on dating site. One is too many marriage guys batted yeah okay and two is they don't look at it like the picture. And agree here is there a problem Mir with pressure off like you know. I think build a few different. Or for the animals and approach them. What ever ax I'd think would be happy to be a woman in a worse. So yeah. I can itinerary you see a guy with a sure off a your first thought oh well that's a nice body cannabis and you have to yeah nice body or be delusional it's a put you to pick out of so are people outcry in the category yeah or or do you go you go oh that's a nice body I'm attracted to that person slip right or two ago. What kind of more uninsured or what kind of moron take a closer I'm here no yeah. Like thank you know nice body but it's like it left on you hear a newly action. Again like I had to put your shirt on no not yet I guy I got probably slightly failure on dial up except. You know that I foot. Well and I think of me and yet it'll only god is totally different we have an idea I I'd I'd split and I think government if I were 43 com and on Tinder. And some girl took some ridiculous picture but like she was also smoking hot I'd be like Smart little. Hopefully I think though if you really were looking for a partner. And the warmer until I don't you're allowed to be assured us if you woman what are we not. Those gels rules there's an accomplice that there's got to be ruled against that hey everything's all right yeah you're not a net but I think if you gave. I know you don't think they want a woman and other sure rush. I don't know like the Wright county takes assured a sometimes that's what brought on that. Yeah I mean you have anymore that's fed appointed Larry none of the man. Smacked of desperation expected just where we are so what what what I'm getting an education from you gentlemen. Yet don't let that everything the way we have blood your head I kid you honestly have relatively. That's up. I've got to be a dedicated people on big match here this this. You and Gary both are educating you on did you have to pray I'm Oregon I'm probably nothing better than a bunch of old guys talking about a date again on the radio I'll. Thanks for the education and A hey I know what I'm gonna do today up until sports talk radio little budget hold men in relations just talk about ten under. I'm sure that'll be fine. Strangest when council I'm sure anyway shot at The Hague said that Claudia and shadowed a chat at NASCAR today tomorrow we can not be able to do this all over again. I'll see ya later by about a dog will be back in studio tomorrow at nine. Who clocked. I have been terrible on them to meet Su. I wouldn't have gone there I know away now I needed no way I need to get your conversation setting yeah you describe the very least need to know your AOL instant messenger name. That's why I can that's right to make up ground if you'd like jets everything like we're Michael Phelps is like wait like he'd he jumps in the pool and I. Re lady's weight behind but like you know we can make up ground and a that was AOL instant messenger for me and I got Paula ground I needed to make double mailer semester because what I found at a very early Asia. Is that dumb or stupid like they can't put together fined says they're not I've heard they can't speak coherently and they can't. Well that's why you ended up with your lovely bride in Allah I do I do think my ability. To. It's really the only Internet. But to. It's really face communication. Like kids. A lot of that is just BS well it's one way when Geraldo is not always genial when it's not like I was I can talk better looking guy. That was left of let me Willits is and it's also one way Gary it's not to weigh what that means that means it's radio you're talking to people. Well he got the auction that would that was a lot like a lot of my relationships now I would of their tell the story over and over again. He didn't hit my metal my relationship and a much different they don't you listen give the women like listen it was just say hey let me take about another phony thing hey let me say this other story. I spent much doing that will be. What actual most. Preparation for this radio guy you got here problem. How I got here you wanna know the truth but I don't tender I never had a shot but it didn't think my wife would have looked at me on Twitter and ever swiped right you guys still are a delight sitting there in your life. I have been life in your Olympic antennas have been like swipe left or fat neck and girlfriend I haven't had never had if I had to meet and to tender you walk up to the girl on your life story number two yeah so I don't mind and a half. You bureau had blood on what's happening in their story numbers. You know Rick Barnes have put to good effect but before notable story the story number yeah. I don't work. You're here you are. For a little while there. For a little embarrassed. Williams and committed to dent over the weekend and had to cut the number one number two number three ranked recruit in the country first time that's ever happened. Much to show after the girl. It's operating at the highest level of the sport at the age of seventy here's the question I asked on Saturday night as I was sitting there watching design and Williams and commitment I said how many people not coaches just people in general in the history of the world. Have ever been able to say. I am doing whatever if I do professionally. As well as I've ever done it at the age of seven. I don't know. The list is very short short but might suggest he's gonna talk about that next. Begins Moses and the entertainment experience for the weekend heads out Minneapolis presented by element electronics. Big game MP LO is not dumb to party at the lovers say they. Until now. That's Doug don't on gained. There because you say hey come in and spread drove. Electable dips wings of the kings made very sliders. You scoring was low prices on the Bernard James. The fresh strawberries and two for four dollars and juicy boost crude oil. Only 117. Fresh food. Triggered if you ever felt the frustration of trying to describe to someone a very complicated experience and after time simply throwing hand and saying you just had to be there hi I'm Joseph Cornell law firm Korn Alan Cornell divorce is a lot like that especially for me and worse just won't provide the full picture. 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I want tribal and thank you to everybody. The combined with them but I can we talk about. Restore about the title. Memphis is the number one market in the United States of America for new Amsterdam doc if that's right up there I talked. Talk to people in the industry and a half of some of the newest MI before jumped on the Gerri there's other things like. Yeah. Now. Number one market in the United States of America to get product number one market in the United States of America. Memphis Tennessee a new Amsterdam doctor Heidi Andrew Michael Friday night sit down at the table magic and we take your order flip you know. And I have a drink and ask your question who asks do you carry new airfare market and the president of course with the. Yes let's definitely just all the restaurants. Wherever yeah. You don't see it pass or they don't have walked out of protest leave. New Amsterdam but a porn is still out on the web new Amsterdam spirits got accounts so. Another fun week and a college basketball the major story did not involve anything can happen on the court it actually happened arm. A press conference where I am Williamson a consensus top three. Prospect in the class of 2018. Publicly committed. To the Duke Blue Devils with a bit of surprise idea of a surprise I am not a recruiting analyst. So I don't follow that step as closely as recruiting analysts to but I have friends who were recruiting analyst and though most acknowledged. Woolsey. I'm basically everybody thought it was going to Clemson down a 24/7 sports fitness thing they call a crystal ball and it's basically where the recruiting analysts that put projections. On and where they think. Prospects are going to go. And at the time of the announcement. It was 88%. Diane Williams and going to Clemson probably nobody thought he was going. 22 duke and like I said I'm not a recruiting analyst but like I. I I I have they ever subscription to Ashley force seven sports and also have like friends and close friends who are recruiting analyst is dead went to clumsy it's why stepfather did to Clinton it's why like back when. Robert Woodard. Was getting ready to make a college announcement and people like you know Memphis is one. I was I could come on here and he's on a man of the hour is literally a 0% chance I'm going to members. The reason is because like you talk to the recording and I don't follow this they say. He's probably gonna Mississippi State but he's definitely not going members like if you didn't hesitate to go somewhere else but he's definitely a member of the Memphis never had a chance marriage was never getting that done. That's what the recruiting analysts that and they were right. And so they're typically write about if I don't. Debris at the time we're listening to pile long as much as to say they're usually right and yet they could not have been more wrong here so it was a bit of surprise and just stuff. Awful weekend for Clemson because the they did win their game and improved to sixty in three interest on the top 25. Com. It's one thing the missile prospect like when Memphis missed on scat now. If it was like I was too bad but by the time the announcement came. You know he was gonna conduct Jackie and I knew he was single one of Memphis so it doesn't really hurt it's like well it's now officials are there Kentucky. It's another thing when you've got an in state kid. Top five prospect. And you actually think you're getting in and all the people who do this for living. Think it's your getting him as well and then he says I'm going to dude it's like what in the Bryant and then they had announced. Within 24 hours of that that the set a good score. I don't agree income torn ACL out for the season so you talk about a rough 24 hour appear Clemson basketball program. That's bra that's brutal that was it and so as I am willing to commit to. Two duke. And that means that for the first time in the history of recruiting ranks but this never happened. Duke has a commitment from the number one number two number three players in the class of two that she's eighteen RG Barry Cameron reddish and sign waves are as sole. In the spirit of transparency and a on Saturday I had written as I am Williamson to Clemson column like in the afternoon yeah. So that I would have it done alleged acts and we Kelly got home from store. A it's okay like this this kid's gonna commit. I'm eager to Clemson and hold on I got to come ready to go so as soon as that happens I'll hit 50. Done with it and then I'll take Louis off and you get down would have been did you get done yeah and like I'm standing and the like as were having this conversations I wish he says. Going to do what in the world I am gonna need huge hello I think you're still in charge a Lily for a little while. I go to the right if some of the can I do I've just I've despite a seven under or Clemson fan wins column like it'll never be ready to be right there with my Derrick Rose leads Memphis to the 2008 national championship got. Like it never to be read by anybody other than eight. And somewhat okay what are right about where this and it occurred to me something that I talked before but never written about. That's this bunch 57 years hole. And you can reasonably say that he is running his basketball program recently say he's doing his job ya right now. As well as he's ever done if you argue well you know back in the whatever he went to four straight final fours mama and back to back national championship I hear you yeah. Black. So yes and won championships in the seventies although that probably change it some. I am but if we define his job as. As a running the basketball program you can recently say he's running a basketball program as well. As he's ever run it and as well as anybody is running the battle for the right now they were pre season number one last season. They were pre season number one again this season they're ranked in the top five right now. And they got an unprecedented recruiting class on the way and I know people point to last you can say yeah but they lost in the second round of the instantly turn and I say yeah you're right and why it. It was cool that they never got Terry Giles. Started season with three of the best for freshman in street clothes K miss some games and they still won on selection Sunday they still had. More top 25 or PI wins more top fifty RPI wins in any team in the country. I actually thought issuable one seed in the tournament. Instead they were too bad for South Carolina in South Carolina announced that was a tough deal they lost it happens every minute single elimination tournament sometimes better team so done great teams lose her. It's happening Kansas forge ethnic Stuckey before it happened at duke last season but if you just a big picture running a basketball program that's the job he's doing it as well at seven week as he's ever done. And as well as anybody have done it so the question was says how many seven year old can actually say. I am. I am my best professional sale or at least as good as I've ever been professionally at the age of seventy. How many people in the world had ever been able to say. It's hot it's hard to think of those like I think it's a short list of very short list Ronald Reagan probably yep. He spent his eight years as president in his seventies yeah and he has I think. Very high approval ratings make people look back on the Reagan years and I know it's not popular with everybody party here is why you consider it well and when Republicans start talking about Republicans they bring up while regular first onshore they bring him a general yeah like if you're Ronald Reagan you could say I did my best professional working out Lebanese and you might that might be true yet. Clint Eastwood won best director in his seventh grand Torino wasn't Million Dollar Baby okay. So you could say I'm clinics. I'm doing my best professional work hurled certainly is as I'm doing work as well as I've ever done it in my seventies I think he works yes. Bobby downwind twelve and don't wanna national championship in his seventies I think you could say. I am yeah I've done this before but I'm BI in my best professional self at least in this year yeah in my seventies I think you could reasonably maybe put him on the list but like. Who else it's not artist and it's not it's not musicians. You know entrepreneur doors out there. That bit of that do it like it was getting a little bit back and forth of FaceBook yesterday. Some mention Willie Nelson and I said I love Willie Nelson now if he plays a show Memphis tomorrow I'll be there and but where else but didn't do his best work in the seventies right he did his best work in his thirties forties and fifties now which is why failed to think that his best work. It's covered basically three decades he has or at least to would have decade but it wasn't his seventies it was thirties. Forties and fifties most people do their best work before seven. Vin Scully. Is that means. I don't know he was consistent all the way through I think I do think it like you'd still turn on things going at the very end and you're like this guy's the began doing and that was what made his exit remarkable because he was just too sharp it seemed to him immediately he's just a sharp now as the haven't seemed found a slightly different it sounded missing just shark the storytelling yeah go weaving in and out of the game to tell stories with our analysts still there yet at the very year I think you could revote put him on the list and let's solicit short and it's the list of people connects all. Our buddy rich fell near Obama mentioned French. Yeah I mean he's in his seventies and is making big big move yeah still running a company Warren Buffett a billion dollar bridge on. You could argue that Fred Smith along so let's I don't that's probably resource but the list short a short list is short and much shift is on that lit up. And the idea that you could still. In a sport that has changed so much now in a sport that tends to skew toward the young. That requires you to connect with 1718. Year olds. That he can still do this impressive with the help of a great stat it's worth noting with the aid of USA basketball it would be foolish to pretend otherwise. But whatever they figured out he figured it out how to three main. The goat. At the age of seventy which is fruity. Pretty remarkable and I think effort certainly for the sport college basketball also impressed him back again to go based. Three when you do listen to 929 FM ESPN Memphis my goal here coming up Tuesday key Shawn Johnson of the ESPN LA seventy enjoying plus injuries. X factors and unknown. These are looking at the patriots Eagles. Walter dutrow do you guys go. Today's 5 AM till 9 AM this is workstation died two guys at MPS. Again this is Gary bears had to remind you that the folks at MIG help people realize their home buying dreams every day you could be next eight do this. 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Papa John's is tiring visit your local Papa John's to apply. For the third consecutive year the commercial guys honored regional wanna help with the designation. Of top workplace what that means is that. Regional one is now one of fewer than twenty employers in the Memphis area. To receive that honor all five years that the award has existed so that's great stuff you can read more about it at regional one help what org that's the website. Regional won a health dot or. What you should also know is that ritual one what they've done recently has added a hundred new nursing positions across the system. Because they belief accurately that. A great staff to patient ratio translates to a better patient experience. So 200 nurses at regional one right now. And it's all part of regional one health promised to exceed. Customers. Expectations. And so there are a lot of great hospitals in this area. I am. You know about most of them. But I wanna make sure that you also know about each one. The police played a special role in my family's life literally saved my son's life literally helped us get through wait a Dicey pregnancy that almost nobody thought we would be able. To get through about my little boy is now on fifteen months old and I'm happy. And healthy as can be and it always traced back to the amazing work they get a regional one so you need. Any sort of medical service or if you just wanna know more about the hospital. A mission to go to that website regional one helped that org it's regional one health out of work. In the bill don't U 76ers. The great season this game called 901 hated me do this job grizzlies got on today. On gained. Most valuable party planner because you think. Some spread pro delectable dips wings of the Avery sliders. You scoring was low price is almost Crying Game day grains web. Certain of fresh strawberries and 240 dollars and juicy boos from the only 117. Fresh fruit from. Kroger Bo Ryan federal credit union redefining banking and we offer several checking auctions designed it fits your lifestyle. Visit O Ryan as you dot com to find out more guests appear field a smile senator hotline now. They get a better show. We view the bears show. Is live from new look restaurants words or studio ninety to nine FM RE SPN. I they'll never get to the point where you're needing somebody to. Handled divorce or custody situation or child support situation anything like they're not fun for anybody Biden. If you are going through it you actually quality representation and you can get quality reputation with histories. Kimi and Marty this Bradley asking James king and Samar they provide expert legal representation and away. And that makes you come here because to be able to trust somebody's undecided funny solutions for the problems your faith and also is verse in employment law and oh man no. Yeah if you are somebody who's working overtime but not getting paid properly for your being long ST yeah Marty can help you with that. If you're somebody was dealing with sexual harassment in the work place. You'll have to be silent anymore he learned that. What are your man or woman. You can be a silence breaks you can do that. With the help of Aspen skiing and Marty in Memphis and number 5288888. 9015288888. John Kerry cares towards the golf it's asking is king and Mardy on the web at least keen dot com let's do dinner to ghosts yeah. Senator Joseph was presented by Humphries prime cuts shop well folks folly original piece did or did. What did we learn today are a lot I think also revoked on patent Claudia. The amazing. Possible Koppel at Missouri State funny story domestic go check it out on the podcast what's the biggest game tonight. Or is currently. I'd better law. We're half point favorites though. We pretty much progress in the wake up tomorrow still stuck on sixteen win that's what we're rooting for Griffin fans. Go Joseph Elly and lead what she's done watch on TV like the 25 anniversary of Monday night overall I think I read that somewhere. Our buddy Jerry Lawler is going to be our own experience and and it's very much. Forgot picked his brain a Mickey Callaway could go and Indians fans of equipment than any of fan level with. McAllister did did you like not did a good I think that's a good hate them. Little bit and was happy for me to gain and so you wanna watch the kings on TV tonight. Turning around is there anything I need to make sure I read a derogatory to the poll tax got over the past week I was hoping. Even got done on my knees and pray the lord. Could do more on any list and exaggerated analysts have please. Please make 18 people who do something some stupid but I will be able to remind the world why it is I take on the responsibility of writing that column every Monday and shot up I found it. A man Cleveland. At Oklahoma rate. On his safety ballot last week. That Oklahoma went out last week and lost two games to unranked opponents and he moved them up to six they are riding on the ballot for a two game losing streak to unranked opponent. That's not normal that is dumb you can greeted at CBS sports background what's on tap for tomorrow well I think percent. Usually guys usually I go to New York on Monday. I didn't go to bed at once that you're looking at to Brad yet but I am going to Mars all the talk to you from. You're sitting on the web side of Manhattan tomorrow. We'll look back at the grizzlies and sixers. We talk about tiger that's what we do that at all today the German market doesn't like he's gonna play this week against Cincinnati. That's a that's good news was scary to watch him go down like that over the weekend 052 hours of Kellogg they just paid for Claudia. Just talking the beer 5 o'clock. Meet me at Ford took them to get the guy he could grab your hood. Yeah. And 99 that. That's what can be unpredictable from extreme cold severe storms to tornado winds perhaps it's time to go ahead. And put anymore swooping in your follow my name's Gary Parrish I'm here reminded that there will suffer some damage due to unpredictable weather. Gaining more thinking get you wonder at new rule that no out of pocket expense to you that's right gaining his team will work directly with your insurance company is taking care of quickly and professionally and most importantly at no way out of pocket costs do you you've heard me talking about it for years and people ask me all the time it is legit I'm telling you it's legit you can trust any more sense to handle your roofing needs and you can call that not a 187001866870. 0186. Days company is the best.