Gary Parrish Show, Monday, Feb. 12, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in 1st full segment live from Korea)

The Gary Parrish Show
Monday, February 12th

....(00:00) 4 stories continued on Manziel return to Football

Seg 1:  (9:00) Geoff Calkins and GP discuss the Tigers/Tubby and Memphis Grizzlies

Seg 2:  (52:40) Dinner to Go 


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In a way that he hasn't looked like a more so now. You know you talk to most basketball people you least listened to most basketball people that tell you that the cavaliers are now the favorite in the humble disregard everything you must seem. From the start of the season till you know February 11 because yesterday. What that new roster and that's shooters all over the court. And I'm in LeBron reenergize. They look like they look like the best team in the east so we could be headed for warriors cavaliers once again just with a different cast of characters story number four so John and Intel gave an interview on Good Morning America this morning where he acknowledged that he's been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. And that he is also now sober now he said that he was gonna be sober before and I guess that is now. Forever issue would would. I don't even throw the sport around a chipotle is just it he's an alcoholic F he's somebody with a substance abuse problem and I guess you can slip out of that it at any point put them he did say for whatever sport that he is sober. Does that drinking more he realized that. The drinking was his way of self medicating for his bipolar disorder so he's on proper medication now. He is no longer drinking and he is working out and trying to get back to the NFL although he said the CFL. Arm is also a possibility said his goal is to run out on the field one more time at least he wants to be starting quarterback in the NFL again he's still young enough to do it if everything else falls into place the problem of course is that. It. This isn't one of those deals where if you get your life in order you can be a starting quarterback in the NFL right. The people question whether it's just good enough to do it. And so Woolsey like this isn't Michael Vick. Where if Michael Vick gets out of jail and medical that gets in the shape Michael Vick can play starting can be a starting quarterback in the NFL everybody knew he could do that job. Just had to get in a position to do the job. Johnny. It's not enough to just get in a position to do the job but the question is can he do the job can he play quarterback in that Lee and I don't know that there's an obvious answer to that more people probably say no and then yes but. Could be a nice. My story if he was able to get back to where. A lot of us thought he was supposed to be which is a starting quarterback in the NFL he's obviously been through a lot. Almost all of it self inflicted. But if he's serious about. You're turning his life around serious about getting sober staying sober serious about. Trying to tap into whatever football potentials there. Have a hard time not root for Jeff Hawkins is up next. Yeah. And 189 net. 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The local terror should check it PA RR ISH Jeff Hawkins is my home in South Korea ice cover in the Winter Olympics. It's. So far since being in South Korea fired the grizzlies general manager with a column. And at double. The idea obviously. You know days are. Oh just seen what mental problem I can ideas from from what I love you which so angry I just decided to fire everybody. But like I study class still got a job with what I thought it to the festival got to be the next he's over there is over they're worried sick. Still and I'm sitting here they are all held bridge remotes you don't have the vehicle overlooked player whatever it all held bridge closure of idea about what you like. Literally you're you'll go on the Twitter agency. Tubby Smith says he might not be the right man for the job the garden bar old. And so that you look at the comments and I yeah I wrote eternal about a relationship I had far. Yeah from. Obviously this all stems from Antonio Anderson who has been pretty outspoken about the Tubby Smith era. Sanity just you know mentor needs a new coach face that he's not the right guy for the job you know he's not bringing in the type of players that. That we war and therefore they're not gonna they're going to never gonna win like like we did and I. Let's I think all of that's true. It but it is. You know at a time when you're bringing back one of your. Most famous recent players a guy who. You know for four consecutive years led four great Memphis teams in minutes played every season I said before. They Antonio Anderson was never the best player on this team that was either Chris Douglas Roberts and Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans or. Shawne Williams or whomever bullet but Antonio Anderson was deep but that one of the most important players on those teams every year John cal Perry trusted nobody more than trusted Antonio Anderson that's why let each of those teams freshman sophomore junior and senior seasons in minutes played per game until he comes back for his imclone induction. And he's just going in on the head coach and so tubby was. Asked about it yesterday and when asked to respond he said yeah maybe maybe I'm not the right guy to coach or some version. Of that. Do you think he was just being. You know they just being flippant or. What did you make of those words exactly. What when you look at. When you look at the case even goes on to say. All the things that he said apple which is yeah. Maybe about the right person for the job a lot of people believe. Two. This takes times and whatever you're dead it's a process we took religiously. Part of the the hill are considered on the record of exactly but that's based sir. So. Well I took it to me was that she was just being sort of self deprecating. Clumsily self deprecating Erica. Actor has sort of been getting yeah well I hear a lot of people think that but. Came home and you know who those people that Saddam and basically what I thought he was saying in those comments. The problem is well. It it's another don't think this because if you ever say. I may not be the bearer for the job humane mean it jokingly or self deprecating bleak but that's Scott. Deadline that comes across and it is totally disregard was spinning and basketball fought forever to get an unbelievable capacity to say things that are shots too inflammatory basically. When he says you know you ask him. About is the fact is one topped 300 recruit because I don't know what the big east is about. Out competing at Methodist Dallas barrack Hussein that was ten years ago basically trashing America program. And try to justify it take you there should be no big beef. But he only has one top 300 required recruited. Yes about transfers or somebody they are transfer I'd rather poke them a raft of transfers great future scriptures because I. And look at a guy if you wanted to sleep you know you don't do what they say just really give a guy who called after me Carolina losses took it as players speech ecological. And now he's a guy and said that he has an astonishing ability. To. Say really dumb particularly insulting things at various times. And and here it just was it was adopting the centerpiece of adopting this picture XP. You can Shea. A you can say if you're wildly successful coached so criticized its use whatever you could sort of say well yeah a little baby at the idiot or whatever. It is double renewed interest city UT could save and I. What if in fact. Everyone in the universe stink you're not the right person for the job. To give voice to the block in your own words. Take you more about the right person for the job even if you didn't mean it. I had a totally different counter to count you know a little bit to what everyone intact except for a handful of crazy people believe. But I do believe people are people who are either institutionally committed to succeed at whatever. Except for a cluster of small cluster people you have given voice to what everyone believed to attack and that's why people latch onto it so much. And I don't know yet I don't know that this is critical the beginning of the end. If if it does somehow spiraled in a way that they're. A lot of us have really thought it would because of all the least prepared to take our wanna bring back Toby. I do think this is a moment. Just like east Carolina moment where I I think I'd say I believe that they. The administration were troubled by those comments and spoke to him about those kind of punched. I think is another one that's sort of like whoa did you really say that and cool may be if you really even jokingly things that we should such good I think. If it played out like that we can look back at this as little as a moment. Right now I just think it was going to be sent a doctorate. It was clear it clearly doesn't make for good headline. And when you contrast that with like Kevin Ollie UConn was asked that very question recently. At a press conference. And he knew he do you just blew out of the water. I did make note I am the person for this job I am going to get this I heard on the one. You were recruiting at all if you were recruiting more rural recruiting more aggressively than they may do we have in recent years I'm paraphrasing here but he went when asked to address the idea that maybe UConn needs another another coach he insisted absolutely not I'm going to be the guy that gets this things fixed and he's like said it with real emotion. And so when you just contrast that perhaps it's an age thing you know maybe. But it just picked it president for good headlines. Well we're. I think I think really it stitch if not a good headline and I think it release stems from. He doesn't take a criticisms seriously because people vehicle checks are we politically tons. This stuff when he says that whenever I order where bin all that stuff. He has a confidence bordering on. You know. Pollution that's basically there's sort of a line between them. And I think that's why he's really good yeah Eagles take it's seriously don't take any of those critics are old Cutler talked about. So it'll feel the bead blower on the war moderation yellow do feel that. And that he goes to monitor it takes time. I've done a lot of times we've done this before back in that this criticism as part of the deal etc. so I really think it all stems from that she's sort of I can't do anything wrong I don't need to prove myself. I don't need to persuade you that I'm right person for the job. Until decent. I think you've got it right there because he is an extremely. And I don't know if it comes across the press conferences but in one old one conversations it it comes across clearly he's an extremely confident man. Arm he he's. So people have said no he doesn't care he's clocked out he's just taken the checks and gonna retire I watch. I don't believe he doesn't care. I believe he doesn't believe things aren't as bad as people think. Or and I don't think he believes that he's not going to get this thing turn around I think he now knows it's more difficult than he might have anticipated. But I mean I can just tell you yesterday's shootaround I'm. At some point deep and rich. We've got Upton left and I was just sitting there are calm courtside getting some more work done by myself. And tubby came in early about what players freedom on the court and he walked right over me like could've been happier could've been jolly here. Elect this season is like going the wrong direction fast and he was just like pleasant. Home. Armed competent. Like you know they ate like actually said the words if anybody can get this thing turned around it are on the guy. But he really does believe in himself come perhaps to a small but that is what all of this is rooted like the reason he. Does it seem to be paying making it's not because he does not care it is because he does not. When he looks at his program he doesn't see the same things I see. In in I imagine you can chalk that up to he has an eight a rather successful. Good college basketball coach for a long long time. And perhaps have if I were as sick if I were that successful for four decades or three decades whatever it is. At something and and in and then I would have that same sort of perhaps misguided competent but there at that level of confidence there that is it's hard to miss and I. Hmmm I don't know I notice that every time I talked to and he is not nearly as concerned as say your typical Memphis basketball tennis. Right and so that's where I think it comes from and it it's it is weird how east. He is so bad at. And it and it's saying the right fit in it it's just bizarre how he's so that's the dual wounded in the same thing you know be the I could transfer thing who helped says when you literally just watch other players whatever was string of car. Cherished in the way of that. You know what I just say bluntly. Well cricket cup recruits the guy who who says after you got blown out by east Carolina that your players attract a problem. But you know you should pick up on this Good Charlotte mature players Qatar quote quote come get it shares took a fan base shifting their program is basically cool. Even though it's not age if you had a very distinguished history really has an honorable people sort of you know ridiculed in history at Memphis it's very very distinguished history. Who could live until you all really know what you think you are basically. And show you should be happy without all of the features that there's a couple of Urquhart and it all comes from this palatial it's. Extreme self confidence. Bordering on delusional. And and so they're only just doesn't take it seriously troubled terms. He's the right picture which to have such access duties willing to he would just joke about or what can you repeat to the idea. But he did not try to contribute up when it and this the real problem. You can't say what everybody thinks you know. You you you. Eat eat eat because people latch on to that end. And think why don't poppy doesn't mean I want to Turkey like. Deep inside really doesn't take you believe a person for the job he does a few of our troops which are maybe we should be keep a perfect for the job and maybe he should have the job that you should. You shouldn't open the window. To effect carrying the a discussion because. People were already saying it behind your direction and now they're saying it. Different. Yeah. One thing I noticed is that. I do believe in I don't know he'll say this but I do believe in perhaps I'm just paying too close attention to little words here and there. But it. Com. I do believe he's starting to maybe hundreds they have some doubts like just perhaps that overwhelming doubts but it went from. I'm gonna I'll get this thing turned around I always get it turned around I always wins to. Just yesterday he said if anybody can do it it's me. He he started what if instead of him. And I Dickie Knowles. I think he's still super confident but he now knows that like that this thing is. He would obviously like. Heavily criticized at Kentucky I mean it was ugly. But I think this is just as ugly it's it it it the numbers aren't as you know there aren't as many Memphis basketball fans as there are Kentucky basketball fans. But it it's gotten really ugly and even though. I know that he's not the guy. You know on social media not to guy listened to radio shows not to dilute your plan around a message boards like that it's impossible to not. Have it trickled. To you on some level I think he's if you wasn't aware of how ugly it was at one point. He's certainly aware of it now. Well I mean bad in Tibet and took. Sort of other way of looking at this as some have suggested I don't believe this is true but it could be I don't believe this is not what I interpret what's going on. Some people have said it was tubby saying yeah okay idea. Like I don't want to be here reader idea I might not be the right person for the job embed. Floating crap that they consider it as sort of a trial balloon. Could have been so I think it either and he wants out. But Banesha all the stuff about get it done and whatever and confusion about walking away. Trial the court at nine billion dollars. But jet that but that's what was happening there he was basically try to universe you prefaced by him. I don't think that if what was happening. Although I don't rule out that we could get there. I don't think that that's what he was doing. What do I believe he would happily take. Nine million dollars and walk away. Easily that would be a preference. She took pride for junk mail and he doesn't think he would prefer right. To be the coach of purpose for another year traditions here coached by the year. Or to be headed detection and it. I I can't speak for him. Perhaps or maybe. I would wanna fight it out you know like I just lately you know let me I'll go down swinging so so maybe I'm. Impressed I just. I can't see how he is happy on a day to day basis like losing games failing and recruiting. Being a punching bag for his own fans and local media. You know Dana O'Neil is work you know she was in town from the athletic she's got a story publishing tomorrow I bet it's not positive. Like I just wonder if that's what I think it's important quality of life. You know is is is adversely affected where you could say you could certainly get to a spot where. You know unity yet given my nine and a million dollars and I'll let somebody else deal with the science. I like I could envision myself getting I can envision. I think there are limits spot right now would anybody important I like very clearly in a bit but right now proclaim billion dollars. I would start to capital column took a quick time o'clock. Blog that spot right now and I get the difference though is is that. Everything you just ahead. Used this job from your perspective of how badly at school and you're talking earlier conversation. Because he doesn't. I think that it's going bad badly that he that you it is Campion need to keep going well he does a video that very different types of what is happening. It's clear negotiate yourself to what was happening. Teddy would probably won't take it back billion dollars but it executions supported app I'm not sure that your. The problem of course is that. You know in in. I guess it was Tom Bowen said last week about your three years when you really figure some things out and we got in these conversations yesterday and though he production meeting. Because it's because of where I live in what I do the producers and and even the play by play guy and in the color and so they were lying on the lot tougher for perspective and context OK and so. They'll trot out these things like. Well you know what were they supposed to do you know they lost six of their top eight scorers and again that that they lost them that's right after graduation. This little graduation or the NBA draft. It's assaulted Christopher like it gave geeks hammer home all the time that hey he's yet to replace six of the top eight scores won't that's. It's yes it is nice that it that it's his fault that you should not part of. Work out what he's being criticized for credit exactly Rangel still work that is what I beat a push space ship that came down at. Carried and mobile. Yeah he didn't lose six of the topic scores in the same way John cal Perry a Kentucky lost six of its top explores what they'll do wit to the NBA draft for what you gonna do. But when you just lose six of your rate topic scores to transfer like that's that is all you particularly when to a home you're two best players. It was rooted in my Q demoted their father like that's that's that's. That's undeniably on you and so. I've always rejected like hey you know what he's supposed to do like this is a self inflicted situation. Yeah that that's that degree eight did this this ugly situation they inherited a much better roster in the roster they got right now. And then of course like you touched on they don't have a recruiting class coming. It doesn't sound like they're gonna get any impact full recruit. And with all due respect Tyler terrorists who it's kind of Jason John turned in the Michael Jordan. It if he's got a bunch entrepreneurs program. He's a sub B the five foot eight scorer sub 100 recruit he's very cool I'd like if I would Memphis I would want him in my team. But if you watch Memphis yesterday heard any point this season. And you think there are five foot eight freshman away from being great like your at a or being respectable. You're out of your mind and when you combine that web. Cincinnati Cincinnati they go anywhere Wichita Wichita not going anywhere. UCF it's gonna be way better next year SMU is that there might play delete going to be better next year. What way are you going like. I know nobody believes me ten minutes ten months ago when I told them decent break here what's happening right now with what's coming well let me make the next prediction. Next year is gonna look a lot like this year if not worse. Especially if you lose important transfers. And recent history suggests that they're more likely to lose important transfers. And and they are an impact impact players and so like. You know I guess somebody surprises us every year but it would be a massive surprise. Unlike anything we've seen tough basketball this season honestly if Memphis went from Vista respectable. You know from your duty unit three is just not there's nothing on paper to suggest that. And then and so bill Lloyd was that the game I gather against UC academia and the stock isn't scientific when they decide whether just to keep a code. Get rid of a coach or whatever else with a collection of things that happen circumstances change. Administrators have their reality use them and there. You know I did there's a certain steak that Tom Bowen a big round I have an entire pedal want to make it right you know the blame this. On anybody else we can't blame you know RC which pushed it upon them. But but it's way to Larry Porter but that she would do this. If this is their guy. And so there's that element to look there's whatever the change in circumstances are too there's a credential to a and then there's the relationship. That Toby Bo has with boosters. In particular with bill Lori. Because it was still worry Brooke biggest check particularly basketball program that he was an alternative just do what he wants taught me to be the coach he will be the coach. If Torre decides. That. You know what the price or get. I think you'll because I don't think it's just. Sort of scientifically sitting down and so I think things up. That's not how to decisions are made in college sports and cultural or anywhere else are we here in the goes on between administrations. You know deciding they wanna do prepared boosters having barrel so say what they wanna do part because they got to write checks. And so it's a very complicated perhaps. Talk to Jeff Carter dramatic Unita from ESPN I'm in New York he's in South Korea were talking on radio and Memphis Tennessee. Arm or switch gears with Chris Wallace on the show in the first hour. And it seems very clear whether are you listening John Challenger who DeLong podcast pure Edmonton. Or do you listen Chris Wallace talking to me or to the media last week they genuinely. Believe he can use the word recruiting. They genuinely believe that they have a real. Opportunity. And their. They're chances are enhanced. I just resigning Tyreke Evans by keeping him here and that. Even if it does negatively impact their lottery odds. The what whatever is they gained by having him around this team in this franchise for the rest of the season. Outweighs that. Is that a rationalizations. That you accept. I think it is I think it is an explanation that I believe. In terms of why they did what they do it. I do not I do not sign a conduct cosigned it. You know there there are other things regardless of the podcast too with the culture and she said well peace that was is that we have to consider exactly he's sick but. Well we don't think there's a ceiling on how well we can do in the draft like. Debate about whether they had tied a record. They're not going to be. Invent a lead of the draft but I is what would be is what he was driving. Well. Objects he's ahead he said that we thought there was a ceiling and a floor for us like in other words. Which Tyreke Evans we're only gonna win so many games and without him. We were all we were never going to be able to lose as much as some of these other friend just what by the way I don't think true. That's exactly right I did I disagree completely I don't think there's possible bit of fuel like there's there's kings once you get up I don't. 910 and don't have the standing in front of me where they're not good finish eleven to twelve flight if I do think there's a Selig would tie reach as to how. As. How how how public speaker screw up to draft pick. I don't think as before but our I they don't like 34 weeks to Atlanta without every. And so why the hell way. Why the hell is there aren't they the only thing left is to start playing Mark Few minutes additional for what is she was done awful about it every. But literally I think that they're kind of keeping up. AT&T. To have certainly the three most one of the three most about it on balls in the draft before. To be pretty much guarantee that is something like a tough contest in hell the draft. And I just don't buy it socialite that's where sort of start straw. And it if you disagree with that even had with concrete the World Series and set up on a ping pong balls you're being illogical. Because I think it's going to get you or five points in the next whatever that you would not have done we saw that just look at the record. With the ten games before tie REIT was set was set out in the tenth game and what happened troops. They were from basically be in a beat duke so 500 slightly from a 500 team. But being a team that literally it will be game so. I just don't I think it's weird to. To value the difference between high for stroke so that are kind of between a lol first round or high second round pick or whatever would have taken for them to give up try to beat and the fact Penalosa topic which is what they were offered. Put so much valley one that aren't. And so little value of a difference between diplomatic competitor I just think that's the talk. We just say that and we didn't have to really get what we have been eager not. It's just like. What are you thinking so so that the question is is is Tyreke at warships is in whatever slight advantage you have a bringing Tyreke back. Where it and I would say no for two reasons one. He's still likely to not want a mid level exception. If one team pays him more than that people go to that team. So you may have a recruiting advantage you may have whatever else it is the only isn't relevant if if there is no key admitted that they're willing to pay him or that they've. But the only way to either becomes relevant and that secondly. Even if you get him. OK so you don't have to whatever. You type peak let me ask you this is trying to reach the end political night for the draft. Just think for the sake of the congress thinking just from Kentucky yeah yeah if I reached in Kevin Knox. Better. Parent. Then. That department. Which read that I reached in general or or my about it. If you told me I could have Tyreke for two years plus Kevin Knox. Or Marvin bag leaked draft rights on a market that was referenced. Might it be in okay what it was Michael Porter junior. Yes Michael Porter junior. Okay what if it was who could I'm church yes. So that's what point what if it was a look at what point did this not become. Am so so I just don't so even if it's a truck and I don't know that it'll be successful. And DE go to social it doesn't justify the difference in text. Unless you sort of positive argument that type reeks present on the court does not change their tact. And I don't really good argument. I don't know I can make an argument like it's not in the I think. If you if you look at the games in which he played in the games in which he did not play there's a difference in the results likely could not win without him in that week that he was alerted from. It is the one park I thought on that was really cool it like being as candid as he could in that podcast with Peter. Just hard just. Walking everybody through the process and how they got to where they wore and I think ultimately I don't speak for Peter but like I I think Peter probably by the end of that said. OK I hear you I just disagree which is where I would be I hear you I understand I just disagree it's not what I would have done but the one part where I was like no actual. It's when Hollander said. We felt like we can only be so bad with or without Tyreke and we can only be so good with the without re and that we won't really heat I don't think he said this explicitly but it was certainly imply. That. You know the kings are gonna finish with the best lottery odds or the hawks or the magic were the suns but it was never going to be us. And that I would say how do you know could that seventeen wins that's the fewest in the NBA. The Griffith had eighteen. Right now the greens are tied to work on a look at it. Grizzlies without Tyreke or make a graph it's a group you have more my truck. On February 12. If at all like to think of the the other way if you were one game out of first place. On February 12 would you say you have no shot to finish first. Of course not until we're right there so why they aren't if you if you're one particular one game. The other thing is that yes yes you want you out of a lot of these let's that's without reachable but about reachable goal you're literally one game out. Yet the one game out of of having the worst lottery odds right now so the idea that you couldn't get there. It's just I don't buy that at all and the idea that every does it make a difference in that respect I don't buy at all in in check this is the problem that the kids have seventy. Then it's five different teams have eighteen hawks magic mavericks suns grizzlies did two teams have ninety. So we're talking about eighteen was right there all bunched together so you said earlier I read my when you four or five more games. What 22 or three. Three could really be the difference between heaven that's the best lottery odds could have or the eight best lottery odds you can have it could be the difference between picking first eight. That is a massive difference and whatever you get in my opinion whatever you gained from having to wreak on the roster is not worth risking picking eight instead of first. Not that close to enough not close to a and I I don't know I just don't get better by the way I don't think he's ordered to get their game clinic which. You were a lot more than do I mean they play I think if he schemed against teams that there would marry game against they're you know something like that. But a lot of interviewed initial scenes and you know figuring Tyreke Arabic and point six point two of so an assistant. Five rebounds fidelity isn't a big difference on its course gonna get it to locate your intelligence that was usually. Those teams are willing to do things that we're not willing to do. Well all the respect. Wash. Well like I don't know I don't know what that is but I don't know what that next thing here in the sky but let's say it's going to cut marksman acts on. But why wouldn't you order that gives some serious some weird prior to the franchise. They're like in a dispute that's going nowhere that you know will there. Took two but why it is obviously almost indicted they could it makes sense to do it where where you want your high horse that we're above you know try to get a kick out there. Yeah nobody that I went. When I got an England's on February 12. I'm doing whatever we gotta do to try to within reason I'm not talking about like total all of the other who don't look like. But within re like I'm doing I manipulating my roster and my minutes in whatever way I can't. To try to give me the best possibility. To have the most people meatballs arm of any franchise in the NBA accident for a damn near two months now. And so I don't at that yet that I that felt. The only way you credit. I lost always lost Andrea. Well that was the first time it's been a good run about better than you spent this run really with this phone. Yes phone works tremendously in South Korea after it I miss them I love from the come back to Memphis but there is a better conversation typically. It's big to him being in in South Korea so anyway that's to tiger's talking to grizzlies talks come. Yeah we're just like I understand. How calendar explained that I understand how Chris Wallace explained it I just down. I just rejected it's not what I would have done I don't you know in the in the main point that we were discussing there. About. You know who were collared Gator. Suggested that they couldn't get to the worst record just wasn't. They didn't think that was actually possible for them or likely for them. I would say without Tyreke you're only one game out to get serious or what's gone perhaps still lives blood. It's less possible Tyreke Evans on the roster that is. Without him I would say that I asked Chris that question about Tyreke. Minutes because it is true he's averaging 31 minutes per game. In his last two appearances for the 26. And so news. Who knows if that's an indication of that what it is it's that's what he's going to be going forward. But if so yeah I'll sign up that I'd rather not be on the roster but he's gonna be on the roster I'd rather employ as little minutes as he can. So they can have as little impact as possible. But I can say. A cure for hepatitis C. Preachers and HIV treatment and multiple sclerosis and diabetes yeah. Are millions of lives saves and improved science. It's still science it's often not a straight line to success and so here's the path to progress rule channel by a 140000 researchers from America's biopharmaceutical companies. Here's the long run. Just twists and turns that try men's minds souls. Here's frustration and fatigue. Dance. Here's permission to fail. So success can follow. 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What did we learn today we learned a whole point. It's a lot about. Tigers in this fight we noted a lot about grizzlies and tanking. But a touch on some breaking news from mom buddy John Bartlett's that the commercial pill he reports that Ted Thompson. Is retiring after 27 years as a high school football coach now for younger folks. That they might not resonate with you but there was a time in the nineties now come early two thousands win. Thompson was one most famous sports figures in the city of Memphis and he's the head coach at Melrose controversial head coach of Melrose perhaps. And but also extremely successful. For an offense it's just what the ball all over the field. You know winning state championships. And some of mine do it coincided with the graduated from college and working at the commercial pill. Mr. Thompson and Melrose and and then laying the president I think everybody does belittling story at this point out. But those guys were rifles and you don't pull. I say this is nicely as possible reeling and dealing. And it was a C. Then there was. Some of my favorite sports memories are. Are going to Melrose high football games when Tim Thompson was the coach and so he's bells for a little bit since then but told John vause commercial pills that he is going to retire to 27 years on the sidelines so we'll. I don't know the guy who was of a big figure in the that the sport see once upon a time. No longer going to be a figure him out just foresee what's the biggest game tonight got a big time taking game on tap tonight. Magic at bulls the magic had eighteen wins bulls got nineteen grizzlies had eighteen I suppose for Rudy to the magic to get their nineteen to win if that happens the grizzlies will look well first. You know four way tie for the second best lottery odds as good news for Chris take 2018 to go magic bulls or four point favorite. It's seven you can watch it on NBA league pass what she's done watch on TV. I guess the Olympics to get into that Alpine skiing snowboarding speed skating I you can check out the whole B Shaun White. That starts at seven and it goes to 1030 on ABC. Is there anything I need to make sure I read it Doug Gottlieb wrote about this infamous credit card. Incident that went to college that calls for him to get kicked out of Notre Dame he had. As never really discussed that story in great detail he wrote about it for the athletics so you can find it on got which Twitter feed exports to time I think what's on tap for tomorrow is going to be Tuesday it would have been busy keep these it was gonna join me like always Dana O'Neil from the athletic talk about a story she's working on. On the Memphis basketball program and also Ross Bjork the oldest athletic director of join me in the second hour as well just as well as Geoff Calkins. I live from South Korea so it should be pointed to a united almond joy in my meet you back here tomorrow we're told them be careful be time be good record. They history window you listen to 929 at Femi is PM Memphis Ayatollah here coming up Tuesday was the new look cast domination of the Celtics beginners while. Plus level all the latest from. Winter games in South Korea and for the window Tuesday diluted lingo weekday mornings from 5 AM till 9 AM practices or they should 929 halftime ESPN Sunday night and ESPN's Jeff club kids is the only local Memphis reporters from covering the Winter Olympics that he tonight and ESPN that. There's this is number one sports station that. O'Brien federal credit union redefining banking we offer several checking auctions designed to fit your lifestyle. Visit Orion and see you dot com to find out more. Ice and snow wind and rain it's been. Freer more room. Our head most. Doors and not the Brian elder I call me 867. 030. 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