Gary Parrish Show, Monday, Feb. 12, 2018, Hour 1 (w/Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace in Seg 2)

The Gary Parrish Show
Monday, February 12th

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Seg 3: Story #1 (49:19) college hoops/Memphis/fist fight before the game, Story #2 (55:35) NCAA rankings, Story #3 (58:50) Cavaliers/Lebron, Story #4 (**continued in HOUR 2**) on Johnny Manziel/return to football discussion


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Name's Carrie pairs of Doug you live from midtown Manhattan Brad Carson back in Memphis in studio produced in the program glad he's with me. Glad to Whitney I hope you get to the day no obstacles no disruptions. Dan if you wanna watch it Kennedy. Coach basketball inside the billion down in Oxford as all mrs. head coach you've got three more opportunities to do three more home games and then that's gonna be ahead. Andy Kennedy announced his resignation. As though mrs. men's basketball coach. Effective at the end of the season earlier today we indicated that just a moment first though will quickly it was at this afternoon's scheduled for the fourth when he tried. Chris Wallace general manager of the Memphis Grizzlies he's gonna join me in the next segment we'll talk about all things that this grizzlies. And they're doing Chris Wallace about 1485 methods that save and I'll do one notable stories that killed 44 at which point. We gonna discuss what previously understood storage among them that. Tigers lost again this weekend this time as a favorite at home to a mediocre team misses best players that's not good and there was this fight. At shoot around us about what my own eyes we'll talk about that. Have more 44 Virginia is no number one of the eight people even though cavaliers lost Saturday night out to you that makes it's a little later on this hour with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Are awesome again it looks like post trade deadline murdered the Celtics in Boston yes there will talk about that just before 5 o'clock in John. Got a football. This closely been diagnosed with bipolar disorder join the club Johnny before. Still trying to make you come back and football he said still sober he claimed we'll get into that period for notable stories of hopefully. 4:5 o'clock just caucus just like always 525. When my circle back to college basketball either way after that wouldn't do unity delegate that he is that's the rundown. A lot to get to but I want to start with these big college basketball news of the day the big local news of the day indicating. Is. Not going to do it thirteen year as they head coach of the Ole miss rebels he announced it earlier today. He has completed eleven seasons this is twelve. And effective at the end of this season he will step away. As all misses basketball coach he believe as the winningest men's basketball coaching in almost history as 245. Wins. I packed a school. And no. When people look back on this actually I think what people look back on this they'll see it differently the next scenic. Lake over the past few years now because. You are married to an almost graduate our neighbors are. Almost graduate we're surrounded by almost scratch that a lot of friends Romans grads Ole miss fans and I've always told them that like I understand why you want more like I understand like you'd like to be the top 25 team consistently in the NCAA tournament consistently but I also don't think you appreciate that Andy Kennedy kept your program respectable. For eleven consecutive years like really this is the first year that that I've ever been bad. And they're still not like embarrassingly. Bad they're still top 98 can pound per kind the purpose of context like Memphis is outside the top 160. So they're still not embarrassingly bad but this is the first George gone gone the wrong way on and got away from him a little bit of proof of this is that he's never finished worse. Then 79 in the SEC in eleven seasons or worse than sixth in the league and that's despite having won the conference's most typical. Jobs that's usually the way it. You know I don't just look at their career record or sweet sixteens are OK what what should a reasonable. Coach Pete doing in that job. Is this coach doing that or exceeding that fallen short of that and I think you could reasonably argue that keeping all mess. No worst in the middle of the pack in the SEC. For more than a decade. When it is. Probably. One of the two or read. Most difficult jobs in the league particularly pre pavilion when you're operating with a home facility. As testament coliseum. I think that's that's a pretty good job I think you've done a good job there. That the numbers when you break it down are actually pretty remarkable yeah I know only made two NCAA tournaments he advanced both arms but entering this season. Kentucky and Florida. And this would blow everybody's mind nobody would guess this. But this is true Kentucky and Florida are entering this season. We're the only SEC schools to win more games the whole mess. Since the day Andy Kennedy was hired back in 2006. It goes Kentucky one. Florida to. Almost three. In the I wouldn't guess that previous six seasons. There are only two SEC schools. That have gone at least 500 at league play without exception in the previous six seasons they've been 500 or better. Every single year only two SEC schools fall under that umbrella. Kentucky. And Ole miss. Since the league expanded back in 20122013. Always has had the third. Best average finish. Of any SEC school it breaks down like this Kentucky's average finish in this five Iran again prior to this season. And dating back to 20122013. When. The league expanded added takes an in Missouri. A Kentucky's average finish at one point four. That rinks obviously personally yeah Florida's average finish is four point oh. That ranks second in the league and almost his average finish is four point four. That ranks third in the league in other words in the past five years. If you just looking at average finish in the league. Andy Kennedy has only been not as good as Kentucky. And Florida. But that's pretty remarkable and yet. It is also what would ultimately un does him because. In this sport and perhaps other sports but I know what's truly miss him. For the purposes of your career. You're better off being great sometimes and bad sometimes. That you are just being good all the time. Like just being good all the time is eventually gonna lead to a day like today. Like if they could have to rate it and a couple of those good seasons made them bad and like make them bad. Like where. I say never finished outside of the top six. In the SEC not even what's in eleven years. If you break in some of those things that we can use of these next the last didn't in Tipton. In those two years but there must take these two Goodyear's animal make them great make them both sweet sixteens you're better off as a coach. Fans will deal with the bad years if you give them the great to right but when you just stay in the middle consistently. That's when people get bored. That some people want more. And I'm right in saying that they're wrong to be bored and want more I don't think it was probably time for a change. I think if he would probably tell you it was time for change which was his motivation for for making this decision to go ahead and just were moved that cloud. Do whatever you're gonna do in the rest of this season and then and then get on with the rest of your career with the rest of your life. I am. We have Jamie Dixon a far different level ran into this pit again. Different level it. He kept them hit good and went instantly turn it consistently but never went to a leading to final force at some point difference. Got tired of that now that was completely bananas mine but like oh. It's it's similar. Like just being good for an extended period of our. If not. Going to fit in well for you in this profession particularly. Com at the high major level it's why my advice to college coaches has always been. After about six or seven years. Unless your job is too good to leave and maybe didn't. Even still. Or unless you're a hall of Famer. So you've got the credentials that suggestion are going to be in trouble anytime soon. Changed jobs. Go get a first dark cook it fresh expectations go the first main base it on reentry in it'll reinvigorate you and your staff but it also just like it. It's it starts to clock over. I. The problem of course they did he was ever in a position to do that could he didn't have those great years. The way you should theoretically do it is. Gold bells and to a sweet 161 time go bounce into an elite hate it got lucky one time and then the bigger jobs come and and that's what propels you to jump. What happened with AD as he never got the big offer. We're here it makes sense to leave Ole miss. And the offers that he did get like he wanted to be the UAB coach who coaches on the mater two years ago he could have done that the money didn't make sense. And besides being an accomplished basketball coach indicated he's a Smart guy. That might make sense he was always better off financially. As weird as this sounds. He was always better off financially. Just riding the oldest thing out until they had to buy them out. Because to leave all that money on the table. To go take the type of job you can actually get for less money like there's not a CPA in the world that would tell you to do that and so he knew. That this was the way this was going to go. I think can do I don't want to speak for a time I'm pretty sure you know he's a Smart guy like he got trapped enormous. I can't leave. Because that I'm making too much money. But also. If I don't leave my next bad season is going to be the end so here we are. Arm. So there were times when I look at that coaches. Who stayed a little too long. And I say that guy should have known better but I'm not sure way he could have done like bin how one the year before you get fired at UCLA and like got off for big money at Nebraska. Big money it doubly DePaul. I don't know that you can. Actually like pull the trigger on leading UCLA for Nebraska are appalled but clearly what the benefit of hindsight probably should have done. Now. Tom Green at Indiana has had opportunities. Stayed a little too long. I don't know how practical it is to think that you could actually pull the trigger on leading Indiana for inferior job but. You'll probably would have been Smart to do it I'm not sure if he could have done it. It would have been leading too much money on the table leg dangling from UC alleged impressed what did he raise any loan from almost anywhere would have been a pay cut. And so lets you. Realize. Okay I've been here eleven years going in in my twelfth. I haven't had that breakthrough season to get the bigger job. And I can't just leave for can cut my salary and have. I just got to ride this thing out once you realize that is your reality today is always comic. It would it could have been February 12 2018 as it was. It could have been march 12 2018 it could have been march 12 2019 but we were always gonna get to this day. He had boxed himself fit with a contract that would not allow him to. To leave. And then. But he had been at a place for so many years that eventually it was just going to be a change for the sake of change. Situation and that's where we are. And so the obvious question is what does he do next he's still young he's still in his forties so I do believe he'll coach again. Obviously he once said. Career in television he'd be a home run at that I don't know what is desires are but he would be unbelievable as analyst. He's a really Smart guy a great speaker. A thoughtful guy. But I imagine he will coach again at some point as well. And he'll lay them one of those jobs where it all American athletic conference job or. You donate ten job. No Charlotte jobs open. That might make a lot of sense but he'll he'll coach again in the the obvious question is what does Ole miss to now. And I see a bunch of stuff tossed around on Twitter FaceBook everywhere else the list obviously. For for the saints this isn't my list but for fans start to what Michael White could get Michael White to leave Florida for all messed. He's an almost scratch so that's the connection was on Indy staff once upon a time. And I would say dead while the allure of home or your alma mater is is always there I guess. My experience with coaches is that it's yet there's always a part of them that. Liked the idea of coaching at their alma mater. But they don't typically you leave superior jobs and for their alma mater. They don't usually go backwards. In their career. Jamie Dixon situations a little different because it was nudging him out it was kind of ballots. So you can argue he took an inferior job at TCU. But in reality he got a pay raise and it was time to leave it. So. I'd be shocked at Michael White and Obama's I just don't think you lead the Florida job for the illness Jack. Column literally nobody on the planet would do that except for maybe somebody who had a I'm a law of of Oxford Mississippi and that might be real. But again I gave him talking to people I can't imagine Michael why would make them move. There is a lot of leisure activity I've got people texted me about Penny Hardaway. Being the next coach illness. Listen I would never say never on anything but literally nobody who would know that type of thing has mentioned that to me as a realistic possibility. Obviously it didn't only to bring three tough Tony pockets of the class 2019 I'd certainly listen to that. I think he'd be a full not too I'm but the question is do I expect Vinny to be the next head coach of the Ole miss rebels. I'd be surprised. I think more likely. I am you're looking at two guys who are currently coaching. It in the same state. Who have SEC guys. I won't be Kermit Davis. And one would be Steve Forbes. It's part time assistant at LSU he's been a middle Tennessee for awhile has absolutely been killing it at at middle Tennessee and probably. Should have been an SEC coach already somewhere. He was born and raised in in the state of Mississippi back in Oxford as much as startled but still he has ties to the state. He'd. It's familiar with the SEC. Problem he makes a lot of sense. As dusty for whom. Obviously familiar with the SEC was on referrals that that at Tennessee. Is just. Killing at at ET SU right now went to the NCAA tournament last season lost four. Of its top box scores. And is still sitting here I believe today at when he won in four. You're getting vote in the toppled Friday people. In the top seventy can pump. And you don't want it leaks you never know but probably headed back to the NCAA tournament he'll at least be the favorite. To win his conference tournament and so. Ross Bjork who's the athletic director Ole miss team who is gonna join me tomorrow on the show. It was gonna. Be able to hire an accomplished. Coach you just got to figure out which when he wants but there are some some obviously. Good picks. And guys with good resonates. And I don't get to go much further on less than the one I just pointed out. Chris Wallace at the general manager of the Memphis Grizzlies. We'll turn our attention to the local NBA franchise and talking and next. Hello Memphis I know by now you've heard of platinum Jewelers former grizzly Mike Miller my main DeAngelo Williams and two time Super Bowl champ Stephen Gostkowski. 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In snow wind and laid it's been a rough year for your more room. Doors and not the Brian elder I call me 8670303. With a commercial deals they. A year. Find out why. 03. One of only five Owens Corning platinum preferred contractors in Memphis with the guys they call. Warranty issues as well call me first thing. 0303. I'm not gonna tell you he knew Ruth if all you need is a repair. Guests appear field a smile center hotline now offensively getting better show. Studio. And Jerry parish showing an attitude none of them ESPN's Jeff Carter can join me live from South Korea left at 5 o'clock to hear that. He is Pete general manager of the Memphis Grizzlies a franchise that has made seven consecutive trip to the Western Conference playoff that they've Chris Wallace. Making a big interview. Writers athletes coaches know biggest names in sports this thing here and Perry show me. Am ESPN. Chris Wallace how are you on this Monday. I'm doing great gearing up much yourself. Everything's OK and I won't talk to got to clear something up because we were having one. With the idea that you sit talk radio garbage last week but our friend Chris Perry know I'd sit and I didn't talk radio and Jarvis. No I never sit garbage that I never thought I'd never. Paul talk radio listeners fellowship of the miserable like my old boss just insulted the members. Waiting was with a New York Knicks. I think I hit some don't have the transcript funnyman joked around two million maybe. The console melts due to their time or something lighter more productive Suton and instant listen talk radio but died. I hope I haven't completely. Tank cure. Excuse the wording there. Yeah that your ratings after saying and I know as much a multitude of fans worldwide have abandoned listen to talk radio since last Friday. When I so I'm getting all these tweets from people and they're like yeah can you believe Chris Wallace said talk radio garbage and I was like listen. If I didn't reach. That's more cleared up so that's perfect it's not that it was much more upon what we thought you said garbage got like eighth book that we the record douse that straight into that. Global news fellowship of the miserable Cupertino probably has it copyrighted ads. So I would like that if I take it all the bullets could well have been taken EC deserves to push back so I. Yeah and I don't. I've I go way back up talk radio Geary got star dual talk radio in nineteen. 81 not allow. In Cleveland Ohio three W eagle creek Franklin so you're really great Pete Franklin I'm sorry the pioneers of talk radio of it's really a Serb because. Come after your throat so they had to. 38 states and have to Canada I wouldn't be here today if not for him. How about that technically a lot of general manager of the candidates grizzly sold let me start with this obviously. Your decision to not move Tyreke Evans at the trade deadline after running removing him from the team for a week has been a big topic of conversation it was that. Speaking to and from here popular move with a lot of people because it appears likely. I'm ticked that negatively affect your lottery odds clearly UCL a different way so what would you say to those who believe. Makes him look weak but it looks like we were trading Tyreke all all of the this is they lesson compliment her responses I got a disappointed. And what do you want to say to people who who say you should have moved him for literally any thing just to get him off this roster what's your response to that. Obviously we don't agree with that gearing up for several fronts number one. Take a look at you know your college recruiting efforts on the recruiting front. We feel that we have a better chance with Tyree going forward. If you get your rest of the cease. He's played in three different places in the NBA who has been the best one for him so far. He's healthier he's been he's been in years he had a great run here you obviously have a connection. To this city in the industry is from his days with the tigers. So yeah we looked at the offers are coming and we didn't think there were sufficient for players Calvert let's keep in mind this or second round picks are concerned. You can get into the second round and about any draft is not that difficult case in point last year we entered draft night without any PX. And end up doing Gillick got historic fifth pick we use on Ivan revenue we typically don't Brooks to this net so you can buy your way unisex around so. Why did Tyreke away. Will we got to restore value to keeping you here. It did it begin off first just where we thought were worthy of guys haven't argued that you have an indicator of the future here that he could have. Were you surprised that the offer or better because there were reports and clearly at this point it seems those reports were wrong but there were reports that you had first round picks on the table offered to you clearly that doesn't seem to be the case were you surprised that you couldn't get. What you thought you were gonna get. Well I I think teams were reluctant to trot out first because they they did know they can resigning. Gary so they do you know people sort of personal pocket. But you know again we're glad to do he's here with us right now I mean. He took had a terrific year the only guy couldn't have written a better assure pretty when we signed him last summer. There's no wonder he's played out this year so don't why in the clear right now what Turkey wanna try to keep the one. So what are. That become part of the plan because clearly at one point it was it when did you realize that I mean as we wind is. Process that you'll but the last week because you generally don't yet. The real substantive offers from teams until you get close to the deadlock. It's like tax time you know. How many people do you know actually don't file their taxes to blast minutes say when the NBA we have got a deadline. They're really get everybody moving. And as we get closer to deadline to sit. Delicious is it worked so we can always get into the second round these these offers are down the line they won't affect appeared in the Indian short term. So well. You know why mess but the good thing Weis banish him. There is someplace else we can keep him here and keep this relationship go win this worked so far we think we can he make it even stronger over the rest decease of. Are you concerned they could beat the difference between you taking four or eight than 2018 NBA draft. Look we we go out try to win every night not worried about that at all okay. Were played the second half has the ability to slow with a meg we play hard every night we played win. You'll pull all we tee it up all Wednesday have been building wants to win expects to win trophies to our staff or players or coaches everyone. Talking to Chris Wallace general manager of the Memphis Grizzlies come dip all the Williams extension. Played any role in this well and hit talking about. I can't talk about the old contractual side of little levity this year and you know I'm. Of the BS that I'm not permitted to show understand I apologize for that let me ask it this way. And don't don't try to be like my mother tried to get there tonight about products. This is a growing sense among NBA people that the money is not gonna be there in July the way the money has has. Arm has been there and can pass free agencies is that something you guys it would go get. You know to get it only takes one in free agency to. To cal well the best way to aliens but. You're looking at the salary cap plans to take this summer there doesn't appear to be. They say the abundance of Catherine float around as to what two years ago for Kelly. I think it's amazing it's of course that the landscape has changed somewhat over the last couple years. Sure Tucker Chris Wallace or 99 FM ESPN. They extended their war to a great offer for tiger read. Obviously a lot of that is because he's in the final year of contract but also yeah. This has something to do with people say what is the point where we were chasing the warriors and we can't get there any way does that limit what's what's. You know that the activity. At the trade deadline. You know I'd I'd like to think not you mean like to think everybody has got a real chance for a championship his own everything attitude that they can't. Obviously the warriors you do look a little bit decided insurmountable right now but. I mean. Even know cited takes two months in the playoffs to crown in the NBA champion. If you do you can predict the future of the recent sprained ankle to keep players. Oh were you when you would he get there you have achieved another get any sport you owe it to yourself to do where you can't. The take a run at a because you're not always they are. So you don't get that that may across some people's minds of meter would give us and we were under harsh if she if they eat cheese were reversed in that situation. Chris Wallace general manager and the Memphis Grizzlies obviously mark is Gasol is a big part of this franchise that don't mean to suggest that he's consulted on things are arm on everything or anything but clearly I'm. If his voice matters did did. Do you do you talk to him about these types of decisions. Well we talk we talk we have conversations with Oreo bettors from time to time throughout two years not just sounding boards but they also have. Really the great insight into the players around the league some of these gas have been on teams with these players that are up that you can pray for carrier hit free agency it. There's nothing like actually run an up and down the sort of people somebody. That that is the best Audi B you can get rather watching tape sit in this stadium so. We talked our players sitting up throughout the year. And you know we're we're we're happy with marks this year and in in his Spierkel Ford I think she really loves our young guys and likes working with some end you know he's all in this. I know you said that when you know every time you step on the court you're trying to win and and I acknowledged that the five players on the quarter undeniably trying to win they should be they're playing for contracts reputation and that's. Victories all that stuff. But. Oh well I believe we are seeing franchises do things took to it. The lower the possibility of their wedding Atlanta buying out players that could theoretically help them win. You guys just fundamentally a against that in any big way because that would be the root of moving Tyreke or whatever stick around picky can get it's that we. We don't wanna win games this year let's make it less likely that we do or is that just the position that this project does not hold. No we don't hold a cure because you first what were bringing along right now six young players. So you'll they were playing most of these guys back. When my colleague with LT. Don't want we will look like we were headed to the playoffs and eighth straight year early in the season. But you don't want young players to develop bad habits he used to to lose and obviously weren't tough spot right now. We're losing more games and we're winning the playoffs now. Are are out of reach for the eighth straight year but you wanna biplane right way you want plane or you want to own every game thinking we're doing everything we can't win. And that's where we approach every night. Talk to Chris Wallace general manager of the Memphis Grizzlies I don't wanna ask you specifically about draft prospects that you can't answer those questions but. I don't know I do know that when you're talking general managers or or or scouts executives they tend to. Group of players like K this is a top tier for draft then there's a second tier do you have a six for how many. How many slots there or in a top tier for the 2018 and be addressed in other words I have consistently said I want to be picking in the top four not eight. But there there could be somebody who said yeah. At least they had every year like it's what a form Forman draft work you know beyond two will be just or whatever number we don't talk a year. Then you look at past dress and I look at him possibly. Why Leonard wood fifteen. Tony Parker went 29. Jimmy Butler is late in the twenties you ought to factor to combo. I believe which fifteen. So you don't always have to be inside the first two or three selections. To get a big timer. So yeah we'll have to wait and see how this draft. Stacks up once everybody decides to come out. I think it's obvious is going to be another draft underclassmen dominated like it's been for me don't belong to try to remember now. Right at him by definition the most talented players in the car in college basketball or are going to be freshman almost but but very few exceptions and then that'll be the case again. In this 2018 NBA draft and talked to Chris Wallace general manager of the Memphis Grizzlies. Tyreke Evans is averaging 31 minutes per game this season but in his last two games and I know they were spaced out. He'll keep it was six in each is that by design or just an accident. Well we. We monitor the minutes of all of our players particular veterans here we have up. Sports science department meant a lot goes into this dog algorithms that sort of thing. And it's on a game by game basis and depends on where this became comes in the schedule as a back to back visits or how nice. What is what are the peace that we play in that recently that also factors into it so those minutes change. Per per game for not just Tyreke but all of our players. Greta to you Chris Wallace general manager of the Memphis Grizzlies. Give a sense for how Mike is doing the other six for help Chandler's doing. Well Taylor were seen out on the court now he's back out practicing and you're kind of in a database type situation. Mike obviously is more long term but he had surgery a little over a week ago. In your expectations for might do the is that he will be ready to go next year we opened a training camp in September. You do your work and out virtually every day Indian and been immersed in this three have been so far so good but it obviously it's more the long term situation. That is Chris while he general manager of the Memphis Grizzlies join me here on 929 FM ESP and I really appreciate your being here talking through all that stuff with Beckett they came up and I'll catch up with the real soon. My pleasure Gary take care man I'll let this it is not the only way now. I. Appreciated thanks Chris Duffy as well as general manager of the of Memphis. Grizzlies and so. And there you go I mean. It seems pretty clear that Peter Edmonton did a really nice podcast for John Hollander and John touched on a lot of these. These same points that seemed pretty clear that they do genuinely believe. That they have a real opportunity to resize Tyreke Evans and that they think it is. They think that that that possibility is this more likely to happen to turn into reality. If they keep him here down throughout the end of the season rather than letting go be a part of another organization they think that you know he used to work recruiting. And that it seems to be what they're what they're trying to do now is is recruit him and and hopefully sign him to a to a new new deal in July. The problem of course is that. Com. Chris said this himself it just takes one team to screw that you know. Like that you could have 28 other teams who are willing or capable of offering Tyreke more. Then the mid level which is what the grizzlies are gonna be able to offer. But if one and this is the scenario. I described last week. If one of these franchises that's got Max money available. But can't land the Max player they want so they just go into a contagious Caldwell Pope deal or JJ Redick deal. Where they don't type of their cap space long term but they got the money disappear until it's just been guitar player one year deal. Like that. That would be the scary thing. For me by working in the front office that and I don't think it would be the lakers but let. Like they're the easiest exam and put money out famously they now have enough room to sign two Max players and it's well documented they would like to sign LeBron James and Paul George. But Magic Johnson has already made it clear. I'm they're not just gonna sign two Max players you know they're gonna they think their plan is to. Have two Max players on that roster. By July 2019. In other words get himself some wiggle room. So this is that a deal with the lakers are gonna go offer. LeBron James a Max and Paul Georgia Max get turned down by LeBron. Paul George accepts it and then they just give a Mac to somebody else that's not the way it's gonna go down what they would then more likely than not to. If say okay wool we got a whole new crop of stars who are going to be unrestricted free agents in 2019. So listen just to a one year fifteen million dollar deal. For Tyreke Evans. Then the money comes off the books that you liked in in 2019 in the we can go try to get at the Max player that we want then. That's what you know that's that's how JJ JJ Redick is operating on a deal like that can take your call will pulpit operating on a deal like that and that. That'll be the type of thing that could just blow this plan completely. Out of the water. Again I'm not gonna. A back panel that it's not what I would have done. I would have moved him for anything I would not want to diminish my lottery odds. And then I would offered in the mid level in July and hope that that was good enough to get him back here. But the counterargument to that is that they sincerely believe whether they're right or wrong who could know. The people make that decision. Chris Wallace Ed Stefanski John Challenger. Is rob prepare as well. The the people who make that decision genuinely believe. That they are a more advantageous position. In an attempt to restart Tyreke Evans if they keep him here. Even if it does diminish their lottery odds that's what they believe. So we'll see. If it actually plays out that way starting July 1 we come back. The tigers got to a fist fight in shootaround early yesterday morning and they lost to Central Florida late in the afternoon we'll talk about that next based. When do you listen to 929 FM ES PM Memphis Ayatollah here coming up Tuesday was the new look cast domination of the Celtics beginners while. Plus love all the latest from winter games in South Korea I'm going to window Tuesday killer can Wayne. Weekday mornings from 5 AM till 9 AM about this is sports station night to night at yes dad. Unto us Olympic and also there are a lot of minds to respect what she isn't just fast when she's raising. A lot of stress the little issues like fast when she gets her car wash U rules the windows dollars and you can sleepiness or into Hungary does. You want wanted to do was beat. 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First and throughout the month of February you can get an extra 15% off that you just mentioned that you. Heard about the disease from that is Jerry parish showed they carried brands like sort of Simmons beauty addressing it to designed by Ashley furniture. And didn't craft as well so 27 and curbing Whitney wrote in Bartlett that's the address. 2790 Kirby what you wrote in orbit it's right next Hollywood TV can't miss it the poll numbers 901692620901692. The sixteenth. 115%. And all throughout the month of February on everything actually BC's stop by there that sleepy seized by Michael's are on the web sleep easy easy CS. That dot com Tim on Twitter said hey did you should've asked it Chris Wallace. Oh win. He said he. Wasn't concerned. About messing up the grizzlies lottery odds by keeping Tyreke Evans on the roster askew would you rather have Tyreke Evans or Marvin back which is sort of the point I've made. I'm just in a different way consistently like this could be the difference between drafting Marvin Bakley and and drafting elevenths from the draft you know like this could it in the idea that they were never going to be able to finish its Lois. No the hawks are there one game they think will win in the worst teams in the NBA right now like they are in place for that through and if you don't removing it which is well. Always the reason I was for just moving Tyreke. You know that written don't want to get this letter ya go people are exactly the eleventh like that was my goal once this season went the wrong way and Mike Conley had. A surgery but today Chris would you say they they don't think that those of the options they think they can they think it can have both the division keep Tyreke Evans and also. Get Marvin Bakley but I know it didn't matter last night because they got ran off the court pretty good in Oklahoma City blight problem. That that's my fear is that Tyreke Evans gonna win you two were three or four more games than you otherwise would win. And if he does that it it it could really be the difference between pitching like fourth or fifth or. And I detect and I know that you can find a good player anywhere trademark green was. You know the 35 pick in the draft but. You know there's a lot of data on the stuff you know you hit raid inside the top five is better than it is outside the top five hit rate inside the top ten's better than it is. Outside of the top ten you're hit rate in the first round is better than it is in the second round it is always advantageous to peak as high as you can possibly pick. And Tariq might. You know might fight. Might run counter to that but that decision is done. I will let it play out right I got more stories of like to discuss. Or stories presented by the bluff restaurant and bar. Start telling stories and forget what he was as. Yeah only every afternoon. So we did militant. It ensures he'll touch on important things you need to know each day at this time. This is key piece or notable stories at 444. Number one. Central Florida came in at FedEx Forum yesterday and beat tiger 6864. Even though there are leading scorer best player chuckle fall it is out season ending surgery really. A US yeah this is supposed to be good year for them and they've just been killed by injuries they lost all we Dawkins. Who's Johnny Dawkins on Michigan transfer in the pre season to shoulder surgery. Then BJ Taylor. Yahoo! com played really well yesterday for UCL a scored 22 points against the tigers. He got hurt the first game missed the subsequent sixteen games he comes back so it's like okay we don't have elaborate Dawkins but we got beat you Taylor and and tackle Paul let's go. Like literally tackled fault I heard the end like right then it's a BJ Taylor tackle fall in doubt they're gonna play one game together this entire season that it would all be back next year. In theory so you see a should be pretty good next season but the shorthanded now and yet they were still able. To come in the FedEx Foreman has a four point underdog. I'd be tiger's 68. 64. I was on sidelined for the game for CBS sports network which. Means I was at shootaround yesterday morning and means that I come on the few people you talk show radio about the fist fight between Jamal Johnson and dated nick Berry who actually Saul. With my own eyes the fist fight between Jamal Johnson and a technical variant somebody on Twitter said hey can you can phone that it was actual fistfight because tubby said they were. They were just playing I think what tubby said. It's is that they were playing in the that led to what it led to. Regardless I can tell you this it was a pistol oh wow I mean it was it'll aren't. It wasn't pushing and shoving and it was it was like they were throwing punches and enjoy. And IE I've been in a lot of shootaround at this point. I think that kind of thing in a practice now like guys kids. I never seen an issue there. And on the day of the game time is your friends are usually pretty light you know effective that there. They're pretty light is just like to get guys on the court you're on to some last minute stuff does nothing intense about them usually. And yet on this when turned into something that. I'd never seen before I mean to players literally throwing punches at each other if they had to be separated this isn't one like they stop fighting either they had to be pulled apart. Separated they both let's shoot around for a while they both ultimately came back and my understanding is that they are actually friends that they're not. They're not like not everybody on the team or any team. This best friends with everybody right I am but those two guys are friends from what I gather so it's probably. Not a big deal long term but like it it did happen. I mean it was a real. Yeah announced that there was Pete Gillen which Waltz rich to put us on the both of them and I'm like OK when I say I go to Lou I've been a lot of shooter and not as many as a coach Craig Gillen and not as many as a full time. Play by play guy like ritual stuff. Neither of them has ever seen this fight crushing people to know that that was a rarity it was a rarity and of course the game started and no matter is actually got off to a nice start there shooting the ball well. And it was a funny moment John Marin tweet about it where. Rich comes to me as a sideline reporter and ask me a question. And the question was it Gary whiny this Memphis struggled from beyond the arc. And I was like. Well they don't have great shooters keep a close I don't. Oh good good attitude because. For right answer. I mean it is the right answer let's edit that usually works because it it caught me off guard usually don't answer it that way though you're what you know usually you don't get asked a question yes. So the way that works project the when I'm on sidelines again headset on at all times and hi my Mike is not hot at all times but I have what they called talk back button which I push it and I can talk back. The producer so rich in Pete can't hear me but the producer. And the director in the truck can hear me I think it's so if Memphis is should it likes made three of its first 53 point attempts to jump out to an early lead. And they're talking about three point shooting. I might get in my directors here and say hey I've got more on Memphis three point shooting if you want it up and say okay. And then I'll hear him on talk back go to rich and say throw to Jerry for more on Memphis is three point shooting this is all going on with a view it here but we can all hear it now and so the way that would normally go is rich we'll wrap up whatever saying that he would say. And cut and now we'll go to Gary Parrish who has more on that is three point shooting and I just start talking you know I usually ask the questions I wasn't expecting to be asked a question of expecting just to start talking and instead he was like let me ask you why this Memphis struggled from beyond the art they're not that I great shooter. In the night and of course but those plans are was the right answer they don't have great shooters which is why they are. One of the worst three point shooting teams in America and so now the record is the record fourteen and eleven overall there. Five and seven in the AAC there on a three game losing streak headed SMU where they will be. Probably a double digit underdog assuming signal and actually plays that's who has been banged up a little bit so who knows what version of the most things. A Memphis is going to give that this is this is clearly going there at the wrong direction right now they've project to be underdogs in each of their next four games. And if they just lose the games are supposed to lose and wins the games are supposed to win they're gonna finish this season. A regular season heavily sixteen and fifteen overall seven and eleven in the American. And if they were to lose their first gain in the American athletic conference tournament. That would be 1616. Regular season would be even worse. Then most people predicted. Aback when people were predicting bad things for the the University of Memphis Tubby Smith how to. Press conference yesterday like he always does after a game and I was asked about Antonio Anderson. Saying that he's not the right man for the job his answer was in May be right now maybe I'm not I should set that was interesting. An interesting press congress for Tubby Smith Jeff Hawkins wrote about it. I am talking about it in the next second story number 20 the selection committee for the NCAA tournament and did their bracket. Bracket revealed. I yesterday afternoon in Virginia was that the number one team. In the country right now according to them what was good for the top 25 and one that I do every morning because. No this lesson to be and I do not agree on everything that we don't even. Ranked teams using the same metrics or approaches. We both do look like they look at it in a way every morning. And leading up to this. I'm in a way that most people don't even mostly. AM but if they also the way that I do. Like you might not agree with the rankings I tweaked. Every morning. But I have gone through and probably looked at resonate in bodies of work more than just about anybody. In the country and so when I saw that come out yesterday there was a handful of things that I had been criticized for recently from just fans who. Simply rely on eight people or very limited to. Surface level understanding of bodies of work and Reza Mazen road wins and quality with that kind of stuff and is handled things that come out first. Like Virginia being number one. Because I had Virginia number 1 on Sunday morning in the top five and one even after they lost a home game to Virginia Tech on Saturday night. And I tweeted that like before the stats show came on yesterday and I'm just kidding keel on Twitter too you know they lost last night how can a team lose and be number one in the country. What because they still have the best ought to work. Because they still have the bad like Golden State could lose tonight and steel beat the best team in the NB error. And they would still have the best body of work in the NBA. It's not apples to apples but it's similar in college basketball just because you lose doesn't mean you should necessarily not have that number next to your name. Anyway you slice it. These quality wins rolled winds. All of the had advanced metrics like Virginia has the best body of work in America so to sleep in it really not even debatable in my mind it's still seem to see the selection committee. Come down on the same side of that. Was at least go to my Twitter mentions in the the other thing duke and Kansas. Were both two seats those are teams that I've had ranked pretty highly. Even though they had been playing well lately and you hear it from fans all the time all if it was anybody but do they drop out of the top ten now not even looking at the name I'm just looking at the body of work. I'm just focusing on the body of work took us forever every it like since it forever because. Equity loss to Boston College early that was a problem but for a while now duke has had a top ten resonate America. Even though duke has lost three of its top through its last four games it's still heavy top can resonate in America so this please see the selection committee actually like. Underline that now duke is still very good case is still very good I know they're losing more often than you thought they would more often they usually do but there's still two of the best 101112 teams in America. I was such a pity and made that clear yes today. And down it's why I don't hold serve sometimes managing. When those steel schools lose games that they otherwise wouldn't lose big picture things are still pretty good for my suggestion Stephen. They just a pretty good BellSouth to. Story number three so the cavaliers are also a basketball again as I do was get rid of six players and bring back bring a photo new ones and suddenly the bronze happy and they're guarding in the blowing out the Celtics in Boston and it's just another example of why the MBA. It's the most fun sport I won't get in the argun about best sport to that's very subjective and I guess most form is as well but like find me something that's more fun than the MBA. Again what other leahey how it could eighteen to street Patrick's team. In the middle of the season and then just immediately get glue like that doesn't happen in the NFL it doesn't happen in Major League Baseball like LeBron James basically said yo. And yeah just give me some new guys whoever our opponent off I just give me some younger guys who are athletic and who wool. Run with me and and trained and might work with me and a that's okay we'll get all these old god I don't you guys out a tongue and all the young guys and now they're like they I don't know if they're great. They looked great yesterday that's a good sign and LeBron looked like he was having fun.