The Gary Parrish Show Hour 2 (11/17/17)

The Gary Parrish Show
Friday, November 17th

Geoff Calkins joins GP in-studio in Hour 2 to talk Tigers, Grizzlies and more 


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You're on beacon just. If for no other reason the technology is is changing every year about what is possible. And so you have the newest technology I am in insider view building so it's terrific. I guess of what I was gonna say is I can't. 100% call the best parts of the country but somebody else wants to I Walt scream and disagree with you because it is all Sonia and it is it's job it's a job well done. Tubby Smith was asked about this earlier today and he said among other things practice aliens already helped our recruiting. And the obvious follow up question would be like Powell like like proven easy because they just concluded early signing period. And it is. And I'm this isn't hyperbolic it's just the truth. Since people have been looking act. Early signing period classes. In ranking such things and do parents you know in and considering such things the university that is never had a worse one. Now want to price was the coach not win Johnny Jones was the coach and not when Larry finch was the coach not when. Anybody was the coach but they've never done worse in an early signing period than they just did signing one player with a sub 300 player. So when you say this practice facilities already helped our recruiting like there's literally no evidence of that whatsoever none zero. And then tubby subsequently provided this quote a courtesy of march and I don't commercial feel he said we would have loved. To have had those young men. Who we had offered. About probably. This is just going to create better opportunities. For others. That came. That quote came after a question about whether he was disappointed. In the recruiting class and he said that he was not. I'm disappointed in the recruiting class and I understand that. To the head coach about basketball program he can't just stand up there might. Trashing your own recruiting class like nobody does right but you also can't live in a fantasy world. There's got to be a better way to say. Any thing then no one not disappointed. In our recruiting class because again. Its the worst early. Recruiting class in the history of University of Memphis basketball. If he's actually not disappointed and it. You have to be the only person on the planet who cares about how a Memphis basketball. Who falls into the category. Geoff Calkins is in studio talking about this next. Yeah. It's not enough. How your teeth look can affect how you feel about yourself and what today's advancements in dentistry. It's easy to change that appeared in just a few simple visits yes you really can get whiter smile and less than two hours and you won't ever. Re going to the death anymore. Not after you check out the smiles and there. 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They walk you through all of your odds of an all time that you could make educated decisions in order to allow the best. And most cost efficient solutions so if you. Want or need legal guidance. You wanna deal with some guys who. You can trust who they're making comparable who can speak a language please get a judge would ask in Kenya and Marty column day or night five to 8088. It's 9015288888. It's experience king and Marty there on the web excuse keen. Dot com or six Gary pair show an attitude that if ME SPN I'm joined now in studio by your award winning comments Memphis commercial tea. Posted Jeff god is just just guard guys are you today on this Friday I'm great Gary fights I saw you sweetened all warn you well over there at the university men's basketball facility. Moon how he would like to see the pictures I have to think. I think so I enjoyed looking at the pictures and technical picture the court play things nice is the decisive change. It's incredibly nice I guess I mean it's really really nice I mean bill Lori had a good line and he said. He said he did you guys get. How loud bang for the buck down south or I give you too much money keeping his what he said you know and it's. Say it's at it's it's stunning it's. All these places are offensively over the top story at many levels I mean it's like clumps and and their lazy river that club hoping a lazy river they've got and what football field. But look simple all the Philly yeah with a mobile other than it just like hey. Like may be more of the holidays they went on the biology department whether the word floods and you have an array is a what I like you can say what the hell is going on here like an I I understand that they're. So. But it was all audit that proudly raised money. And the reason that it was built for the above rice field is Delores and here's checked a million dollars in him. That's been the mountaineers at ten million dollars and he and so that's why it was built and and it was a beautiful sunny day and at a big ribbon and big big scissors I've never been my direction and asked got to read before I ever could remember no longer count said about that. So I agree that Rick got Achilles though you should ahead reverend Jerry I should've had a ribbon college was the event as of tomorrow that was Willis today was once yeah. That doesn't cut it. You think generous Obama voter marker or whatever haven't yet well don't get well Brit it I guess so. So who. Seller and you didn't get a tour and and it's the like there before. Bill would have the front you know entryway is. Spectacular fair cavernous big huge beautiful space with you know pictures of penny in. Keith Lee and it. He and Hosea did make a hall ain't dedicated a former beat writers at all it was not all iPhone four men. And then there's all the schools so that there's all these beautiful spaces. And then Els is old school stuff like you have this the way the players when they go to facility. And you series Mike Thomas up close to about illustrated out you'll. They walk up they put their fall and if their thumbprint it opens the door in her and then they walked into the hallway and there. Because their thumbprint called them up. Is his big ol' flat screen that has their schedule personalized schedule right up at his triggered by this time walking in an attitude like James Bond stuff to Botox. And I think it produced and so so it's but it's still like I I. I'm a member of the member but I have clearer Dior Cleary is now his fifth at the airport we don't have to Memphis international but they've got it in LA actually got it at LaGuardia and got to go to LaGuardia. A million times a year I would've had signed up for. See it takes you like ten minutes to sign up boy now what happens when I'm at LaGuardia I don't have to go through normal security ordered TSA a walk up to this machine. Which in your eyes now I take two fingers like this. And I put him on this little thing and that it like that Garrett errors go right through and then there's a person there to just walk you straight through like you can grab. But it also it makes me uncomfortable because I'm literally just skipping people if I like it's got its own little lines like they're they care for clear. Wasn't crazy like. Hundred books and that it wasn't nuts for as cooler than they are not humbled today to talk about just like a hundred bucks for you or something. Yes and so on they don't have their own lying at the airport so they actually like take you. Only missed Paris and they walk you through it and they walk you past excuse me excuse me like you are Kim Garnett hit I think you're not just me. Right but I'm still amazed even though I know it's 2017 where we are generally. But when I put my finger on that thing and it got the picture of a meat at a pair started are still just like that is crazy that works like that. The little things that children have had any other co. Medical thing is they have. Their iphones you can put the program their iphones at the locker. And you can then so are you here. Your music in the shower and the showers are all individual day they're not like this showers like gym class. OK you know whatever they're in how we demand that about a the individual and their soundproof. So no one else can hear your music and no one else's music spills and do your shower and almost can hear anything for that matter it's the same southern Pacific. Everyone has the it has ever been a net ferry but like what. Is that everyone does that sound like. Had they you know I felt from shower running government to meet have a sell them for a shower right now so they have a soundproof shower I've got a fell revolvers are. At home so all these things got a little religious crazy over the top unbelievable fantastic it's unbelievable that I did ask league one in the Arctic dudes. Citizens the biggest one year redon is a known threat it could now provide. But he said it it's also harder. Hard to. Separate because some of them are facilities for five different program right and a women's basketball program in their offense in program whatever so. Terms square footage they're bigger others connect to the football program. It's it's magnificent. And I thought what was interesting about it in addition to all the things you said yeah let's yeah. So it's a great debt right. And it's no there's also the separate narrative that mammal programs and saw Tuesday night. And so as I go out there to write about it. And right like it's a great debt. I think this accomplishment that raises there at a school that strapped for money whatever it raises money it's unveiling his accomplishment whatever. And yet they also have tubby saying things like how much is did the displaying their recruiting class when you say that and we know that well honestly I think it's he said because he didn't want. Kind of ran covered here they've just on their progress they'd better that is why the sudden like comment I was gonna tell you despite an oh yeah. Another idea better way to think I guess we we love out of an overview of liked about it some prizes share of course you would have and we we hope to make it up for the spread. Yes and I do think that's why senator so. So you wonder how you. How you sort of Parse through that led didn't wanna. Like crap on the program that I think it's a really good day for the program right miles of today the university sells her. I think this was true. I wrote in my column. That this. Building is confirmation of the standard analog from tubby. This isn't the way it used to be and solid it used to be in a lot harder and everything else right. This is basically the program asserting. Now we are a top twenty level top 25 program or an act like it was in a pair coach like it. We're gonna facilities like get that's who we are. Bill Lori said. You know he said that this program is basically the this building was basically built by gene Bartow and our team and the legacy thing you'll. No build buildings to build a program you win win win win win and you were a building like this then and so there was a lot of heart coming back. Through the past end. You know from president Ron I asked him point blank about what the expectations there because. I say when he asked last Tom Bowen he says to be competitive. Add edit you know add top towards the top of conference to be competitive and make beer incidental and make post season and reset which I don't. That's the expectations absolutely and I asked David rot with the expectations this is what he said. He said. We have resource the program at a top ten and fifteen level nationally. We expected to be at that level period. We have resource did they wait for a reason. Historically at the top ten program we expected to perform at that level and marine resource that at that level. Part of my responsibility. Is asserting that expectation and standard. And that is the standard how do you apply that standard because there's literally nothing to suggest it is either there or on its way. Well that what she says is it basically he's saying that is the Saturday that left five iron tubby tomorrow. But he sand. How do you do with anything you have an employee I think I what you get. Dan can stadium. Gary the standard is for you to be top three at the very least the men eighteen to 31 emirates where whatever it is that's the standard. A month goes by her two month goes by whatever you if you didn't if you born in that they also get standard for the hadn't eaten but you know that's the standard. I think that's what he deserving that's the standard. It doesn't mean that they're gonna have attempted to cut your pretty classy meet standards so bear all the yellows. But frankly that's the standard. It was interesting what happened at Ohio State this offseason because the conversation now. I don't even think can realistically be about is the basketball program. Going to be where you wanted to be in years three quite clearly not they just missed on every. Relevant recruit that they were pursuing literally every one. Arm. The car it's a live like you can't say we'll just wait to this recruiting class gets here and then combine with the guys we got to be good that there's no recruiting class of with all due respect kind of reign over he's the sub 300 player that's all they got. Conversation is about whether you obviously gets that third year. And I know that they want to do that third year for multiple reasons that we discussed. They don't wanna fire could get to two years they don't have the money to do it material far Tubby Smith that's at galleries all of that. And the people Ohio State port at our about two to three years but this past offseason they were. Yeah. Coming off a bad season and them on and yet jeans best essentially said that Monica continue to be our coach. Just period in the story we're doing another year that model. What was unsaid but understood. Was. But it next season's good then we're gonna make a change. And I think that will be the exact same thing. That is it's basically set about Tubby Smith after year to. When I make the change but if that it'll be understood but if you are three bad like you're too bad then then we gonna pull a trigger on this thing. So what happened at Ohio State is. Had mono went out recruiting during the spring. Go get some grad transfers go get some believable freshman that you were involved with that are still available. Like go do your job and they lost a kid to a transfer they missed on every target they were trying to get both grad transfer and high school prospect. And Gene Smith decided in June is okay if I already decided if next season's bad. I pulled the trigger and now I'm looking at the roster. And it's just going to be back next season there's no way not to be now and that she's why would I wait. There's just do it now get a new staff in here and not miss out on the class of 2018. Let's get whoever we're gonna get in here. It's because waiting a year to do what we already know we're gonna do just puts us a year behind schedule of getting back we wanna be. Could you not apply that exact same logic to Memphis and into next season. You are absolutely code. But they don't have to bankroll that our status you're going to try to get close logic all your long I think Billy long. And so I think the logic is absolutely will be there at M and plus the additional logic that we know the recruiting class that's coming up and so my now's the time. Yeah I recommend you mean Clinton together 1990 going to have to wait for our kids within ten miles cannot if so. I don't think. And I suspect they they won't have the money or the motivation to do that a loss in and so. And then I'll play this I know domestic. I hate it even if that happens if that they give tubby another year and it doesn't work began three years dozens more are back. Lenin will miss all my class one know. If you hire the right guy at that point earned we've seen that earned the you know what it I don't know did did. Got an LSU did they need the right class in New Orleans in order to get to be good. But he just gotten so good players right. Counselor David Wright classes from coming out of Saint Louis in order to get players it is the players. If you if you're right tech coach he just go to players and Memphis would recover that's another thing they're ready said he said. Basketball can happen quickly. Oh yeah I did say never a long time it's funny because W doesn't say that get out here affiliate W the takedown. It's gonna let doctor Rudd agreed he would attend a good thing he gets ready to go either way quickly if you go good quickly you can go backward he's as they can go quickly and it out and that so. So I do think it would be too bad to miss out on that and to suffer through another year tubby if I'm going well. Just because. Blocked. Do you think. If the next guys the right guy. Presiding preventing the tubby got the right guy if the next does the right you can fix it right and now is that I eight. I'm of the opinion I would wanna miss a class of two don't want. It yet but but I have the money out of them but I will say. They're walking out when Chicago the other night we were having this type of conversation he's former be right in my former be right I'd like to think we know the program as well as most if not. Better. And he he major point is that they're always been and always be more kids thank you miss on those kids but they'll be more kids there ought. Like you won't look at the University of Memphis program in ten years and go. If they only did you know is making it'd the next Tyre will be great in her work the next terribly bad it won't work blood. Like pick they'll be more kids and if you hire the right guy. It may either Memphis if you are the right got the best Kobe back we're supposed to be regardless of what happens with class 2019 and I now is that that's probably. Wouldn't. Want it I guess is painful this sort of thing with we have gone tubby now I think anti recruiting classes and empty buildings and mare and I. I don't like that so I'd I would rather if it doesn't work if we don't see substantial if these two coast or drowned about a new I think they are. As well whatever and spring isn't. I would I would prefer them. To start fresh but. I ate it doesn't seem likely right but you don't look at it. And I don't you know I don't tubby has been on record saying the same way at the place that used to be. Which I think it just kind of disrespectful. When they're paying three million dollars if you make more money than the previous coach ever made and I'm he was recruiting at a high level and went to four straight and simple little list since may three until is a different era Jordan when he was fired Larry finch was make a 300000 out you can't get anybody get another job like no wonder Larry didn't like. Live on opulence after he after he was fired. 300000. Dollars Vietnamese make it three million and say I had a it's a lot tougher to used to be known not you have. An MBA facility in downtown Memphis. Give unbelievable practice facility that. On what's the ribbon has now been caught. You've got a better conference affiliation than just pastor ever had or Georgia cal Perry your four you can argue that the top 100 good forward top 100 players on your roster when he got here right. So you've got to you've got a program. It's in a better league than. Definitely any league Josh was ever in. But if you think the league is important or that you're a better league in Josh ever had. Because you've got UConn early calloused early count differently had heard about little hole right hugs Tino Thom creed a market in used women to lead. But it is loaded after all medical evidence that it and other days gutter ball and the second Rick in the mud and concrete. That I believe that that that is real life. But when you pay a coach at this rate and you have a an arena. Of that caliber and a practice facility of that caliber. And the history and tradition of the program and a fan base that cares and recruiting and a natural reverting basis. They like you have are not even joking here. Literally everything you need in college basketball to be successful. Like which told doesn't have everything you need in college basketball to be successful but just as a coach they just they basically that they get the faith based that they got coach. Until natural recruiting base. You know there are a lot of programs that don't have everything you need to be successful. Memphis you have it like UCLA has everything you need to be successful wreck if you've got the next recruiting base the tradition the facility. The league affiliation all they're Indiana saying get this vehicle programs. Meant this is one of the programs that has everything you need to be awesome at college basketball. And so when you are not also the college basketball. There is no excuse that is acceptable. Other than. You are toned down there you are doing that they'd be I mean this went out the MAQ but a minute for. Of the three teams that we have in this city. The Memphis tiger football game the Mets had a basketball team and the Memphis Grizzlies and pick the team that as the easy shot I mean oil leaked at below leaked. Is. Not even close it's America's photographed and that's the advantage they had. Over the other two programs like it's really hard to be that good if the NBA particularly in the state of cluster and superstar free agency. You it's literally impossible structurally impossible for Unocal final four as the Memphis tiger football team. But three times they've done it. Three times since nineteen the early 1973 times for different coach retested and coaches it's not if with a with all due respect it's not hard it back and which makes it. In saying that they just went to an early pit signing period and find one dude who's a sub 300 got. Like are not even joking it is. That's almost impossible to do at the University of Memphis like I said yesterday. If you meet the head coach and and make my assistants my fourteen year old son my three year old son and my one year old son I swear to god guarantee X. A better prospect than say I could sign a top 300. I'm not even joking like I don't understand how. Anybody in that job could be that ineffective in that job and I try to be mean. I think it is actually difficult to be that ineffective at their job. It means you either don't target the right kids which is up like beat a key part of the job or you don't know how to recruit effectively. Because to not get the top 300 player in a class. When you have all these resources. And you need players desperately. I don't I really as badly as I thought it was going I never anticipated it would actually go as badly as it went right. Now that's like that's tough and that's what but the bad I took hope from that the presence of the doctors to me that was a statement that hey. Cologne right now. But we are now going away were knocked him out we are going through there will again be tiger basketball. I hope your right. Is why can't we ever gonna play basketball again that's more that's the tests. Yeah I mean if RC well that that's too that's going to be rough they got all of them last less I'm only games he missed last year he missed. A week or two. When they had to play earned with. When they enter Hairston. And they did I think it was seven in two or something in the nine game right with without lights go out if they don't. I said before they just have to muddle along as if they're 500 without my age that's fine there with a west isn't running away from them if the goal is to. Make the playoffs and not be eight but seems like a reasonable goal because you don't play the warriors but if that's the goal. You can do that if you don't have like for a couple weeks. He missed a total of thirteen games last season and they were still able to get out like you said they actually played well without him. I did think it was interesting fifth set today. All of you saw this quote but he said. Like we've been going through the past couple years which means like since I've been here. And I don't know we keep winning we keep going through stuff like he basically knowledge like word where a bad spot. Like we need that talent it didn't say this and up I don't towards the mound but if you ask me to listen to David Tisdale and they interpret like do it in real talk. If it basically said we're not that talented at very many positions when a talented throughout the roster. We can't afford to lose guys like Mike Conley for any extended period. I think though is that they're better equipped than they were last year probably because now you got I mean my Chalmers is in the great ending the good. But he better and and Andrea Harris and me and they got Tyreke flammable need to play point guards do so really better equipped than they were last year. I don't think that's wrong but still not not. Now again suffered a miracle let's get. As I say that they happened to survive that Mike Kelly glad I'm here worse yet they happen to flourish without Mike Allen last year Toney Douglas is actually not a good is not a great indicator that they're ready to do it this year even if they do have a better shot there that they're better that's the funny thing how likely they are better equipped to do that I think than they were luster sorry excuses or does this have let this even though better equipment they don't have a better record than with out my colleague that she's gonna have looked absolutely will not. Arm somebody on Twitter. I asked me this they say at what point. And if they're talking to me give you. Some point out that they had to shut Mike Conley down. With an Achilles. Issue. At the end of the 201516. Season. And they went outside and 260 million dollar contract. And now here we are an Achilles issue again. Like whatever. Like five different franchises would comfortably find my colleague to a 106 to a Max Contra I think other factors which I'm like right whichever part what I think yeah people backing away from him I don't think people were Bakalar from my calendar from Dallas was signed him I think they couldn't senate for as much right. I'm excited for what to say yes and so. It's on it would be unfortunate if he whatever I don't think there was this. Oh my god how did you miss that kind of thing here that I don't I don't perceive that I agree I really paid. Clearly I think that's the case for Chandler. I don't think that's the case of Mike I'm not sure how many other franchises would've signed Chandler to a 94 million dollar contract that it might have been none back. Palm but I'm confident. Right now if you want to disable Mike if you could say this but Mike you should listen. It's a really good point there he's got an all star he's 29 when every Aziz is a small. He's going to be gotten injured he'd just gotten injured it's this is not the best way to spend our money. If you had made that I could there are people at the time who argued that ever grizzlies fans at the time who argued that. The problems arise then we'll tell you get right and and so to me applies. You win why you can't with this group because it's not like you can say fine will pass on my week. And we'll deal for Tyreke prank thing can't come here right out and so so you go Mike. And you hope that your Achilles heels and I'm not gonna report for that out of here you can add everything doesn't happen in a vacuum it wasn't just about. Do you take my color not to Mike Conley was like OK if you don't take my Conley. What on earth do you get it. What comes next right and we've already signed Marcus hall to a big big contract like well who is our starting point guard. You can't really get high level players to come here in free agency. But I did have a draft picks can't you don't read if it was like OK I think the drop all between Mike Conley and whatever you were at the alternative would have been. Was and nothing was devastating act devastating to the franchise is so you you you don't get around Rondo. Right yeah. Nobody wants. So I think there are plenty of opportunities to be critical of the front office. Arm over the years plenty of opportunities to be to praise them as well. On the opening of opportunities to be critical I don't necessarily think signing Mike Conley coming off the Kiely and now look you get an Achilles I don't think that's the fifth place wreck I mean he sucks on a stage. If they if he's. Bert can't play whatever they don't miss the playoffs this year. Actually have the first jumper right so what that and they know that there is this time has come and marks the slogan heard more Mike's gonna start and that might we know that's their whole game. And and so we have this time has come and any hope that it's that this couple weeks away. And then income back can he be the Michael last year and in the end. I like watching Mary play basketball I I actually now like watching Gemma Parsons what basketball is really amazing I'd add to the point where when he's on the when he's on the court I feel kind of comfortable right about it so. I think I think they should be on the model through and I think they should still be able to plant first game. Where to. I don't like from a dogma that one be Houston Rockets. Faith is all items not related to on one against them to wanna know item and Alan. And we'll see how goes kept guarded they'll talk to get on Monday no yes well we don't covered all attributed bread not tell you we're not doing normally do not tell me I totally stupid freaking question and that's frustrating dividend. Won it and it says okay I'm Elliott or not they're giving questions. Brad I say read the note I figured out who homered on lake. The rules are we're both Intel and portfolio like I did you feel like I didn't feel like most program. And it'll mean no maybe did. It. I bet he did it doesn't sell like Brad did not communicate the over communicating now AD does or communicate Tellme thank god couldn't possibly need to know all the time. This Indian they'll catch you not get a tax again saying that's OK and I'm decent in my inner and our panel comment that I've never look at that in my life that's my little edgy weird Augusta music yeah you can get email I have never looked like I don't know what god that says hey. You won forty million dollars or if there was claim it and I'm like that in the late eighties I. Email from Matt MF for help him out is right we'll have a motion HDH Friday. Need prizes. He sit and then Cindy sent helping out with the prize less say this nerd Symantec this morning it said. You think in the gay or may Pearl Harbor worn like. And I say. And I replied how they know. I'll just keep Jeff for one longs. The couple have a little. Look at the clock and look at a closet wanted to get a break harbor on a trip here I did exactly what I told Brett I was gonna do other gonna keep Jeff for one long should it. These eat over to Medicare felt the Connecticut wished him all my time you have no idea how long our work to get these quest oh. One of your questions you're just let me alone. Coming a good job let me play well let let. The flag if they give a good deal if they don't villager who wasted topic what the president. I'll win some the prize I got a Hindu group. And it actually model has a lot of wind they'll vote linger Rupp OK okay cool. What the wing group few weeks ago show. Really rich yes. OK as they questioned a tour false got the following through was reserved at the actual Thanksgiving OK okay. Lobster. True trunk and I knew that the chip anyway during the lingo route that's I'm literally get away and okay how about this one true or false we get a run white picket the usually solid is later candidate. It all the way around like digger for like eight. I'm sure false hope like well with heartily live there yeah sure fall guy. Hi it was served at the first Thanksgiving I think certainly know they saw they'd rather Sugarman and have cooking environment they know well. Yeah I sure don't get your false. Cheese was served at the first Thanksgiving dinner. I feel true not only. Yeah that they have. Randy done it what it is now that would even all of they had no milk. Back and ever got. Maybe I'll still OK you got it Thanksgiving dinner named a four states that together produce 50%. Of American Turkey's okay. Name one of them. Name one of the state I will name one of the state of Texas now. That's not one of the I'm no one's faith and about just a state is one of the for the produces the Turk I just wanted to name states but let you know I felt I was good to go without more specific OK got one of the four state team that produces together. Their draft 50% of the American turkeys are getting hit. No not hit if you get me into a Methodist or through yeah okay go ahead I don't think yeah I won't give any hints guarantee this hat I will say that one of the a state that produces helped produce 50% of of our nation's turkeys is quite clearly. Oklahoma dobbs has got a very good at it. Go answer I would think it maybe Montana. Minnesota's number one yeah and Minnesota north Carolina's number two had an auditor and then Arkansas and Missouri also what percentage of people. We'll have cranberry sauce on their table within 5%. Either way. I think it's. The 70%. 60%. So that's not within 5% level is true or false. Seale was served at the first Thanksgiving dinner fill the seat or Exxon's deal no matter what they deserve seagull the national weather and storm where they showed there like. They've been like and it was so strong. Some to promote wrote it and kiss from a rose just corona light still think this whole road anything and then they cut him a conservative and I'm here netted a wild guy that I. Yeah I think it was our yeah I think that it's such a random thing that's that it must have been absolutely certain things get a exactly right yeah. Looking at Saddam was alive. And I don't let. The idea that it has managed Brandt. Hey Brad you got to communicate a little better that that is right on Brad Pitt Baghdad's Dave until Jacob being out of the fact the boss of communication he had that some professional yet Geoff Calkins who had three kids. And multiple jobs other spending time wasting time on Sunday showed him a waste of time on. Yep that's a failure to Dunst Amy cash he's payment cash say Aussie around white. We come back Deborah my truck making the may be proposing. Change in the one and done rule. MBA that would commissioner on college basketball yes they were targeted talk about it the fact. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Was thirty cents a day. And hillbillies was number. More on these stories Wally tiger. Loose service center. Players surged thirteen. Locations of the. 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Adam silver from the MBA and the commissioner of the NBA Michelle Roberts. I'm president of the players association met with this new commission on college basketball that includes includes among other people former secretary of state. I Condoleezza Rice got to discuss. The one and done rule. It was mostly just eight information sharing and meeting. But clearly I think more seriously than any time in recent years the MBA is willing to help. A college basketball with what some in college basketball perceived to be a problem which is the reality that. Our players who. Have. No real interest in being college students. Are essentially being guided on the college campuses. And they often come. With a whole lot of things attached to them. And because. For years in advance. Agents. Financial advisors. Shoe companies. Any number of people. Have recognized that these young people are worth millions of dollars and they're going to be able to. I am to start collecting on that very very soon. So there's. A wise investment opportunity frankly. If you're an agent or final lynch financial advisor or suit make her. Our or anybody who. Is in a profession where you can financially benefit off of multimillion dollar basketball for a players. I'm there's a wise investment to be made in amateur basketball player's course a runs countered NCAA rules and and that sort of at the root of this ongoing FBI investigation. And so. Whether the Ryder wrong is mostly irrelevant and reasonable people can disagree on that but what they've decided it's like we've got to get rid of this. We were doing it now is an idea and so there's a lot of options. But the one that they seem to be heading tort court and we'll just report. Is. A system where if you want to enter the NBA draft out of high school UK. Just like. Amare Stoudemire once did Kobe Bryant once did LeBron James wants to Jermaine O'Neal once did so on so forth. But if you decide to enroll. In a university. To play college basketball. You are now banned from the NBA draft two years. So if you don't go in. This draft. At a high school let's just take RG bit animal play in class 2018 the high school senior right now. In the new system he would have an opportunity to. Declare for the draft. He could enter that nick and next year's draft. The wanna come right after graduate high school but if he decided to go to duke rather than do that he would not be allowed in the 2019 NBA draft. He wouldn't be allowed into the draft again to 2020. And I suppose that's fine. I'm it will. Allow the people who wanna go straight out of high school to go and I've always been for that. And it all. Provide roster. Sustainability for some of the top programs in America because they know if they do and roll. Maybe if my top five kid but as the top twenty kid they're gonna keep him for two years no matter what it. I don't think it's perfect. Hmm it's arguably better. I don't know that its profit. Of because I still think perfect is. Let young people. Decide to become professionals whenever they want tune. And if it works out for them great if it doesn't. Too bad but also not my problem. I heard all the time about. You know you just don't want these young people making these bad decisions William people made bad decisions all the time yes and the truth is when when players were jumping straight from preps to pros Kevin Garnett Kobe Bryant saw and so forth. I am not too many have made bad decisions most of McCain multimillionaire. Osama came all stars you have some McCain hall of famers. They hit rates on high school players. Two NBA stars. In that era. Before the one and done rule was implemented. Was significantly higher than any other type of prospect. That you can think of college freshman college sophomore college juniors college seniors international players and nothing was more successful on average. Then the high school player who enter the NBA draft doesn't mean that some people didn't make mistakes but. Even their high school students who graduate and then decide not to go to college because they wanna be in a band sometimes that's mistake. Because they wanna be in movies sometimes that's a mistake young people make mistakes all the time. Armed if you wanna say kids go join big Brothers big sisters that's a good place to do it. That's not worried about the basketball players I don't think you really worried about the basketball players just worry about basketball programs. And so I've always been in favor of them being able to go straight and high school but I am also in favor them being able to go after the freshman season sophomore seasons junior season whatever they want. And if they NBA franchise doesn't doesn't wanna select them they don't select them. Right now with the G league being better than it's ever been and there's a actual place to put these people if you don't think they're ready for the NBA but they are so talented. You don't wanna pass on the minute draft. From an edgy league for the grizzlies are doing with some players it's what every franchise is doing with some players. That's not. Totally unthinkable thing anymore the way it might have been ten years ago. I am. And in Seoul. I understand why college presidents might want kids who come to campus to have to stay for two years. But what about killing De'Angelo Russell who don't would have never entered the draft that high school but after one year was so awesome that he was a tough market. Now we want to keep him on campus for another year that. In effect. Creates the same issues you say. Are being created by high school. A league talent being forced him to college or guided in the college right now because what is its De'Angelo Russell now projection the top five pick spending a year. On a college campus as an amateur in the same problems you have with these other kids you now have with him. That Colin vegan veg would've never entered the draft that high school had an awesome freshman season became a lottery pick to keep him in school an extra year because your role. And I think that's wrong. I also think it's counterproductive to what you say the problems off. So I would before let him go out of high school let him go whatever they wanna go and that might be ultimately where we end up but either way it does look a change is coming. And probably sooner rather than later if Aqua America. By starting it. The Tennessee lottery. It's November in Tennessee and you know what that means Paula is in full force or as we Tennessee lottery like to call it to cash ball. Good timing deal with a couple of dollars can turn into a nice little cash windfall. As part is there are lots of ways to play its games are always fast and fun. Money drawing style game like Tennessee cash with Tennessee only jackpot. Much better because cash is falling like leaves it at Tennessee lottery. 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But never ends. That would Cooper says the vowed to talk legal and Cooper as they live here when I mean I'll do is write columns and podcasting. Any trying to make movies on my. On my machine. Think I submit suited perfectly for me it has what I need to do and have a bunch of I don't need to pay for the stuff and using a paper but still not using them saving money you could to. Soldier in the market for a computer. New refurbished whatever you want Cooper says it has editing data for the got medical care for close 599. The last 599 as Cooper systems 3609679. On the web Cooper systems. Dot com I wanted to. I take a minute tape again. About. A special. Fund raiser that that's been happening over at the breast or Irish pub this week to donate clothing drive for. Memphis inner city a rugby which is a local nonprofit that. I'm leverages the platform of rugby rugby to expand athletic and academic opportunity to kids and low income neighborhoods. Throughout the Memphis area and they got five teams Memphis Tennessee rugby that advance to Tennessee seven state championship. That are being held this week in in in Murphy's burrow and so. Com if you get by their tonight it might be too late to. Help them anyway for this weekend but just understand this organization isn't going away that they're always going to need. Gloves jackets warm up pants coats just anything that. Would help them stay warm when they're going to be outside and so keep that in mind. Going forward it's an awesome organization that still an awesome things for people who. Increase creating awesome opportunity for people who who need those opportunities who maybe weren't born into a situation is. Arm as fortunate as a lot of yet you're listening and so just file that away for. Either tonight or or or whenever because it's awesome our organization that they could use some help. A student development and Joe's presented by Humphries trying to cut shot of folks folly original piece. What did we learn today to hold off like a lot.