The Gary Parrish Show Hour 1 (11/17/17)

The Gary Parrish Show
Friday, November 17th

Dan Wolken joins GP in Hour 1 to talk Tigers and more 


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And Kerry Kerry brag guard and it's not a studio bit at the oil is produced in the program gladly would make graduate they'll begin throughout the day I know loved we'll know this problem shouldn't. We don't we might come in. The ball they're done a better on the street I'd done many times though because I mean by CME gonna be there to be in street clothes. He and shut down. Indefinitely. They were updated data within two weeks wins the jazz game plan for at least two weeks other Bradley. If they're gonna. Stay in the playoff picture. Try to make the Western Conference playoff for the eighth consecutive year they don't have to go it for a period of time. Without. They're starting point guard what are we gonna do it did develop our Dominic that the Fed and is scheduled for port what they'll walk to be here covered college football college basketball of the USA today. Laughter that they're good they did his Jon Gruden Tennessee's stuff I saw. Earlier today that one there gambling site. Had made Jon Gruden the favorite to be the next Tennessee coach. And he had better odds than he had ever previously had to be the Tennessee coach surely somebody thinks the ball and put together that would they won't get into other things right around ports one when a bit is that segment. That a new portable storage to 444 which point we'll discuss. For previously discussed stories among them an open driver has accused Janus wins that are grabbing her crotch during arrived one place to another and Arizona last year. He denies what she says the wolf say either way we're about to tell you the fact. Two women have now publicly accused James Winston of sexual assault first was at Florida State the second. What did Arizona during a override that the disturbing. Trends. Mitigated that a 440 for the University of Memphis cut the ribbon on the practice facility this morning place looks terrific Tubby Smith was asked about is recruiting class. Today it's it was unfortunate we gonna get into that a little later on this hour south Carolina's women's basketball team the reigning national champions declined an imitation. To go visit president trump in the White House eighteen different NCAA champion ship team is worth the White House today. Became on the South Carolina declined that invitation we'll get into that. Just before 5 o'clock Danica Patrick announced she will not be a full time driver next season basically retiring although. I'm star race in the Daytona 500 next year Indianapolis 500 next season then just call that a career so that's the way she's been kept her career she never. Did what somebody wanted her to do the she still did things that have never been done before we're gonna get into that. A during portable storage or 4445 o'clock Geoff Calkins just like always he was at the ribbon cutting out this morning write a column about it for commercial appeal dot com we'll talk to Jeff talking about tiger basketball. And my comic injury at 5 o'clock minute by 25 NBA power brokers. Including Adams over the commissioner met with the new commissioner on college basketball yesterday to discuss the one and done rule appears changes on the way we'll get into that. During the second hour there will do better to go and get out of here that the front Allah god to get to but I want to start with the unfortunate but not really surprising news. A from the Memphis Grizzlies about Mike Conley they posted it earlier today over. On that their official website and at the update is that Conley will undergo quote therapy and treatment to help promote healing it. And alleviate soreness in his left heel and it Kiely is following consultations with physicians and the grizzlies medical staff. There is no timetable for his return at this time. Further updates will be provided. Approximately two weeks which again suggests that. They're not even looking at him coming back. For at least two weeks and in this is tough because. He is. Depending on what you think of he or mark. And I we want to have that debate today. But he is. Either the most important player on the team or the second most important player. Are on the team yet and we've said for a long time. Leading into this season that. As long as Mike and mark. Both say healthy. Than we thought that the grizzlies would. Would be fine if you're probably not going to be back even if some of the parts around them on great you're probably not going to be bad. As long as Mike Conley is healthy and Marcus all is helping. One now we know that. At least one of them is not then he's been banged up basically all season. Limping around in some cases. Clearly. Dealing with the discomfort slash paying. Even if he was hesitant to talk about it. A publicly one of the things that I think people appreciate about my kids Yzerman no excuses business you know he's had broken back broken face him. He's never. Offered up this excuses. Or another way to put it would just be explanations. Com when a lot of other players wore it when I think I certainly would. When you are not playing well. And you are making the kind of money he's making and people start to discuss your ineffectiveness or. Right about. Your struggles. I think it's completely. Human nature. To say listen yeah I'm struggling. Percentages are down home. Basically everything's down. But it's because I'm not okay. I'm trying to play through something that. I probably shouldn't be playing through. In the senate excuses it's merely an an explanation. Like that's the way I think I would probably address and yet. He just continues to not a long instead just got to play better I just got to play better I think I will. Almost never. Offering up again not an excuse just an perfectly reasonable. Explanation. But we we knew for certain that this was serious when he was held out of the pacers game. On Wednesday night. And now we know that I think we knew it at the time but now we know officially this isn't just going to be missed the pacers game comeback for the rockets. Or miss the pacers game as the rockets game come back. Or missed the pacers game rockets game Portland game ball right. Next Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. They get the mavericks and down and be back to that one. Not going to back down. He's not gonna be back. For the Houston game for the Portland game for the Dallas game. For the Denver game. That's four games just over the next seven days and then we got a hold of the week before there even going to update. His condition. So that'll include the Brooklyn game the San Antonio game on the road. And then two weeks from today. That December 1 look I'm you've got the spurs' inside FedEx Forum according to the grizzlies own. Item timetable. Which they acknowledges. Intentionally vague. Couldn't possibly be back before that. I shouldn't say possibly I edited to say we we overestimated how Long Will take to reevaluate his situation he's called this goal. He's comeback in November 26. Against Brooklyn but based on what dating put out today they've even look at Adam. Until. Or updating his status. Until two weeks from today. Which would be the day. Of that spurs game and side effects form. So if you kept gaining just best and you go through that date we're talking about 1234567. Games at the very least. Without Mike Conway. And eight if he's not able to return. Two weeks from today December 1. Against San Antonio. And then after that I literally the next day you're at Cleveland. And you think that maybe it has to figure some stuff out by the end of inning got Minnesota at home two days after that you're at the knicks two days after that. You got the raptors at home. Friday December 8. That's three weeks from today. So if you look at the grizzlies right now. After starting five and one now sitting at 77. And that means they are the two and six in the last eight games they haven't been playing well. And not been heading in the right direction. And now they're gonna have to try to somehow be better than they've been with Mike Conley and without my com. The roster doesn't suggest the Fed is likely that was an interesting comment from Fitch earlier today. Com. Because he spoke candidly on the situation he said we've been going through it like really the past two years which doubles as his entire ten year. And he said something to the effect. I don't know. If we can continue to win. When we're dealing with what we're dealing with a and I don't know that that's the type of thing grizzlies fans want to hear. But I hope he can appreciate truth yeah because that's an honest and I think accurate assessment affects. But when you look at that roster. Even though Tyreke has been better than anybody anticipated Chandler's been better than most thought he would be. The truth is it's or Mike Conley Marcus all big big gap. And then somebody else that somebody has probably been Tyreke Evans yes roster. They are surrounded by guys that. Shouldn't be probably ideally. Playing the roles that they're playing. For a playoff team is just that Mike and mark. Are so good. And the culture. Is so good. That they're able to get by. Even if maybe they're starting small forward isn't somebody who would start on another good team in the starting. Shooting guard. Isn't somebody who would start and another good team they're starting. Power forward. Isn't somebody who would start on another good team. At a James finished in America more into Michael Greene could start for other teams. But could they start to other good teams. In a playoff games I mean maybe you could pick one here one there that where they clearly got a roster problem at a certain position. But by and large this is safe to say. The guys who played 23 and four for the Memphis Grizzlies in the starting line up. Are wouldn't wouldn't start for most playoff teams. And yet they all start. For this. Team that expects to be in the playoffs and the only way you able to overcome that fact. Is because of Mike Conley and Marcus saw. Now you take my coming out of the equation. You put Mario Chalmers into that equation it's suggest that Andrew Harrison's gonna have to be put back into the rotation and number one form or another. Item because. You even if you give Tyreke Evans some backup point garments at some point into Harrison gonna have to place your role kindly on that again. Just not ideal. And so when fist that I don't open keep women given what we're going through. Column. It's discouraging thing to hear. I'm but he's a Smart guy who knows his roster better than anybody else theoretically noses roster. And he's always been somebody who. Essentially tells it the way he sees it whether that's take that for data whether that's about. Confederate statues. Or whether it's about the current state of his roster. He tends to tell you what he actually takes. We just went through that schedule until he could possibly. Come back and I see maybe. One game that looks like god that's a sure win any Dallas except there are laws that are awesome ones where might yet have so like that's the other thing with this team. No such as they get the good work and should regularly because they lose when their favor more often than they went now they win when they. Are underdogs more often than they lose but that's the other thing here. You can't even so always sure win of such things sure were right grizzlies now there's also no such thing as a sure us because they can. Beat anybody on win tomorrow night yet they've done it. Consistently already in this season. Mean they only wins over Golden State they don't multiple wins over Houston they go win at the clippers they only win at Portland. They can beat anybody. They can lose to anybody. But what's rough about this. Situation is that. You'd like to be able to say okay. We are up against it without my count I believe we we still better than Mac team we can still be that mean Dallas percent. Except they don't beat those teams even with Mike Conley for reasons that remain. Confusing to me. And so. Like I said discouraging to hear what fed fists at discouraging to hear this news today. But I think it's an honest assessment that. Falls right in line with basically everything else he says. US give back confederate statute he tells you exactly what he thinks. US about officiating. In a playoff game. He goes straight to take that for debt. He tends to answer questions the way you want people to answer questions. Now a whole lot of spin on a whole lot of cliches just speaks as candidly as UK. And today I think that was another example that. Essentially said we're gonna have a hard time winning. Going through what we're going for a yet. That's not great news to hear who. But I do think it's an accurate. An accurate assessment of where this this franchise this roster. Is right now on the talked Geoff Calkins about this little bit more 5 o'clock we come back. Jon Gruden really got to coach the Tennessee Volunteers they're walking Elmo talked enact. Do you have persistent knee pain is need pain affecting your daily life you may have an option medical researchers are evaluating any investigation all device for people who still have knee pain following meniscus surgery. You'll receive treatment from an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine. Your physician will monitor your treatments at regular follow up visits using advanced diagnostic techniques. If you were thirty to 75 years of age have had meniscus surgery over six months ago. 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Got a college football college basketball for USA today it's dale walker making the big interview. Writers athletes coaches the biggest names in sports it's that Hillary Barry show me your view. Am ESPN now. Okay how are you on the Friday there. Got to gear took a few everything's all right it was not pleasant to see you in Chicago I enjoyed watching a basketball game with the. Yeah it was cold we had very few media course you also together a lot of a lot of old commercial guilt ties to. Did you ever today table as a tough former tiger basketball beat writer who has seen. Some of the best years in history this program if not the best year history of the program. Yeah I think we'll talk constable on a minute but did you ever think the program will be where it is right now. Well no quite you know you know with Detroit one bad hire more reform. A potential disaster. At at a school like that. But yeah an LC about ten years ago. I would took homer gains like debt you know cover the tiger flying on national television and intelligence. Like that you're playing Blake Griffin and Oklahoma playing. UConn in the garden you know and so to go format or is now. As we discussed it is pretty jar. It certainly hasn't targeted them walking here from USA today's on Twitter at Campbell can't just turn the coach at Tennessee your what mamet and make sure don't have forming. I don't take you gotta go to Tennessee no. Book jogger lows here about Jon Gruden he Lowe's people wanting Jon Gruden. And so he doesn't do any thing. Stock bonfire of speculation that always seems to surround him getting back into coaching. I insert the Tennessee is inquiring mean that they are going to. See if he's interested. That should ever talked a lot. Others and various reports about. Whether they actually went down there are about but at the end of the day I just yet to see any real evidence or hear anything. Solid data indicates T want to come back to come out coach college football which is something yet the Dartmouth. For like thirty years. Have you gotten a real experience we re did something good I don't know eager to go that. So look. Tennessee fans I think are setting themselves up for a let down here because it's all about curtain wave and it. The reality is they're gonna get a good coach they've got a good up later current church group beat Dewey. But if they get somebody who's not Jerker that they had base can be disappointed and I think it. That's not something good can happen. Because. If you just set the expectation level somewhere below current group I think sit there you go pack for the outcome of. All I took things a wide net. It seems almost a rule at this point if you're John gruden to toy with the emotions of so many. Tennessee football fans I realize it's irrational for human. To be completely tied up emotionally and whether Jon Gruden gonna coach your football team or not. Those people do exist and one thing if you just don't want to coach the balls or if you do wanna push the ball but if you don't want to coach the ball's in your you know pretty sure you're not gonna do what. To randomly start talking about rocky top on a Seattle radio station and create those headlines after the little a little cruel dot. So it's definitely weird yeah I. You know the attention. They come along with this. You can Caribbean warriors this speculation. Maybe a little too worked. It Rickie doesn't targeted first a legitimate interest in finding out more about whether old wouldn't hit. And maybe he will legitimately think about going back into coaching but again given Robert what do you make it given how little we actually ask or get a job. Basically. Take a pay cut or person to be paid the same amount of money to work you know 308 year long hours go. Recruit until you know page eighteen year olds. Because on paper you I don't know that I did I don't I don't know Pete could not go like that you're in the day. The other thing he said that things were pointing out because I don't believe enough people actually point this out. We Beagle. Like herb it's a great. Like when you and nick Sabin former NFL coach also gave Nick Saban former LSU coach national champion coach when you can't. Rick Pitino former NBA coach you're getting former national championship coach Rick Pitino when you can't John cal Perry. Former NBA coach or didn't Jon tell Barry who did what he did. At UMass both are sure things. The sure thing. It would lose their walker. They're walking. It would get to hang up try to calm again. Ticket to a when I talked to about this yesterday perhaps it was Geoff Calkins. But it's like everybody acts like all while we get gruden then it's all except like that is taking. That is assuming. That Jon Gruden is gonna be a spectacular. College football coach I think he certainly could be he's got some characteristics that. Com. Seem to check the right boxes when it comes to being successful. At the high major level as a football coach five. About it. There's no guarantee. He'll be able to do it and so am I guess I don't blame Tennessee fans for setting their sights on John Bruton. I am but. Eight. At least according to Dan Walken and and I honestly many other people. Probably unlikely to leave his. Job with ESPN to do it and then secondly we just don't know if he actually be good at the job that's what I was making them a whole lot of balls just is bad. Everybody just assumes Jon Gruden is like you get younger we're gonna be great again but there's that there's literally nothing to point to. To suggest you will be able to be a great college football coach I. I think he won't be a good thing it's not a sure thing like hiring save bid higher to Tino hiring talent here. You get recruiting pop out of it because Jon Gruden is famous they're not sure there are two kids who would. He intercity got to see who are now. Having that solid recruiting was was kind of the big problem anyway. It was the coaching side and I think John Curtin certainly goes not a coach football on the NFL he was successfully won a Super Bowl but it is a different game in the biggest difference. Is development cultural all the developmental game. Obviously Alabama recruit the best talent Clemson recruit the best talent but they also do the best job developing that talent and bigger Jon Gruden. The college yet great reputation in the NFL. Or like being patient with young players and developing. Guys in it just starts. So that's what you have to do it colleges that at eighteen to 21 year old development period. Is so different. The challenge for coach and getting a guy already a pro so I I don't know I don't have a high degree competent that he beat. Does this slam dunks except like. Sabin Alabama Urban Meyer Ohio State. And Darden then woken from USA today switching gears. Sounds like those same old rich white men who want to put on hold kids and called the hogs in front of Dana Altman who seem to spooky to go back to Creighton. Which avoid the most awkward press coverage ever. Are now running things again in Fayetteville Arkansas the athletic director is now be Obama probably can't be too far behind. Oh what's the scene right now in Arkansas. Yeah they're they're not really gonna have a good. Chance to hire Eddie eagle or football coach Jim you once they got somebody lined up that nobody knows about. No one really seems to know what they're gonna do they're good and speculation. Among people I talked to today they'll go outside college sports you know go to like a businessperson. But Arkansas ties total on the equity department. But it it seems to be good the order trustee there that some of the big boosters they want got a smile on her. They're gonna make a big Roddick got my outlawed. Now. The complicating factor there is Yugoslav army be in the cultural all oil. If they hit they beat Alabama next week and so. It could below the typical to try to old at all but yeah I think their big. We're moving jump long. Was definitely it was not just right below Meyer is they're at a batter on both. I chuck long was MacIntyre got my outlaw so. Get him out of the way that that open that possibility yup pretty you know may be dark given. Think he's always on the up and down nature is that your. Yeah maybe Ian and his wife to say hey look at you know. Kinda go home and then get out of this madness and jumping to a different kind of madness. Because if your guts bells on even if you go to the college football playoff this year which again is technically unlikely that they are probably going to lose to Alabama or whatever. Add Alford right now if you're just know that aren't you always your next bad season away from being fired and that is your reality. Why not take a six year contract from Arkansas and go home. That's what I've argued for sure and she has been there now and they are so many ups and downs that. You ever have a lot of world laughed and obviously. Ever won their eye on them now can he beat duke beat Georgia by. Three weeks ago a bunch of people talk wanted to run him out are counted at all out you've got to give up the play calling in the future when these got to run the offense. Gus doesn't know what he's doing Aegon. So it's it's just been a roller coaster you know over the last three years with him and eventually there will be another bump in the road and you look at fire. I'm so yeah I've bombed a biting him Arkansas are a little harder to win a national title limited Robert definitely harder. But. I don't go make that move idea I think that they get Robert de Beers at a water course. But again like the other in my heart of the right time and they're in the playoffs this article are gonna be going to wait for. Yeah all the way to January you you're looking you're I don't know. Lane Kiffin got Florida Atlantic at six and oh in conference USA. On the he's also developed into a social media superstar. Slash who control. What's his future and in college coaching is varies. It seems like they're they're just a certain level of job that he can't get for a variety of reasons but does the other power five future. To really interesting question and you know. All the rumors that are out there are people speculating about this guy's gotta go here Beckett got to go there. I hear nothing about wager that this cycle and jobs that you connect the work. I don't think it there's a trust issue it is. You know it would be east. All over the country who just don't believe he's mature. Sufficiently I break we don't know that all his Twitter spoke at all being in that regard and it Carly bit about the football. I'm or are currently aren't you know you rarely get a good bet you'll improve your recruiting him that he's a really good. At the coach didn't go there warning to Baylor system now. Down there that they you can go trials. Other corner can't avoid him like he's got a really good job but. It he's still sort of goes. The same guy you know not trustworthy off the field yet the worry. The stuff with stayed in the Sports Illustrated article with Pete Campbell I could just add up over time and I just don't think that people are ready yet to trust him at the height Cowell five global. But at some point you made economic wins. There is that more than all the other stuff. Last thing before alleged gone rampant within walking from USA today tomorrow the University of Memphis will. I'll play a football game inside the Liberty Bowl and they waited they will be the American athletic conference a west division champions they will secure place. In the AAC championship game that's unprecedented step for this football program it's awesome stuff for the city in the university and yet. For every Memphis fan who enjoys that there's another one who is. I'm nervous about the possibility if not likelihood. Of that might Carmelo is winning its way to his next big job. Obviously nothing's settled or certain at this point what do you think it's. Unlikely or unlikely that might Novell's coaching the tigers' next season. Try less than 5050 just given although jobs that are coming open and then. How the domino made all like I don't know that you can beat a guy Tennessee or even at Arkansas. Or it'll be interested in taking Ole miss but you know someone will take jobs and metal open up other jobs and the other may be one bit. Yeah it is clear that the it's a good fit for him. I Yelp Willie Taggart goes to Florida then you know maybe Oregon opens they look at I mean there's just anoint big that it happened. So. Yeah I mean you have to compare your result of that possibility and certainly there. Administration errors is realistic and understands. What is likely to happen in these situations but I. But you can't try. It's one or the other you know in this situation white. You can be mediocre and not your coach you can be really good and I have to hire a new coach every few years and in that case I choose the latter so. Members did you really just enjoy what's going on right now OP you can you know get that second crack it you see out. Biederman playing at a really significant bowl game and opulence and you'll Bloomberg. You're here at least in the mix right now I think that matter more than thirty. That is Dan Walker from USA today make sure your bottom on Twitter at Dan Logan thanks buddy enjoy your weekend. Here we come back at University of Memphis cut the ribbon on his new practice facility this morning. It looks also like they not only threw money at this thing but. They built at the right way it looks. Certainly as good as as any thing most people have ever seen when it comes to college basketball. Practice facilities the Tubby Smith was there his staff was there obviously they. Our tubby. Commented about the basketball facility but also was asked about of the recruiting class but he just sign that features one player. A kind of an over who's ranked according 24 sevenths sports 303. In the class of 2018. His answer to that question was interest we will get into it next. Methodist healthcare foundation presents Academy Award winning actress and debuts Spencer the these cancers and Alonso. 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There's certain points every afternoon. So we didn't. Devised an insecure is built on such an important things you need to know each day at this time. Keep peace or notable stories at 444. The number one. The NFL the investigating a claim made by an Arizona overdrive that she was groped by Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback James Winston in March 2016. According to a report by bus he knows. Other league's special counsel. A four investigations. Has sent a letter. To the uber driver. To let her know that they will be investigating this allegation quote the league has been informed that you may have been a victim of such a violation. Perpetrated by Tampa Bay Buccaneers player Janus winched in the league takes allegations of this nature very seriously and has opened an investigation. Into this matter so this story broke earlier today. And the gist of it is this James for instance in Arizona. Somebody who James Winston's over account. Requested a vehicle. I'm over driver accepted that request. A wind picked up James Winston. James Winston sat in the front seat. According to her he was yelling. Gay slurs out the window licked pedestrian so he was laden for short. And then when they stopped. I believe some drive through so that the people McLarty get something to eat at that Rupert and they requested through the driver go there. According to this woman James Winston. Took his hand and put it in between her legs and put his fingers. On her crotch and she reported this. That same night so this isn't something where like a lot of these allegations of sexual assault we're hearing about people. I am not to discount them but they are. Things that people never said to other people even in the moment but now they feel empowered by. I'm. The Harvey Weinstein victims of the Kevin Spacey victims or at this point it's hard to keep track of all of the victims of sexual assault who have come forward recently. I'm that's not this this woman went public because she now feels empowered by that. But she reported this when it happens. Cynic detailed letter. To Hoover took her employer the way you are supposed to do. And the way. The letter read. In march of 2016. It read this way we stopped to get food and Mexican drive through. While we were stopped out of the clear blue this writer reached over and put his fingers on my crutch it was not accidental. And it was only for a very brief moment it wasn't my stomach. Or my thought. It was my crotch and I wanna be clear about that I was totally shocked and I shook him off and just said what's up with that. Looking back I sincerely wish I would have kicked him out but it it it was apparently a big athlete in the NFL. And he's very physically imposing and I was afraid that I'd make him more angry. The rest of the right proceed without incident he is not safe. For other female drivers. Over subsequently banned James Winston from over. But none of this was made public until earlier today when policy. Publish the woman's account James Winston has said that. Just not true. He says I didn't do what I'm accused of doing and strongly suggested that there were other people in the car and perhaps she accused. Him. When. It was actually somebody else who did what it is she says. Arm he did but if that's the case. Domain names. They've would you tell us who love. And while I'm willing to. Acknowledge innocence until proven guilty I got much until James was in jail or suspend him today from the NFL from his job. It has been since March 2016 that this woman has had time to think about what happened on that night. I'm before you take this story to bus team. You know what's the story about James Wentz and otherwise it's just a story about a random guy doesn't matter probably not a story that both feet his interest today right. Women and getting grabbed by men every day in this country all day and night and they're not all stories worth media outlets. Reporting on they're all disturbing stories regretful stories unfortunate stories but not want to make national headlines my point being this. Seems to me even if she did know exactly who James went through walls when she picked him up in March 2016 is probably does by now. Yes she probably hit that Google images if you gosh pricing them on television few times she probably knows exactly. What it who he looks like. And has concluded all known all decked the guy who was sitting right next to maneuver wasn't what I was friends with him it was that guy. I'm looking at 50000 pictures of him on the Internet right now. That's the guy who grabbed me. My common sense suggests that before she publicly accused. Janus Winston of doing. What she says he did. She made sure this isn't a case of miss identification. I think it can be very easy particularly for woman's not a football fan or at the very least doesn't know James went to this. To think that maybe she was assaulted by. The football player James Winston because it was his uber app. I'm that was used book when it was baby and another guy who actually did calm it graphic. But given that. She's had so many months to look into it. To Google his face. And compared to the face she remembers from that night to the person she remembered from that night. I would tend to think she's telling the Trenton that she hasn't missed identify James Winston. I'm vicious properly identified. As James Winston and while I would believe her no matter white I think it is important that she reported this when it happened. She can sit on for fifteen months and then reported she reported it when it happened. But she's also was able to obtain text messages between her and friends where she essentially told the exact same story in real time. I am so does the bad news for James Winston and seems like a bad guy. Fact that two women now accuse him of sexual assault. Like that's disturbing yeah. I'm because you would like to think. That. When you allegedly raped somebody. As a college student. And then got away with it you go woo. Got away with that. I'm never gonna put myself in that position again. I will never make a woman feel uncomfortable again I would never put myself in position to have my name tarnished again to be charged with a crime again. And yet what might be the reality and I stress the word might. What might be the reality is that. When you get away with sexually assaulting. Somebody wants. With no punishment. Either from. Or not no real punishment either from Europe football program. Or the police. In May be. It makes you start to think that you can sexually assault. Whomever you want. Whenever you want. Whatever you want whatever time you want. And if that's the case for James Winston. And then somebody needs to punishment a significant way. And because wants to people accuse you of sexual assault. I think you tend to lose the benefit of the doubt. Story number 20 South Carolina women's basketball team declined the invitation to the White House they've coast of course are coached by. A dawn Staley they won the national championship. Of this past April 18 different incidentally team's world. At the White House today with president trump and but the South Carolina women's basketball team becomes the latest to say you know one. We don't wanna be involved in this the North Carolina men's basketball team has also declined to go there official. Statement on it is that we just couldn't agree on a day. But you know they they figured out a way to group agree on a day in 2005. And they figured out a way to agree on a day in 2009. Like it's not difficult to figure out how to agree on a day eighteen different NCAA champions did that earlier today. And so it seems like they are even if they don't wanna stated making a pretty clear. I'm political statement. We do not feel like. And this president represents. What we would like him to represent. And we don't want to normalize him. To smile and shake his hand and pretend that. We agree with the things that he says the things he does what their country that he's running so we're just gonna skip out on. On this White House invitation says store Carolina men's basketball didn't South Carolina women's basketball dated. And the ghost of warriors already announced that they were doing it. As well and so obviously know the president had to deal with this type of thing when it comes to sports teams but obviously. We've never had a president quite like this president. Story number three and emotional Danica Patrick announced earlier today that she would not be returning to NASCAR's a full time driver next season she says she gonna run. I am both the Daytona 500 and Indianapolis 500 as a way to cap off for racing career. And then that will be that sell its interest in the way all of this unfolded because. Com obviously she'll be remembered for being a woman driver yeah. Beyond that. Let's just. Speak candidly for being a beautiful woman driver yet. And then also be remembered because she never won a race and that a monster energy cup series. And. Like I get it like that's a part of her Wikipedia page when she started her many times she started. And never. Finished first. What's she does go down in history is the first woman to qualify on pole for Daytona 500. And the first actually lead a lap. In NASCAR's biggest race in mission accomplished incredible thing Canada and so I know she probably I assume she probably feels that. On some level her career is incomplete. Maybe even somewhat of a disappointment VoIP. She proved that it's possible. For a woman. To race for the boys what a lot of people. May be stuck in a different decade would have insisted forever that it wasn't. And we talked a lot in the last presidential election about breaking glass ceilings and all of that it didn't go so well. At least for the people who wanted it to go a certain direction. And perhaps that Danica Patrick thing is that as well. I'll change it quite where everybody wanted to go but she still accomplish some amazing things just the fact that she was able to. The and one of those cars for as long as she was in one of those cars and I think is in it and and of itself an achievement. And so ultimately I think it's or a really positive thing that really genuinely did. I'll bust open some doors story number four University of Memphis that cut the ribbon on it's a beautiful new practice facility. Earlier today and it is it is beautiful I mean it's beautiful download the pictures on the outside. It's you know with the white columns and it's awesome on the inside like they did not. I do this on the cheek they spent millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars and when you look at. At the size of this place. The different things that are available to them the state of the art technology inside the courts the weight rooms to locker everything. I'm you can tell that that they spent millions of millions of millions of dollars is an impressive facility. Like I said yesterday or earlier in the week I don't get involved too much in my best part filly in the country because like who who is seen under pressure in the country I know the people who. Who helped design. Or who were in charge of of this John like went around and looked at some of the what I've considered to be the best parts in the country and they pulled from. A little bit from here a little bit for dinner as as you should. So I'm not gonna per climate especially in the country bus I was gonna ask you BC some any of them always or you have been to most of them again if you like like. Kentucky's is obviously amazing you would assume awesome and it is no Ohio State's is awesome Florida's. I apart as was built a while ago but when it was built. I'm it was like considered state of the art awesome and it's still lives so they're great when all over the country as this one compare to some of those this is getting it like anything it's brand new is going to be and and well well funded. Is going to be is gonna compare favorably to any thing.