Gary Parrish Show, Friday, Feb. 9, 2018, Hour 1 (w/Joe Mullinax from Grizzly Bear Blues/SB Nation)

The Gary Parrish Show
Friday, February 9th

Seg 1:  (time mark 6:56) Gary Parrish talked about the Grizzlies/Chris Wallace passing on trading Tyreke Evans

Seg 2:  (time mark 29:30) Joe Mullinax, Grizzly Bear Blues/SB Nation, talked about the Grizzlies passing on trading Tyreke Evans

Seg 3:  4 stories #1 (time mark 50:05) wild fake news story in the Boston newspaper #2 (time mark 55:29) Lebron/Cavs trades #3 (time mark 57:04) Josh Pastner denied assault allegation #4 (time mark 58:30) college hoops/Ohio State  


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I can now on the they do not move tied together that trade deadline to defend the I did and did. Colored on. Sports talk radio on every talk about this isn't IDC nine come home brown and cause shout out. Because Lopez you would have thought they say it. I'm in the Lipton then. Talk radio garbage which. Think the worst divide in the world I mean like if you drive around and stuff. May fifth what else you gonna do I mean I would like to hear all of them and you can't zarrella maybe you could put the event Lindsay. A little bit lineup CNN podcast for later on I'm kidding I'm watching all your own luck. You talk radio moderate. Intuitive that you find an exhibit that instead above one point five mile an active. My manager resignations grizzly bear who. That's why he's built with the men made god really Smart guys on the grizzlies it's odd tale about the decision to not lose I would get trade deadline. Joseph Mullen that's going to be here for 25 what I've been in that segment I'll do more notable for the full forty forwards what we're gonna discuss what previously undisclosed storage among them. Interesting story in the Boston Herald this morning. According to a source. Tom Brady. So upset at the contract due to drop below just got a favorite Cisco and he's going to skip all offseason workout in New England. Problem is Brad. The storm Fay. It was like legitimately big news has had fake news. He reporter sports. Was supposed to be Tom Brady's agent. He thought he was talking to Tom Brady's agent he was talking to somebody who's got a number and called and said hey I'm Tom Brady's agent. So that's bad that they have that story and explain it we're gonna get into that. 444 LeBron James that he please look what the cavaliers did trade deadline I guess he should be able get into that little later on the that would judge pat just said. No truth to the allegation that he sexually assaulted a woman. Multiple times while the head coach at university about the in Georgia Tech we'll play the audio for a little later on this hour and. What we get a college basketball on tap. Big game tomorrow in the Big Ten. We'll get into college basketball little bit during four notable for your full 445 o'clock Geoff Calkins lied from its. Re enact and then but what if I jump we'll talk to enjoy meet a former University of Memphis I should say Memphis state great. Now chairman of the board of directors for the coaching for literacy foundation if you watched Memphis you see up on Sunday. You get a notice. That the staff has on that green ties those green lapel pin and you'll also notice I have on a green without them because. I'm I will be working a sideline on this UCF this weekend telephone or join us to just talk about. The state of tiger basketball will also get into coaching for literacy Johnny well farm going to be aired by 25. If we'll do dinner to go on get out of his that's the run that got too good about wanna start with some talk radio garbage because the the grizzlies at a press conference earlier today marks all talk Tyreke Evans talked mrs. Wallace. And win other great legend who Jarvis Greer S Chris Wallace for what it's at the fans who you are listening TS. Get beat up pretty good. On and on talk radio how do you sell this to them your decision to shut down Tyreke Evans for a week ago that separate him from the team. And then decide to bring them back once the trade deadline now past even though you had multiple offers on the table do you sell that your fan base in. Chris with a smile and chuckle yeah sad I would I would tell fans to find a better use of the time. They have to listen to classic who talk radio gaga classic. I I'm far from bouncing around IE posted three hours CBS Sports Radio this morning. Then immediately recorded like one hour podcast for CBS sports I'm college basketball podcast. And then add a couple ran well balanced obviously disease for a little while shot at the Michael's out and shut up the market was there is beautiful daughter Claire and mark mark declared a beautiful wife as well. And so on and I just got back here let that happen bells around nonstop so I didn't hear in real time what Chris Wallace now I get a tweet from somebody and they were. You know what you think about Chris Wallace a calling you guys talk radio garbage garlic. Yeah and that I went on the clip and eight they did eSATA and Eddie said he I'd I think if talk radio garbage and I would encourage. Fans to find a better use of of their Todd and so if the question is what do I think about it the answer would be. Whenever like it's fine if the troops com Chris has taken a beating up on that front office has taken a beating. And I don't know if if he'll most people do not have jobs that put them in a position to be criticized publicly known and most most of view. Just go to your jobs and you do them well or you don't do them well but. People are on radio talking about your job performance people are on social media talking about your job performance. Com is just it you will see work in anonymity. That's what you sign up for for some of those guys it actually sounds of telling on them a good deal as somebody who had a job aid where I am. You can criticize critique yet that every single day. Absolutely and so. If I were Chris Wallace speaking candidly I would be frustrated with talk radio garbage I would be frustrated would just caucus yeah I would be frustrated would meet. I would be frustrated with Jason and Jon and even Eric and Michael Wallace and Chris Burke. I felt like my. Employees of my organization. Like Evan. Honest to god earlier today get it Chris medics on the CBS Sports Radio show on a magnetic selective my last question now if spend oh hole like fifteen minute national thing out about the good these Tyreke Evans. But we must get talk about LeBron James and I got a lift but at the end I like you know go wow this is a Phyllis manage our that are you know once they get out here I got two hours later on I got to do geared Paris show in Memphis. And down we'll talk about Tyreke Evans now being moved to trade their life can you like makes sense of reform even now. But really don't know I don't know who. That I forgot I had to do pay. CBS sports. Video yet yeah. And I was with a life show. And put on I was coming up after the MBA segment and one of those CBS sports dot com's NBA writers got in Brad Buchan. He was on and so it's just like for anybody who's. Ever done TV in that way which I have recognized as I'm talking sprouted like almost nobody but you all thinking here or what's going on. Before your coming on yeah there's a producer in years in okay Gary right after this we're coming to you okay Gary now you might thought OK Gary TN. 543. What made you come into half so that you know when they come to you not looking down or you're not like picking you nose. Or you're not if you'll see anything on a hot Mike when you think you're not an online. So I'm sitting there on the sort of listening last question in that MBA said it was. And so I'm more surprising developments. Was that the grizzlies. Declining to move Tyreke Evans at the trade deadline. Hum Brad days it was surprising to you look up and he's like a yeah surprisingly made no sense Arlene Dahl. So like basically everybody. The best that they can do at this point is find somebody who will say well here's the error logic behind what they're doing. But the best you can do at this point it's find somebody who can explain why. They decided to do it. But at the question is okay but would you and other. It's almost like universally well no more I thought I would die people ought to hear what they were note that OPEC like so. That takes even all right even on a person as. As jolly as Chris Wallace typically as an. Dixon poll on you sure it done so if I were him I would probably age expelled off exactly what I got. That and that's my point is he's taken a beating if you want to call it talk radio garbage is finally made the only thing I would say it. He's wrong we were all on board will what the front office was doing this at Atlanta this isn't like. On eight that we beat up the grizzlies front office last weeks and I was beat him up again we will play. Whom we will we were on board with the plan that would let the smartest thing that they've ever done but it's a Smart thing they are doing now we were on board with the plan. We can change one can't change the playing with the and so we said. Let's do what you're doing and felt like it here we are yesterday like I swear it. Got a hand on heart I don't expect to fly back from the York sit in this chair and bill radio show talking about what are they doing keep it that recap of I think about time I got back the Memphis tiger got mobile to play and that. And I am not being here yeah. They gonna come but first it was going to be hey they did it and just didn't read that hey they shut down. Then they kept him healthy perfect and they got what ever for that matter may eighth to second round pick many of Modi does it I better get any then pay. Good job boy they executed that perfectly. Show I. That's right. I got beat 2 o'clock central got it was still about as crisply and so of course I didn't show I did yesterday right but here's the thing. Almost everybody else to defend shallow nobody understands what they were doing but I can't I mean. That it rephrase. People understand what they were doing they just think it was a wrong decision aren't you always just a wrong decision and so I understand what Chris will be frustrated that's not fun to hear. Like I get a tweet from some random guy sand. Aren't really enjoy the island college basketball podcast. But I think you should mix up the topics are little more you know for your hardcore basketball fans who don't wanna hear about Kentucky and duke every day that was the nicest way to be critical of me. The host of the young gun battle podcast and you don't like OK so. A man I hear you hear it it'll tell you something. I had taken the island college Bethel park as the CBS sports. And turned it into the most popular and most listened to college basketball podcast in the entire world. It's why we do three a week now because CBS the numbers are so yeah. And a that they can sell them for real sponsors and make even more money off we'll be talking into a microphone. So I need you telling me what the talk about all of my iPad itself I got this thing figured out and that was what dude who don't even know his name. And I was like oh don't tell me how to do my job. The difference of course is that I'm doing that job well and we can question whether this is doing that down well with the graphics but either way nobody let's because I'm the guy doing that nobody likes to be criticized it when they it would they operate in the pub rest divert. So I am I mad at Chris while if I were him I would be I would call a talk radio guards down. But that doesn't change the facts of the situation this makes no sense. We're 24 hours removed from a now. Everybody's had an opportunity to think through it. Sometimes get into a tricky situation right when you're talking in real time and we almost were yesterday. Like that he becomes oh totally it comes to clear around 215 that he's definitely Tyreke Evans there remain a member of the grizzlies. And by you don't buy an hour 45 minutes later. Without hearing anything from the grizzlies publicly without hearing anything from Tyreke publicly like I'm talking into a microphone and sometimes you you do that show. And then you go home. And then you talk to people when you read stuff and you come back the next day he reached up and talk to people you reached up to talk to people it OK listen so here's why without yesterday. But I thought about it. It if you like Mike we could play me from yesterday we can do the same thing. It makes just a little sense today as it made yesterday to keep Tyreke Evans on this roster it makes just a little says today as it did yesterday and the reason is. Obvious. First off it doesn't create an actionable. Significant. Advantage if the goal was to try to recited it just doesn't. It just doesn't. You can say it doesn't treat yourself to do it does and you can show me one little thing in their MBA CPA that if that is technically debated but today. It's not going to be the difference between whether you side here Tyreke Evans or not it's just not not the way that's gonna go down as is one of two ways. Either nobody else is gonna offer more than the mid level. And the Tyreke is gonna. And then Tyreke we'll look at your mid level and compare to other mid levels. And he'll decide whether he wants to stay in Memphis where he's comfortable or he'll decide which he wants to go except to mid level from. Another. Franchise that is better suited to win immediately. Act or just check off money and my guess would be there's just a guess but my guess would be somebody that offer more money because here's what's gonna happen. That happens every year. Nobody thinks they're gonna go and give Tyreke Evans twelve million dollars. Fortune in doubt now nobody thinks that no. Type reflecting that right now but I promise you there's not a front office that they think we don't give Tyreke Evans told me fortune and given his history and everything but here's the way it works. They're going to be these teams that got these. All this space yeah. For Max contract like Sacramento. Well now is gonna be they got all the space for Max contracts. Like the lakers away and lakers famously yesterday and a famous yesterday the lakers freed up enough cap capitals. By moving. A Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance to Cleveland that they can sign two Max players a cat so. They are going to try to sign two Max players and it became be LeBron James and Paul George they'll do share. Than his is gonna happen. Paul George is gonna send. Double right rough almost in Oklahoma City. And the bronze gonna say I'm going to Houston or I'm staying in Cleveland or whatever just gonna happen wherever else what do lakers played it as it relates to that it ain't gonna work out. It's why Magic Johnson with in the past week has said. We're gonna add two Max players. By 2019. EB himself a little room. So they get the space created now. I got you they're not going to be able to fill it can just gonna sign two Max players regardless of who they are okay we want to be Paul George LeBron we can't have Paul George LeBron. Okay we'll give the DeMarcus Cousins OK they're not going to do that. That's why they acknowledged that they're not as surely decide to back plays eighteen they might but they want to fight nineteenth to that the whole slew of guys who going to be bridge and the ninety. They're basically sale will give. May be one now and one later maybe both now maybe both later but we ain't committed to doing it all in 2018. So what George doesn't go there. And or LeBron James and other you know what happens. They've got extra money left metals are dealt but you know what. They you're not gonna commit long term because they do not like to tie it up for 2092. Year deal for Tyreke noting what your DO one yes consider. What can take. Get Gallup poll down they get to David callable all that money. But they were like OK we gotta have played here we got the space with that title longer than a year Daschle will give him whatever it is he got eighteen million dollars or whatever what that's what's gonna have a what I really. He's gonna have to admit well offer from Memphis and other people and then somebody's gonna have cap space not be able to get who they want. And then they're gonna say OK we gotta we got a cat we've got to spend it on somebody. Blight we don't wanna spit we don't wanna do anything more than a year and we won't have to cap space again next year. That's what I recent cashier he'll get a one year twelve million dollar deal a one year thirteen million dollar deal a one year that at least that offered an audiotape chair now let me ask your question. It why would tie retake a mid level at that roughly nine million we can take a one year from somebody else the twelfth. But thirteen probably not going to. Probably not going to and so what have you gained. Making them met like. You just biamby and around you're gonna make him take five million dollars less four million dollars live now let me be clear. There is a scenario where it doesn't actually work the way I'm I'm predicting. Like right now I don't know but I think what I just described is more likely than Tyreke Evans got no. Offers above the mid level and decided he just wants to be a member of the game for the mid level and I think that's unlikely and once that's unlikely it doesn't happen. The new beta mistake because what Tyreke Evans gonna do in the short term it's bad wins to you but did you see the hawks bought out. Belinelli and Gary got him off the right right into effect big get an out I saw that you help us win games we don't wanna what have you got to go off the team but our. Judge everybody you see buyouts like crazy coming up why are. This guy can help us when we try to web. Matta here we got to everybody played 24 minutes a game. For the grizzlies scored sixteen points and helping them get a win or two MI LE BO winner two or 46 but it's got to be solved and every one is going to make it less likely than it otherwise would be pitcher in a position to draft the Dion rated Marvin Baghdad Luke dodge whatever. Let's don't play Tippett. Have to say it it's it's counterproductive to the long term gulf to the goal that they publicly acknowledge two weeks earlier. We are committed to developing our young talent ivory gauger young town. He ain't your future. He's somebody who's gonna help you win games now to actually effect what you're young talent looks like could you young talent could end up being Kevin Knox instead DI agree eight. It's gonna be enough if you end up in Macau bridges. Instead of Marvin badly. It's gonna end at the end. I'm my heels bridges instead of looking down to that's what's gonna happen here. That's what's gonna happen here now let me be clear there's also such a scenario. Where. They finished with a ninth best lottery odds instead of listening to fourth best. And yet they just get lucky with ping pong balls and they still and picking in the top five. And then Tyreke really does not get better offers than a mid level for Memphis it comes back to Memphis like it could go that way. But let's be very clear if it does go that way that does it make if any smarter. That it is right now. Giving lucky does that mean you made a Smart decision it just means you got lucky. Think Kevin is blackjack. Your client. Did it got to six. You've got six. You can hit it. And get a five to 21. On one hand it doesn't make it the right play but it was stupid are you just got lucky. This is similar there it might be a scenario where Tyreke. Does it help you win too many games it doesn't decrease your lottery odds too much. And you still get lucky in the lottery and get top three pick and Tyreke really does end up staying here for the mid level. That might happen I doubt it or gets injured instead I doubt it I doubt it but it could happen. But it won't make that decision that they made yesterday Smart. It'll just mean that they made a bad decision and they got lucky so at this point that's what I'm wishing for a hoped the bad decision somehow brings him good luck. Jamal X is up next. He says it can never once or station W and its. Total investment this broadcast mementos until the end of the dilemmas at online in 9290. Featured. Services for the the price of one. Doesn't offer that. Home Wi-Fi experience. 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From Boston called the WEI all the time got frank and put the story in the Boston Herald for that something good and that for the next that would demagogue and live from. Korea and 5 o'clock right now. Caravan evasion in the hair blue Joseph Mullen had to make the big get a award winning writer. Athletes coaches the biggest names in sports this thing here we Barry show. For me here you'll. Lose this game. There's so much ESPN. Alex Perry made all of them. We don't care charity event everything's okay in my what I got no problems on and on none that are worth talking about anyway like mud from the probably left the most people like all right look tired life's okay. Let's talk about the grizzlies decision. To keep Tyreke through the trade deadline after they shut it down a week ago. I've been open minded about this I've tried to examine it from every angle. Still having a hard time understanding how they decided to do what they did do you understand why they decided to do what they did. I understand why they decide to do it they did it doesn't make a connoisseur outside the example of Twitter it would make sense to me it's like seeing off at a poker table play Texas hold them. Then your holdings that into law suit you decide you know or they don't do it also doesn't help you at all or handed poker. And you can call it after seeing the flaw is really. If there is an interesting situation you're playing out very for the possibility in my opinion you can keep Tyreke Evans and may be part region and the British firm office. I have some sort of wink wing and nudge nudge. Hey if I don't yet. You know two year 24 million dollar from another team. Yeah it was all mid level exception doubt come back maybe there's something like that going on here but beyond that you know that there's not a aren't. A pod activity that can really go around with this in terms of trotting to make sense. They had to deal on the table it may not have been what they wanted but it's what they should have taken because Eddie. You don't want him to walk for nothing which it will most likely scenario and speed. Now you have a player who is twenty points five rebounds five assists a night. Chances are he's gonna help you win some games that you don't necessarily want to win this agency the. Let's start with what I read might be able to get in free agency obviously nobody knows for sure. But do you really think he won't get higher than a mid level of the ugly. The possibility I'd throughout this is what happened last July. That everybody has all this caps based. And they wanna spend it on Max guys right like the lakers right away they want to they got to they have space for telmex guys and theoretically they wanted to be Paul Georgia LeBron James. Probably not gonna get either. I I would I doubt they get bowl. And so they're just gonna give all that money long term Max deals to just anybody what they'll do with what they give it continues Caldwell Pope is just give somebody more money in the probably work. But do it on one year so that they have the cap space again the following summer isn't that likely scenario for for Tyreke Evans. We JJ Redick with the Philadelphia. Tastes the same idea. I it is bad acting bad and likely you you have a guy who has shown that he is capable of having the monsters even at the same time it also shown. Over the past check in years prior to this one that he injury prone that you get a bit inconsistent. It'd be able to put on that on bad teams and if you're being truly. You know I'm kind of negative Nancy about it he's putting up good that's not a bad team again that these are. That doesn't mean that you like about. Basketball player clearly he has the he has value to a contender a team like the ball Celtics are trading one of their multiple perceivable of their own. Tyreke Evans that I think the Celtics deserve some some head scratching and well that's. But if I'm Tyreke Evans if I can choose between two huge eighteen million or one year twenty million from the lakers would have been six or or somebody like back. Yeah although I got to take a one year deal being tried my hand again next year because he's making more money one year than the group that is can theoretically offer to. They are just so many other possibilities that lead to get believe they let them keeping him. Even more so than not getting a first round pick again we go back a lottery selections that we talked about before he even I am. Even better. To the point where now they're probably going to be back nine took a global election. And that you talked about our podcast Gary is the difference between five or six or ninety and the strap. Might be pretty big. I think it is pretty big on tiger tomorrow night fear. On 99 after an ESP and site manager dusty nations grizzly bear blues and host. A grizzly bear blues live on Blog Talk Radio is on Twitter at Joseph Mullen accessed at Joseph Mullen acts. I'm so. You and I agree and we we couldn't possibly know for sure that we agree if you totally got about one way or the other I'd bet Tyreke Evans gets an offer. I am better than what Memphis is going to be able to offer and at which point he will do what. What most basketball players do which is take that offer like I said yesterday that Randolph probably didn't dream of playing in Sacramento. But when they put a two year 24 million dollar offer on the table it's like well I gotta take this where estimated at this kind of money I don't know where Tyreke want to play basketball. But I do and it it might actually be Memphis but is if somebody else is offering a significantly better deal he could put basketball somewhere else at which point all you've done. Is. Miss the opportunity to get this to say it was 22 rounder to get to second round picks those are worth nothing. You've missed on that. And you've missed on that at the expense probably adding wins in this season. And decreasing your. Lottery dots if I understand that and you understand that and basically every NBA writer that I have talked to or seeing discuss this understands that. YE. Why didn't say do they really believe there's an inherent advantage that that that we are just being dismissive do they really think the key. To keeping Tyreke Evans is like actually keeping Tyreke Evans here. You must that's the only thing I can think if you tried to the idea that it is truly are returned to wage certainly not on the back and you value to him that much. I just think that's what the classic game of chicken because they sent him home a week ago making you think that a trade was in that. Am I supposed to believe in a week end up media availability session that all of a sudden. That you're all we weren't hiring here knew what I read I read the part of the plans to work clearly tomorrow roster next year. It's just been named is is quite strong. The can down the right now among some folks on that front office and even some some folks in the media got back just can't be true you don't send somebody home for a week. Who in again not on the bench. Not an assumed name but like firmly into the person he he went home. He cannot put on the back of Memphis. Not somebody who didn't appliance. You gamble you wall you didn't get what you want that if you decided to hold their hands now you're trying to make it makes sense and it said Gary and every other NBA personnel popular as a well read. It doesn't make ones are trying to make. Something makes sense that is nonsensical it's not possible they should've taken at the old city they're gonna let him walk for free and if they can somehow. Again it probably keep him. Then there's this will be worked potentially but even then even then there are come back to the back. You've never heard that the level of production before he won't like this before but he never had a rebound and assist the same level to. And that can well wait a knock on tightly. He should gold hit its money you should have a contract season and go to the very deputy camp that's why people would feel sorry to begin with. We didn't wanna knock on pirate whatsoever but not on the part opposite they stumbled into a home on what were picked up in free agency and there are more than likely going to lose out. I'm not. He's got to the united and I thought well that's where you trade. For Jeff Green using our first round pick that we don't mess it up on all this when you take a risk until the person that doesn't pan out. You had a chance to try to recoup some of that and you missed out on. And that's the frustrating part more so like I saw earlier more so than it takes more so than the manual birdie eight. Some young player like that is a possibility of improving their pot and getting eighteen changing franchise talent. In the draft. That is Joseph Mullen actually is the site manager of SB nation's grizzly bear blues host of the grizzly bear blues club on Blog Talk Radio make sure you follow him on Twitter at Joseph Mullen access. OEM ULLIE. In AX as always excellent stuff thank you for being here a catch up but down the road. Area. You'd best oval access from. SB nation's grizzly bear blues of course the most grizzlies way that this could turn out now. Label try to find what is the most grizzlies waited this thing could unfold from. Is that he actually doesn't get better offers. So did he does sign with the grizzlies. And he goes back to being old Tyreke Ryan gets hurt or or just the type of player that. They got a minimum. Feel this year like that would be the most privileged thing well it wouldn't be elusive it would be decided ending go Ono and the back under this scenario I was thinking of as he gets hurt during this this interim period like in this time where he's playing this season. I mean sit at that point value drop I wanted to get hurt I should I. I I don't just I know what to say we don't have a person to get hurt I don't let anybody get hurt like I don't want him on this team I don't want helping them get whipped out that's what I was for a month. I know where I'm on I'll let that I don't listen to everything everybody else says or tweet site but. A long time ago. I was saying why don't they just shut Tyreke Evans and I can you do that. You can't even talk it was like I don't know you can and just electable why why can't tell if it's the best for the French judge why can't write a movie at the deadline and a to shut it down. I think I'd about what the first to say that I was among the first because we had conversations on the air will be would send. I don't know that might be to walk in and I'm like what I know why is it too far and they get they said and they did. And I was like that's the smartest thing they done and they started loaded. Record for a bit better without it now and they got within one game of the best lottery IG yet. They don't move and other gonna bring it back like he's going to play on Sunday and I don't know they'll help them win but he got help them win. Some games and probably someday but he couple what some gains in every game he held somewhere and it's going to be another example why should have been on the roster. It's just. It's just mind. Blowing. That you could shut him and like the by the way that's proof that this wasn't even the plan is that they shut it down and all like most of us have talked to somebody at one point or another in the grizzlies front office not all the same people but like somebody share. And I can just tell you in my conversations. Over the past. Three weeks two weeks. What they did yesterday. Was not even something at least the people I talked into it was not even something that was under consideration. It was an eight what they actually ended up doing was not something that was ever even tossed out to me. As well you know one thing we might do is it was like not eleven dollars and a possibility Knoll. Which makes me wonder like how did they get from there had to hear what happened what happened what changed. It and it it the answer is as simple as. Well we wanted to first round pick and nobody would give it to us a hell of everybody that's. It's ridiculous. You take what you can get. Because you're not worried about what you get is much you shouldn't be right word about as much worried about what you're gonna get as much as you are worried about getting him off the roster. This is a lost season where you have an opportunity. If you just do what you're supposed to do what you're sick you're going to do you have an opportunity to end up with the best lottery odds in all of basketball. Own realm the leak Sacramento is sitting veterans in Atlanta. Just isn't it's. Finalizing a buyout Marco Belinelli and a day you know why okay didn't move at the trade deadline. It won't let the trade done so now they got to get off I am wrong get off of our team. We don't we we are right now we have fewer wins than anybody else in the NBA we wanna keep it that way get off of our team. That's what else is going right he did grip and literally doing the opposite of what the other taking teams are doing. And there's a reason why nobody around the NBA I understand that. The rehab because it doesn't make any sense. Interesting story the ball to know this morning about Tom Brady. Turn that with a fake story like actionable fake news not to like in the newspaper not to like fake news that the president talked about all pundits like actual news this is real fake news. I would talk about it next. Pastry we go you listen to 929 FM ESPN members might go here coming up Monday the NBA trade deadlines in the rear view. React to all the reshape teams they get their first wraps plus the latest from the Olympic Winter Games. The window Monday. Weekday mornings from 5 AM till 9 AM this is sports station night tonight after a that's the end. Ice and snow wind and way it's been. You can hear more room. Ask a lot of our head most. Doors and not get. Brian elder I call me 8670303. With a commercial deals they've. Here find out why. I presume Memphis with the guys they call when that other companies have warranty issues as well call me first they. 0303. 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PA RR I SH Geoff Calkins lied and South Korea. Could be a little after 5 o'clock right now they're forced stories I'd like to discuss Fuller stories presented by the bluff restaurant and bar. Start telling stories and forget what he wanted to talk about mr. yeah. Every afternoon. So we did Miller. It is pure is built on such an important things you need to know each day at this time. TVs more notable stories that. Number one. Boston sports fans woke up to a weird story this morning that the Boston Herald. And the author was around Borges through dumb is a long time like a big media presents it in Boston. You know accomplished guy. If story where he was quoting a source saying the Tom Brady was upset by the contract the Jimmy droplet size and sepsis cord makes grapple at this moment the highest paid player in the history of the NFL. I think Brady's do like fourteen million dollars next season or something yep and so he. You know now doesn't make as much as is all back up and so Tom Brady furious about this and their report was that according to a source. A Tom Brady was gonna skip all offseason. Workouts. And so like that that's a big story in a way especially when involves Tom Brady. And a little while later got a nick calls in the WEEI. They're all talking about this yet. And he says Joseph I and the source on that story and they're like the lord what do you mean you're the source I didn't listen to us I don't know what I shouldn't be saying what things that I am Gerri answers that. But. The guy. As he tells the story and Iran voices number was on Twitter somebody tweeted it. And so he was like this this guy nick from Boston cause need to be if I just go text him and I'm gonna say I'm Don T as Tom Brady's agent. So we sent the text from like his fall. After Iraq. Don year. You know viewed in just checking in with you want to give you a heads up however the text messages went. He basically says Thomas is upset with the contract a brothel of god as a as you know it as it compares to his own contract. And that to to make clear his frustration he plays planning on skipping all. Offseason. I'd organized team work outs. And so they text back and forth for awhile again this rom boys he thinks this is Donny it's not just under the calls and the radio station in up. And so eventually beat these guys phone rings from boards trying to calling them most talked to. He lets the voice now catastrophes like I can't answer because they don't know it's not I need. And any like after awhile he's he's like you know what whatever I'll answer we'll talk you'll figure out it's not done he and then that'll be the end evident but it will be fun. We didn't figure out it wasn't on me he just to talk into and it's like nick from all the least to talk to them like you've done these Olympics are on global conversation and then Ron writes the story. Boston Herald has the pull the story because his source with just to do. Because of the radio station thought it was done he and so on one hand I go. At this can happen any of us don't left to laugh on you right on the other hand could really happen any of the law. I asked that. Clearly he would have done these numbers fall right okay otherwise he would know that hey this isn't your number bank. Eating get a straight front clearly doesn't talk to Donnie Austin because he didn't recognize that the boys he was speaking with wasn't on the ninth. OK so literally literally no relationship. Why would that guy call you to give you that story while they got it takes you on this story and knowing that it's at those are great questions like let's say if there is armed and logical let's say there's an agent out there who who Gilbert college basketball coaches who have no relationship with yet. I don't have his number my phone I don't talk to him and I got a random. Text message today right it's that AGP this is so once so. I represent my chest he night. Just want to let you know I don't quote me but from a source. You know K is going to announce his retirement at the end of the year and Michael really that's that and I call them talk and by that why give that you may know. Do you wouldn't go with that like wait a guy if that agent is going to get this sorted somebody if somebody who's already got his numbering my phone relationship somebody got a relationship with whom. So that's where the breakdown yeah that's where you've got to use a little common sense why would Tom Brady's. Agent who I have no relationship where I am whose numbers not in my fault. Who left so unfamiliar with I don't even recognize that I'm not speaking to him like if you call me at or somebody else called me. And they say this Bret. That was there from friends number eight and and how that also you don't sound like Brad I would know it's not brat I. You you are so unfamiliar with on these voice you don't even recognize that it's not Daniel -- put anybody OK I have I don't I don't talk to this guy and hardly at all that only recognizes voice. Arm I don't have a number my phones will be don't text off why would he call me. Why would that why would he be dropping this on yeah it's terrible look for that that writer he wouldn't do it. No idea what is not wait that's not the way stories are blown a hole and not the way scoops are had at all so. I feel sick for a because. You know was too excited. Until six form because like this will be attached to him. But he'd go on when all these awards and it which he's already won a share accomplished guy. I've just always be part of policy to one ahead big Tom Brady's choice if he didn't know that the agent was an impersonator going to talk radio like that stinks but. I gotta have a little better off. A little better. Since of of self. Like why I don't know Tom Brady's agent Tom Brady's agent is reaching out to meet a player story here that doesn't make sense this probably isn't what it appears to be. Story number 20 O'Brien was asked about. Moves the cavs made yesterday said earlier today that. He likes it he likes what he likes the pieces they have coming and he says I think we became a younger team more athletic team we edits and shooting as well. So we'll have to see how it measures but I like the pieces that we have coming in and night until. You know I spent a lot of time on CBS Sports Radio this morning talking about LeBron James and the cabaret when it ahead. And it is true they got younger. And they got more athletic and they added shooters like there's a scenario now. Where. You run out a lineup. Of George Hill yes who's shooting. Around 45%. From three point range and who leads the league and NBA three point percentage. Then you have Rodney hood and who shooting about 39% from three point range. Did you have lava rock Kevin Love who's an accomplished three point shooter. And then like you know wearing answer Tristan Thompson or whatever and a and then LeBron James but LeBron James three shooters. And Tristan Thompson earlier an epic that's not perfect six like that's not having it that's not bad break you put LeBron James on a court with three shooters Anna a NN NN in theory and athletic big. Like that's not bad and I don't know the cavs got good enough. To be bettered Isiah Thomas has been blamed probably pushed the warriors I'd. I'm not sure they're clearly better than Boston Toronto although I think I would take them now over Boston Toronto but they got better yet. They got better. They actually got better the trade deadline and that's accredit their front office they don't have much to work with but they got a lot done story number three so obviously after last night's loss at blue oval Josh pastor the former Memphis coach. Curran Georgia Tech coach was asked about. A lawsuit filed against him that claims he sexually assaulted a woman Jennifer openly multiple times. And there are all sorts of denials. In all sorts of forms when people are accused of all sorts of things. But Josh is was pretty emphatic this is what he said. 000000. Truth to it any of those. Disgusting. Bogus allegations there it's it's just this disgusting. And there's 00000000000. Truth to that. And I believe in principle. I believe in character. I live my life that way and and I'd done that from from the very beginning. I'd I'm very transparent or team I've told my team the whole way through from the beginning. So they've there's no no object even back before. This wasn't an. It was new to the public but. Not new it. So that's a pretty infect emphatic denial and we'll see where it goes from here Georgia Tech said they are going to investigate the allegations but. I do think it's worth noting that I am the allegations were made public yesterday afternoon. And Josh pastor was still allowed to coach and that game last night so I imagine he will continue to coach. Probably without an eruption and will then we'll see where the lawsuits go story number four to be a fun weekend of college basketball big game tomorrow. Is number three Purdue at number four. Michigan State which is king game that tips at 3 o'clock central to top five teams. The two teams that most people think probably accurately are the best two teams in the Big Ten but if that game goes the way it's supposed to go. And then Ohio State handles Iowa in Columbus which they should because I was stinks in Allstate's good. So Michigan State beat Purdue at home. And the Ohio State beats Iowa. Alone atop the big twelve a Big Ten standings on February 10 will be the Ohio State Buckeyes and I only bring that up because we talked about it earlier in the week. As it relates to the Memphis program and Tubby Smith saying hey let's listen to stuff takes time everybody wants to win right away but the step takes time you have to be. Our patient and I trotted out like four different examples where like no you don't there're four different coaches hired this past off season. Who three haven't inherited undeniably worst rosters in situations. And then there's Chris Holman Ohio State. Who inherited something similar. Memphis in bad my I mean Ohio State and that models last year. I think was 73 can pomp and a Memphis in just pastors last year was 75.