ESPN NFL Live Host Trey Wingo on Jason & John Show (9/7/17)

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Thursday, September 7th

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We're back Jason had done any kind of an ESPN and finally the NFL season is here it is best time of the year. And here to help us break it down he's one of the best in the business as they mr. right wing go. He's the host of they have alive and starting in November will be one part of go to winged audience in radio. He joins us now straight right element thanks for the time. Man happy BC we have not had on since since the announcement that the big news so congratulations. Ass on the show. Yet can be fun you know I'll make sure that goat as well that would I think the job requirements and any should be just fine. For you just on on on a personal career level here because you've been in the ESPN namely for so long. I can't imagine your very nervous about it. No life. That's that that that's probably accurate you know I think yours won't be a little trepidation about everything anything you do for the first time but I would I would say. I wouldn't say are nervous no I'm I'm I'm I'm quietly. Confident that things will be just aren't you. I wanted to ask you that about your career before we got the football you've been there for twenty years now if you had to pick the happiness they have your professional career there ESP in what would be the day you stepped on that. On the campus at the you tell us what's what's been happy this moment. Com that's really question actually there have been a lot of great moment. They were certainly. You know what when you got the all that they wanted to hire or use that that was that was a really big board. Doing you know your first sports that are back in the day that would form. You know but for me the the things that the happy days. I like the moments that have. With the guys you know whether it was march where it who knows nor would answer a heady year armor to him or Darren Woodson. There you know build the moment that that we were jet Saturday at the moment that we sort of share. Off you know off. Camera sometimes translate onto camera so I mean yes I mean you know a lot of the guys that work for a date yet they look like what they miss most by not playing a locker room. And I feel like. It in a much more. You know much more politically car department. That the camaraderie we have. Is it the most fun I mean I you know I hang out these guys well we're not. We're not working together you know home mark always do my best friends that are Irma and I take workers to play ball a reward jets Saturday at their weekly call petty dying out. That the on port web part for me is that guys that I watched play. And doubt that I work with it. We we we get along I mean those those are the real reform. Two are just as we're sort of on the subject obvious. What I found. In my short time doing media here locally. Is that people's favorite thing to do on Twitter is to announce that they've either stop listening to something or stop watching the opening. How does that ever get on your nerves that dog I know you get this loser he is being a boy does that ever get on your nerves when people say things like oh I stopped watching ESPN. Ever since they started leaning liberal. Like does that ever get on your nerves. Dollar makes me laugh because most of those guys in my responses. When I put up Gaza and I'm not the sound terrible please understand them in context. I don't really look at a lot of dimensions on Twitter because if I did 980000 followers I I would feel good job like. At the work but very rarely used but when I knew NIC silverlight. Well. Idiotic your terrible wildlife and I'll follow me about it chapter 530 these people to my responses that the guy who follows me accusing the wallet though. That does make a lot of sense to me that it was a Portuguese court though. We are of course under the bridge right wing go to host the NFL live via a policy that gets under way tonight. Patriots chiefs kick off the season Rob Gronkowski told ESPN yesterday that it's gonna take the whole Patriots offense to replace Julian animate you buy and that. I am and I'm not not so you walk. He has been very very underrated part of that he. Go back and look at this noble on every big catch that they needed down the stretch it would that they want to that'll. Go back between fifteen when he missed seven games in the regular season they were nine and only played in the three important that. He is a tone setter he is a chain mover he is big guy. Quite frankly just as much maybe if not more than gras that Tom Brady looked to when he needs an absolute. Three yards for the hearts go back to the edge he chipped to gain. Leading up to Super Bowl that the on the fourth and one play. Where they were down and they needed a touchdown. You know he will rightly viewed through a back cattlemen and luckily Chris Harris was there are skillful writer Chris Eric was there making them we'll stop or but he went adult. He viewed he is a huge huge blow to them. Now that being said. This is the best patriot wide receiver corps we've seen since 2000 south. I you have now commit to their from Georgia you have obviously grown count you have him Abdul how crucial in Kenya have Brandon Cox. Branded coats is the best wide open that team since moss was there. In the 2007 records again and he's the first real little after the pats and so yes it is a really really big loss. But this year's team I think is it more capable mobile coming at them in your. I think if the nailed it. Other Bucs and dolphins being penalized trail I know that's a civil way of looking at things but you've got a natural disaster coming possibly. Everybody's concerned about American armor by having a play without a buyer week for sixteen straight weeks just seems like a rough way to go. How do you look at it. Well look that's a problem I know the issue I don't think there was a good I don't think it was a good solution. For the and a failure I think they did the only thing because it got I mean I I guess you could say hey let's play it in neutral site. This Sunday. Well yeah that line but you have in every member of that he'd go to separate our debt about their families and what are with Turkey in a prepared to go right. You know I mean quality. People are worried about the transit line I really hear about in the that you know that because this this is reality and I. The appoint a plank sixteen straight games is typical it's going to be Chris Baker did that on to put that up there on Twitter. You know but the buck Owens and but I don't know what other option they actually I mean I'm I'm willing to listen to anybody that comes up with a better solution I'm not on the one with the Caribbean well. But I think on this one I I think they made the best choice because in the on the more good. Obviously off Friday's going to be a big day for for the cowboys organization and cowboy fans when. The judge rules on whether he will grant or deny the stay of the temporary restraining order. Where Ezekiel Elliott. Yeah I know you did you have a law degree do you have any sense of the way that this is going to go tray and indeed youth do you buy. That this is a conspiracy that is being led me to go to you tell it by the NFL and a decision makers. So what's to stop that now let's just stop it that just stop that part of it now I don't know who's straight up look at the end of the day. I think these particularly team's going to. Do whatever they can't trying to get on the field much in the same way that the Tom Brady is that you remember it was actually put off by the sport be point to being put forth in the starting point sixty. However. You know people that are looking to that and say hey that's good news particularly I'd argue that it's bad news because. Even though they were open and operate here with a bunch of motions improves the things that in the process didn't go all the way they should have for Tom Brady. At the end of the day the ruling was OK I haven't looked at all of those. The bottom line is. You gave this guy the power to do whatever he wants to do about it now it legal precedents set in not an NFL court but in actual court. So you know I don't know how they're going to get around that part because. At all the stuff that the patriots and Tom Brady and his defense team tried to do to make sure that he did after the Chordiant suspension. He had to because of one simple reason. You gave the commission that power in the court of organs. I don't know how any legal ramifications are gonna get around that precedent. Law and and and looking through that sort of compares and fundamentally we're talking about. Death lay did footballs and an investigation. Vs you know potentially domestic violence right I mean like people. Yep yep and back into the work part they didn't get him for the the palladium of football they basically said we he does it matter whether he could prove that right that he just can do it. Because that allow you that make it even worse. Right we are targeted trailing other hosts have been if alive. Here on Jason and on here in Tennessee this weekend I think this is going to be one of the games of the weekend raiders titans. Trays either one of these teams are legitimate contender. In the AFC. What they are they art and that and I wanna I wanna try and clarify that I think they're all going to be very good football teams. I really believe that you know. Market Mario has done wonders. Over the first couple users group we've seen what the raiders to be with their partly because we've federal Marshawn Lynch sure yeah I expect both these teams. Could potentially have double digit win seasons barring catastrophic injury which we can never predict. And really be in the playoff on May be you know both of them get into the policies. That's the good news the bad news there in the ANC. So he's got to get into England and at the end of the day in my taken. You know markets are go to and Mike mark you were Tom Brady and and Bill Belichick theaters now. Mike Hagan Jack Del Rio and their car over Robert Bill Belichick the answer is no. So look I I think that they're contenders in the sense that yet they'll be in the playoffs and they'll have a chance to go to the Super Bowl. But realistically barring catastrophic injury NIC you don't wanna slaying the dragon the answer would be no. Speaking of the raiders yesterday the news came down at the raiders and Sebastian Janikowski were able to figured out contractually. I'm glad it happened strike it's hard to imagine the raiders without Sebastian Janikowski is and I mean I know he hasn't been good. Like in the last five years but I feel like that's that that's a perfect marriage that we can really never break up. Right exactly mean he's the perfect kicker for the raiders keys all got hearings overweight and they happen to meet them by. I think you're terrific. Yeah. But he is in the U Michael hey they image on the raiders element and put heat that space there instead of apart. Al Davis Al Davis wouldn't though I'm just saying. Right I gotta get your take on the celebration rules. Trade obviously they've relax them we liked that we wanna have fun but just still can't do. They hit the rest it for you still can't do that though the pumping of the hips that Antonio Brown typed working its. Try to tell me is this is doubles and we've got the cheerleaders on the sideline that we love that got on the short skirts and the short shorts and all that stuff we love it but we can't give the women fans of the NFL a little a little camp rusted from Antonio Brown. It was a great bird meant opportunity wail like acts. Months of a recall rule that the American that's ridiculous. And I'm glad you look at the cheerleaders because it was after a gain in Tennessee between the Panthers. And the and that and the titans where that woman look that ridiculous op Ed article about how she's going to explained that thrusting at Camden if the Indians have to a child. When bill cheerleader as you said it's her. Dancing and depressing right former don't want to wipe or what you'll terrible war but logging your Brothers as what are your Brothers I think a lot got a Euro. What they relate to go turn you mentioned that you did you do you don't check your mentions as much because it would be very difficult to do your job but I am curious what NFL fan base do you get the most toxic response and and tweets from. Well you know look you're doing your job and everybody think that you ate there you have every right up relative quiet yet I will say for a lot of the most. Polarizing. Would be the patriots because a everyone is convinced because we're located at Bristol Connecticut that we know what the patriots and beat the patriots believe. We all hate them because you know of the inflation deflation sensation by Coleman's by Gator all the so stop and none of that is true of the you know Jonathan Kraft but some of the soup bowl the patriots owners he says expect the job you guys do all year. Which you know I find that would be an interesting thing to or perpetrator to say we take that much thought that would be. You know and then of course we come down hard on on them when they. Made some errors so look it is what it is and and I think there's an awful lot patriot fatigue. Yeah they're about that yeah. That's what happens when you win I don't know every fourteen year mean think about it we know we go oh are you Libyan. World book gratitude. Because if it weren't for the two children. That play quarterback that they produced Peyton and Eli and there's the potential that the Bill Belichick and robbery with a ten Super Bowl or not that's not an exaggeration about five he lies beat them twice in the suitable that would. Didn't the seven. And then Peyton and Tom Brady have played each other four times the AFC champ which aims to get to the Super Bowl. And patent teams have beaten Tom seems three out of those four times so it's a real easy mapped to get and it will warp are you Libyan. No doubt welcome god bless them not that miles scared he's out the news out this morning defense have been in Cleveland the topic has been diagnosed with a I ankle sprain we know he's out at least a couple of weeks it looks like what are trays very simply what Dick Cleveland had nice things. But you know I guess because there's little cartoon TV cartoon on Saturdays called couples have been of them about that kids triplets saw her and bit there was a little goes a little guy that all the relevant cloud rumors that mean we shall rock. Slept brought nothing ever went right partial opera that's like the browns and yet about flop rock that's what they are at the game. It's the change for the Cleveland fan base but they are of great and passionate. You know bunch of people. But give the Cleveland Browns are the 1927 yankees or draft. They have only one player. On their roster that was a first round pick from twenty going to be hard cooked all and they pad. They had arms problem that it had gone through so many years that had two and 31 perpich and none of those guys. None of them outside Joseph Thomas has worked out it's insane. That's that makes me there he is trailing Dell and it doesn't get underway tonight watch him on NFL live listen to bomb right here in 99 beginning in November. Billick and we got to try to take you so much relief at last Ali I did its. You gotta get your passionate she is ray wing go very very excited. About the NFL season now we're in Apple's popular official now baby we are in full swing I will be. Knees on stadium this weekend to watch the raiders make it not one not two. But three in a row against the Tennessee Titans I wanna hear all your hate whites would rescind it and give me your best shot. Okay I beat out your eyes and tell jima stand you just better it always is trash. You've been talking you just better hope and and and I'll win this week how much they did and if and I will last a year where where are black you better give him hell well I just sit on an up and I like sit on it now you right. You're a heavy duty I'm not saying any thing where where and black. Just hope yell when they're wearing black because it's Marcus Murray notice you Earl. Bruce is going to give this do another broken leg matching. Knew that too while the remember all and career in which that kinda -- Illinois Kyra that's that's back Carmen let me let me read now as I've got presently the start just leave it there leave it there I don't want I don't wanna never broccoli I just want him to have pain. And they're going to inflicted upon him this week in and go titans I would welcome back days and into an attitude of idiots.