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Monday, February 12th

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Aides like to lead to eat two years in twelve years in the in the NCAA. Not good enough now not really. Eventually got to nobody hit you can't just have the same guy there. With a new facility NN and MS I'm not knocking any Kennedy raised warnings to its all time I think any Kennedy's fine basketball coach but it's hard to women there. And so if you just every what do you tell your fans are okay this is we're good with this when they determine once every six years but we want you to buy tickets and commit to giving your money to help us on about a basketball team. I that's what it breaks down yeah after it at some point you have to go a different direction what did everything's and it might. That's happened seven all over the place at different colleges. But very rarely do you have guys like Phil Marc Eliot saint Joe's here. But he's he also at saint -- it number one of the country when it which Jameer Nelson and Delonte West they were undefeated over the team yet. So even those same shows isn't exactly light the world on fire in college basketball they've had some runs were fill mark Kelly is absolutely. You know. Security is job forever so I don't have a big problem that I I mean like for any Camby and may these be time to go somewhere else is well maybe have a better chance when. Our American group but diamonds go back to John and end zone of the south from here went to good morning Jim I guess we had some. So Medicaid without a coach what I thought was making me happy helped me get out of a depression. To a point where I felt like and sometimes it's. Both in the day when you wake up to. After a night like after going. And you wake up next it's all. And that liquid courage or that we would like sense of you for euphoria is over who's all going in there west. Staring at the ceiling by yourself and your back and that that depression and back in that. Whole our whole scene in a room by yourself in some progress that they're not all the mistakes you've made in her life. What does that give me support and I give me except around the NFL where they give me. Disgraced. OK so many things that could go into on that listen refers about the fact that he called it liquid heard his next up for some reason because I'm a child. But like sitting in your room when you've self medicated I. And I mean look I feel terrible he's depressed I do like depression is not something to joke about. Depression is a very big problem in our country and guys that we think shouldn't be depressed and seemingly had the world on a string sometimes or Perry. Depressed about. Whatever it is whatever causes depression it's not always a choice you know people think hey man come on wake up and realize your Johnny football and be happy. There's just that that's just not the reality and some people do turn out call but it does. We part is also going like come on dude you're also kind of plan it sympathy card here for people that are going bro you had everything in front of you. And you chose to not listen to people telling you. Cut down on the drink him. And if you need help ball gets you helping you chose to do it on your own there's not a lot of heat. I I hate say there's a lot of people are gonna feel superstars joining hands up it might feel badly that is gone as bad as this off or off the tracks but a lot of people are gonna go. Kind of self and there's my man. Even a part of if you count when Deborah ball house payment final details are from like satellite shunned him. Because he noticed because his dad begged him to stop there has Lisa's mom is Darryl like and I get it missed he went from. That the problem is that this is what happens now especially in our society we're going. I promise you we're going to see another situation like this for this very reason back in the day before all the social media before although I doubt the coverage and everything that we have. You've got a guy relatively. BA superstar an enemy. Wants the best case again example ever is Larry Bird there. The world really didn't know who Larry Bird was he was playing at Indiana State. And they were undefeated. The first taste of Larry Bird you really got was the NCAA tournament in 1979. Great book about it called 1 march went mat by Seth Davis. Unbelievable chronicles magic's season at Matt at Michigan State Larry season at Indiana State how they and eventually met in the championship game. That would never happen today Larry Bird who say. Huge introvert like just doesn't mean more outside people if he was at Indiana State lighting it up the way he did. He would be on TV every game. On ESPN. He would be all over Twitter you would be all over FaceBook whether he was doing it or not there'd be cameras in his face all the time. Johnny Mann Zell went from red shirt to starting at Texas a and M two Heisman Trophy winner after beating Alabama. All ended the super stardom. Hit instantaneously. After you've done. Beat Alabama also this guy that was his Johnny you know man Zell the football player but he's funny school. He's now starting quarterback oh that's great you know maybe went a few games away we beat Alabama more undefeated guys superstar always won the Heisman Trophy. Everybody wants to be around got a call Johnny football. He rocketed to the top not like this gradual hey this is gonna happen for you. And some guys just on our analyst and unfortunately. Johnny seemed like he didn't know a lot of hilly kind of wanted to just be there at the happy go lucky. Kid that liked to drink and high school that was fun at parties now use a super recognizable so anywhere you want there was a camera in his face him. It didn't bode well I wish him nothing but the best I don't know that level planning NFL I don't know that you'll ever find the success professionally that maybe he could have. But I know he won't hurt for money and I know he won't hurt for. You know being able to tell a story and NBA and inspirational speaker and he'll he'll still make a better living a lot of people ever well that's. Not just due to the fact that were so desperate to find out why people's lives authorised. Because he worked his butt off to become an awesome football player there so that's the of the benefits he reached at the end of it. More power to them I opiates is lesser. We'll take a break when we come back Jason Smith. Joins us. As were a little bit over the top of our number one in our number two already we'll have a quick conversation with Jason Smith. 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And you can funny expressions NET non interest free unlimited download. Investing your time. I teach at about 1111 or visit us at land marketing and mayor dot com. Those are Jason and Jon. Joins us every Monday tried to put them on Friday. We're having John mark and I kept on John Q since may have been made that statement coming out. I don't know what that says that at some sort of subconscious. When Thomas took almost a dead. He joins us now wants us. Holbrooke ally until I'm gone your career when I don't have imposter Dermarr recruiters for. Really seized it three times that you were coming up on Friday that he gave money as he knows John Wright as it now but a car a sorry I was his Madson with the area and I'd just I'd just at a senior moment as I explained all. Yeah now your thoughts on what happened this weekend and then the the post game press conference that followed what Tubby Smith. Well. Noticed it yet to feel like your Karl Malone but at this point it's not. It is you have yet to pull yourself out of it looked it's I was talking about them losing every day it's it's it's it's it's happening and adults for reacting. Too bad news in the certainly the most recent. Other bad news coming out of park distance while he's here couldn't warm up speaker we're here. Yet Gulbis has been swept by UCF and I even put all. All we know when their act from a football standpoint hopeful about altar boy look they're they're they're better than where they were a few years ago without adults. Now. Are they that certainly got better players Dawkins a great coach a home. And in an air a couple of but should never be. I level leaders sweeping Olympus and can do this bill that alcohol while great defensive presence they've got some particular took to. To become essentially with two players. I mean Taylor and Davis were you know gave in 42. Other 68 Cohen she just sat there really show one of those guys down and that this was unable to and so so what you know and also respected Powell appear ECU which to Allstate now this on one that you were favored and I'll start to pile up initially there asking yourself Orwell lautner. You know MMI being fair and this is a lick you when you look at where things are right now we just beat a dead or just beat a dead horse. Almost everything we're being fair and it's really unacceptable in Utah. When you when you weigh at all there. A that you come there to be unacceptable part that's what are continually promised you your company's one Ford can you hear from two years that should never happen. On right now and you know this'll be who you are distorted main towns. I got one player committed for next season and for those that are. Proposal of of of all of us are that are still out there hanging on and and so on the law. Senator Emanuel got to get something more time it takes time to build tension culture maybe three years ago four years maybe five years what he's doing what. I would ask you to what do you point to right now and say. All right there's positive there's there's something I'm looking forward to next season. But there are many of those they're just all in your your similar graphic for Charlton try to bounce something. Right now it's just it's it's so it's a really dark time. Yes winds could kick around a bit but you don't know where those are gonna come you know gonna bring you the schedule the rest away and gosh you just look at for light at the end of the tunnel and there may not be all right and you know hit eight Gary Parrish has been almost from the get go he says he would jump that. Look at you know that. That Tubby Smith does is not your guy that you don't you'll feel good about it go on a two year streak adult or they're doing after that after two years and John Martin's sentence and play. And I always been Baghdad it's as well you got a you know let's wait and see what he does territory but that junior college you know class become seniors let's see what happens right but they're expected to apply what I don't know if they can afford to. To wait two years three. What do we attendance where it is. With the recruiting class were Carroll hit yeah I don't know if you can afford to do. Arm as opposed to the you you might come out cheaper firing campaign about how can you are going to another year's all those things are to be way too much. You're just sitting there shaking your head wondering about ever got to be this way we ever got to this point. I think the again the wins and losses again at the recruiting classes again I don't necessarily agree with and again it though but it's the lack of of awareness of what it meant to this city even though you took the job even after he got the job. Like just the lack of understanding. Of what this program is all about what it's meant to the city and how passionate the fan bases makes no sense to me. It makes no sense and I use the example of what I got the job to come here to take the job at the other station and work with the grizzlies have a talk show. In the first thing I asked about his simplicity you know that college basketball teams a monster there and so I did a little research. I. Asked questions as to why now Matt Wise the University of Memphis not Memphis state is at the same place as an outsider may not at all. What's that what's the reason for the transition how you know how much did people really get into this and I well that's me a talk radio host not even that coach found out very very quickly hey. Don't come any area and think that that that that's not a big boy on the block you gotta come here any respecting that program even though the NBA's coming because this is their city. And you know it'll take some time for the NBA to get traction here. If you come in disrespecting that did the love they have for the college game by sand where the NBA we don't need to pay that attention. You're gonna turn a lot of people off nice and loud I don't believe that anyway I think that it says Memphis on the Jersey. We should root for period and that's not even knowing. What are they what they issue as I heard that was like OK how can I figure that out in 2001. NN day and age with as much. Information that's out there Tubby Smith not figured out wanna sixty. Come out and that's why I'm that's my issue with it. Yeah that's it that's what you gonna do right normative good impression in inflation while learn the lay of the land out there about it. I can reach out everybody you can immediately people you can and you go out and get on the radio airwaves and in the television you say I don't hear that on the unlimited notes and hear what I want you got a bowling ball and and rob rob rob a beat didn't do that. Although I did nothing in his USA into a partner to your point though. I don't know that he appears to do with it right. When I look at Toby looked beat down like that you see all this talk of these could be down. ESATA on the beat every also you know as we've been saying that the percentage argue that you got to reach out right we'll talk a winner drinkers of the world and talking Antonio Anderson. And in those relationships that you see here and take a look at what is your going to have because you reached out of the the kind of people that you know can help support you think he'll beat duke these Karen of our parents and Eric. I don't get the sense that Egypt a scale. About what he can't wreck or a war what those living Draper there Antonio Anderson spent you don't mean that that you eat. And it inadvertently have. He's won everywhere he's there are no doubt he's done it his way ready yet look yet at the recaps of the people we celebrate got to reach out to look to your point. It's almost like there's a there's. It's it's like being home to up to in the but only to sit back. You want to be. We said we've got to improve you know get a start Pomona or you know. I haven't seen this since okay. I haven't done this well I'm gonna turn on now I've just seen a guy who looked like you know what moment as being my way into apparel or that the critics. Tell what the supporters but we'll just go build my way to goes all. Back to technical article today after rejecting a career winners and comics go somebody you don't you act Antonio has an election. You asked about his comment that could not the right guy for the job here's a chance to beat army you have to cut the credit you know what. Love it totally assumed that got great respect all the terms of what your contribution this courtroom but yeah as well. I have the confidence jumping on who the same quote took our veteran that's an opportunity here to know what I'm talking about Dick gets a little bit better so probable all with duke trying to get people are gonna. But he didn't need a couple of it was like America also so you know all of them do that cynical take on there we go talk it is. You can opportunity edu home runs a particular connect questions Sunday wouldn't even more. And could go take some and and it's not taking the swing spirited or complete clean and admit to me. I need it or look and it commit okay. Forgot but not not swinging at all they're taking the ball or do you see that here's a culture that is public what you didn't grade now with what they're all of them go or. Yeah and that's the thing okay so that that's that's my point right there. I can handle it I get it's not in his is that he's not that's not Julius he's not happy about it he's not a shake hands go out meet a but understand. That it does mean something to this city don't city ago while we didn't think. We had they could be this big a deal that's not. Acceptable. And I don't care if you don't want I mean I care that you don't wanna play the game that's fine you don't wanna get in trouble you don't wanna cheek I'm down with that. But at least acknowledge there's a game being played and what's your name out there and say look we're not gonna do it that way if you guys don't wanna be a part of that because of that that's fine. If you wanna go test that market in and get in the water would those sharks. Buyer beware but that's fine but we like this kid and we like this guy right here. And we love to see imminent tiger Jersey so we're gonna come watch him play and we're gonna let him know we'd love to keep them here or we'd love to bring him here or whatever it may be. And when they just didn't seemingly wanna do it and the only place he's banned words been rabid like this let's be honest has been Kentucky. Any even though we won the national title there. That wasn't exactly his squad rate that was a squad that have been put together and they got that ran out of town after that because again same type of thing. I'm that that's not who I am I wanna x.s and Els and he's a brilliant x.s and l.'s guy. Man people here. Want to feel like you care about the city the way they do this city is you know having grown up your job unlike the only one other than Jeff that they didn't grow up here. But even I know like this city wants to feel like you're on their side as this city. And it it it brought about me because I am homicide because having led dear mum we did go through the trials and tribulations looters he's. I had no problem getting on my soapbox and do annoyance before playoff games and do rants about national columns. That we felt disrespected the grizzlies and and the city or the people that were involved and I had no problem doing it because I consider myself. One of the city. And he's just clearly it's like. You don't have to necessarily be one of the city but at least identify with who dale. Well he's so look you're Obama I mean I'm relies too because of the wood is what it but but he also got a good job. That got Asia went on average three million dollars per year leopard are going up 3.2 tracker that's that's more and Shaka Smart. You know it's more than Gregg Marshall you're getting paid like one of the titans that's that's there that's a big problem. They exactly picked a party whip something that any culture America would tell you. Boy I'll take that our social and market players in there and right now you've got one one who correctly the outside the top 300 in terms of most recruiting services and it. What you kind of what you have been best if you're not getting enough. And I reluctantly gonna do it this way are gonna go round rock but that is not acceptable answering questions Kuwaiti. You know I bet all of work where well but lady. Yet what will you give you get your fans know no sense of no passion no sense of bacteria that furcal for the long haul and you go to the point. You're going to treat this thing like he. Established. Program great program that it did spread that the thankful you're sitting on a sleeping giant. You've got to creep salute to educate you know. Stopped sleeping on. Dot treating it as if it. Texas Tech where there are no expectations until now are greatly look. You can stop treating it that if it's Minnesota it's never this is it and understand that at all Pete that they've spoken out and so I think it's it's that it. We're not act intended to be admitted. What is that in the war are forward for what he's getting attic I looked into it will be satisfied with that. Just show the level of urgency there that people want around here we go away I'll be yours because when you double talk on the don't repeat would look around be payments sodomized Golub man people were an LP you know you can go all the all the way around the sport in terms of what got you doing your two and we look like we're at the back of the pack. Without much. Liked what got there at the end of the I can't find it right now right now its stock and and when we got to get that sick. At that red brother right now is appreciate that we'll see you next week. Well let about it I Jason Smith read their tune and intraday low attitude. Jason and Jon though they'll keep you entertained throughout your lunch hour and into our program when we come back. As I sat down Jeremy hunt for a few minutes we'll take some of your phone calls you wanna chime in about this you say if you feel like we're being too hard on him. I have no problem if you wanna call in and say they. You guys are just Killen and give the man I have no problem here that that's what you believe my again my only complaint about this. The biggest look at what I have goes to the fact that he didn't seemingly Noelle what he was getting himself. Into and I don't understand how that happens. I just don't even if you are the best at what you do. If LeBron James signs with the Los Angeles Lakers in the offseason I pathetic right. Don't think he's gonna figure some things out about who the lakers are before I make that decision not once a fan bases. You know it when you're the coach that's that's to me just seemingly. Basic stuff. And he does seem defeated and he does seem beat and Gary senate like hey look if you don't think you're bringing him back for. You don't think that the thirty is gonna going better than than cut debate now and worry about the money later I get a there's a financial implication here. It's figured you figure that out later if you don't feel like this is going the way he wanted to go take a break when we come back. Jeremy hunt and your phone calls 53537. Cents expensive after 776. Aircastle plans are 99 a MES in Memphis. Internet providers from a small businesses alive let's hear who really delivers more. Comcast business offers fast speeds feeds across our network. We offer more complete reliability was up to eight hours of four G wireless network back to keep your business connect. Not so much we offer 35 boys features that businesses care about in solutions that grow with your disc so you never miss a call. AT&T. Clearly contest business. Call 1805016275. 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Controlled indoor shooting range and retail firearms store at some point blank solutions focus on customers. Whether they're an expert or new shoes. We're talking. I can say I was impressed there's a lot to. We'll take Toyota's celebrating now ability everybody learns sales. Price Phillies an employee team player. LA there's 169 per mile per. Everything. Now back to the voice of the grizzlies and the air canceled and show live from the Sunbelt rentals studios where I guess your from your via the lenders Nissan phone lines and 929 FM ESPN now. I will take your phone calls as well 53537760. Before we get to those we got to get to our guests he played for the University of Memphis. His name's Jeremy hunt he joins us on the telephone now what's that Jeremy. Yeah it all good man and ask you this. And I can tell you one thing that's frustrated you the most about this situation what is it then when you look at edit from my former player's perspective. Being a little foam are clear that the bears. You know the effect there we load of so many days. They're like you suppose the way it it did show light you know good they'll let go. Grandma got great talent because you know. Yet a player as there are very narrow it did it there it is their chances. You know in the prayer. It's bigger than let go of focus. Right now the big game that day. We are well look at forward Jeremiah. They do so bored by itself. It lights segment told won't help. Yeah but I don't like go home you know he's capable of being able to do it myself. Way. You know we we don't have any good looking young because you know want faced the or staying seated okay at each I'd wager my. We get you don't want it like it's great to be like more polite. Or we are start this person and that person and that person in our data for a life in my life. It's a good fit. So you're more year beer more you more of an issue with the level of talent on the roster. Then with seemingly the understanding of what it means to be part of the Memphis tiger program because that's eleven cent on the show today and I wanna form players' opinion in that. I said listen I get it some years you're gonna have. Talent where you didn't get the guys you want you get enough for crews wherever it may be happens to everybody mean everybody's hit. Downtrodden times all when seemingly. They didn't understand what this team meant to this city into its fan base. And there are like okay yeah we can just kind of go about it our all own way and no one will really no one else stopped coming might they'll just keep up like fans like no do but we expect. Certain things and you're not giving them to us we're not gonna support you if you don't get any. It's kind of seemingly caught them off guard which I don't see how that's possible. Yeah I mean yeah not big bet that a problem mall. Over the last year's. Bloody years so what is site. They don't know how being. Like tiger best quality light I'll watermark fray yesterday began to imply. It library in case folks crazy about or firebird spotlight. And at one point you know the tigers were bigger degree. In Rome doesn't last. Didn't they they don't understand it they probably will happen if they don't you know all of you know I wish I wish you know I had a chance actually. I'll bet old guard them let them know how big it is. All the way. In and I guess saying the play with a sense of urgency. More. Because you know rest all the way you don't Wear on their you know we will let go out there. In our didn't play all out and you know god do play hard. You know. Regardless. I'm kind of light I honestly don't know what's going out because you know they had a game. You know we've been handled well read and didn't the wedding and then you know. No let up all that remain in the trendy game all of that that would shield book every. You know. Do you guys talk as as former players that that. Is certainly adds you offered like his or anything did today you've kind of said to the staff for anything good to be around to be more helpful to help. Re engage or does that even happen like it then what can you guys do that to try to help. And and seemingly every and we just heard that but there's been no reaching out to. You know local high school coaches I wonder if they've reached out to you guys at all where you could step in what some of these kids that are from Memphis. Grew up watching you guys dominate in that building. I think our big our big it'll be helpful. For the players who you know actually called because he might you know blogger for a player. Another they would me. Why we've been you know try to make the predetermined rate certain words like you know ward caught your paycheck issues. I think you know I think there would be Smart. Well it you know no one know our street doubts yeah I'll file that code be. Appalled you know own. You know a great guy. So you are a part of the airline whatever opinions but by the bush. You know as far as their reserves are eighteen guys come in her elbows. Or you know it'd be around. They'll do it and I feel like you know yummy in the armor or players have talked about things like it like I feel like it. It's very very. It did quite when you get tired of seeing a little bit like if they did it did quite it would be helpful like because. Ford no guides product code did some Bible. And they are promote about bad about the day. That could help them out walk full. Some I think you know they'll be Smart to do well. I don't know why they're dart at a bar none though yet. Now that's that's been the case does that frustrate you. It doesn't frustrate me. At all like there you know code. I'm still got supporters regard rank right it doesn't support wearing you know I I have all who. Some former tiger. In this kid that liked you know are we try to get to combat IA they played Arizona had bad credit they. You like ma'am. I'm not come here. You know and I think so. Maybe it it has been from. Past treatment. You know he had that compares treatment. By the way they treat them that hey. But I always sure like you know what has actually happened. Boy you know. People who did miss some reform cleared you don't want little. Combat right. I try to you know I try to get together as much as possible. Well you know our community they've got their may go. If it's dealer admit athletic administration title Jeremy hunt former Memphis tiger basketball player if the athletic administration is committed to giving tubby a third year an. And that's seemingly the case right now. If he asked him what he could do what would you tell tubby. In your own words if he said hey. Jeremy but I just want some input on how I can connect to the city batter what would you tell on the best thing to do would be. I mean I think nothing Madrid Spain. At this point. Where it you know just showed they're they're cute actually care about their best ball. They are not damage you don't right now at the moment. What did I mean that's the only way out because when a friendly made commission would despair. And when you you know showdown that you know you're India. You know bailed they have no problem which you winning well you've got the play hard. I mean were mean to have a policy looting there as well won't you play all right you know I Obama paying. You know do you want to move forward a bit in our team. We're very wash it down and play hard. You know so. Of course we have law like a lot gave it looks all the way it I mean don't we would award followed the little boy. The fact that we play are ones we played together. They're made aware of the different light. And it and you know we've. Well do you know are deported turned back around and I know what it only so be checking here in our delight you know. I can get mowed look and you know at least another year just it'll tell you think Gordon right direction that's. Was going policy notes. With the with the weight with the way basketball nowadays to take our. That god does that that's that that's a good point and that's what a lot of people. Are saying on that it does take some time what's going on in the world Jeremy hunt right now. Oh no muss man this whole lot of training in these which he would you know Martin which is now. And I can't think urban born extremely. Well with thick. Ball. God you may get better. You know and then rest the body. I'm seriously doing. I am here is someone ask you about that real quick before let's go I have this theory that. That you know when. Players in any sport come a long. And changed the complexion for kids it changes the game I'll give you a couple of examples one Tiger Woods when Tiger Woods made golf cool. A lot of kids that would probably never played golf started playing golf. 'cause of the video games because he was making a ton of money because he was on Nike and he had his own brand and all the sudden tiger was kind of became a victim goes on success in that. You glad he's much better athletes playing golf and all the sudden it wasn't just tiger was so much better and everybody else because there was a lot more talent in there. The game and basketball is changing what I'm seeing with a lot of the young players. Because staff curry is so easy to emulate for a younger player I am not everybody can go in their driveway and LeBron James not everybody can go on their driveway. Take off from the foul line and dunk with just yelled ripping the rim right out of the backboard basically. But everybody can go out there and shoot a three. And I think that's changing the game for the better so you work with kids it seems like a lot of them are focusing on taken their game outside which is something. He did so very well and so I would imagine at my question being. That are you seeing kids more and more wanting to my. Stretch their games out to the perimeter that is to go one of the rim and dunk and all of. Yes I am my whole life and it. It's kind of frustrated at the side armed border. I don't know you teach them that noted like basketball this morning I had this problem I'm glad you brought to the RT IPs of barbecued at our work we. Let them know my best mark Morgan is corn oil. Best bought more and you shoot the third ranked like you got to give the play defense you gotta be able pat ball if you don't score any points. And you have Tennessee or obvious is that seven a bit but still a big guy who could get what you got some audio. Make a shock or do something that they had been right. Song you know I try to tell them like it is is it's is more than just gore will become the best ball light. We got a good good paying Maine. I got to look at their home. You know did it differ kids they understand it. You need to understand they did it morning. Discord. Couldn't agree more one thing that gets overlooked about the golds they lawyers. Is they're really going on defense too they're not just that they're not just a scoring machine they're one of the top teams defensively. In the NBA as well Jenny listen and I appreciate the time as always were up against thanks for being with us and we'll catch up down the road. I'd like. 53537765353776. Sound like he was getting the summary need to go so will you got there may actually kitty he's edit a key thing. There's a former players saying give them another year because it does take time which is that the sentiment of a lot of people in the city and we want Simon you can't right now. I don't have a problem with giving him another year people would have a problem that are looking at the recruiting class going you're given another year for watt. There's nothing in the copper. They're they're trying to win a junior college players would she just doesn't happen in today's game. That's just a fact. Mean Gary went through those facts on his show showing where the guys that they got. The number over to the high level recruit with the eighteenth best junior college player in a country the year before this is what he went on to do. The next here the seventeenth best of it to whatever it was whatever the players matched up two with their predecessor at that same position. He talked about who those players work and they work star players the game has just changed in that manner. So that's fine I get that he's got to go get players rate and get them and there's no doubt in my mind he's coached them to be better than they ever could've been without him. Tubby Smith can coach. X.s and all's well the best of push gadgets more talent in here. Any got to connect with the fan base Pete got connect with the former players. And it's got to calm in a situation where it's somewhat organic. Camp you're up what's up. I wanna play out acquired about what their back up all while. Going to be recovered nobody knew they recorded it pretty volatile category that you give people honorable all legal whom. Your gut feel or over there. Odd angle me guarding come automatically wanted to grow old media I don't know. Don't give up at the age they had this thing is yeah hello hey no additional men. Out of Beirut where you're good let's check. Well well well well read and then. Aren't we could not be all Euro or where gadgets can be Merkel who it was who would move back I but it. I've 353776. That's if that's 776. O'Keefe the phone lines open for a couple more minutes of you on assignment. Penny egg hunt Edmonton. You can you can cut that Eaton got that done daddy I just don't see that they'd have to back a Brinks truck up and they're not committed. The basketball team that way they're committed to football that's what it is spot. And that's what this what this does mean it can't be good basketball means that they're not gonna go get a Penny Hardaway I could see him doing the cal Perry think as cal would pay him. And and give him a blueprint dozens here's what you can do it and all the sudden it legitimizes everything he's done. Through the high school ranks and everything else will will see they'll listen here's the thing down. Yes former player just telling us on these airwaves you would give him another year I'm fine with that that the cupboard is bare. Eat you got to ramp up the intensity on what you're going after where are and on your recruiting trail on your grassroots movements and bring Memphis fans back. That's the bottom line. Let's get you. Let's get to Jerome Jerome here next let's act. My other brother man and man did like it would be a good basketball you know we didn't really believe is elite program but refrigerator and you know. Holiday and lives were cut. All of that I'll let you know or to come and David. A lot of legal why would they did you know that that's. And that's media mitigate and it not only program you can read what little love I look who their home. People like Tennessee could cut it because they feel like maybe he's not nice and upgrade the gun in my life. That remark that they feel like it's it's changed from what it was under cal Perry John cal Perry got players from around the country come here and could get local players. They write that the perception is that Memphis is in a non power five school. And that they're not even hot. Our team that non power five conference by a longshot right now appreciated drama got around thanks fans. I don't I think that that's a fair portrait or so you know whatever it may be Terrence you're an excellence of tents. I live out there are busy through the economy well one thing about basketball it is right here at my football right now and related to return to get OJ legitimacy as you know what no way all of our immediately clear automotive not against saint. Now that's a look at dad's here you're absolutely right about that because I had to do is look at they've determined over the years. Gonzaga before marks you got there great lesson can sag started making turnarounds when no way to New Haven new organs Agha was. I do you have people on the West Coast it even organs Sagal was I only knew word of that was because I had friends that went there at a college when they said they're gonna Gonzaga went wire. That's it I mean that's that's fine and and you had George masons of the world making it knocking off UConn. And getting to the final four Virginia commonwealth when they got that you can make you can do it. There's no doubt but you've got to do with the right way I don't I completely agree with that so much different than football. But what the caller I think was saying was you don't have the national recognition so these kids that are top fifty kids you can still get them it's just harder when you're not. For obvious reasons Kentucky duke Kansas UCLA in North Carolina. Wherever you wanna pick. Listen UConn is in the American you've just got to national brand name which does states in the American. National brand name Cincinnati's in the American national brand name Memphis has had a national brand name you don't count him out all those schools. Evolve idol final four. And Errol plan any American athletic conference so he can't call it there's not something that. Other great outlook you know they're so Michael Cold War took out the bigger the game overlooked by a local court can make do with just the big question right direction they do you slow. Let's say you're really let religion get. Unless you know right now a lot of bringing about me in the the mentality of bringing luckily it all the way I don't think it is not what he really BA. College coach only I did it take for the occasional holes. When you talk about it over the Internet content you've got to be have a personality. You every issue that we also look at some war. I think he's got that I think he's got that I think Penny Hardaway can go into a room and get any kid he wants the question is can he coach mark. C five Penny Hardaway and I got that job my first also Steve Forbes. And I see Steve Forbes also be my lead guy present our money and if he can't get pay our way that's my second calls to Steve Forbes. Daddy East Tennessee State who is he clearly figured out a way to get players to come together they were picked. And granted it's also that it's not a major conference so a lot of times predictions and those mid majors pre season and and small majors. Are you a smaller time division one schools like East Tennessee State. And I try to be disrespectful east Tennessee state of us be honest. It can be way off base but he has been absolutely rolling right now and they're fun to watch they're fun to watch record but they are. That's the day I don't know. I don't know more questionable clock go to treasury is what are you looking at it on the chin expired what the deal with the traders all of our major but a little bit more on the New York. They were added it's clear it's like a bonus they get paid out for a certain amount average and I don't think they're gonna make this. There were ordered create big picture what order they don't make it's always it's your program he owns it. I don't know the exact numbers though we don't get that thing what is it 900000. Dollars. That's that that that hurts man ethnic that hurts a lot it's so I don't I'm not gonna shouted down by. That was kind of an NM implied bonus that hey you keep the program appeared to keep filled up the building we're gonna give you money for it and it's just as it's it's probably not happen this yourself. I gotta run we're as it stands. I'd Janet you're gonna wrap us up and emirates a quick break what's up got a. They got tired of an hour. Let him I have decided that this this should reassure Asian would these coaches that they've mishandled but I know mismanaged every cent they've been here and even the smallest about trying to get comfortable all players involved and you're in love those guys complain about that that. Lipton you need to make some college or Brad Smith can. You've got money here Mitt there's you need to make a move. And you know as our PA goes I would love AMP ever coached. You gotta think about the recruits they would bring in Eric Gagne had to do is blow a whistle and roll a ball out there Phillip LeMay let's be honest about it. It if you didn't do that yeah I would I would look at skateboarders coaches' righted their young guys we made some either congress some by the Walt did the road somebody could recruit. And you know would get a lock out say even the younger guys. He can go to Rome Reagan pulled up following mutated inside look you don't know me and if you don't know me you're far you can go due to bad nobody knows that I exactly know what we need to make a move. There's no fair and insight and another year of a game as daylight it is. And I'm sure you can record or about me I would be on the big bang and I go back to John Dunne Alvin all right David Bradley I don't let alone away. I can't even tell you when they come on PB that's obviously an arrest that I am about a program mayoral. And I am I'm not the only one they're striking at people in my age bracket imported about a fifty the other side like I got to basically got to do some debris. Fly into this program. And quit billions that you know quit if so it 'cause this into the Paul where typically anyway we get you get to that point. Don't care amateur apathetic it out of this sort of yeah there's not that I appreciated Kevin thanks fans. All right thanks we get a break we're up against that we're way overdue. And that means we've got to. Get on out of here just ready for the Gary Blair's experience will come back and wrapping up next outage out of ideas in Memphis east every generation ago. How will Paul join him were part of some of the best times what's it been like watching this season unfold. I think they probably misread the city when they got here felt like this jobless like many other jobs like Minnesota like Texas Tech and I they've misread the enthusiasm and you know people are on the games I think they're voting with their lack of attendance. Tasteful. 6 PM this afternoon Chris Wallace from the grizzlies four point five Geoff Calkins from Korea and 5 PM broadcasting on 688. 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Eddie catching bad catch quarrel over in the car was late and they hit traffic they didn't think there we're gonna make it got its Islamist or his race while. Well the greatest dunk contest Joseph. Saturday's there's a pleasant for today we are out of time Gary bears is up next. For Devin America I'm on vacation rest of the week Jeffrey Wright will step in. So my spot outside deal a week from today till that time enjoy the all star game CEO. He says it can never once forcing. Yeah WMS. We got the best interests broadcasting mementos 6 PM on the W and does that on line 9290 EST. User and your team. 1800 no sweat. Reynolds America's. Success. Did you know the average comes he. And system is only 57% efficient and the Department of Energy estimates the average system links 40%. And that's not just elder sister. Inadequate network in greatly reduces efficiency and even the latest heating and cooling equipment resulting in increased operating costs. Reduce comfort and landmark senior.