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Monday, February 12th

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Good thing. I. And it is today flair and silly. Monday afternoon the bad weekend for the local basketball team they're bad season all the way around. Lot of people are frustrated and angry and we'll talk about the NBA. And a whole lot more let's get right into each and every Monday through Friday at this very time on his race days and we bring here a 1009 show originates. The place on an array of complex goes in the studio by the freeway Sunbelt rentals studios Sunbelt rentals. 10% off your first equipment rental imaginary right here only got to do is call 1800. No sweat 1800 no sweat or Sunbelt rentals that come. Steady job bigger small they have equipment for them all we follow goalie can window we followed Geoff Calkins immediately followed Jason Giambi gets ready. Ford Gary Parrish sit in in the captain's chair I'm heroes they're castles and other side of the glass the British of the program who won only Devin a walker what's up. Let's look on little other girl Dana funeral that powerful and good weather we're having. It take to the weather guy you know what I. I am not to sugar coat this I am the immune system of a frigate horse I don't get sick. Like I am the anti John browser John Rosa gets sick all the time here and I I it form I am I feel very blessed I don't know what you know. DNA strand I possess that they gets you have like I will get sick. At the end of the basketball sees when my body knows it's time to shut down my when that when our season ends inevitably. I get like a cold flight two or three days but I I. Can't title last time I had the flu I can't tell you the last time like I actually. I think for the first time. In my. A decade. I've dominated late 1 evening and it was like down the next day. Those guys that got us knocked down himself and his there are recovering consuming too many. In my adult beverages but yeah now I got a little I just don't get sick in so I got cats like a political know beyond that of course it's like my last day. On the show this week on taken vacation remainder of the week. Opt for a couple reasons that a little deal I've got to deal with tomorrow and I didn't think it was right to. Did not do tomorrow showed he Wednesday and then peak on Thursday and Friday when Jerry plane take off sides had take the other two days off to generate. Will be good for me so yeah I feel that you I feel bad for you get under the weather and all people are battling through it. My sister in California battling through that fluke thing that's been nasty so hopefully feel better there let's get right into the program because we got a busy day today marked as to share. Calls play by play for the NBA college basketball the NFL you name it ST does at all I he was on the call for the Cleveland. And Boston game and at Cleveland seemingly sending a wake up call to the rest Eastern Conference at these moves might have been exactly what we needed so. I will talk to mark as sure about that. We will wring it out put three on the board will get an Olympic update from our body LA Daniel we will also. Talk about Andy Kennedy and home miss apparently he is out at Ole miss and some people speculating that petty Hardaway made. Met no chance 00. Possibility that my opinion offense all of us on that stranded the bag on you bit I'm thinking Penny Hardaway is is picking. Either the Memphis job if he wants that at some point or going somewhere bigger and some speculated maybe he joins cal on his staff. And if you're gonna go if you if you got to go big in muscle building actually we'll save that for other headlines. I Johnny men's 1 on Good Morning America and the former Heisman Trophy were the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback. Basically say he's bipolar and I just don't see how he gets and shot the NFL so we'll talk about those things are gonna put throughout the board Jason Smith will join us at 3 o'clock. Will sock tigers. And grins and then we'll open up the phone lines for you at 325 get your thoughts on both you can chime in tigers or grizzlies there I did see my body flash. Put out a Twitter message since two that it took eight of flex is always tweet about the resume a super fan he's a die hard fan win or lose he backs degrees and he basically said hey listen. As a season if you're a season particular tell me what you would like seek somebody answers were rather interesting they were both business. And basketball related so. You can feel free do that is loss on the season's eight dollars. Don't feel the amenities really give them much of a benefit some of the season particulars were basically. I'm critical of other things and and a lot of it had to do about a clear cut direction or management soaked. You wanna talk about that once I'd love Tubby Smith keeps him as well 3.5. 345 we will articles about what the headlines will Galloway Gary Parrish takes over but let's static right in. It was a rough weekend. For both the local teams that not is biggest surprise. Even went out Russell Westbrook in Karbala Carmelo Anthony. Because supple and Oklahoma City I know the lakers just dumped on them the other night. Without Westbrook and without Anthony and they are a different team without Westbrook but they still have Paul George and I still have Stephen Adams and they still have a a pretty. Solid. Group of players that let's just be honest about it when you get past Mike I'm gonna get past. Marcus on your past Tyreke Evans and of Chandler Parsons LT get past there into Michael Green. Let's understand better players. Out Sabrina is a better player to want to grizzlies have on the roster he can knock down threes from anywhere. Jeremy grants approved an NBA player he's been heavily for a few years Raymond Felton has a long time point guard mostly multiple times starter. Over the years and he's now starting with with Russ. Owl but basically. Can fill the void there so it's a team that. You watch them and you go oh OK well they ample George in the you know they're starting lineup consists of these guys a couple guys maybe you haven't completely. Come to understand what Stephen Adams is very solid and they're bringing guys off the bench that can help in the grizzlies. Just right now seemingly had kind of hit a lot. Offensively there offensive numbers are not good or last handful of games they've been. Held under a hundred points on a regular basis these last handful of games in fact going in the last night they had been held under ninety in three consecutive games. And that's just not. Conducive to winning in today's. Whatever the reason may be. It is what it is but they took on the chin again last night their perimeter defense. Seemingly. Did not engage the way they needed to gave up a lot of open threes that thunder made those open threes. Before you knew that they had a big lead in their role in the first quarter of the grizzlies led that game six now from the start. And it's under close on 3512. La. Yet getting outscored by 23 points in basically a night. Put this led the thunder scored 35 points in the first hole and did not score for the first two minutes and forty seconds of the first quarter. So essentially in nine minutes they scored 35 points. Which means of making a ton of shots you make and a lot of threes. And you get good looks and and your opponents not finding anyway to stop a couple other than the steamroller wrong way they'll face the same team Wednesday night. When the outsider come in to town on Sacramento back to back I believe they're playing Cleveland the night before. So we'll see how they respond to that as it with a final game before the all star break it what it is what it is. People are joking what about Tyrone weeks embracing the tank I get a it's kind of funny to think about that that this team just as. Some flaws right now. They have guys you know. This mission right now is basically. To see who came PA. Competent role player for the grizzlies in the future. And who can't and I don't. Know how to put it any better than. You can't. Screw this up but you've got to figure out who fits and who does. And I'm not stranded. The hyper critical if you wanna call wanna be hyper critical of front office you're more than welcome to our match and had a critical of him but they can't mess this up they've got to figure out. Who's gonna make who's gonna stick and who's not and if they figure that out and make those decisions and stick by. You know don't stick with a guy fighting you know I get there's a financial side to this game that unfortunately can get away but. Right now this team. Has got to find a way to have more talent on the roster. They have. Salvaged part of the future because they want to play up front which is very normal or was very normal back in the day it's not as prevalent now. They were trying to replenish those picks. That they dangled out there like take tax back in the day when. Picks just weren't as valuable based on the way to collective bargaining agreement was I don't fault them. What they did when they are making playoff runs they were trying to get players to make a deeper playoff run they were trying to make moves to get more talent. On that roster roster to help immediately rather than long term. Where you could fall damages. Where they missed on the picks that they actually did have and that's where you know this this front office has taken some heat so we'll talk about that a little bit. Also one Sunday. Memphis Tigers were at home they were taking on UCF. Who has this big Fella named taco fall seven feet six inches tall long lanky protects the ramp. At a meeting in nice night. Bringing back memories around San sooner you know any other solid player he's moral I was more like him a new bull type player here but. At the college level is not a lot of 76 guys running around in 76 skeptic you're in pretty good thing. It's probable that the tigers stumble fall one planes. By. UCF want to venture couple guys that made people have heard of them actually filled in quite admirably. They can thump on the tigers there now after words Tubby Smith addressed the media DeVon walker you were there. If there was there was very interest in seeing him. We are nameless. I I don't. Quite in Ohio he explained that what I heard but it is is a team that won four straight games right there they lost their first do they won four straight. They're now five cents on one point they were foreign to correct. And it got it out five and seven. So they've won one out of it at 11 and they've got one in five. Correct me if I'm wrong similar collapse last year or something you address what Tubby Smith did ask and you have the audio. How the audio of and I can get that audio but I also have audio of him. As far as into areas. OK so Antonio it's a question okay I'll get that and so what the other audio you're gonna hear is Antonio Anderson the former tiger who was beloved. In this city that era of tiger basketball may go down as. If not the greatest error one of the two or three obviously Larry finch shares were amazing obviously to Keith Lee William Bedford. Artery terriers were amazing eight. Those are probably the most beloved times for. Tiger basketball. But they get to cal years. And I can only speak to that personally. But to that era because that's the only time I was here Memphis I wasn't here for the other two. All I know. Is that you couldn't get at ticket to a game you couldn't find a parking space I'll never forget this true story. I obviously have some simple some perks at FedEx Forum also worked there right here lot full. Go to the media allow go to the media lack ices media lot full gotta go over there by where that old abandoned firehouse welcome thing as right here. A poet I'd pull into the wrong side there's nobody out there's I don't think there's any problem. Poland. As they come out of the game. It was meant distortion that comes as you'll meet when he box of good but like ideal here. I'm forty talking about isolate I was pulled apart here because the media allows full does this is private the media lots write a lesson war where were you when I had parked here nobody was here. You can't charge me twenty dollars now after the fact and he's like art and I might try to pull out literally and that's great being the front and in my car when confront. Front fender on the left side the driver's side. On apple because it's guys like trying to plot a month if I'm not giving you twenty bucks but I don't know this is a scammer hostile Malick and of you know not eat my next meal over twenty dollars. But scout principled thing. Look at this honestly. So he sees it because listen man. Andy is he honestly had no idea what was which is fine because grizzly stopped at the time they're so loud people like it was still there's still some relative anonymity so my job. So we just beat Georgetown and I'm gonna charge you. And I went. Okay we can some build a team of mark I don't care sent it to the grizzlies is they'd they've they're the ones appointed me over here. And he's like nominated just go go tigers but that's the attitude that was going on. Around town right this guy has harping on me for twenty bucks for parking and a space where I guess the ninth inning. Retrospect we didn't get ugly he was just doing his job he understood my point. But he wasn't budging I understood his point but I wasn't budging. But in the end the tigers beating Georgetown. Trumped at all right. So. The bottom line is. That. We're a long way from that right now but that's how much it meant to this city. And one thing I've always been hyper critical of Tubby Smith about. It's not recruiting which I do think they dropped the ball. But I'm not gonna be hyper critical about that. In and it's. You know everybody else comments on this or you know whatever else is he's a brilliant x.s o.s coach. The one thing that I have been hyper critical about rivals continue to be critical of him about. They seemingly had no idea what it meant to this city. In terms of tiger basketball they seemingly did not understand the magnitude of the law of for that program. From its fan base. They seemingly did not have any idea. Of how passionate. The people here are about basketball and this is why I find that unacceptable her unbelievable. You know what I knew when I moved here in 2001. When the program wasn't exactly on top of the world in fact when I got here the first year I was here they were still trying to run Al lot of talent. The emails I got this at all Cal's steak house serves low grade dog food and cows a snake oil salesman and he's the worst guy in the world we need real coach. This guy can't do anything and then six years seven years later people are begging him to stay right here. I knew they loved him outsiders. I eighty would have to grow up here I knew you know how idea. I asked what I had area said so tell me that each why the change remember Memphis state but now I see University of Memphis they were both of tiger's. Why did change what happened. I'd the I'd watch games it in mid mid eighties. On CBS and see this rabid fan base consider race still as college basketball crazy house second work for the NBA because I wanted to know how is gonna work for my job. There because I was also told a one night when some solid same m.'s great basketball city if you're in college basketball CIO the NBA goes so I ask. Passed. A simple question. It is hard for me to fathom I get that you've been around the block as many years is you have if you Tubby Smith that she didn't. Have at least somebody on the staff go yo man you better realize what were born into we come and here's struggle. And there are going to be on our you know what's real quick. And that seemingly none of them at any idea. None of them had any idea. Here's Tubby Smith talking about the wheels fall off at the end of the season like last. Because we have. Okay. It's very important somewhere. OK got it Brazilian barely hear him in as part of the problem he done. He honestly seemingly has no idea right okay. Again hall of fame coach incredible Reza may have wins. Except for one problem with that what do you not hearing that voice seemingly. Affirmations. Passion passion and her confidence. It's almost like TS I don't know. Ice ice don't know you know listen that we got a good team I don't know why it's not click what's. You don't. You said we can tell your friends tournament team you're not. I know you're trying to sell to everybody but just at some point oh hey listen we're building it the way we wanna build it we may not have. You don't everything we want right now but these guys are given the all they have. And I can't tell you exactly why. At the end of the season were faltering this year but I know these guys and give it everything they had maybe they're a little bit tired maybe it's the dog days of February. Where teams can hit walls maybe it's just catching up to us. You know the fact that our depth is not where we. May be needed to be and guys are playing a lot of minutes in their bodies are getting tired whatever it may be but you know what I love these kids I believe in these kids. And I believe in this team and even if we don't. Reach the ultimate goal of making the NCAA tournament it's not for lack of effort right. Something along those lines and yet. One hour round. You'll want to tell you what happens if I come into the show today. I got one day left. Before I go on vacation. In debt and writes out the script and edit rights out all the guests that he's worked his butt off to go get. And Devin tells me all things are happen all these guys coming in ready to give me everything they got I kind of slips. I don't know I guess there you know. Grizzlies lost yesterday and so did tigers and it's. You know feel like it's going to be good. These. You'll would turn the station off before I got the third word out of my mouth. Which is exactly what people are doing in the stadium that's the problem people are just wanting. Confidence direction and it's not just the tigers grizzly side to that's the main thing. So I'll hear from tiger as you'd sure easy to pick on the tigers you don't wanna grizzlies are right how we gonna do when they're not right. They're not playing good basketball you are right now gathered at the same conquer complaints from their fans. About the direction going as well stand up. Know what you're saying we confident what you're saying even if it's not. The easiest thing to do what's the one thing your parents tell you to do when you screw up. Be honest here and say hey I screwed up you know what they say will go easier on some probably it's the same thing. But we're taught that at an early age be honest don't try to sit there and deflect deflect deflect deflect. Because you didn't understand the the fan base was passionate like they are because you didn't understand that meant that much to the city to step on his go to luck. It is a work in progress I understand the frustration we can be better we've had some bumps in the road. I am proud of our guys for everything they've given us the should be no way should this be taken out on them bring the heat to me. On the head coach I'm the guy who put this together. I made some mistakes I admit to those but you know what I wanna give this city what it wants a winning program we ever say that. Have you ever heard him say that. That's my issue. Because he seemingly just and it we had about Michelle. And I I like them had madam multiple times a nice guy. He's a brilliant x.s and l.'s coach. But their roster isn't what it should be. Now I'm not gonna sit here and I know some of you out there believe that there is final four level talent just in this city alone. I'm gonna tell you right now you're not going to a ton of final fours just by recruiting once you've got to recruit a bigger Nat Nat. I'm not saying there's not fastball down a city there's tremendous. Basketball town the city it's ridiculous. I was even blown away by and it's talked about amongst NBA executives on a regular basis but you can't just simply recruit demands it but you have to recruit some album. It's your you have to get that game. Even if you don't play the game the way it's played as I said is multiple times if you don't wanna play. The way some guys play it which is against the rules are dirty air out we know look at what happened at Louisville. You still have to get a game. And seemingly they finally figured that part out. But you wanna hear the passion. And sold the former players so Antonio Anderson. Calls out Tubby Smith basically said. Not the right guy for the job doesn't make tubby a bad person or a bad basketball coach but maybe not the right fit for this situation. Here's what's out he had to say and applied Antonio Anderson. He refers computer freeze is you're frozen had to say nothing very. And that of course oversight. Allowing only Gillard and. Either way and we all respect. The guys that put that Jersey on and bid stars in the past Antonio Anderson although maybe not a national name. Is beloved here. And so here's what Tony had set. You just wanted to tell me it was ready to go. So if something happens. In this business. It's what it is. And been there before. So we try to do our best job we can't do it. We do have religiously we do it consistently. In. And take it takes time. I'd kick it takes time. You're not seen him. People aren't seeing what they want seek from either side to be honest with you right now. From both the pro and the Palestinian people are frustrated and maybe that's compounding the frustration. On both suck. Like you don't have. A great tiger team to fall back on the grizzlies were riding. The wave of mediocrity back in the day the tigers were a loss. We had something to take our. Energy. And focus on the positive right now you just don't have that from either team. And I wondered that doesn't have some to do with. We'll take your phone calls about it later on in the program coming up next Marquez is sure. Calls games for ESPN on the radio he is terrific at what he does he called the Celtics and as the cast sending a message. The NBA that the moves they've made. May indeed vault them right back in the prosperity will talked cast the about it next ninety to not offend ESPN Memphis. Hey. Man this is scared of lots of rest before. 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By the award winning praise service department right here in Memphis it's in his radio and you get 10% off your next equipment purchase for the latest in home security it's phrased protection. It's. Now I didn't feel like it would be cool to just take one day and then come back 1 day I am leaving Thursday morning. With my son. To head to Florida for his first Disney trip. So I. And I. So you get you get the benefit to be in the ES Yang guy get a free pass and I got to pay for that stuff so I. You know what I was or two way divest their one yet we are world by Disney and two I was talking to John Berry yesterday and a credit to John-Michael of course it does radio for the cavaliers yeah. I'm just like I think yeah I think it had been trucks were you with the bulls in view in Memphis and all the guys around the NBA. You know at least we get a little bit of a break here and there sometimes in our schedules are not eat well before games and 485. Games in six but the 82 game. Crying Game crying dessert is a very very tough flooding could continue to little bright and some family that yet. You know all about that I wanna ask you about yesterday because you were on the call on the radio side cavs Celtics I watch the game in Oklahoma City. And I saw first quarter two point game Sus second quarter of that second unit looked awfully good for Cleveland and they open it up in the second half. As I'm watching on things and all it here in the Eastern Conference that better be your thought process because you see the athletic schism. Of Jordan Clarkson you see the shooting ability of Rodney hood you see a little bit leadership with George Hill and these guys. It Larry Nance junior and as well the young guys especially Gooden and Nance junior and and Clarkson. All of his hum been hungering for a place where they can win hill's done that before. But now he has a chance to go back to what he was in San Antonio on. As a little surprised and work out for George and Sacramento but I also understand at this stage in his career you probably don't wanna be a mentor to a lottery team. It's gonna play a lot of young guys that did they gave a glimpse yesterday of what's possible tell me what you saw. Yeah I mean. Well first we were in Cleveland. Last Saturday when they got ripped by the rockets which have the latest in a number of terrible losses. Where they just looked listless said that might have been the most. Lit listless and they can even in their eyes looking at players were sitting right next to the cavs bench it was almost incomprehensible that this was. You know the team that had been to three straight finals and LeBron has been the seventh straight to play they got no chance I don't know what they're gonna do with the trade deadline is fast forward we know what happened. And for a team that had one practice together in Atlanta Saturday afternoon before they flew up to Boston. And to be able to do what they did it that the by just over five below. Whether they had one or not it was a complete change. Like you said younger. Hungrier. In some cases desperation you know and that would be set the bar high yesterday. And who knows if they're gonna be doing that on a consistent basis. But all four of those guys contributed and I agree with every point you made on all those new players. You know they they make Cleveland so much better so different. A little more personal other play more out tie Lou wants to play until. He's got he's got to look at the top chores that he's gonna try to instill this offense slowly. But he only has simple like five days. And a few more days there and Oklahoma City in the mail disband the be all star break and get some weeks later they gotta have that. Kind of start over again but just from being married and seeing last Saturday. To yesterday's Sunday was about as 180s you can get. Were you surprised other teams didn't go make moves having here in Memphis we were surprised Tyreke Evans. Is still a grizzly to be honest with you we weren't sure you know that there's no blodget behind that Chris Wallace tried to explain it. They were holding out for a better deal with seemingly no one wanted to part. Even good teams with them later first round pick street in protected first round picks. And I wonder if it's not gonna cost some teams I look at Washington and yeah they may be able to go get Derrick Rose but Derrick hasn't then. Great the last couple years. Maybe he fills that gap for John Wall the Tyreke Evans seemingly. Could've helped several teams all they had to do is to say sure we'll give you it's corny nineteen protected first round pick. If that's what you're really looking for no one wanted to pull the trigger. Yeah I was surprised Terry wasn't on the move. I think a lot of teams are looking yet to see debate and get on the buyout market and I think you're right in some respects this is the culmination. Teams trading picks to the point where. You know they've got to take a look at what they have for the future. You are some teams are four fight your double lying in takes so they're given up in some of these moves and I think also you know the salary cap but at despite getting. And the rising salaries and some you know because argues and talk contract approach should be given out and get the luxury tax that teams are looking ahead. But I think the role excuses you're right if you're looking at the bottom line which is winning which is what we look at you know was fans don't look good right now. How might get a make my team better how much do they compete. To give myself a shot to get to the finals and I was surprised there wasn't as much and to be honest with you Eric I was surprised the cavaliers were able. I'd do as much as they did I thought Colby Altman they're young GM had himself a great day. You know I I looked at it just from. What Cleveland had to offer which wasn't much. And I always failed to take that next step for that third step. And say okay expiring contracts. Look pretty clear salary cap space because all these different parts that are moving that have nothing to do. I was winning in some cases and I think that caught up with some other teams that I decided not to make some moves. I don't know if you talk to Doris at all after the game but you know who's a big fan of his own Mosul is Kobe Altman and rightfully so. Yeah I think he's close on the interview with they're like during one of the breaks because they feel might actually wanna go watch these guys play I'm sorry guys wisely didn't and they don't look. It is I have I have never had a conversation with it yet you know I'd David Griffin was very nice to be over the years that even took a little wild. You know as a guy just parachute in from game to game. You don't often get a chance nice to meet the GMs and the president of the organization but he was very forward hadn't you know we had a great relationship and still do. Patrol BI you know and 45 Cleveland game thirty have you know never got a chance to beat I saw the unity taking place across the court I did not hear it. And that's that's kind of funny to figure that they have enjoyed what a nice job. DA cannot say he was look at age age old adage of don't break your arm pat yourself on the back you might want to get an X ray but you know what they did you you're right what he did was. Was pretty remarkable I was really surprised because we had. Just seeing the Utah Jazz in Memphis. And my partner Elliot Perry civil I'd heard pull it may be on the move and Elliott is pretty tied in with a lot of his former. You know teammates and and and you know former NBA players that he knows he's well respected. And I looked and I said does that seem crazy though I mean they're making a playoff push they get go bare back. Seemingly. Run Rodney hood has a huge role in Quin Snyder's team and they they move them and I don't know there's sand. Hey whatever we do we're probably gonna be eight seed and play off you know kindling for the Golden State lawyers so. Let's give what we can and then try to get a young piece I just don't get that teams like Utah seems like. Denver both you know I I Denver did what they could but wouldn't come off certain things. Like I said those first round picks and a to make it to the class for the grizzlies they've been there seven straight years this is a tough year. It's a different animal for them when you look at it I just got some of these teams he missed the boat and and Cleveland took absolute advantage of it. Yeah I was surprised if you start to look there at the miss the bull run may finally get back to 500 bed takes place here right seven games won that first rounder I'd like to sit kindling. For the warriors last year I know queen really liked Rodney hood at the word we were getting was you know. And look teams don't make decisions based on fans but they were really getting out and maybe I was surprised to be inconsistency. Not living up to the billing of the draft pick. May I guess they wanted to get a little tougher perhaps that was pitcher Jae Crowder part of it but but how we view I think. A lot of people feel of the four guys they came that's the key guy I still think George Hill might be. You know keep want to Wear it low key doesn't have to be viewed this guy. But you pointed out is what he had in San Antonio in the early years ago we learned a quote unquote corporate knowledge and then. Took it to India and and you know they went for the play out speed the numerous times even better and they need who. They can all play awful abroad but I just think Rodney hood is so young. And still has upside and I think he's restricted at the end of this year. So perhaps you talk felt like maybe they were getting indications he wasn't coming or they were gonna match but still. I was surprised as well have been able to get as much quality ago. Yeah no doubt about talking to mark gesture from ESPN radio and the play by play on NBA and college basketball you here and right here. On a regular basis Cassie I do wanna ask you this you know Boston last yesterday on their home floor takes a good dumping from Cleveland those things happen. Time to time when you look at that team in the Eastern Conference and now look at the makeup of the cavs the way the raptors are playing especially at home. Should there be concern in Boston that bit that maybe they got a little too comfortable with their great start the fact that they felt like hey. We survived a horrific injury to Gordon Hayward and we're still here so we're pretty we're we're pretty good shape they've got young talent but. Some lately just I don't know if it's because they're younger you know some of their core guys are younger whatnot that. They just have nights where it doesn't click more so than you would expect out of the top tier team. Yeah I think there should be some concern look you know we're gonna I'm sure you've talked about it. In Memphis this first half quarter quarter two thirds into the all star break just feels so long this year because this season started a couple of weeks earlier. But it feels like everybody is grasping to get to break even the great Golden State Warriors look like they're right you know just tried to get the break and Jason Tatum and Jalen brown had a horrible game yesterday both problem. And paid him his nineteenth it looks like Moody's said that wall. They're gonna go as far as carrier and takes them. He's an incredible. Score you look even a little bit better than he was last year you know it can create and he had a tough day after a pretty good start yesterday. I think there's concern because there. Their defense team that hasn't played good defense and a wild you know they haven't been a great offensive team they've been great comeback team in. When you look at their record it if you do the law of averages on those sixteen games they rallied in the fourth quarter. You know maybe there are where Cleveland is right now in Toronto got this big smoking Lee but. I think both the Celtics in the cavaliers. Should both be concerned about what Toronto's doing kept so quiet at you know an NBA fans know and those close with leak that's no good to get to see them. They're not on national TV no one talks about them. And I think they're two steps better than they were last year like you said it but I Toronto at that home court. At places that tough building to play in a big spot. Tested before let's go wanna talk about the west a little bit obviously east took center stage yesterday but Houston is apparently picking up Brandan Wright of the grizzlies waived. That seems to be the preferred destination for Joseph Johnson as well. Those two guys with that squad it what can may impact do you think they have if much of any obviously with. Kristen and James Harden that's the that's the engine that drives the train but. You know when you can add an athlete that can run the floor and Brandan Wright whose caddie had fallen out of favor here in Memphis and a veteran and Joseph Johnson who just wanted to let opportunity go somewhere else. And they they get deeper right there and and and as you know they've said they're obsessed with with the Golden State lawyers and trying to knock them off the pedestal. I think I whipped. James Harden and Chris Paul being as good as they are. And need to know for as for those who don't know Clint Capellan we go in. You know we've seen John Lucas work with him for three years right you've been there pre game and they've been out of court for hours I mean this guy is now. These global superstar level in the way he's playing easy right. Right there is so close especially with those two play makers. And then you have all that three point shooting surrounding them and then he had those two guys you just mentioned I think their death does better the Golden State I don't know that does that feel. You know like crossed the line there by saying that I mean I am. Golden State does you know they look to pay our product of you know of the signing of the contract and they're gonna have to they're gonna have to do what these next few years if they wanna keep backcourt together. And they've been great at finding guys who come in. For the minimum and play their way and they are outstanding and I don't know if you student. I don't know of anybody can beat Golden State a seven game series I wanna see it first right in a hole where everybody's helping everybody playing about as Cleveland bit. Couple years ago but there were circumstances that helped in that situation. I love peace and I didn't think guy I could ever. Love that you know like Daytona is one of the great guys in the game but I wasn't sure resistant to ever work. In it in the post season when you need some defense they got defenders now. And you know they are athletic and all of their everything you want me NBA I stole one at CM. Against Golden State about to seven every day what it's all said and done but I think there are those two pieces just at certain depth they already got. You're good man I hear Austin Minnesota you said decent college work this week. We got out Michigan State and the golden gophers tomorrow night. Let's hope that Minnesota has one of their best games of the year because they are injured. And it played about seven guys at Michigan State got a couple pros at least their rosters so we've yet to build a little bit but I got Bob felt bad about participate. And that that are big boy went awry and a big win for Michigan State over Purdue the other day as well on June update any left we were talking and it's crazy we're talking college vessel the other day and I was like. Well yes Virginia is undefeated in their in conference and he got Michigan State. Aren't birdies undefeated in conference in Villanova is undefeated in conference and they'll lose so apparent. Who do go home you're gonna be hard to fill out the brackets this year you don't even when you fill out the sweet sixteen and get that second life bracket. If you'd you'd be hard pressed to find a dominant team in college you'd this year which should make a lot of fun. I think we're gonna have an incredibly. Exciting tournaments going to be a blast to say the least Jesse are good man I appreciated travel safe. We'll catch up soon my friend. Enjoy do need those times with the younger when they're young you'll miss them when they turned what it might do it today so I have a great time. You got a brother that's awesome thanks Marc Marquez got it right there you got it. Uses. He's sure about that they've they grow up fast so just earnings wanna today so that's big moment for apparent right there mark is. Truly want it the great pros and our business and was on site. Yesterday in Boston is the outcasts are gone. The Boston Celtics when we come back we'll do a little rain out put three on the board that's next not into and out of ME SP in Memphis decent Jerry Jerry show. How will file jointly that you were part of some of the best times what's it been like watching this season unfold. I think they probably misread the city when they got here don't like this jobless like many other jobs like Minnesota like Texas stack and made a misread the enthusiasm and you know people are on the games I think they're voting with their lacquered and that's. Jason. 'til 6 PM this afternoon Chris Wallace from the grizzlies at 445 Geoff Calkins from Korea. I'm succeeding here. This is. ESPN. College basketball is heating up the NBA is on every niceties are busy times lots of games lots of opportunities for fun night may was stiff drinks this is Gary Parrish reminded of that if you're gonna buy a bottle. By the bottom line by specifically a bottle. A new Amsterdam box and that you're about to the premium eighty proof vodka made from the finest quality grades it's five times distilled to unparalleled smoothest still to three times. 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Or visit sleep easy easy easy as that dobbs lead easy by Michael's honor we never wake up on the wrong side of the mustering a couple three important. Besides who really need the Syria. Is ready to be. We know 82 nines very Kessel the one paralympics are off and running and quite honestly. I had no idea what's. I really don't so I bring in somebody who does well. His name is LA Daniel you've heard his voice over Memphis radio over the years he is an Olympic experts are what the hell's going on in Jung Chang well. We're backing. I can you hear me I can't. Again yeah. Yeah I got the US Olympic ski teams is shared these hundreds of what's going on. You're a bit rich career right you're right it has its good to articulate executed it perfectly good example water's Cold War backdrop. They've been to the US team is. Very good. And that victory it's loud you don't have to worry about people talking on FaceBook who wore it out that because. It's time change these fifteen hours so you get to watch this stuff live primetime host my two very good well when they're playing they're playing hockey in the days so like if they start a hockey game. At 8 o'clock. At night over the air that would be. Oh that's that that would be that would be I don't diet bust so good that basically. Do when you watch it prime time NBC this time at 90 that's so to speak pretty much loud. That's you know that that's cute daughter around noon their time so I'll step that they do in the daytime we watch deny deny before such great. Bidders have stepped aside that way and yup stage of hockey the crowd the women's team. US be Finland and come back we have got just fight would defend than women such a good way to start. Did the big story of popular of the Olympic so far has been to create an hockey taking the women's. They unified became head North Korea and South Korea in one unified team that you could if you didn't see that it was such an unbelievable things like. Good to countries can't come together but the women's hockey team came in a big government are out of South Korea toe to coach you have to play. Three north Koreans every game I look at how you do it but you have to do it so great politics is to be part speaking of which. Kim Jon and sister coming to this was the big story other and coincidentally. They set my pitch in the parasites right in front of our scoot it proceeded to move his wife and make personnel actually does it awards in front of her. And then they had to get they had their best pop star and Korea play. John Lennon's imagine if you take that was an actual date you crazy how they are second to countries like I do their to their same attributes. It has been a bag drop an estimated thousands protest people protesting hard and it allowed in this that we had. We had an American Mayo went elude you come and it weigh heavy metal. And as such we get a silver that's the first time that's ever happened America now has never. Any day includes ever we had American female lead at triple Axel and figure skating first time that's ever happened ever. We die. Dominated the snowboard so far. The girl in the commercial Jamie Anderson one. And you know I will side. That. Tara Lipinski had Michael weird that are very. Johnny Weir did a very big job. Announcing the figure skating they're very good at it tell you what's going on it if it did. In Johnny Weir were in NFL guy he beat Tony Lama ballclub on world a big stage both of a very compression off. But both of on the lost every time they were on the big stage and both of them are very good in the Booth they tell you what's going on I don't where I HI like chapel I don't know let's. Because it puts us and that's it's it's yeah. This statement could Obama's got an eagle they definitely are OK let's go honestly John. Arnold you want wrote that post ball every day down you know me and women does he slot because the wind. We had it been like unbelievable party about an hour. I had an everyday so we see darkness Friday period of skiing you go to lawmaker had to move everything to their combined what's already there. Tonight charm without light co chair of have to I haven't. I'll have quite nice snowboarding but they're bill Lotta kid wins have been stupid it was up. Chiffon had to deal way to already below zero wind chill popular you'll. Did today or last I really dedicated. And that's why they had to post combat and I'm gonna abuse and so do you which is to create alcohol can be donated and targeted college speak. I won't be saying comment you next week. I'll talk your money where there are kept it took their way to start with pride. Well thanks funny. There's your Olympic update are to me not to imagine they Zaria on the so you already. The current Laker home to 200% hard to get it. It's an interesting. Love the Olympics is our Olympic update experts. And it's a sort overdue NCAA preliminary rankings came out for the NCAA Terrence and they're doing this now likely eligible class is just give people sometimes a problem was. It when they did that. The teams all lost a Villanova lost. Virginia lost Purdue lost. So right now it looks like Michigan State who was projected as a three seed. In this projection should be the new number one and it'll be a CC Xavier was the other number one now projected seed read there's a Beers and playing excellent. Basketball and other college Basilan is Andy Kennedy would step down at Ole miss so that will create a vacancy there made the turn at two times in. Twelve years before we wrap it up Johnny man's 1 on Good Morning America. Any talk about being. Bipolar. And basically had the last say about his. About what happened to his football career. The caller one who tells you into his show so I appreciate hustles like an idol stage to producers I don't know that it wants to hang up the phone I wanted to get ready to play good out of let. Katie played out in an hour I don't know external. That yeah. The adult I want to ask you a indicating removal okay calm about him as the winningest coach at Ole miss history. Yeah got there and and and anything right. Anymore rod Barnes had a decent run but it just wasn't very long late date the guys haven't stuck around there yeah. I study did find.