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Monday, January 22nd

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DeVon walker what's up dude for a married on this Monday. A great a busy week ahead got a busy week of basketball ahead. And we now know with a Super Bowl will be in that riveting Pro Bowl will be this weekend which no one will care about but all that football is on its way. To wrapping up which means basketball's gonna hit the out ground. At full speed we already had our first Saturday night. Evening error out prime time game the illegal say lawyers road win streak was snapped. Cleveland Cavaliers took us. A butt kicking a ball but takings in the grizzlies had their three game win streak snapped. On Saturday as all busy program for you today in the program of course. Currency from the Sunbelt rentals studio Sunbelt rentals and a job bigger small Sunbelt rentals has equipment formal 1800 knows what you get 10% off. The first equipment analyst sun belt rentals check them out on the web at some but Reynolds I come march zoom off. Is the television voiceless Philadelphia 76ers longtime. Philadelphia broadcaster today as a team watched. Their Philadelphia Eagles. Stop Minnesota yesterday and team wants also. Consumers and a good Moody's also excited about this year's Philadelphia 76 squad will bring him onto 25 ring it up but three on the board. At that 245. Big commitment for duke. And then a former NBA coach can't take a shot in his old team will talk about that. 3 o'clock Jason Smith those of the adjacent John show one of the two also issued six. He'll tackle tiger basketball with us tigers fell to Tulsa. And I Jeremiah Martin had a little hip injury but he's expected to go. In the next tiger game soul get his thoughts on now where the tiger said in a Jason reed a senior NFL writer for the undefeated. Join us at 325 talked about Super Bowl. And out the titans coaching change in what will happen or some of the other. Coaches as well Matt Patricia end just can't still can not yet signed it respective. New teams were spear B. Indianapolis and Detroit yeah which is the worst kept secret going in the the NFL and the titans settled on Mike Vrabel now Mike Vrabel. They defense a guy like that did catch that some fast believe in the Super Bowl so it Ozal somebody offense right and they said that he. Is looking forward to working with mark as Mario and I just. I'm not sure a wild about it I hope I'm wrong as I think my dribbles it really good football mind like he's. Went from being an incredibly intelligent player on the field. But I wanna date and innovative offensive mind if I'm if I'm a titans at bears can we choose your. You know camp there's not a preacher de Cannes playing guys out there one now frank Reich will donate I thought a very positive. Our opportunity as well there but frank Rex can be a little bit easier. And maybe people expected because this Philadelphia Eagles concert also calls out. With the headlines a couple of things going on here to break out was in Memphis yes he's dropped two songs Evans could tell me about those. And UWW we fans Roth 25 years the 25 year anniversary will air two nights we'll talk about that just a little. That wanna get right into it you can tweak program at Aircastle that upped the offer better cast. And at mount golfers of the grisly solid golfer are not sorry that's. At DeVon. Underscore walker five hour ago so I had been gagged and daybreak as six years of doing something in the same way every day I got here for the most part talked. Add debt and underscore walker five act at an underscore walker five are grizzlies did split over the weekend. Odd that Zach Randolph its return to Memphis was everything we expected it. To be emotional. Entertaining. Kudos to Michael Blevins and the grizzlies production crew for putting the tribute video up so standing ovation as he was introduced. Standing ovation during a tribute video chance of Z Bo throughout the crowd. And a very bad Sacramento team that is just trying to figure out which of their young guys has the potential to stick around. And which young guys need to be jettisoned off to do something else weathered the play in Europe or for another NBA roster. Are bad night we saw what the grizzlies have been doing as of late moving the basketball moving without the basketball their pace of play has picked up. Are in the last 1213 games. They're points per game have picked up dramatically. There offensive efficiency numbers have picked up dramatically their defense is dropped off a little bit. Because are playing at a faster pace but overall. It played it a heck of a ball game and then Mac more got to start. I after being somewhat regulated to the bench back more gets the start. And scores a season high Dylan Brooks had a career high seas and high as well obviously he's a rookie Sony season I will be a career high for Dillon Brooks. And it played really well they've played well against a bad team and they really kind of dominated the game mark got the better of Zach once again Vince Carter came back. If five threes it was. It was good to see Vince as well. But overall. You'd get the sense they look the grizzlies may be struggling through this season. But they're nowhere near as bad as some of these other teams that they're at the bottom. What you see out of the grizzlies right now is an inch and dynamic because. They can fight and compete. Some of the better teams and only I like that New Orleans team I think they're under achieving a little bit right now I think age is seemingly don't. Have much chemistry on the defensive and offensively they can light up any night. An average almost a 111 points in Alvin Gentry is a brilliant offensive minds whatever reason the defense is not clicking and they tend to play the level of their competition. Look like they're gonna blow the grizzlies out on Saturday night prisoners charged back. With a big run to start the third quarter after shelling by fifteen at the half as many as 21 in the second quarter. But they show that even a team a two all stars and a guy it's really a third all star injure holiday you'll never make it less but he made it in the east when he was with Philadelphia. And the grizzlies don't have that level of talent and yet they were right there with those guys. And it just poses its. Really murky really awkward situation for everybody. To. The. Era in a tough jam and that is. They're capable of winning. I would say especially if Conley came back more than 50% of their remaining games right. We know that for a fact. We've seen seen this team when they're healthy when they have the right rotation in pretty good sixteen and warning that if 37 games left. But let's say they do go twenty and seventeen. At a puts a smackdown. 10111213. And lottery maybe maybe maybe just twelve but sure at the back of a lot. On the same thing happened I talk with Michael Walsh about this today. Our grizzlies game day lab which we do every home game other than second nights back to backs are awkward start times on grizzlies dot com. He's very tight with people Miami. Thirty and eleven thing second half year out of the season last year after going 1130 to start after the fourteenth pick got them damn out of bile. By those that are the take you play it out as best you can you learn how to win you don't worry about the draft. There's not presses is winning right now you know why. Miami kept the same guys around it learn how to win it learned who could play and who couldn't they kept the rotational guys they brought them back. They added them out of bio who now plays. Big minutes down the stretch when some Whiteside is now available on you know Miami's doing a senator top four in the east a top fourteen in the east there. 27 in 1915. And ten at home. Or twelve men on fifteen intent on the road and they are. The plan much better basketball you're watching and ask them yeah. An air a half game behind Cleveland right now for the third spot which is so our hair right nobody picked Miami to be where they are right now. But a lot of people there. Are crediting it to the organization saying. Forget about trying tank forget about trying to do is go get it big name player. See which guys you have they can play build chemistry wins some games deal with the draft as accounts I'd get that train of thought the problem is when you're staring. Marvin Bagley the can down snitch. Yeah Jerry I know. Michael Porter a young Allen sexton trade young Obama on the face and after that it's miles bridges markets bridges. Kevin Knox found sixteen and I took all your column ultimately on the top okay of the topic. That people are going to. Yates you know what are we need more because it's pretty clear that right now the grizzlies have this roster overhaul. But it puts them in a tough spot they're sixteen and 29 Devin they have four straight home games here all very easy in fact three very difficult games this week tonight Philly. Good team seventh spot these 22 and twenty Wednesday night San Antonio plan without choir letter but still thirty and eighteen. Even though they've lost their last two and six of their last ten they're street could make it at the fifty wins is in jeopardy right now. They got a goal they got to win when he of their next. They got to go twenty and fourteen now they're capable begins in just went thirty and eighteen is. I mean it's there but it's it's still a little bit jeopardy Santonio Wednesday night in great Bob is seemingly just as the grizzlies. Clippers. Friday night who have now won seven of ten had to win streak snapped but they are a half game ahead of the not. You see Phoenix on Monday was 1729. Beat and they beat you twice and it seemingly if there's ever a game but give these first two games don't go right seemingly if there's one game you wanna win on the strip of you're not gonna win tonight. Iraq and when Wednesday which you. If you are dead when a mall there. You know it's like what Tom Beringer sediment in Major League that is there's only one thing left to do when the whole liken things right yeah if you're gonna do it do. If you're not and it's gonna struggle I mean obviously policy team get better the one when you want is Friday against the clippers. You actually at that point if you've lost the other two and your one and two in outlook in the split two games down a medalist we go along the season. Twenty more wins isn't gonna really benefit you percent now it's gonna help you get better and it seems clearly getting better guys getting. There's a lot to be done still with the trade deadline approaching at a grizzlies with some expiring contracts and some contracts. That expire at the end of the 20182019. Season. Those can be lucrative to teams as well because they can pick up a guy perhaps a year. Maybe he fits maybe he doesn't but you're not gonna have a hard time moving a guy would just a year remaining on a deal. As much as you would have a hard time moving the guy looked who were three years left on their dealer paid money. Right so I'm talking about guys like Ben Mac memorial to Michael Green that and that's what they wanna go do and really just out yet. And do what they did a few years ago where they got flexibility in just freed up all kinds of cap room. And use that time to essentially. Make a trade to get Zach Randolph goes signed Tony Allen brought in Marcus hall and my county developed temple you have the row on the chat. I'm not saying that's gonna happen overnight but that's kind of the train of thought that you go with there. And the one Jamie really wanna lose in this elect's fortress Phoenix of course. Doubted that book is for those on team tank yesterday it was a good day for team tank. Yesterday was a really good day fourteen tag if I'm not mistaken because I'm pretty sure are maybe it was Saturday yesterday the magic one. The lakers won the next one and the pacers beat spurs which means the spurs are going to be angry moving forward this week so yesterday was indeed a good day fourteen tank. Saturday night as much the hornets in the and the hawks lost other grizzlies to lose so that was good for them the sixers. RB two blocks for the Bucs are trying to get playoff teams that's not a big deal that arm to halt its loss to jazz one that was good the mavericks lost which was. You know that's that's not where he won't be so either way. It's a really awkward spot in right. You've got to coaching staff it's trying to prove that they should be the guys next year you got young players trying to broke the route that they belong in the NBA. You've got veteran players trying to prove that they should stay in the NBA. And you've got a veteran senator whereas no idea how to handle this mentally because one of the most competitive human beings on the planet. And he hasn't gone through this essentially ever he was shut down his rookie year. When this team realized his shoulder injury was to the point where yes you could push it but more than likely you're getting sixty to 6570%. Of Marcus all that time. And you're gonna need one hell of a run at the end against a very tough schedule I remember correctly. To get to fifty wins and so they just said forget it words are more valuable long term shot a double take the pick and will be better next year which they work. In another pick really didn't help them that was the Saudi Henry selection. Alley is juicy tonight. The EU can't tell young guys not play hard you can't tell coaches not to teach you can't tell guys knock it out there and get up and out of yourself. And the injured were says like they might have mean you might have to suit their beards. I'm still waiting for want to listen we all I have to see this year you're still young you can get out there and run around probably a little bit you know he beat people forget how good these guys are. All I want. Ten day contract. And a common one nasal retains. One game with a second remaining there. Somebody inbound it to me at a backcourt of intake by half court shot on the run off into the tunnel I'm done I got one field goal attempt hopefully it goes I retire. You don't want had 100 for you go to basketball reference that you see my name there is a stat line there. That would be lost certain ones I've been trying edit add and yards I'd love and a scratch my half court shot every day that we went should ground. And Chris Wallace Lotta times or be there and Chris Wallace she's CPI and it. Was I am a little. So you have to sit down injured toward you have my coming out of course James in his outright cash. Marguerite out right ankle can't Parsons out because of illness and questionable you have duo Brooks borrowed home as an actor took to remarked it. And probably you have engineers so who play it right on that list views removed from the from the and you really should be able to go through Serbia during the so whose play. Credit right on Dave Davis Mike and take battery yemen's Kobe's entrance I I until we might get called up yeah. I think they're Baghdad play the Oklahoma City blue yesterday one and he apparently had a really good games so Kobe could get some satellites. S citizen and and that that puts me on the head bald at their. As well tiger's. Got the. Had their win streak snapped they took the loss against also. Just a game where shots don't fall it's an ugly game but certainly takes a little wind out of sales and a tough game coming up with Cincinnati Jeremiah mark and injured a simple talk more about that. With Jason Smith down the road and then of course. The big news over the weekend was. The Super Bowl being set in it will be the patriots and Eagles now. Here's the weird deal everybody started patriots got one penalty called against some of the pin them. Jaguars had like six or whatever was in one critical pass interference call that was a little bit. A little bit questionable I understand. They hit it took out gronkowski. It got got called for. I understand Richard Sherman sat on that. I also understand the NFL said you got to be big they've got to try to protect our guys grants out for the game it's not about other ground itself against other helmet to helmet contact echoed event. The other tied and it wouldn't of made a difference if he comes up woozy like that odds are you're leaving the game but. Iraq Richard Sherman senseless shootings that we'll talk about it with with Jason redoubt has said this what you guys did it. He's got to make a play you can't just let him catch the ball as he goes low what is knees and dirty players got blowout as ACL. If he goes hi everybody goes he's ahead honor there's nowhere to go you've made it so it's almost impossible to do anything other than either let them catch the ball or go low at their knees. And so you take the penalty. And you move up the simple fact of the matter is. The jaguar screwed this engineered. Here's how the jaguar screwed up. Snapping the ball with fourteen seconds left on the play clock while the clocks running stupid. Down the stretch you literally just hand them. And extra 1112 seconds. And it matters what do you think it matters or not it matters if you have. 82 score lead you to take that play clock down to five minimum every time. Throw short passes that you know you're gonna complete or run the ball. And try to soften up a little bit at the end of the first half you have a minute to go with two time outs obviously you don't trust your quarterback. When he's playing pretty well so maybe at least give them a shot. Maybe on a hitch route may be on a crossing route maybe on a swing pass maybe a little bit of something where hey if you don't see anything you fall to the ground and we go one at halftime. But you at least give them a shot. You don't taken me with a minute left to go yet that's it that's gutless to me. I'd get Doug our own doesn't have a lot of faith in late morals I understand why. I also understand the plate morals has not always been just a dumpster fire quarterback his entire career he's actually made some place. Over his career and get a horrible year last year there's no two ways about it not this season the sixteen season this year it's not like he was the worst quarterback in the league it's not like. He was a guy out there just literally giving it to the other team every time he put it in the air now I'd get it you're receiving corps. Was decimated when you lost down Robinson that was a big blow to this team but she got Mercedes Lewis. Who's a veteran you've got marquee sleek and you gotta Allen turns. You got Leonard four and I got TJ yelled and if I lose is adding that that set him personally if you want to tax take us take a swing here there. They don't and that's what you do you give the opportunity to the patriots to do what they did flip the field on new. Pin them deep and Belichick played it perfectly. And let it land in his arms at the ten yard line. Will get a stop on three and out because they're not gonna go over the top we're gonna play what they're gonna do and we're gonna put pressure on late portals and we don't think you can do it out whodunit. The gamble doesn't pay off but it was a brilliant move you flip the field the jags putter comes up a little bit short. NN dole seemingly just gonna go up and fair catch it's every kind of slows down he catches it on the run takes it to the thirty got the game tied now you're playing with house money. I am playing with house money. And the patriots comeback and they go to yet another super marked the second game and a lot of people that wanna see that second game now. Raise your hand if after that first vikings touchdown. You thought the Eagles were gonna come back and win that game let alone win edges makes lots and none of you have your hand up for good reason because nobody did. Nobody in the country thought after Minnesota march and down the field. And looked at that team and took it right in the hands on that that would be the end result it's got to give credit. To Doug Peterson. The head coach of the Eagles. The frank Reich the office coordinator a deciding game plan that. Got nick fools going comfortably didn't ask him to do too much but as it's hard to open up eleven and do more one busted play anything or finds out Shawn Jeffrey white opening grand it's a busted play that should have been a sack. That's a hard thing to overcome when you already thrown a pick six and then you miss a sack and a guy it's a wide open receiver. But they also went for it at the end of the first half and they found a wide open sacker it's and they got an extra three points and all of a sudden it's not point 17 with one score. Changing the whole complexion of the game it's 24 sevenths where you need three scores and that's a different way to play if the Eagles tonic credit. The vikings Randall buzz saw case in and had a bad game. It was what it was the Eagles were the better team and they deserve to go and our Super Bowl set a rematch of a previous Super Bowl. Hopefully the quarterbacks don't throw them. It's called the Memphis Super Bowl and the Memphis kicker in ticker you're old and that is two to use your bullets in nine years Super Bowl straight deceived for Jake Elliott. And for Steven guest house in Hampshire this year at media day we'll hear some from the kicker so that was the weekend wrap will get more into it throughout the rest of the day coming up next grizzlies Q. Close the Philadelphia 76ers tonight. My good friend in the business is a man named mark zoom off he's been a longtime television voice of the Philadelphia 76ers. He's going to join us on the flip side they had a big party to watch the Eagles game and so consumer who grew up. In Philadelphia went to college in Philadelphia. Mike has worked his entire life in Philadelphia yet except for when he did like. Princeton football and basketball I think for a couple years he's been in Philadelphia. So this is a big day for him yesterday. Our third time the Eagles are those rules are similar about that ended up against like that's that's margin of the sixers coming up on it later on Jason Smith and Jason Reid. The busy day on the Aircastle sideshow it's a Monday thanks for tuning in on 929 a MES in Memphis. Hey. Man this is gearbox of grass before. I'm moving on was awarded ASEAN song of the year it struck a chord with folks who understand the challenges that come with slice big chains if you're moving to a new home you're not just moving things are moving pieces of real life. 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Kruger to keep your pets on TLC but today's front steel and fifty dollar products or services that you till you get in a hospital for only 25 dollars and get your say get my efforts dot com. Where's guests include. The lenders Chrysler does she play and full line. SPN. There's shaft. Sir I love it breaks. Dam and water on the I want zoos as he likes to say. Every day hey DJ walker JJ walker. These days ever bloggers had it better than the we'll welcome got to figure out our next guest. Needs no introduction. In the Philadelphia area you may need a little introduction to you but you shouldn't as you should be watching him. On NBA league pass every chance you get this is one of the best television announcers. In the National Basketball Association his name is mark zoom off. Let's make today's Q and I today the best in sports. Oh now he's you know. Yes. My bed Will Smith was singing about you when he started his son in West Philadelphia born and raised. Well I love that song I don't know similar in your backyard on radio summertime yeah. I'd say. It listen that don't work I don't know that's none and that's not I love summertime non thinking of the fresh prince of LA. A fresh presided not definitely not may act. That lets you are a Philly native he went to temple you called temple football an old by the way your favorite football team had a pretty big day yesterday. They were paired C. They were. I did look at it as Larry David would say they are great day great big. And let me ask you had asked you who would have expected that no one. After the first drive what what we're using giving your head. I was bombed we listen we had a conference room filled where. Food and summer players coaches. Traveling. Members of that party went down and I was still in my room I was pretty much dragged away. Banging all the hotel all bit but the folks here at a hotel. I'm struggling called formula room but. I saw there my way down I saw the pick six there and everything was made right after that. As unbelievable and unbelievable performance and now we'll see I have next fall's can dial up a little magic against those New England Patriots we've discussed that on this program in the open. Now wanna talk a little bit about degree is as well as they take on a very good Philadelphia team mark you and I talked when they were talking about this process and drafting guys and guys that we're going to be a year or two away char it was overseas and deed was banged up. Now all of a sudden it's all coming together Ben Simmons looks exactly like what she hoped he would M deeds a monster. This has got to be a lot of fun for the city of Philadelphia who had to kind of take it on the chin for a couple years. Yeah and they let guys you mentioned that to it all starts with Joseph well at the news form. As we stand soccer and it hit a ball ball has helped our Paramount to the success. Of this team. He. And I'd let. But put into perspective for secondary keys I think sixty some games in his career he picked up the game as a teenager. He was an awkward player his first year prep school in Florida. So. When you consider. And he only played one year of college that was cut short by. A back injury so and they and then the cheers all because. The various surgeries. That they're the two foot surgeries and western just 31 games with a knee. Put that all in perspective. Right and he's averaging eighty given you a double double with 25 and whatever it is twelve boards. It it it's truly amazing and he made an immense impact on our team not only on the defensive end where it may seek huge difference on vs all the core. He's our spiritual leader appreciate that footage and homework. He's he's the key and the crowd are just. Locked in arms. During the game they feel welcome can he be toppled then. And it it's been great to watch Ben Simmons a much better I think than anyone would have anticipated. Stores and have a consistent jump shot taking a little bit more middle distance nothing from three point. A pass first guy at 610 point guard will rebound so. When you have a point guard who we've got to bring it polite little ploy that that sort of next you. And then we hope hope our shooting holds on JJ Redick has hurt right now something serious or obese go to. Crack at a bar and left leg Robert Covington has proven to be a fairly consistent shooter brought his career. We could probably use little help on the bench. But. And then charge you would mention him he's one of my favorite players on the team a guy who just played she's busy goalie could shoot you get past. I he'd also handled the ball so. And an iMac and I'm happy I guess for red rattle the dual the first four years of this report and you see. And he's got total plan we had dozens of players go in and out many of whom we knew were not gonna be loose from the perceivable future. And that now he's written some of those rewards. Yeah I know he's done a tremendous job and I think management to the right thing just telling them hey look it's not about wins and losses it's about developments so we're gonna watch you develop these young guys and that's. What you'll be judged on you mentioned JJ Redick and I know he's banged up. But I'm curious because everybody kind of raised an eyebrow when he left LA and came to Philadelphia people relate uniting as one year deal right seventeen million everybody went. Dare what are you doing like you're leaving a team that even without Chris Paul probably will still be pretty doggone good you're going to a team that you're rolling the dice. And imagine his presence still is really. Kind of solidified that locker room and he's the star Simmons the young rising star. But right makes a guy that it's been there and when you have a guy that can shoot it like that takes a lot of pressure off the other guys around like MB Dan and Simmons. Who aren't exactly gonna live behind the three point line but certainly will will feed off that now I mean MDs sake and a hundred but. You know Redick just stretches the floor so beautifully. And see your other point about locker room presence. He's a do guy he's really deep anyone who's looked into his podcast. Knows that he would say buried deep thinker it isn't just the guys out there are but it basketball. He. He looks at weight I think a lot differently than a lot of us but he's extremely bright. And he's not a cliche you know when you talk about leadership. He he's got it you've got a thirty or 42 answer that's all all. And that's differed from the usual. You know hey rob rod guy or just wants to bring guys together and huddle during a timeout. So. I think from that perspective he really does fit in key to that goal. He's 33 years old and as far as why came to Philly. I don't think. And he and I talked about this he's got to the point where he feels he has to quote change in ring. Medical field is go to Bible that all parties clearly show that justice is averages that it at a career I right now. So. You know addition to CB into the season depending on the success of the team the other night sized remainder. Whether it sides who have been to try to keep them or not but for now. A he's been a perfect fit. With the ball and Simmons as we talked to mark zoom off the sixers television networks sixers in town to take on the grizzlies with them on Simmons is hands as much as it is. The injury to mark helpful to do have a veteran and Jerryd Bayless. But there are some big names coming up on you know the trade bloc in. I thought it was shocking when I first read somebody touted pontificate that Dario shards might be available for a trade now want. Come on how was sakic crazier Phillies stranded when nontraditional losing young talent. But there are guys like Kemba Walker Tyreke Evans who's a Philadelphia native who apparently are going to be available. Come trade deadline how likely is it do you think that your team after all these years of a just cannot trust in the processing going out and stockpiling young talent tries to make a mood to it. Moved to solidify that pension that second unit maybe take a little pressure off Simmons if indeed you guys are gonna be a post season team. That's really good question right now our sixth man is TJ McConnell who. By the way has been terrific yeah but is that he typically is you know Eric electric I would pop become altered bench. I'd like to Jamal Crawford or at least Jamal and his crime or certainly echo Lou Williams work. You don't want any given night you get 21 and what are your starters struggling sir. And I think that's the type of player that they'd like to have Wright speak with Simmons. And I think if called alt comes back at some point with TJ avocado. You have guys are good all the ball so I think if you're looking for that guy you might say a is he a guy who couldn't serve as the team also ball and not eat all the certainly and be. At what price are you willing to. To give. Because remembered next year's going to be huge here for the team and that's salary cap room. Presumably they're going to pitch some free agent. Or true to come join the team made and really make a serious run at a conference title. So with that in mind that bigger picture in mind at what place. Do you pay. Just go one round of well maybe maybe to a pure luck keep that would be extreme rhetoric. You know that remains to be seen but Burberry the trade deadline for getting closer we'll see what Bryan Clay as well as a month. And don't you guys have the lakers take as long as it's not the number one overall pick this year. Right way at no out of the way it works is that it has to be one or six or lower. If it's two through five we give that up to Boston and mark are all due. Conscious of its two through five it goes to Boston so you want the lakers to either lose everything and get the one pick. Or are you want them to start winning some games and be towards the bottom. That's right that's right of course you know that that that all lottery night thing but yeah yeah that that that you have this you're right. We have our own pickles. Well yeah now that's that that always does out as we talked. With march Zuma market act and you wanna go back to MB for just a minute what she said. About is. It is late green this basically act as I remember this story vividly and I want to share with you before let's go. In our Gary Parrish who covers college fast wolf CBS sports he's our national college basketball writer goes to show after me. Went to Kansas to do a story Amanda weigh ins and Bill Self said hey look we wanna be doing it on. Outlaw a piece on down the road is joy while on B he's probably going to be the basket in this draft he's don't know much about him because he's really really wrong. You think about the back injury in the way he's gone through I was just blown away by his size when I saw him last year in Philly. Seemingly he's got his happy go lucky personality let's get on Twitter. But deep down there is a burning desire that he wants to be great how often. Have you kind of brought that out of them are you had a chance to talk to wire yet there's the fun loving Twitter you know maniac out there are put. Inside there's this guy that has a lot of those qualities that the old school players had which is honesty in the gym because. I don't really wanna be your friend I wanna kick your ass on the court every night. Yeah I think it spoke. And I think both are sort of intertwined meeting I think yes he does what will be great and yet he does or have a good time while he's doing it. And I also think. That part of his. Social media presence. And teasing other teams or other players on social media is a hit it's it's purely good natured would be in a way to kind of get in go. He has so much as said that. So. You don't coach the Hokies for example Andre Drummond and don't trash talk in public going back and four. But then when indeed is named an all star at all law that troubled congratulating head it'd be his return that they are all of that. So I think you have what Ryan claims will describes quite accurately as the total package. Someone who wants to be great. But he is practicing more that something that he was hardly doing the first. Couple months of the season Erik because they were just watching him that and that whole load but they did at one and a you know puts stress on his Peter is nearing a nerd crackers but. Now we started to crack a little bit more and I would say there's where they practicing in speed and maybe he starts to play back the back sooner rather than later look at India. I would think I know I would say that too but you I think you agree and we talked about this in the pre season you do have to err on the side of caution with this guy and it's tough for the fans understand that but. The future is spoke clearly bright for him what I mean that the production permit it is off the charts and you just think. OK if you really can't get daughter percent we can play this guy 36 minutes a night you're talking about 46 and twelve which is just some guys don't do anymore. Wait and see he has stretched it until he has an occasion played 3536. And we had a triple overtime in game. Again Stoke City and he played forty plus minutes in that once so it is possible to do that. But you're right I think they will be bill will continue to be cautious maybe overly so but. Listen they've invested a 140 plus million in him what should a long it might turn out to be a bargain. But in that regard. And by the way they are protected in that contract and K Serbs certain types of injuries mop. But in that regard. They they've been cautious and listen they've they've taken a hit recent Lee out our medical staff but red red as recently as some are less game. Made a point to complement the medical staff on on the job with. Yeah not he's he's terrific kid and you're teams a lot of fun to watch looking forward. To seeing you guys in your one and only visit to Memphis I always appreciate it's not my friend look forward to catching up at the arena. I keep up the great working congrats on the your Eagles head of the Super Bowl I hope you find tickets. Thanks brother I help you all for anybody out there please get in touch. Actual world's gotta make I have hey what's that putter handle the NBC's Larry and we got to get people to folly on that marks a great Twitter follow by the way and you should check it out. And the sixers teams going to be 11 a follows a what is it now. Simply add Marc Savard at march zoom off and your odds seem following is an act NBC. The one that they're they're promoting NBC against the escalate at NB BO really so NB CS. Philly and I applaud their yet have a part as cold it is news. You've got everything menu on your own company gets whose views yet. What are you're just a monster you're at and I got you and I got a view is a brother so he got that right always there thanks comment you gotta. That's Smart zoom off from the sixers television network when we come back we'll do hollering about put three on the board Jason Smith coming up. In our number two as well too busy day on the Aircastle signs show. 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Besides who really need the yeah it's me being. We now 82 nines very Kessel and speaking of rake. Do you know who CB he's big fan of violent. Hi I'm William sound Williamson and media is that Williamson if you mattered as I am Williamson is a six foot six inch 270. Pound. Monster he's scarce as dunks that makes you go. Whole Lee you know what and that's a high school kid just doesn't look like that he is a beast and he is on is way. In general university. He made that announcement on ESPN on Saturday night down Williams and the rich get richer he said and to duke in any saddened to the NBA I pose this question just kidding around with Elliott after the game I said to save the grizzlies. However rough and the season he had 35 games left eagle five and thirty and end up with Marvin Bagley. And let's just say next year as in all that well either. Yeah makes most you end up with Marvin Bagley and soundly. And. You know how crazy over. Hole. My worry would be booming ever you would have to have seventeen back boards in the back issue because there's a good chance they're gonna break one every other day in the way these through attacked Iraq he's a monster he's gonna be so much fun to watch if you haven't seen them sound waves and go check out what is it is in Seagram there is I mean it's absurd. When he faced off with will Malo attack came in Las Vegas that was the game where they had to literally turn people away lock the doors tell people you cannot comment please tell Lavar ball to take his team into lake eight. Hiding place so people wouldn't like crowd the court. And outlets assays analyst for the better of did a team big ball or whatever they called themselves back in the an eighty's. No they're crazy about this current I have I've been in that area and they close desire on and around Spartanburg, South Carolina or were you lot of people thought I was gonna close this state that's luck total luck hasn't he said it's Clemson you've got to Clemson. Yes a lot of people values don't clubs I he would have not had played there. It narrowed it down to South Carolina Clemson. Kentucky duke and I think Kansas here. And I'm actually kind of surprised he went to duke in this because we talk about the shoe game right there is aid teams always gonna beat us that's why was at that tournament with. To my knowledge I maybe I'm off base honest with my knowledge he's always been on a team here that he lied Adidas and Adidas team. And so I really thought Kansas would have an inside track there but let's be honest about it. And I am I Knight is gonna hurt people's hearts in Memphis. I still root for Kansas on the Kansas and because go all the way back to day Danielle miracles and your scooter Berry was on that. I listened to get fit. He's not a Kansas Topeka Kansas is more likely develop them like Kansas literally. Just add their first all star do you have under the Bill Self clearing his name is Joseph Allenby you know by the way it was a total project. July 01 B was joy on before that is probably going to duke or Kentucky those seem to fit. Better so even though the shoe thing wasn't there. I thought Kentucky or duke or. Actually I kept hearing Clemson and I catcher in Clemson because it was so close to all of this is as did having Frank Martin would be the right informant South Carolina so. He's gonna be fun to watch in the rich get richer he. This is the day that it's gonna be the reality sets and I was talking about this the other day with a broadcaster so on my game charts and I'd put where they went to school there. We'll play our school how many years it only get their birthday and Sam Winston's birthday. July 6 2000. He's gonna bash 2000. At year paying at year's draft classes can be the first time I put 00 comment my board and I'm gonna go. Mother you know what I'm getting old. I thought I was getting old ones obviate Henry became the first player on my board that was 91 the year I graduated high school. Again and nine years later. Dion Williamson came along and boy was he blessed when he had came into the world. I Devin you're a big fan of trolling your big fan of getting on people once what are your big fan of people talk in the ass resignation. As you guys like to say. Probably not a good idea to do it to a former team that fired you and then not follow up with. With what she said you wanted to dear if you remember the name David black that's because at one time it was the coach. Of the Cleveland Cavaliers he's seemingly did not get along very well. With his top player LeBron James and so. Subsequently he was removed mid season in his second season as the coach after getting the cast of the NBA finals they were thirty and eleven. When they fired up what does that tell you LeBron did not like David black. This is what David blatt had to say after LeBron and his cavaliers. Gave up by a whopping 148 points and David blatt was getting ready to coach a Turkish all star team Percy European all star team. Oh yeah. Cavaliers game. That is what the kids called trolling is that yes yes it is a David Gladys joined you know what David blessed game what Hutton did. About 148 point six up 151. Point oh cool how has Baghdad boat raced at an all star game on 51141. If this isn't so typical David blatt I don't know what is. Was and I never really had a chance to sit down talk with a man. Because truthfully after hearing what he said a couple times and wanna. He came in and I get that he was a very successful high level coach. Over in Europe he played overseas after playing at Princeton he went undrafted after graduating from prison 1981 of brilliant man. And East Coast everywhere makati Tel Aviv Israel. All kinds of of cut of pro teams over there even in the Russia you know he's an Israeli national and basically. And they're. Grew up in Boston Massachusetts sees it is his parents were Israeli. But the minute he got into the NBA won't be percentage of first year coach in the NBA is OK let me get one thing straight I'm not a rookie head coach I want to go out. You are in the NBA I hate to tell you this but Dario shards isn't a rookie to professional basketball but his first year in the NBA he is a rookie. You don't think the kid. To what a bitch. Ed Ed the clippers is a rookie so. It really is just one of those situations where a student. You're coming in way too arrogant here weighed too much check me out way too much it's my way or the highway when I had there was comment and make make sure one thing. Get along with LeBron and you can win a lot of basketball games you.