The Eric Hasseltine Show 11/17/17 - Hour 1 w/ Rockets pXp Craig Ackerman

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Friday, November 17th

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And that's what we will discuss here in this opening segment each and every Monday through Friday at this very time on this very station we bring you Viera Cast blank shell. It originates out of the place on a ham radio complex as we columns the studios by the freeway we follow Mike and Mike we follow. Geoff Calkins we immediately followed Jason and Jon we get you're ready. Well Gary Blair's experience and a captain share. I am your host Aircastle Diana was that a glass produces program one and only known it and Benjamin. Let's go to on their acts just running crazy brother around in crazy just got back from practice. Just got back from practice unfortunately because part of my duties at practice. Require me to be ready for. Our interview we do on the local 24 of Chris nationwide show. I could night. Tape the David Tisdale. I'll post practice interviews so we're trying to find that seat is posted up to social media as of yet it now do you find at all allotted Grande city media. On grizzlies dot com but not up as of yet so. The news did break my county will be out in reevaluated. In two weeks at does not mean he will definitely be back in two weeks it will mean it's a reevaluation NC. Where these strained achilles' that is not good news we'll talk about that momentarily also talked about. The tigers and SMU today heavily on a couple of occasions in a little bit in this opening segment. As well our lineup for today. Is. Simply. I'm going to consist of Craig Akron from the Houston Rockets radio and television networks. We are gonna doctor Greg about a team that hung in ninety spot on the board in the first half. Last night against Phoenix by the way you know that they always were 89 the last time they played here. Chris Paul did return. I asked Craig if he thinks that really coincided with that ninety spotter that was just the fact that that offense is still awesome. Either way and the Phoenix Suns are just not very good. Will do little ring it up put three on the board and during that segment. We will talk with Sean too we junior and then. We'll discuss a couple of things probably talk about more about Mike Conley. And that will discuss Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell on their future eating out there's a big article on ESPN. Dot com there as well top of the hour we'll talk John Martin. He joins us every week tighter basketball tweeting about the fact that there in the RPI they've moved like 158 right yeah. And listen I get it you're trying to drum up anything can but. As one listener to waited Jason and Jon and waited too I think was going just Zito the did that. Let's and we have renewed really appreciate all the efforts that you're putting in another working hard but. When you tweet something like this it almost insults our intelligence but it has since been removed and I understand it. Memphis fans don't want hear that your 158 and the RPI rankings. Ever. Even if you were 358. In the RPI rankings. At one point even if you're 3000. In the art yet no one here. Would wanna hear that. Unless did you spend 25 years of misery. And then all of a sudden you're on the optic that's how the situations so that John Martin owed about that they did. Cut the ribbon on a brand new practice facility was very nice by all accounts is one of the best in the country. Heard people talk about it the Arab grizzlies practiced for balladares is dad talking about it that it's right up there. Seven walkers and we now pictures and videos as both Lil just phenomenal just phenomenal which is great. And I get use it to your advantage and can use it here. At 3.3 25 is we're gonna talk to my quarry was on the call for SM UM. Memphis tomorrow so he is in town and then will close it out with the little thing we like to call. The headlines you can tweak program matter castles on that. Eric castles and an act not a golfer that you Twitter accounts. She'll come see from the Sunbelt rentals studios Sunbelt rentals 1800 no sweat any job big or small Sunbelt rentals can get you the equipment for them all. Call 1800 no sweat when he mentioned Jerry right here he had 10% off your first equipment rental. There with Sunbelt rentals Sunbelt rentals dot com so let's get right into it because. There's. Really good things happening this weekend in Memphis and we just got some. Someone expected. Bad news but still bad news nonetheless we'll start with the bad news first. Mike Conley is going to be reevaluated. In two weeks and years out until that time. This is not really that surprising but it is still one of those things really go cash and ballots for sure reality right now it sinks and today. When he was questionable at game time the previous game when house and we don't really expect him to play against Indiana. It's. One of those things they wanna make sure this is right they're gonna get the treatment they're gonna get the therapy they're going to. Keep him away from the rigors of an NBA basketball game and try to let rest and treatment. Get this Achilles to where it's right. I'm anybody at suffered from Achilles pain. Aside from it rupturing but just the Achilles pain where you constantly feel it. Knows this is an. Miserable it's just absolutely miserable and day to day life let alone. Trying to chase the likes of Chris Paul or James Harden or Darren Collison and Victor all the people. We're Damien Willard and CJ McCollum. Joseph B Farrell and with Dow wasn't a matter who it is you're chasing an NBA point guard. Around the court Dennis Smith junior who's incredibly athletic with Alice as well. That he got to go to Denver. And he got a bunch of young athletes out there now. It's not fought so I won Davis and it doesn't get better. By just tossing it out. It gets better by arresting gets better by treatment so. Two weeks from now they'll reevaluate my timely and I don't know check it out and listen. This is not what any coach would wanna hear David says it was disappointed but he knows it's what has happened. And now this process of working guys back in and he did say about a lakers couldn't grab the audio. He did say Mario will stay on the starting line up for now that DeMar is gonna stay in that rotation. Com. It really does become my training camp all over again now the grizzlies are fortunate where they have some days off the practice. They've had two days of practice prior to tomorrow's game. They'll have a day off Sunday they'll play Monday had a day off Tuesday they'll play at home Wednesday. They'll have Thanksgiving Day off as everybody does I don't know what the practice schedule will be but they will fly to Denver and played Denver on Friday. Come back from Denver. And it starts to stretch read go. Road home road home road home road it. It's back and forth in and out of town so this next. Week. Up until one week from today the next seven days including today we get all the way till Thanksgiving Day are huge. They're huge because you have games against Western Conference opponents including. Tonight against a division opponent who battle as it stopped division Monday night against the team you expect to be fighting for playoff positioning with that you've already beaten. You would like to take the edge in that season series two games to none. And Wednesday night against the team that albeit towards the bottom of the standings in the Western Conference beat you on their home floor you return the favor. But those of the game's got away. And mixed in there going to be some practices and it's going to be critical during these next seven days for David says dale the find out. Who can play alongside one another in the most cohesive fashion moving forward. So unenviable position. What is an enviable position as controlling your own destiny. And that's what the Memphis Tigers do. It's ironic to me that this weekend's game. Where the tigers can do something bad people talk about people of which four people of hope for. For years. Can come to fruition against SMU. And wise ironic against SMU Eric is just SMU right. Let's arrive for me for this reason. Started doing a show. Back in 2000. And Iowa. In August of 2006. Plus years should. And for the first year of the program. First here first two years you've been here four years. Five years thank you came in 2012 right yeah by the year's Thanksgiving affect. So it might have been before just before you got here of the season before that I'm not sure I wanna say five years ago though Larry Porter. Had gone I just went they'd take it all right. I thought is this is second your doorbell we had three years of what they write. Maybe I'm just adding an up front anyway. I remember when we started. The last segment of the show and we started doing it on just Friday's just kind of just peppering questions we call it rapid fire change the name. That's another story for. And question from David vashem who was the producer of the times says. As bad as Memphis football wise this was a lot of question how quickly will this thing be over basically. And I said well let me seek kick offs at 11 o'clock. Really gonna kick off by 1105. Of twenty minutes. It's twenty minutes like twenty minutes game time like five minutes into the second chorus of no Levin 25. They were playing SMU had a really good running back named Zach line. They were good team at the time Memphis was just dreadful that year. Ironically enough I flip on. The radio in the parking lot of target in Germantown parkway across from wolf chase. Going to take cares business. They lotions on a golf. And that makes it 18 nothing SMU in the first quarter. It was eleven twice that or 1128. But it was pretty close to being right up. To think that that's where you were just. Six years ago to where you are now its way to win Saturday. And by the oddsmakers numbers you should win and not only win win going away which I wouldn't say that that I don't think that line's a good line for outsiders. Does that I guess and you can score. I think that's that lines a little odd but I do think the tigers will win and if they do. They're going to the American athletic conference championship game. Odds are they'll be easier next week and also Morningstar. And then you're going to face more than likely in my opinion Central Florida but a chance to go to the people. That's a remarkable turnaround. And what I hope it leads to is the days of when I got here hearing I am an Alabama football fan and a Memphis tiger basketball fan. I am a Tennessee volunteer football fan and a tiger basketball fan. I am a whoever insert college football team here fan. But tiger basketball when you go to university Memphis yeah so YE a fan of another football game. As for years Memphis was off. Now they're not. Now we go to the stands BC 101213. Fourteen year old kids that don't mean to forget the eleven year old even my son at five. We'll turn six and December. If this program stays on the up and up taking him to tiger football games that are not only. Fun to watch. Entertaining to watch. The team as good a football as good. It's fun. They'll grow up to be tiger football and basketball fans and that's with the university needs. That same don't root for your favorite SEC team on that same. If you're out grad of one of those SEC schools that you can't beat tiger basketball fan are and it still be at Mississippi State football thank you went I get that. But saying don't teach your kids that that's where you went to be proud of that school and they should be fans like you. But I'm saying I think we'll hear a lot less of it. Moving forward payless and it because that basketball team struggling right now but that love affair it's going to be one it's hard pressed. Move around. Point being. Big day Saturday as the tires can take care of business. That's something that everybody in the city as hoped for looked forward to. And believe me when I say I've known played tiger fans that didn't say they were so on social welfare cider vast wealth as they stood by his football team through thick and thin. As can be a big game for them to you because they've been there through the lean years. And I know pointing out. I don't know those kids have done a hell of a job if front office there athletic department Donna held a job capping off Saturday with that went. A job looks even better. Certainly a big day we'll talk more about that Sean too weak union we got messed. He's a coach at SMU's gonna join us. In the ring it up put throughout aboard segment like or is gonna talk about he's gonna call for ESPN but up next great Ackerman from the Houston Rockets. We'll break it down a break at this 99 a MES in Memphis. Sometimes just being closer may Jules winner is like that guy you know who sticks out a seat right next to they can get every single tailgate party. He's not much for long conversation and he probably doesn't even have a ticket to the game. But for now he's closer and that makes him a winner the same is true syndicate our red rocker bar and grill in south Lamar and gaming and racing. No other sports bar did you closer to the action and that makes you a winner south fund our gaming and racing closer win. We responsibly for elbowing call 180220700. And someone on your Christmas list whose hard to buy floor surprise them with a girl and accessories from Memphis barbecue supply when they had everything but the meat. 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If you or someone you know leave troops there for. First your worst natural refuted a good road all the furniture shop online form enforceable refer to western short dot com. The owner and operator she's 1960. Now back to the voice of the grizzlies and the Eric Cassell tonight show look. Live from the Sunbelt rentals CEOs where guests of the or via the lenders these unfold live on 929 FM ESPN. That. Get a double dose of the stage do dance whenever our next guest joins us. And in some outlandish Nissan hotline whose name is Greg actually and he has the voice of the Houston Rockets look like today's would say it. It's best in sports. On anything that. ES. I guess they could just let the music. Playing not giving you Q and in the day as you would probably rather listen to that then Greta just hang out listen like like the old days just like the other guys go forward yeah already it has ever run under the entire conversation how that would work well people actually listen it is I would enjoy it. I don't know you and I'll say again I'll send you the digital copy unsure how to RD saved. Ninety points in the first half last night for your ballclub honor and 42. Overall so clearly slacking in the second half the 91 half points more than Golden State scored last night and more than you guys scored the last time he came to Memphis by the way. How much of that as I read that I kind of chuckled I'm not gonna. I'm not knocking Chris Paul but I don't think than ninety points were a direct result of Chris balls returned to lineup tomorrow. I had something to do it is certainly are not directly like beat Medved I think you guys get on 88 on them without him let's put it that way. Why he had ever attended that I think especially to say that first pass. I think four or five of them went directly or Anderson put trees. So I I think even though Chris had eleven points I think ultimately. Assisted. I'm on to our era either scored or assisted on darn near. You know forty points in his twenty minutes 21 minutes on the floor last aren't actually predict. So it it looks to find open shooters last night actually did player or old are in the 92 James had 33 as well. It in the first half I mean look at him when our judges used their. The suns' defense as being good but the optimist for the rockets last night was certainly great it was sprung from. From our perspective. Certainly enjoyed it. And now Woolsey if rockets cannot keep destroying Rowan and try to salvage a split the series episode tomorrow. So it's tough to really tell because like you said the suns' defense hasn't exactly got a locking down their young it's just where they are. They're still trying to figure things out but how did you feel like Chris Paul was looking how was he moving. Did he looked crisp TU I mean I we see it on TV but you were their lives. Yes he did I thought it looked much better a lot I think he did in the only other game he played which was against the war now against some of that might start to the competition will. So a nine day local state vs Jewish I thought it looked like he was moved. Build self I would like you is very confident running around the floor look like get a great command of what he was what he was doing out there are considering he again hasn't really. I mean he's been party everywhere we've gone into mr. road game hasn't missed a whole game he's been on the bench the entire way so he's been involved and act perspective for Brooke or god who. Really hasn't been. Part of the team at all in the and terms of playing Toronto first month of the cedar. Terrific I think yeah. It did the discussion. The argument that. I coats. Are for understand each birdied well the story differently from the time that they acquired Chris Paul this is absolutely. Going to war I mean what changed hoarded a really unselfish player. Chris Paul to really unselfish player this trade does not happen if those two guys didn't want it to happen and didn't wanna play with one another. It's just he's just been one ridiculous heartache after another. People talking about. Paul he's in there are frustrated by the rockets Chenault the rockets are Iran's steady diet of pick and roll Chris Paul an excellent three point shooter shot 41%. Two or three last year the clippers and shots aren't reading game which the book he's ever attempted armed. A per game average in his entire sure he's gonna stated jets well. And check right with this team especially the shooters they can spread the floor where decent on them all over the place there's have absolutely going to work. I will say I question it not because like I thought Chris balls in mid range player. But because I thought James Harden success reached a new level. When he had the ball on his hands 80% of the time of the rockets fed off of that and Chris Paul's success is better when he as the ball is in 80% of the diamond. That's seemingly can't happen but listen. I I didn't say that I would be surprised. If it didn't work I just that I didn't know if it could work out the way a lot of people some people were projecting at the last night obviously looked. Very very good you guys. That's welcome Erica Tucker or better to start. The first and third quarters new and then Chris is gonna come out and increase is gonna come in and operate. We're dissecting unit which now all of a sudden because he's back at her court coming off the bench. So I mean and and you know and then and then I'm gonna be on the floor together late. You know what to get his regular minutes up as opposed to being restricted to twenty he's going to play it's always balls which when he gets. Tomorrow on the rockets at some time off and I imagine that number will probably are being increased and then that that is they'll be on the floor at at the end against a look. He's he's he's he's always been considered. One of the ten best players in the league he's going to the hall of fame. It's about talent it's about having a challenge each and especially in an area where the warriors exist. Com and you know it's it's trust me if I don't Billiton. They will be just fine Chris Paul's game will bash with James and vice Versa and the rockets are all us. I think what she said makes the most sense in terms of they'll those two had to sign off on this thing and Chris. Said he wanted to go there and James had to sign off on it if he wasn't gonna be happy about it. Obviously they would never made the deal so if he's down with it then I would imagine it will. Will work swimmingly what also works swimmingly as when he opening game making your first three threes and you put. A team that's not known for its scoring down nine nothing which is what happened last time against these two teams I wonder if if in talking to people around the team. You got the sense that the rockets after the first two games said look we can't. Move the ball around and half court and try to find the best shot we've got to attack these guys because of their defense and put them on the heels. And out we in Memphis would like to give you half of peace sign for that because it seemingly was what everybody's doing now not letting the grizzlies defense set up. But I would think that that was kind of part of the game planning clearly I thought that night used in just a week ago that the the rockets looked like the hungrier the two teams. I would agree and look it's all every team into a game against the grizzlies so look a lot. Muster like Utah or something yeah I'm we've we've got the Douglas debates are done increased debate. But that's almost an impossible task against the grizzlies however I do think the rockets actually did did dictate pace. And that last game against Memphis and it paid significant dividend they came out with a lot they were the far more aggressive team. Oh look the second often meant to you guys that have been through this sometimes certain matchups against big strong physical. Seemed on the second night of back to back on can be typical I'm not making excuses some of the grizzlies dominated that game. In I think that the other rockets playing in the second out of the back to back and get another triggers something else that's changed in the last couple weeks. For the rockets they stopped issued around you. They decided it and market Tony has been tinkering with this for a while. Finally got the complete fine. Particularly from James Harden it was a is a big routine guy and and always enjoyed. Going to shoot around kind of really never understood the player's perspective why guys would. Want to get up at 8 o'clock in the morning and hop on a bus and go shoot in the morning. You know especially in what could couple Carlos. Relatives who are like element were both night out by based on what we do on Saturday mornings myself so I never really understood that. Shoot around but they decided that they have a Sunday home game a couple of weeks ago at 6 o'clock. Against the jets and Mike thought he that would be the perfect sort of excuse to second look because again we don't need to shoot around. And outlook ridiculous amount of energy and quashed. The Jack and this is what's coincided with just seven hurricane stretcher with a rockets have been phenomenal. And so they're like. And James had. Remember what he had a 22 point first quarter something inch. He was full of energy had great outlet that the bulk of the sort of stopped shoot around all the sudden so they're not ensure the only game they've done in this stretch where they had issued around. Was when they look terrible at home Internet against Toronto because they had a back to back at some Monday and they wanted it seemed to kind of get out there a little bit and they came up flat. They issued around yesterday in Phoenix either and I think it is going to be a red. And it's pretty common theme for this team going forward I think they're gonna guys can get eight hours sleep regardless of what time they come in or Kelly is stay out. Right and have people of energy and I think that suck on it. I think it had something to do with the way the rockets started against the grizzlies an ally but it never shooter I'm at a time and energy they will not shoot around them well. I would I think there's something today I'd just like with LeBron saying hey look. We've stopped leaving cities. Immediately after games because the best thing for the body when you're older is rest and you get better arrest. Even if you go out at night like you said. And this is the funny thing about it you know coach is always want to get guys out to make sure they weren't weren't gonna go out to the guys are gonna go out one way or the other coaches better realize that now. And so now what LeBron saying it's like look. If we wake up and we practice at noon but we have a game in you know we play a game and say Indianapolis and our next game is in Denver. And it's not dole Friday and we displayed Wednesday. Let us stay in Indianapolis will go out and get some via their guys are gonna go out and get in the sub they'll go out and get into something he wanna have a practice and Indy. Then have it at like noon and believe it three or leave it there are two would have the practice in Denver. When you get there and then elect guys go to dinner and then not have a shooter on the next day I think it makes. All the sense in the world in terms of getting good clean Rask as you and I both know you get on that plane at 11 o'clock at night wheels up 1130. You fall asleep for about half an hour you wake up you land got to get off the plane got a load the bus got to get on the bus and he got to get them they'll tell you gotta get impact also has gone to bed till 2 o'clock in U badly again. Hour nap in between this totally disrupted how you feel. Yeah absolutely and and and and look at another thing I was actually talking to Mike about the reason why. Sort of shoot around to become a tradition. In basketball is because of pressure out from the top because. You know let the teams are playing all the sudden. You know executives above your life. Not doing enough you're not working hard enough right and so you think that's that's a big reason why teams continued to shoot around because coaches feel that there's pressure. From a ball if things don't go well right that the police. Perception of them not working hard enough to prepare. Isn't that what rocket the rocket and a veteran team that support all the team in the league on top of that our guys have been there. Done that I mean you know. And that sort of historically there just four times including increasing and are got to know your guys' eyes are out and quite honestly they've already known each other because they played against each other. For years to two veteran team so one at like guys get some rest. To be the recent uptick in the rockets ridiculous baucus has coincided. With fresh legs in a query about the terrific energy to start games and I think it's ultimately will be something that people stick with moving forward. Yeah and I think that that makes a lot of sense and I do wonder. Just what this team is getting ready to do a year twelve and for now you get a matchup with Memphis I don't know for a fact I just think that it I honestly think they're gonna air on the side of caution. And when it comes to an Achilles considering what we just saw the other night. Was Seattle in football with Richard Sherman right on a sore Achilles I think they're going yell let's make sure. That he's right because a ruptured Achilles in November remains a long way till April. Achilles' strain that you can heal up and even take a couple extra games to do sell. Especially a game like this where you're gonna have to be getting up and on the floor. May not be the best idea if you wanna have them. Long term but after tonight as you know all four straight games at home. They'd take you through the Thanksgiving Holiday Inn in the the end of the month of November. Then on the road at the lakers who they hate you guys can play just as fast as they cancel that negates. By the way we're going to be in LA for. Fire sniper Kirk. Yeah I use their Sunday and then now we get to Saturday and you leads late Wednesday I don't know orderly to a date at a schedule. Did it. I hate us so and and that's what they believe Obama brought up Urban League. We're leaving out Friday for a Sunday well I don't know why we have a three days after you and I both know why he would because. Thirteen is a big fan of LA and and the area is right truck. Yeah out there I Iraq right hander. Kirk. Some other additional extremely or hazardous crisp auggies surveyed. Were to clippers but yet it'd be NBA and it Los Angeles so yeah well actually we get it. When I look at your schedule all the way through Christmas and obviously it's the NBA so there's got to be something in there that you may have a pick up but I mean. I think it pretty much just looking at the schedule. I would be shocked if you're not favored in every single game and in a lot of cases like eight or nine points so question being. How much better can this team get from what you've seen. Chris called only played two games. She was limited to twenty minutes last night I mean I'd really you know what they just added. You know. Future policy and point guard yeah I mean I so I I think there there is room for improvement on me but going into the Toronto game rockets. Were worked hard and in both offense. And defense and obviously they give up whatever it was to the raptors 129 points or wherever wasn't it looked out of reach you know they slipped out of the top candidate seems certain capable that again that's what they're cold it actually goals. He wanted to bias. Best defensive teams in the league. This season and have the greatest offense in NBA history and they're certainly trending offensively yeah enact in that direction and they think that they are only capable. Of what they help the team especially with Luc Mbah a Moute PG. Occurred Chris Paul. Anchored the defense of rock band. Terrific defensively this year. Armed by the way amazement the better isolation defenders and all the lead debate they're capable of doing that so I think they do feel like periods. Significant room. For improvement but again we're playing it in a world where are rose gold they just got beat last our global playing in a world called stated as one of the five best teams ever assembled. And will ultimately have to see if that really means anything body in the season. I do want this not ask you this on a final noted it's somewhat personal about Ryan. I just know a little bit about him from him being from Sacramento and on several people that are close to him. He looks like a different guy this year and you can imagine it's easy to understand why those that don't know. Ryan's girlfriend of a few years ago tragically took her own life and clearly had an effect on him. He sounds someone else they've gotten married he seems just easy and loose out there on the floor how much different on the guy is he this year than you've seen in previous years. Well I mean he's he's he's slimmed down considerably. I'm not sure that was a preparations. First wedding or not but he absolutely is. Is second look right but the guy whose name was grown around. All summer. As the rockets try to corral the rockets Draper Carl all right Brian Anderson is going to be the guy they don't want Clyde Anderson insults its name was all over the news all summer long and he came minicamp. This guy's a professional arm but I I think. He she loved it here he still like he's this is the perfect spot. Com or for his game he enjoyed his teammates on the cheek again sort of get said he understands. What his role is. He understands you know when all the some of the trade rumors but he came in and well that's sliding in that perfectly he's slimmed down is in tremendous shape. Armani key. So that he was ever. Not. Focused on defense but I think because some of the weight loss sure he's just maybe act with steps. Quicker than he was calm and and looking guy on the what's what's not to like about playing with this team he gets all the open trees. It just has not it's on my dream. It is a guy who likes the shoots dream. Are still prefer what's his home road splits. Are pretty crazy I don't know what it is about playing at home. He's been even like all whirl on the road and obviously offensively kind of the opposite at home during its rockets and are now I would like to see that sort of even out. A more consistency from one end of another but even when he's not make shots his ability to stress disorder literally have to like 3035 feet. Makes a huge difference for this team. Offensively so. You know again he was together rockets always coveted there's a and now we've. Thank you really is personally and a good place as you mention of his personal life and it is new white so. But it certainly would would help or anybody when when when that kind of you know their systems regardless how much money you make what you do for a living. If settled and you wake up every put a smile on your face Arkin there's no doubt double bill improve the quality of life and an all facets for anybody. Up there are so welcome Ryan. It's great information brother travels safe I'll see you tomorrow night. Little bit more primary that we play this. Twelve more time to rest of the season I think they let a small claims court are fair game that your out of the 82 games let's play each other 47 times beleaguered buried and bigger like baseball you play division opponents seventeen times so you're let's let's still grizzlies a marathon what Caracas no doubt about it nobody you know they made plays in the first round. So they're good at what rockets into way to mark our media already already before they get a potential tiebreaker is on the line and it could be. Something that it might end up coming into. And benefactor candidacy to serve is pretty important game provoke change tomorrow no doubt about it channel sic my friends. I meant educators see it always appreciate it Greg Ackerman right there. On the program and we appreciate his time very mileage ring it up but real voters next nineteen out of MES PN Memphis. Toilet Johnson Jason and Jon and we're doing a cool thing this holiday season Toys for Tots join us on Wednesday December 6 but that's normal eleven life Ridgeway will. Until 2 PM Wednesday December 6 from 11 AM until 2 PM we're going to be broadcasting live from sad that they collecting your toy day donations. United united fan ESPN. Can't tell you get to play this weekend Nicole's friends and family sale. 20% off. What the next attorney present not the ultimate ease with the news network that's ethanol producer for 3199. Room pillows for at best at home or 1439. 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Also hot dip in mild salsa buy and all the delicious flavors in your local grocery store frenzy Israeli living out of town send them a podshows care baggage and they'll wanna get these hills it podshows she's just done John follow them on FaceBook and Twitter for all the latest updates podshows she's dim the hometown depth of your hometown team. Announces Black Friday specials all month long safe bet there's a completely empty to a patriotic for about an animal. It only nineteen guys got too excited or. What ignited the numbers having too much about progress and no security deposit required something different states they didn't play. Obama applauded wanted a big score double. Go inside. He's okay not that it identified all the buzz and there's the big. Hey Jason Spencer from 99 FM ESPN listen take computer systems is doing it on Black Friday and small business Saturday. Apple iMac 27 inch computers only 1130 nine's the taking eighty dollars off each other computers they haven't stopped. Are counted out from November 24 and 25 so you don't miss sounds great deals on TV for years there's still offering free diagnostic. You dollars in savings for 10% of all I remember don't play. 3800 packs crossroads we can just. Computer systems dot com per the job down pound five to nine on yourself. All that's all. Iran its dominance down tomorrow night. We'll be here today. Ninety points and have good. Stop aids. I love the headline polls returns parts rockets to ninety point half to death. That affected James Harden and Brian Anderson didn't miss probably out there and just a side. Everyday at this we close the first though they realized all spring and I'll put three on the board let's do it besides who really need the hurry up three TV. It was 92 nines very castles I normally. Reduce stories that we're not gonna get a full segment for bud tell Eddie did most of the opening segment on these big matchup. Tomorrow at Liberty Bowl memorial stadium between SMU. And Memphis and MI quarries gonna join us later the play by play voice for ESPN will call the game we figured we might as well get. He really inside look. At the SMU program we're gonna try to steal some secrets here although he's probably too Smart for that his name is John Dewey junior we used on mass Jake. He is the special teams assistant and football assistant coach for the SMU mustangs he joins us now what's up dude. Or prominent literary now thanks for thanks for join and in fact you. You text me and said I'm ready to talk ponies if you want ads and well yeah I didn't think you could do it if there's a thing about assisting coaches were head coaches don't always let you guys do stuff like this. Well or heard coach. You know we've really publicity we've we've used so good out there and we will I don't know recant. What is he like is that based out and about Chad Morris right now. As a guy that because of his really his savvy with the way the offense plays and had the success you guys have bad turning that program back around. That his name's gonna start popping up on some short list for some some power five jobs. Sure. You know I don't know but all that I think that was turn adversity into Oreo or serve but but for cost more because more is the guy really. Understated here Buehrle gets I don't know if there because of blowing off you don't reform and other things I learned. And once Steffi you have you know page or know perhaps of mergers such as one liners gonna have about actual football with. Either look at it worked for a news that some farm bill to be around. How much fun as it on that sideline when this team is just march up and down the field. Well look it's fun mountaineers but what's interesting okay its currency report that have been a first down of an application to apply them to watch it. Looking scoreboard kids at the most electric windows gun in the world could disappoint our duty or it can handle that. I'm sorry as far as their picker recipe around but we distressed about which we weren't going to kind of sucks. I I I understand you have to concern yourself with other factors as the special career coach and I would imagine those of the kids that day you really. I think coaching staffs love kids that play special teams and love the place special teams. Because they're doing it for the love of it they're not there they're probably not go early NFL. They're probably not looking in and going to be you know first round draft picks but the player college football to get an education to. Did to keep doing something I allows set imagine that you love your group of guys that the way most special teams coach loves their guests. Hey that's why they don't they go all the boys got the guts to walk on from the little lower tax of course now. A popular clustered together that the guys who are really good player mentally you know go. I want it that's film of them around on a kickoff for doing and doing you know 2 o'clock. So it worked there or overweight I think around the office you the second part of entirely so as well football system. And we joked around that means you're viewed the DSC. Which is that the dutrow gonna ever saying Doug and Stella got a lot of good for you. Well such is an effort for almost everywhere so yes that's. Or certainly one that's you know you are terrible you know we're going to be from Tony got a coach. I will ask you this is that similar quality control or is there also a quality control goes out assume quality of DF fears as football assistant. And I would assume odd goal IG GF go get food is quality control. It's a little bit above above do you have regrets do you have. A group of avuncular guys but. The FC certainly yes you do and how real this first aren't dumb or Qatar or so. I'd go before I ask you about deadly game I want to ask you how much funnier have been doing this because your background was initially basketball. Obviously people know the story. You know the blind side sort of when I get and that. But you were a basketball player you played bass while progress he went on to play basketball at Loyola Maryland and then decided in your last year to leave Loyola Maryland. Goal basically to walk on the football team BA of on the special teams be older. And turn that into coaching football it's not a term I think a lot of people stuck comment. Nolan and I have real ethnic violence. Throughout on the coach Morris you know two years ago saying that I would like that also visit the first time a little more fastballs. Around there you know sources here at north Texas and it felt badly hit a scholarship ought to come. Because source capital selector and put football. But I do have put football in and four years in order quietly all. Of that honor hope and you know I've pursued my freshman year. And I resent well. Good out school or so later and we weren't that now if that's a problem that's not far from figured out. For Timonen and help part of your scout team and hope it goes. And I really enjoy it kind of felt I wasn't. You only got one here it's so kind of you know. Syrian coming up in bummed out working really hard left policing each if you practice electoral. Elbow you know the specialty stuff. Our culture questions on what you know for our evacuation of all. Well you're gonna coach commissioner's view to you know sort starting out. So I never thought Kalin the weird deal but. Again that you're used to putting into it to be successful so some of them are there today in an university and a parishioner do not feel good. I think it's also not adding it's a great story and being able to do some that you really fall in love what's makes it even more fun by. You are the enemy coming back home this weekend because you do. And the SMU mustang stand in the way a man minister and the American athletic conference west championship. What do you guys do a slowdown that powerful offense. Yeah. I don't know of anyone anyone can stop our offense we'll go but we can't. You know we always say earlier not now who are not not reflect how would. So there are trapping residents of talking about it we got to get better with the split. Such an outside the onset of all. So you know or about a thousand and or go to community who do corporation. You know like for to be very possible it was a one time. In Largo mayor race we're struggling charter jet where our international orderly and if we put the refuge in particular symbol of the scoreboard and then little cute just. Do you guys aren't gonna pot so that Mardy is an angle everything towards sideline right. Yeah got it right. Yeah well again like but it's about you guys I want upon the voting period at first you try to go for a record third fourth downs were. So what are we work on her back here and out. But. Yeah a lot from an audit underneath it the funnel sort of social or spread around and then there you go eventually got to watch other. Tony pollard's skillet heat seeking to be some nightmares on that special teams side. For this year fur for SMU and and I want to say Diaz are taking it. One week at a time. How home. How successful the has viewed what's happening and it was a tough one last week for it. He won some big games in and it seemed irked that certainly has surprised some people not necessarily the people there but people that. I hadn't quite realize that SMU had turned the corner the way that they had years three and three copper six and four overall. A chance to get the bowl eligibility get Memphis this week and then. You'll and what to lay knew when that Tulane game and bowl eligibility is right there I would imagine you're pretty positive about what happened. You know it's it's that's fine for the that are haven't raced here in fact that we. Would be just some lessons playing several accounts and whistling principal figures including two who remember that. Social order I like you said we want to became too also games and been caught there has back. I think our last five games have been side. One scoreless milk the person Carolyn blessed to have nots. But it's too much finger and then Gregory if you authorities there are two and equity it. You know that is yet to restore the Turks too are not the procedure. I want it ought such injury you're minutes between an opportunity here to ever recovered to make that that's what do you mean at best a shooting Democrat. A rescue whoever has been ruled out of employers. Given the vesting or hippie rather all the all the old stuff. And the fact that up to appear on the computer the girl oh little overweight a partial that the group stressed out if it in the number six. Now it got there so well throughout pharmacy could display the poster children and our road trip over here after. And did you say Terry Quinn is your roommate disease that. Pretty good year term. Strickland government and it takes 100 person credit for all the success. 96 catches all due to SJ living there are 1008 yards clearly everyone racked up. By living with SJ and eight chassis current eight. That is that is that it came home. I get home last week and replacements on TV yes. You're watching film paternity he was not someone that's more or you're lost thirteen you don't wash. Two that bathroom and I can't take it away from under par or better and for me but. Do the early to do outside simpler. Saturday against some good candidate you would assess. Clifford Franklin would approve of him watching Clifford Franklin and Verizon hasn't ordered. Went into the cobalt one meg told you don't want just good people all come out with a. The act act. The fact we can get the replacements in his conversation. Is awesome listen I appreciate Scott announced units and I got meetings to get to. I do wish you the best of luck this week and I think it's going to be a fun game and as super excited. To Seattle and so much fun doing some things it that you love to do and I always great to catch up. Well we needed appreciate it got a group that particular night for minutes. I'm a little okay you're secure counter game out of certain. Hey I got a son or go to be in the morning it's rain amount of mound tomorrow it's you know every Sunday everybody gets on me for not wanting to stand out in the rain like the day of the game might you do realize like I use my voice. And so aside while Darren and freezing in the rain. I'm debating I had tickets I think we're probably gonna swing by for sure I'd it will be a little bit late will be a little dark road I man got decent. I asked to do it right they're joining us here on the throat and they're good receivers Terry Quinn and Cortland Sutton. Have combined for nineteen touchdowns almost 2000 yards and a 161. Chances so explosive offense should be fun. Tomorrow at Liberty Bowl memorial stadium Torre now. Byrd say who it is dad's. Roger Goodell and Jerry Jones you is he now and it's gonna force people to potentially take sides if you haven't read the article on I you need to check this out it was written by Donvan now a junior and Seth liquor sham. And it's going to appear yes in the magazine's December 4 addition. Basically details that on August 9 there was a call. That Roger Goodell is on with Jerry Jones and he let him know easy Hilo it was going to get a six game suspension. Everything went. Why it's. And Jerry Jones broke the silence by saying this I'm gonna come after you and everything I have. In any mention deflate if you think Bob Kraft came after you are Bob Kraft is a pea compared to what I'm going to do. Oh are right so there is the gauntlet laid down and nobody knows what's gonna happen and people are saying might you know look Raja Bell it's all. Energetic at the article says the Wii looks fresh and energetic he's more. Are resolute than ever to leave with the legacy of having come close to fixing football's longstanding issues. However up close talking about Adele his face is changed due to the relentless stress. It is not sell a one line didn't tired is now sound mind and tired to Dell's and a battle. And is in a battle few saw coming with the league's membership teetering on all out unprecedented silver civil war. This don't get ugly. If there's not already ugly it's gonna get ugly out and out. This article is going to at a lot of people drawn sides and there are people out there that say look. Jerry's got some support on this we doctor Wright glass Beagle yesterday and the president of it is is essentially that what Jerry Jones is saying is you know. He's Jack. Eighteen months left on his contract. Why are we extending him now let's see what he does. The ratings. Although I think it's blown out of proportion are ticked down I love what they did last night was actually I thought that was great Brent prosper not affect. I love because I like seeing that view I would think it would be interesting for fans and I heard Gary yesterday talking about William Agassi that first down marker that's been out of the big knock. I would venture to say you can figured out pretty quickly what they what the yard lines were but it's still different and so I get that side of it. And you can mix it and I think he makes them and have angles on both that's great. I'd I'd think they're probably gonna try to get to a day where you can take your camera angle much like you can when you play Madden right you can pick camera angle. And if you need to be sky camera can be regular and you can pick the feed did you want same audio same everything. You just run the feed on an alternate channel I don't article that would be but who knows. But Al Michaels went on to say and and Ryan last field for the simple a big lead. They as some support a short break so this could get ugly very quickly and the other big news is that Mike Conley. I has been shut down. To be evaluated for the next two weeks say I talked about a little bit in the open but this was everybody's worst fear. In terms of injuries there and two key players however it's not as of the moment you don't pay a super long time. I really do believe they're gonna really really be cautious with this. Really be cautious with this they're not gonna rush him back out there is by how badly Mike is going to want to play. They are going to need Mario Chalmers to pick his game up they're going to need them tackle more to pick his game up they're going to need you Michael Green to pick his game up.