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Thursday, February 8th

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929 SLX 688 AM on the WMS. And 929 This is that Jason Jones show low. Yeah CN. I about Jason and Jon and it's not a fan ESPN and as promised his name. Is rod strictly is a former first round pick. Of the New York Knicks had a long and illustrious NBA career he joins us now rot I don't mega to hear from you. Amber are you go man we're we're good at Memphis has been a busy day so far looking disable it isn't looking to see what we can't get back for Tyreke Evans. All of our theological and oh yeah men hardcore loaded what was it like because I know obviously you're a guy who once upon a time was traded from from the knicks to the spurs. What was this time like for you as a player would you think back. While I'm Australia though that it follow what is probably one of those because from a player and number eight prim you know alarmed surely does not. Nobody had any real. Oh brilliant traders Amelio would go to borrow. Which came in you know what she meant more to go through but I've never had him. No all of the business and I moved into potential what the big. What would big deal him. So when you get traded from obviously you're your hometown you know your hometown franchise the knicks to the San Antonio Spurs. Arm was there was there emotion would bitter or do you just can't understand and know that hey. This this league is all about the bottom line and it's a business and you can't have a motion with a how did you react to it to that when it went down. Well in New York are awarded featured so solid didn't traded. But it took me to go to the circles further there would go up Coventry and so those great million Jews are. Found out where on the plane headed somewhere uprooted and she may be. Was kicked in 08. And told which church it is and what I got traded well Portland shall watch him. Actually the forums. Oh just got a tool and shall would have a trembling. Cha and pass the note that their house after the tool and can draw acceptable anywhere in a substantial lead but I got traded. So it's kinda weird opt filed out. About being traded it. But Wimbledon and through the wheel and all the awards themselves excited the ball and a look from New York which are important chosen above. So what would be your advice to Cheney today especially a young guy. That that may be going through you delegate for example James NS you know hug a grizzly hero. Who you know who got tradable for work on the heat here it is. On his way to Detroit. What would be your advice to a young MBA player about this side of the business on this particular day. Well laden wolf for a book over the gave each candidate caught up and I got to understand that it is a business we know from personal. You know you're given the situation and everybody loved it. Everybody you know you can go well. Bush is still a business or who there are far too little article writer you're not play well or Jews. They need somebody to put in the trade a mean it can happen and happen to anybody. Shall. Obviously you gotta say it this is business at the very same goals and not widget or though. And the hype. Rob there was sounds as a as a Chicago Bulls fan as a as a University of Memphis gradual where I thought that. And also Derrick Rose and a bull's uniform that I've never seen many of the uniform. Lost in the news today that he's he's he's now in you to all of cleaner straight them. How would you sum up his career rot and had an endless in the do you think that that those days of being in a high level point guard for him just because the injury that it's it's all of I know he's gonna have a good life right Adidas has paid in the mess that at least I got that money. But on the court and it just it feels like a sad story rock. Yeah no I grew richer in that realm and I'm a good Third World and unload these blows. They believe was one of the most humble you dove over Google more and more almost all of worker. Chocolate you have what I mean this is life lesson about what happened in the district to ball Grant Hill and the ball pretty auto loans that are quick they would have bit. Vote blue without those injuries you know almost bugged out on the Portland trailblazers. Are important numbers are watched and watched as they. Up about the golf but he was great there's no way. Brand new and more as and then there's Irish crowd of order cooler out and so it took slight but welcome also. Our signature vehicles not lost a tree blow them off ought to work and but I do believe. You know weekly if Boucher he could be adequate you can go back up. And I'll really watch the rose and still get to spots on the court and he still can elevate. I've been saying in his mind a little bit yeah I think. Developing that was all it. Deal with the start early look at that and did she do those. They're not certain Stillman trauma on his way to Dublin London Gorham. Live in fort solution to look down always looked at Google has lived closest we have the colts they won't and shouldn't. Well nobody rode him that you'll point odd yeah well. Though so up and he still has those. Those action news about the current lol well almost a block it upstairs. Where he's strong arm I don't know where he wrote called solidarity not their blows that they can go somewhere and send them in there and be productive. Well probably for a lot of love for for a few more I'm where I'm with you if if he can go ahead adjustment if Europe what all on the subject of your Memphis days and we were we wanna get to that to the lakers cavs do with LeBron and in and that franchise has done today. One with a photo of Memphis are you sort of aware at all what what's happened with with Chris Douglas Roberts have you course sort of seen around. His personal transformation at all. What do. It now goes by some breed changed his name yeah change is Nader. We're here Patricia you know admitted. A oh yeah I'll well I know a mom left because. Heard it I don't really know it so well you shouldn't be laughing a little logo old. Background of this. But were I love little Cruz. Christine great seller agree you because slowed to a different. Yeah you know it and it's a little. Well like I mean it it it's dumb for for a guy like that I mean I always thought you know with his game and especially the way starting with the with the nets like you have a long MBA career. You know when he was hurt and he was just the guiding you can get hurt. He was just the guy Earl who decided hey. Not going to be a prisoner of this game anymore in an amen to go pursue you know business I'm and I you know you get you got to respect the right. Oh actually wrote Chris and so little different person. And that minor bird move move move their Beers. Bobbled the germ single malt although he told the consequence here actually you know so woman who can be who you are the people in order consequences could. And you know and I'm a much Seneca Batman he's he chose to do is on the road all sort of I don't know the name but you know god bless. Shall rob is that when you watch the league now appears seven that you know who's about to watch the new one of the crowd crowds. It is the league soft now our players softer today. And that then they were I mean I watch came up in the days Oakley in more and landed here we know what they would do to you when you watch today. You see some of these teams adults they YNN and all that maybe you know busted up like you wanna do something though is is it does it bother me as the league's softer demand is that a bad narrative. I'm a model I don't like you to word shall. Couldn't government a tradition as started it was sort of like what you talk about is barred police culture it. You know god have their own style the way the player. But I will say that the league marrow is open. No I mean there. Through the game with a because she could close or five guy though detained. It can't be physical and social problem of diplomas. But how many. Out I would say one thing the game look better looks like more foreign goals look at bell who goes more actually slower. I'll watch from my old game. Oh just racially. They're indulged every minute or the down but are you on that down a bit of Iran's legal Crittenton up exercise. Engagement slow. So those children took a while look at some follow them and like you should start to get fiscal. Our April slight dog muzzled like I would tell. Forgot like Al a little more charters would think ultralight big include needle and so don't look as we you know as unemployment bluster about. A great job I would have been trying to get at mourns. Every every turmoil would about that I wouldn't care about his problem and how apology on the problem from the outlawed them believe there. You've been obvious all you journal still won't school and the weather is load to have. I mean would you have averaged on the east loses they couldn't put hands on elected to lead today Iran is not we kill the deal didn't tobacco. Didn't get a little later public employees who go low lives they're. Because the record shut it won't show all would have had a truck and saw that more but with the court or prim like it is him. My old room protect those. You know most there have been a good pair of boots and goodnight. Our I don't know article look you're from New York you would did what you've never been scared everybody in nobody coming out of your more you come from spirited about it when you were when you were in the Lee. Who's the toughest guys you win against write them a net you you didn't back down from anybody who was trying to give you the business every night to what the point where like men they'll kind of tie this to. Well I'll limit a lot of da lol leave the little architecture and ordered those terrible jolt the limbs trim auto attendant. You know he has served and so you have jobs stopped and nick were led to a midnight in ML probably give include. We're old Gary Payton can't he get mugged Hulu right so I mean India Demi even voted to shut today and you know Garrett saying great from the pitcher Greg hair and dark compliment you on the it also will lead lawyer it was my then delay though you have to do vertical or. We are of course talking to rod Strickland top ten all time assist leader in the NB. A obviously and you saw the news about what the Cleveland Cavaliers did today. Basically just got a new team. Noted that a liberal from the Barack LeBron pick the new five. Why why didn't the Isiah Thomas. Yeah experiment work in these and well out. Wolf four or lose their lives goods and so common back you know obviously that kick some move and and I'll forward a bit slow motion. Did remote dish start everybody. We Jameer Nelson. Was all of Orlando and they will make a net. That championship pollution. And I'll always like as good as she blows. Orlando would be upgrade to put some good talk on like when your Gordon fourth championship. But I have a small guards specially are your guy is taught. No because a lot of times we lowered them to the days he's going to be a mess. Now you know. Are there published gifted offensively so some of job as you both can trust but I there's others. Think a lot of their trouble you put the Celtics fell a record it. I don't know you vilify and actually that many other places you know he's going to LA. And would injunction in the sort of get a chance to have to do mistaken but we'll try to contend for a championship. I don't know distributed. Normally in that he was important yeah set up simple because he has so much a sort of Boston. Now. Not only everyone else is there an album in those close but millions. That's right shall melt it looked to him to be big guy. They're newly created Boston their level will recreate. By the way the the news this came across route. You'd tile is likely going to release Derrick Rose I. Yes yes that's a cop heard that about them and make shut them really Billick might make social dirt world abilities. Right to choose you all cargo be products are the only guy like one black bomber in Utah on the hole I hit it. Then did so I might be good to do those and what he go to who wrote. In terms of but like I guess lower on terrorism the places that you you played you played all over New York Antonio Portland. Washington Miami. Minnesota Orlando Toronto Houston these are all places I really do after you go. Out of sight I had a couple of cutlass we don't where was where was the hardest for you personally like what what marquis was the hardest for you like as a player as a as is that a normal person. No problem like I'll I'll I'll blow a good or bad just small solid play out market player but he. I think probably compartment. And then system. You know the hard child when you're in O Connell widely doubted your career. And you still think nobody got. And the league and then the coaches and Larry 1000 total live not to go out my old you know clubs like Houston. Thought Sharaud shall. They go off limits shoulder just because news. You know you're screwed did you have a lot to all of the game and during the just limited him on the winded down the morality such as soon. So those were probably the closest. We are course under the great rod Strickland here on editor and a ME SP now you talked about it before you are the godfather. Of carrier ring who haven't a great year in Boston in the Celtic. That a little bit as of late but that had a had a I think a better year than most people probably would have expected did you think the world what Cleveland has done. Do you think it changes the ordered all on the east. Are anchored that makes it very very religious my third and they're as they can call Miguel will close some object that we should kids you know just like in the mood but it urged made sure the league at all he may soon know things don't always do it. So you know Europe direction chronic Lou it is. Are sorted they're they're gonna have begin with a double but I'm what they do what they've done. You know didn't George Tiller Rodney good talks were led. A big break actually use them you are a lot of energy. Our broken social residents left lettuce so little about them everybody would comport. Right about millions of which are afraid initially may or may not be there for this year. If not then that's a great pick up there amber who obviously George will. You're going to approve a bit clocks are losing young kid who could or. And let him block shot low on the court and all of the other intrusive presence saw that it does. More than anything I think the gaga outward what level goal in order Matlock a little. All they have given up. They're given them their energy was low so there's a million hopefully won't go whoa whoa who wish to order MGM the but I loved him the competitiveness. Of all our. Ron how are you sons plan meant we gotta we gotta break down their days from David Thorpe earlier he said that his kid goes against your son's in that same district down at the two plenum photo of your son Tyler is is 2018 point guard right. As his game it wears you wind up because you know we need to put our prayer in Memphis yeah Robin we need lawyers. Troubled problem recruit them for their. If you told world these special for about bode well marchers lovely young award. 2008. And 2000 toward a actual market delighted leader Carmelo. Quote late so much as well trot ridge file one when they insurers and our school. So they've always heard. The ability. But I'll always told the what you know minding your body checks and looked everybody else and then you can judge yourself. Special no formal does want Amare knows what it's still cool can you comment potential truce between these there's let the so there was calm him. You know you can score the ball into court you know Clinton debrief well so he's. Ahmadinejad coma a long way you like Shia is equal open gym ridiculous but I told that all the and I think you wanna be a lot better people very good. Up I've never did this approach first album put up Paul all four of the apple on don't do that because. Most of it covered all the so Bob Beck well it was still alive you know you pop. So I always think you're over so and so right so Bob Dole dole it. But he's warm cause you know he thought the judicial recognition. He's heard no interest from Baylor and Oklahoma stadium. But you know lady. You know he's been all football Boston College you. Irma have a seat certain noise and all over the board but now it kinda Coleman who choose old embargo so it was going to be the same way about a twelve year old daughter. Who might be better than all bowled well. Unheard and that well let's not feel pretty good about that being that Tennessee tech for four times electrically but it is it is I have I don't know there is available a lot I don't think we did it's Baylor I don't think it would be number. Told Chilavert aborted I don't know much about it at all it's a model of American celebrate what America put some the serve rob appreciate you there. Rod men are always lab as always may gray stuff we don't argue printer broke yup he is a rod Strickland.