AUDIO: Lorenzen Wright's mom DEBORAH MARION on the Jason & John Show on Wed., 12/6/17

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Wednesday, December 6th

UDIO: Lorenzen Wright's mom DEBORAH MARION on the Jason & John Show on Wed., 12/6/17


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Are back Jason John that it's nine FM ESP and as you guys know was a very dramatic day yesterday. Oh win police made an arrest in the Lorenzen Wright murder his mother is here Debra are you. I want someone to talk today. Today this day in my whole life. So I guess kind of take me through what happened where where you when you got the call. Actually out on my way to the doctors check out our. Located close if not then I was going to the doctor immediately sat and our debt and commercial PO common urged India not to recall. They at least sign painting have you heard mayor Rick that got that are just I know let me call some match so I call. He's they let me call you back and I worry is about tournament it keeps was immediately comment backing a year and Billy turned out. We wrecked it and this one I want to achieve them part of my ear about that he would beat me to. Wow so they told you it was Billy turner I guess I I don't know what what you know yet but. Have have have you heard that name before today. Never in light never. I know my would grab me and he's still a long look at look basically mom packing your at all I mean tracks on this day he found out quit outlook that he added these. Our landscape and he is now at all either someday we knew when I got home that he had a landscape and these. What they yet there was there was a report now that he was the rim of the rings and long guy oh. Can suggest that the conviction that we gather all the critics. That's the only connection that we know of right now what have police sort of told you in terms of details of what's coming next. And that I don't create that is not over yet. Yeah SN baby yet and they. Was today I mean because because when I obviously when I see the news my first thought is is you because you know we talk to you before and we had jaw when they found a murder weapon and you know we won't Weaver we prayed for your peace in that some day this day would come what was sort of the feeling. When you heard that they had made an arrest. I've just couldn't believe the carpet at Abbott worked with Egypt's enemy is going to be or Chris but I haven't spotted at each. That deal could be a. Right so he said it he said he you'd know it was coming right. But I don't I'll be right and did you think that win. They found the murder weapon I mean there was a film like all right so this is finally you know after so many years this is the first step. Yes that's how the candidate they were some but it it would try to immediate current Cutler hit only the guard back at how what gonna have on any indication so they got to get killed yeah. Yup so hopefully the result is a god a lot of them back then I had to care didn't have prominent well to turn a. Exactly how many how many phone calls and text messages have you got. Hi I haven't even return not gonna cut my whole called out but it is it is it if you would is it is a piece like it. I know that they're still an entire trial that has to play out and and a conviction and obviously there have been a debit. I mean after so many years of no and absolutely nothing it is it is at peace today. Our streak again we all now elk when you start I have or I would never gonna get about it now Lee hit a special ops did not gonna give. But just I guess I guess just knowing something about who could be today and it must it sort of make you feel a little bit better about everything it. Well I tell you why. Ms. Deborah it is always been a pleasure and and we have we have been Poland for some breaks in this case and I hope that. You and your family get the justice in the closure that you guys so very well deserved. A year so I thank you ahead of me all I want gridlock are like Abby and want let match every year I want rate and how he. Well okay some of I guess before we let you go what what would you what part of history would you like that to share with the city of Memphis today right now. I wanna hear that you know people have been no one extra batting electric vehicle. Oh outlook bickering I would go more apt title and more people are that it. Well we get this picked up together actually left out. I calls have been bitten the Internet like outlook I'll period yes and I'll probably get a plain old Opel and not start. Absolutely well we will allow we will catch up with you as more details come out miss Debra thank you so much for the time as always I already. Are we would talk to your letter that is of course Deborah Marion. The mother of Lorenzen Wright.