Arkansas Radio Host Bo Mattingly discussing Arkansas Job/Norvell with J&J

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Monday, December 4th

Arkansas Sports Radio Host Bo Mattingly joined Jason & John Monday to discuss the Arkanasas Job and is Norvell a candidate. 


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Bags save lives attitude out of bed he asked he would if we continue to look for answers. I don't think there's anybody better to. Find them with a bow Mattingly Bo Mattingly is the war the host of sports talk with both turn off across the state Arkansas I don't know is the deal. But Arkansas athletics he joins us now about what's going on man. A bad bill are you guys are not appreciate the term what we're kind of nervous I think I think we're collectively nervous. What are you nervous about what we wanna lose Bradley director brand our coach this is a little much. Yeah I can understand and got a good thing going on a princess at actually yesterday. It was my belief that yeah. Bo and words. In Libya expert here so each so there was a big tree with the work well. Let. Actually this morning that yeah I think the South Florida ought to director. Is in the mix as well. Charlie trucks there are big gentry bears well. On listened to wrap this entire search as attractive as candidate as Michael worked well it's. For whatever reason I just feel like he got up there it's been reported. Betty years I guess linking it he's being looked at credit. And may have been interviewed by Arkansas or would still be inner beauty and I can't tell you are at stake complex. Or not obviously easily eat it attract candidate. Coaching are really good job take over what just swipe tag. Started air. And except maybe at pictures you'll walk a batter and then I would call him. I saw where he told jet caught out eat Memphis commercial appeal that that he's not a candidate Dirk Cha. So if you want to candidate which I had been elect believes. And it may be no walker and the banks. Parole whatever he's so look any time you have. Two successful guys notice to position. It's it's it's obviously pure they're gonna be candidates they're gonna be looked at their top pure. Like it's also really aren't huge call that you got the situation arkansas' and where you look at a box right. And insert that leads to an outside and and as I said I realized helped banks are audition it was. I but he did and you know. You can breed on social media and it means something and and whatever it is that that's something years people organize at bats just. Whatever Coker people who try to put on that however their side is gonna. And I think a lot of that apple would cut melt and via the situation in Arkansas echo really got everybody. Enact in a pretty big uproar about soccer that never really looked like beat Georgia and Alabama and it got app. So where you guys surprised to Affleck the entire country was just waiting wanted to be officially goes miles I was gonna take the Arkansas job we got surprised that he stayed at Auburn. Not at all I gave in my 3% chance. Last week but al-Qaeda or contain character text. Yelling and had a background in journalism. And it. Plus years like I have court. You you you learn you know certain discipline and hopefully. You hang on to those by. Sometimes there's such a swing of emotions that people clutch and you're like man in my wrong my crazy and every. Everywhere. It. Everywhere like dark everywhere every person backed off there was no evidence other candidates. Are good and wanna come home. There was no evidence that Al Assad. Was gonna leave Auburn Auburn wanted to know what EP Alabama and BJ don't want to three weeks. I would maybe it was made clear to you by folks Kurt Beck he was he looks. Eric take care. And and so this site you Arkansas was gonna out somehow. You know it is hard to police them he was gonna come actors say there's nothing got out of ever done in his career or. Where he has let you work hard you left squirming in my career. And I'm gonna go to soccer in the net a double. You don't think oh are controllable and maybe help you wanna go national championship at seventeen returning starters. Offer team that peck you know cruel or at all this year cracks. It's never made any sense. I'll. Just emotionally felt like. Ball and LR PG cart car Alec Auburn right up after. But the bottom like say by the way I guess people here are draw don't realize that Kyle. Every grand including this one yeah treat people when he's turned loose Augusta now aren't you ready here like 66 yeah that evident by. Or Yankee beat without. And actually gain European clay court so Rico just want so much call for dinner you know sort of guarantee. We are Chris talk about Mattingly can hear wants more solid blow. Broadcasts all across the state of Arkansas but there is a report that there is a Arkansas board of regents meeting that should be take ablaze. As we speak do we know the nature of that meeting what it will concern. I. Says you know look I'm sure some stuff come out and executive session. About the eight eBay be coached by. At the meetings that they have so many things go. Different. Campuses at all or. Every time they're being speech it's not necessary people expected prediction however. I would say they're definitely you know talk about the each and I'll eat quote to an out and as as you liar. And it's probably. Get approved a bear acne cure their car more control. Have actually heard it accused. It's a lecture Warren Moon but eater volatile content and then you're prepared to watch the current standing lick or recurrent decision. Your color. I can and and and make sure even a cult car crucial to security and people that worked thank. And and that's probably not correct. You you mentioned that that. Your general feels that Mike hidden in maybe and so high on the list as is Chad Morse the favorite who who who is the favorite nurse and I. Well I critics have blocked it I should I but I can't market went up grab it I think when you go look a lot. And at first class acts more luck our epic. And oh what a parent Ernie and and you people out all ought not correct and important Kurt. Don't go our cost. Equity stake aren't. Here you have peacock back. It caught copper caught you. And got a contract while. Well it could expect about talent Alabama. Yeah country. And and and wired you or I create its. It's Clinton's you're way up Kirk copy what they've got back. Up at court in Atlanta at our backs coach why can't you. Now rub it would be. Caught out and debated and and what you can't. You. Can't. Would it ornate chancellor media right now are can be answered every kind of well about this guy. That aspect goes a long way to true command standpoint I'd say that. Nobody's got a bigger better stronger corner new jet more right now. Yeah I don't think Kevin someone's interest general banks and their names of people drop colonel beat Wayne chip inside at all. Could Mike Leach get people. Apps. Michael Rebell get agriculture so they're absolutely. Whatever reason not sure you light up Eric. Well that's that's what we've we know what the pros would be from my normal just curious from the Arkansas side of it from from your general feeling any tons. All my doorbell or is it just that he doesn't have that backing it and have a Davos when he called for him. Yeah you know I think what happened to these deals is is especially Eden it street can actually you know which yeah. I think you look. You can issue a car not speak correct fighting all. And back creepy for all kinds. Could be experience. A year coach could be background. They assert that. Could be used to track maybe they don't feel like for whatever reason or the right actually. Or they like other people better because they see something about them that it's actually. They want. It it is it has been introduced in the thinker. Like well guard has been a big campaign. Bet per square. You know his name pop appear logically operation that we ought to Mark Bryant for whatever reason and you you know he he academic guy Greco Eric Carr current pinnacles and they mention our coach yeah. How are antique and here in and yeah so you. You know you don't know which you'll now he is a lot of rumors which you know darker features place sort of lesser beat air. I don't kind of account coaching search just what are the reason I don't think. Nor. At the top electric Chad Marshall had a oh Mike or. While we're on the subject and I know we got to be careful with his vote because colloquial use you've heard it. We've all heard crop up at the last week about this a background check and end quote local red flags these things are boy at a message board posts and you know of course the vice come out setting things definitively but is that making the rounds about Mike in Arkansas and whatever it is. Big or small whatever could it be keeping him from being as high on that list as you might think. Am upbeat on actually I think I am not comfortable. Talk about her shop then that I don't I respect them both like I I tell you that people can trade whatever restraint. Well let's go to Karachi are under. Kirsch and he and what happened to Greg Schiavo is is is actually. All. Leading the date there's. X our country well you're in anything inappropriate wrong Heidi not quite. 400 people interviewed that hole and I don't believe they'll. Like the picture picker works all not a factor. In Maine caucus help and yet that's how cool. And yeah. Aren't social media people that are elected officials and not so yeah orders data tech beat I'm with you both end and so I. You're likely. To courier that Joseph. Each board urged them you care or departments are made up people who got a critical. Yeah and selecting candidates sometimes gossip is just got separate can't handle it can end our current candidate. But what's your what's your gut tell you which do. Obviously it's different like you say you point out with a with a situation where you gotta get the 82 when you think this is all wrapped up by the end of the week to think twice for 48 hours they got a coach what are you thinking in terms of. Yeah timeline I think. I beat big scam quake thinks it could happen as early as Carl could be later in the week by Alexei. I peace prize or suck it's this week would doubt that it. Went out haven't those darn it I'm not sure that they get at 88 Darden yeah right coach I don't think expect. I mean any EG immediate. Some great Easter is she didn't hire a coach at that go well so that's not necessarily a term tractor ready think they'll post double B dot actually. Well man you're busy we appreciate your time and the info man thanks so much appreciate the inside out of debt is below Mattingly. You can hear. Authorized at Arkansas on sports talk with Bo. Says that my doorbell not as high on the list. As as people think well that is what I wanna I was going in that interview wondering most visit to the people in Arkansas all the plugged in folks whose vote Matalin think he's a leader right now in the clubhouse or or or is Chad morsel about Mattingly is plugged in means like the closing down the premier Arkansas sports talk guys in in in the state. In they have a base every counties broadcast this show. 'cause I was like three times as many followers as you and other pains you no it doesn't actually I don't just met to sell a thing to base your life on so I'll I don't doesn't mater me at all but. The fact that you know he's saying. Mike's not as high I mean it makes you build a better anti Akamai that is really the media feeling a little bit better about Memphis is chances of keeping him. You know just. By default you know maybe they'd like. And I got like I talk to you before about you know Chad Morris is in Dallas right now from Dallas is the second largest alumni base runner for our hearts of Bakken matter people on Dow's norm big money guys and Dow's known you know some of those are inevitably going to be Arkansas alarms. Well I don't think you can overstate two the impact potentially of having a Davos swinging corner telling him especially when you wanna connect everything you've got right now if you can say you've got to tied a Clemson and what they're doing right now. The like both point out why wouldn't you want to. And he's certainly got that ties got dabble in his corner between Mike does not have that you can follow without pretty quickly. Yet there's a closer right now. With a with whether Clinton's role some of about next year broke. At Memphis with the Florida that I think that there is everything consulted yeah 'cause I you know what I don't think Tennessee is gonna higher than Memphis coach right. And so Chad Morse takes Arkansas you know. Tennis and with Mikey did you know right now right now only become unsafe because he's still he's delivered like we supply the money for -- heard about it outs yet but I plan for the third year with -- about and if that is the case then that's awesome. Would not have predicted it two weeks ago. But tempers Sabo Mattingly who. For joining us.